Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""

 Secret Service Witness Protection
We cannot hide her from that satellite and laser.
The City of Dallas is well known to her and she cannot be easily trapped,
which is safe for all concerned"
She suffers enough from those Devils.
Why do you have to give them a hand?


Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by his own people"
because Debbie Song (not a likeness) was chosen by FDR"

"She has the most powerful satellite in the world at those intersections with her."
-New York Police Department

"This author has a police satellite with her
and she broadcasts around the world
We're not playing games with any of you."


Gapping your cars is a sin. Which is faster?
A. Roll-tap-tap-tap-roll-roll-tap
B. Come to a complete stop-Look-start again
C. Roll-roll-roll-tap-roll-screech brakes for right-of-way swerving out of your way
D. Roll the whole way because it's looking clear to proceed with miminal braking
E. Brake down slightly-tap-roll"
Answer: If I'm on the street, the answer is B.
  • Honking your horn and waving is much appreciated. Thank you"
  • You know what you can do with that middle finger"
  • Crosswalks are where I have been hit!
  • Great Americans fly flags and I'm a veteran, too. (Timing is stalking me!)
  • Wolfie on my coat was the ATF Director
  • It doesn't belong in your window.

  • Don't worry about the back-log, we'll get to you"
  • In traffic matters, I never ride alone.
  • Intimidation is a felony on me. Don't show me your teeth!
  • No plate, Vin. And I'll go all the way back to your house if I have to!"
  • All judges say "in the intersection on a red is a red light runner!"
  •  And this includes Richardson's.
  • Despite requests, we prefer not to go to Oak Cliff. They don't pay their tickets anyhow and like to make a scene with espionage. For this reason, we will not go south of Jefferson Blvd. for this purpose on a regular basis.
  • Mesquite, Duncanville, Grand Prairie and Coppell do not have bus access, so you and I won't be watching each other. Sometimes I can find a way in,but not a way out!
  • Some cities make special requests while others, afraid of the terrain, limit what I can watch.
  • I have seen drug dealings go down walking from one bus stop to another! (We prefer not to release dates and locations). They do try to stop me from getting to these areas.
  • Most detectives know me. You go around us at your own detriment. Do not make trouble with them either!
  • If you do call the police on me, don't forget to mention the bus stop # I'm standing on or near! You might try calling the DART Police just to include them.
  • Talking to people in cars about the sign on my cart is not prostitution (Walton Walker Northwest McDonalds). Catching 108s are always appreciated by the chiefs of police. Don't say you weren't warned"
  • Don't say "Dispatch gotta a call." Satellite-echelon tips me when false reports are called in, so we can compare notes! Dispatch better not send cars to Debbie without approval."
  • If you as much as spit on the ground in her presence, that's a Crime Scene.

Do you feel lucky again?
  • Obstruction of Justice is a crime! And that's what they're doing, when they try to chase me off a street, corner or bus stop! Somebody out here needs to see that sign.. needs to kick a habit"
  • I am carrying a tape recorder and it's been heard in the courtroom. It was stopped in February 2014.
  • Calling me names to the police will be noted as words like that are sifted by NSA.
  • The colors of clothing I am wearing was chosen by the Dallas Police Department Chiefs. The FBI and Secret Service have approved it. It has been like this since the summer of 2006. 
  • Where a sidewalk is missing, I am permitted to walk in gutters and against the traffic when safe! Due to laser retaliation/assaults, pulling this cart through rough terrain is painful. At night, I may be wearing an orange vest. Sometimes, federal echelon relay requests I wear it in daylight!
  • The $80 million on the #7XX page is calculated from the list below:

  1.      Improper Right Turn 190.
  2.      Child out of the straight-jacket 250.
  3.      Running a Red Light (or in an intersection on a red) 295.
  4.      Seatbelts missing on your persons 135.
  5.      Litterbugging (and joints count") 200.
  6.      Prostitution 405.
  7.      Failures to Yield 180.
  8.      Wizzing Past Traffic Control Lines to break in 185.
  9.       Using the right turn only lane to go straight 200.
  10.       It says turn right, turn right" Scaring people by going straight 305*     
  11.       Criminal Mischief (Battery) 305.
  12.      Splashing pedestrians $305
  13.      No light on the plate 165.
  14.      Failure to signal lane change 165
  • I am not limited to this list"
  • * You should know by now, this is a right turn only lane.
  • I can be heard and seen. If I look at you, they can see you too. We are being filmed for police purposes only; however, if you're causing trouble, you will be photographed and zipped to the DA's office. There are always vacancies in the penal system.
  • "If you're wanted for anything in the United States, do not break traffic laws in front of this lady."
  • A false police report costs $10K and a year in jail.
  • We are not amused by troublemakers and we are tired of Oprah Winfrey using echelon to try and start trouble on Debbie with many of the subversives she has in her command.
  • We are also looking for missing persons, stolen vehicles, child abductions by non-custodial parents, skips from other towns, probation violations, fugitives, draft dodgers, pets left in cars closed up or running loose, esp without tags, truancy, pedophiles [not all sex offenders wear ankle monitors] and drug dealers. If you come up owing taxes on your house, you will not be reported unless you're wanted for something else.
  • All these people are witnesses to your crimes, so don't think you can get away: the White House at any given moment, FBI HQ, MI-UK, AGs, the Secret Service, FOP, Senators, Governors, the State Dept., members of Defense, the United Nations, the Washington Post, the NYSE, U.S. Coast Guard, IRS/Treasury and the U.S. Supreme Court. I might miss one of your tricks, but they won't.
  • Stay at home and read this thing is better than making an annoying report to the police about Debbie's whereabouts!
  • "Shut-up, Fool, I told you she was real!"
  • I have worked the following areas: Addison, Arlington, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Denton, DFW Airport, Duncanville, Farmer's Branch, Fort Worth, Garland, Hebron, Hurst, Lancaster, Lewisville, North Richland Hills, Plano, Richardson and Rowlett.
  • The police are always checking me for honesty. I always pass legitimate tests because I'm a Christian.
  • If it's not legit, I will try to catch them!
  • Cities waiting for Debbie to come are: Los Angeles, CA; Grand Prairie, Texas; New York City, Albany NY, Oklahoma City, Miami, FL; and New Orleans, LA.

