NOTE: 786-12 should read All vice presidents are NAACP's puppets or else is Camelot's"

790. No date

  1. Why would you want a statue of white girl sitting in a meadow? And when you were informed, why didn't she return it?
  2. When you see Ben Carson being calm, you're just seeing stealth.
  3. Balance is another Camelot cacamamie concoction" to get in your home life.
  4. Slow is communism getting its way.
  5. What's grand about Kamala Harris blocking Debbie's capability of locating Deadbeats and probation violations for violence in California?
  6. They do not become human beings until the cerebral cortex kicks in at first breath. Before this, there is no feelings, thoughts, or sensations. How merciful, art thou O God.
  7. One day in Heaven is as a thousand years on earth. Go to number ten on the bottom of OHIO page and read number ten. [Our parents have been dead for less than an hour]!
  8. Affirmative Action gave users the ability to weaponize the workplace against people that don't like or else scenarios"
  9. Carson says espionage makes him brilliant. That's like saying bathing in human waste makes you smell good.
  10. Michelle Obama also trained "I have  to hit you in the stomach for telling on Kamala Harris" 47 and recently "for [Holmes]."
  11. Without consent the bad doctor stalks her supplement regimen"
  12. What do you mean it's your turn?? You haven't been in line that long!
  13. Proof positive: Dr. Carson et al (bones) are evil because they can't leave Debbie's life alone. They invade her privacy with every grab..
  14. Who told who to do what at Spring Valley Walmart?
  15. How can you say "I'm not read" the same time you say "It's my turn?"
  16. Stalking our private lives with a satellite isn't permission to interfere..
  17. Racketeering and terror - Oprah Winfrey/BLM Productions is the department's call, not theirs""
  18. He was right - stalking people to advance one's self esp. in a police department is a felony)
  19. Leave her "pretty shoes" alone!

791. September 24, 2020
  1. If it doesn't make sense, it's because you don't know the situation - Hitler is on the rise in Americas and both parties are on his side for dem votes""
  2. Dumbo is too easy on the troublemakers on Debbie.
  3. Replacing a non-weaponized original with an anti-law weaponized individual imitation is an overthrow.
  4. No vicious bastards up on Debbie and it goes for him, too.
  5. Shame on Nashville
  6. Making people eat black smoothies to be free of espionage retaliation is against the law, traitor"
  7. Imitations are communist infiltration, stalking and terrorism charges on Condi Rice.""
  8. It's always "you owe me for slavery" up here""
  9. Ben Carson lies attempts to expose an attorney general trying to help a fedwit. No Scorcese politics on AGs"
  10. Wrong Omarosa! Stalking charges on Condi Rice, too"
  11. If Debbie is in the area, Carson and his bandits better not be there)
  12. If they play with magic to gain advantage, they're dirty cops.
  13. "No real" means this one with the marked cards gets to win and no one better say anything contrary"
  14. JFK's route through Dallas...
  15. Half...
  16. Not letting Debbie escape attempted murder is accomplicing.."
  17. Stalking our private lives with a weaponized satellite is communism. It's none of your business how many times they do it.
  18. 2222 hours 9/23/20, Ben "I want Darkness to rule the world"

792. September 30, 2020

  1. He didn't  want to live in eternity with us in Heaven.
  2. Oprah Winfrey "I said no money [for the work you do] and that's that." 55-89
  3. The 1986 Space Shuttle explosion meant Oprah's craziness is real (O-Rings) and it costs to defy them which I apparently did by getting a short story on page 37 in Woman's world Magazine's Easter edition. 37 is the opposite of 73 seconds".
  4. Though I didn't know what it meant back then, they still murdered all those people because there was a Mick on board.
  5. They will never be a state because of that woman.
  6. Though Reagan was 40 years older t6han me, I never missed a step in sync with him)
  7. Christa was chosen by Colin Powell because her name contains His.
  8. Write Director Wray for .... because he still does"
  9. Terrorizing people into obeying every black demand to rise in safety is a sacrilege.
  10. They create the situations under which we're forced to live and  then mislabels our reactions/endurance as unwellness.
  11. I'm not allowed to exercise because black tyranny "frowns" on all forms of success and strength building and will resort to greater torture)
  12. Don't play yourselves in. I know this scam.
  13. That much access isn't Due Process.
  14. All this filth against the police is to bring us into greater uselessness in the future where they can abolish white "man's" law, which is the Constitution.
  15. Raise me and I'll stop the persecution of O.... which wasn't title 50"
  16. Do I smell jealousy?

