802. January 5, 2021

  2. Communism is Spirit (Mom) death..
  3. And espionage is cheating.
  4. We don't listen to tin foil.
  5. Last two letters in her last name is IS, my husband's initials. Last three in his name is OFF. You know what 5 letters spell? No husbands protecting "white wife or [black] fist."X108
  6. Think not this is coincidental!
  7. Bubba-Ho Tepp loves Debbie
  8. Black Justice is communism because they use espionage.
  9. Little Sister is bad sister and Dr. Ben Carson is a subversive.
  10. Don't call yourselves Christians when you do heathen things.
  11. They de-stabilize the country with these games.
  12. Crop circles are sacred geometry by blacks in Space - and its done by a machine.
  13. Winning with espionage is communism and communism is treason.
  14. Joking, jiving and funnin with people all the time is sadist.
  16. Jehovah Shalom. Life is not a place of comfort. It's a Journey.

  17. Carson on her back about every thing is an obsession.

803. January 2021

  1. She's an imposter stalking Debbie.
  2. Putting blacks on whites to see how whites react is racism now and deception in the future.
  3. There is no such thing as little babies in the womb.
  4. If a pedestrian on a sidewalk or in a cross walk cannot read your plate, you're fright!
  5. "Poor little me" is fascism.
  6. Gimel running anything is wasteful and cruel.
  7. The imposter expects us to protect her when she starts trouble on Debbie!
  8. "Frosting" her is attempted murder and we told you to never do it again. INDEX 54
  9. "Give up, Babe, we hassle until we get our way," says Secretary of HUD Ben Carson. Then added: "We crash planes to win."
  10. "No real" is shit happening to you 24/7 until control of your life is obtained (or you're murdered) by the prideful troublemakers. The is called Satellite World or in the Jar jar Binks".
  11. They bankrupt countries with games"
  12. "You're to old to be a cop" is communism, Houston and Mozambique's two cents, like "no real" getting it's way!
  13. She wasn't too old when her wrist wrist was broken* - "Break her arm" - on the way to work a Lynnyrd Skynyrd concert on NYE 2019.
  14. Even her husband is an imposter.
  15. Debbie was held down, so a puppet of a foreign ally could be first"
  16. They broke In Kwon of wanting Debbie, too, by tormenting him with his shorter height.
  18. EEOC was pushed on Debbie, to aid the imposter, when former was a fruitful employee at Georgetown University"

804. January 27, 2021

  1. A spouse controlled by Carson is a stalker - not kosher.
  2. Always making her account in front of a hostile audience is only making the terror worse. Please identify yourself.
  3. Blacks in Defense .... make things worse.
  4. She's a miracle because Einstein said so".
  5. Where was the word "impressment" in the 1814 Treaty?
  6. God is not a story and neither is Debbie Song"
  7. Eastern Airlines 401 (1972) was victim  to the same monsters that sent hate mail with the Shuttle Disaster (1986) and 9-Eleven (2001).
  8. Carson, being color first, in the vice presidency  is a hate crime on the color who was put in line first.
  9. It wasn't God's Way to kill the lead singer of the Cranberries either.
  10. "Debbie is still too tall" is violation of immigration law. Like she wasn't taller in Suk-Chon-Dong before the petitions to marry?
  11. Winston is a stalker and needs to sleep.
  12. "I wanna see" is racist sabotage" always looking for opportunity. Equality demands their removal.
  13. Ugliness everywhere she d=goes is a felony" That's what Amanda Gorman was.
  14. A trance-like expression is an indicator of racist espionage mind control - often called Zombie. It's not something to laugh about"
  15. When Blacks tell you the way it is and it differs from that of the president, it's communism.
  16. Carson on her back about anything is a felony

