Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny-Racist communism"
FILED IN 1990.

Below you will find the markers and timing on this event
that took place in 1992.

It's being used as a model to do everywhere"

Thomas Bradley was the mayor.
Bradley was the name of a witness' son in 1990.
Brad was the name of the boy who took me to the HS prom.
"If he were still, the hitting would stop."
Rodney King was the PCP crazed victim.
Kim Robinson in 2005
Condi Rice in 2001.
Khmer Rouge
Looked like Debbie's ex
Robert Kennedy was against this way"
Patton was killed for saying no communist way - MK Theater
Whose birthday is 1-29?
4-30-75 Vietnam War ends
Initials of that one in Washington D.C.
Sun, Ja Du (American press version of her name)
Soon, Ja Doo (Korean version of her name)
Latosha Harlins
Judge Karlin
56 times
Florence & Normandie
Florence as my grandmother's name.
She was born in Pennsylvania in 1907.
She married and had three children.
All were born in the state of New York"
75th & Budlong
54th & Van Ness
71st & Raymond
Timothy Goldman
Ramona Ripston
Mother of below, my sister's middle name"
Lives in MA (a cipher for Marian Anderson) and
those other two: Mississippi and Alabama, both 1954 same as her.
Danny Blakewell
Nephew's first name
Pat DeSilva
Neighbor on south side of 612 Botany Bay.
Sirhan Sirhan
In cryptic freemasonry, this means no "S"
There are many ways to play it. This has already been done.
Stack these one on the other: LA 92 NG
Camp Roberts
Milton Roberts came to work with us in D.C. in 1989.
He was still an unlicensed social worker when I was taken from the project in July 1990 after a death threat. I reported fraud to a superior in the medical records" which was an attempt to compromise my monthly reports to Congress and deny clients of their medical upkeep and 90 day reviews.
He tried to electrocute me a month before the death threat.
President Bush, Sr. was born in Milton Mass.
Location: St. Elizabeth's Hospital on MLK Blvd in SE Washington , D.C. MHMR wing.
It may also be a cipher for someone's initials" I was unaware of at the time and had only became known to me in 2001.
Pete Wilson was the Republican governor.
Not Woodrow
Daryl Gates was the Chief of Police
Palm trees
627 pm
Mother died from disease given her on 1-26-52
The date was 6-27-88
2 yellows and 1 red car
916 structure fires
Adam & Hobart
George Halliday
Jeri Conway lived on Holliday
Briseno, Koon, Wind, Powell
Cheese & Crackers in a right hand with 2 silver rings