Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 - BLACK COMMUNISM/94!
"Violations of the 4th, no matter who or how is a felony. And if they're constantly at you, in a criminal way, it violates the 3rd."
If a word is underlined, you'll find it in DEFINITIONS
If it's a bold red word, it's a webpage on this site. I'm in the process of updating accordingly.


  • U.S. Secret Service Directors Alles and Clancy, Commisioner of the New York Police Department and Fmr Dallas Police Chief David Brown: "No injunction? No stopping her access to her stuff" Stalking her is Treason"
  • Attorney General Eric Holder:  "She was born in Texas under a star. Bush fizzles out everything Debbie tries to do. And that front page is one of his opportunities"
  • Attorney General Greg Abbott: Bush is a snitch. No Michelle or Carson stalking us"
  • The grandchild is out, too.."
  • The truth isn't poison.
  • Robert S. Mueller, III:   "No communism to get things done. Beck is pew. You complain too much" Dallas FBI is GOOSE communism" and violates Oaths of Office as a matter of fact" "Debbie is a problem for Bush" is filth"..
  • Opus Dei: We taught the Mexicans lust.
  • Michael Reagan: Thanks for catching them on my Mom. If she can't read her writing in the dark, they laser her. Why is the tape recorder wrong when it can prevent punishment and assure accuracy? Anything Oprah is terrorism on Debbie"
  • Bush Sr. is not my campaign manager" (if I needed one) and I never needed or wanted Bush for anything. He's been a constant bitch in my face since the Safeway in Silver Springs, MD. He's too weak and so is his pathetic, troublemaking team"
  • Commissioner Kelly: "It's a felony to put petty on Debbie when she's working for us."
  • Compare the letters in my last name with the first letters in each of the words in "One Nation Under God."
  • 88-84 Dallas Police Departments
  • Chief David Pughes: Communists stalking Debbie is a felony!. I'm proud of you working those streets."
  • Dallas Police: Raising her rent to make her look unsuccessful is a hate crime.
  • NRA
  • James Moroney 214-977-8385 That's the Dallas Morning News' job.
  • Heaven help us isn't deceit!
  • White House: "Reparations for slavery when none of us were slaves, is tyranny. Retaliations without warrants are fascism" Blacks are fake if they break her stuff. No access to fakes where Debbie is concerned"
  • Go to Section 12 on the INDEX page.
(Last week: 65,890,855)
(Last week 288,149)
Sleep deprivation is back and so is the wickedness of Obstruction"
On me constantly, again and every intersection there's punishment - X24). 
Torturing her out of life is communism and so is stalking"
Stop playing with Debbie's business, Communist!
Number of assaults"
Year of 2014: 55,138
Year of 2015: 102,885
Year of 2016: 84,438
Year of 2017: 111,996
Year of 2018: 49,574
June: 10,551
Current: 9,394
6)7,616 7)162 8)460 9)531 10)175 11)156 12)294
Debbie is the only one that gets it on a daily basis.
Hate Crimes/Lust: August - December 2014: 5,013
Year of 2015: 19,861
Year of 2016: 17,121
Year of 2017: 14,035
Year of 2018: 2,914
June: 356
  • Put those plates on or Criminal Mischief
  • Homeland Security
  • If you know about it, obviously, it's not a secret, is it?
  • December 98 - '18= 19.6 yrs of acute laser torture"
  • Steadily escalating terrorism since March 1990
  • 42 years (21.5 yrs alone) Monogamous relationship obstructed as retaliation for EEOC: I went to EEOC in August of 1990 because a black man was taking my job away so a black woman could subvert the program. The Personnel Office advised me to go there for a legal opinion on the subject of halfing my job and giving it to him.
  • Invading Debbie's privacy (espionage) with games is terrorism.
  • Debbie is wearing an SOG Wire and the police have access to it
  • One Nation Under God means no Dominietzsche running things"
  • FOP: To see more, go to ARKANSAS.
  • AMA
  • Secret Service Directors:
  • Bush Sr. is threatening to break my TV. They already stop the DVD from working when I want to watch it.
  • Kellyanne Conway: "Not until I see proof" sabotage is BLACK-ALT.
March 31, 2005
June 13, 2018

