Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""

OPRAH WINFREY for SPITZ: "It cost me a lot of $ to push Rodriguez out and she's not going to get up in them again! You have to do things my hand or you're out!"
AMOS MUN: That's why Danny said I could terrorize her out!"
BF LIBRARIAN: "I don't know how" to make change. A WM took care of it for me by simply opening a cash drawer.
BF PATRON: "The president is my neary."

CHARLIE BECK: "That's not what chapter and verse meant."
[L. Patrick Gray and all the rest are chapter and verse. That's why the slut in Grand Prairie].
ANONYMOUS: "President Obama says 'no loud' is Bush and the Antichrist."
WF near my front door: "No galloping. Your penis can't get up without Oprah."
BUSH SR: "You'll never see InKwon again for telling on Oprah even if you're married to Hillary. If she's not intimidated by us, she's crazy. No more palsee walsee with the Clinton's or Oprah will cause death. Debbie will have to wear a dress."
ALDI JOHANNA (name means no first): "I know how to make him go down for my hand" as a police officer walked past me. "All I see is heel-O."
BM Cashier near her: "All I have to say is Debbie's a racist to get her heel..... I didn't mean to be so plastic."
BF BUSDRIVER: "I'm bad."
STEVEN SPIELBERG: "It's not true because I don't like you."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You will be punished. I should have cut your throat instead of Nicole's. Stop telling on me!" 10 "Debbie is mostly pollution. Let me knock her down. Debbie doesn't believe like us. She must die." 92-6
ANONYMOUS: "Bush can't dance on your grave until you're dead and I authorize Brown to pay you."
WINSTON: "You obey my fist [Hillary Clinton] or this!" 92-35, 66-35 "That's why I took her tickle away. So she could never enjoy him again. Hillary said I could wake you up at night for Magilla (his word for himself). Hillary is my bling." 92-13 "Remember I'm [the NAACP] boss." 10 "I said no yobo!" 29 "I said no reading the Holy Bible here. I can hit her in the muscles and stomach if Hillary says no veep. Take it or leave it! You'll never stop me (NAACP)." 29,32,12, 9 "I'll show you. You're a hole!" 68,68
RAND PAUL: "Tell her no rickshaw for trying to stink me. Make her a pauper, too."
[Mad about the Kentucky page this website].
JACKIE LACEY: "You're a crazy girl. There is no Hillary."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "It's impossible for you if I say so. I'm her veep."
[What happened to Biden?]
DANNY: "Michelle Obama is a loser. That's why she resorts to violence and games. No children. If Debbie isn't talking to you why do you butt in? Read the monitor. Don't listen to Misooki."
HILLARY CLINTON: ""I'll kill Reagan again if you don't lay down. No more carrot cake."
OM for BECK: "No boast!"
BM on the 536 Bus: "So what if we're Rommel's. We don't take a big bite."
BF girlfriend with him: "I don't want her to be my hand."
Did you give them the Facebook flier?
No, I did not!
I told you to pass that out!
When you say that, bunches of them board and it's scary how quickly they come like that. They even say things.
ROBERT MONG: "All I see is crazy again."
LORETTA LYNCH: "No boasting with that name" and then she changed my name to my maiden name on my Google acct. Their "play" is racism.
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I don't have to let you up. You're not a mini-soldier." 10 "I'll pork her" for refusing to tell on the FBI...Or I could put lice on her. Your trash until I say your real. It will cost you two nights sleep to lock out Michelle and Canada." 53 No $. Honey, you're going to the hospital."
STAN ROBINSON: "No way. She finks."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I hope it aches. I told Stan just smile and I'll break her thing. I want to put her in a hospital. I don't want to be your disciple. [She says this to many people]. "Debbie better not go commercial or I'll get up. You're all gunk if I say so with my fist." 47 "Now that you're dead, I feel safe." 29 "No copter. That's all. You can't tell on my scream. You're too old to be .... I'm the boss now!" 92-29 "You're crazy! So crazy! You better believe this" 29 "and take his name off!" 18
[When were you going to tell us, Stan, about her capitol instructions?]
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS from a Jack booth: "You need a doctor for not listening to her (Kim Robinson). I don't care if she's a thief. You're fake. I can't hear you unless you obey Condi Rice....".[Started sabotaging headphones and MP3 player. Then put a psychotic "combat" Marine on me].
CONDI RICE: "I was trying to make her a zilch, so I would look good" as Michelle Obama punched me. 92-41 "I can kill Mikey if she doesn't obey."
WINSTON: "You can't have anything unless I say." 29 "I know how to pressure. I said no famous for telling on us. I thought I could trip Debbie this way."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "I won't [torture her in the stomach] if you keep me up." [This is extortion if she means riots and intimidation if she means lasers]. "I made sure she wasn't accomplished like me." 29,29,29,35
SECRET SERVICE: "We don't like to keep persons who break the law up."
HIM: "Tell her to sing her ass off and she'll see my little basketball."
