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It's Obstruction of Justice to prevent this information on social media. I fit seems confusing, means 1) Deep State is tampering with it, and /or we wrote it this way to stay alive longer"


  1. Mary was the name of King George V's consort. They called her May for short. She engineered the sinking of the Titanic by having the navigational system assembled in protestant Ireland" where she couldn't be caught! She has relatives high up in the German government and helped those wanting Adolf Hitler in power. I will skip forward to 1963 and let you read the rest of history on this page and others"
  2. May, though dead, lives on in the power structures of England, where her daughters plan how to liberate blacks from whites in a game she and JFK call MAYHEM. Oswald was but a tool of theirs and DoD as JFK's Oval Office. The "curtain rods" he carried in his friends car meant this is for Condi Rice, a person who was also engineered by the royals to stomp on me and FDR's plans" Houston, Elm and Main were the streets his motorcade took to Dealy Plaza on 11-22 and make up the last three letters in mayhem!!
  3. JFK approved of this route because he was dying of Leukemia (some say) and didn't want to go out like a wuss! He tried to back out, like he did during the Cuban Mongoose Operation, but this time the NAACP wouldn't allow it, his wife later said. He chose Dallas, as this is where NYC Mayor LaGuardia and the "police" sent my mother to give birth to me. We have proof of all of this!
  4. Now, if I try to rise in my presidential destiny, blacks will cause "MAYHEM" on the United States" The initials of Oprah Winfrey comes from the name Bowes-Lyon, the name of her daughter is Elizabeth" the now sitting monarch. Kennedy's Camelot and Oswald were his Oval Office.
  5. General George S. Patton was murdered by a car striking him just after he told the queens he was not interested in a communist plan to raise Blacks.
  6. Devils are erasing this page and I will have t make corrections on another day. He's blaming Trump when it's Ben Carson)
  7. In a 1961 movie, Ada, the name "Jellicot" was mentioned. The history book pointed out that in 1914 Sir John Jellicoe called the German's zeppelin an "enormous bladder of combustible and explosive gas" [p.444 Manchester-Lion]. In the movie Patton 1970 towards the end, the general and his pal were almost run over by a cart neat these signs: "Café Restaurant" and "Gastavertschaf." Now, you know he was murdered and the reason was because he didn't think raising blacks the communist way was the right thing to do. However, Eisenhower did believe in illegal racketeering and became president. That, however, is another source!


1910: George V became king of England and the lovely bride of Frankensteen was Mary of Teck, (the current Queen's grandmother).

  1. George III and his consort Charlotte of Mecklenburg, 1760.
  2. First Sea Lord Sir Arthur Kayvet Wilson knighted on January 25, 1910. What does this mean?
  3. Keck 1 and 2 telescopes in Hawaii.
  4. Who hailed from Beckley Ave? OSWALD
  5. I have a serial killer named Beck on OKLAHOMA page.
  6. The Prime Minister when Adolf rose to power (1929-35) was educated at the Univertsity of London in Berkbeck.* List of PM are on bottom of CONGRESSIONAL
  7. The Blacks said no Americanizing In Kwon and like American's Flight 11, he disappeared from the radar before hitting the Twin Towers on 9-Eleven.
  8. The planes used to affect this tragedy all contains messages from the Blacks that engineered it using DoD-ONI. This was Condi Rice's breakout performance, I thought, not having all the facts as you can see on LAPD. These stunts were to be her route to the White House as president had I not found out! If she had done this without tearing up my family, she might have gotten away with it. Many leaks about this can be found in a 2006 movie called United 93. This manifest list brings up names of people in the past, blacks may have had grievances with. That is not cool, to make innocent people suffer"
  9. Shanksville, PA was the place the plane crashed. Shanklin was the name of the lead investigator of the JFK Assassination. This event, like all the rest, was engineered.
  10. The jihadist pilots of the last plane was named Saeed* and Ziad (reversal of Zion and Sion indicates an inside job). This may suggests Ethiopia is the country our Blacks are standing for. Idi Amin is their corrupt version of our In-Amen Holy Bible or the letters "IA" in the name Ziad.* Such would mean the satellite is God. It's immaterial, but does demonstrate black nationalism as treason and not just with her (commonly refers to Great Britain).
  11. More on OHIO and I think Admiral Rickover's driver was in on it, too

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHO KILLED FDR?


