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Numbers are located on INDEX in Section 12
750. March 17, 2020

  1. "No first" is subversion because it takes dissent away. In fact, it means Echelon-94 controls the First Amendment by deciding militarily who can do, get or keep what.
  2. "You're too old" isn't talking about age.
  3. Against the streets is criminal.
  4. Doesn't want to share the limelight is criminal jealousy and somehow worse.
  5. Now, we're seeing how much trouble we can make on each other using Mexican Beer (poo poo) virus! Is this what they call dress rehearsal for an overthrow?
  6. Balance is a myth criminals made up, so they could take more of your stuff. We're taught to share our extra food with the hungry, our extra shoes with barefooted, but their "air" says we must  now give them what they want and call that sharing. Such covers-up a dirty thief stalking our private lives, files and papers. Some may even say taking your stuff is payment to keep their dirty hands off your clean body, beautiful car or adorable child, in the future. And it's an excuse to stalk.
  7. Black tyranny, the "No first amendment" crowd are dumb-downing white culture by telling bad stories.
  8. Write up Ben Carson for promoting sexual hate mail to women police officers in a song on the Brandon Pappert Channel on YT entitled "Officer O'Connor and the recent death of a Philly officer by the same name.
  9. There are people that use the government illegally to advance their standing or credibility in the world.
  10. 10. Stupid people judge us making themselves victims of or collaborators with communists.
  11. "No Debbie up" is communism first"

751. March 19, 2020

  1. Carson is cock-eyed communism. He ought to smoke pot and chill.
  2. Don't report a criminal illegal to ICE is "no first" and respect of persons.
  3. She's not going to make a black majority in the world by overbreeding out of wedlock and more migrations.
  4. It's not your turn if you cheat.
  5. Utah law forcing women to see a fetus is attempted brainwashing/subversion of her right to privacy.
  6. Suddenly, there is no way to contact a municipal website, is Carson subversion, if previously able.
  7. Leave them alone!
  8. Letting the president up with Carson against Debbie, is a holocaust, Wray will regret."
  9. Teaching him evil, enabling and encouraging him to hurt his wife is unbecoming and you shouldn't have participated"
  10. We don't like people who shame Christmas.

 752. March 23, 2020

  1. Violations of the third is the coup d'etat
  2. Ciphering with words in documents or social media posts are felonies IF the activity is or precipitates violence.
  3. Saying no sex with your wife, but you can commit adultery, is a hate crime.
  4. Does waste and fraud make cents?
  5. Everybody trying to get  where you were slated to go is communism stalking [all] of us [now]. Gates' crazy flu is incorrigible!"
  6. Making her atone for Carson's and Condi's pet peeves, is sadism..
  7. What is a police officer to you?
  8. They for change on you, then they try to use it against you. Very nervy and expects you to go along with them. Even nervier!
  9. The 94 Stimulus Package - they said it would be costly to raise Debbie and here it is.
  10. I don't like them [94] showboating my name either.
  11. I know Carson's wife can always say something to cover up their stalkings, but it doesn't remove that it's stalking".
  12. Oprah Winfrey did a stupendous job of getting everyone to lie for her.
  13. Thinking themselves "Kevin Sorbol", they (94) obstructed me from putting text* on posts in Instagram, despite the government telling them to back off"
  14. How it's done? Mind-to-relay through a laser beam to mind of another and then to the one who is told to obey and act accordingly. Dirty players come out of the woodwork [to suggest in all sorts of ways to do criminal activity].
* Now they won't drop the keyboard so I can see what I am typing on the post.

