"Through no fault of their own and they have markers on them."
- LAPD Chief Beck
"That one in Dallas doesn't qualify. We wish his widow would stop lying about Debbie." - Anonymous for safekeeping

"She deliberately kills police officers to send hatemail to Debbie. Anyone that makes a stink on this website will be tagged a subversive"
- Former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III
- Dallas Police Chief David Pughes
[Patch all calls through to me].
"We're not kidding around".
January 20, 2012
If you find out about this list through subversive (illegal) means, you proved our point!.

The persons involved with the preparation of this page didn't want Black survivors listed here because they're WMD and often in on the device that kills police officers. They also demand "payment" for using his/her name on the webpage even though such is illegal on a public servant killed in action. Their presence in Debbie's life can also prevent Debbie what's left of her life and black widows say they want to take Debbie's spouse as theirs. It's sick what they say and do and such doesn't help this page resolve issues or benefit the deceased's memory with us" 24/7 - Some of them push the envelope to get on this page when they don't meet the requirements which number one is No SHOWING OFF and/or IGNORING PROCEDURES prior to their murders. 
It's against the law to play these games with other people's lives. If you see one of the physical expressions at the bottom of this page, tell someone. It's a signal to a demonic satellite to kill someone for "upsetting" a spoiled, rotten troublemaker!
"They're pet peeves are endless and will invade your privacy."
At the end of the movie Eagle Eye, as the child with the trumpet is led away from the commotion, he also displays a "mummy mouth." There are several versions of it.
"Lips over teeth" expressions.
Any expression where teeth are hidden is a felony where an injury, attempted injury or death occurs.
[It means I am weak and I will hurt you].
   James F. Yacone 303-629-7171
Nashville District Attorney Victor S. Johnson III 615-862-5599
"Stalking charges everyone of them that reacts in a negative way."
 "Read Mrsissippi" - Inspector General Glenn Fine, Department of Justice
The governors of California and New York may also be contacted.
Houston stalks Texas.

Hate Crime: Targeting police officers who have shot people in the past"..
Stalking charges on all drunks because of what happened to Debbie.".

For more, read Evil.
Killing each other does not go on this list!."

Brian Jackson - 130
When she was living at Reiger, the Department of Justice told her to drop evidence of a coup to the Dallas Police Department near Cedars Station. This was allowed once, but a few weeks later, when told to do it again, a female named "Jackson" yelled at her and told her to get lost.. When Debbie complained about it, Officer Jackson, a White male officer was murdered for her tyranny. This happens alot. The Jackson that obstructed Debbie without any provocation is on Evil.
I try to send the package to the TXAG, but Minnie David's lite likes to steal from the post offices using the Dallas FBI without my permission.
P.S. Eric didn't authorize anyone to take anything from Debbie. And he didn't authorize black females to hear the tapes either!!!
Thank you, Sir, but I know the Bush games on people."
This is another example how hatemail is transmitted.:
O said she'd quit her show in 2011, the day after September 12, my son's Dob.
Joseph Cushman
The Arlington Police Department lost a fine officer in a similar manner. This one was little more cryptic. He was shot during a training exercise with a real bullet instead of blanks. Cushing Academy is in Ashburnham, MA. Moviestar Bette Davis graduated from there. My father-in-law's initials B.D. (immigrated to US on 1-31-81) was born on 1-10-24. The road real close to the Academy lives someone known to me in the second place. [Uncle Bill lived up the street from here].
They call this game  "Connect the Dots", but I call it a crime!
"We are not a taxi service."
Aubrey Hawkins
The Irving Police Department officer was lured and killed in a shoot-out as a sacrifice for several jail officers who assaulted me for a wedding band.*  He looked like someone I knew from Sunset. The city of Irving named a street after him near Walmart on the eastbound 183 service road. This was engineered on him because - See Dispatchers and North Carolina #105. *
Mark Nix -Dallas Police officer ...
Amy Donovan-Austin's was killed by a drunk driver. - 106
Victor A. Lozada, Sr. - 83
Died as a result of a motorcycle crash near the Dallas Morning News building. Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama were in the area campaigning. I was told he was hit in the lower spine by SDI which caused him enough pain to crash into a curb. And I won't forget it, Mam! Abuse of power"
Chris James-Death related to espionage - Dallas Police Department"
Sunny Ma Lov-Dallas Police [I believe they are 50 years ahead of us!
Name games" - An example of the Names Game is found in The date is in 7-23-01
Patrick L. Metzler-Dallas Police
James Stewart - Ditto
Stuart J. Alexander-Stalked - Corpus Christie Police
Richard Barreda-DFW Airport Police
Michael Moore-Garland Police
]Sexual harassment Condi Rice"]
Randy White-Bridgeport Police
Kieth A. Fricke - Harris County Sheriff's
Shane Thomas Detwiler-Chambers County Sheriff
Jessie Hamilton - Pasedena Police
Craig Story - Arlington
Gary Dockery-Walden Police
Francis D. Blake-Burnet County Sheriff's
David R. Slaton - Texas Highway Patrol
Karl L. McDonough - El Paso Police
Angel Garcia - Ditto
Jonathan Molina - Ditto
Andrew J. Rameas - Harker Heights Police
John Norsworthy - Fort Bend Police
Robert Britton - Smith County
Sherri James - Bowie County 10
Charles Allen VanMeter - Brazoria County
Mark Sciana - Bexar County
I don't care what you think, George!"
Kevin Aigner - Travis County
Jamie Padron - Austin Police
Clay D. Crabb - Ditto
Michael Smith - Upton County
Billy F. "Bubba" Kennedy - Ditto
Chad Christian Key - Grayson County Sheriff
Robert Layden "Bobby" Hornsley - Killeen Police
Tyler M. Pinchot - Buena Park Police
Matthew Michael Pavelka - Burbank Police
Randel E. Jennings - Butte County Sheriff's
Leonard Estes - Ditto
James L. Speer - Calipatria Police
Howard K. Stevenson - Ceres Police
Russell M. Miller - Chino Police
Scott A. Hanson - Covina Police
Curtis A. Messey - Culver City Police
Richard A. May - East Palo Alto Police
Javier Bejar - Fresno County Sheriff's
Joel Wahlenmaier - Ditto
Dennis Earl Phelps - Ditto
Erik J. Telen -Ditto
Benjamin Warren Worcester - Hayward Police
Thomas P. Coleman - The Highway Patrol - 176
Justin McGrory - Ditto - 167
Gary R. Wagers - Ditto
Daniel J. Muehlhausen - Ditto
Brett Oswald - Ditto
Christopher D. Lyndon - Ditto
Scott M. Greenly - Ditto
Stephen M. Linen - Ditto
Robert J. Coulter - Ditto
John Bailey - Ditto
Brent W. Clearman - Ditto
Douglas S. Russell - Ditto
Ricky Stoval - Ditto
Joseph P. Sanders - Ditto
Thomas A. Steiner - Ditto
Michael E. Walker - - Ditto
Sean A. Nava - Ditto
Earl Harwood Scott - Ditto
Kenyon Youngstrom - Ditto 9-5-12 (Date is hatemail)
Thomas Adams - Ditto ] Go to Northwest
William Joe Hudnall, Jr. - Kern County Sheriff
Edward R. Davenport - Long Beach Police
Van D. Johnson-LAPD
Ronald L. Ball - Ditto
Brian E.F. Brown - Ditto
David S. Piquette - Los Angeles County Sheriff
Shayne D. York - Ditto
Michael Lee Hoenig - Ditto
Pierre W. Bain - Ditto
Brandan G. Hinkle - LA County
Daniel Sakai-"I loved this kid." - Oakland Police Department - 144
Mark Dunakin-Ditto - 136
Ervin Romans-Ditto - 146
John Hege-Ditto - 142
Daniel C. Kelley - Maywood Police
Tony W. Zeppetela - Oceanside Police
William Lynchburg Seuis - Ditto
Daniel S. Bessant - Ditto
"He almost made sargeant for saying No to screamers!."