805. February 6, 2021

  1. If Blacks can hold Debbie down with the use of military weaponry, it's a coup.
  2. Kamala Harris said "Two more weaks" meaning she gets to engineer two more "Suicides by Cops" or "Active Shooters" with all the trimmings - riots, mayhem, false accusations and demands for money nationwide"
  3. "We get to own your husband if you want your website" is blacks in politics breaking the law, as usual".. Now you know what happened in November 2021.
  4. Fong Gool
  5. You cannot payback whites for slavery because you weren't slaves and they weren't vicious.
  6. Blacks in Space are stalkers mooning us.
  7. Tikkum Olam is no longer in the hand of Black
  8. The NAACP advising us has turned in extortion and terrorism.
  9. Playing hard to get is a felony that entertains sadistic satellite techs"
  10. Ben Carson knowing the contents of this, while offline, is communism.
  11. They're critters for tearing everything down Debbie tries to build.
  12. Communists have no sense of humor unless they're telling the joke.
  13. Thinking up solutions that gives blacks another opportunity to get at a victim is a hate crime, some would call a pogrom.
  14. Sleep deprivations is Obstruction, too.
  15. Erasing text from her website or cellphone is Obstruction of Justice.
  16. They stalk people who can get at her for them, when they can't go direct.
  17. If she has to give up something, in order to see or talk to FAMILY, IT'S KIDNAPPING OR EXTORTION.
  18. God doesn't choose petty"

806. February 11, 2021

  1. Avodat Elohim - 2/28/45: It is a hate crime to ignore Deborah Song for vice president"
  2. It's racist to assume everyone that's pro-choice, is racist."
  3. Sabotaging her successes in the Lords Dominion game is a hate crime, Kamala. Anything done to her private life is stalking".
  4. Sexual terrorism isn't funny"
  5. Attacking a federal witness is unfair, dirty and ugly. "I want to see her feet." You lose.
  6. You and Jackie Lacey both" Go to 14.
  7. Federal agents are being subversed by Tyranny's games.
  8. Below is the reason why Black females where yellow"
  9. "No inside his wife" - Hate crimes.
  10. ..They brown nose us to death to gain access to victims. Defense leaked Fresca's location. [I heard it was Eleanor and then I was told it was Truman].
  11. Putting Debbie's life on hold or causing her to miss out on things she's involved with, is a hate crime.
  12. Saying "rape or sabotage" in the form of obstructing access is a coup.
  13. Write her up as a communist and remove her. I'm waiting"
  14. "She has to learn abstinence [no access to things owned] if she's going to tell the truth on Kamala Harris" [for breaking the law in her, her family's or her associates' lives]."
  15. Hitting her in the stomach is the same thing as rape.
  16. I think Secretary Austin's two years behind mine is "no real."
  18. "Of the people, for the people and by the people is American Government, not attorney privilege/tyranny"...
  19.  Missing

807. January 16, 2021

  1. Making whites atone now for slavery hundreds of years ago is the same wrong-headedness that killed six million Jews in the Holocaust!
  2. Any vicious action on a civilian by use of the military, is strictly forbidden, but blacks said no to that!.
  3. Debbie's family history was kosher. Through good works and clean, hard industry,, they advanced themselves"
  4. "Without infringing on others" is the key, Chopin"
  5. Bones is illegal everywhere and its a think tank for ugliness.
  6. Thanks Be To God, Honey"..
  7. Oprah wanting to see Debbie live in poverty is a hate crime, as was granting her that dream.
  8. Trying to get at Debbie's private life all along, is a hate crime.
  9. Blacks take advantage of advantage by getting even for slavery and this is racism!
  10. Number 2 above is called "my turn to run the world" or Camelot" and continues in 18.
  11. Taking things away from Debbie or obstructing her lifestyle instead of violence is unacceptable, too!!
  12. "EEOC" was entrapment and a cover-up of misappropriation of Congressional funding..
  13. Stealing photos from her camera when taken, is terrorism.
  14. Leaking who killed her mother on a bank card wasn't illegal. Why was DA Lacey allowed to stalk and punish her for having it?
  15. We should have never pretended all along Camelot was a good thing.
  16. Ben Carson stalking your life is a felony and turned your apartment into a no longer for elderly only place to get at you.
  17. Blocking Debbie's access to WiFi on the tablet is a chain reaction they all get in on.
  18. Establishing world communism to feed always starving Boris requires blacks to control Weapons of Mass Destruction and NASA to kill Americans covertly" according to them.

