Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny-Communistic racism".))

Engineering bad events on our peoples to teach lessons or to advance oneself is fascism. Teaching lessons, sending hate mail and imitating the actions of others isn't legal.
Ten will be listed at a time.
Revealing the truth is not unlawful"
Typos are inserted after I leave the page or when I send it to another"
.1G, 4/29 is sending hate mail in a name of a car again"
. I'm still not crazy, despite what Kellyanne told you.
. They think Bush wanted O'Reily out and so up came a story of convenience.
. Leg tattoo hype - a leg muppet
. Who gave my granddaughter the lasers?
Civil War monuments and that flag a preart of our history and back in the day, slavery was legal. I think pulling these down sends the wrong messages to youth and that is what you don't like can be ruined not matter what it stands for. Like a lynching, the majority rules against us" Teaching lessons in Unamerican"
. Palm tree is hate mail and Troy Banks paranoid"

. Jordan Edwards is a false flag! It did not happen. It's lights, camera, action!
. What was that, Lancaster? Zionism was the Holocaust, not David"
."Too much" is not the criminal's call"
. Jordan Edwards and Kem Edwards is NG-FMO, a 27.
. Have you noticed how that blue and red pix keeps changing?
. Welcome to Dallas Adhama and Baipelo
. I can't attend my grandchildren's graduation bc cops will be killed.
. Dontre Hamilton was stalking us to kill.
. SK is dead for going to Bush again.
. Carson put the palm tree there. 103 for South Africans - all 3"
. My files are being erased"
. Stop calling illegals immigrants.. That's brainwashing and slights the real immigrants that waits in line and follows our procedures"
Mariana Smith is 55.
. Kimberly Jones Oprah Winfrey  is 85-88 on DOEd "high volume of folks."
.13A 5/10 Oprah Rice/Okrah - no husband"

. Comey was clobbered for helping me. He was trying to protect me from that creeper/black zoom in Dallas' Field Office. Jordan didn't request info formally or legally. She's the one pfishing and didn't tell the truth".
. Human Rights Initiative is 55 and 70 - very illegal to lie about who directing them"
. Chris Mansour's hands aren't clean when it comes to echelon"
. Electricity use is up because all those digital devices need charging. Duh"
. Thinking of a companion page to Cop Killers and calling it "Markers"
. Black tyranny puts records on people.
. Kellyanne is a feminist.
. Jackie Floyd is futile, like pushing men on women in woman's clothing. The BSA didn't "learn." They were pushed by mean-spirited extortion coming from the Bush Sr. and his merry men of echelon" What an indecent way to win - extorting married men with their private life".
. No communist directors putting a chokehold on Debbie for Kellyanne in the FBI.

. The killing of Crutcher, who still lives, was already discussed in principle and all things considered, the cop wins.
. The creator of the G.I. Joe doll has died. He was 84.
. Debbie isn't a spider monkey. I used to do this on Facebook.
. MK Theater hurts us"
. Dreamers are communism missing a spoke in democracy"
. I'm going with Vicky Connell: Chris' "suicide" was an accidental overdose. Roll-on Stone
. JFK is not top secret and you're nutz for saying lies perpetuates our economies"
. A penny per email? Let's not start that. I say no.
. Carla Hayden NG is Oprah. I don't know what to say about that scheme, if any"
. Taking Facebook away was a felony. Johnny Belinda in the north said so. Holding [Debbie] down so [she] can't be with her spouse is a hate crime and it has gone on long enough (1993-Current).
. I believe the Donald is telling the truth - there was no hanky panky with Russia.
. Urbanski looks like Ubermensch, meaning Superman in German. College Park MD, I was just telling two of my children is where they took their First Holy Communion.

