Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny is forcing Communism on us".

Check with every member of your family.
Be a detective when it comes to your children.
Talking about someone's private business in public, is terror and hate crimes.
  • Does someone know a lot more about you than they should?
  • Do people stand close to you and say things? Do they walk past you talking into a cellphone and threaten you by saying familiar things?
  • Have you been told to break the law?
  • Is there reason to believe you're on a blacklist?
  • Have you ever thought they're listening in on the telephone?
  • Does it get more personal the more you refuse to play games?
  • Have you ever felt forced to do anything?
  • Do people, usually strangers, give you angry or hateful looks for no reason at all? Or does another, then say something to you as an explanation?
  • Do you ask yourself, why would a total stranger be doing this to me?
  • Are you being slandered or falsely accused about something to deprive you of something or access?
  • Do people deny they did a terrible thing to you?
  • Do they take things from you without an explanation or due process.
  • Do pets die on a certain date?
  • Have their bodies, or that of other animals been arranged in a sort of position? Take pictures.
  • What is the response time between what you did in private and any pubic acknowledgement of it? Include retaliations.
  • Are your questions ignored?
  • When you disobey a request (or demand), do you suffer a set-back?
  • Do coincidences match what's going on in private?
  • Have you ever been run off the road? How many times?
  • Have you heard someone say they "own" another? Include agencies.
  • Do you hear things in public about what you eat or drink or comments about your weight from total strangers? How 'bout the amount of money you spend?
  • Have your childhood heroes been besmirched?
  • Are you, or have you been, afraid to tell the truth?
  • Have you been encouraged to commit adultery or flirt?
  • Are you being pushed into a lifestyle you're not comfortable with?
  • Do people say they don't want you around because they may be hurt in some way if they're not mean to you?
  • Have you been called chicken?
  • Has it ever felt like something you did in private is suddenly controlled in a public way around you?
  • Does the computer ignore your requests to send emails? Does it freeze up on you when someone walks near you or says something intrusive?
  • Does the way you type it in come back different?
  • Has it ever seemed to you that your child was a genius when it comes to your feelings?
  • Have you been harassed into telling someone off to get them to leave you alone?
  • Have you been told to lie?
  • Do they make things stop working for you until you do what they say?
  • Are you afraid to touch your wife?
  • Do children hit you or try to take things from you?
  • Do strangers hit the back of your chair or bump into you more often? Do you notice when this is more likely to occur?
  • Have you been told to stop making "Merry Christmas" cards?
  • Have you been degraded by total strangers?
  • Do children use vulgar words near you like they do on me in the library and buses? (Please keep track in someway what was said. They can be found, those who are doing things!)
  • Do you know things about people who are total strangers to you? Do you think these things are true? Have you acted on these messages?
  • Have you passed a poor individual on the street and then suffered a similar or greater loss than what he/she may have asked for?
  • Have you been told it's safe to run a red light?
  • Do schedules and times change more often than not?
  • Are you finding it harder to do things like before?
  • Have you taken a bribe to say something intrusive to someone?
  • Were you inspired to read this website of your own freewill or did someone tell you to look for things to make trouble on me?
  • Do prices suddenly go up at the dollar stores without being pre-marked? Do items disappear from store shelves the second time you go to buy it?
  • Have you ever been told to give dirty looks?
  • Do people stare at you? Have you ever thought "Take a picture, it'll last longer?"
  • If you don't have a warrant, you will be arrested for stalking me.
  • Do people break wind near you? Has people smelling really bad tried to get close to you on a bench or seat on a bus?
  • Have you sat in something warm and wet on a bus after someone offered you their seat?
  • Have you been told to harass someone? Perhaps, me in particular?
  • Do things around you stop working? Do they work in a sequence, such as every first time, or just the second time?
  • Has anyone said "It costs"?
  • Have you noticed someone becoming more jealous?
  • Have you ever smuggled a soda in a movie theater and people gave you dirty looks? How 'bout crowding you, so you couldn't take a swig?
  • Were you on the beach at Anzio?
  • Has an adult ever told you to steal something and then put it back?
  • Have you raised your kids right and they turned out bad anyhow?
  • When technology gives you a hard time, does a [black, usu] female say something to you? Or stand nearby insinuating something only you know about as needing to be punished.
  • Has anyone said something to you about your income tax return being this or that?
  • Did someone instruct you to hold off and strike your spouse??*
  • Has your screens been erased or data suddenly lost? How about your bank accounts?
  • Are you afraid to be "white"?
  • Has someone asked you this question? Would you murder an innocent person you could never be caught or held responsible for it? How about this one? Would you commit adultery on your wife if you couldn't get caught? Report these persons, even if it's on a TV news show or your best friend.
  • Have you reported an error or crime to your boss and everyone knew about it, but you know he didn't snitch on you?
  • Do things mysteriously disappear from your wallet?
  • Do people seem more nosey than usual?
  • In your city or town, did large numbers of people gather on short notice to make a point about an issue? [A mob filling the streets, like ants, is not a legal protest and may be in violation of Article 1, Section 10, "troops" clause!] Notice the number 110. If this number were a street, and you see it mentioned, they're talking about Harlem, NY. Don't be afraid. Just keep accurate notes.
Now, if you find any that match your situation, go to Fear Not and let him know everything.

Thank you!.
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August 11, 2009