HILLARY CLINTON: "I want to save you."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Make sure she's a dead hole. Alright, I'm a stipid bitch for beating her up like that, but I'm not a  crazy bitch. I'll show you I'll do it again. I love to make things disappear. I don't want her loud. She exposes me. I could freeze your ass. I'll see Bill in the grave before I lay down for that filthy twxt. I dread the day you're discovered. Everybody wants my lust. I said no publishing her. I'm showing Debbie he loves me again (InKwon below). I killed FDR and I'll kill you too. I made Debbie a counterfeit with my police. I said no happy ending or I'll get up. I thought she wanted to use my press to become famous. She's a racist. I'll arrest her on Monday for saying she's a cop." [She's never said that]. "I hope it hurts her, I got Hillary. I don't want Hillary to be crazy like you, so I'm telling her what to do." 10 "We get him for telling on ..... I get to capture Love-va-ly Boy. I said no Catholic. Misooki fronts the pope, not her. I said no down there with him,." 10  If she's elected, she'd kill the little babies. I don't want her to have wealth. No wedding picture or I'll calla doctor. He's a Christian with me. You're a miracle not up. (Aldi) Now, you'll see my real (after a supervisor went by with a purple phone and made a threatening remark). It's time to beat you up for playing with my police. I'm your G. I can get up because I left my wife. I wanted to do my own thing. Now everything I do brings unhappiness to her. They told me not to get up, not to do bad things while I was gone. I'm really twelve for running off like that. I really only wanted my tissle, but they tried to change me. I like to put my stamp on men. You're a state relic. Don't let her in the computer. Keep making her miserable so He can't get to her. [Rev 12.4] "All I need is one more month with him to get him in Myo Kim. No way again with him. I changed him into them. I'll esculate ISIS if you try to get him from us. He wants to be with us. That's why all the obedience. You shock him with your stuff. He says he doesn't care about you to me. I think she's [n]. No Ronald Reagan." 10 "I own your husband(s)." 10 "I told everyone to shake their heads and say they don't want that thing. I said just one boy."

"Hillary will be destroyed if she doesn't obey.... She better listen to me or no pay."
ANONYMOUS:"This one took away Debbie's shoes, flat out stole them, a pair of semi-new Reeboks and another time forced her to go without shoes in the wintertime. Dirty devils every step of the way!"
WINSTON: "If she tries to get up without Oprah, I'll make her a widow." 92-10 "I'll beat you to death if you don't tell one..." referring to another threat to kill a Secret Service official." 10 "I can't let you up if you wanna kill communism.. I don't have to obey you because you don't obey the chief of police." 10, 9, 6, 10 "That thing is for kids, not romance. Make sure she blasphemes. No full proof. Condi Rice said no sleep for telling on the police." 6  I know you have to turn Moke. No Moke. Misooki again said no sleep to protect him not her. Continue no po-po. You're a hole" 92-26, 29 "Bush says be cruel to her body until she obeys us and Lynch says take her off the internet for telling on us. Alright, you're just a hole. "He wants to get Myo Kim oregnant and begin a new life (at age 65).
STAN: "So? I'll show you a tough guy." 16, 35 
JACKIE LACEY: "Don't let her up for blaspheming us. Well, at least, I got to ruin inside with my laser."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I pass you [as] hero. I don't care if you're fartie station. You're just lust, Honey. I said no lengthy conversations with them. I'll sabotage Hillary any time I want. I hate you. Misooki makes me not shy." 10 "We're too weak, Mam, to be real again."
[Fire them!."] "I'll knock her down.
DEBBIE: "I said it zillions of times: 1) They'll take it away; 2) They'll jack up the prices; and 3) If you force them to put it back on the shelf without raising the price, they'll change it in someway, such as taste or strength, etc. Bobby Kennedy said no breaking up a married couple, bitch. 
SECURITY GUARD at Buckner Station for LACEY: "No George (first). And I don't care if she's Moke....I'll knock her down for trying to catch little sister."
BF after him: "No taking my babies." 11
DALLAS POLICE to Oprah: "Control the lights." 46, 10
OPRAH WINFREY near FAIR PARK: "Tear her apart station."
MICHELLE OBAMA agrees: "Okay, I will here."
CONDI RICE in three minor WMs: "They're my babies." They called the police on me later that evening and made a false report for her. They're going to put you in a hospital soon because I said so. I'm sorry, but if I can't win, you must die." 10
CHARLIE BECK: "They better listen to my poison if she gets up. You got your 400 thou (no sleep).   I have better things to do than read your babble. No Holy Bible!" In response to a Winston comment: "For shaming us."
INKWON SONG: "I wanted to do it with Myo Kim, but I didn't want to hurt Debbie (89 for Kim Robinson). I just wanted to blow her away saying I have feelings for Myo Kim's ..." All prompts are from Oprah Winfrey. "I had a pang for your thing, but it has passed. I don't know why I was so horney for your thing." [Non-verbal communication due to language barrier is what Debbie told them like it's Oprah's business to judge them with a spy satellite].
