Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny is stalking us into Communism"
Abuses power with illegal access
DPD Officer Smith says I must pay tribute $ for things to be left alone by them. Such was a common practice before the War of 1812, when Moroccan pirates used to stalk our ships enroute to other ports. In other places, this practice is called "graff" or "protection money." The above person also said that if I refuse to go along with their pogroms for me, "I'll give you a stroke."  What makes this system so perverse, is that Smith and the others decide when and what I must give up to appease them.
I have no say in what is taken, when it will happen and there will be no warnings. Here's how it goes:
My Dad built the waterfall on Stemmons Freeway under the name Northwest Lumber Company. Many times, communists have tried to knock it down. Thank you, to those those who support it" It's a Dallas Landmark, that is from time to time targeted for destruction as a way to get back at me. And it's black members of the police who are doing it.

4/11/12: bracelet purchased for $6.95
7/7/12: Item stolen from me. Several reasons given for taking it.
7/11/12: Had to order it again.
6/1/12: I send an order to Swanson Vitamins. Oprah uses echelon to tell them to send it minus the DHEA. I go all over looking for it and it's not to be found.
6/25/12: I order DHEA from another source.
7/2-7/3/12: Oprah-Smith informs me I have to be deprived of sleep and assaulted alnight in order to get the order intact.
7/3/12: I receive the order.
December 2011: I tell the FBI I do not want my tapes to be handled by Smith or any other oyster.
By 3/12/12: All tapes removed from internet and store shelves preventing me from having them, too.
4/13/12: 200 ASA film removed from all 99 Cent store shelves in Dallas County
4/13/12: I am forced to buy 4 rolls for $7.45. This is my punishment for "Arizona."
6/13/12: Brand of Green Tea I drink removed from 99 Cent Store shelves in Dallas County
6/13/12: I have to buy another weaker brand for $4.99. They advised me this is "Mexican Apartheid."
6/30/12: Payment to keep my bank account straight is loss of Channel 42 on my Cable provider.
   I have lost Channel 11 and 8 as payment for other things allowed.
7/5/12: Placed another order with Swanson through the internet.
7/5/12: Smith announced she erased from my receipt the free bottle of Melatonin that was on the screen at time of order. She said she had to steal from me in order to let the rest of the merchandise to go through. Her message is on webpage #334.
7/11/12: Order rec'd less the free bottle of Melatonin. Smith echelon sabotaghed it as relayed.
This goes on all the time, but is being obstructed by the police and DOJ as much as possible.
10/5/12: Can Opener broken
10/6/12: Can opener works again and phone turned off.
10/6/12: Package delivered intact and on time
To hear more threats, go to Lynch Mobs for a list of pages quoting the frightful and vulgar things these monsters say to me and others.
Go to North Carolina #26 to see how petty, oh, I mean, pathetic it gets.
  • The list I sent to the police has been stolen. I had it recently locked up.
  • Two glossy pictures of the Holocaust taken by my step-grandfather marked "Not for publication. U.S. Naval Intelligence."
  • An antique metal fan, working
  • Record of phone overcharges I was protesting
  • Manuscript, copyright ready
  • Wedding picture taken in Korea
  • Forty plus VHS tapes of family etc
  • Two college diplomas dated 1979 and 1981
  • Two Honorable Discharge Certificates: One for my tour of duty and the other my grandfather's tour in WWI
  • Two 8x11 glossies of my mother and I with John Wayne and the other of myself as an MP in Korea
  • My maternal grandfather's diary following WWI when he lived on Clinton St. in Brooklyn, New York"
  • A Green and gold leaf "Geneology" Book full of notes, keepsakes entrusted to me by deceased family members, and pictures of paternal relatives.
  • My diploma from a Tax Correspondence School
  • Medical records file
* Locked up
  • Three birth certificates dated 1971, 1975 and 2010*
  • A receipt from Walmart in Carrollton April 2013 from my desk.
  • Notes left on my desk overnight are moved under the door to be grabbed by the landlord.
  • Bank statements #18, 20, and 22 along with the check registers.*
  • Notes on UK and Ireland*

2015 Current Bank Statement Robberies (may be Romney):
Beck and his black police machine is retaliation sabotage (Cobra)
Capitol One is a Spingarn bank.
  • September $16.11
  • October $19.34
  • November $20.77
 Koreans break the law as quickly as blacks are willing to do on whites.

If you order something and it doesn't come until you lose something, you're being stalked by communist satellites. Go to ESCAPED and read more ways that can help you tell a Republican.

Clarence Thomas:
"Debbie is not ready to accept communism" as the new American way of life.

July 5, 2012

Cruel version of lust that grabs at power over other people. Resorts to illegal, racist abuses of access and electronic home invasions to secure their "rule over us"
See Carnal Lust in Definitions.
Execute Communism
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