808. March 1, 2021

  2. Petty on the third is racketeering.
  3. Twisting things is a felony, now.
  4. They're too petty and immature to have access to Star Wars/Strategic Defense Initiative/WMD
  5. Carson puts Antichrist spirit(s) in men and so does Kamala Harris"
  6. Two pictures ... erased by sabotage in November 2021
  7. She shouldn't be afraid to go into any store)
  8. Preventing Debbie from having a normal life - Hate Crime*
  9. Communists reject the spiritual, which is where the conscience is -
  10. Which keeps us from doing horrible things to each other"
  11. Two faced using espionage will be written as fright.
  12. Sabotaging a Jew in his tracks is a felony.
  13. The NAACP was stalking Debbie since 1960-61 school year.
  14. "If Black didn't think it up you can't have it" is terrorism.
  15. Tricking someone with espionage is a felony.
  16. * Just hit the 24 year relentless mark two months ago

809. March 13, 2021

  2. "I get [own] the oriental is Oprah Winfrey using or controlling him to advance her filthy jealousy with Space/Military might and racketeering, aka GOOSE.
  3. It's terror if it's so hard to do something automatically simple.
  4. Changing the name War Department to Dodge - Stalking and Racketeering. N'est pas?
  5. "I own the police" is not going to happen for you in March, Ms. Harris.
  6. Don't listen to the NAACP, which stalked Debbie into EEOC and has suffered her... since 1990.
  7. The only time you can enquire if someone is a police officer, is if they try to detain you.
  8. Baroch Hashem
  9. It's wrong to start a bill in Congress when espionage was used to cause the subject event..
  10. JFK was poison on Texas which is where you were.
  11. You can't make something happen and then complain"
  12. Stalking with our military" and NASA technology"
  13. Espionage is cheating and aids and abets stalkers"
  14. They're petty and won't leave us alone"
  15. Cyber skeleton keys are the lasers"
  16. It's against the law to stop her from going to work.
  17. Dr. Carson coming into her room (using twelve) to control her tech is Obstruction of Justice.
  18. Anything artificial is violence.
  19. Oprah Winfrey controlling who gets warrants for traffic violations is coup d'etat/tyranny...

810. March 26, 2021

  2. No privacy is a hate crime, Truman.
  3. When bonding isn't allowed, the creature becomes hostile and/or pyschotic. Your trust issues are well-founded regrading estrangement.
  4. They know how to sneak up on us [doors] with espionage.
  5. How dare she kill a member of your family in the New York Harbor!"
  6. No gun reform for MKULTRA or Echelon fake news gun shootings, aka Tzitzoom.
  7. Wrecking up marriages is a black specialty.
  8. Carson is Mongoose.
  9. When a message is leaked to Debbie, remember all who dare to look for them, it will be at her level of comprehension, not yours.
  10. It's all smoke and mirrors - the dance of protestors - to deceive (my children included) wavering Celsius"
  11. The "new normal" is black tyranny behind the curtains pulling strings to put her in the White House and Michelle as her veep.
  12. Her not letting you download music is a hate crime/home invasion as is everything they do to your devices.
  13. 17. Brats want guns outlawed so it's easier to take over America with their foot.
  14. There is no such thing as gentle communism as members are immature and don't like being told the law.
  15. Spying without warrants and punishment without convictions is "no freedom."
  16. It is not your turn if Debbie didn't have a turn.

