767. May 13, 2022

  1. "I know how to get around (murdering people) the Coroner with my laser" chirped Stanford Prof. Condoleezza Rice.
  2. What's this Spiderman?Video no longer online.
  3. Black tyranny plays mind games on the police to get them to false step.
  4. Thank you, Mayor Rick Austin.
  5. Write up Condi Rice for milk cows going to the slaughter as her little soiree with China proceeds.
  6. Coronavirus is an attempt to scare the birds away.
  7. Calling Debbie a "hole" is a hate crime.
  8. Ben Carson resorts to vandalism, KAC resorts to theft and Mike Pence promises more rape violence for continuing the street works. Trying to get up in communism is racist"
  9. This is World War III - Retaliation terrorism by the  communist politik.
  10. He just threatened to break my table if I do my job again.
  11. Climate change advocates shouldn't piggy-back COVID's
  12. Simba is stalking you and it's hard to keep her out because he was president.
  13. This is not Wray's number. He's a wrinkle for overriding FDR's and Reagan's Secret Service Protection Plan"
  14. President Trump said "no pancakes" in February. Taking the troublemaker's side was not kosher. [It meant no round instead of no flat]. [I thought it meant no flat too. When did it change]?
  15. They're real good at making murder look like a disease.
  16. "I just wanted..."
  17. If you say "no pictures", you're a communist, Mr. Slater.
  18. They butcher her for the blacks who are against fair and honest deals. Write up the vice president for racketeering with subversives"
  19. 7J - Communist Monopoly

768 - May 16, 2020

  1. Thank you, Stewart Shops of Albany NY for helping dairy farmers.
  2. They're terrorizing Americans into communism with fake news and the actors/standing troops making it seem real.
  3. "As long as I get to control the Asian, I don't care what she does," says Prof. Rice.
  4. Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!"" They took control of him in 1997 and my life has been smashed by them/blacks in every way possible ever since.
  5. Carson punitive when you work the streets is pure jealousy and now "I'll do hate" is Keechant Sewell. Equality doesn't mean special treatment and favors all the time for blacks on whites..  
  6. Tsunamis can be faked"
  7. Politicians shouldn't disguise themselves or hide in others to get at Debbie in the YouTube comments.
  8. Men that rape women are not God fearing." If he were listening, he would've stopped by now.
  9. NSA stepping on Debbie and her kids all these years was for spite"
  10. If he's a dirty cop by your unofficial NASA espionage standards, but never killed anyone, why is it okay for your Team to set him up to kill some aimless chimp!?
  11. No wild communism stalking the police or Debbie and Pence (Debra) better keep his promise" ]} He didn't" and neither did Sewell)
  12. "I don't want her up, so I busted in," said an FBI Director. That is why he ignored the Secret Service Director trying to make her a new home, a safe place, free of sadistic intruders.
  13. Who put a virus in the Patent Examiner's Office? Is it subversion to snub the Supreme Court? That's my bus drivers' game"
  14. By all means override Carson.
  15. Listening to Carson is not keeping that Oath!
  16. Obstruction of Justice taking the buses away..
  17. Perpetuated Fraud - Pro-Life Movements and Associations, particularly the film "Silenet Scream." Throbbing stem cell is not a brain. No more hatching their schemes">> "Oops!"
  18. Obstruction of Justice - Ben Carson throwing a fit about Debbie and my street liberty. And I still mean it. 1/20/22