Bradley J. Riches - Orange County
Matthew R. Davis - Ditto
Steven Edward Parsons - Ditto
Kyle R. Ballard - Pasadena Police
Ray Giacomelli - Pittsburg Police
Bradley A. Moody - Richmond Police
Robert Winget - Ripon Police
Doug Jacobs III - Riverside Police
Ryan Bonaminio - Ditto - 178
C.N.C. Connolly - Ditto
James Warren Lehmann Jr.-Riverside County Sheriff
Bruce Lee - Ditto
Matthew Redding - Rocklin Police
Sandra D. Larson - Sacramento Police
Emily J. Morgenroth - Ditto
Daniel J. Lobo - San Bernadino County
Ronald Wayne Ives - Ditto
Greg A. Gariepy - Ditto
Daniel Clark - San Bernadino Police
By special request of the Governor.
Lawrence  W. Canfield - Sacramento County
Gerald K. Griffin, Jr. - San Diego Police
Jeremy Henwood - Ditto - 706
Patrick Coyle-San Diego Sheriff
Ken Collier- Ditto
Mike T. Short - San Fernando Police
Darryl T. Tsujimoto - San Francisco Police
Desmond Casey - San Jose Police
Jeffrey Fontana - Ditto
Laura Jean Cleaves - Santa Barbara County
Robert Paris - Stanislaus County
Keith P. Chiasson - Thibideaux Police
Bill H. Garvey - Tulare County
Kent Haws - Ditto
David P. Grant -Tuolumne Coun
James Capoot - Vallejo Police
Paul D. Korber - Ventura Port Patrol
Lisa D. Whitney - Ventura County    
Brian Meilbeck-Yuba County Sheriff 
Brian Batchelder-Bentonville Police
Jimmy Darrell Wooley - Faulkner County
Darrell Carmikle - Game & Fish
James W. Sell - Gassville Police
Leonard Wall - Jefferson County Sheriff's
Joseph Cannon - Plumerville Police
Cody Don Carpenter - Scott County Sheriff
Joel Lee Campora - Ditto
Otis Vernon Love, Jr.- Sheridan Police
Bobby Ray Watson - Ditto
Herbert J. Smith - State Police
Johnny M. Scarborough - Ditto
Richard Lebow - Ditto
J. H. White II - Ditto
Bill Evans  - West Memphis Police
Christopher Waters - Ditto
Brandon Paudert - Ditto
George C. Griffin, Sr - White County
Brandon Paudert - Ditto
Larry Blagg-Trumann Police
Jonathan Schmidt - Ditto
Henry J. Willeford - Van Buren County
If it is found, you are sending us hate mail, you will be prosecuted!.
Brandon H. Thacker - ABC (Alchoholic Beverage Control)
Ronnie K. Jones - Barren County
Sean Pusiful - Bell County 74
King - Ditto
David G. Whitson - Bowling Green Police
Elmer Kiser - Carter County
Coleman Binion - Ditto
Randy Lacy - Clay City Police
Randy J. Boykin - Enterprise Police
Joey T. Vincent - Greenville Police
William J. Collins, Jr. - Hardin County
Regina W. Nickles - Harrodsburg Police
Mark Allen Taulbee - Hodgenville Police
Billy R. Walls III - Jessamine County - 74
Charles Morgan Jr. - Ditto 74
Eddie Mundo, Jr. - LaGrange Police
Brian J. Durman - Lexington-Fayette Urban County - 710
Roger D. Lynch - Livingston County
Peter Grignon - Louisville Police - Judge Wade's court made a false report and this Louisville police officer paid for it! "Paid with his life for a bad judge." - 711
Robert T. Hansel - Lynch Police
Anthony Rakes - Marion County
Chad D. Shaw - McCracken County Sheriff
Ray B. Franklin - Office of Charitable Gaming
Samuel W. Catron - Pulaski County
Jason W. Cammack - State Police
Chief of Police Herbert Proffitt - Tompkinsville Police 8-28-12
North Dakota
Merrill Bruguier - Tribal Police
Steven Kenner - Bismark Police - 179
Don David McCutcheon - Clark County
Robert Alton Guilliams - State Police
Dennis Engelhard - Missouri State Highway Patrol: The message was "no hard on mine" ..." Eureka is a wayward NSA word. Too many people drop that word to excuse themselves" Two days after I paid rent it was Christmas Day. [Connected the Kim in 319]. I had a friend who lived on Engle in Oak Cliff off Hampton Road.
Michael Lynn Newton - Ditto
Kelly L. Poynter - Ditto
Robert G. Kimberling - Ditto
Terry Eugene -Independence Police
Scott Arner - Jasper County
Thomas R. Meyers - Kansas City Police
Craig W. Schultz - Ditto
William John Walters - Kemper County
Nathan R. Murphy - Oregon County
James R. Dacy - Pierce City Police
Brad A. Mabee - Poljk County
Leon Earl Egley - Randolph Count
Brad Lee Schultz, Jr. - Riverview Police
Jefferson Taylor - Riverside Police
[Part of hatemnail from an Asst. DA in Dallas County. See also Kurt Wyman of New York]
Bradley T. Arn - St. Joseph Police
David Haynes - St. Louis Police
Thomas G. Smith, Jr. - Ditto
Michael Janson Barwick - Ditto
Debra K. Collins -  Dept. of Corrections
Paul Denham - Dept. of Public Safety
Marc Lee Whatley - Ditto
Vernon M. Seals - Truesdale Police
Robert Michael Langley - University Missouri Campus Police
Michael Triplett - Washington County
Christopher R. Parsons - Ditto
"We found out it's Defense killing people to do the bidding of Bush and his cronies."