  2.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed by his own people"
  4.  Barstow was Bush & Oprah vs Bill Clinton & Reno - the former is still big racism showing off corrupting as many of us as possible"
  5. "No heart" is racism!
  6. Those 12 Mexicans on the bus you came home on Wednesday night are racketeering! All U.N.'s magic.
  7. Winston cramps my left leg when I use it to prop up my laptop in bed. He screams something sexual to me. Very possessive and depraved.
  8. Markle Indiana!
  9. Never ask a black person  for the truth about Debbie.
  10. No substitutes
  11. If someone says "Hurt Debbie", the proper or logical response should be "No!" I don't care who the person is, your response should always be negative. I don't care if the scum screams and hollars at you. The answer should be a fearless No"
  12. So, you don't like being told on? Oh! How bad she is to tell" on Warren? Yet, youes didn't bat an eyelash when he did all those things to her!
  13. GOOSE is mystery meat - Paranoic
  14. "No happiness" is Oprah being a psychopath"
  15. What does him being a virgin have to do with EEOC?
  16. If you don't say No! to hurting her, you're the joke"
  17. If you're not suppose to do something, don't be found doing it. That person is a joke or
  18. What Debbie calls a disgrace to the uniform.
  19. Markle Indiana is a statement meaning no InKwon"
  20. She's given millions to the City of Dallas. But,, because she doesn't destroy, like Markle's does, she's ignored and slandered"?))
  21. When has she been up?
  22. It's none of Bush's business that database. Why are they sabotaging it?
  23. Saying "marriages are habits that must end" is fascism..
  24. Adultery is Oprah, not Debbie's"
  25. You can't straighten crooked people with more crookedness. So don't say "I'm helping the blacks by committing adultery."
  26. And no light-dark shit"
  27. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. Why did you do him that way?
  28. There is no feminine mystique as long as Oprah slanders us"
  29. No ticketing traffic violators is subversion".
  30. Calling out Hall's threats is a felony Winston w3ill regret. They butt in too much".
  31. I don't want to see teeth on my girl".
  32. Who the fucc is Winston to push her around about police work?
  33. Write up secret service slut for obstruction and assault. Communism goes over the director's head.
  34. Write up Defense for putting a petty troublemaker/terrorist named Winston on Debbie"
  35. Carson deciding who can be chief of police is stalking"
  36. Bush Sr. saying "I'm not ready for the truth" is treason/103", Son
  37. Bush or Winston snitches X274 out my privat notes and then one of these black females calls out for me to be tortured.
  38. Michelle Obama: "Helping Debbie is establishment of Christianity" is a troublemaker/79.
  39. People go insane obeying negatives"
  40. Oprah's demands come in the form of "I want" sentences which is the rants of a petty atheist.. Diverging from Psalm 23.1 scares Christians"
  41. Oprah is not kosher. What do you mean do it Oprah's way?
  42. Detox the black way is stalking"
  43. Oprah Winfrey: "No way I'll stop paying her back (violence) for using me" 13,13,53,35
  44. Delusional
  45. Huh?
  46. Oprah Winfrey is psychotic making demands all the time.
  47. Keep your sick fuccin hands off them.
  48. All they do is sabotage people. That's not reparations!
  49. Bush intimidates Debbie moving things around in her wallet and cellphone, then uses blacks on the streets to say things"
  50. If you tell others what is being done to yourelf or family, that's not called snitching.
  51. If someone is capable of hurting someone in a criminal way, they call it "snitching" to warn others, when it's your duty to be faithful where another's safety is concerned"
  52. Everything the blacks mess with is sabotage"
  53. Dearly Beloved"
  54. The Department of Defense shouldn't be allowed to threaten cities with plane crashes to protect traffic violators.
  55. Pence makes him worse"
  56. "No heart" isn't a fair player"
  57. Loretta Lynch is blocking Justice today.
  59. "If I give her enough rope, she'll hang herself" is for people breaking the law.
  60. Ashby MN is racketeering: Before I send the email, they send it back" 27
  61. Blacks in the police department won't let me keep $ in a bank safely. X112 and 101. This is their collective jealousy and support of Ben Carson 2024"
  62. Quantum Mechanics breakthrough": Teleportation. The idea first surfaced in literature in 1877.
  63. The_petinent_man is soup and laser.
  64. Blacks spying on everything you do is a felony.
  65. Khobar was a Marine Barracks in Saudia Arabia that was destroyed by a MKULTRA bomb and 19 Marines were killed when Reagan was president" Judges 5.12 contains 19 words")..
  66. Stop calling federal crimes fuzzy wuzzy. Oh, I mean games"
  67. The vice presidency does not belong to blacks and the British only" It shouldn't belong to anybody"..
  68. They take every opportunity to stalk you out of life, liberty and pursuits of happiness"
  69. Your violations of our Treaty has largely been a failure unless it's subversions you're after. Just telling the truth"
  70. There are programs in the government designed to help, but espionage and punishment/extortion, isn't one of them"
  71. I don't "feel" powerful unless I do bad to someone is sadism.
  72. Who died and left her without Bing? All libraries should have it!
  73. Write up Oprah Winston for taking high speed internet away from Debbie anyhow. 41
  74. It's against the law to say you're "running for president" just so you can stalk and terrorize people out of life, liberty and pursuits of happiness" Such as
  75. Donald Trump: "I like to beat her up all night to hear people call her lazy bones." 9, 92,83
  76. Steve Wexler Name Game 70 and African communism"
  77. Mind control is so they can be used for stalking
  78. Everything is another opportunity to sabotage.
  79. Stalking charges on Jerome"
  80. Blacks infiltrated NSA facilities is stalks on Debbie"
  81. Bush Sr. advises how, when and where"
  82. We are being subverted".
  83. The mayor in Dallas is subverting us")
  84. Watusi is South African.
  85. The Church is being subverted from within by blacks from without.. High Marks let them in)
  86. Israel is too weak to be ruler"
  87. Kingpin communism is racism.
  88. Oprah-Trump endorses communism for reboot"
  89. No evolutionary advancements are jungle fatigues replacing suits and ties!".
  90. You can't fake it forever.
  91. Imitation via espionage isn't flattery"
  92. It's infiltration and sabotage. What evidence do you have contrary to this?"""
  93. Debbie's the lifeboat, not Oprah Winfrey, the torpedo"""""""""""""
  94. "She's gentle" is deceit." Like a lollipop laced with strychnine.
  95. Condi Rice in your business is a hate crime. We caught her in NCIC trying to make changes.
  96. Observation doesn't mean intrusions.
  97. "No real" (Winston) is Illuminati - the espionage intruder way of remaking the world."
  98. Christian Forum chatline is a fraud."
  99. Blocking you from commenting on social media posts is a felony"
  100. Running off with Myo Kim is high treason, George!" NSA is dead for that" They hurt us with filth"..
  101. Putting educated blacks in places of extreme responsibility when they're not ready to be so, is terrorism, e.g. Loretta Lynch.. It's too hostile for whites to work in WV-NSA listening post"
  102. Essentially, we're fighting WWIII before it goes hot. Kinda pre-Vietnam. Same aspect: Get rid of Christian colonies...Christianity. Been going on... Most of us didn't know until we kicked them out with Clinton...
  103. Blacks are stalking everything Debbie's trying to do and everything they do is to make her look like junk" They're sick people with that access.
  104. And don't explain things to the doctor, Donna. It's a felony to reveal ways of getting to Debbie!"
  105. The U.N. is wrong to butt 9into America's business!
  106. They think it's funny to mischaracterize things so they can intrude without lessons"

