Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Ephesians 2.2/Black tyranny is stalking us into Communism"
They're all snitches with spy satellites
on us"
  • *Do not gang up on her with Bush!
  • It is a felony"
  • In America, you need evidence, sound evidence before you can sabotage someone's life. And that's called a warrant.
  • Extreme is another word for mental"
  • If you are asked to do any item on this list, let someone know"
  • Date of this entry: 4/15/15
  •  The police are tired of waiting on communism!
All Goose is fascism and against the law!
There is a page dedicated to their pogrom.

  1.  Breaches Security Every Chance they get is Communism" (Doesn't respect the laws of privacy)
  2. They don't want to play by the law.
  3. Please do not listen to these if approached by echelon. You will be responsible for your behavior on our satellites"
  4. These are the most serious offenders. For more on this subject, go to EVIL page. They don't want to act normal. They don't want to play by the law.
  5. Go find someone else to type up your scream. Debbie and I have better things to do"
  6. The following people are subversive communists" Everyone of them takes directions from electronic spy satellites often equipped with lasers. They harass and intimidate us into submission.
  7. Aiding & Abetting a coup isn't helping us" Bush Sr. gives everyone a hard time to get his way.
  8. X580 is not a legal action and neither is the Divine Right of Kings..
  9. Making whites suffer or do without for blacks to have a gain is fascism" That in the last century was Adolf Hitler's war.
  10. "Obey me" or [pain] is a communist dictatorship"
  11. The police running with Bush & Oprah is against me and I am the NYPD. The 10th commandment means "Do not lust" so don't change this in the back of your head"
  12. That bastard is a loser for stalking your cellphone and NSA can kiss my ass" Thanks for Andy Panda"
  13. That's for stopping our bill [Wagner-Rogers] from being enforced""
  14. Oprah gets around the law by stalking you without a warrant using espionage to locate your movements and filling the players up with poison about your privacy - telling them when to read things on your website. ]Breach of securtity] That's where they get all the comments" Then they make trouble on you If you get upset..." This is classic entrapment and racketeering makes this all possible" They'll play your situation both ways and that, too, is a felony"
  15. These games are indecent". Bush lies to get people in trouble. More and more people these days hear liars than the truth and Debbie's attempt to tell the truth is often sabotaged by believers of those liars" That's why it's difficult to get her picture published" They don't want the truth out there"
  16. Hype, my little chickadees, means liars for wealth and forced change which are crimes.
  17. There is another list below this detailing actively cruel Monsters"
  18. Your opinions without any direct access means you hear stalkers on me" We're not interested in communist games.