James Calvin Walker - Waynesboro Police
Joshua T. Rutherford - Blaine County
Pat Pyette - Ditto
Michael Warren Haynes-Montana Highway Patrol
Evan F. Schnieder - Ditto
David J. Deloittre - Ditto
Robert Heinle - Missoula Police
David L. Breise, Jr. - Yellowstone County Sheriff 
Mark Parker-Orange County
John H. Hollomon - Ditto
Michael A. Callin - Ditto
Mariano "Rocky" Lemus - Ditto
James R. Haddock - Oscecola County
Robert Joseph Montgomery - Orlando Police
Corey Dahlem - Gainesville Police
Delmar Teagan - Fish & Wildlife
Roy R. Burnsed - Ditto
Daniel M. Starks - Fort Myers Police
Brian A. Haas - Hendry County
John Mecklenburg - Hernando County
Robert G. Smith - Highway Patrol
Joe Bill Galloway - Holmes County
Alex Del Rio - Hollywood Police
Scott E. Bell - Jacksonville Police
Michael Harley Boynton - Ditto
Christopher C. Daniels - Lake County
Arnulfo Crispin - Lakeland Police
Alfred Garrison - Lantana Police
Michael Shostak - Lee County
Mike Roberts - Tampa Police - 141
David Curtis - Ditto - 140
Jeffrey Kocab - Ditto - 140
Adam Sanderson-Florida Depatment of Corrections
"Thanks for your wonderful life!"
Steven M. Agner - Madison County
Robert Vargas-Metro-Dade Police
Roger Castillo - Miami-Dade Police
Robert Luis Calderon - Ditto
Scott Baird-Gainesville Police
Mark A. Longway - Hillsborough County
Renee D. Azure - Union County
Jefferson Hancock Davis - Columbia County
Glen Austraw-Pensacola Police
Wesley R. Whitmore - Polk County
Chad Reed - Dixie County Sheriff's Dept.
Scott Bierwiler - Hernando County Sheriff
Johnnie Patterson, Jr.-Winter Haven Police
Melissa Powers - Monroe County
Robin Tanner - Ditto
Nick P. Pham - Ditto
Joshua E. Blyer - St. John's County
R.F. Grim - Ormond Beach
Gary Morales - St. Lucie Sheriff's Dept.
Michael Christopher Doane - Broward County
"This one was driven."
New York
Alan Hoerauf-Albany Police
Derrick Paul Ward - Alleghany County
Richard L. Brooks - Babylon Town Bay Constable
Kevin J. Tarsia - Broome County
Robert J. McLellan - Buffalo Police
Jeffrey Alexander - Chemung County
Michael J. Califano - Nassau County
Geoffrey Breitkopf - Ditto
Joseph Olivieri - Ditto
Arthur Lopez - Ditto
Joseph D. Corr - New Hartford Police
Jeffrey Woolson-NY Divison of Parole
David Lane-New York State Police
John A. Longobardo - Ditto
Jill Mattice - Ditto
Andrew J. (AJ) Sperr - Ditto
Kenneth A. Poormon - Ditto
T. Michael Kelly - Ditto
David Brinkerhoff - Ditto
Amanda Anna - Ditto
Edward K. Ahrens - New York City Police
John Coughlin - Ditto
Michael Curtin - Ditto
John D'Allara - Ditto
Vincent Danz - Ditto
Patrick Divers - Ditto
Kevin P. Dobson - Ditto
Jerome Dominguez - Ditto
Stephen Driscoll - Ditto
Mark Ellis - Ditto
Robert Fazio - Ditto
John M. Kelly - Ditto
Ronald Kloepfer - Ditto
Thomas Langone - Ditto
James Leahy - Ditto
Brian McDonnell - Ditto - 98
Anthony F. Mosomillo - Ditto
John Perry - Ditto
Glen Pettit - Ditto
Claude Richards - Ditto
Timothy Roy - Ditto
Alain Schaberger - Ditto
Joseph Vigiano - Ditto
Walter Weaver - Ditto - 112
Santos Valentin - Ditto
Paul Talty - Ditto
Russel Timoshenko - Ditto
Nicholas T. Pekearo - NYPD Auxillary
Yeveniy B. Marshalik - Ditto
Kurt Wyman - Oneida County
[Murdered to send me hatemail from asst. DA in Dallas County. See also Jefferson Taylor in MO]
Norman F. Carr, Jr. - Oneonata Constable's Office
Glenn Matthew Searles - Onondaga County
[And you're still doing this at her expense]
Charles John Wassal, Jr. - Peekskill Police
Michael Perry - White Plains Police
Racists are stalking me and erasing things!
Michael Dee Pace - Bryan County
Brian Hayden - Choctaw County
Jeffrey McCoy - Depatment of Corrections
Choc D. Ericsson - Drug Control
William "Charley" Coen - Harper County
Nikky Joe Green - Highway Patrol
William Lloyd McClendon - Ditto - A
Chris M. Van Krevelen - Ditto
George Green - Ditto
Scott Evans - Ditto
Charles F. Trivitt -  Hughes County
Leslie E. Wilmott - Kiefer Police
Ian Todd Ewing - Kay County - B
Dustin S. Duncan - Latimer County
Sean David Earp - Mayes County
Dale E. DeBerry - Norman Police
Jonathan P. Dragus - OKC Police -A
Jeffrey Dean Rominger - Ditto
Adam Mehagan-Osage County - A
Dwight C. Woodrell - Pawnee County - B
Tim Lowry - Pottawatomi County
David E. Allford - Okfuskee County Sheriff
Gary Lee Cook - Rogers County
Larry W. Cantrell - Sapula Police
Marvin Williams-Seminole County Sheriff's Department
"Losing this one hurt us."
Robbie C. Whitebird-Ditto
Douglas L. Hanna - Washita County Sheriff
New Hampshire
Edward Phillips - NH State Police
Leslie G. Lord - Ditto
Michael Briggs - Manchester Police
Jeremy Charron - Epsom Police
Michael P. Maloney - Police Chief Greenland
[Matched a TCM movie I did not leak to Bush - Leaking always leads to sabotage
Jarod Dean-Boston Heights Police
Daniel J. Pope - Cincinnati Police
William Jay Hetrick - Clay Township Police
James M. Salvino, Jr. -Cuyakoga County Sheriff's
Christopher Claypool - Columbus Police
George Brentar - Euclid Police
Michael Blankenship-Ohio State University Police
Andrew C. Baldridge - Ohio State Highway Patrol
Dale Rodney Holcomb - Ditto
Robert Perez, Jr. - Ditto
Ethan G. Collins - Fairfield County
Stephen Bollinger - Franklin County
Marty Michael Martin - Ditto
Brandy Lyn Winfield - Marion County
William K. Chadwell - Pickaway Police
Lawrence M. Barnes - Ross Police
Thomas Patton II - Cleveland Heights Police: "He was a good one. I want him to be remembered. I know you don't mean all of us."