ROBERT MONG: "I want Rodriguez out or I'll expose your record. I talked to Bill Clinton and he said you're crazed.... I'll kill you with the [press]. I demand a transcript and she's not a lady if she stands on the street corners. Crazy people do what you do. I'll kill you if you expose the press. I'll show you turncoat."
MF in Cromwell with a child loudly: "I don't think she's a real cop."
MF in Aldi on the purple phone: "I'm going to tell the police you come in here all the time harassing my customers."
REGINA SMITH: "No success with the police."
WM in a blue shirt: "We're suppose to lust to hurt you."
MM with a Mexican flag bandana: "There's going to be an explosion if you make me go out!"
BF Security guard that tried to hit me: "I'm your kay (dog)."
LORETTA LYNCH: "Take her off! If you use Pope Francis, I'll take you off the internet." 10 "Never a penis in that thing again."
CRAZY GUY: "I'll see you in hell first!"
MF standing near me: "Don't sweat him!"
DEBBIE: "You mean like you do to him to commit adultery to terrorize me with Myo Kim's filth?"
MUELLER: "To keep his tootsies warm."
BF then walks past me: "Or I' get him."
DEBBIE: "When you do [X208] they're saying Jesus Christ isn't Lord. They're denying him his divine nature. That's why I don't play games."
BILL CLINTON: "A nazi! You're a piece of poo if you hear Oprah."
DEBBIE: "It smacks God upside the head and says to Him I am god on earth....."
BM in green with a dirty look: "No one."
SECRET SERVICE: "Bush or Oprah might kill the pope."
"Then the whole world will see!"
OTHER DEVILS: "No real Judges 5.12!"
STILL OTHERS: "We're not twxts."
INTERCOM in a tunnel: "I said continue no Mrs."
WM train: "Nobody gets up for you because you're not a lady....Now you'll see my teeth."
Another WM on another train: "I'll just tell them I thought she was the police."
DANNY: "We're dead for letting this [Nazi] get at your family."
[Two children walk by carrying small white balls and recognizes you is Barabbas].
POPE FRANCIS: "Love-va-ley boy wins."
REAGAN'S DETAIL: "No Romney shit on her."
CONDUCTOR DCTA: "There's that crazy woman again."
DAN QUAYLE: "I don't want the church to hear your pollution."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I don't want her or Bill on Hillary. I'll shut you down [n]. I'm always first. I own everything. And I'll show you my fist if you ever put her vagina first. I said no streets and I'll use the president's machine to stop her. I won't be gentle and their my planes if I want to crash them. She can't be a police officer unless she obeys me. I'll crash tour little boy ( if that bank card works)." 

Blow these up on your computers and notice the times are Scriptures or dates of birth. Kroger was first, then CVS and then the bank. Money completely taken out! So a note to the president regarding things we discussed. If I don't save my money to the end of the month, apes call me "spendthrift" and other sorted names. If I however scrimp and scrape to save to the very end, the bitch steals it. Oprah never lets me win.

Notice on the Kroger reciept the number #217? That's the number of people she killed when she bragged to me a few days before Egypt Air was crashed in 1999.

OPRAH WINFREY: "I said no savings account. She shouldn't have told the media off in this country. If you keep telling on me, you're going to see my foot. I SAID NO MERCY FOR HER IF SHE DISOBEYS. Don't you see. I own everything.I'm bones." 92-2, 47 Everytime $ goes into that bank account. take it out for refusing to obey me and Hillary. Ben Carson is just like you." 9, 9, 9 
BUSH SR: "You're going to see a doctor, Honey, or he's going to sleep with Myo Kim for real. There's no judges 5.12 if he does it with Myo Kim. I'm the Babe. Hillary belongs to me now." 92-2 "No sleep. If Condi Rice can't be veep, Debbie can't be veep" is an absurdity of mentally ill people.
MICHELLE OBAMA: 92-2 "No FBI if you want a paycheck from me."
ANONYMOUS: "Oprah does not own the money in this country."
[Nixon rising is sabotage instead of good works].
OPRAH WINFREY: "If I wanted to, I could ruin everything in your life. I said no Ronald Reagan. I don't want her with the police. I don't want them to see her miracle face. I said no paupers working for my police. I'm chosen." 2 [The Chief of Police] is my penis." 32 What's the point? I don't want. My whole world is holding her [down]. He's Oprah's dog. I told him you're just [crazy]. You ought to drink Pepsi. No real on the blacks. [Teardrop on NINE O'CLOCK is "no real"] 92-10 "[Chief of Police] is mine now. I'd kill your rabbit. You need to see a doctor for telling on us. I told you not to try to stop my twxt!" Then the train stops dead on the tracks after Market Center Station.. "I'll show you a hole. I said hit her in the stomach. Just a little bit to hold her down (for 3 hrs). I said no more Alsatian (Great Seal of the United States). Two more weeks (of rape) for telling on us. And you're not going to escape me no matter how high you go. Now I can steal your kid for saying no free diapers to poor people. Using a child at Cromwell Library, she says: "No penis." 29
ANONYMOUS: "Misooki is too argumentive. That's why everyone ignores [Debbie]."
