And this continues

816. June 20, 2021

  1.  They humiliated him with the Kim itch to cause him to leave Debbie.
  2. Blacks using NASA and Defense punish, without government due process, defenseless civilians they don't like. They will try to convert you to their way of thinking.
  3. Payback for slavery cannot be held up in court or a church and so...
  4. Angry faces means you still want revenge for slavery" and that's intimidation.
  5. There is no balance in right and wrong. That word is used only in communist interactions.
  6. Not letting him sincerely apologize to Debbie is a hate crime.
  7. "One must be black" is a hate crime.
  8. Playing with Condi Rice is like playing Russian Roulette.
  9. Putting themselves in G-od's place, during the punishment phase, is a felony. Exodus 20.5
  10. They're using communism to hide racism.
  11. How do you prove there is a God to unbelievers.
  12. Espionage isn't a win; it's Soda!
  13. The saying "Crime doesn't pay" has been reversed by Little Sister making it a wider road to hell"
  14. Trying to get at Debbie's relationship with her husband (and kids, etc) was a hate crime Blacks excel at  even though we gave them prestige, power, fame, money and illegal access on a developed fast track Neitschze system.
  15. If you use espionage to advance yourselves and to sabo others, you're not North Carolina.
  16. You were not a slave. ]It takes character to see that" So stop acting that way or ....
  17. "Log in to post (a comment)" is like a poll tax.
  18. Physical violence is inexcusable"
  19. 31 years later - Ket Resh Hay

817. June 28, 2021

  1.  It's ....
  2. I don't care if he got on the wrong bus. He didn't deserve to be beaten.
  3. "Payback for Slavery" is stalking charge.
  4. Intrusive politics is a Holstein)
  5. Commies are always throwing monkey wrenches when governments try to help Debbie" lawfully) You were saying?
  6. Trying to establish communism in the United States is a felony.
  7. Different people/agencies, use different ciphers
  8. To paraphrase Oprah Winfrey on the bus: "You must be in poverty around me." And she is always around".
  9. Communists don't play fair. They think Echelon)mental telepathy) espionage gives them a divine right to stalk people out of their comfort zones.
  10. If you use might to get "privileges" that's retaliation, tyranny or both.
  11. The vice president calls herself "the Goddess of Misfortune", thus making Marcus Welby, the King of Bedlam)
  12. Reprisal was a good movie. Bruce Willis was in it.
  13. Oprah Winfrey is the one who cuts marriages in half, not the queen of England.
  14. Intimidation based on espionage is terrorism..
  15. They were procreation only sex, not homewreckers. Forcing that was wrong, too.
  16. .... .... racketeering and stalking for coming to Northeast Dallas on June 29th with her hate mail is bones".
  17. There is no real case(s) on Debbie - just Oprah pretending..
  18. UFO's are a communist lie".
  19. "Okay, Condi Rice" is a felony.

818. July 11, 2021
  2. Stealing originals from Debbie - Hate crimes.
  3. Espionage is STILL terrorism.
  4. Building a technology they any brat with a keyboard can sabotage innocent people's lives is culpable.
  5. It's mean-spirited racism - him with Myo Kim - and we're not going to help you establish a mean-spirited society so it's comfortable to be mean-spirited! 24 years SOB's!!
  6. Cruel shiit, which includes laser rape and other forms of torture, is out"
  7. Hate crimes all 94 on the Third - they target people they don't like by putting them in "jars" with criminal observation satellites.
  8. Across the board law enforcement is essential to maintain liberty and obstruct a royal monarchy form of disciplinary government.
  9. Running around with a chip on your shoulder is disruptive in the workplace.
  10. Ever notice how Communists always has excuses for breaking the law or not being up to snuff?
  11. Precious name retaliation is communism"
  12. Setting traps so you can take prisoners instead of criminals is waste and fraud"
  13. Dallas ......
  14. "A kinder, gentler nation" knocked my teeth ...
  15. Cain on Debbie is overkill - racketeering is excessive"
  16. Be careful. They hoodwink and then addict people to the urgency and necessity of power politics.
  17. Wray and his bunch are not suppose to put Carson before a fedwit or sl*ts on marriages"
  18. July 12, 1975 I tried to prove the Irish right with tubes tied.