Kelli Lee Lambert - Wellston Police
Jonathan Bastock - Stow Police
Daniel Stiles - Uniontown Police Go to NORTHWEST
Jason Edward Gresko - Willoughby Police
The hatemail is connected to DeFusco - Pueblo County, CO, 8-31-12
Michael Thomas Hartzell - Youngstown Police
James Malloy-Massachusetts State Police
Doug Weddleton - Ditto
Rick Cashin - Ditto
Vincent P. Cila - Ditto
Joseph Ribeiro - Dept of Corrections
Melvin Dyer - Duxbury Police
Richard G. Magan - Fall River Police
David J. McCarthy - Medfield Police
Edwatd M. Couture - Middleton Police
Ryan Tvelia - Norfolk County
[This name is on a subversive list!]
Lawrence Jupin-Westminster Police
John DiNapoli-Holyoke Police
David Zolendziewski - Ditto
Glen Ciano-Suffolk County Sheriff's
Michael Maher-Plainville Police
Daniel Talbot - Revere Police
Joseph I. Cordes III - Swampscott Police
John P. Georges - Tynsboroguh Police
Jose Torres - Westfield Police
Mike Davey - Weymouth Police
Michael A. Towner - Worcester Police
Bradford Erickson - Yarmouth Police
Ruby A. Rainault - Essex County
Michael W. Johnson - State Police
Gary A. Gaboury - Ditto
Gerard T. Dowd-Delaware State Police
Christopher Shea - Ditto
William Paul Davis - Moody County
Richard Matthews-Wilmington Police
Sandra Marie Wagner 1996 - Was piggybacked by the death of Francis Marie Collender on 2/06/01. Both with the same middle names matches what an editor/publisher called J. Edgar Hoover "Virgin Mary Pants." This would suggest to me, in the first state, no husband in the first place, means no marriage to him. As we all know, Reagan's Dob makes the hatemail to me an R word, meaning "NO REAL" with the husband twice said! Both were with the Delaware State Police Department!
West Virginia
John Burkett III-Berkeley County Sheriff
Kenneth War Love - Mason County Sheriff
Charles E. Smith - Beckley Police
Bill G. Giacomo - Nicolas County Sheriff
Justin Thompson - Lincoln County's
Douglas W. Bland - State Police
Marshal Lee Bailey - Ditto
F. Stanton - Bradshaw Police
Michael Todd May - Monongalia County
Eric M. Workman - State Police
Rhode Island
Alister C. McGregor - E. Providence Police
James Allen - Providence Police
Norman J. Dube - Aroostook County
Daryl Gordon - Game Warden
Elmer (Buddy) Christian - Athens-Clarke County
Peter William Faatz - Atlanta Police
Allen Brad Rogers - Ditto
Chad McDonald - Bibb County
James Clinton Bryant - Broxton Police
Wayne Crawford - Carroll County
Richard J. Daly - Clayton County
Sean Louis Callahan - Ditto
Freddie Norman-Cobb County Police
Stephen G. Gilner - Ditto 
Michael Vogt - Chattahoochee Hills Police
(A set-up if I ever saw one. Who calls it in?)
"Some of the calls on the radio are not from Dispatch."
Thomas Keith Slay - Columbus Police
Samuel F. Smith - Crawford County
Dennis Carman Stepnowski - DeKalb County Police
Larry L. Stell - Department of Corrections
R. Shane Wilson - Doraville Police
Cliff Rouse - Daughterty County 27
Christopher E. Betts - East Point Police
Dennis Christian Wright - Effingham County
Haven Blake Gammill - Douglas County
David Paul Land - Forsyth County
Kathy Ann Cox - Gordon County
Charles R.T. Haist - Henry County
Vic Pimental-Hinesville Police
Steven Raul Mederios - KSU DPS
Tara Marie Drummond - Kennesaw Police
Justin Cain - LaGrange Police
David Whitfield Gilstrap, Jr. - Oconee County
Christopher Lee Ruse - Pendergrass Police
Francis Manuel Ortega - Pine Lake Police
Terry Adams - Tifton Police
Michael D. Stephenson - Richmond Board of Education
Kenneth R. Burton - Richamond County
Brian L. Maffoffey - Rockdale County Sheriff
Clyde Wilson Alley III - Tybee Island Police
Derrick Whittle - Union County
Durwin Lynn Potts Whitfield County
Frank J. Minnie, Sr. - Washoe County
John Nicholas Wiberg II - Ditto
John Bohach-Reno Police
Michael R. Scofield - Ditto
Millie Beitel III-Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
Russell Lee Peterson, Jr. - Ditto
Daniel J. Leach - Ditto
Trevor Alan Nettleton - Ditto
David Lee VanBaskirk - Ditto
Travis H. Maki - Elko County
George D. Sullivan - University of Nevada Police
Eric Lee Ottis - Bennington Police
Kenneth Wolf - Frontier County
Jason Pratt - Omaha
Mark P. Wagner - State  Police
Kenneth Keliipio-Hawaii County Police
Dannygriggs M. Padayao - Honolulu Police
Harry J. Coelho - Ditto
Eric Charles Fontes - Ditto
Garret Davis - Ditto
Gene Valgene Williams - Maui Police
Cerilo A. Agarano, Jr. - Ditto
James W. Naim - Aliquippa Police
Daniel E. Rice - Bethlehem Police
Jesse Erick Sollman - Easton Police
John D. Dryer - East Washington Police - 193
Sheridan O. Caton - Elk Lick Police
Robert A. Lasso - Freemansburg Borough Police
David Grove - Game Commission
John A. Ayello - Hamburg Borough Police
Derek Kotecki - Lower Burrell Police
Richard Lawn Jr. - Lower Gwynedd Police
Chirs Jones-Middletown Township Police
Brian S. Gregg - Newtown Borough Poluice
David D. Tome - NYCR Police
Gary F. Skerski - Philadelphia Police - 138
Stephen Liczbinski - Ditto
Walter T. Barclay, Jr. - Ditto
Timothy Simpson - Ditto
James Mayhle et al - Pittsburgh Police
Joseph E. Hanusey III - Plumstead Twp Police
Bradley M. Fox - Plymouth Police
Dennis McNamara - Upper Darby Twp Police
Doris L. Trojanowski - State Constable
David M. Pitzold - Upper Saucon Twp Police
Scott Alan Wertz - Reading Police
William Jerry McCarthy IV - Shenango Township Police
Nathaniel M. Burnfield - South Strabane Twp Police
Joseph R. Pokorney, Jr. - State Police aka the Highway Patrol
Michael Crawshaw - Ditto - 189
Joshua Daniel Miller - Ditto
Matthew R. Bond - Ditto
Brian Allen Patterson - Ditto
Tod C. Kelly - Ditto
Blake T. Coble - Ditto
Tim Bowe - State Patrol
Theodore J. Foss - Ditto
Scott G. Rogers - Clay County
Tom Decker - Coldspring Police
Grant S. Coyour - Dept of Nat'l Resources
Jason Brent Meyer - Grand Meadow Police
Shawn B. Silvera - Lino Lakes Police
Bradley A. Anderson - St. Louis Police
Richard Crittenden-North St. Paul Police
Joseph Bergeron - Maplewood Police
Mike Wilken - Ramsey County
John Scanlon - Robbinsdale Police
W.L. Canfield - Minneapolis Police
David R. Loeffler - Ditto
Mark Bedard - Minnesota Park Police
Chris Dewey - Mahnomen County Sheriff
Joshua P. Lynaugh - St. Paul Police
Russell H. Simpson - Bandon Police
William D. Bowman - Clackamas Police
Lisa G. Wampole - Coos County
J. Christopher Kilcullen - Eugene Police
Walter Slusarczyk - Gresham Police
Jason A. Hoerauf - Highway Patrol
Richard J. Schuening - Ditto
Maria Migano - Ditto [Here again we see Delaware]
Jo Dallas Rectory - Ditto
Layton Jeffries - Portland Bureau of Police
Colleen Ann Waibel - Ditto
Kirk R. Hoffstetler - Ditto
North Carolina
Glenn H. Hicks - Avery County
James Brian Collins - Bladen County
Dwayne Charles Hester - Ditto
Brian Joe Ramey - Bladensboro Police
Sean Clark - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police
Jeff Shelton - Ditto
Fred Thorton - Ditto
David W. Hancock - Cumberland County
Christopher B. Matthews - Ditto
Lolyd E. Lowery - Ditto
Larry Todd Cook - Davidson County
David M. Anthony - Dept. of Corrections
Jeffrey "Jeff" Settle - Ditto
Thought you got away with that one, didn't you?