The "Amerasia"* event/85 pushed the envelope for the president to re-consider Wild Bill Donovan's plans to establish the then-temporary Office of Strategic Services prior to the end of World War II. Before he received approvals, Donovan moved it's London office to the Ritz Hotel in Paris - the very room occupied by Hermann Goring, of the Nazi Party"

Unfortunately, FDR died at Warm Springs, GA, a polio camp, following the Yalta Conferance in 1945, before he made his decision against having all intel going through the State Department for interpretation instead of Defense and Justice like it had been all along"

Edward Stettinious set up the whole thing to scare FDR into allowing the CIA to prosper. It was the UK pushing J. Edgar Hoover out for mongoose, so they could push British intel on us!" This amounts to their ways of looking at things.

4/4/45 FDR said he would consider Donovan's proposal dated in November 1944. On 4-12-45, he lay dead. That's an 8 day spread. Who remembers the spread between JFK saying no Ultra to engineer things and his assassination?

On April 12, 1866, the Irish attempted to capture Campobello, an island of Canada. A movie was made about FDR and Eleanor called Sunrise on Campobello. FDR was killed on April 12, 1945. This means him choosing my mother, an Irish Catholic, was hated by many, especially the blacks"

General George V. Strong, General Sherman Miles, Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall, General Clayton Bissell, Colonel Richard Park, Jr. (White House Map Room), President Franklin D. Roosevelt*, Office of Naval Intelligence, Generals Nimitz and MacArthur, and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover were all opposed to a permanent agency against Defense called the Central Intelligence Agency. Aren't we glad, though, we have them now!

Here's another interesting fact: 4/12/1776 Who said "Let's step away from the UK?"

Part B---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Sidney W. Souers, a Truman aide became the first director of the "Central Intelligence Group" for 6 months in 1946. He was a former executive of the Piggly Wiggly food chain, which was by my house as a child and an admiral in the U.S. Navy "with a limited tour as deputy director of ONI." Hoover ended Donovan's control of the future CIA because "he was a pompous ass.""

It was the neighborhood grocer and it was in the car, parked in front of this store my brother choked on a lemon drop. BRAVERY

Dean-Dean was not good for our economy, but Baltimore got him back!" Dean Acheson was the name of Truman's Secretary of State. This is a message to be understood in the future, as to why the NAACP killed our mother"

"They're lying scenerios are stalking people out of faith. The CIA multiplies our problems with stupid games. The FBI is beginning to do the same. "You should have let them burn down Washington, D.C. than to tear down everything Debbie. ...." See Richard Thornburgh in Evil.

2/26/70: Hoover broke off liaison with the CIA.

* H.R. 538 violation

The Balfour Direction was a political document rather than legal. p. 201 Zionism -Laqueur

p. 319 in Hoover-Gentry

  • In 1947, Congress made the Agency and National Security Council legal.
  • It is the opinion of some of the men who used weapons to locate POW-MIA in Southeast Asia, that elements in the area knew we were coming. 8/8/10 relay.
  • "It's too expensive to get them back"
  • And rabbits can read.
  • William Donovan set up the first headquarters for the CIA at Paris' Ritz Hotel, in the same exact room, where Hermann W. Goering (1893-1946) had his headquarters. In case you don't remember, he's the one who thought up the Gestapo.

Remote sabotage -Terrorism, not evolutions"

Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of England told everyone to "appease" Adolf Hitler. This helped create a monster the UK could oppose. Albert Hall is the name of a theatrical complex invented during the reign of Victoria, the civil war mum that hated and probably assassinated Lincoln for giving good land to those slaves - in her words because she was Johnny Reb.