. You step on yourselves when you blaspheme me.
. DART fare increase is hatemail. I'll send the numbers along"
. I was getting too popular in Dallas (esp) and someone was jealous.
. Manchurian children are ready for anything on the police or public (boys are girls) and will always be the proverbial "good" kid.
. I hate it when troublemakers use the phrase "politics before people" as if they were the people. People, as a rule, shun exhibitionism and sensationalism. And the biggie, extortion - "if you don't obey I'll remove funds" is the work of political criminals, not the "people"
. Knowing without seeing is a communist regime!
. It's called "prank press."
. State out of my state with negative dramas.
. I heard Moron is upset when I am downtown. That's espionage"
. Stalking charges "Peter Parker" story by Elizabeth A. Harris. 74-55
. No sanctuary cities. It's making them means and cruel and us weak and lazy! Don't let them socially engineer us out of existence with mind games"
. "I am illegal and here to stay" is arrogant Mozambique with magic"

. Jeremy Joseph Christian is prank press" It means no Christian and some say Manchurians are the way to engineer positive press their ways"
It's not hateful to say no laziness or wait your turn or do it the right way like thousands of immigrants do every year in other countries!
. Portland's game used to remind us of July 7th is intimidation"
. Wilson is a liar. Write him for racketeer. Use 12A, 6-1-17 as evidence, not included so I could use it as a furure reference" His accomplice Vandalia's sister"
. Do you want me to go to Wins? Was Kids coming from you?
. Timing of articles in the Dallas Morning News matching Debbie's website entries or notes are felonies called terrorism, intimidation and abuse of power, Mr. Wilson!
. You should chill"
. Thanks for the chicken eggs, Greg.
. Anti-tweet was a felony on Debbie and Kellyanne will regret sabotage on Grant's tomb.
. Pelosi ought to remember that act of cowardice in Arizona she promised to reveal and still hasn't"
. There is no such kid as Tamir Rice or 73 on our police officers.
. What does Worthington MN have to do with Greenville MN shootout"
. Defamation of our character for Kellyanne is a hate crime".
. Date the CIA leak back to 1533 to make sense out of communism"
. Thanks for the quick response on what Jackie Kennedy said.

. Fake news/prank press (CNN et al) no matter how believable it seems, is designed to scare us"
. Only Murderers have a "secret" club. Lord help them, if the survivors of loved ones ever finds out!!!
. Thank you Efraim Zuroff and the nation of Germany" We were duped"
. Ryan Paul 10 55... Carson 38 p. 3B 6/6
. It's not racial profiling because only Mexicans come from Mexico.
Women's privacy must prevail over mind games, These games are stalking us.
. GPS and digital voice tracking are not accurate and can be fooled by imitation intercepts. It is balance with power that will extort us. Radar and radio only. The other only as a second reference"
. Too many indecent people are i running the Department of Defense.
. Bush is a traitor. How could you? His date of birth is 666.
. Kenneth Lapera was the target.
. Treacherous Climate: SC and Turning the Tide: II Hocus Pocus is using Ultra to turn people against the death penalty. The press shouldn't play along"
. Write up Condi Rice for stalking people with her politics of fear"
. InKwon wasn't mentally ill when they kidnapped him, but after 20 years in captivity and isolation from the people who sponsored him into America, that is sadly not the case anymore.
. Christopher Wray sounds like Condi Rice phonetics and Oprah for impeccable taste. I don't think AGs should be in that spot. They're looking at a way to get at me" Aziz's wife already contacted him with her appeal.
. I told Bush Sr. it's against the law to connect people that hate Debbie together with espionage".