Shannon C. Smith - Ditto
William Wright - Ditto
[Has a Smith connection, that disgruntled on in Dallas]
Charles J. Callemyn - Durham County
James Milton Johnson - Forsyth County
Ted Duke Horton - Franklin County
John Willis - Greene County
Ernest M. Hull - Ditto
John F. Strickland - Harnett County
William J. Starling - Highway Patrol
Andrew J. Stacks - Ditto
David H. Dees - Ditto
Anthony G. Cogdill - Ditto
Calvin E. Taylor - Ditto
Rick Rhyne - Monroe County
Shawn J.D. Williams - Old Fort Police
J.D. Jones - Pender County
Paul Andrew Hale - Raleigh Police
Charles R. Paul III - Ditto
Toney C. Summey - Randolph Police
William Neal McComick - Robeson Police
Richard A. Hillard - Rowen County
Willard W. Hathaway - Sharpsburg Police
Mark Reid Tucker - Wake County
William H. Weatherly V - Warren County
Jerry Kenneth Best - Wayne County
Howard J. Plouf - Winston-Salem Police
Russell M. Willingham - Ditto
David Christopher Ezernack - Alexandria Police
Jay Carruth - Ditto
John D. Manuel - Adam County (Condi did this one to say Amnesty or else!)
Ernest Willis - Allen Parish Sheriff
Jeremy Newchurch - Assumption Parish Sheriff
"It broke our hearts to lose this one."
Troy A. Ratcliff - Ditto
Russell Anthony George - Ball Police
Christopher Metternich - Baton Rouge City Police
Vicki Salassi Wax - Ditto
Robert E. Beane - Beauregard Parish
Trey Hutchison - Bossier City Police
Billy Wayne McIntosh - Callasieu Parish Sheriff
Alan Inzer - Ditto
John A. Mayfield - Ditto
Read Burton in Jennings.. See how they play?
David C. Knopps - Dept of Corrections
John Kendall - Dept. Public Safety
John M. Garlington - Dept Wildlife & Fisheries
Jim R. B. Matkin - Ditto
Paul Stuckey - Ditto
Herman W. Brooks - DeRidder Police
Ricky Stiles, Jr.-Sexual harassment - East Feliciana Sheriff's Dept. 
Nolan Williamson, Sr. - Ditto
Allen L. Heirtzler - Ditto
Jeremy Carter - Evangeline County
Randall J. Spearman - Folsom Police
Robby J. Acosta - Iberville Parish
James M. Phillips - Jeff Davis Parish/Sheriff
Joshua Norris - Jefferson Parish Sheriff
Stephen J. Newitt - Ditto
Burton James LeBlanc - Jennings Police
Ronald M. Mederios, Sr. - Killian Police
Duane Dalton - Louisiana State Police
Paul G. Richey - Ditto 
George Johnson - Ditto
George August Tessier III - New Orleans Police
Alfred Celestain - Ditto
Christopher Wayne Russell  - Ditto
Chad Lee Elkins - New Iberia Police
Sidney A. Zaffuto - Orleans Parish Criminal
 J.R. Searcy - Ouachita Parish Sheriff's
David Gerald Richard - Port Barre Police
Jeff G. Watson - St. Charles Parish
Edmond J. Songy, Jr. - St. John the Baptist Parish
Linden Beau Raimer - St. Tammany Parish
Hilery A. Mayo, Jr. - Ditto
Timothy Prunty - Shreveport Police
Timothy J. Bergeron - Terrebonne Sheriff
Steven George Netherland - Vernon County Sheriff
Glen D. DeVanie - Wax City Marshall
Bil Jewel Linder - Wisner Police 
Jackson Lone - Seattle Police
Timothy Q. Brenton - Ditto
Brian Walsh - Federal Way Police
Mike Gallagher - Lewis County Sheriff's
Steven J. Underwood - Des Moines Police
John Bernard - Grant County Sheriff's
Mark Renniger-Lakewood Police
Greg Richards-Ditto
Ronald Owens-Ditto
Michael Estes - Walla Walla County Sheriff
Mat Herzog - Whatcom County Sheriff
James G. Lewis - Tacoma Police
William Francis Lowry - Ditto
James E. Saunders - State Patrol
Tony Radulescu - Ditto
[Mueller will contact you].
Sean Michael O'Connell, Jr. - Ditto
Mark W. Brown - King County Sheriff
Richard A. Herzog - Ditto
Anne Marie Jackson - Skagit County Sheriff
We saw this in Delaware.