Queen Elizabeth Angela Margaret Bowes-Lyon should be looked up in Ninth of ten children, this one is the current one's mother. Her father was the 14th Earl of Stratmore and Kinghome. Her mother's maiden name was Tinck...She was born in 1900 and died March 30, 2002. She married Prince Albert (of in the can fame) on Arpil 26, 1923. He changed his name to George VI and became King of England on December 11, 1936 until his death February 5, 1952. I heard Admiral Halsey didn't like his attitude towards Debbie's mother [poisoned on January 26, 1952] and made sure he was dead for it!

It's film, Honey, not snapshots!..


  • Help men commit adultery

JFK was advised about the systematic destruction of Castro's Cuba with "Operation Mongoose." He didn't like it and it didn't happen, but this thing is being used to subvert the bank accounts to get even for things subversives (submarines) see on satellites without permission. This makes us homeless - manipulation of people's lives for the worse. Dallas FBI can be found in Goose!

Jackie Kennedy said "He wanted to back out of his assassination, but was bluntly told No! by the NAACP."

FDR's Pearl Harbor Address made on December 8, 1941, was encrypted. See if you can figure these things out. "...sudden and deliberate attack..." Use every letter and then find the two missing ones to get a message from the White House to posterity. Next read this one: "Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger."

This is the case: The queen says no off his wife/half. No black females on virgins or using him for Intel on Koreans. Alpha-Omega/Oprah Rice [1-29 and 11-14 artificial match to Rev. 1.11] first brings back the monsters in black sheets" Eavesdroppers will fight us on using the Korean in Justice 5.12 Avodat Elohim.

Judges 5.12 matches Revelation 1.11. The British made two imitations of this: Oprah Winfrey (1-29-54) and Rice (11-14-54). Notice the numbers match but not the content. This is suppose to have more value?

There is a fight as to who can "use" the word song when it's my business and mine alone. RAM is a my marriage license, albeit from Korea, but it gives me sole ownership to that name"

Yet powers that be illegal have been objecting since my birth!

Sequence of names plays a role in this. You have to read to stay up with us" I filed the complaint on EEOC in August 1990. I spoke to a priest about resigning in February 1991 due to harassment and terrorism. I didn't know about the origin of the Scriptures as revealed in the page above until 1994.. Going public about injustices of espionage starts the wheels of terror against me because my name is married and theirs isn't.

Avodat Elohim explains other ways to look at things to de-cipher messages:

SADA: Sadists first?

HE: HO - X Whore of Babylon lusts?

Men think wives that withhold sex are cruel.

This is how you work on these codes.

Everyone knows where the 8th amendment came from.

.............................Keep reading

Part C------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you take Condi Rice's initials out of the word Coventry, which was bombed by the Nazi's on her birthday, 11-14 in 1940 London, what does it mean? My best guess, it means no Vatican"

  • Some have argued it means no vets for the wild kingdom of the future.
  • If this were true, why was Korean Conflict engineered 10 years later?
  • I suggest you use 1533 for Henry's debacle on them as the first attempt to establish "no real" on the people as found in Zechariah 4.6 and match it with 1933, the rise of Adolf Hitler"
  • You could play "oven" and say it was Eleanor's idea
  • Remember the letter T's meanings (freemasonry)
  • Why is Condi Rice's dob here? Boasting as a recruitment tool.
  • Why am I leaking this? John 8.32
  • I would say see-through purses works both ways. I would pray it is better on the political table than the dinner table"
  • And stop beaching those whales

See Charles Rainier of the movie Random Harvest in Fist #48. There, too, is the date 11-14-20. Read this date backwards. As you become familiar with historical data, you will see much better what is happening and why.

Also in the year 1920, Winston Churchill wrote to Lloyd George: "Palestine is costing us 6 millions a year to hold." [Lion 697] This doesn't mean 6 million Jews murdered is a fake number, but rather the goal of someone"

In his 1948 book The Gathering Storm, Churchill describes Hitler as he was seen in 1933 by the author as : "Conjuring up the fearful idol of an all-devouring Molech...."

The British XXX Corps attacked towards "Arnhem" from Eindhoven. Notice one of the police officers killed on July 7, 2016 in Dallas Texas has almost the same spelling. That makes it look like a false flag.

