Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny is forcing Communism on us".
Engineering bad events on our peoples to teach lessons or to advance oneself is fascism. Teaching lessons, sending hate mail and imitating the actions of others isn't legal.
Ten will be listed at a time.
Revealing the truth is not unlawful"
Typos are inserted after I leave the page or when I send it to another"
We will make this mobile today.
. FDR wanted her to marry the Asian.

. Write up Comey for not telling the truth about why Donald Trump fired him. It was because he said "Debbie is a federal witness" to District Attorney Johnson and wouldn't elaborate for Trump and Kellyanne"
. 17 killed in Mogadishu sounds like Kimkasha (MKULTRA) making changes in their governments with violence" The state department things Oprah trains El Shabob, but hasn't concrete evidence yet. 
 . Right, Ted Cruz, executive amnesty is wrong.
.The Detroit candidate is being quiet, but Seattle for police chief is quickly becoming a vicious problem on me. Who made this list? Broadnax and that other one will be investigated. Detroit's name is hatemail. .
.It's a sickness this much hate and pettiness. Where are you going to bury the men you dig up out of Arlington Cemetery? Is the press that hard up for a story?. You're just sick people"
[This much pettiness is terrorism]

. $1 billion subway route is a loser showing off she can take $ our of Debbie's pocket by raising the cost of a ticket" That's the only reason for wanting the subway in south downtown! Stiffing the suburbs is "see me" echo" Dallas City Council has always been quick to defend Oprah's pigeon because promoting communism is good for fascism"

. There goes Stauss coming up for suicide extortion. What a fool! Write this one for stalking. No transgender games before the rights of others to privacy" They did that suicide "watch" on the gay boy scouts to get their way, too".!

. If someone said you need ID to win a million $, I wonder how many of them would balk?

. Layout 5D stalking 7/18
. Transgender coming out of the woodwork is arranged.
. Fentanyl story 10A 7/19 nay give horrible people ideas.
. Confederate statues of men not whipping or lynching anyone isn't painful. Get over yourselves" Shame on you, Moron and that fleabag Ragland.
. Wilsonsky spoke too soon. Hall has been lasering me and making threats since Wednesday. On the way today, to work, she announced through another: "I was specifically hired to take you down." Then she said: "I own this department" and black tyranny (Winston, my murderer and rapist) blocked my printouts.. She cannot have Secret Service access. That one indicated she already has eyes on my private life and work desk. That pinch on the FP 7/20 was hatemail regarding my future freedom and she's very down against me having a spouse ["No blue house."] "" Broadax was wrong to put vicious on me when I have been struggling to stay alive for almost 30 years. The Constitution clearly says life before liberty" Some of the time, she has Lynch's razor laser. She's after other members of my family by spouting off things only espionage could reveal"
. PA State Police story not good just after I send them an email.7/14 OR State Police's remarks 55 Oprah Winfrey
. Bush Sr. in your cellphone, deleting things or blocking "find" commands is tyranny" aka felonies
. Michael Paul Stewart 55 What? Westmoreland County and 711?
. "She's an imitation of Oprah" (dod 92-11)
. She continues to babble and said if she can't knock me down, like Michelle Obama, she'll resort to abdominal torture (92-41). She keeps saying "The police belong to me" like Kellyanne, Rice and Bush Sr. have said all these years.
. I hope you make it, O.J.
. Rod Rosenstein is stalking me with new chief of police in Dallas and News Digest 4A-#3. Subtle Oprah marker terrorism in her resume and timing. He says also he's going to torture me tonight, too, for telling on him, as if terrorism was his prerogative or something.
. Maybe it's a perk Trump gave to him."
. Yo, Barry" The aborigines came from Africa and sailed to Australia, which makes this one mine" I told the enemy where were you in 1512 when Florida was born? She shouldn't keep harping on the FDR thing as if it was my fault, his honorable gesture" 33
. Carson's trying to get at Debbie in Hall, too."
. Legalizing weed is decriminalization, not commercialization, Dude!!
. Wildfires continue unabated is cruel and unusual, too, meaning we're losing the war against communism"
. Of course, I'll share this one with you. What do you think I am, a monster?
. Kellyanne strikes again in DMN Guide pages 19 and 31 to remind Debbie Oprah Hall says no dream for FDR and she with the oriental or she'll use teeth/lasers on us.  No rewards for punches" What was that about espionage being a win for you?
. She said "no billfold" and the sauna belt came in before it and it was sent ten days earlier.
. Everybody has cable TV where I live except me and Kellyanne broke my DVD player for Oprah who said: "No fun in life." This is EXTREME #101
. Rape means no husband.
. Lee Merritt is NG/FMO from B&O because I didn't do Balch Springs as told as rapidly as was not indicated.
. 4-Mile Facelift obeys traffic lights" But there are a few I could still watch.
. CONFEDERATE MEMORIALS SHOULD STAY" It's not racism until they come down off that pedestal and lynch you like youes do to me everyday with espionage and those lasers" Look at you with that Hall witch" Reparation terrorism, Mr. Broadnax". And my ancestors were Union Army Generals"