820. September 9, 2021

  1. If the light turns red while your car  is in the intersection, it's red light running. No more taking advantage of cops in patrol cars".
  2. Stalkers use terrorism to get  people on their side.
  3. Tricking her doesn't make it a false report.
  4. He steals again - Prison.
  5.   ...
  6. Idolatry is the crime of making others pay for your sins, which in  the case involving blacks on slavery, is looking for revenge.
  7. Balance is a gussied up word for retaliation.
  8. Blacks finding fault everywhere is terrorism. 90% of the time they haven't legal access and it's petty" 
  9. Listening to blacks when they're doing the wrong thing isn't government is a felony"
  10. Condi Rice talked gay tweens into suicide if they couldn't be in the Boy Scouts. Before her Echelon, there were no lethal reactions.
  11. Communism helps fascists get things their way quicker than any other form of government.
  12. He does John 3.16 for you and you do Matthew 22.37 for Him.
  13. Your child was usurped from being the first Asian American daughter of high order.
  14. The Mark of the Beast is like a tattoo - permanent so she's "comfy cozy."
  15. No stopping white doing real" or limiting them.
  16. Yellow means stop - not more time to get across the intersection.
  17. Denton County deputy (filmed and viewed by Manhattan) was entrapment terrorism and a false report concerning the A Train.
  18. Blacks using satellites to stalk us is a felony. DUH!

819. Date missing

  2. An investigation is pending on how Chief of Department Terry .... was terrorized by ......., who wanted that position to get at one of our officers.
  3. Kamala Harris will regret stalking Debbie)
  4. Dallas Librarians are still playing games when it comes to making copies - Retaliation number 3"
  5. Bad thing about 9-Eleven was Ronald Reagan letting Condi Rice authorize DoD into doing it to stop 94 from killing Debbie. Same thing again was the George Floyd hoax to stop them from killing Debbie".
  6. Donald Trump authorized the same with Ben Carson, Bill Gates and Condi Rice to stop them from killing Debbie.
  7. We want Debbie because Defense is stink and a murderer, aka Bones.
  8. The Marine won't get away for stoking fires for Kim ....
  9. Blacks are jealousy and became nigglers making themselves "seem" omnipotent anarchists with DoD technology on civilians
  10. "No In Kwon" was said by one of them on Wednesday night. They call him a gook and maybe he is a stinking traitor now, but isn't their invasions, racist?
  11. K. Harris isn't Silver Certificate and never will be)"
  12. LETTING KAMALA HARRIS AND BEN CARSON ENGINEER THE BUS STOP AWAY FROM DEBBIE - HATE CRIME. Then they engineered the whole bus system out of her reach to many intersections).
  13. Thank you... for being good boys about the bus stop crime"
  14. E....
  15. George Floyd was faked to keep Oprah Winfrey from killing Debbie"0 The resulting riots and mayhem, however, were triggered by Tarzan in NSA.
  16. They sell power to those willing to commit crimes!".
  17. ... Blacks shouldn't say Song is their name and then hurt Debbie.
  18. Erased by Henry
  19. Charles said no toughie blacks on the third
  20. Ditto 18
  21. "No real" is the black way of not allowing you to steer your own car while calling you fully human before birth.
  22. The president shouldn't negate Debbie Henry talks big.

