774. June 2x, 2020

  2. No one or thing is you7r toy without receipt.
  3. Taking statues down is racism" because they stood as a minority agaqinst almighty governments.
  4. If they were real people, instead of Ego-Driven freaks, they wouldn't think so horribly about you - they wouldn't be so quick to judge.
  5. Taking Christianity out of people is a felony.
  6. Taking buses away was invasions of your privacy.
  7. Christians and Jews are visionaries. That's why so many inventions and improvements in the last two centuries.
  8. You nay own your minor children as long as you don't treat them as toys or weapons.
  9. Black Lives Matter helps Dr. Ben Carson's tyranny get at "qualified immunity" and makes all these "killings" engineered (premeditated and planned).
  10. They keep saying and keep hitting me saying the 10th commandment means they can lust. Huh?
  11. You may have a car, boat or jet with a valid title..
  12. All others are owned by convictions only and I mean for real, no communism or mental telepathy goons!"
  13. I don't want to hear about July 7th from Carson-Pence again or I'll blow the whistle on Oprah.
  14. Reaching your goals by making troubles is stalking"..
  15. That spectacular lie in Dallas was JFK resurrecting himself in mongoose communism play.
  16. Dermot Shea says he loves you."
  17. Bethesda on the daughter 99
  18. Adios Kennedy"

775. July 3, 2020

  1. The Department of Defense is large enough to keep tabs on everyone of America's doctors for the purpose of extortion"
  2. "Take a Knee" is ...
  3. Failure to restock with same product is a felony.
  4. Justice...
  5. The NAACP is not the 8th word in Judges 5.12. You're kidding! How dare you hear the KKK, Mam!
  6. JFK stalking J512 is a hate crime and treason on the part of the NAACP and British communists.
  7. Stop calling God a liar. Fetuses are not little babies.
  8. Snitching is illegal, but acting on that information makes you a stalker. The snitch isn't your friend.
  9. A leap of faith must never use a springboard named espionage.
  10. P.....
  11. Espionage is entrapment, Budinsky.
  12. In Kwon didn't ....
  13. Pretending is communism and helps them infiltrate. Then, real is in the trash and we all have to say fake is better"
  14. Jack's way is milk/communism) ""It only made us weak)
  15. Name 4 persons who blow the whistle as part of their jobs"
  16. Having a negative reaction to everything you do, is sadism.
  17. Matthew 23.24 is the description of troublemakers.
  18. Helping Dr. Ben Carson take things away from Debbie (and you're not immune Ms. Conway or X) is a felony.

776. July 9, 2020

  1. George Floyd isn't dead" was the voice of President Barak Obama"
  2. Dr. Ben Carson demanding immunity for all the crimes he and Candy have committed on Debbie is a hate crime..
  3. It's against the law black satellites on us and you without warrants
  4. You're the tweet for Aiding and Abetting.
  5. Saying no gaitor to protect her from the sun, is a hate crime.
  6. Non-living human flesh can be moved by the Spirit of God.
  7. You're not suppose to help Bertha at Debbie's expense.
  8. It's subversion to threaten to kill someone you harass into making a mistake and then tell the government in charge of her, if you want the person ....
  9. Putting weapons on their consoles is treason. ??
  10. McDonald's has no business closing their doors to punish Debbie.
  11. KFK making changes to Judges 5.12 after Debbie was born are hate crimes.
  12. Black Lives...
  13. Using espionage to manage a campaign is nefarious.
  14. Condi Rice is not Debbie's replacement, Mr. Kennedy" and then he killed his brother"
  15. Interpretations of Judges 5.12 are made by the Supreme Court and approved religious and civic leaders, not the NAACP, ACLU or KKK.
  16. No racketeering with DARPA".
  17. God Bless everyone of THE PEOPLE in Los Angeles County - the aerial view was amazing
  18. COVID - 19 is anarchy.