. If you're playing slots or scattered slots, remember space computers can play favorites" I'm not allowed to say who is behind them.
. Stop it, George, scaring AG Sessions. You're not going to get away with intimidating him for helping me.
. San Antonio's mayor (thud of the old one) and all that jazz!!
. You know forest fires can be triggered and that in turn caused 34 mine explosions recently. Same thing Upper Branch Chicago. I'm sorry, Dearly Beloved.
. The Poles were right. It should be an independent body like ours"
. Too bad it's not as easy as a blood transfusion - activation of immunity.
. Were you suppose to be the sleeping woman, the thinker on the toilet, man with hands above his head, the teddy bear or the snake whose stripes were found somewhere else in the tree on 7A 7/24/17? Write up Renee Hall for terroristic threats hiding in the Sudan.
. I am being locked out of and the following have all been compromised by Defense": Let Go, Lucktastic, Prize Wheel, Mercari, Inc., Final Fantasy XV.
. Well done, Irving Officer Stephen Burres!
. "Handsome" is my grandson and that is a terroristic threat, Renee Hall made. Unsay isn't possible was told to the AG by Oprah decades ago"
. The number 12 is my partner in crime, not you or yours, Miss Hall" (through the librarians like Oprah et al).
. "She looks crazy dressed like that," says U. Renee Hall. It is treason to have visual espionage on this witness.. [She cannot play Oprah's games on Debbie and call herself the chief of police"].
. SB4 isn't hate but I'll tell youes what is. Women use the bathroom more often than men because of the size of their bladders. To put men in our bathrooms means longer waits for us and that is deprivation. Think of this as a plan of the ones stalking women. Misogynist if you ask me" Some of us have issues due to childbirth, something pretenders in our bathrooms would never understand.
. "I'll be gentle" is terrorism.
. Cornyn is doing espionage and lasers on me. Naughty naughty teaching them ways to malinger. And don't call me stink"
. Oh! Look, teen pregnancies are n longer up in my area. 20A
. JKAZEZ@SMU.EDU disguise Hall and it disappeared when I sent her a response. Obviously, it means "just crazy" and her face matches the angel look on the Front page of 7/26. Do you see him standing between two cops?
Don't stalk me at the train station and expect me to understand that look! We will never be friends. Broadnax wants a war on me because I have stood against Bush-Oprah since 1990 and I am not about to stop now. She's a cop-hating witch that will stop at nothing to get at me - that's Oprah in her" And Aziz, you should be ashamed of yourself to egg her on when you have worked with Brown's. The DAV comment was to lead me to her hate in the delivered in the DMN resembling the numbers 121 and she's not the 12 (delusional like Oprah on mike) in Judges 5.12. And sharing - you mean have to share - that's out: communism with espionage and laser satellites demanding a way to take from others is a vampire" She's not even sworn in and out here with the tech to harming me.
. What was that about Article 28 and Switzerland? Espionage my dear and a felony! Looked like Bush & Palin, too"
. Write up Aziz for that 82 with Oprah.
Ragland is wrong if he thinks I should give him plusses for everything. I am not a puppet of the bevilry. Think again before you open that magic mouth of yours" 88-74
.Communist filth is a hate crime on Debbie. I must stay away from greed, jealousy and hate (evil). These are the doors used by desperate to get at me and that hurts, physically hurts me" Remember these are the wedgies they put in us that keeps us separate"
. Anyone talking about that thing we spoke about on the phone is convicted of espionage and terror, including the joker on terminal #10 near me now" 1347 7/28/17 [I am not an apostate Jew" - they  arranged the killing of six million of us as punishment"]
. I don't want to hear "it's natural." You better start saying "it's none of your business, murderers!" And then read DEARLY BELOVED"
. No sense of humor is predator"
. Hall's response in front of a police officer: "I'll tear her apart." 1510 hrs same day. AG override # of police officers.
"I'll kill your last if he comes here." 1518 hrs Same woman, then "How can I help her if she wants him?"
. No Dallas FBI on Debbie. There shall be no power in communism"
All Bush & Oprah players wind up hurting me and our countrymen do not what it to be this way"
Response 47 Oprah & Michelle are guarding him.
. Unafraid like all predators are, Hall says: "I'm going to put her in a hospital."  1635 hrs 92-11
Will it be from gunshot, lasers or hit & run car?
. And again she bellows with eco: "Drive her crazy (with harassment)." 1712 hrs Bush Jr answers her call"
. Business as usual in La-La Land.
. And so begins the drama for Hall. Oprah Winfrey's echo: "All I see is crazy." 1719 hrs. For more harassment, go to LYNCHMOB and look for the list of pages where comments are put on me from all walks of life.