821. Missing

822. September 26, 2021

  1. Character is built by God and your parents, not Defense or NASA satellite technicians :( with bugs up their ...
  2. They rig things in their favor with terrorism and torture/coup.
  3. Emptying store shelves of health supplements etc Debbie uses is a hate crime.
  4. Every time we share an idea with the British, they disturb us with their versions of  it, e.g. Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson and Kamala Harris
  5. Instagram was a safe place to post information and make crime reports"
  6. Evolving blacks outside of Evolution, is Ego. ** No taking our privacy away to develop them!
  7. Opening a harbinger is sabotage.
  8. Letting them have extreme weapons so they can criminally extort people out of their lives is stalking
  9. Sharing with the communists is too fascist.
  10. England expulsed the Jews in 1290 and started destroying the Catholic Church in 1533. Who sees 512 here?
  11. Why is it taking so lone? Debbie doesn't want to win the Evil way (be corrupted or faked) and Terrence Monahan  say Right!
  12. The more illegal access/immunity you give black tyranny, the more they want and that's not fair to the people they stalk. 
  13. Messing up people's lives is terror.. No apeing your way up either"
  14. Next time you call someone lazy, recall to mind the cellphone, obstructions of access and bus schedules)
  15. Espionage on Debbie's private life is a hate crime and they are at it every night pursuing sleep deprivation"
  16.  See to it you don't"
  17. Your petition to divorce Debbie has been denied, InKwon and so goes that visa"
  18. Kamala Harris says getting away with crimes on people (which she admits she enjoys which you ought to know by now is sadism), builds self-confidence"
  19. Giving into the Carson's might where it effects Debbie, is the communist way"

823. October 15, 2021
*** "I'm not going to obey the law" is militant "Payback for Slavery.."

  1. "White Privilege" is a highly evolved way of living and it's not racist.
  2. They can and will spoil things with espionage on us. ;(
  3. Giving laser technology to [blacks] to use for their personal agenda is a hate crime JFK thought up and the Secretary of State for those votes"
  4. People's lives are not your game pieces.
  5. Revelation 22.2 spells healing with an A, not an E.
  6. If a spy satellite is on you "open", it's not called karma.
  7. Quoting Scripture is not a Church and State issue. Stop mudding up the waters.
  8. Sadists find satisfaction in the debasement of others.
  9. What Columbus did was Free Exercise and what El Salvador did was child/human sacrifice.
  10. Changing the name of Debbie's website domain is a hate crime I will prosecute"
  11. They're trying to control police chiefs.
  12. I better hear and see you defending the Constitution or you're a Camelot toad.
  13. If you don't mind your own business, you're a predator
  14. Scaring people out of free speech is a felony ad reminds us of Nazi Germany!" And telling the truth on your clandestine actions isn't calling you a name).
  15. You think so?
  16. "Not until she minds me" is a dictatorship, Mam.
  17. No communism on Debbie.
  18. Galatians 2.4 is Condi Rice
  19. Consciousness,, not a heartbeat, should be be the defining factor)
  20. Creating delusions and forcing people to live accordingly, even if its against the law, is terrorism of making us paraplegic.
  21. She threatens to do that to you, too, Honey" 

824. October 31, 2021

  1. No petty rulers on us, not even if they're Americans"
  2. Espionage isn't legal, but it makes communism work for fascists"
  3. They design people.
  4. Out the no marriage)
  5. Pushing Myo Kim on the husband all these years was racism"
  6. We're tired of Blacks using espionage to deceive Whites"
  7. They didn't want to fight racism; they wanted to take its place".
  8. They engineer kills on people.
  9. It's is not lust to desire gainful employment in an occupation available to college students. )Duh"
  10. Grabbing for themselves is terrorism/dirt
  11. Making it hard on her to find things is a felony
  12. Transparency is a death sentence in the fist of echelon-driven observation satellite technicians.
  13. We cannot dispense with this one.."
  14. A black female behind a white in a picture is intimidation. Even worse if she bears her teeth.
  15. Kamala Harris is Bowes-Lyon - another high class piece of rubbish that disrespects Debbie's.
  16. It's against the law to terrorize or shame you about your private business.

