Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny is forcing Communism on us".
FILED IN 1990.

Below you will find the markers and timing on this event
that took place in 1992.
It's being used as a model to do everywhere"
If I put all of what transpired in plain sight for all to see,
a lot of people would be ruined for playing with them, including Daryl Gates"

Thomas Bradley was the mayor.
Bradley was the name of a witness' son in 1990.
Brad was the name of the boy who took me to the HS prom.
"If he were still, the hitting would stop."
Rodney King was the PCP crazed victim.
Kim Robinson in 2005
Condi Rice in 2001.
Khmer Rouge
Looked like Debbie's ex
Robert Kennedy was against this way"
Patton was killed for saying no communist way - MK Theater
Area code Colorado, state where Condi Rice went to college and
The state they put in the place of my father's birth on my birth certificate.
These certificates were removed from my room via a black bag job.
Pre-meditation: Stop her husband from becoming a Christian, usu associated with John 3.16.
Whose birthday is 1-29?
4-30-75 Vietnam War ends
Initials of that one in Washington D.C.
Sun, Ja Du (American press version of her name)
A woman my husband knew in South Korea who moved to LA
Soon, Ja Doo (Korean version of her name)
Last name of the female that took my place in Georgetown after I was threatened by a co-worker. First name was Lydia.
Latosha Harlins
If you take him from her, put him with his own color.
Judge Karlin
Harlin Karlin spells Hong Kong what they didn't want to lose in 1999. Judges is the book and L is my middle initial.
56 times
Usu. means British MI-5 and MI-6 (British Intelligenece and Secret Service)
Do not confuse this with Page 56.
Florence & Normandie
Florence as my grandmother's name.
She was born in Pennsylvania in 1907.
She married and had three children.
All were born in the state of New York"
Two of their names are here.
75th & Budlong
Stanley William "Bud" McDonough was the second born in my mother's family. His brother was named Raymond. His birthday was the same as Harry Truman. He died on 7-23-69.
1975 I married InKwon, also a second born, in South Korea after certificate for marriage approved at the American Embassy in Seoul.
This is British instructions not to harm my husband, but to get him away from me.
54th & Van Ness
The '54 gal wants Debbie's husband to be black.
My husband drove vans in Texas and other states.
Ness is associated with Treasury.
71st & Raymond
My uncle Mack, son of Florence and brother of Bud died in 1978.
His gravesite is marked "Raymond McDonough". He was named after his father.
Timothy Goldman
Ron Goldman suggests backwardness.
Ramona Ripston
Mother of below, my sister's middle name"
Lives in MA (a cipher for Marian Anderson) and
those other two: Mississippi and Alabama, both 1954 same as her.
Danny Blakewell
Nephew's first name
Pat DeSilva
Major DeSilva was head of security at the Oak Ridge facility, part of the Manhattan Project. J. Robert Oppenheimer is where the word "Open" comes from.
Neighbor on south side of 612 Botany Bay.
Sirhan Sirhan
In cryptic freemasonry, this means no "S"
There are many ways to play it. This has already been done.
Stack these one on the other: LA 92
Camp Roberts
Milton Roberts came to work with us in D.C. in 1989.
He was still an unlicensed social worker when I was taken from the project in July 1990 after a death threat. I reported fraud to a superior in the medical records" which was an attempt to compromise my monthly reports to Congress and deny clients of their medical upkeep and 90 day reviews.
He tried to electrocute me a month before the death threat.
President Bush, Sr. was born in Milton Mass.
Location: St. Elizabeth's Hospital on MLK Blvd in SE Washington , D.C. MHMR wing.
It may also be a cipher for someone's initials" I was unaware of at the time and had only became known to me in 2001.
The Guard saying they couldn't proceed to LA because of no ammo was echelon hatemail meaning "no husband" if you want to stand against communism (which was what I was doing at St. E's), according to these people.
Right! The Guard withheld services that could have saved Koreatown to spite Debbie with a Korean-born husband. This was a breach. FDR saddled her with the name in Judges 5.12 to fight racism and communism"
Condi Rice, while an associate professor at Stanford University used echelon Defense and the NAACP to withdraw services from Koreatown while the blacks "kids" trashed it.
They finally took him in 1997 with mind games. 
Pete Wilson was the Republican governor.
Not Woodrow
Daryl Gates was the Chief of Police
Palm trees
Mentioned with Deborah in Judges 4.5
Cryptic freemasons use it to say no fist (which means someone will always be spying on you as an act of preventing the God Almighty way/Zig Ziglar).
That's stalking.
627 pm
Mother died from disease given her on 1-26-52
The date was 6-27-88
2 yellows and 1 red car
"OW" is a signature for King George VI's queen.
She died in 2001.
Here she is saying sex in marriage is for pro-creation only.
916 structure fires
This British freemasonry (an Bush-Quayle) for No first in anything.
Adam & Hobart
A familiar British signature for Adolf Hilter.
It may not have been sent by the royals and could be coming from the Bush Administration as her servants.
AH in our country means Treaty of Ghent 1814.
Another possible (but how much difference) is the number one and eight = White House Ghent, aka New Jersey.
George Halliday
Jeri Conway lived on Holliday
Briseno, Koon, Wind, Powell
No K  (husband) is a win for Powell's team, the NAACP.
K is my husband's middle initial.
Koon could also stand for Raccoon and then it would mean = no real.
Read Ephesians 2.2
It's all against the law to communicate another country's desire for me this way.
It's not the Hallmark Hall of Fame, Honey.
Cheese & Crackers in a right hand with 2 silver rings
Crackers means white and cheese means black to each other.
Right is an "R" word and usu. means real.
Two silver rings means word No and the color is referring to a second marriage (ignoring the annulment).
Message: Blacks and whites are both against you having a second husband for real (meaning in person) because he's oriental.