777. July 15, 2020
  1. Your father is right. They haven't a chance with good cops in the light.
  2. Talking people into getting themselves killed by the police is an awful crime" and one we will prosecute".
  3. Ephesians 2.2 is black ("feet")-echelon-that voice in your head.
  4. They're ....
  5. No setting up "bad" poli ce officers (according to your illegal notions) with espionage/games"..
  6. The Good News isn't weak;; they're just not listening.
  7. O-Ring means fist.
  8. Blacks pupping is communism in your brain"
  9. Opposing Christianity and making or suggesting replacements for such leaders is how to tell on an Anti-Christ from a God Hater.
  10. Dr. Carson refers to himself as the "New Vicious" ... Debbie's whole family was in the North and some of them moved west with Lincoln's commission to the MA born Dodge General who engineered the Union Pacific Railroad.
  11. They are not police voices in your head telling you to do bad.
  12. We...
  13. They threaten police chiefs with the "belt buckle" to mininze resistance. Some of them bare their teeth.
  14. Why did George Floyd move from Houston to Minneapolis?... Minnie said ....
  15. If you say she's not blue, you're not"
  16. Then why are they pushing Duckworth? She looks like Misooki.
  17. The sudden flood of OFs everywhere is sexual harassment and depending on what they do, hate crimes.
  18. If you hear "I thought she was crazy," you heard a creature of the night using satellite technology to influence you to think that way"

778. July 20, 2020

  1. Stop listening to those voices. They are not the police in your head. They can get you in serious trouble"
  2. Talking people into getting themselves killed by a police officer isn't payday!
  3. Candy Carson wants to play Splendor in the Grass with Debbie's spouse and children, and we say No! Only a coup d'etat keeps at it.
  4. Terrorizing someone  into letting go of something is a felony.
  5. "No husband" fascist hypocrites and hard to figure.
  6. We cannot establish them in hypocrisy.
  7. Ben Carson is a racist for stalking every move Debbie makes just to spoil or sabotage things.
  8. Shame on Kellyanne Conway for attacking Debbie for trying to locate and report bad cops without bloodshed or fanfare.
  9. Communists eavesdropping on private conversations, labels the content as snitching while they run around and tell others what they hear!
  10. Violations of the 4th amendment is snitching if you tell others what you heard"
  11. What Debbie talks to ....
  12. Oprah Winfrey is no Judges 5.12 and so is...
  13. Everything Debbie..."
  14. 7/12/75 was suppose to be the opposite of 12/7/41. Write Carson and Rice for sabotage/criminal mischief against marriage.
  15. "Ben Carson is shit and Debbie isn't" but most people including Florida, hear that one in reverse which is social engineering".
  16. Playing with "no real" is stalking and racketeering, aka  communism, Frisbee or Goose"
  17. Despite the fact you don't like the messages she sent to Mark, Donna, they are the truth.
  18. And we miss the days we had her that way.

779. July 22, 2020

  1. No Carson running Debbie's life with espionage"
  2. Without ...
  3. Satellites on police are too often entrapments""
  4. Harassing women about seeking an abortion is stalking, which should include Utah.
  6. All of you were blessed because my enemies wished to use you to get at me.
  7. It's not your turn to boss anyone around, Kamala
  8.  Reagan doesn't fool around. He just does it and everything kicks in like clockwork.. Don't be afraid to ....
  9. The U.S. Secret Ser vice will be contacted immediately.
  10. Voicing Amy Klobuchar with "I don't trust you" got me choked by Winston more than once. That's not Reagan; it's Kellyanne"
  11. Is COVID a stunt forcing us to give the environment a breather?
  12. COVID means no babes in a GOP White House.
  13. We got the one in the pharmacy.
  14. They don't want to walk with a holy God. They want power.
  15. Really, it's not funny being stalked""
  16. Mind control is coercion.
  17. Sorry...
  18. Making whites into vegetables so Blacks can hog the stage is a felony"