-----------------------------------------------Oprah is a stick up"
            DART POLICE: "Debbie doesn't need a receipt to prove you didn't show"
  1. Mark Sullivan: "I said no ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints or poking holes in her skin. And now I say no cramping her. Leave her alone means don't touch her or her stuff with that laser"
  2. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin": "Sex in marriage isn't dirty. Stop trying to "clean" it up with procreation"
  3. 1 Thessalonians 2.5
  4. More of these can be read in GEMS
  5. Could've, should've, would've is "could've had me on your side" is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit" That's tyranny, not professionalism"
  6. Blacks throwing a fit about things is a felony because they use echelon to start things"
  7. Bush Sr. making rules for Debbie's life is a felony and Texas shouldn't believe him.
  8. Sabotage Wi-Fi is theft.
  9. Gang Stalking is racketeering with Defense violating the third" That was SMU"
  10. We need the police car #, not the plate and the time you saw it and where.
  11. They slander with echelon.
  12. Matthew 25.9 - Don't call what you're doing to me "sharing" Besides I said NO encroachments"
  13. They're going to move us into a cashless society to control gun purchases. That's Oprah and Pence making us vulnerable to a hostile, black takeover in progress"
  14. "No real" means a black communist fist will direct all your ways.
  16. They make it hard on people to talk to one another because of satellite espionage.
  17. If a guy comes to you with small loaves of banana bread, buy one for $5. Take the little card and put it where someone may benefit.
  18. They don't like Christians.
  19. Screaming racism every time someone says No, is fascism.
  20. Biala Fara: Eleven babies that loved God.
  21. No more dreams".
  22. Bush wasn't re-elected because he is a communist machine"
  23. Fake news perpetuates the corruption that blacks use to turn whites against one another. [Calling her a burger isn't on her side]. No one died in Charlottesville or Texas. So you can stop holding it over our heads, [Mr.] Caraway.
  24. If you make them Earl, you can't use it against them, racist"
  25. And I oppose sex for procreation only" That's why I'm blessed with a lunar rabbit and solar dragon Aquarian.
  27.  I don't want Bush Sr. stalking and sabotaging Debbie. He's a dirty old man that hates Orientals. He makes her do things over and over and over again by shutting down her phone! She misses shots I told her to take" He won't let it type or respond to her voice. If she asks for A he might give her F, but never hardly anything she asks for and never quickly like before. He's nothing but a troublemaking communist and they're all like him that stalks her" Endlessly he prevents the phone from responding to her requests and commands. All they do is waste hers and my time.
  28. Debbie is the Maze Runner
  29. Her lifestyle didn't warrant these injuries; however, repeated laser assaults on the cardinal-uterosacral ligment did" Don't think for a moment that this term doesn't spur Winston on"
  30. She does Bratton mostly, not Brown, esp. since 7/11.
  31. All you should have seen was "this is the place where I buried my son".
  32. DALLAS TRAFFIC (in Facebook) is written in masonic press and police lingo. It's also heavily abbreviated. Please mind your own business, Misooki. It's not written to appease an audience"
  33. "Unarmed black man" is a scam.
  34. Campaigning for Ben Carson on the taxpayers' dime is a felony, as is X574..
  35. Complaining without a warrant is terrorism".
  36. Getting pregnant so you can beat up veterans and elderly are hate crimes" We never forgot what you did in Arlington. We're tired of these games"
  37. ARMAGEDDON has been reworked and it's against the law what they're doing to you" This way will make it harder for them to get at me.
  38. Dan Quayle started all this trouble by stopping Debbie from working in Alton, NH. 
  39. Arlington Road - 1998 is a must see for my readers.
  40. Genesis 1.7,8 on the 2nd day, God created Heaven. And with the 2nd amendment, we'll defend his little piece of it whether it be home, family or land.
  41. The Holocaust was a Zionist's dream.
  42. Bush flatters people with lies"