LORETTA LYNCH: "I said publish her, so I could put her in." 2 "I said not until she sees a doctor.... Always me first! First she has to take that one out. I told you no listening to him/Bill Clinton. No warning about my theater..."
TOYOTA commercial in the Auto Bldg: "Ernest will get it in the heart if he tries to brain me with her."
GEORGE BUSH SR. in Office Depot: "I don't like her using my [Wi-Fi]. Misooki didn't win, so we could either. I'm not going to give Debbie and Hillary teeth on my machine."
My wifi doesn't pick up their signal anymore.
MUELLER: "Without faith, this country is dead."
ANONYMOUS DALLAS FBI: "We're not ready to be real...."
BF BUSDRIVER of 987-41145 holding up the late bus I was on: "...I said no Audrey [COP KILLER] I'm a kay. Misooki said to hold you (back)."
CONDI RICE: "Alright, I'm out, but I'll put Michelle (Obama) in my place. She must not be before us." 
CARROLLTON POLICE DISPATCH: "She's a crazy bitch" because you're an ignorant slob that hasn't read my website.
REGINA SMITH: "She's going to feel my punch for this." 92-11, X208, 84,99, 10 She was doing this at the fair, too, since a 71 crossed my path. "I'll murder her for that. I said two more weeks punishment for telling on us. I'll show you no [n]."
CRAIG WATKINS: "Stealing from Debbie is a hate crime (Re: $20.17 missing from her bank account when she went to Irving to take pictures for an upcoming video).."
DEBBIE: "It's the struggle to survive, the self-reliance that builds self-esteem and character and makes people good people. All this neediness is communism."
ANONYMOUS: "If you don't understand this website and exclaim: 'It doesn't make sense 'to everyone, the only thing I could say to you is that you're looking for trouble and this is how your reprobate skin finds it!."
PLANO POLICE CHIEF: "Good!" was said when Oprah announced to him she hit me in the stomach. Oprah is the lioness in the picture on the PLANE CRASHES page.
DONNA SAKKINEN: "Debbie shouldn't tell on the police."
THE POLICE: "We want to know who hears espionage. That witch talking to people is communism and it's spreading at the detriment of many families"
OPRAH to a Christian: "Debbie's a very disturbed girl. Won't you help me lock her up and care for her needs?" Then the witch tells the Christian to call the police and complain on a federal witness.
LIBRARIAN FARMER'S: "I said not yet." X208
PAUL MARCUM was very hateful to me today, as if waiting for me.. And then down came Erica Brown with Oprah's babble" They couldn't wait six months to double the price of a print-out. And she made sure it started on October 1st the day before they had a national group come in calling themselves the Firefighter's Challenge.
OPRAH WINFREY alone with tech: "I said (to the landlord) steal her pillow. (This is after she had the landlord (OM) steal a box cutter from my room and a WM steal scotch tape). I said no happiness unless it comes from me. I'll lay her for saying no (to a panhandler on the bus stop at 2100 hrs). "I said steal her pillow for not giving me $." 30 "I want all the pleasure out of her life! All of it! All of it! For sharing with me (the pan handler on the bus stop)." According to Oprah it's, a crime to report stalkers with tech on you. "No middle." 92-11, 41 "I'm going to make her hungry again. If she wants him back, it'll cost the Mexicans being allowed to stay. I don't want you to establish him as a [husband]." I thought she just wanted Regis. Debbie disturbs me. No real cops. Okay, he can be married only when I say and no big. I alone own the cops/RICO." Then to the landlord, she says she said: "Steal her hair brush. She's just a joke." NO REAL" means no battery charging! Every time she writes, pain." 92-33 [Winston complies]. I want that hat! Get it for me. I'll show you a Dodge. I like destroying marriages with my foot. I told Debbie to wait I said no D.A." Everything they say to me is based on espionage. That's what makes it against the law!
ANONYMOUS: "Drawn and quartered this one and rape charges on Winston."
DALLAS POLICE CHIEF: "Irving police chief shouldn't have done those things..."
BF CHILD climbed aboard the bus and continued to berate me: "Bye!" and hit the chair I was leaning on.I hate old lady! My foot tried. I'm a foot. If I see that think (on the door), I'll tear it down. You're just fake!"
Then her MOTHER (I presume): "If you don't obey my hear (voice) this!" 33
MUELLER: "How dare you terrorize her when you vandalize and rob her? Where's the $20?"
NICK: "I did it....." [Stole the roll of scotch tape from us]. "She's just a purse if she tells on me."
