Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny is stalking us into Communism"
Engineering bad events on our peoples to teach lessons or to advance oneself is fascism. Teaching lessons, sending hate mail and imitating the actions of others isn't legal.
Ten will be listed at a time.
Revealing the truth is not unlawful"
Typos are inserted after I leave the page or when I send it to another"
We will make this mobile today.
. FDR wanted her to marry the Asian.

. Write up Comey for not telling the truth about why Donald Trump fired him. It was because he said "Debbie is a federal witness" to District Attorney Johnson and wouldn't elaborate for Trump and Kellyanne"

. 17 killed in Mogadishu sounds like Kimkasha (MKULTRA) making changes in their governments with violence" The state department things Oprah trains El Shabob, but hasn't concrete evidence yet. 

 . Right, Ted Cruz, executive amnesty is wrong.
.The Detroit candidate is being quiet, but Seattle for police chief is quickly becoming a vicious problem on me. Who made this list? Broadnax and that other one will be investigated. Detroit's name is hatemail. .
.It's a sickness this much hate and pettiness. Where are you going to bury the men you dig up out of Arlington Cemetery? Is the press that hard up for a story?. You're just sick people"
[This much pettiness is terrorism]

. $1 billion subway route is a loser showing off she can take $ our of Debbie's pocket by raising the cost of a ticket" That's the only reason for wanting the subway in south downtown! Stiffing the suburbs is "see me" echo" Dallas City Council has always been quick to defend Oprah's pigeon because promoting communism is good for fascism"

. There goes Stauss coming up for suicide extortion. What a fool! Write this one for stalking. No transgender games before the rights of others to privacy" They did that suicide "watch" on the gay boy scouts to get their way, too".!

. If someone said you need ID to win a million $, I wonder how many of them would balk?
. Layout 5D stalking 7/18
. Transgender coming out of the woodwork is arranged.
. You know forest fires can be triggered and that in turn caused 34 mine explosions recently. Same thing Upper Branch Chicago. I'm sorry, Dearly Beloved.
. Dallas Police Department: "I was wrong to say the tapes were "gibberish" to escape black satellites on us."

. I don't think transgenders should be running the show at Exxon.

. Since John Cornyn and Kellyanne Winfrey wants to play games with my keyboard, esp. messing up JED and STUDY HALL, lets be frank about the sheriff's convention at Grapevine last week. 9 That "pact" they signed was a publicity stunt to make us all believe they were going to enforce federal laws like murder and bank robberies if one of them came into their jurisdiction. Yeah right! It was a big joke and President Clinton said tell Debbie and a way it went through channels down to this keyboard" That's why I'm mad at the Chiefs of Police of Texas, too. They said they're not going to catch bank robbers who run red lights and cause accidents in Garland. Too bad on hard working whites getting their cars smashed up and riding the buses and talking about the criminal who runs the lights without car insurance. The police are letting them run off to the bank robber's hideouts, to smash up another slob's car. I consider this a tragedy, you punks" All networked all over America can get a car with a couple of paychecks and then stiff the legal car dealer. What the heck. What do you mean it's a federal crime and a federal problem?

. Amos Mun is floating he will raise rents again in October. This is usu. a $50 hike. He just raised it in July.

. DACA is an amnesty program because they don't leave in 2 years. It's a scam if they don't leave in that time frame. And stop changing the subject. Clay Jenkins shouldn't take a conscious communist stand. I say trust me and go back. 1 Timothy 5.8"
. Galatians 2.4 gave it away! Without privacy, there is no liberty. I believe they are one and the same thing. The first time "liberty" pops up in the Bible is Leviticus 25.10. So Bible scholars, begin your search for privacy in this word. And don't respond with "no Happy Birthday" because that violates free exercise" in the first!
. If they interfere with a police operation, they're stalking you" You have to stay awake, or they'll take you down. That's why she looks tired. She is. Tired of all the devils constantly on her with espionage".
. Concisely? Charlettsville was FUBU and so was Dylan Roof"
. DACA is two mean Mexican females in handicap seating glaring-daring you to show your pass to move them" HWGA
. Petty Kellyanne tells student graduates of Liberty University to give their diplomas back as a protest to Falwell Jr.'s remarks to President Trump. She didn't tell them the truth about Charlottesville being FUBU. She's reminding me of Oprah's puppet, across the street, who entered my parents home in 1998 and stole my diplomas and Honorable Discharge certificate and other sacred family items. This was reported to the police.
. Anti-racism means anti-real in Oprah's unmasked vocabulary!
. Fake news makes real stories seem fake, too. How can we trust anyone's details, Mr.Cornyn? True, pink is a communist regime.