753. March 30, 2020

  1. Y is the 25th letter in our alphabet. Condi Rice is Bowes-Lyon, the fist that sabotaged FDR with Kennedy [after Eisenhower and another engineered the bombing of Pearl Harbor].
  2. If you don't can't remember what we taught you, you cannot swing in the swamp like your mother.
  3. Fetal heartbeat video harasses women. Pro-Life is humanism and blasphemes the Holy Ghost, who inspired the Word of God. The brain is the center of life.
  4. Wray means no Wyoming which is communism first"
  5. Never let GOOSE up
  6. Mong ignoring Debbie to keep in good with Black Tyranny did immense damage to a good human being.
  7. Don't judge her based on ears for goose"
  8. Putting Debbie in gulag didn't change her. Rubbing communism in her face - Terrorisms".
  9. He's suppose to drain the swamp, not swim with the gators.
  10. Oprah Winfrey and Condi Rice "I want no witnesses against us" is the lusty dream of all criminals.
  11. Gates' [orange] Plush toy of Corona gave them away, as did timing"
  12. This hoax is slated to go on for 11-12 months or both.
  13. The vice presidency shouldn't be a slot held for Communists"
  14. What is number one on the GOOSE page?
  15. Oprah Winfrey said through a stalker (70-74) she'll release Ebola if we expose Corona's as fake"
  16. Joel 3.10 is 4.10 in the Catholic Bible.
  17. Instagram blocking capability to communicate with upper echelon's and family, is Pence again/50, not Due Process. No, you show me the car fax first" I am tired of treachery.."

754. April 1, 2020

  1. Calling Debbie hype is a felony.
  2. Putting people in unemployment is showing off"
  3. Oprah showboats with the Koreans, FDR and Reagan gave to Debbie for safekeeping.
  4. That's racism, black tyranny getting at Koreans' wealth to turn them against the American Way, and may include buying access to that laser. WEAPONRY
  5. Ronna McDaniels, Charlotte NC - coincidence my landlord's name? This is horrific.
  6. Obey Ben Carson no matter what he says is Hile Hitler"
  7. How can you say to Debbie "No getting into our business" when all these years, you have been throwing hers asunder?
  8. Condi Rice first was George VI, akas treason [103] because she's violent and subversive. She had Bowes-Lyon/HMSS and JFK. Debbie was Edward VIII, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, RFK, Nixon, Ford and presidents Reagan and Clinton.
  9. Protecting Condi Rice  at Debbie's expense is treason along with everything else.
  10. There is no stability in black communism. They're all over the board and in everybody's business.
  11. Cheating your ways up by violating the third (telepathy) is communism [because your privacy/life flies out the door"].
  12. The NAACP is a failed British experiment. The lure of power is too great for their genetics" ]Carbon-dated hieroglyphics]
  13. Too dangerous - omitted
  14. Doctors all over the internet is a campaign for presidents using subliminals.
  15. He's making her look bad by forcing her to post new webpages on old pictures to turn her readers away"
  16. They're torturing her in the face so she won't "be pretty anymore" is a satanic piece of shit""
  17. Adios Quality


  1. What is number one on the GOOSE page?
  2. Trying to contain her from having power is communism. 2 Thessalonians 2.29
  3. Blacks say to the Secret Service "You better hurt Debbie or we'll hurt Mr. Trump [now Biden]" is a coup d'etat.
  4. They fuc up people's lives violating the third.
  5. Telling everyone the "black way or else" is not only treason, but also subversion.
  6. Carson gets into my cell. changes things, then rats me aout as if I did something and then complains and I lose access.
  7. Racism - to hear a stalker on me.
  8. "If you play against Ben Carson, he wins" is communism. Resisting evil play (predatory politics), is still the best way and it's dangerous""
  9. The usual sentiment of communists: "We don't want to believe in God anymore," is Stefford.
  10. Please spare us the dramas"
  11. Condi Rice trying to find your address is a hate crime because she's not one of us"
  12. The 2015 movie "Containment" of a virus has Bandola on its production team. That surgeon separated twins named Banda, Binder and Bijani. Professionalism? [All those B's look like a 222 cipher or maybe Rev.22.2].
  13. Failure to play by the law is subversion.
  14. The NAACP stopping Debbie's life ]climb], is a hate crime.
  15. Anything can be put on anybody with a laser.
  16. Sowing doubt where there was trust, Intimidation.
  17. Winston getting his way, in your life, is communism."
  18. Sadists on payroll is a felony"