DANNY: "We had it with that one. They shouldn't call and make false reports on her. That's against the law, jerk"
LORETTA LYNCH: "I'll get her there when she goes to renew her pass. I'll kill Reagan. Break it (referring to my cellphone). Keep bothering her with my hand and no medicine." 33
MARK SULLIVAN: "You're to petty to have a turn."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I'll show you chosen. That's why I don't want Debbie in first place because she tells on the cops. No first things. Continue to sabotage her the first time." X208
CLINTON: "Clay Aiken has it in for you, George."
WINSTON upon discovery of sabotage of phone battery: "That'll teach you for lying about us." Outside of Kroger in Richardson: "Don't say no to me (or any staler they put on me) or I'll steal (from your room with the landlords). "No treaty of Ghent or I'll rape you." 10 "...." 47, 47 .... 33, 33, 26-35... 33, 11 "You'll never get rid of me! I own the police." 92-33, 47 "You better hide that idiot book before I steal it." 33 [Re: FEAR NOT #47] "Either I hit you in the hand (disabling) or I sabotage your phone's battery."
COMEY: "How dare you listen to stalkers? Always scheming to get at her is fascism. I told you to stop doing that! No giving the ... power over Debbie"
OF LANDLORD by my front door: "No using me" when I plugged in the phone to charge. After that the phone would go no higher than 55% until I complained and then it went from 100% to 79% in a New York second.
AMOS MUN through FB Librarian: "Now I can smash her." They constantly come up for Oprah and terrorize me with espionage.
LIBRARY PATRON MALE: "You're not going to stink us and get away with it" before I released this to the public eye.
MICHELLE OBAMA: "Stop telling on us. I'll show you my ice." 10
WF travelling on the southbound train for CONDI RICE: "I'll paralyze her if she calls me a Nazi again and don't jew me."
Her travelling companion, also WF: "I( was being sarcastic. I didn't want you at my wedding. I wasn't pro-abortion. I'm no love until you obey."
BUSDRIVER at Mockingbird Station: "I got Tipper (Gore) up." Then a WF walked a circle around me and gave me dirty looks.
BF FARE ENFORCEMENT "KB": "NYPD belongs to me if you no this. You're not going to take my guy away. I got your violin. I'm the final solution." 10 [The id is hard to read].
Another BUSDRIVER: "All I see is pussy."
BF FBI AGENT FROM DALLAS OFFICE: "I'm sick of her! All I have to do is signal.." (and the satellite will obstruct her). [This is the one that followed my bus to Forest Lane Station and spit in my face].
ERICA BROWN: "Sure, I'll take her down." X208 [Didn't they tell you not to raise the price of print-outs?]
CONDI RICE: "I'll think of a way to get in her room and see." Up comes a BF U.S. Marshal asking around about me.. "All I see is mine except her. Take her website off for just a few months. It's just play."
MUELLER: "All blacks on Debbie are Obstruction. And get that Winston for battery charging obstruction. All these blacks are X208. I told you to stay away from her, George. Why are you still here?
OPRAH WINFREY: "No talking to Hillary. The police belong to me! You cost me twice! I told everyone you're crazy and you're making me look bad with that cart.Now I can mess with her." [It is the design of Bush Sr., Rice and the NAACP to overthrow the USA with lies, pranks and MKULTRA]. Oh! Boy! We're going to have fun making gun dealers pay! I'm not going to stop!" 13 "I'm not going to stop until I see!." 92-53 "I'm not going to let a hole be vice president." 32, 35 "No screech!. I don't want to understand!" 10 "Debbie doesn't make any sense. Now, I'll put Debbie in a hospital because Hillary says she's crazy. No talking to Hillary!. The police belong to me. Hillary said I don't have to let you in [website]. Nobody said no in there!" 92-29 "She's just hype." 92-35 Using the Kim Mun's voice near the door late at night: "I only keep you around, so I can tell (the press) you call them .... I'll hurt her now." Now Oprah's voice: "I told Mong she needs to see a doctor. Back to Oprah's voice to InKwon: "I'll put you in a coffin if you go back to (Debbie).. When I arrange something cheap (in this area), iut's for my people and the Mexicans, not you." 92-35 "Think of this as your stomach." 92-10 "me in your thing. He can't be the chief of police if he talks for her." 92-4, 18 "I thought I could make her mental with my (cruel) machine. All I see is mine except her. I tell everyone on the street she's crazy. Don't read that thing." [That explains their Ultra faces]. "Never let Debbie win. I know how to stop things (with espionage and sabotage). You better obey me." 29 "This one will cost you. You can't use my hand. That's my teeth(discharging my c ellphone battery while connected). I'll show you who's crazy. He's not coming back until I control him and put him in Myo Kim's [vulgar word]. I'll have him in [n] by March 2016 for telling on [n]. Hillary's my card. If you do0n't take down that star of David in your room, I'll raise your rent! I made it impossible to use that cellphone and don't go to Texas and don't use my .... anywhere. I said no pecker for her so everyone would think she's a racist. I said no last (name) and you will be destroyed for trying to expose us [to the FBI]. I'm hile Hitler. Got it? You didn't read the Holy Bible, so I can beat you up. I told (blacks) SMU who your contacts were for disobeying [n]. Now you're poo down there."