Check these out: Blonde Crazy (1931) "Ah nuts!" Footlight Parade (1933) "Nerts!" Design for Living (1933) "Ah nuts!" and General Anthony McAuliffe on 12-16-44: "Nuts!" Strike out the common letters in Nerts and Nuts. What is being said about the First Lady? Megahertz

"Mayo" was Winston Churchill's math teacher at Harrow. He is praised in a book about the former for helping him conquer the subject in 6 months. How does this relate to a 1982 movie starring Richard Gere as "Mayo" and Debra Winger?

Why are so many of Adolf Hitler's top commanders endowed with the initials of Eleanor Roosevelt? Erwin Rommel, Ernst Rohm, Erich Raeder and two others: Ernst Von Rath and Erich Renmarque were markers indicating the First Lady agreed with the Zionist about punishing the Europeans who refused to move back to Israel. Considering Edith Taft came up with the idea of burning down the textile factory in NYC, these women have stronger views than their presidential husbands about how to get things done by killing a lot of people"

What does Earl Russell have to do with the above? It is a future name game.

"Hitler's next idea was contained in War Directive No. 18, issued on 12 November 1940."Is this why the American Embassy closed early on 11 November 1975? page 48 Hitler-Matthews

Ernest May was the Third Reich's version of HUD. May was the nickname of King George's V's queen.

On September 11, 1896, Winston Churchill boards the HMS Britannica and heads for India.

It's interesting to note, William II, grandson of Queen Victoria was the leader of Germany during WWI.

On November 24, 1942, a New York newspaper reported news about the Holocaust on page 10. What does this mean? #10 Downing Street was up to no good to move the Jews to Palestine.

On March 12, 1933 Hindenburg put the swastika on the red, white and black German flag. Oprah Winfrey lives in Chicago and part of her Extreme mystique she hunts people just like Hitler in the above colors: Red and white means stripes on your back and the black stands for her race in Hitler's place" [She doesn't use the CIA anymore].

The navigational system for the Titanic was made in Ireland. How easy is that to subvert? In President Reagan #83, the movie Night to Remember lists the number of people that were lost. "712" used to be a very important date to me!

The "Black Star Line" was started by British subject Marcus Garvey in the West Indies in 1918. He didn't fair to well in transporting Africans back to Liberia, but he is known for other important works. They didn't sink his ship.

The day after AJB introduced Home Rule bill in Parliament for Ireland, the Titanic sank.

Go to Arizona. There's something special there.

In 1933, debts in Germany rose to $12.9 billion marks. It's called rogue government in America, but on July 14, 1933, a new law made it illegal to oppose the Nazi Party. Who is "precious" now?

The tiny port of Spithead on the coast of England is where Winston Churchill's wife and "Queen Victoria's grandchildren" stayed afloat in times of national threats on the royal yacht, Enchantress. [That's why that strange BF spat in my face at Forest Lane Station. I found out she works for the FBI in Dallas, Texas. She was not disciplined and continues to sabotage me to this day. That's called "precious"]. Monsters

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (11-30-874) gave his children nicknames. On 6-27-911, members of Parliment turned on him regarding his failure to rehab the "Dartmoor Shepherd", a non-violent sneak thief. They were especially hard on him because he was a lover of the Irish people.

Did the Luftwaffe see the Zepplin as a "floating bomb"?

On February 4, 1874, Sir Garnet Wolseley burned African villages to the ground to halt the Second Ashanti War in Ghana (Donna is a second born and her house was burned down). Coincidence or hate mail? Why the sister at all?

Thomas Wolsey (1473-1530) was made a Cardinal in 1515 and was King Henry VIII's religious sidekick. He hammered at the king to produce a male heir and from his lack of sensitivity, brought great devestation to the Roman Church in Great Britain and Ireland"

["He should have shut his mouth and prayed for the poor bastaxd" said someone].

Some years after the turn of the century in November 1909, a crazy woman named Theresa Garnet used a whip to hit Mr. Churchill in the face and then tried to push him in front of a moving train. Fortunately, she was thwarted.