Peter D. Garland - Klickitat County Sheriff
Bradley W. Crawford - Clark County Sheriff
Shandon Wright - Pierce County
Ronald Owen MacDonald - Dept of Corrections
Neil Wells - Detroit Police
Shawn P. Bandy - Ditto
Scott T. Stewart - Ditto
Matthew E. Bowens - Ditto
Jennifer Timathy-Ann Fettig - Ditto
Shane Allen Britton - Cass County
Riley Scott Sumner - Chelsea Police
Matthew J. Tuttle - Ditto
Kevin Michael Sherwood - Clare County
Richard L. Vauris - Clinton Township Police
Michael T. Scanlon - Ditto
Perry Austin Fillmore - Ditto
Jessica Ann Nagle-Wilson - Hazel Park Police
Eric James Johnson - Howard City Police
Kelly Joseph Vermeersch - Huron County
James Bonneau - Jackson Police
Eric Zapata - Kalamazoo Dept of Public Safety
Joseph Rodgers-Florence County Sheriff
Paul Grahovac-Alger County Sheriff
Mason J. Samborski - Oak Park Dept of Safety
John Kevin Gunsell - Otsego County
Robert Kozminski - Grand Rapids Police
John Raymond Weir - Sault St. Marie Police
Paul Kenyon Butterfield III - State Police
Mark Anthony Sawyers - Sterling Heights Police
Dan Kromer - Taylor Police
Matthew Loyd Edwards - Ditto
Dennis Warren Finch - Traverse Police
Scot A. Beyerstedt - Mattawan Police
Christopher M. Wouters - Warren Police
South Carolina
Danny Wilson - Abbeville County
Sandra E. Rogers - Aiken DPS
J. Alex Burdetter - Anderson County
Ferris E. Catoe III - Camden Police
Dennis E. LaPage - Charleston Police
Gilbert F. Halma - Cheraw Police
Dennis C. Compton - Colleton County
James E. Myers - Dept. of Public Safety - Orangeburg
Phillip M. Deese and his K-9 partner - Dorchester County
Russell L. Wiles, Jr. - Elloree Police
Gary Hanna - Florence County
Marcus L. Whitfield - Greenville County
Mark D. Jones - Hardeeville Police
Jonathan Nash - Highway Patrol
Kevin Cusack - Ditto
Michael J. Rao - Ditto
Eric F. Nicholson - Ditto
Kenneth J. Johnson - Ditto
Jonathan W. Parker - Ditto
Rick Lee Johnson - Ditto
Dennis J. Lyden - Horry County
Joseph S. Quarles - Laurens County
Brian S. Mills - Lexington County
Joseph J. McGarry - Myrtle Beach Police
Johnny Hamilton-New Ellerton Police Department
William F. Schuck III - Oconee County Sheriff's
Frank Glover - Public Service Authority
Byron K. Cannon - Richland County
William Boland Bell - Summerville Police
Richard Nesbitt Jr. - Sumter Police
Robert Lee Bailey - State Constable
Jason S. Zunker - Chippewa County
Jay P. Balchunas - State Criminal Investigations Div.
Robert G. Etter - Hobart-Lawrence Police
Stephanie R. Markins - Ditto
Craig Birkholz - Fondulac Police
Robert G. Etter, Jr. - Hobart Police
Frank Fabiano - Kenosha County
Dale Robin Tenhaken - Manuitawoc Police
Mike Demos-Milwaukee Sheriff
Sung Hui Bang  - Milwaukee Police
Family names, brother's dob and maiden name
Ralph Zylka - Ditto
Kory Dahlvig - Vilas County Sheriff
John Mark Schmitt - Washington  County
Echo Oprah says "the police belong to me for termination as I see fit" The pervert calls this "having sex." I want to kill her, too.
Stephen J. Hahn - Eau Claire County
Donald E. Bishop - Brookfield Police
Bruce Heck - Alaska State Troopers
James A. Moen - Ditto
Tage Brundel Toll - Ditto
Justin T. William - Anchorage Police
James C. Hesterberg - Dept of Corrections
Matt Tokuoka - Hoonah Police
Anthony Wallace - Ditto
James A. Rowland, Jr. - Palmer Police
New Mexico
Jeffrey Cole Russell - Albequerque Police
Angelic Suzette Garcia - Bernalillo County
Ralph Lee Garcia - Guadelupe County
Lloyd R. Aragon, Sr. - State Police
James A. Archuleta - Ditto
Andy F. Tingwall - Ditto
Ramon Robert Solis - Ditto
Damon Talbott - Ditto
Michael C. Avilucea - Ditto
Robert A. Potter - Motor Transportation
Steve L. Hood - Mississippi Dept. of Public Safety
[I was stationed here in Texas].
Larry DeWayne Lee - Moss Point Police
[Moss Point was the name of the street my grandmother lived on in Oak Cliff where she raised those German Shepherds].
Garry Marshal Welford - George County
Brian Ronald Kinsey - Jackson Police
Bruce Daniel Jacob - Ditto
[Fort Jackson, SC was basic training].
[Remember what Extreme said about veterans].
Michael L. McKee - Kemper County
Jeffrey B. Shaw-Kosciusko County Sheriff's Dept.
E.C. Mullins - Simpson County Sheriff's
Bobby Spencer - Shannon Police
[She's not my daughter to use].
Tom Bourne - Jefferson Davis County Sheriff
[Jeff Davis was the first school I attended. It's still at Kiest & Polk. St. Elizabeth's was second and it's on Hampton Road at Vatican Lane].
Jim Rutland - Ditto
James Franklin Northcutt - Long Beach Police
[My paternal grandmother lived here and some of them still do. It's in California].
Dewayne Crenshaw - Teppah County
Edward Odell Fite - Wiggins Police
[Judge Fite sold my first house on Botany Bay to another veteran].
Brandon Breland - Ditto
Michael J. Walter - Pearl police
Larry A. Holder - Algonquin Police
Wilford Ray Lewis - Bradley Police
Patrick M. Righi-Barnard - Burbank Police
Jeremy Preston Chambers - Cahokia Police
Brian Keith Gibbons - Calhoun County
Alan Haymaker - Chicago Police
Thor O. Soderberg - Ditto
Philip J. O'Reilly - Ditto
Frank Balzano - Ditto
Donald Joseph Marquez - Ditto
Michael Anthony Ceriale - Ditto
Richard M. Francis - Ditto
Michael Patrick Gordon - Ditto
John C. Knight - Ditto
Jeremy Hubbard - Cowden Police
Robin G. Vogel - Decatur Police
Tommy Kent Martin - Douglas County
Oren E. Smith - Edwards County
William H. Warren - Hamilton County
Gregory Martin Sears - Hampshire Police
Jonathan E. Walsh - Joliet Police
Thomas T. Wood - Maywood Police
Cristy Sue Tindall - Peoria Police
Donan "Jim" Faulkner - Ditto
Steven M. Zourkas - Niles Police
Rodney Todd Miller - State Police
Brian Carl Mc Millen - Ditto
Erin Sweeney Hekl - Ditto
Stanley W. Talbot - Ditto
James Michael Sauter - Ditto
Diane E. Johns - Williamson County
Dane Ray Jones - Ditto
Bill Bauer - Wyoming Police
Travis P. Murphy - Phoenix Police - 137
Nicki Erfle - Ditto
Marc T. Atkinson -Ditto
Eric J. White - Ditto
Jason A. Wolfe - Ditto
Sean Drenth - Ditto ) A Bush hit" - 698
Daryl Michael Raetz - Ditto
William Coleman - Maricopa Coutny
Go to Extreme #250
Eric Shunhandler - Gilbert Police
Patrick Hardestry - Tuscon Police
Jeff Moritz - Flagstaff Police
James R. Snedigar - Chandler Police
Steven P. Pollard - Mesa Police
Doug Kautson - Dept. Public Safety
Michael V. Gallagher - Border Patrol
North Carolina #705
Timothy Williams - Calhoun County
Don Williams - Dale County
Dexter Hamilton - Headland Police
Donald J. Newman - Jimison Police
Daniel James Clark, Sr. - Pritchard Police
James Roberts III - Russell County Sheriff's Dept
Dexter Holcomb - Oxford Police
William F. Immer - Dept. of Corrections
Phillip Davis-Pelham Police
You know they cause accidents to terrorize us!.