. "First black female" rhetoric is racketeering them on Debbie as stalkers"
Puerto Rico isn't a state! [Bill Reagan knows the story from 1986. " For the crazy enemy witch NASA's president blew up the shuttle when the magazine accepted her brief story..." "
. Flash from Hall and company: "There was no Heather killed in Charlottesville"
. Kellyanne told Liberty University students to return their diplomas as a protest on Falwell Jr.'s remarks to President Trump" 92-15 and 24
. Sorry, but the "flood waters" on Tuesday 8-29-17 paper doesn't look desperate" Did we run out of rain, Oprah?
.Lioness better stay away from Debbie, too"""
. Oprah Winfrey 1424 hrs 8/29/17: "He won't come back no matter what you do." 55-62 Kidnapping with terrorism".
. How could Mark Davis compare flooding in Houston to 9-Eleven? That's like comparing a guy that smoked two packs a day for fifty years dying from emphysema to a person waiting at a bustop that got robbed and shot 15 times by a crazy lunatic and bled to death.
. That sick thing keeps erasing my sentences when I backspace to correct things.
. Cub Scouts are inundated with Gay politics.
. If you're a regular bus rider, I suggest you carry a can of Frebreze to spray your clothes with as some bus stops smell of urine. Also report the bus stop so they can clean it.
. No Columbus Day in California is racism"
. Hype is another word for lying to scare us. Example given: Black female at Bank One on 635 rushed over to a bank guard and exclaimed Debbie, entering the building, was someone she saw breaking the law. I had never been to that branch before. Do you think that's funny?
. I heard Hurricane Harvey was man-made.
. Choosing to live in hurricane alley is stupid, but if you do, don't expect smarter people to have sympathy for you. Yo dah!
. That's why God created insurance.
. Please tell Lynn Robinson (NG) 16A, 9/1 Jesus was a homeless dude and no I don't know what you mean unless you're hand is out. Ask not of others what you wouldn't do for yourselves.
. What about adios do you not understand? They should be in Mexico making themselves stronger, not here illegally making us weak! Thank you for that, sir.

. The day after the WTC began construction, Michelle Obama was born.
The day after President McKinley was assassinated, U. Renee Hall became police chief of Dallas.
. This isn't getting away from slavery, but more like replacing it with their own version.
. The T in TC Braodnax name and the U in Chief Hall's is the black tyranny way of saying thank you to Bush Sr. for granting them immunity while they poison the world against Debbie Song and block her from proving God - Isaiah 11:12 doesn't mean obstruction or meanness.
. See the bottom of MONSTERS. I put surprises in there.

. Everyone that voted against the Robert Lee Park has or would use the lasers on me! Devils!! All, lying hypocrites. Not one of them worth their weight in crap"
. Hatemail in details of boat capsizing near Cairo 10A 9/22
. Back by popular demand.
. House drama bully pulpit for mayor 55. Wrong to tear down for Shavon's. She wasn't 9 years old". Drama is conditioning!
. Take a knee is conditioning, too. That's why she calls us "dogs" 92-legs increases when whites advocate with the." 82 every NFL player - all hypocrites. You're not the police department I am talking to.
. Everything named after Eisenhower I want torn down for using MKULTRA on the Japanese to do Pearl Harbor. I don't care what he did in other things. Blacks said no Robert E. Lee, even though he did good things, too.
. Freedom From Religion Foundation [FFRF=No real is first"] is a hate crime.
. Neutral means no free exercise, a violation of the First Amendment. Unless they try to convert someone to their religion/altar calls, no fouls can be called.
.Thanks, Marshall Miles for your common sense. They ought to bring Robert E. Lee back to his mountain top!
. Officer Burres III story by Kylie Madry was arranged to send me hatemail from her and Kellyanne Conway. The hatemail is wrong, because MKULTRA and relay echelon is not the same monster. B1 9-28 Of course, 94 responded in echo, but what's new in hell? [ Your marriage was MKULTRA and we busted him from wanting your thing]. Never trust a devil to tell the truth" Let's just say the story is embedded with markers of hate.
. And Shupe better stay away. No "here boy! here boy!" We did that attempted murder already.
. You're not a rabbit; you're the gator lady. "Slowly" is communism.
. "No Dodge" is another hatemail speech. Watch for those middle words. Of course the theater is stalking the press. They leave nothing to chance"
. Looking for stories that can be written and arranged to send hatemail is stalking, Kylie! Write up Shupe for racketeering"
. 1996-7 MKULTRA on him and 1995-9 MKULTRA on Debbie (to this day actually) are engineered terrorism to produce effects that enable liars/stalkers to make bad things happen.
 . Lying cops will not be tolerated"

.The "victims of colonialism" is devilry again.
. Shut the Holocaust Museum down for stalking Debbie".
. Thank you"




Missing names are due to Laser torture and other threats of worse bodily harm.
5/15/17 Carnivore is controlling FACEBOOK access.