The same type of thing occurred to me, when another crazed female didn't like me saying racist anger shouldn't be played out in front of children. It occurred on the corner of Park & Fair Oaks and I was slapped extremely hard by her and then she tried to push me into a busy street screaming she's the expert on racism, not me. So much for "It Takes A Village."

People born in January have the garnet as their birthstone.

Churchill's father died of syphilis on January 24, 1895. What did Dr. Dean say about Hepatitis C in the bloodstream?

On July 17, 1915 in a letter to his wife, Clementine, Winston said: "Someday, I should like the truth to be known." In 2014, the District Attorney of Los Angeles, stopped me from making tapes and all three recorders I owned were broken.

President Reagan was nominated for president on July 17, 1980. If you find dates interesting, go to Study Hall.

Does this have any significance? Blanche was Joan Crawford's name in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in 1962.* Prime Minister Winston Churchill's mother-in-law's name was Lady Blanche. Following her funeral, his wife, Clementine was hit by a bus.

What song did Dad sing to me when I was a child?

In England they have a rule about Domestics. Butlers, maids, cooks, chambermaids, chauffers, gardeners, etc have no business minding that of the people they serve and the people who employ them have no feelings towards them. This is where Oprah gets her cavalier attitude about white folks and what she taught members of my family. It's her turn to be the served she says and lays it all out for those who want to be served like her on what is expected of them in the EXTREME page. Does she expect us to protect and service Great Britain or just black colonists which they claim to be with the label African-American. Don't lie, Mam, about the time frame this label came into being! [Reactive to espionage behaviors on me]

The Library at Blenheim, where Sir Winston Churchill grew up with his family, was 183 feet long where Herald lived. Never forget the submarine with the officer drinking ko-ko trying to tell us something in the forties. Thank you Douglas MacArthur"

What city does Hwy 183 run through?

Churchill told us to "resist" Hitler and we heard Neville screaming "appeasement."

"By leaving Poland to its own fate, Great Britain and France lost the best chance they had to end Hitler's aggression without a world war." [p. 49, Witness-Wiegel]

Debbie sounds like Churchill to us and Bush Sr. sounds like Chamberlain.. Who should we listen to? I think I've been hearing Chamberlain's for far too long!

That's all I need! Is someone who stands like you."

So, it can be concluded the Second War had to go to that deadly level for some reason.

Research some of these on your own:

Maude Adams starred in "The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up" in 1904 at the Duke of York Theater. Does this sound familiar?

Maud of Norway was the daughter of King Edward VIII who succeeded Queen "Civil War" Victoria into the British White House. He died in 1911 having the crown for only 10 years.

Where is the city of Kimberley? Paranoid

The FDR book on bibliography page did not mention our president was reading a brief about the creation of the CIA following trouble in Thailand and New York, which was engineered to turn his head their way..

Ruggles of Red Gap starring Charles Laughton was released in 1935 about the nuances of a British butler. A cute little film. But in 1932, an actor by the name Charles Ruggles played in a movie called Trouble in Paradise. President Wilson's father was named Joseph Ruggles. That pushes us back in history to WWI and the beginning struggle for the establishment of a United Nations"

FYI: Paradise means ice on pairs, as breaking up married couples. Whose initials? Or is it just another president being vulgar? And whose initials?

What was that about the Boer War? See Winston in Vulgar skin. Many blacks to this day, looking for something to gripe about, throw President McKinley's refusal to aid them against England in the Boer War in South Africa. They're always looking for someone to punish" They always gripe and find fault to avoid working at something themselves"

It's British history we have to become familiar with to understand world politics today"

Eisenhower and Beck in End No Close #511 wasn't "stupid" like Patton.

Thus, just like the Titanic and Oprah's NAACP/Harlem, the British and Eisenhower engineered the attack on Pearl Harbor to give President Roosevelt an excuse to enter a war on both oceans. That's why Americans helped the Japanese after the war to rebuild their economy. Stimson, who was the defense secretary, knew about the attack and didn't warn the 7th Fleet at Pearl much as they don't warn me before a sudden illegal attack on myself.. And if I am warned of something pending, what happens is not what they led me to believe.

The 7th Fleet was a symbol for the 7th Book in the Bible.

