Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny is forcing Communism on us".
  • "Don't ever call her a hooker again,
  • George?"
  • If you play with the plague, we'll cut you off!*
  • Where's her teeth? Go to Evil and look up former Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry.
  • Who is she talking to? Audio and visual FBI" and the White House is always with us. They can contact anyone they want..
  • Did you think I was unusually quiet? Subversives are stalking me by tapping into the satellite systems protecting me. Take what I gave you and make us proud. This one is stalking the FBI satellite on me!
  • Abuse of access to military equipment is a coup d'etat. It violates the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th amendments to scare people with espionage into submission or acts of violence. To do so, is intimidation of the federal government.
  • The letter X and  # can be located on the EXTREME page. This is documented tyranny bullying non-blacks into submission and such is very illegal, if not treasonous!
  • Essentially, for me it boils down to a few highly placed and wealthy blacks who demand they get their way in all things, no matter how illegal; and if you don't obey them, the U.S. Secret Service will attack you in many cruel and unusual ways. This is what we mean by communism. Hopefully this website will help you pinpoint if you're one of us that believes in privacy and not everything we do should be twisted into what blacks call "hurting them" or scaring me." In some cases, the Service sends police officers and FBI to terrorize people. This is a deadly game being played all over America and only when enough of us say NO! will it stop. You'll learn from this website, that even having a spouse, college education or savings account can be twisted by blacks into "hurting them" or "making me look bad."
  • The paragraph below was sent to 5771 cities/towns and/or police departments [This was sabotaged by the communists in December 2013].
  • Read the second one in Thank you.
  • Don't be afraid of what you read.*
  • We roll every week third one south.
  • Any breach of her private life is communism if they themselves want immunity for it!
  • If you come into Debbie's room(s) without permisssion, you're a racist and don't twist this!
  • Torturing her for anything protected under the law is ALSO communism!
  • Please share me. - Police
  • Punishing her without Due Process isn't authorized by any police agency.
  • Games on Debbie are felonies!
  • "Anyone that gets near you and says something about abduction, is a terrorist!. I don't want to hear one peep. Not one peep!"
  • Find your circumstance(s) among these lists and stay awake. You are not responsible for what a terrorist can do to you with espionage, but LYNCH MOBS is a bitch!
  • This website is not for the squeamish. We are the very-determined-to-stay-alive bunch and to end those monsters preying on our family members and others. If you think standing against the EVIL ones is a cinch or a picnic, you're an EVIL one.
  • If you have a question about this website, the normal thing to do is to send me an email at Anything else will be considered stalking"
  • Debbie comes first, not the lust stalking her or it's a Breach of Security" and I said no Winston running the show with espionage or that laser"
  • Anyone on Debbie's case regarding anything on this website, including stalking the people and entities on this site, is Obstruction of Justice. Failure to present a case against her in a legal manner is terrorism.
  • If you think I owe you something for the pictures in this website, please read the note on PATRIOTS.
Go to ESCAPED and take the quiz all of us donated to the FBI
  • They went underground, some say, after the U.S. Senate's Church Cmte hearings in (5 min)
  • They have the capability of mixing medicines!"
  • Families are being destroyed by these parasites. If any of this sounds familiar, please tell someone about it, but avoid doing the EVIL page.
  • Due to violence, we were forced to call the Home Page CONGRESSIONAL and the Contents page JANUARY.
  • If you think they're listening in your telephone, contact the District Attorney.
  • This page is written to those so afflicted. Bobble heads that call the police are eligible for time in jail. 7-16-11
  • The email addresses and fax numbers in this website are not to answer questions about Debbie and can get a low level employee fired! They are to help you report subversive crimes to protect you, your spouse and family. And crafty will get you nowhere"
  • Attempts to subvert the police with false reports will not be tolerated"
  • "Any police entity that sends to her "no first" messages will be terminated and that includes that wicked shit calling itself Dallas FBI"
  • About one hour and 41 minutes into the movie ATLAS SHRUGGED, PART 2 -2012 see the laser shield DoD and NASA have at their disposal  to bring down our planes.
June 9, 2010
November 21, 2014
March 9, 2016
                      May 7, 2017

[Atheism Beware: 8th word in J512 is a sign from God He's real and doesn't want to be covered up]
Remember, your request must be formal in order for it to be processed.
 * Saying things you don't really mean (for whatever reason) to get along with subversives can and will be used by such troublemakers to engineer such a thing on you. This is then used to push you into that stance, make you eat your words, so to speak and compromise your integrity to get along with them. This is called "prove it to me." They hold fast to the concept Weak in a little matter is weak in huge."
 So don't talk like that unless you really, really mean it.
Has to be my day!
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No Oprah on me!
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