  1. 90th Missle Wing Public Affairs (55)
  2. Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem (Garland)
  3. ALDI's Joanna (74, 84)
  4. Alex Jones (55)
  5. Amos Mun (99-89, 73-OW, 106-89)
  6. Ann Romney
  7. Associated Press (70,50)
  8. Bachman Lake Librarians (74)
  9. Ben Carson (92,89,70, X204-92/68,103)
  10. Bret Stephens
  11. Candy Carson (91-74-70 using Debbie's landlord)
  12. Candy Park (74)
  13. Carlos Curbelo (NG-70")
  14. Carmen Best* (74)
  15. Carmen Ponder (50)
  16. Chief U.Renee Hall, Dallas TX (55, 70-74, 99, 92-11, 38, 57, 106,NG, 48, 71-OW,92-29-46,) Almost contant: "No Debbie Song." (50, 27-82,62, 106-Donna Sakkinen, 92-2), 99-Cold calling again?) First Black female = 55-70 if in Debbie's face" Feud dates back to January 1986 when Oprah threw A FIT ABOUT A MAGAZINE ARTICLE" - Knowing about the article's acceptance was espionage" She says: "Orientals are my babies."  Stalking charges for hatemail in DMN 1B She's just for show to entertain Rice and Carson some more because Debbie lives in Dallas" 99. No signatures that embarassing or causing pain/crippling. And never hit her where she has injuries" I said no internal hits" Hall's an enormous failure, says the Dallas Police!"
  17. Christopher Wray (55-50,82-89,74 echo, Using librarian 27-74, #203 was none of your business")
  18. Colin Powell (27on Debbie and InKwon)
  19. CNN (70)
  20. Condi Rice (70,46-Blocking emails, 55)
  21. Curtis Minton
  22. Deborah Price, Michigan (92,46)
  23. Dale Carpenter (billed as Johnny law, see below)
  24. Dallas City Council (X208-E22, 82, schemes,99-55)
  25. Dallas FBI Field Office (62-57, 55,46,70,99 and lasers)
  26. Dallas Lib. Internet Acceptance Policy (55)
  27. Dallas Police Association (55-Hall 89 Debbie" 84)
  28. Dallas Police Chief (27)
  29. Dallas Police Department (82)
  30. Dallas Public Libraries (99) Tired isn't mental" They rape me with lasers, call me names and voices Oprah)
  31. DISD (I said no more fantasy Island.) Facebook did this to us by silencing her!
  32. Disgus (55, lies, 46-Oprah Winfrey SS)
  33. DOD (74 and 106") He is not the point!
  34. Donald Shupe (55,100)
  35. Dunlop Cross (Bush was equating the statues' name with Debbie's name. That's why I chose to take down the statues.)
  36. Ellensburg WA Detective (99,92-30)
  37. Enrique Pena Nieto (NG) 106-84
  38. Facebook (55-94, 46, 74 lies, obstructing access 27) "Dallas ... are wrong and we hate them for [X281, 534 and 580]."  50
  39. Frederick Frazier
  40. Freedom from Religion Foundation (70)
  41. George Bush Jr. (70-55-99)
  42. George Bush Sr. (70,57,103,92-10,62,55) Lies to get people in trouble, messes with my children/74. Plots with Kellyanne to murder Debbie's husband for Oprah votes, 91 many of the items listed below. 99s)
  43. Gerald Britt (See Baby Edgar 615")
  44. Google (comes for Carson and Hall stalking Debbie") 74 Louisiana
  45. In Kwon Song (27 on Mike, 55-NAACP against Debbie, X208 for 92, 89)
  46. Jackie Floyd (50/71 with lasers)
  47. Jackie Lacey
  48. James Ragland (89/Super Pen. now he's going steady with Kellyanne Conway)
  49. Joe Rios (55\,70, No X580)
  50. Joe Straus (88)
  51. Joseph Dunford 55
  52. Julia Pierson
  53. Karen "Kathy" Pence (55-Theft,B&E-99, NORTHWEST)
  54. Kellyanne Conway (50-70", 46, 106-Oprah,74,82, 55 Georgetown Police, 99,48-91, 55-84, 89)
  55. Kim, Jong Un 106
  56. Kim Robinson (70)
  57. Linda Abramson Evans (55)
  58. Loretta Lynch (70,92-9, 55-84, 92-42)
  59. Malik Aziz (82,55, 73-Hall,70,94, 27-70 89-OC)
  60. Michelle Obama (70, 92-41,57)
  61. Mike Mata ("Break her fridge if she puts my name here" 88-89-99, 27 ignoring Debbie at police interviews, lasers on Mockingbird near SMU, 57 police websites, 99 calling names and saying no to reality, 106-Hall who is making terroristic threats again). They're stalking me on the corners" Bush Sr. snitches" Using library people, 57 of save & paste items, 74 for that comment)
  62. Mike Pence (46-Capturing emails,55, 70 and 57 Indiana police depts.)
  63. Mike Rawlings (55,27 on Debbie, 82)
  64. Misty Lockhart (55)
  65. NAACP (74, 27-Dallas TX JFK's eng. assassination to send Debbie hatemail)
  66. Neagle's (74)
  67. News Media Alliance (55-Trust me, it's Alex Jones again. A safe house to stop dissenters thereby protecting liars". They make you think they're real, so you'll stop dissenting and they do absolutely nothing to stop the lying")
  68. NRA (For hearing goose's fake news machine. We don't need another Alex Jones" I heard you ware racketeering/55). 50 It's not responsible to take people's $ and sell them cowardice. Shut your pie h..." No MKULTRA to force change for MLKJ)
  69. NSA (55-O'Donovan's Communism)
  70. Oprah Winfrey Blcokin, x266-55,46-Blocking emails to police; 48-92-99: "No Debbie more popular than Condi Rice." This means hold Debbie down and allow no success at anything..)
  71. Oregon Knowledge Bank
  72. Pamplico SC
  73. Park Forest Librarians (74,79)
  74. Plummer MN (55 to do that)
  75. Pricilla Chan (70)
  76. Regina King (74)
  77. Regina Smith (106-100, 70, 48, 92-10, 73-92 Teeth removal)
  78. Richard Woodruff(55,74-108)
  79. Rick Pyle (74,92)
  80. Rio Grande, Webb C & Royal (is suffering from 94-74 by Condi Rice to restrict Debbie or else")
  81. Rod Rosenstein
  82. Sandra Bullock (106-74 "Shelly Winters" on another bus 70, 92-10-27)
  83. Secret Service female Fair Park 70 (73 Smith)
  84. SMU* (70)
  85. Stacy King (55-74 Hall)
  86. Stephen Mnuchin (55)
  87. Steve Rexar (70,55",10,82-MO)
  88. Steven Spielberg (89)
  89. Susan Greyson (99)
  90. T.C. Broadnax (82,74,70 in Hall)
  91. The President (Criminal mischief, 55,46,70 I told him no precious". That's an abomination while they're committing all these crimes in the third, 27 I told you to stop listening to Bush & Oprah! They're stalking me")
  92. Tommy Class(55-OW,57) 
  93. Twitter (55-46-lies, Bush Sr. SS 70)
  94. Uber (74-92)
  95. Valentine (82-Oprah and Pence,70, "Warn her" 74)
  96. Vistaprint, Inc.
  97. Walmart (70)
  98. Walmart, Loop 12 & Webb C (102,99)
  99. Warren L. Dodge, Jr. (72's, also used magic to remove self from my reported assault. Covered up a theft from my phone acct. to his)
  100. Wayne Brewster-McCarthy (74/70)
  101. Winston (57-99, 99-92-111-84 to 79, 48-91)