MARK SULLIVAN: "Oprah Winfrey here - Terrorism."
LORETTA LYNCH: "She's crazy! I can get her off (the internet for telling the truth). I said no close. I'll show you my ice." 53 "That's my play - wrecking up your things. She has to give up that cellphone. If she fixes it, I'll break it again. I'm going to take you off the internet for telling."GOOSE "I'm making an appointment for her to and nobody better stop me. I'm another vicious t... that will take anyone down that gets in my way. I'll show you [n]. I'll kill him (SMU contact)."
MUELLER: "By whose definition? Three fingers means third Reich. I doesn't mean the FBI."
DEBBIE: "Lynch is hitting Janet Reno with the lasers."
WINSTON: "It means not until I see you in public with her." 10, 11, 11 "You're not unique. Book her for telling on Mong...."I'll stop calling her nuts, but I can't let her be successful. It will ruin things for lust. You're not going to stop the [n] from overthrowing the United States. Oprah is Allah. McCain is one of us. And we'll beat her down until she lays down. Smith killed her husband to help us. Don't doubt our willingness to destroy each other to advance." EASYASPIE "I'm glad I took your tickle away. No sleep for not obeying [n]. I have to get you back (through the spouse) because you didn't obey [Misooki]."
MUELLER: "All the presidentials are brainwashed to some degree to hear Bush."
BILL: "We thought two cousins could work together for the good of this country."
ELIZABETH WARREN to OPRAH: "Please help me. I think she's crazy and she's got Hillary under her spell."
GEORGE BUSH, SR during sabotage of cellphone at library: "I didn't want your craziness as a scream. You're wierd. No friendships with each other. I want to control inside. I lie to win."
MONG: "Take her off the (internet). She's Mt. Vesuvius. Debbie hurts me with the truth. That's why I say things. I said no cellphone. No little sister espionage."
BF Huge at Cromwell: "You're a mess. I'm the only scream here. I'll call Michelle Obama. You're  nothing here."
CHARLIE BECK: "I can't be successful because (Debbie) won't play with Oprah. We're hateful until we get our way."
DAVID: "Oprah's been punching Debbie since 1999. Would you play with a racist with too much power? And don't use the police or I will arrest you."
JANET RENO: "Don't count me in."
THE FBI: "They're always taking things from her."
CLANCY: "You're not the Secret Service if you stalk people."
REGINA SMITH: "Let me at her for saying No to us!"
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll make everyone ignore Hillary. She's not going to get up if she helps you. You're still too risky. Wait! I like Ultra cops" referring to a police suburban that drove by the bus stop. I want crystal clarity" then screams racism, a new age tactic to get one's way without really trying. "Don't try to escape" to someone in Debbie's family.
LORETTA LYNCH: "Suffer!" when I discovered another $20 missing from my bank acct.
GEORGE BUSH SR: "I'm extremely evil now that you told on us." 18
BF patron at Office Depot: "I said encore" when I copied off my check register for examination. That means two months in a row money removal.
CONDI RICE: "Steve McQueen means HMSS. Tell Debbie to brace herself. I'm running with Jeb."
STEVE MCQUEEN: "Not quite."
BF BUSDRIVER (41132): "I'm your pocket!" which in manchurianism means I'm your penis. No husband. This one is high tech protected..
JAMES COMEY: "Trying to make Debbie mental is a felony. Don't talk to us."
DEBBIE: "President Obama hired Lynch under false pretenses. That's what I was told. I refuse to obey or play with the Blob. That's the way to be devoured for the advancement of evil. I printed out the caucus list for the first three months of 2016."
THE POLICE: "Ditto."
JANET RENO: "And so it goes."
THE POPE: Ditto and they have never read this site."
BF DART POLICE: "She's mental. I'll have her picked up tomorrow for scaring you" to a caller I gave information to! "I have Dick Abbott." 74
TRAIN CUSTOMER: "I thought so. Crazy people say things like that."
BUSH JR: "All I have to say is coo-coo and they obey me." 
CITY OF DALLAS: "We are not paying the busdrivers to play games."
OPRAH WINFREY: "That thing is for babies!" 29-L "And he belongs to me" in reference to Columba Bush.
ROBERT MUELLER: "Attempts to control Debbie is a felony. I said no espionage with that thing.  If they protect the status quo, they're not psychiatrists.."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I own Jeb." 29 "He wants you dead!"
ERIC HOLDER: "Using that weapon on you is a coup."
BUSH SR: "I'd put Debbie in the hospital if she tried to get to that crew (Hollywood Dealy PLaza). I told everyone she's crazy."
WM on the southbound train: "I'm Terrell. I don't like Hillary because she's Yardley." 18 "If she tries to get up without us (Communists), I'll giver her an ulcer. No rinse, I'll play him back."
BF with red tinted hair: "You better stay away from my film crew!"
WM #2 with wife and child on the train: "There's too many stories. That's why I beat her up with that thing."