756. April 7, 2020

  1. Debbie knows how to swim, being a college graduate. Everyone she plays with is more educated than her.
  2. Muzzling her with Instagram is a felony.. Coming for big wigs outside the law is tyranny [and poultry"].
  3. They're [too expensive, sensitive] too militant to have power.
  4. Too often they ignore this one and the 3rd, 5th, 2nd, 1st and 8th, unless you're [Colin Powell].
  5. They think of ways to change your situation, though illegal [and expensive] means their lack of self-control is never questioned, though in the past, murderous"
  6. In Kwon belongs to Debbie not Colin Powell, and butting into every place takes him is terrorism..
  7. Debbie's husband (InKwon Song) became a citizen of the United States in November 1979.
  8. Ben Carson pacing Debbie into the graveyard is a felony" [and God help those who help[ him"]]
  9. Married doesn't make wives "quiche" as the NAACP insists [for decades on us].
  10. It's been a shameful showing by these people" Crackdown on this filth"
  11. Communism is stalking Debbie"
  12. No Condoleese policing us)
  13. Murderers don't rescue people. They kill.
  14. Not government? Stay away!.
  15. The synagogue of satan is foot.
  16. Kellyanne Conway stalking  one of our presidents is a hate crime. [Don't enable her"]
  17. Pro-Life is [expensive[ and vicious] because it teaches a lie.
  18. Do you feel....
  19. We unraveled the Christopher Columbus mystery.

757. April 12, 2020

  1. What is number one on the GOOSE page?
  2. Chief Hall is Kmart puts Debbie in danger when privy to her street work [patrol and traffic].
  3. Stay at home orders extends communists' strength and reach.
  4. Telling lies about Debbie is a felony [because the satellite punishes her].
  5. 94 violations of the third is fist, aka communism [and they better stop doing it at your apartment].  This is lawlessness pushing our good peoples around with espionage/magic and star wars.
  6. If you can't prove what you say, why do you say it?
  7. No happiness and the ability to enforce it in our lives, is a murder weapon.
  8. What are you basing precious on?
  9. Dreaming, as if sleepwalking with eyes wide open, where others take a hit, are hate crimes.
  10.  Unless innocent and celibate, in prison have no authority over a law-abiding wife, and esp. if such hurts her.
  11. Special treatment for illegals is anarchy again, Ms. Oak-Cliff!
  12. Black echelon/military echelon telling illegals what to say or do [to stay] is fascism. It's another communist stunt to condemn us.
  13. Enter the craziness: "Every time I don't get my way, I suffer" is doublespeak for retaliations on one of us" ]It's a terroristic threat]
  14. Would you know a coup if you saw it?
  15. Carsonovirus is aiding and abetting [this] a coup, accomplices Skinny"
  16. Explanation of AO is on AMAZING (closed now)
  17. Real people don't fight dirty.

758. April 15, 2020

  1. Pictures not in order sent is a felony, as it attempts sabotage - communism in progress - the local FBI putting fear in my protectee"
  2. Taking pictures out of municipal websites is a felony too, unless their term has expired.
  3. I have to ....
  4. Don't let the Deep ....
  5. Blacks stalking your every thought and every dream makes an individual [violent], who is almost always white, targeted.
  6. Trying...
  7. How can Ben Carson, his wife Candy and co-workers say Debbie was born to destroy black goose when such machinery [Civil Rights Movement] came after her birth [and decades after the idea of her on tabletops].
  8. Makes you wonder who is destroying whom" [but one thing is for sure "keep her a pauper" are the evil ones"] See 10
  9. Conditioning is communism")
  10. "All I see is a vagina" is Operation Mongoose.
  11. Dr. Ben Carson saying "no brace" is a violation of medical protocol".
  12. Any voice talking against the email you received is that of a stalker invading your privacy"
  13. It should be reported to the fax number in the email.
  14. The most highly trained agents are there"
  15. The FBI Director giving the HUD secretary unauthorized access to Debbie  and my business is sadist. And don't use Pence or Kellyanne to get at us either.
  16. If you cannot stop a vicious lying machine, it's a coup d'etat putting Dreamers ahead of the law and what lawful people hol dear"
  17. Pay the Ghost is a leak on how it's accomplished [mental telepathy] takes our babies away.