793. October 4, 2020
  1. The Attorney General says "Debbie's satellite stands up in court not Scorcese's or Paxton's""
  2. Stanley is too expensive"
  3. Kyle Rittenhouse was set up by Ben Carson and Mike Pence to shoot blacks or whites, respectively sent to him" What kind of world? EXTREME 395
  4. Juanita Holmes is not suppose to know about Debbie's "gook" name.
  5. Without permission, it's stalking if you invade privacy. That makes you one with a criminal syndicate out to destroy us all"
  6. Giving her husband to others for mind control is a hate crime and you will be charges"
  7. Payback for slavery is communism not insulin"
  8. It's avarice wanting your cake and eat it, too holding her down is treasonous"
  9. Being harsh on white lives while totally ignoring black idiocy is anger displacement - an unhealthy coping mechanism"
  10. We think they can cause malabsorption, but not impudence.
  11. It's not free speech to tell people what to do, what to think"
  12. Condi Rice is using COVID as a tidy, sneaky little war by JFK's Camelot to overthrow Christianity in America, too.
  13. Fake News is intimidation":
  14. Dirty ...
  15. All stolen items - 27 - including him"
  16. No curing people of wanting monogamy esp in marriage:"
  17. Saying no first to you when you were put in line first, is hateful and dirty cheating".
  18. Matthew 5.25 - Stalking charges the adversary!
  19. The Secret Service talking to Ben Carson (an adversary) about Debbie is a felony.

794. October 16, 2020

  1. It's Obstruction of Justice to hold Debbie down when she needs to reach for others that might need help.
  2. "No real" - Isaiah 30.38 - is the end of the world. And it's still vanity.
  3. Too many judgmental fists on her"
  4. And he isn't better than Debbie: Put any of them through the same wringer - Matthew 23.15 And don't judge her while trying to avoid the crunching".
  5. I shouldn't have tried to poke holes in [her] story with espionage"  
  6. This situation is not always applicable to another, Michelle" Go peddle your light bulbs somewhere else"
  7. He should have said No! to experience and ventriloquism
  8. You can't have a Preamble if you call everything a fist or a penis.
  9. Judas Iscariot was a scoundrel"
  10. Telling fake stories all the time is making us crazy. We don't know whom to trust to tell authentic without terroristic tests"
  11. They're imitations of Satan - Luke 4.6,7
  12. Her height wasn't an issue. It was thr project. You were suppose to overcome differences and teach the public how to  do the same.
  13. You're a bunch of racists. Sick lunatics - fussing about things that could have helped him.
  14. Freezing up her equipment while in use, is a hate crime. 99-46
  15. EXTREME 145 - Why not make everyone do it?
  16. Aziz is abomination.
  17. And again we hear Ben Carson and Kamala Harris, who fronts Michelle Obama lust: "I own the Asian" - 8th word in Judges 5.12
  18. Weak governments shouldn't be coaching Blacks on how to hurt whites.
  19. EXTREME 355 is rubbish and a hate crime trying to knock Debbie out of her category.

795. October 28, 2020
  1. * Kellyanne Conway refuses to let me (Donald J. Trump) choose Debbie Song as the second vice president (as promised). She has stood in my way for years.
  2. It's against the law to fabricate increased COVID cases to free Debbie from violence when there were better ways to help her.
  3. Sleep deprivations are X24.
  4. Him wanting to be first, requires marriage in the Church, putting the annulment in effect. When he refused to keep that promise, he lost his scream".
  5. Black Tyranny and their white lackey's are always trying to figure out how to hurt people in undetectable ways.
  6. Catholics that don't believe in God are stalkers.
  7. Candy Carson choosing Misooki's daughter's name isn't a coincidence) Now we know who is in the kid"
  8. Stalking charges all "slow"
  9. Saying marriage is vulgar is somehow vulgar blasphemes Jude 4"
  10. This was Oprah **
  11. It was fcking wrong what he did to the Church, who pushed the annulment through before Steven was born" was born" in order to sanctify his birth in 1976.
  12. The Secretary of State says "we hate him, too"
  13. Debbie wasn't fooled by their espionage. Peter Pan is for children".
  14. "I wanted Korean teeth" is Oprah immature racketeering and it corrupts foreign governments.
  15. Vanity is the highly successful way to prison"
  16. Only thugs home invade night and day and she damn well better report it" The life she saves may be one of ours"
  17. Bragging she knows how to take Jesus Christ out of men is a hate crime. X422
  18. That was against the law to turn a married man into a bachelor by holding him away from his wife as she's beaten to death".
  19. Breaking her teeth for that witch in Dallas was vanity.