  43. Separation of Church and State doesn't mean no free exercise in public-owned places. So, the nativity scenes and ten commandments better go back up! SC&S means the churches cannot call abortion murder and stop its legal existence after the state has ruled it legal" Another words, pornography is free speech and homosexuality is none of your businesses, A Bible on your desk isn't unlawful and teaching the Ten Commandments, isn't either. The only thing unlawful is attempts to convert or attempts to convert in non-public places by force, such as Jim Jones did with the Kool-Aid. David Koresh may have been misguided about the ammo, but the federal invasion of his property was unlawful under the freedom of exercise clause, aka Weaver, another federal mistake!"
  44. Bush Sr.: "Debbie will be firmly established in hell if she tries to get up (within the law)."
  45. "Smoothing" things with espionage is an excuse to stalk. We don't need that thing.
  46. Winston/Scatsman: "You're a hole (not a federal witness)" is his excuse for torturing me in the legs to the point of crippling me*
  47. Blacks that terrorize people with espionage is that word. No excuses
  48. FACEBOOK won't put it on my page I graduated from Dallas Baptist University because my diploma was signed by W.A. Criswell! Let's shake the hand that shook the hand of John Wayne!..
  49. Bush Sr. is going to hell for teaching them these games: First responders are responsible for all the lies" They put up the tape. They tell the press and voila! How simple was that?????
  50. If you can't keep your mind in the present, you're brainwashed.
  51. Six million confederate civilians of Jewish blood "doesn't sound good to us" is the precisely that led to the death of Bruce Lee!
  52. George Bush Sr. was a one term president because he's a communist.
  53. We caught Martin Luther King, Jr. declaring he wants the Orientals controlled.
  54. Communism is black Germany in disguise and no risk assessments by stalkers or Nick" ...
  55. The 2006 Grammy winner was Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready to Make Nice" and in 1957 (a cipher), the Caldecott Award went to "A Tree is Nice" which isn't the Tree that Grows  in Brooklyn", but rather one of the many links hooking Carson with Rice as a ticket,
  56. It's Christian to prevent others from harm, which is what this website does"
  57. Part E, CIA page: Condi Rice was 9 years old when Agent Sorrells of the Dallas Secret Service office and Agent Winston Lawson from the White House detail surveyed the route Lancer would take to the Trade Mart from Lovefield Airport on November 14, 1963. I was 11 years old.
  58. Debbie could bring back Adolf Hitler, in an instant, if she sided with Oprah Winfrey. But she believes in 2 Chronicles 19.5-7 and Exodus 18.21 - No lust!
  59. No black cones on them..
  60. Blacks demanding obedience is tyranny!..
  61. Virginia Williams was a stalking when she hired Wayne Brewster McCarthy.
  62. Freddie Gray, like all the others on EASYASPIE were in on their own deaths and consented. Is that okay?
  63. This is a free country, not a get'embackforit one!
  64. Sex for procreation only is the heresy of King Henry VIII in his battle against the Roman Catholic Church in 1533. ANTICHRIST
  65.  She calls the shots about religions: EXTREME is X57,121, 1,50,63,118,121,123,126,132,147,149,152,161,164,169!,187,193,209,240,259,269,276,
  66. 287,291,295,294,308,321,322,331,336,340,364,371,377,381,382, to be continued
  67. The FBI in Dallas and Los Angeles are not helping the FBI in Washington. This is communism.
  68. No control-freakingitis in our marriages.
  69. Martin Luther King Jr. is dead because he was competition for the NAACP"
  70. What business is it of Michelle what bedroom you live in?
  71. Debbie fighting the blacks trying to take her job away in Washington DC through EEOC and now members of her family are marrying or co-habitating with blacks or others of color sounds like stalking to me. PARANOID I don't believe in this many coincidences, Mr. Bush.
  72. And for your information, it was Ronald Reagan that wanted everything on tapes.
  73. The truth not allowed an audience is a felony, not a win.
  74. Blacks are controlling which cities get an email from Debbie isn't kosher. We don't want militant mayors.
  • "Please put this one first: uo1hp_LMGF8
  • If Debbie lies, it's to protect someone and I'm glad she does" Intrusions are not legitimacy.   
  •  Wake up "freedom from religion foundation" another invention of Misooki and tell them attempts to convert anyone is the only thing they can object to. All else is freedom of expressions or devotion" which is free exercise.
  • If the flag is half-mast and you don't know why, go to to find out