This stops Goose. Without it, we'd be in full blown communism which is obedience without liberty."

Communists use espionage, laser weaponry and intimidation to control what isn't theirs legally. This is called Zoom. It is unconstitutional, un-American, and anti-Christ.

Stalking charges/violations of the 4th
  1. Marcia Halkias
  2. 143 Email espionage
  3. Kim Tolbert (Monsters & Arn)
  4. Paul Song
  5. Johnny Carpenter (Google)
  6. Dale Carpenter (above)
  7. Broadnax (Emails)
  8. Sidney Fitzwater (Emails)
  9. Beldon Leaf Guard (Email)
  10. ESP Service Inc. (Just hatemail) Judges 5.12
  11. Dana Summers (Weaponry)
  12. Anseley Duncan Sequencing with Hall's
  13. G32's Tonya Christian 27
  14. U. Renee Hall (Sinister)


This is Bush & Oprah: Too many coincidences:
T.C. Broadnax, Dallas City Manager from Seattle, WA
David Brown, Former Dallas Police Chief from Dallas, TX
U. Renee Hall, most recently hired Dallas Police Chief from Detroit MI
Malik Aziz, Asst. Police Chief, from Atlanta GA
George W. Bush Sr., 41st president, from Milton, MA

1) Hall-Broadnax or Hall Brown mean Holy Bible which means Judges 5.12 is not a mixed marital situation, not with white. Since there are two HB's, it means no Holy Bible.
2) Detroit-Seattle means the name "Deborah Song" should have been given to a black female, said JFK and Eddie Bernice Johnson. Choosing white, they say, was racist"
3) Aziz-Hall numerology is 1 and 8. Besides being the initials of Adolf Hitler, their FREEMASONRY reverse numbers making it 8-1. Eight means cruel. Cruel contains the initials of Condi Rice. Condi Rice therefore, wins against Debbie because Dallas chose, out of sequence, Hall.
4) Ben Carson sent a message to Debbie in the date July 7. Two sevens means no Judges 5.12 which means no Judges 5.12 which was the reason my husband and I existed as a marriage"
5) Bush engineers sensational crimes for black advancements or sympathy.
6) Three males with the letter B means 222, a cipher for 666" Ben Carson said it means Revelation 22.2 or procreation sex only.. Ben Carson is one of those names on the Spingarn list. NSA standing for black tyranny says marriage is obsolete and will advise Americans against it" They say Christian values are racist and the Bible is a scam.
   A) That scripture alludes to a gestation period. The animals that fit in that cycle are rats, mice, squirrels and rabbits.
   B) Carson was born in the solar year of the Rabbit. Rice in the solar year of the Horse. However , it breaks down because the female with the child is the horse, not the rabbit. Nevertheless, Rev. 22.2, they claim (with laser rape), means no marriages to other countries and all colors belong to black according to the KKK.
   C) Eddie Bernice Johnson says my marriage was a joke. The NAACP, mote it be, with espionage satellites and extortions keep my spouse and I separate to enable them to address issues their unlawful ways.
7) The Spingarn Awards erected three men named Benjamin. The very first man awarded this prize was named Ernest Just. This is where the playing of the "just" comes in. Dropping the word "just" is a threat.
8) Barry Obama didn't give himself that name. Here is where an innocent baby comes in.
9) Because I had at least one child by Song, the first and last names in Judges 5.12 becomes my name through marriage. This is all I am going to say about my name here.

NO HAPPINESS is sadism
& never true love!

The list following is of items stalking satellites and ground troops have vandalized.
They are building a frightful world and calling it their "turn."

Boom Boxes
Briefcase locks
Carts (wheels & frames)
CD players
Coffee Warming plates
Combination locks
Computer Keyboards
Dirt Devil Hand vacume
DVD player
Electric Can openers
Fanny Packs
Hot plate
Hurricane Lantern (Hi/Lo)
Key Locks
Microwave Ovens
Perfume & other pump nozzles
Reading glasses
Rice Cookers
Sign Stands
Smoke alarms
Speaker Systems
Steam Iron
Tape recorders
Water containers
Water filters
Water heater



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