* Colin Powell should have protected the president's choice"** Enter the code sequence into your YouTube finder.
796. October 31, 2020
  1. Whites aren't kept alive to appease blacks. That would a hostile government overthrow. Now you know"
  2. You can't take a stand on racism without black approval, is fascism.
  3. Communism is an illegal course of action. Fist is ugliness" and Debbie doesn't play with it!"
  4. How dare you think to punish innocence for what hatefulness and fear did to some blacks"
  5. All mixed races candidates came ....
  6. How could you nurture a culture of hate with that weapon system?
  7. [Delete]
  8. Blacks only in your spouse's mind is a felony"
  9. We still hate .... him.
  10. Kellyanne said "We didn't want you to rule over us." Damn who made the USA a dictatorship?
  11. Balance is racism"
  12. Black approval needed is fascism has been said before, but with evil communism/open it's a backup.
  13. [Delete"]
  14. Dr. Ben Carson: "Soon it will be Kamala Harris' turn to beat you up for us"" 0620 hrs 10/29/20 and this matches death threat on 6/20/90!
  15. If you put a satellite on somebody and bad things start happening, that's entrapment/open - 88"
  16. On the advice of Condi Rice and Sarah Palin, Donald Trump left me behind forKamala Harris.
  17. Wanting Defense/Kellyanne to run this country, is a felony.
  18. West Virginian NSA has been instructed by Kamala Harris, who hasn't been elected yet, to "kill Debbie Song the day I am elected vice president.""
  19. You did the same thing to Mikey.""

797. November 8, 2020
  1. Calling Debbie crazy/Mothra is a hate crime because it's based on rumors.
  2. Spreading rumors only gets her assaulted with that laser which is Kellyanne's objective every time that word is spoken about her.
  3. Blacks engineering themselves first into the White House when Debbie was put in line in the forties, is fascism.
  4. Stalking Debbie on the sidewalk ...
  5. We're not going to let them take over this great nation with games like Hitler did.
  6. Debbie was put in line first and beating her out of it with espionage and terror was British hatred toward Catholics"
  7. Condi Rice, who is also British trained, will not escape her violence on us either. We don't expect them to understand as, I believe, they don't have a conscience.
  8. "No power" was what Hitler said to the Jews - stripping them of everything and then killing them. EXTREME 382
  9. "Let me be the first to destroy the American Dream with my fist," confessed several devils with enthusiasm the day before the 2020 election.
  10. They start World War III on people with espionage. They want instant gratification.
  11. [Delete]
  12. Communist Regime: "I have to give you an ear infection ....
  13. African Americans getting every thing they demand is racism, too.
  14. Lancer was no good telling us there was no God and encouraging criminal violence as a saloonsion.
  15. Espionage taught blacks how to play whites into their graves"
  16. Wanting to be the only hero out here, is racism.
  17. Carson holds the orange lights, so his accident prone can escape red light running.
  18. Beirut 1983 matches 4/12/45.
  19. This is a chain-linking Odyssey.

798. November 16, 2020
  1. DoD violates the 4th amendment. You shouldn't be going along with them.
  2. Sleep deprivations are hate crimes.
  3. Pro-Life is a coup. Put Isaiah 44.2 next to Genesis 2.7 and Joshua 11.11
  4. [Take it out]
  5. Engineering oneself to be the only competitor on stage is a hate crime" the Ugliness forces on us"
  6. That was dirty what Powell did to this country (Beirut and 9-Eleven)
  7. "Find all her happiness" was Oprah Winfrey on Thursday night following Tuesday's election at 2103 hrs. 47, X101,89
  8. 99% of blacks on Debbie were stalkers with that laser at one time or another and often comes back to do it again. Why a second shot at her?
  9. Debbie is transparency, not a skilled politician sweeping things under the rug, pretending a shrinking violet, vapor or creating fake news.
  10. Kamala Harris was put in the vice presidency first because Debbie was chosen by FDR and JFK was pissed off about it.
  11. Whatever you're not, gets the favorable rules.
  12. Have you seen this one? j43E8-WG-E
  14. And what's the chances, she's a federal witness, too? 8Wq2TmSQC1c
  15. If it doesn't come up search for Disaster Kamala Harris.