William C. Westmoreland is leading us to William C. Bullitt.

------------------------------------------------Part E

This bank branch of Capitol One is in far northwest Dallas. Why is it the street misspelled? Because it's someone's name! But who's?

Forrest Gump, Forrest Tucker? Forrest Whittaker? Forrest Sorrells? Tucker is the name of a plastic factory in MA. It's a Sping ARN Bank. Sorrells was the special agent in charge of the Dallas Secret Service field office during he time JFK committed suicide.

Did you ever notice that each of these assassinations events during my lifetime had something to do with the word Trade? Let's look further:

  • 11-22-63 On the way to the Trade Mart in Dallas, JFK lost his brains on Elm Street, about a half mile from this luncheon site.
  • 3-30-81 President Reagan was shot by Hinckly after giving a 20 minute speech at the Building and Construction Trade Union.
  • 9-11-01 The Twin Towers that were hit by our planes and were on the left side of Lady Liberty. These buildings were part of the World Trade Center.
  • Lady Liberty is important because on the way to the Trade Mart in Dallas, Kennedy would have passed the Stemmons Waterfall, which was built by my father."
  • 6-5-68 Ambassador Hotel was the date Bobby Kennedy was murdered.
  • Add the dates of these assassinations and/or attempts found in the book FN #47.
  • 63+81+1+68=213 This number comes up again as Ezra 2.13 where the number of children is 666. If you figure in 65, the year of Lincoln's death you come up with the number 278. This is the month and year my daughter was born. The missing day matches the day and month, King George VI passed away in 1952, twelve days after my birth!

In the Dallas Police Motorcade flanking Kennedy's entourage was Officer Marion Baker. Marian Anderson rose to fame against the DAR in 1939 when the NAACP thought I would be born in 1940. Surprise! It was a male child"

The Dallas Morning News published the itinerary list of JFK's visit to Dallas on 11-19-63. This is Jodie Foster's birthday. Strange? She would get an Academy Award for her role in Silence of the Lambs (being killed to destroy our decent culture).

How about Ray Kellerman and Sally Kellerman getting that "kill shot."

And then there is the Dallas County Medical Examiner that didn't want to let go of the deceased president whose name was Dr. Earl Rose...Earl Warren...Rose Kennedy... William Greer (driver of JFK's vehicle), Rosie Greer, Earl Warren, Elizabeth Warren, Book depository...Byong Dong.... But wait! A new one has risen named Ahmed "Clock Boy" Mohamed. There's MA in reverse!

AH - Hmmm? Adolf Hitler? Anita Hill? or Aubrey Hawkins, an Irving Police officer killed in the line of duty? Nothing goes to waste in name games!

Because trains and cars are a Dodge legacy, let's look at the word Trade. Gee! If we look at the two letters that are different in the word Trade and Train we come up with EDIN. There is is! They want to design for us a new Eden, with a satellite as a fist on our private lives. They actually (LOL) think they can design a better world than God has been doing!

Main Street west is two-way traffic...Houston north is two-way traffic...and Elm, running along Dealy Plaza is one-way west. 2-2-1. Hmm! Adds up to the number 5. The streets spell HEM with the 5Hem would mean obey us and there will be no mayhem. If you want to be creative, drawing the streets looks like a swastika.

Then there was Agent Tim McCarthy who took a bullet for President Reagan and Wayne Brewster McCarthy that stalked me in Washington, D.C. at a place where they put John Hinckley - St. Elizabeth's Hospital on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Agent Ramsey could be a relative of Ramsey Clark, LBJ's Attorney General who was also related to a Supreme Court judge, but I think that's a stretch. (LOL) How's about Dennis McCarthy?

There is also another strange coincidence in the name Hinckley. I would think he would spell his name without a C. Do you follow me? I'm not accusing anyone, mind you!

It may be the author's lack of clarity that put on page 78 something about "12 specialists and three clerks". Isn't that the area code for Chicago - 312? This had something to do with the Warren Report.

One more item, I have to share with you at this time: The U.S. Solicitor General was named James Lee Rankin. The first women in a presidential cabinet was Jeannette Rankin. The president was FDR.