759. April 19, 2020

  2. What does she mean, mosquito spray is non-essential?
  3. "No publicity for Debbie's work" is evasion.
  4.  Don't let Deep State frown you into anything"
  5. "I like to see white people suffer."
  6. Coronavirus is the NAACP spying on how Americans conduct themselves through a crisis and how to best to tweak things for themselves..
  7. Christopher Wray  is ...
  8. The NAACP announced on 4/15/20 ...
  9. Big Foot is a black fairy tale to see how many people would travel to those areas and spend money.
  10. Campaigning or engineering a campaign while working in  the current administration is conduct unbecoming of us".. [Elected putting their best foot forward is not what we're talking about}.
  11. Never expect normal during a coup"
  12. Mayor Johnson outlawing take-out dining room customers was a hate crime.. Six foot increments. [like 7-Eleven] could have been done, too.
  13. You have to come up in favor of an unlawful black action, is a felony now. Put vicious back in her cage"
  14. The Holy Bible is holy. All your questions will be answered as man's mind evolves.
  15. You can test for marital infidelity once, not over and over again.
  16. [Don't listen to them until you have read it for yourself"]

760. April 23, 2020

  1. If [President Trump] has a meltdown triggered by Carson espionage about Debbie and I, it is not to be relayed to her. Is that clear? And it goes for the police with her, too.
  2. Kellyanne Conway leaks who triggered COVID-19 ...
  3. When he gets around Koreans, he always flips off me and the kids. And sometimes, it's violent, but my family and friends never made me regret marrying him until he left me to [play games with Myo Kim,,
  4. The NAACP said "We made Dallas [Texas] a poo-poo town with black feet (terror)."
  5. Blacks being allowed to cheat at what took hundreds, if not thousands of years for women like Debbie to achieve is mean-spirited, crooked filth and trepidation" not hardly "gentle."
  6. I want Condi Rice arrested for stalking and Oprah Winfrey for poof.
  7. Dallas FBI obstructing your opinion in social media is unlawful, as you are not alone in doing it"
  8. Putting a stick on someone to see if they're a racist, is stalking.
  9. Stalking anyone who likes sex in marriage is a sick individual and Myo Kim will regret her part in [Debbie's] face all these years. [Blacks are fuccing pigs for forcing filth on married men].
  10. Without consent, a doctor in your life with opinions and insinuations is illegal experimentation.
  11. InKwon was FDR and Debbie's project, not Colin Powell's to mess up"
  12. No protection from criminal communism/Illuminati and it's cruel ways to succeed at governments expense is expensive".
  13. And I don't hear what Jealousy says"
  14. No illegal British puppets, including KAC before lawful American citizens.
  15. From another brother World Hoax Organization..
  16. No zoom requiring our people to do things the criminal way.

761. April 27,2020

  1. The Attorney General says the president shouldn't listen to intelligence that's stalking people.
  2. Because Debbie is sterile, him with Myo Kim like that is racist"..
  3. Carson is a racist for keeping him hooked to that thing for George H.W. Bush - crooked filth and trepidation saying retaliation for EEOC"
  4. Pro-Life is greed..""
  5. These Kennedy blacks think themselves God with liberty in space"
  6. Colin Powell - Obstructions of Justice by stopping outgoing emails"
  7. Who is he (or any from DoD) to talk to anyone about Debbie's email recipients prior to mailing?
  8. No Zoom song tzizoom" espionage or hate! That fuccin adultery is out"".
  9. "Look what I can do" then sabotage is fascism"
  10. You're not a bird, criminal. What are you flapping your jaws about?
  11. If they tell on Debbie,, they told on themselves"
  12. Violation of the First Amendment - Eavesdropping"
  13. Chronic satellite home invasions - Violations of the Third Amendment.
  14. No Mongoose on Debbie..
  15. Communism is the new racism"
  16. Deliberately infecting people is murder.
  17. Their sticks are stalkers and I don't care how....
  18. Verify