David Howell Jennings - Petro Gas Board
Johnnie Lane Shaner - White Hall Police
South Dakota
Nick Armstrong - Rapid City Police
Chad Mechels-Turner County Sheriff
Eryk T. Heck - Allen County
Daniel D. Edenfield - Ditto
Donald R. Knepple - Ditto
William R. Toney - Beech Grove Police
Timothy Betts - Department of Corrections
Doug Adams - Elkhart Police
Frank C. Denzinger - Floyd County
Thomas E. Goodwin - GoshenPolice
Will Phillips - Greenfield Police
Timothy J. Laird - Indianapolis Police
David S. Moore - Ditto - 709
Roy Bruce Sutton, Jr. - Jefferson Police
Tracy Lee Miles - Johnson County
Thomas L. Cochran - Lawrenceburg Police
James R. Kautz - Long Beach Police
Jason M. Baker - Marion County
Thurman E. Sharp - Ditto
James J. Szuba - Mishawaka Police
Daniel R. Starnes - Morgan County Sheriff's
Richard M. Clapp - New Richmond Town Marshal's
"He must have been mighty proud to have you along"
Craig A. Blann - Newton County
Mike E. Deno - Oakland Police
BF subversive stalking me: "I wanted to put a slug in him."
James E. Baugh - Putnam County
Gary W. Henderson - Shelbyville Police
Nick S. Poliozzotto - South Bend Police
Scott Lee Severns - Ditto
Scott A. Patrick - State Police
Richard T. Gaston -Ditto
Gary E. Dudley - Ditto
Gary L. Martin - Ditto
David E. Rich - Ditto
Daniel R. Barrett - Ditto
Jason E. Beal - Ditto
James P. Bartram - Ditto
Brent Long - Terre Haute Police - 187
James E. Fowler III - Baltimore Police
John D. Platt - Baltimore City Police
Bruce Allen Prothero - Baltimore County
Barry Winston Wood - Ditto
Kevin J. McCarthy - Ditto
Kristin "Marie" Pataki - Capitol Park Police [See Delaware's]
Jeffrey A. Wroten - Corrections
Mike S. Nickerson & Schwenz - Centreville Police
Richard M. Bremer - Frederick City Police
Ian Loughran - Hartford County
Charles B. Licato - Ditto
Edward M. Toatley - Highway Patrol
Anthony Jones - Ditto
Mickey C. Lippy - Ditto
Luke T. Hoffman - Montgomery County Police
Joseph Aloysius Mattingly, Jr. - Ditto
Duke G. Aaron III - MTA
Brian K. Heller - Worcester Count
Richard S. Findley - Prince George's County
Doug Byrne - Aurora Police
Michael D. Thomas - Ditto
James H. Alterman - Cayuga Town Marshall's
Philip K. Mason - Colorado Dept of Natural Resources & Wildllife
Jared S. Jensen - Colorado Springs Police
Dale Dewain Claxton - Cortez Police
Ronald DeHerrera- Denver Police
Donald R. Young - Ditto
Bruce Vanderjagt - Ditto
Thomas L. Clements - Dept of Corrections
Daniel Carrol Dolby - Frieta Police
James "Jim" Davies - Lakewood
Travis W. Sass - Larimer County
Jay Sheridan - Limon Police
David J. Kinterknecht - Monstrous Police
Nicolas K. Heine - Pueblo Police
Leide DeFusco - Pueblo County
Jason Lee Manspeaker - State Police
Zechariah Templeton - Ditto
Joe Hunt - Alcoa Police
Mike Buckner - Decker Police
Mark E. Vance - Bristol Police
Ross R. Potter - Carter County
Justin Maples - Cleveland Police
Wallace Clinard - Cross Plains Police
Victon Reynolds - Fayette County
Jerry Crabtree - Franklin County
Lynn Wayne Hicks - Goodlettsville Police
Donald K. Bond - Hamilton County
Matt Rittenhouse - Harriman Police
Daniel S. MacClary - Hendersonville Police
John R. Davis - Highway Patrol
Calvin W. Jenks - Ditto
Bobby J. Maples - Ditto
Todd D. Larkins - Ditto
James D. Perry - Ditto
Andy Wall - Ditto
Angela K. Payne - Knox County
L. Keith Lyon - Ditto
Jason M. Scott - Loudon County
Michael D. Moore - Ditto
Dannael Weeks-Memphis Police
Don Williams - Ditto
John H. Robinson, Jr. - Ditto
Jerry Alton Mundy - Mt. Juliet Police
John Richardson - Nashville International Airport Police
Chad Pritchard - Overton County
Darrell W. Dehman -  Parson Police
Wayne Warf, Jr. - Red Bank Police
William Birl Jones - Roane County Sheriff
David Gann - Sequatchi Sheriff's Dept.
George M. Selby - Shelby County
Melvin Claxton - Shelbyville Police
Jeremy McLaren - Spring Hill Police "They took his dreams away."
Barry Shelton - Sullivan County
Dwight Riner - Ditto
Brian Denning - Sumner County
Ralph Braden - Wartburg Police
John W. Musice - Wilson County
New Jersey
Bill P. Bosworth, Jr - Andover Township Police
Kenneth L. Brown - Atlantic City Police
John J. Lesemann - Brick Township Police
Charles Sara - Clifton Police
Christopher Milito - Delaware River Port Authority
Kenneth Dechen - Deptford Police
Arthur J. Ohlsen III - Dover Town Police
Kevin R. Greener - Fort Lee Police
Dominck J. Infantes, Jr - Jersey City Police
Marc A. DiNardo - Ditto
William Presiar - Lakewood Police
Christopher Matlosz - Ditto
Joseph Wargo - Mt. Arlington Police
Melvin Lisojo - Newark Police
Dewey Joe Sherbo III - Ditto
Marc Castellano - New Jersey State Police - 116
Bertam Zimmerman III - Ditto
Anthony R. Fotiou - Ditto
James G. Hoopes III - Ditto
Tina Rambo - Ocean County
Enrico Venditte - Paterson Police
Thomas E. Raji - Perth Amboy Police
Steven L. Levy - Washington Township Police
Matthew J. Melchionda - Watchung Police
William Ezra Stiltner - Buchanan County
Jason Lee Saunders - Campbell County
Michael K. Saffran - Chesapeake Police
Timothy Schlock - Ditto
"That's why she calls it murder": Killed by Oprah's sonar as hatemail to Debbie"
Scott A. Hylton - Christiansburg Police 
Subversive echo BF said: "I'm in" when I typed this one in.