More on Marian Anderson coincidences can be found on THE FBI page.

Check these coincidences out:

  • Frank E. Corder flew a Cessna into the White House on 9-12-94. This is my firstborn's date of birth. [ATYGEN]
  • Then on 12-21-94, another "disturbed individual" charges the mansion through an opened gate. Together this hatemail spells FMO (First Marriages Only). The hate mailer is the NAACP, which was miffed by FDR choosing me before them for this name - AVODAT ELOHIM.
  • OKC and WACO are both on Interstate 35. Oprah's theater we missed! Debbie's husband's middle number in his social security number is "35". A 1200 pound bomb in a Ryder Truck was placed 9 feet from the center of the north side of the Arthur P. Murragh Building. This is January 29th saying no "S" for no husband to Debbie"
  • There's more from someone: Rye NY is the Ryder Truck. That's her hateful signature"
  • During the 911 debacle, Bush returned in a Marine One presidential helicopter. "PH" is reminding me of Nuremburg. Who's initials?
  • They can do all manner of evil to get your goat, but you better not call them that" is sacred fascism.

  • Remember above we have the initials BL played. As a reminder this is the maiden name of King George's consort: Elizabeth Bowes Lyon. This is where Bruce Lee came from. When I wasn't born, they went in this direction only to choose the NAACP over this family in the end.
  • Do some research on your own to discover more messages from our cousins across the Atlantic.
  • Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler's book means MK as in ULTRA. The black scream in America is this machine.
  • Earl Rose, the doctor that attended JFK after Oswald took his best shots, leads us to Eleanor Roosevelt and Eric Rommel etc. [above] And then there is Stafford Cripps leading us to Brian L. Stafford. Hmmm!"
  • The Blood and the Cripps gangs in Florida?
  • In so many words, the Japanese were caught leaking that blacks would someday be used to destroy Christianity in the words "any one dreams." This occurred 6 days after Bruce Lee was born! [page 401, FDR-Freidel]
  • Archibald Palmer, Archibald Wavell, Averell Harriman
  • A message to the president on December 7, 1941 after Pearl Harbor reported:

Last night the Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong

Last night the Japanese forces attacked Wake Island

Last night the Japanese forces attacked Midway Island.

  • My dear friends, can you decode this message? It too is a swastika.

So many of the things that happens to me has the familiar ring of fascism on the Jews of Europe. Here are a few:

"We have to teach you a lesson."

"You must not exaggerate your problems."

"Your cries and complaints will not be heard."

"The forbidden lust of Europe is to rid the world of the children of Abraham."

"We Germans acted upon what others dreamed about." Go to Lynch Mob and read the "vulgar" pages for these re-worked comments!

The Mark of the Beast, in this day and age is 1) Sex is for procreation only like the animals and plants; and 2) Sexual partners must be the same colors. Many people hold to this belief system and that's okay, but if you your ideas become demands on the private lives of others, not only is it sinful, but also criminal.. Your preferences shouldn't ever become enforceable. The KKK is considered a hate crimes watch group.

  • They are not precious..

Exactly one year before 9-11, this officer was murdered. The markers will be explained. We were warned.

Another way to send messages that is popular is using the local Racing Guide.

May 20, 2017: Belmont in the 7th, #5 will be handed off to you in various ways. Stay alert.

This message when pieced together means: Don't have sexual intercourse with your husband. The ugliness will kill him, you or both. A friend.

And then someone added: And what a big, fat Frisbee she is."

[These were the pictures in the link I sent to you].


Sion also contains the letter ON which is the middle numbers of my last name - SONG. It may be a corrupted version of NO In-Amen, meaning the Holy Bible.Hence, a big mean and loud way of saying no husband"

This movie card has been stolen from my files by Lacey and the neighborhood.


The term "Zionism" was started as a movement in 1897 and came from a German word meaning "Self-emancipation." According to their national anthem, there exists two Jerusalems: the political one in Israel and the spiritual one where the Shekinah dwells. Thus saith the Lord: Ezekiel 38.14 (Proverbs 1.19 Matthew 26.66)


June 7, 2010