762. April 28, 2020
  1. If what you say causes something adverse to happen to me, you're a communist").. using nuclear satellites to implement retaliation. Their Oath promises Americanism and enthusiasm"
  2. Blacks saying when the White House can raise Debbie is a hate crime" and desperate"
  3. We don't know if it's a real virus or Colin Powell and Dr. Ben Carson playing games))
  4. Caronavirus is communism wrapped in a medical uniform".
  5. Digital is VERY EASY to sabotage".. They can put some kind of hold on your device and it won't work until you spend X amount of dollars or jump through X amount of hoops.
  6. Stalking Debbie is not way up" and neither is trying to break her"
  7. Justice Alito's opinion on NYC gun travel ban was a bullseye.
  8. The notion "no happiness" is fascism".. They're fuccing sadists to stalk her like this" How could you covet this cruel rule"?
  9. Companies...
  10. How can you answer that question??
  11. If you let them make a mockery out of the court, they'll get cockier" [November 2021, Ben Carson, Justice Gorsuch and  Kamala Harris completely erased Debbie's social media account with Instagram of over 300 posts to hide the truth about gestation facts thus altering/lying perceptions of it].
  12. If your routines are interrupted in some way, you are victim(s) of unAmericanism, aka Condi Rice)
  13. The NAACP make him MKULTRA - such can trigger a violent psychotic episode on us. It means brainwashed to harm or kill all who stand in their way".
  14. They're savages)"
  15. No Carson or Conway et al contacting people Debbie has or will have legal contact .. Stay woke"
  16. "No happiness" is ugliness ["no beauty"] . How many administrations will pass until one of youes say enough?
  17. New lawmaker, Dr. Ben Carson, heir to the EXTREME Empire says "All police officers have to give up their privacy or emptiness."
  18. Proverbs 3.5 is now being used by perps and R29" to put good citizens on Mount Calvary.

763. May 1, 2020

  1. When you give into a conspiracy, you become fodder for it's fire.
  2. Calling Debbie a weapon when she can't (refused weaponry in 2003) to hurt anybody is terror"
  3. Holding her down in poverty is a weapon, until they can convince others to do the same things they do, is terror" [Forcing the Asian spouse to imitate black is in retaliatory racist jealousy" and cruel. Why is tax dollars fueling this fist]?
  4. Debbie's work in the streets comes first, not jealous attitude  and filthy conclusions"" Absolutely, they're not children..
  5. No, you do not get InKwon or the kids; and taking her music away was a hate crime. G.... or the streets is none of your business, either".
  6. Wray and his ... friends are fascists if they say no uniqueness in the world"
  7. And I don't want to hear the "gentle" word.
  8. It's fuccin racism  to forbid her mixed marriage; then rub everyone else's in her face"
  9. Google Maps coming for Ben Carson's sweet talk is a felony"
  10. Chris Wallace will regret what he and Can dy Carson did to the governor.
  11. Dr. Ben Carson broke up the fun we all had as a family with espionage and threats of violence"
  12. The doctorto the president: :Just throw her in a dress and make her pose for the camera. What do you mean campaign with her?"
  13. I don't want her yo have success at anything."
  14. Robbie and Carol Ann - What movie? Now, you know its capabilities.
  15. Their genuine mentality is expressed [too] often.. If they can get away (with something underhanded or diabolical) why not?
  16. Carson cannot be harnessed. I don't want him anymore"
  17. It's better to say leave me out of it, if you're in doubt.
  18. Any 94 imitation on Debbie or us is a felony