. Climate change makes Oprah an alarmist.
. I think it sweet of them, but Mueller told me to be silent. Right on!
Telling lies, George, is wrong and leave my kid alone, too! Blocking that picture was illegal" Try not to listen to moondog. Be careful all of you guys"
. Well done Falfurrias Watermelon festival!"
. Nikki Haley is unaware she's a hostage under the same unperfected as of yet criminal satellites stalking me. I wish upon you enlightment"
. Covfefe
. And that goes for the Washington Post's hate mail from Oprah on 8A. It was during Bush's administration, not Reagan"
. Gotcha Dirk, but South Korea was never a colony of Great Britain and to say Koreans are "second's people" is a stretch on all concerned, my family especially. Shame on the NAACP for wishful thinking)
. DART's two lines are pandering to the delusional in the south"
. Jordan Edwards is communism sneaking around with spy satellites. Either it's defamation, espionage and stalking of the officer or just crap. You volunteered him, Mam.
. I read the paper on the train and bus stops cuz I'm so busy, tired and have an artificial cold compliments of Bush"
. James Cohen and Lacy cooked up a gumbo to strengthen the lies of a prankster press and FEMA's Sandy Hook hoax. Noah Pozner is a fake name. Everyone is acting.
. Horrific coincidences respond to Prima Donnas or pampered puppies whining. Once you discover you had the power of death, report it!
. FDR wanted her to marry the Asian.

. What's so hard about obtaining voter ID? Ever "Der geist der stets ver nient!" Thanks, Mr. Frederick for making sense.
. Yu Darvish sporting a Carson facial doo seemingly says with the name game "You wish we played fair." C1, 5/23 Double dealing is double speaking since Reagan is dead, no normal outcomes" This is EXTREME 234
. If you hear someone say "Not like before" you heard a communist taking over your world and everything will be helter skelter from now on.
. Then we don't need the NFL draft. Children shouldn't be treated to the petty displays of power hungry mischief..
.The Indestructable Kimmy is communism"
. Illegal aliens are immigrants is communism"
. Border protection will be ended if the court takes Kimmy's side.
. Russia without Putin is Russia with Oprah Winfrey and Kellyanne.
. Write up Comey for not telling the truth about why Donald Trump fired him. It was because he said "Debbie is a federal witness" to District Attorney Johnson and wouldn't elaborate for Trump and Kellyanne"
. Winston raped me allnight for Wray Gun and Donald Trump 10 called me a whole. Stacy Keach played in the hallway violently as Bush's sabotaged Dropbox for Ben Carson's paranoid ideations that reiterates Oprah's EXTREME edicts!!
. Basking in the globe of cabinet communism, Trump grins like a perfect gremlin.
. 2E Gems troubling is a hate crime 6/13 Oprah Winfrey stalking
. Golden 129 - Darvish on top!
. Theresa May 70"
. Blacks waited until I was born to rub theirs in my face because FDR chose Irish and they're British"
. What's next? A password to answer the cellphone?
. The towns of Arvada, Bennett, Estes, Frisco and Unionville/Farmington CO chunked my email addressed to their police departments on Kellyanne's command and then  she bragged about it!
. Carson said in front of ARKANSAS he'll kill me with the lasers if I keep working with FOP. Then Kellyanne Conway added she can torture me "real bad down there" if I don't obey them.
. Kimkasha was triggered by Oprah's to send us hatemail"

. Slater & Gordon winning $53 million for ungrateful mf seeking asylum in other countries is sickening. That was Kellyanne's communism in them"
. Flint MI water contamination is fraud. Haiti having another earthquake?
Nanny Goats have to eat white chicken.
. Dallas Morning News FP two chubbies match the chubby that attacked me in the hallway (while I was in the bedroom) about the B&E sign. Both fake I suppose"
. I know you tried, Ronnie, but some monsters would rather Rev. 6.16 than see a female in the White House area.
. Fugitives in Georgia sounds like weak sending hate mail again.
. Did I ruffle your feathers (scales), George?
. 17 killed in Mogadishu sounds like Kimkasha (MKULTRA) making changes in their governments with violence" The state department things Oprah trains El Shabob, but hasn't concrete evidence yet. in this country.
. page 8 story 6-15-17 17 and 22 First and last paragraphs looks like an FMO message. I don't want to hear from these lazy people. Stop the killing, devil.
. Leave me alone bitch!! Oprah echo: "I told the firemen to tell people to stay inside the building so they would all burn to death."
. That's the height of laziness. Killing people for sport and getting paid for it in some form. She said again: "You have to share the firefighters with us."
Espionage my emails isn't legal tender, Lust.
. Bomb threats to three synagogues in Los Angeles was DoD funnin' with the cops"
. I go with body cameras on moonlight patrolmen.
. Legalization is no Ajax. 92-9