  16. Star Wars is a weapon of mass destruction not to be used on civilians"
  17. Everything she does upsets communists because they're plastic.
  18. As hate mail to me, Steven and Marjorie were both born pre-maturely.

799. November 30, 2020
  1. Field trip ideas is contributing, but throwing out spelling tests and time tables is dumb down.
  2. At least, FDR's way wasn't fraud.
  3. We would've sold God out for a piece of bread.
  4. They don't make trades. All they do is take.
  5. COVID is communism" X531
  6. Sometimes we have to look askew at a friendship, to protect its integrity from those who do harm.
  7. Illegal aliens have sanctuary, but federal witnesses.
  8. Social Engineering isn't the Lord's way.
  9. Invasions of Privacy is terrorism"
  10. They're dangerous not only because of Star Wars/Active Denial on civilians, but also because they lie"
  11. Kennedy's interception - Hate crime"
  12. If you don't play games, they'll play games on you. So unprofessional"
  13. Moonie toons"
  14. Throwing her away because Carson doesn't like her is a hate crime)
  15. She's a good noise"
  16. The Scripture says "the LOVE OF MONEY" is the root of all evil" It doesn't say money is evil, Condi.
  17. They're a bunch of losers that hold you down.
  18. Calling everything in her life a fist, is Gentile jealousy"

800.  December 17, 2020

  1. NO HARPO ON DEBBIE" It's not balance!
  2. Making the kimchi very mild was a hate crime.
  3. Thank you for your quiet and steadfast acceptance of the law"
  4. Thank God she sleeps after dinner.
  5. Boots is in the grave, so Carson can send Debbie hate mail. God Bless him"
  6. "You mean they put satellites on people and punish them for what they don't like?"
  7. If God, in the Torah says its not murder, why do say it is? Exodus 21.22
  8. On Debbie's back all the time isn't a blacklist; it's communism.
  9. Any type of digital retaliation is communism.
  10. Who is Kamala Harris to tell Debbie what mask she can wear? 27 for that theft".
  11. Picking who can be winners is cheating and we don't want you financing these kinds of people.
  12. Ananaki goo is same as Bermuda Triangle poo.
  13. Everything the black way (esp. without Due Process)  is retaliation communism for slavery - thinking their better than everyone else)
  14. No kittens/voyeurs on Debbie" anywhere
  15. Digital blacklists [automatic negative reactions that obstruct] are felonies known as Mongoose)
  16. Sorry Skullcese, it wasn't meant to be"
  17. Yes they do, but sometimes they kill or train them to kill. Most targeted individuals become troops eventually"

801. December 24, 2020 Merry Christmas

  1. It's against the law to terrorize you about whom you marry" and whom you quote 
  2. Which makes Oprah Winfrey the smut"
  3. Adolf Hitler is being remade in America.
  4. No real = Monkey wanna a banana
  5. "No [first]" said Kamala Harris, not a real witness and just as arrogant and violent as Oprah Winfrey was on Debbie.
  6. COVID hurt everyone. I never saw a plot so hateful.
  7. For your consideration: Peter was a Jew...
  8. There never was a Bermuda Triangle. Magic trips, oh, I mean, tricks those who hate competition with God's children.
  9. And he'll rip you to smithereens if you don't givbe him all of your bananas and then some.
  10. Moslems cannot make rules for Jews. 
  11. [Delete]
  12. This communist regime is fascist.
  13. JFK's suicide by Oswald was to get blacks away from Eisenhower's use of magic, too.
  14. Gumby wants to play with Debbie ...
  15. All communists have laser potential, even the fascist ones" Everyone of them will assault Debbie at the slightest provocation even if it doesn't come from our witness.
  16. Carson cannot be trusted with NASA.
  17. Holding grudges isn't Christianity.