Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny-Racist communism"

Engineering bad events on our peoples to teach lessons or to advance oneself is fascism. Teaching lessons, sending hate mail and imitating the actions of others isn't legal.
Ten will be listed at a time.
Revealing the truth is not unlawful"
Typos are inserted after I leave the page or when I send it to another"
. Putting Oprah Winfrey and Kellyanne Conway on Debbie is fascism. He's troublemaking on us with the.
. The pix (of Carrollton Police) below upset Oprah. Such is espionage.
. No communism dreams. And no stores to coerce defamation or severance from work files.
. Edwards "shooting" was 7 days after they cut [me] off. Not a coincidence. 94 No it is not your turn, Mam. 92-26 (on the bus), 41 Stop lying to advance yourselves.
. No accounting to spy satellites.
. Scully was his dream. Then it was engineered. Yes, they can control birds, too. That was leaked in Hitchcock's movie"

. Bush telling us stories is a felony. That's the joke on all of us.
. You can't "bust" her for dissent.
. Racists in county and the white house can kick me out of Facebook by dropping cue words into DoD listening devices" This is obstruction, but deadly as fascism can be.
. Removing my attempts to resurface on Facebook 3 times was a stalking, The satellite on me is my witness"
. Pix on 12A, 5/5 DMN gives the Jordan shooting away as a Big Fat Lie. They advance themselves by telling lies. Debbie was born in Dallas, not the Bushes. Why are they running it this way?
. Communists play mind games to assert themselves above the law!
.Helping blacks get up illegal, cruel ways are felonies".
NG: Roy Oliver, Crockett, Toni Rose, Vidal Sassoon... Chris Turner...Tyler Gross.. Edwards. Baron Shepherd is Kellyanne showing her teeth. Flinging around the word "traffic" is referring to us" 2 of them R not here because  had lasers on me to remove names.
. That was a long haul, Prince Phillip.
. The cities I didn't email included Mesquite and Balch Springs. I think not a coincidence!
.Venezuelan Riots looks like intimidation thru reminders. Kill her access to 12 or else.... 11A, 4/22
. Lee Merritt is another NG. Intimidation of GEMS #7?
."Dreamers" are stalkers"
. Pix of Jordan in red and blue matches TEXAS
. Write up Tommy Knocker!
. Free Daniel is a match to Jordan Edwards story.
. "Their wildest dreams" was spoken on 4/29, same day is timing"
. Mia Martinez is 96. Watch those photographers"

.1G, 4/29 is sending hate mail in a name of a car again"
. I'm still not crazy, despite what Kellyanne told you.
. They think Bush wanted O'Reily out and so up came a story of convenience.
. Leg tattoo hype - a leg muppet
. Who gave my granddaughter the lasers?
Civil War monuments and that flag a preart of our history and back in the day, slavery was legal. I think pulling these down sends the wrong messages to youth and that is what you don't like can be ruined not matter what it stands for. Like a lynching, the majority rules against us" Teaching lessons in Unamerican"
. Palm tree is hate mail and Troy Banks paranoid"

. Jordan Edwards is a false flag! It did not happen. It's lights, camera, action!
. What was that, Lancaster? Zionism was the Holocaust, not David"
."Too much" is not the criminal's call"
. Jordan Edwards and Kem Edwards is NG-FMO, a 27.
. Have you noticed how that blue and red pix keeps changing?
. Welcome to Dallas Adhama and Baipelo
. I can't attend my grandchildren's graduation bc cops will be killed.
. Dontre Hamilton was stalking us to kill.
. SK is dead for going to Bush again.
. Carson put the palm tree there. 103 for South Africans - all 3"
. My files are being erased"
. Stop calling illegals immigrants.. That's brainwashing and slights the real immigrants that waits in line and follows our procedures"
Mariana Smith is 55.
. Kimberly Jones Oprah Winfrey  is 85-88 on DOEd "high volume of folks."
.13A 5/10 Oprah Rice/Okrah - no husband"

. Comey was clobbered for helping me. He was trying to protect me from that creeper/black zoom in Dallas' Field Office. Jordan didn't request info formally or legally. She's the one pfishing and didn't tell the truth".
. Human Rights Initiative is 55 and 70 - very illegal to lie about who directing them"
. Chris Mansour's hands aren't clean when it comes to echelon"
. Electricity use is up because all those digital devices need charging. Duh"
. Thinking of a companion page to Cop Killers and calling it "Markers"
. Black tyranny puts records on people.
. Kellyanne is a feminist.
. Jackie Floyd is futile, like pushing men on women in woman's clothing. The BSA didn't "learn." They were pushed by mean-spirited extortion coming from the Bush Sr. and his merry men of echelon" What an indecent way to win - extorting married men with their private life".
. No communist directors putting a chokehold on Debbie for Kellyanne in the FBI.

. The killing of Crutcher, who still lives, was already discussed in principle and all things considered, the cop wins.
. The creator of the G.I. Joe doll has died. He was 84.
. Debbie isn't a spider monkey. I used to do this on Facebook.
. MK Theater hurts us"
. Dreamers are communism missing a spoke in democracy"
. I'm going with Vicky Connell: Chris' "suicide" was an accidental overdose. Roll-on Stone
. JFK is not top secret and you're nutz for saying lies perpetuates our economies"
. A penny per email? Let's not start that. I say no.
. Carla Hayden NG is Oprah. I don't know what to say about that scheme, if any"
. Taking Facebook away was a felony. Johnny Belinda in the north said so. Holding [Debbie] down so [she] can't be with her spouse is a hate crime and it has gone on long enough (1993-Current).
. I believe the Donald is telling the truth - there was no hanky panky with Russia.
. Urbanski looks like Ubermensch, meaning Superman in German. College Park MD, I was just telling two of my children is where they took their First Holy Communion.


Missing names are due to Laser torture and other threats of worse bodily harm.
5/15/17 Carnivore is controlling FACEBOOK access.