WF, wife of WM#2: "I'll give her a hard time." (Looked like someone famous).
WF#2 with red hair and sitting next to WM#1: "You're still crazy, Mam (Thanks be to God)" 13
WF#1: "We let him run around on her."
WF#2 to WF#1's child: "Does that sign scare you?" When the child mumbled yes, "We have nothing to worry about. You're just a crank."
MONG: "Debbie's a beast for not putting my real name in."
WM#3 stared at me with a very angry c=face, got off at Parkland and made a motion towards the south elevator doors without getting on.
OPRAH WINFREY: "I said no cozy. I think she's unstable walking around with a cart like that" to people on the trains.
OF in 350 older one: "I don't like to mind my own business."
NICK: "I don't have to tell them" about the penny to open a locked inside door.
WM red shirt train: "You're so fragile if we can't say stuff."
WF wearing a red shirt: "Don't go to the fair."
BF dub on train intercom: "You're not on the right train."
BIG TEX's voice dubbed: "No Deborah Song up in my state."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll tell everybody she'[s just selling her purse and the Dallas Police told her to put it away."
COREY DAVIS: "Now e have a crazy girl."
TERESA in Jack's on Forest Webb turned her back to me, faced the north and was wearing a red shirt, after taking my order. This is MKULTRA.
CLASSY: "You're crazy."
ROBERT MUELLER: "Trying to scare her is communism. Oprah brings him on her. No retaliations for EEOC."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Everything belongs to me o0r I break it. I said no close to her. I win because I get to tear her apart. Hillary doesn't li8ke my stab, so I can't up. I turned Hillary against you for .... Now I'm Elizabeth Warren again. She hears me again. I poison her. I said Debbie needs a doctor again. I got her to obey me twice. Even Janet Reno obeys me" [Lie]
GEORGE BUSH SR: "She should be quiet and take her punishment."
HILLARY CLINTON: "I don't want to be responsible for you."
WINSTON: "I'll take down FOP.... Military police isn't the same thing. [N] is dead for helping her. I'm tired of you. I can't get up because of you." 10 "I want her busted for telling on me. No veep."
Young one in 350 tries to push my door in as BUSH SR says: "You should've shared your tool with her." 10
Old one 350: "I make his heart sick. You should have let me haver that tool."
DEBBIE: "How do you know if I have one?"
Young one 350: "That's my tool!"
BUSH SR: "Nobody wants him. They just want to hurt her."
TSA: "She thought I was sleeping, but I have a lot to say." 72
HILLARY CLINTON: "You're not suppose to make the Bible a diary."
NANCY REAGAN: "I make notes and put dates in, too."
WINSTON: "She's trying to stop us from taking down her stuff."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I did Easter Island to you and them" as 350 pushed my door open again. Lucky for me I have placed a bucket of metal to keep it closed.
350 old: "I'll teach her how to crawl."
CONNIE YATES: "...I'm the Cuban. Now, I'm not going to make you up.
CLARICE TINSLEY: "Now I'm not up.... I'll just say I did thirty again."
STEVE EGAR: "...I'm still a monster."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You're still trash and I'm still free."
ETHEL JOHNSON: "I'll slash her to pieces if she goes to the (Spingarn) bank again."
CLARICE: "I can't visit until they change your thing."
BM Busdriver for BUSH: "...I said no sexy. He don't need her thing anymore. I'm not going to mind my own business. I said 15 years to Reagan. I'll put her to death for telling stories. I crashed her bucket because she wanted to use her thing on him [what whites call romance in marriages] "
JAMES: "All invasions of privacy are to scare people out of an activity communists dislike."
BF PATRON on the bus with him: "I said never with him again for real. I'll ruin your management" to someone who also reads this which is an invasion of his/her privacy, too.
ABOVE BUS DRIVER: "I said no pockets unless for procreation only."
WINSTON: "Anyone who believes in Christmas is crazy."
OPRAH WINFREY:  "I just let her live!"
350 young: "If she tries to arrest him, I'll use my fist. I don't want her loud. I want to stay down and help Misooki. I called the police because you tried to sell your thing to me. How was I suppose to know you were trying to give us [n]. She wouldn't let me use her tool, so I told [n]."
NICK: "I told them to take her to the hooskow."
JAMES: "No deal! And don't steal from her"
350 young: "Kim told me they're divorced because she's crazy. She's crazy not letting me use her tool (for adultery)." Tries to open my door like a wild woman. "She's trying to knock me down. She was yelling and screaming at me last night. [N] ought to know how she scares me!" 2 "That's airplane means erection." 2
OPRAH WINFREY: "She's suppose to stay home on Saturday if she's Jewish. I said just the second and no [n] again for telling on my police (state) again. She's a crazy woman. I will ruin you with my foot"
ROBERT MUELLER: "She read the first one and called (calls) the police on you. That's a stalker. It's against the law to scare people with espionage."