811. April 12, 2021

  1. You shouldn't have invested money where you could be extorted.
  2. "We're just pretending" is fascism depriving Debbie and the kids of family as God intended.
  3. WWJD? The Jewish way/Torah
  4. No citations for traffic violations is a pagan, communist regime, Son.
  5. Too much Tzitzoom is going to hell for not enough Gum Zu L'Tova.
  6. Jack was willful for doing this to us.
  7. What do you mean you're pretending adultery with a married man?
  8. Fun and games with KR or KH is racketeering, not Faith.
  9. They learn how to push your buttons with espionage before the drama presents itself - assuming them victory over the unsuspecting Target.
  10. Carson and Condi Rice are poison, especially to your children and now grandchildren.
  11. They even bother her when she swallows her morning supplements.
  12. Her going down to the border is sympathy for them and that is communism.
  13. 17. "Helping the Black Man" at somebody else's expense is a felony.
  14. No children. Tell Biden to get earmuffs.
  15. It's against the law to stalk her in that game for any reason. Making her pay twice is a hate crime.
  16. If you fire a black and they riot, he's racketeering"
  17. * Bottom of 803. Ben Carson was disappointed that her arm or "Break her neck" wasn't actualized...

814. May 4, 2021

  2. They threaten to riot if we don't play Suicide by Cop games (fake news) with them.
  3. I don't care what your method is, Steve.
  4. Using espionage in place of evidence is clandestine. No tiny shit.
  5. They're calling murder of one's child via laser buddy in Space, "Systemic racism"
  6. Loudmouth prowess isn't the vice presidency"
  7. Timing is intimidation!"
  8. Death from a thousand itches is many tiny laser stabs breaking through the skin calling itself "Make me."
  9. Making something look bad when it isn't,, is Burgess Meredith".
  10. Blacks see teeth (and fists) in everything because they're mental" and their attacks are GOOSE"
  11. When you can't win for losing, the satellite monitor (trolls, monsters) is sadist.
  12. Espionage and sabotage charges if you say or do anything to Debbie while you say you're gathering intelligence.
  13. SC Everything fake is choreographed to assure mind control of "we the people" and Brenda Levy was choreographed.
  14. Outside the law is lust.
  15. Erasing BOLO was Obstruction of Justice. I don't take too kindly to hurting her twice. And don't try to get away...
  16. Comments based on unauthorized satellite observations always leads to terrorism/torture and makes her a prisoner of war.
  17. Debbie is "simpatish" but decades of violent abuse tends to hide it.
  18. Company is jealousy.

815. June 4, 2021

  1. NASA has some nerve using a weapon like that on civilians!"
  2. It isn't murder if it never had consciousness"
  3. Hate crime for Carson-Chicago to sabo your video game)
  4. One of the most dangerous jobs in the world is a traffic stop.
  5. Hinckley was Powell.
  6. Keep slavery alive is intimidation)
  7. Competing against her using espionage is a dirty fighter"
  8. Restricted from F....
  9. Condi Rice butting in on your daughter's arrangements with you is terror.
  10. "I'll call Taylor" X468 Shetamia and Breonna were both Taylor.
  11. You're not suppose to hear those lying devils.
  12. If she sees it on the news, it's not snitching.
  13. If you don't keep up with your mother's stuff, they'll use you in a felony way and that's prison"
  14. Breonna "Speedwagon" Taylor is getting around the lawful way to do government" She is not dead" - just another black scam/stunt like Floyd Jones to tear us apart" And in that image comes Critical Race Theory - another quickie session with Ephesians 2.2 permission slip to beat our teachers up.
  15. "Roll over when I say" is a dictatorship.
  16. "Share with me (or else implied)" is stalking.
  17. Blacks resisting arrests to push the envelope on police resolve to bring them in,, is communism.
  18. 666 means Tradition that ignores God by enhancing Man's oppression) on each other". Pro-Life fits this category!)
  19. Communists do "no real" with Defense - the black solution to racism is sneaky way of enslaving us in every possible way""