780. July 30, 2020
  1. Do not use a finite word to figure this one out:
  2. Ben Carson took Dawkins side.
  3. He cannot debunk an all powerful being witile protecting crime. So sit it out, Low Life.!
  4. Taking Carson's side without eviudence against anyone is a felony, Paintball!"
  5. The walking and the talking gots to match"
  6. But, you do not have to account to a satellite.
  7. Handicapping people isn't fair fighting.
  8. Stalking Debbie, after all the crimes you commit, is a crime  on her, as well as treason. How dare you say "no freedom from communism?"
  9. Holding Debbie down or any cop, is terrorism"
  10. So many diseases out hear gives the sophisticated physician great leeway when nit comes to a disease. That's a power, collectively, that rivals Defense.
  11. See this? I gotta 'nother one!
  12. Coronovirus, by any other name, is the flu.
  13. Listening to the private conversations and snitching [what you hear] it to the .... is a felony and won't make you famous".
  14. If it belongs to Debbie and a weapon brags on how he controls it,, is intimidation.
  15. We found her thesis in the Copyright Office and now we know why you got in her way!" Speech! Speech!
  16. Do not use enemy combatants to talk to Debbie.
  17. He's not suppose to play with Carson at all"
  18. "I own the Oriental" isn't free exercise..
  19. Finally, someone caught Candace Bergman - screaming racism without evidence of deprivations is the dirty, unsubstantiated way"

781. August 7, 2020
  1. Write Ben Carson and his wife 99
  2. Dominant technology is terror, not play and without knowledge of its capabilities, most would describe as sorcery"
  3. Sleep deprivation slows down neurogenesis which can effect performance and memory.
  4. It takes some nerve to call a victim of this much racism, racist.
  5. They eavesdrop so they can punish.
  6. Beating her up...
  7. Your doctor friends are communism.
  8. There must be truth"
  9. The whole thing on defunding the police was engineered all the way back by Carson and Winston, aka last weak"
  10. Stop putting adverse meanings to what we do to scare us out of doing Matthew 24.46 And that wasn't nice what Tyler Perry said"
  11. All sabotage by Pervert is fascism for abusing government access.
  12. Carson's snitches on himself as a form of showing off
  13. ...
  14. Everywhere she goes, Devils put theatre on her.
  15. Ben Carson won't let me use my equipment to their fullest capacity under penalty of vandalism.
  16. Write up Kellyanne Conway for instigating a war on China" for L"
  17. They don't want to believe in Jesus anymore. That's why they ignore you.
  18. This town was engineered treachery.

782. August 13,2020
  1. Write up black tyranny for sabotage.
  2. Val Demmings making everything her business is communism"
  3. Trying to block longevity is a vicious hate crime, Mam.
  4. They're racketeering us out of liberty.
  5. Every liar is a dangerous communist fist on Debbie and every honest soul in America"
  6. We've had it with GOOSE in Defense.
  7. China is allowed to have a screwy opinion on Debbie and In Kwon, but for Condi Rice et al to enflame it on their marriage is rockin' racism.
  8. "No real" is Oprah's dictatorship on the police"
  9. "I don't want her successful" is communism.
  10. Bringing in people to knock down Debbie is stalking.
  11. There's your answer - Vic Pardo - White Heat 1949
  12. Terrorizing her for what they tell her to do is entrapment.
  13. Love thy neighbor doesn't mean eat the shit they dish out" What ever gave youes that idea?
  14. You must be born in a solar or lunar year of the Rabbit and be non-violent to qualify.
  15. Director of National Intelligence... has since been informed".
  16. Trying to disarm Debbie is a felony.