Oprah Winfrey and her crowd calls the above "crazy." If such happens to you, it's a felony! Notice the Ten Commandments aren't here. It's only a religion when/if they try to convert you.

Taking anything off of this website without proper notifications is communism/terrorism and Oprah showing off her espionage" Oprah is always playing games with other people's business!."
This is intimidation insinuating he's one of us.
Not shown is the address below. There is no signature.

Stalking charges anyone removing text or pictures from this website!

12-28-04 $1,004,305
03-22-05   2,006,195
06-13-05   3,008,770
08-13-05   4,034,250
11-02-05   5,055,390
02-07-06   6,099,040
03-16-06   7,128,675
04-11-06   8,129,895
06-03-06   9,138,240
11-22-06  10,057,415
01-26-07  11,023,670
04-06-07  12,012,385
07-12-07  13,007,150
12-07-07  14,036,638
05-16-08  15,086-132
10-08-08  16,042,245
05-14-09  17,007,025
11-05-09  18,111,850
12-05-09  19,037,490
02-04-10 20,034,570
03-11-10  21,021,090
04-09-10  22,074,960
05-07-10  23,020,890
07-13-10  24,089,111
09-07-10  25,001,285
10-27-10  26,020,390
12-30-10  27,006,800
03-24-11  28,003,005
06-06-11  29,105,650
07-28-11 30,000,505
09-23-11  31,015,595
12-12-11  32,047,120
02-13-12  33,000,200
05-01-12  34,031,765
07-06-12  35,112,440
12-05-12  36,015,685
04-17-13  37,033,630
10-06-13  38,016,305
02-12-14  39,016,305
04-17-14  40,006,390
08-10-14  41,038,330
10-08-14  42,065,805
12-05-14  43,083,664
03-23-15  44,007,260
05-21-15  45,018,550
07-11-15  46,085,365
10-02-15  47,097,730
11-30-15  48,019,045
02-12-16  49,058,620
04-05-16  50,082,480
05-20-16  51,062,635
07-09-16  52,003,320
08-06-16  53,028,065
09-06-16  54,010,335
10-11-16  55,072,105
11-08-16  56,021,805
12-14-16  57,061,020
01-10-17  58,017,595
05-01-17  60,007,150
07-12-17  61,055,105
10-03-17  62,022,345
01-20-18  63,001,240
03-09-18  64,040,210
04-20-18  65,008,480

Now we know what you're capable of. Squirm all you want; you're not getting away"

No communism, lust, sabotage or play. Article 28 is not for anyone's perusal, racists"..
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