825.  November 21, 2121 - Not allowed sequential order

  1. Restore her website as
  2. Vice President Kamala Harris pestering police officials and other professionals working with Debbie is tyranny and will not be validated by my office.
  3. Balance is a Treasury word, not ever Justice means communism is not the solution and you can be punished for these horrific crimes)" "With limits is ..."
  4. "I am prepared to start World War III on Debbie if you don't obey us and front us (by fixing things) ...." is Professor Rice doing communism. 2224 hrs, 3/1/22 No hitting her Resource tiles. What was that about "not jinxing her?"
  5. Blacks having fantasies, like this, are felonies.
  6. No hostiles in Debbie's rooms.
  7. No playing games with In Kwon either"
  8. No holding things over people's head with espionage".. Sleep deprivation is retaliation and one of the tenets of MKULTRA.
  9. Condi Rice - "Now I am going to beat you up" - with an opinion is stalking - a federal offense.
  10. "Merrick is a joke" because zeros lie to him.
  11. Oprah Winfrey had no business tampering with the commissioner in order to get parts of the BOLO page erased.
  12. Restore that webpage, too. Putting her through that hateful shit again is terrorism and that's why she stalls. She must protect us..
  13. Sabotaging her website was a hateful thing. Since when was a local drug noise more important than finding people suffering from a communist overthrow, murder, mayhem, child molesters moved by mental telepathy, home wrecking murder-suicides, child abductions, hoaxes/fake news poisoning our juries, active shooters conditioned by MKULTRA , human trafficking, corruption in our cities, suicides by cop, and election fraud via espionage, Mam?
  14. No X112 bus stops. Starting on page 400, that change has been written in.
  15. It's a pleasure to serve you, Sir,
  16. Bus drivers better stop stalking Debbie..
  17. Kamala Harris stalking Debbie in a news story dated November 19 shows her true colors - racist communist weirdo retaliation on a German-Irish Jew.
  18. We can't make Debbie full-proof because they lie, but no investigation of her will be allowed or charges brought"
  19. Holding Debbie down so another can imitate her is Bowes-Lyon/treason.

813. April 26, 2021

  1. She arranges things to happen on me. And that's a felony..
  2. Entrapment(s) using espionage is a sadistic cheaters' game.
  3. Carson is Bones and so is Condi and Kamala Harris
  4. They, 94, spoil everything to crush our arm and make us pliable to their weak and crooked agenda - Proverbs 13.12
  5. Snitching on Debbie's conversations with Secret Service agents (relay) is a felony.
  6. Lies are evasion and if you keep listening, you're aiding and abetting violence"
  7. It ought to be sexual harassment when women in the workplace dress sexually provocative and pose/preen in front of married men.
  8. They often hide their ugliness by accusing others to get their real point across..
  9. Kamala Harris' story about California 2010 is fake because espionage on Debbie's testimony was used to fortify us"
  10. Very slowly is subversion" and now it's hypocrisy".
  11. "Systematic Racism" is a crank" Stop the hypnosis).
  12. Blacks subvert with hype. In the good ole days...
  13. Nevertheless, drama/fake news is terrorizing America with riot!
  14. Pushing filth on men is a felony
  15. Get that woman in northwest Dallas who pretended to give Debbie a tetanus shot. Erase her lie from that computer for leaving Debbie vulnerable".
  16. If you don't have a warrant to know someone's private life, then knowing it, will require extra caution, lest you be arrested for stalking.

829. January 14, 2022

  1. No devils landing on their feet after committing felonies on Debbie and myself! And you don't own her priest"
  2. Espionage disturbs or sabotages is stalking.
  3. Retaliation for EEOC is an expansion of retaliation for slavery.
  4. Calling Debbie "crazy" is black mental telepathy, like bird dog), in evasion mode".
  5. Benjamin Carson doesn't need to be coached on how to act. His medical education should have taken care of that. It's just another excuse for stalking us"
  6. Candy Carson threatens Debbie now about a post first seen on social media in 2020 is a loser.
  7. Asian students should prevail in both cases. I hope you don't find Oprah telepathy in them"
  8. Debbie is suppose to handle all kinds of flagrancy, but they handle nothing is hypocrisy as payback for slavery and flaming racism.
  9. Refusing to help a "white" person is racism and a delusion that retaliation ...