783. August 15, 2020

  1. Colossians 2.16 - Basically means "put away" physical exertion/work, driving, going outside the home, stress, bitterness, worry, obligations and washing dishes.
  2. An examination of protestors shows most are racketeering" and 
  3. Black Lives Matter is retaliation on the police for Debbie's activities"
  4. Stalking charges 2 BFs on Mockingbird/SMU Station elevator who refused to hold the doors  for Debbie. Had she refused them, she would have been hit by Rice. 1 Timothy 4.2
  5. EXTREME 204 is communism
  6. Shadows blocking others from seeing [Debbie] as real is racism.
  7. EXTREME 112  is a felony"
  8. "No real" is dirty government employees on a junket in your life.
  9. 102 degrees is too hot.
  10. Instructed by Ben Carson, Oprah Winfrey's gals in NSA ]Lollipop permanently and asymmetrically damages Debbie's facial skin as hate mail - Active Denial"
  11. Kamala Harris is Johnny-on the-spot where Debbie is concerned and she's not an honest Injun.
  12. Even if I obey black tyranny they still retaliate becuase it's fun for them to be mean on someone who can't fight back in kind"
  13. They'll make their crimes out to occur last month or last year when it was last night.
  14. Freemasonry is hiw secrets get leaked to one another and if you're familiar you can unravel the weak spirit, too
  15. Exodus 7.11 and 7.22, 53 year span is, perhaps the spirit of King Henry VIII and lying to replace the world of faith" with plastic" He wasn't assassinated, was he?
  16. Had FBI Director Bill Webster locked up the engineers behind John Hinckley, my brother-in-law would be alive today.

784. August 20, 2020

  1. Atty Gen Williams Barr: All Korean "first" are Oprah Winfrey racketeering. Just like "take a Knee", Droopy Drawers and "Real" First started somewhere. 'WE HAD IT WITH HER RACISM.
  2. N'est pas?
  3. Don't play God unless you're God. Spare us Zeus tyranny.
  4. After FDR chose Debbie to vice-lead America, blacks popped up everywhere to push her and keep her out of that line!"
  5. Write up black tyranny for usurption of the laws of the United States"
  6. Wouldn't you say forgiveness where there is no repentance is the same as spare the rod, spoil the child?
  7. MLK Jr., like General Patton, President Reagan and Debbie were all hurt or killed for being against communism as the solution"
  8. Appeasement for slavery is a felony" No dirty cops on Debbie"
  9. Any name calling - Out they go.
  10. Carson complicates everything with hype). A fancy word for lying".
  11. B&E was a felony all along - try that in your walk a mile in her shoes.
  12. "Too old" means that individual isn't plastic. It means #7 above.
  13. God is against social engineering/satellite communism - Daniel 13.22
  14. Sacagaawea was fake, too.
  15. Hypocrisy is cheating.. How long do you think you'd survive at this if it were a casino?
  16. Evil flourishes when good men aid and abet"
  17. It is written in Isaiah 26.10 nothing you do, without God, can make evil good.
  18. Who among you practices Proverbs three thirty?

785. August 23, 2020

  1. Debbie's family is salt of the earth - like How Green was my Valley"
  2. The doctor deliberately lies to hurt Debbie. 
  3. They always complain about something they caused [Eavesdropping without a warrant is a felony].
  4. First Deputy Cmr Benjamin R....
  5. Espionage isn't emancipation.
  6. What does "I'm on it" mean, Kellyanne?
  7. No synonyms for the word black are hate crimes.
  8. Not a sparrow shall fall to the ground.
  9. Kellyanne Conway  is so full of herself is a twin of Ben Carson - out to get Debbie for being God's Chosen.
  10. NSA protects communists)
  11. Who said you could come into this room without a warrant?
  12. Satellite communism is unconstitutional, Ms. Harris.
  13. What was that, Oprah, about "wait till you see my vicious on Debbie?"
  14. Ben Carson is stalking Debbie for L. Using his doctoring skills to hurt her is Penelope.
  15. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not into criminal mischief or violence (Camelot communism) to get his way. If you do any of these things, you are not a student of his. Not even a little bit.
  16. It was wrong to steer the Korean the wrong way.