. Technology is often compromised to protect illegals. We have to go back to basics. We have a treaty with them against Mexican encroachment. Why can't it be enforced. Why isn't Mexico helping us as an act of goodwill instead of complaining we have to help them feed Mexicans?
. Hall continues to harass me with lasers and demands, like Okra. 55-Bush Continues to bellow she owns New York and Los Angeles departments"
. File photo 10A 7/28 is echelon.
. Eroletta R. Piasczyk is Oprah playing nice.
. Mark Milley is a pervert telling female soldiers they have to undress and shower in front of male soldiers. 27s Shame on the DoD!
. Teen John Lee's collapse 7B was leaked Oprah at it again. Actually pre-med like Hall's appt. Usu. this is Bush to scrap whites having a good time in sports.
. So far so good, no trouble on the Boy Scout's Jamboree!
Renee Hall: "I can do things to you because you're not [Oprah's]." 2339 hrs 7-29-17 And all they do is dictator echo. Almost constant shouting at me and back to zero all the corrected items.
. Dallas Police badmouthed me out of existence like InKwon did hearing Bush in 1997. They're told by Bush Sr. to say bad things about me to make Oprah, the stalker, think their miserable with me and she'll move on. But, she doesn't move on. Instead they figure out how to make things happen to "free" him/them from his "misery."
If they badmouth me, the stalking satellites stop stalking and this they believe is a sign that their privacy with me will be restored. Do not for one moment think this is the case eternally"
Dallas Police Department: "I was wrong to say the tapes were "gibberish" to escape black satellites on us."
They're terrible people and they're doing many of the kills on OKLAHOMA.
. Hall is too lazy to do things the right way. That's why all the disturbances on me and theft of summer orange safety vest. X-266 is Oprah saying "no two of anything." So the insanity of Oprah is no summer pants and no winter pants because they're both pants! I have to give up one is terrorism.
. Charlie Gard matches MIT and I suspect unreal. We touched this sort of ground in 2015. "I don't think they should pull the heartstrings of people to get things passed."
. Sounds like Thursday's "Let's Talk" at AT&T was a great success and so ends Bush Sr. poisoning children. Nevertheless, Emma kept Oprah Winfrey's hatefulness alive in the second column numbers. Is she fronting Hall?
. Gays and lesbians do not ignore their sexuality. They express personally their approach to it which is their rights to do so and they stay in the bathroom accordingly. Trans people force others to face their denial of their sexuality which puts a penis in the face of women in their shower rooms.
Zarda's openness to put a client at ease, as many have learned, is not usu. well received. It was very reckless for her husband to throw a fit. He should be given his job back"" and Altitude Express should  have discussed with him how to handle women that fear handlers getting sexually excited. That should have never happened to him.


I don't think transgenders should be running the show at Exxon.
. McCaul is no real.
. Amber Rudd is stalking us. Get her out of this country. Google is already racketeering with Oprah. Online extremism works both ways, Mr. Bush" She said: "No happiness" to one of our officials.
. Oprah Winfrey told Hall to punish Debbie if I refuse to obey either of them. Hall voices the City Council as if she were a psychic twin. All they do is brag about "might makes right"
. I don't want to hear from a basket imitation that was used to kill my aunt. Record with Anaheim Police sixties" Also my father's phone fight with it's father choosing my name as a future stalker"
. I remember when kids were expelled for having long hair. Now the schools are rolling the red carpet out for transgender?
. We don't expect men to understand. They see genitals all the time. They see it everytime they go to the bathroom. That's wrong forcing women to see things or even the thought of seeing something/62, even remotely...
. If Debbie had Facebook still, Hall wouldn't have been hired.
. Hall recently with echo tech: "I'll collar her for telling the truth on Steve."
. I thought you were against "open borders" What is sanctuary cities, if not this??
. Texas Sheriff's Assoc. is 55 with Oprah Winfrey Echo Echelon.
Novedades News FP 8/2 lost the ring on FP in Fox's photo 8/1. They're lying to you, Charlie" Kellyanne tricked you" Paper full of "no deals" to "save Carson" at my expense (sent). Also TSA and Chiefs have suddenly turned Catholic. Guess what that means. It contains the word "fake" and is another communist rant"
. Sanctuary cities and transgender is ugliness in the windows. African females do not need them for more theater which nearly bankrupts us every year" Besides, breaking promises is another form of ugliness"
. Kellyanne Conway's response: "I own your husband or no up." 47,4
. Fortune Cookie is stalking. I truly don't think Google Maps is tracking my movements and removing buses enroute" And if you're going to ask us about stuff, put in the cross street.
. Making people weak and petty isn't dominion.
. Peyote is the craziness"
. "You're lying about removing the illegals from this land. That's fraud to get $ for not doing something"
. "No deals withOprah for votes"
. "The highest office in America is not for sale""
. Hall is Oprah magic" - illegal, expensive and unsubscripable - a lethal risk on us"