Michael C. Walizer - Charles City County
Todd A. Bahr - Fredricksburg Police
Rodney Lee Davis - Greene County
William Herman Edwards III - Hernrico County
K9 Chase - Lee Police
John W. Sandford, Jr. - Northumberland County
Frankie Lynn Betterton - Pittsylvania Police
C. Aubrey Fisher - Portmouth County
Mongo McMahon - Richmond Police
Douglas E. Wendel - Ditto
Christopher K. Paschal - Smyth County
Dean Ridings - Spotsylvania County Sheriff's
Mark D. Barrett - State Police
Kevin Carder Manion - Ditto
Daniel Lee Williams - Ditto
Michael T. Blanton - Ditto
Adam B. Bowen - Ditto - 131
David A. Fox - Ditto
I'm being stalked. That's why the delay in entries.
Tommy F. Bernal - Fairfax County
Shawn Hess - Tazewell County
Michael S. Phillips - Virgnia Beach Police
Rodney F. Pocceschi - Ditto
Ricky Lee Timbrook - Winchester Police
Brian A. Aselton - East Hartford Police
Daniel Patrick Picagli - New Haven Police
Andrew F. Faggio - Ditto
Orville Smith - Shelton Police
Derek Ray Johnson - Draper Police
[You couldn't stand up under this much torture and terrorism]
Jeremiah K. Johnson - Emery County
Thomas S. Rettburg - Highway Patrol
Aaron Beesley - Ditto
Edward N. Dare - Iron County
Tracey D. Davidson - Juab County
Brian Harris - Kane County
Joseph D. Adams - Lehi Police
Josie Greathouse Fox - Millard County Sheriff's
Carter Penrod-Spanish Fork City Police
Cecil F. Gurr - Roosevelt Police
Michael J. Dunman - Salt Lake City Police
James E. Faraone - Ditto
Franco Aguilar - Sevier County
Kevin S. Orr - Unitah County
Jared Francom - Ogden Police
Monty L. Matthews - Adams County
Phillip Anderson - Jerome County
James B. Moulson - Ditto
Joshua Eggelston-Lincoln County
Christopher J. Hensley - Lewis County
Linda Carol Huff - State Police
Puerto Rico
Noel D. Cordero-Guzman Ponce Municipal Police
Emiliano Torres-Soto - Puerto Rico Police
Mariano Rodriguez-Maldonado - Ditto
Abimael Castro-Berrocalas - Ditto
Victor Manuel Soto-Velez - Ditto
Samuel A. Smith - Franklin County
Richard J. Asten - Kansas City Police
Kenneth Snider-Sedgwick County
Cory Ricks - Seward County
Charles J. Bohlender - Topeka Police
David Gogian - Ditto - 708
Luke D. Nihart - Wildlife & Park Service
John Galvin - Wichita Police
Sean Wissink - Des Moines Police
Jamie Daniel Brunting - Rockwall City Police
Mark Toney - State Patrol
George Stanford - Cheyenne Police
Bryan P. Gross - Converse County
Chris S. Logsdon - Highway Patrol
District of Columbia Metropolitan Police
Paul Michael Dittamo 
Gerald W. Burke, Jr.
Clifton Rife II
Federal Government
Mark Van Doren - Border Patrol
Stephen C. Starch - Ditto
Michael V. Gallagher - Ditto
Nicholas J. Ivie - Ditto
David R. Delaney - Ditto
Christopher Cooper - Bureau of Prisons
Frederick Albert Riggenbach - Chitmache Tribal Police
Edward Ferreby - Coast Guard
Scott Chism - Ditto
Shaun Lin - Ditto
Creighton T. Spencer - Bureau of Indian Affairs
Jack Lee Spencer, Jr. - Ditto
Christopher William Lorek - FBI
Stephen Palmer Shaw - Ditto
Leopoldo Cavazos - Homeland Security
Darrell Cervandez - Navajo Public Safety
Julie Weir - DOI, National Parks Service
Michael Andrew Boehm - Ditto
Margaret Anderson - Ditto
Preston Boyd Parnell - Postal Inspector
Joseph Michael Peters - U.S. Army CID
Frank J. Lima, Sr. - US Navy
Homeland Security Chief promised to knock me out of the internet if I don't put the black widow in by October, which was suppose to be a gift to me from Colin Powell's regime"
She continues to send me hatemail and freeze my screens in "My Hero" according to threats made about #16! 8/26/10
I don't want your get in my way in anything!. And I don't want her in place of my husband! North Carolina #119

IACP better not be paying for magic with police officers!. I don't want to hear excuses...about the job being dangerous!" And don't hit my chairs when you walk by as a hint of incoming peril for telling you the way it is"). Just make sure they get my message.
The Secret Service has shown the videotape of this incident which occurred on June 12, 1998. The DART police had better stop stalking her about it just because they helped her get to the VA Hospital. It's a hate crime to take her wedding band away.. NCIC falsely reported a warrant on her so they could demonstrate communism using echelon police. This was retaliation for her looking for him at his brother's house. It was wrong what Chief Canady said: that Hawkins paid for what those three Mexican officers did to Debbie while handcuffed in that jail cell. He thought it was more than enough.  Betsy Fraud

The above is Oprah Winfrey's way of doing Christianity. An innocent person is sacrificed through engineering (KOBAR racketeering, espionage and MKULTRA) for the sins of the guilty bastards who did the crime on you..

Janet Reno
and Michael Reagan
Approve of this page.

They jump on me for everything. 2/18/11
Nothing has changed 4/3/13
* Hand signals or facial expressions that communicate to an audience or spy satellite something about tactics or reasons for killing someone. 7/31/13
  • Palm(s) of hands face up [Resembles the pagan idol of Molech]
  • Five fingers extended and held midway between the owner's and another's face or where another can see it at face level. [Resembles the pagan idol Dagon]
  • Mummy mouth or any expression where the teeth are hidden by one's lips
  • Bearing one's teeth
  • Mouth wide open
  • Claps one's hands once
  • Mouth open and tongue lopping around like a very thirsty dog
  • The Crucifixion stance: Standing with arms extended at the eight and four of a clock's face with palms facing outward
  • Woman patting her stomach a couple of times
  • #35 on North Carolina will show you what to notice
Pagan idols can be found in the Old Testement. Molech (Jeremiah) was used to burn children alive as a sacrifice to appease/bribe the idol into bestowing a great harvest or in this day and age wealth. It's been called many names. It was seen in the movie "The Ten Commandments." Remember Yul Brenner (Pharoah) laid his dead son in it's hands after it was declared kill all firstborns. Imitating this now is dramatic, nevertheless terrorism if you know it's meaning.
Some infamous combinations may operate on an individual. False police reports are made after they start something.
BF with WM
BF with OF
BF with MM
BF with OM
BF with WF
All the evil of the ages can be in their minds, including what you had for dinner last night!
* Anyone calling themselves the Secret Service to Debbie will be arrested!.

* She told me to clench my fist.


August 17, 2009