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---------For Police purposes only means the DA is watching you" ----------
 "If you have any questions concerning Mrs. Song's private life or what she says in private (whether you heard it or not), contact me. DO NOT TAKE ACTION AGAINST DEBBIE."
 - New York City Police Commissioner

"We're tired of the racists stalking her with satellites like they do to us! If calls to the police esculate, I want them arrested for stalking and terrorism of police dispatchers. Satellite soldiers are a weapon on her, so to speak"
Have you been bribed, extorted or intimidated into violating the Smith Act? 5/25/17


 JFK has been trying to shove [Deborah Song] into a coffin since that stunt he and the NAACP pulled in 1963. They [latter one] did so well in 1952 [stalking and killing] my mother, NSA/ONI clobbered the King of England [for giving them permission to do so].

Research everything I tell you.
Gaps in what is said or done will be closed to protect the witness.. Don't think ill of her"

How deep do you want to go in that elevator you're on, [Neanderthal]? When the cable breaks, and surely they will break it, no one will find where you're buried.
In the Navy, they have a program called "Kill A Cop". Don't get cocky. Remember your training.

That's why there is so much cryptic. It's dangerous to pull it all together and believe me, there is much more that goes into this short paragraph. Like all beginnings, there is a prequel and a sequel. Debbie and I are in the sequel.
Remote FBI can sabotage this screen and backspacing. 1/27/15

If you think: "This doesn't make sense" it's because we are writing to persons in distress, not people looking for ways to imitate such individuals. This is hard for some people to understand, as to their inability to recognize the nature of subversives. There are also personnel in DoD who are actively sifting the airwaves for persons who want to be rid of stalkers on themselves and their very vulnerable families. Answering these people requires stealth also. Bare with us"

UPDATE OF EMAILS - August 1, 2018
Come here to see if there have been any changes to the email we sent to you

DIA is terrorizing us into communism""
[Did you hear: "I'll give you problems if you don't obey us"?]
ATTN: P........ & S........
They don't want to play by the law" is an education.
We roll every week 5th one south"
They listen in" Watch what youes say"
They don't do good things with it"
If you listen, that's called "falling away."
2014 website homepage and 2017 Facebook were sabotaged.
That Slither in your head is malarkey"
Frightening us, with espionage, out of reading this, is Obstruction"
Try not to hydroplane patrol cars. Watch those turns.
Opportunity has eyes.
It goes through every time or you're subversive" I told you this.
Don't forget it!
Thank you",
If you find a criminal .... on ....., fax it to .....
Attn: ......
Do not invade her privacy."
We're on .....
We're working on a .... regarding one aspect of her work now
and it's access is being threatened too
Espionage is a felony"
Please don't talk about us to anyone without presentation of a
warrant" This should go without saying, but includes echelon
intruders on the phone"
In the event you do not have a police department,
This is your protection from ugliness/bones [webpage Gems #4]
If you do get a police dept, you will need to pass this onto them")
**If you receive this more than once, don't call names.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Lying to hurt someone or to conceal evidence is subversion"
Las Vegas .....(like so many others) laced with a hateful message
to Debbie"
Troublemakers are not to be obeyed"
Contact us.
Some of you are doing a great job!
[Date] #... (our weekly update)

Debbie and I are the prevention of theater, drama and
fault-finding" was said by Director Randall Alles.
"Don't act like a toddler questioning me!
Telling lies to force change on us is communism..
"Atonement" is Oprah communism."
Why do you need ...?
It's a violation of the third amendment"
Report to me if you're hit in the chest or .... including the dropsy"
And no devils up on Debbie"
Please understand, she's being stalked, too!!
And we are limited by their intolerance" and hate mail"
It's hard to keep up with their retaliations"
Select the link below:
Police chiefs ......
Bones may sabotage..
Just tell me"
You may be contacted b y communists. Please fax us"..
It's not called snitching if you're a victim of stalking"
Tell all the principals in all the schools"
The video of the Children (2008) depicts our babies on
Subversive Echelon - Governor...
"No one is going to run this country with espionage
and lies, not even him" said ..... on 5-16-18.
Whether you are a public, private (Diocesan or Protestant) school
or foreign Saturday school,, contact us if propositioned by any means
to participate in a "gun drama or theater"
We don't want our children to learn how to lie"
My cousin, Wayne McDonough, of ... Florida will vouch for me.
And don't turn her family into devils, just to remove them!
Janet Reno used to say too"
"Montana Civil Defense"

2014 Home page website and 2017 Facebook were sabotaged.
Read OHIO's first page"

Updated on 11/28/17