769. Stolen by Kamala Harris' Team".

770. May 31, 2020

  1. Donald letting black tyranny up at Debbie's expense is communism" What kind of sadism wants that kind of lift?
  2. The term "eggs" is on the tapes"
  3. It's not whites' fault they can trace their bloodlines back thousands of years. Oh! Hell! Be honest,, Blacks weren't keeping track back then. Still, how is that my fault?
  4. "She's not full proof. I can also lie" is the origin of fake news.
  5. If you find out about Debbie through a snitch, you're a stalker:..
  6. George Floyd isn't dead. He was paid $100K to pretend, so Ben Carson could relieve an itch to kill me.
  7. Communism requires timing to execute their perfect evil.
  8. "I don't think so" is a fanatic with an agenda, kinfolk of origin above.
  9. Hanging around the cherry gelatin aisle saying stuff is a felony and spare  me the dirty looks" They're taking products off shelves again"" Thank you.."
  10. "Obey me or sabotage" is a coup.
  11. Do you think a punch in the arm shopuld get the same points as a knocking someone down with a kick from behind the knee? How about a pin stuck in your eyeball?
  12. Carson should've never been given Intel on Debbie, Mr. Powell..
  13. Showboating with military Intel is a felony on the person it's collected from.
  14. If you knew when Pearl Harbor was to be bombed, would you report it? ]I guess not because you're Japanese"
  15. Oprah Winfrey screaming she'll kill me could be prevented if Wray blocked her access legally like Alles tried in 2018.
  16. Putting militant blacks on Debbie is against the law, Mr. Powell. You're no John Hoover,
  17. These sick people blow our minds!
  18. NSA saying no streets is a federal offense.
  19. Blacks stalking Debbie whether citing their own private issues or not, are felonies.

771. June 8, 2020
  1. You have all been duped.
  2. They spend tax dollars to label the word "paraphrasing" a lie.
  3. Ben Carson tries to jinx Debbie every chance he gets using espionage"..
  4. That's why Jacks' say "no third" [amendment according to the law]."
  5. It's Unamerican to ignore Debbie and roll with hype.
  6. Monsters first is a communist overthrow
  7. No privacy is the only excuse she needs, for mistakes"
  8. Fake news is communism telling us what to think"
  9. Corner of a vehicle is always a message to Debbie. Any corner pose.
  10. No free exercise is Ben Carson communism and the whole world marching into hell with him.
  11. Agreeing with newspeople who lie is brainwashington.
  12. Saying he can never come back because he chose Condi is a felony. They stalk people  )spouses into obedience.
  13. No, lust very carefully. It's a shell game.
  14. Whatever were you thnking....
  15. Pence-Rice was expressed as an honorable team,, even though one of them was in on the engineering of 9-Eleven training the pilots where Aunt Jean was born.
  16. Keeping her working is going to easily give her high blood pressure and or Burger's Disease.
  17. Oprah is too vain to do it the right way" and Chief Hall, too. You can add Commissioner ...... to that list  for play and punishment also". "She's a fuccin' leach".
  18. "Take a knee"  originally and literally means torture Debbie Song in the knees. It matches EXTREME 204 - a racist calling for an end to her .... work in the streets!."""
  19. Coming for Carson is not only mental, but also a felony.

772. is missing and 774 and 775 have been erased. Number 6-19 above were dropped to a lower point size by NSA communists"

773. January 17, 2022

  1. It's unlawful to lie about the police"
  2. Carson tries to be Debbie's friend by snitching and Debbie won't succumb to that addiction.
  3. LSAT.... isn't happening anymore"
  4. We have our own Intel. We don't need his. Most of his is bent out of shape needing Intel to figure it out!
  5. Why can't I wear the same pants everyday? You do."
  6. If they call your stuff pollution, they hear "Kellyanne."
  7. Proverbs 3.19
  8. "You're teaching your children white history and I object," says a crank named Dr. Ben Carson.
  9. My family figured out how to keep the roof of a car from caving in if it flipped over (when gasoline was a nickle a gallon).
  10. He's not teaching his children about our "devil culture." He teaches them how to subvert the Asians and the United States. with espionage, poison and a laser weapon.
  11. "No close" is a hate crime. "No real is racism making up stuff" Thank God Lurch is gone.
  12. They're throwing fits now about  the names of military forts when those men were living during those times.Why don't you keep your mouth shut. Everything isn't racism because you say so, now,.
  13. They are jealous of our genetic historical record. It's a lineage of courage, do or die resourcefulness/quick wit and love of God and country.
  14. Dante's Inferno is communism.
  15. Who cares?
  16. Trying to get at Debbie's private life all the time, isn't a privilege or a right without consent
  17. White doesn't like crybabie4s or screamers. ... and everyone hates the help rejecting complainers.
  18. .... No, Mam, I mean Misooki
  19. It's cruel to hold her and those children down.