786. August 28,2020

  1. It cost you your uncle's life because you were afraid to go outside with a newborn in February
  2. They call Debbie names to protect their lust. That's shameful and wasteful"
  3. The "truth" in communism is racketeering - a marvelous lie"
  4. Former LA County District Atty was usurped by Kamala Harris in a bid for the California state AG. That was sudden - a Johnny-on-the-Spot.
  5. That word comes from niggling (fussing), an allowed behavior learned from the days of slavery which has grown into petty troublemaking in this era. They have always been like that.
  6. Real MAGA would have kept his promise to his baby.
  7. Trump putting a misogynist like Ben Carson on Debbie (the ranking fedwit) was and still is a hate crime.
  8. Colin Powell and Condi Rice came up with the idea to blow up the Twin Towers showing off how they turned my husband against marriage"
  9. Blacks in Defense are overthrowing the United States of America"
  10. Satellite communism (Camelot) is abuse of power/access" and not a winner's game.
  11. They want their freedom, but they don't want to be responsible about it.
  12. President Woodrow Wilson told AG Palmer "Don't let this country see red" during a feud about deportation of anarchists with Asst. Sect'y of Labor Louis Freeland Post.
  13. Choosing tyranny over liberty is treason" aka appeasement for slavery. Hang on, my dear citizens, for as long as you can. Aye Goo!
  14. The Vatican...
  15. Letting blacks in Defense Intelligence Agency "mess her up" is conspiracy "with the veep."
  16. Telling the blacks to breed like crazy was stalking"
  17. Mitochondria Regeneration by Lucy Herzig must be good stuff because devilry doesn't want me to listen to it.
  18. Ben Carson 68 "Do you want me to beat you up like this again?" or do you prefer no violence on your body in the forms of vandalism, thefts, stranger harassment , false police reports, shelf removals, electronic device tampering and/or family mind abduction?
  19. ...

787. Missing

788. September 8, 2020

  1. Check out "Bill Gates" 17.13 minutes into the 1966 movie cult classic, Zontar! The Thing from Venus. And also the first mention of "laser satellites."
  2. I don't want to break the law to get ahead.
  3. Chaji calls everything and "obsession" except their unlawful activties.
  4. If you have "obey" to live you life without constant interference 1786-18..
  5. "Everything belongs to Carson"" is a felony. He says "Lying about Debbie is payback for slavery." But in the same breath, says a fetus is born without the sins of the parent"
  6. Their version of up is our version of down" sort of like Isaiah 5.20.
  7. The truth can set us free of tyranny of the no good"
  8. You can't break in line anymore..
  9. Historically, it's not your turn"
  10. "No we're not going to let Debbie up unless she helps black people" establish communism asthe new Mount Everest, which  means "no white way/legal way" up.
  11. Their way requires crime and the politics of fake/trickery"
  12. "No Thor Gore" is a hate crime stalking our country) Strength in the American Way must prevail without black approval/appeasements/communism.
  13. Camelot racism and he was a jerk to die for it, but we can never forgive him for doing it in Debbie's hometown.
  14. Black tyranny: "If it doesn't benefit me, it can't be" is racism.
  15. We're sick of blacks portraying whites as racists and wre're tired of the vicious tards,, like Biden"",, breaking up marriages
  16. Tyranny is targeting cops because Debbie was one when she met him.
  17. Laying down for Ben Carson is a dictatorship" and threatens our name"
  18. No more Happy Ground for police officers"