. There you go, Texas! Californians want to be a Sanctuary state - SB54. Now, say adios to them, Texas!" It's still a felony to legalize illegals"
. Lowering drug and property crimes to misdemeanors is Mozambique echelon. This is fascism because we didn't do for others when prisons were overcrowded. $36 million should build another prison"
. E1 Top half both stories. Cliburn rigged. B1 Pix 55-89, #14 matches 14 on 2B, OF fist near that 12-74, 3B Prison officer... backwards 74; 3A Loving 74 pre-med were both communists/71; we caught 4B; 4A fist with waters; 13A Prison attack 89-96
. Blocking her emails from going through is a felony!"...
. For towns with small populations, who cannot support a police dept., the resident trooper or deputy sheriff is a good idea and has long been working.. However, it has come to our attention that electronics have moved into the program and convinced such personnel to be rude and unresponsive to the concerns of townspeople. This is unacceptable.
. Ragland's loss leader "not soon enough" may expand to a credit card late fee, or waiver of IRS penalties, or even running red lights for not getting to the green soon enough!
. Panic mode, John Wiley? I told them about us and they said no princess.
. Right, Ted Cruz, executive amnesty is wrong.
. Thanks, Gov. Abbott, for phone call to DPS.
. Where did illegal children get their birth certificates to enroll in public schools? They came to know they were illegal. DACA success stories sounds fake to me.

. Hint! Hint! We're not alone is give me more $" Why don't you guys look for God in another dimension. Is that possible?
. Dart boards for $299 and $5.49 billion spells DART's D2 route in downtown Dallas is an attempt to steal $ from the northern suburbs, that was promised them for the Cotton Belt, by poisonous Oprah echelon" That's racism to choose the south when we don't need another rail in downtown Dallas. Actually, my Dears, it6's a waste of $ and we call it "play."We're not huge enough to justify this crap. Write her up for talking to DART officials against the promised rail line above us"
. Atheist humanism is British - it has no tolerance for Christian faith and it punishes.
. David Goldman FP 6/22 doesn't look good between two people.
. Carmen Best is stalking me with lasers and espionage" She uses stalkers, too, including children, like Oprah and Rice.
. Exxotica is racketeering to get at Dallas as "punishment"
. Jenson and Mission aren't that laser satellite stalking anyone not famous enough to say no to communism and escape" Gitmo was contained. This isn't. Gitmo tried to locate other terrorists, this weapon is the terrorist on Americans, law-abiding Americans who resist obedience to communist devilry" They may have pain and discomfort in Gitmo, but this weapon causes physical alterations"
. Pro-Life is humanism. That's why many of them are into torture and murder. See above devilry"
. The Detroit candidate is being quiet, but Seattle for police chief is quickly becoming a vicious problem on me. Who made this list? Broadnax and that other one will be investigated. Detroit's name is hatemail. .
. George, what did the Secret Service tell you about that word? You have to have evidence. You cannot say things to get along with of bully communism.

. Phone broken last night for someone badmouthing me to black tyranny. Cost $70 and the threats continue. This is a sickness"
. Emily Walker was wrong and vulgar. Stay away from opportunities that present themselves. They're usu. stalkers.
. LGBT has taken a hard and sudden U-turn because when I was working with the Court on gay marriage, they said it was bad to encourage children to explore homosexuality and other sexual styles while they're still minors. I was discussing with them "gay school" for teens and they were most distraught by the idea of putting minors in a position before their minds had matured. Makes you wonder?

Missing names are due to Laser torture and other threats of worse bodily harm.
5/15/17 Carnivore is controlling FACEBOOK access.