. Adios Enriquos and your yellow belly economy that props itself up by sending people(s) here using magic (Bush Sr. & Oprah Winfrey subversive echelon). Our presidents have consistently consented to hearing foreign bandits before the promises to Texans and Americans. Just say "ENFORCE GUADELOUPE HILDAGO AND NO PUMICE."
. Lazy River is coming back to Grand Prairie! That's right! They're calling it Epic Waters and it's billed to be the biggest and best water park in America.
I wish I were younger. I wish my children weren't adults. I wish we all lived in Texas again and everyone was still alive.
. Since John Cornyn and Kellyanne Winfrey wants to play games with my keyboard, esp. messing up JED and STUDY HALL, lets be frank about the sheriff's convention at Grapevine last week. 9 That "pact" they signed was a publicity stunt to make us all believe they were going to enforce federal laws like murder and bank robberies if one of them came into their jurisdiction. Yeah right! It was a big joke and President Clinton said tell Debbie and a way it went through channels down to this keyboard" That's why I'm mad at the Chiefs of Police of Texas, too. They said they're not going to catch bank robbers who run red lights and cause accidents in Garland. Too bad on hard working whites getting their cars smashed up and riding the buses and talking about the criminal who runs the lights without car insurance. The police are letting them run off to the bank robber's hideouts, to smash up another slob's car. I consider this a tragedy, you punks" All networked all over America can get a car with a couple of paychecks and then stiff the legal car dealer. What the heck. What do you mean it's a federal crime and a federal problem?
. Write up Donald Trump for racketeering with Enriqous monsters. Heavier surveillance on Debbie for telling on the illegals scams for Oprah's protections in our police and sheriffs departments""
. Kiddo, we're with you.
. Bad luck communism: BM #6 1430, Mexican couple #4 1445 hrs BF #2 1508 and Hall 57 printer refusing page 10 print out and confusing librarians. Thank you, Bill.

. Amos Mun is floating he will raise rents again in October. This is usu. a $50 hike. He just raised it in July.
. Thank you, Ron Simmons, for HB 46.
. We don't care what he thinks he is, but his body is still male" Those businesses are screwy"
. Here's another trained devil headed child: 4 year old Aviana Ragan. The palm twisted outward atop mailbox FP 8/3/17 It's a hate crime what she and her pops are portraying.
. It's not called a "secret life,," but rather a professional life. Please see us as professionals.
. I heard Enriquos suddenly found $$$ to waste calling for my assassination!. Oh! Look at me, I'm shaking all over" Will it be by a machete, or will you just be throwing a taco at me? 
. President of Mexico Enriquos Pena Nieto: "I'll just use Misook's laser." 9
. Treason Winston and Misooki" 41,41,41
. Regina Smith: "I'll take care of her by the end of the summer." 16
. What's the matter with you people? Jealous I'm on a hit list?
. Updated MONSTERS with astericks"
. Flap away boys"

. Taking down those statues is a felony. The Charlottesville VA event was arranged (50). The press is dead".
. Thanks for the leak Sheridan & Mick
. Get off Eric Hauser's back! Pepe is a term of endearment. Who could forget Conflans in Around the World in 80 days with David Niven?
. DACA is an amnesty program because they don't leave in 2 years. It's a scam if they don't leave in that time frame. And stop changing the subject.
Clay Jenkins shouldn't take a conscious communist stand. I say trust me and go back. 1 Timothy 5.8"
. Giving Andy Mills, 102 year old veteran, something so you can harass Debbie with his story will cost you a tooth. 4A,8/11/17
. X24 is a felony.
. Popularity of cremation is Oprah getting up.

. Galatians 2.4 gave it away! Without privacy, there is no liberty. I believe they are one and the same thing. The first time "liberty" pops up in the Bible is Leviticus 25.10. So Bible scholars, begin your search for privacy in this word. And don't respond with "no Happy Birthday" because that violates free exercise" in the first!
. If they interfere with a police operation, they're stalking you" You have to stay awake, or they'll take you down. That's why she looks tired. She is. Tired of all the devils constantly on her with espionage".
. Concisely? Charlettsville was FUBU and so was Dylan Roof"
. DACA is two mean Mexican females in handicap seating glaring-daring you to show your pass to move them" HWGA
. Dallas Police Association will regret fraternizing with Miss Hall at my expense. His name is Mata and matches a city on a list I was working last week. The city is Malta, NY. That's racketeering him into place by the Bush Administration. The L missing from his name is hatemail.




Missing names are due to Laser torture and other threats of worse bodily harm.
5/15/17 Carnivore is controlling FACEBOOK access.