789. September 17, 2020
  1. No red with concoctions on her or her stuff.
  2. Protestors have to police their group or their rioters.
  3. I told them before Camelot's "improve your games with espionage" doesn't mean sabotage other people. This is why JFK is not highly esteemed by us. " What a thing to say!?
  4. West Nile is upon us. Now what?
  5. Blacks wanted to be powerful like whites, but they didn't want to earn it, like whites did through the millenniums of evolution.
  6. We don't need Ben Carson's feet or fist on Debbie.
  7. The strong ones always suffer.
  8. Threatening someone to get their cooperation in a crime is coercion.
  9. It was about allergy not color! "Dear Kathleen Parker" on BABY EDGAR
  10. Always niggling someone about Debbie's private life isn't kosher.
  11. .....
  12. Ben Carson and his followers, a sibling included are like Mrs. Carmedie in the Mist (2007).
  13. Thinking up ways to control the spread of seasonal or annual flu, so you can stop Debbie from working the streets would be ....
  14. Phone communism - if subliminal mental telepathy - hate crimes. Don't blame me if you're not educated in Totalism.
  15. Tarzan using espionage to sabotage someone is busted..
  16. Pretending Floyd was killed by the police, so they could riot and enlarge BLM membership and strength," makes the police victims of terror. Put BLM to sleep"
  17. Sleep deprivation X156 is a hate crime, as it weakens one's physical stamina to self-determine"
  18. Black red light runners call it terror getting a ticket and have threatens the police into not writing them or else.. X35
  19. Trying to break your composure is a felony.

FOUND 740, January 15, 202o
  1. I don't care how many lawyers you have, Girlfriend"
  2. Avenging troublemakers on Debbie may feel like a Spa, but it's still a felony.
  3. The Green Light Law is Camelot racketeering.
  4. Hopefuls will no longer have access to the weapons system.
  5. Ruination of everything in your life is Honky Tonk terrorism.
  6. If  you say anything more than thanks, you took the Mark" and beware of reverse speaking" - Matthew 5.37
  7. "Snitching" on communism used to be called Patriotism!
  8. Basic Dependency Complex" hooks a government entity to Ben Carson's illegal parade and they stride along and scare law abiding, non-criminal to usurp people out of security.. Be careful, Andy.
  9. I was half sperm and half egg when FDR and Mayor La Guardia chose my parents. I had nothing to do with  Hell! Parachute has more responsibility - my conception which was God's choice of DNA. Why the Nazis want to blame someone with no activated brain before birth attests to their heavy and insane jealousy" I was 42 years old when I found my name in the Holy Bible and someone said "it's in English."
  10. Deutsche Optik or "no real" is an abomination of Desolation" Free exercise will not be abolished " or tweaked to appease fascist communism"
  11. They stalk our feet to trip us" Be mindful of every step you take if you're on their radar. No power oe fast walking. Be smart! Don't give them opportunity.
  12. Camelot is the politics of Mr. Adolf Hitler, which in America, reverses the German version.
  13. The Law of Sin and Death is very popular because it avenges and teaches lessons. It totally violates the Constitution esp. Due Process and attacks, often without warning, it's targets at the privacy level"
  14. Ben Carson's hypocrisy astounds high officials.
  15. Lust to deprive isn't a hopeful.
  16. Write up the Nazis for going after her children..
  17. "And the two shall be one" notion is why she's called white trash.
  18. They had to be from different countries to be New York City"

FOUND 739. January 9, 2020

  1. Sadism gets through the door is a coup d'etat or communist overthrow, if you prefer" Most of them call this "smash and grab"
  2. The State... is still looking for Deadbeat Daddies... so it's out into the streets she goes.
  3. The word "baby" is in the Holy Bible 265 times, but only in the word Babylon, which is in modern Iraq.
  4. You make a threat, we consider you an enemy as such is the wildebeast. Their term for one of them"
  5. When she requests something, the total opposite comes to pass. This is hateful and racist."
  6. Her right arm is in a cast.
  7. The GOP shouldn't market him as "Gentle Ben!"
  8. If they're stalking him, they cannot judge composure" Donald told them to stop and porcupine refused..
  9. Benjamin Solomon Carson is a hypocrite)
  10. You were wrong to lie to her"
  11. It's rigged to look real, these gun dramas, but it's anarchy.
  12. Tranq that bastard"
  13. The VA will be glad to help you with that one.
  14. Mind control/MKULTRA (with or without drugs) aka mental telepathy is in Revelation 14.9 Forehead being one's mind and hand being one's usefulness.
  15. Calling her a ...
  16. Violations of the 10th Commandment is stalking"
  17. Confiscation of our weapon system isn't Looper"


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