764. May 3, 2020
  1. No kittens in the Middle East, China or our police departments and they're still doing it anyhow in 2022! Racketeering if they retaliate by raising her apartment rent!.
  2. Making Debbie do something over and over  again is racketeering"
  3. Experts lie expertly"
  4. Any person voting No! to Debbie having privacy is communist and will lose tgheir freedom shortly.
  5. Dr. N. Ezike of the Public Health Dept. said deaths labled "COVID deaths" doesn't mean cause of death. It means victims had tested positive before dying from something else."
  6. Calling Debbie a show off for telling the policeand other famous peoplewhere she's at, is stalking".
  7. I can't wait to be in the backseat of your car. Relay: "Hell, Honey, you can have the front seat!"
  8. "He belongs to me" is not fit for public office)
  9. They made a credible threat with DoD weapons at their disposal and they will be arrested for stalking you about your job on those streets.
  10. Write up Carsobn for no Google Maps [account] It doesn't matter not, because they changed all the bus numbers and routes in Garland and Irving.
  11. Communists for self-confidence and shoot it down with sudden digital (fake) reports. 94-62
  12. They get notoriety from fake news..
  13. Expert lies are felonies, too.
  14. Ben Carson - He hears private conversations and sabotages whites' plans. Write her up!
  15. He's a fuccin piece of shit terrorizing Debbie for being chosen" They're all insanely cruel trash stalking whites' beds"
  16. He's not full-proof" and we're tired of that woman  he hides behind)..
  17. EEOC is Operation Mongoose - instead of on the Cubans, the NAACP did it to the United States.
  18. Not allowing someone to change their mind, esp when new information become available, is a felony"

465. May 8, 2020
  1. Definition of Fraud: Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson - His books, his speeches and that "gentle" mug he wears are deception"..
  2. Against Debbie police work in the streets is communism".
  3. They're too crooked to have opinioon, but here's a good one. "We're not having a coup de'tat. It's just Defense doing favors for blacks"
  4. Who in Defense?
  5. Ben Carson, who declares himself as a republican presidential candidate, is sadistic communism. He suffers your body and your wallet.
  6. Falun Gong is lust and marches to the mental telepathy of satellite espionage of Oprah Winfrey and now Kamala Harris.
  7. Black females with white males are stalking and that one is going to prison.
  8. No winning or trying to win in communism. Take it to a communist country and show off there, without us"
  9. EEOC is Operation Mongoose - instead of in Cuba, the NAACP does it to the United States and Kennedy knew about it"
  10. Watch how you ...
  11. Why only a one year lease?
  12. Ben Carson is in my way..
  13. The White House shouldn't allow subversives in his employ to get at ...
  14. You're a stalker. How does that make Debbie a snitch?
  15. Where is it written police have to share evidence with the perps on a federal witness before said perps are charged?
  16. EEOC broke the law, not Debbie, which activated continuously in her life, the teeth of tyranny)

763-765 were erased by Oprah Winfrey and prevented below.

766. May 10, 2020
  1. American playing against the United States is anti-Semitism (782).
  2. "So what I sweat her for the [blacks]. I don't want her to win..." Confesses KAC "I 'll use my laser on her." 92-68
  3. They twist and bend intelligence data into a shape that gets people killed, e'g' Khaddafi and calls it "my turn" [Gunboats protect offshore saline plants. It was not an act of aggression].
  4. RICO is the unforgiveable sin.
  5. Fake news makes standing troops out of reporters.
  6. They think power is something you rub into someone's face. The killing of Bill Sakkinen was a total abuse of it..
  7. Wayne Brewster-McCarthy said he likes to pretend he's a police officer and scare Oriental drivers.
  8. They're famished when it comes to eating away another's life".
  9.  Carson thinking up ways to torture and permanently damage [Debbie] is a felony, you sick bastard!
  10. The Blacks are still seeking revenge on her for going to EEOC when their puppet told her about it.
  11. After EEOC became law, Blacks started breeding out of wedlock like wildfire.
  12. Hence, the name Wild Kingdom"
  13. Oprah is still seeking revenge for EEOC, even though, she set Debbie up with espionage and the job in question was being taken from her"..
  14. "No back to normal" is opportunism.
  15. Black tyranny cannot forbid the first and second amendments.
  16. "No up as a police officer" is a hate crime when blacks told her to  live her life as it was before she [marriage to the Asiuan] which didn't tell her about the ..."
  17. Ahmed.... hateful markers.
  18. Mike Pence raping Debbie while working the streets is vicious communism and not one of us.
  19. Take hin down for stalking her" Is that crystal clear"??
  20. Eli-o-e-nay)

767. May 13, 2020