AMOS MUN: "They're names are in the Bible. You shouldn't say things like that. I'll call the police tomorrow and tell them she screams at you. Are you sure she yells and screams at you cause I could be ruined if you don't tell the truth. You need to write what she say to you." Her response was: "I don't know English."
BUSH SR: "I told them to call Brown, not [n] and I'll knock her down (if he obeys)." 53
350 young at 2211 hrs: "Well, she's going to county for not giving me her thing or I'll get up."
350 old: "By tomorrow night I'll have enough on her to make her scream."
350 young: "I want to take her $."
CONDI RICE: "I want her to really hurt."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I could use her cousin again. He's a real penis. I can call the police and say the same thing. She's going to county no matter what for telling on us or I'll Mt. Vesuvius. I'll show her 2016!
350 old: "I want to face him (adultery stance).. I know him. I meant I know her last name and she's sick for saying this thing. I said no Debbie Song. I say knock her down. I said no famous with her! I'm Miles Standish."
353 starts blasting his music at 2230 hrs.
OPRAH WINFREY: "She's not getting my kitten from me. I'll make her see a doctor now. She just wants his banana. That's why she protects him. I killed Lucille. Now what you did doesn't make sense. Now, I can use my knife. I'm George Jetson.... I'm gonna stop yo0u in all your situations. I'm the doctor. Don't forget, I have Stanley's machine. He's dying to get cha...." 50 "If you were a Christian you wouldn't tell on us. Watchman doesn't mean tell on us." To which Debbie replied: "The bridge is out. Don't go this way" is good advice"
BUSH SR: "I didn't want people to know I was a failure3, so I lied again. Your hole was fantastic. That's why I didn't want that other thing." 10 "You're crazy and a dame, so I can get away with saying stuff. You're a joke and a jive." 16 "I said no Jewlip or shiny or I'll use my chimp. No one is interested in your theater."
350 young: "You're crazy."
350 old: "I'm trying to rile her up with my hype."
KIM MUN: "I said break her clock for trying to break my vagina with her thing. I want her out of here on Friday for not paying my rent."
350 old: "I don't like her running around....." 47 "I don't want to see her thing on that cart." 25, 25
MITT ROMNEY: ""If Oprah says your crazy, we have to beat you up again."
ROBERT MUELLER: "Carson's going to prison for having power over Hillary. Making Carson seem as both because Debbie is, is a felony."
NICK: "Bye, bye, Mam. I made him call the police on you."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You're not going to be allowed to run with [N]because I WON'T ALLOW IT [NAACP]!"
GREG: "Cops that come for Oprah are stalkers."
PSYCHO: "I'm not going to stop bothering you until you obey Oprah. Stop reporting the communists. Stop reading the FDR book. You better obey Oprah. I'll break her by Christmas. I did 350 today. Take her off the internet for not o0beying them (the blacks). One more time, leave nuclear fish alone, or you'll see my foot (terror). Heidi doesn't like you wither. And stop wearing that Steve McQueen shirt. You're suppose to obey me. I'm Pluto. ...." [Lies to escape]
350 old: "No Monarch (husband) for Debbie or I'll kill her vaginas. I don't know what it means. I just say things. They'll let me get away. You're ridiculous caring about us this way."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "I had to get you back for that song. I want him to think about the Asian that way."
OPRAH WINFREY in another at the train station: "I'll make this thing so out of control, you'll be afraid. Before agape, you (all) have to obey me. No movies!"
BUSH SR: "She's mental if she's afraid to go to the hospital." 84
DEBBIE: "Planned Parenthood is the only place that treated me with respect. I am well documented with what you and and Oprah's MKULTRA did to me in hospitals and most recently in a neighborhood clinic, right in front of a police satellite on me. That's been sitting in NEWYORK for years, and years and in another place, too."
THE LOCALS: "She never stuck the needle in."
JAMES COMEY: "Debbie is still running around without a tetnus shot."
350 old as I was leaving: "Just because I said I want your baby boy (husband) doesn't mean I'm a terrorist....." 29 "I told you to call the police on that" to some male in her room.!
BF DART POLICE: "................. I win! ...."
TRAIN CUSTOMER: "I called the police on her because I don't think she should insinuate she's the police like that."
JAMES COMEY: "Hate crime all that come for espionage/Ultra" There is nothing about her that insinuates anything. You're listening to something in your head and blaming it on her."
BILL CLINTON: "Make them see a psychiatrist if they don't admit to MKULTRA/that voice in your head telling you to do things."
GEORGE BUSH SR: "Now, I'll Kim." 13 "I knew I couldn't trust you. I thought you were Bush" to which Debbie responded with: "It was Comey, stupid. When are you going to remember these things? It's torture if I do these things on my own."
HILLARY: "Take George Bush's team off me."
JAMES COMEY: "You're not going to do anything. I told you to report that thing to me."
DEBBIE: "Bush blocked my access to six pages at the printer. Now, the library is babbling retaliations." 13
GEORGE BUSH SR: "I think she's a spendthrift."
HILLARY: "See! I don't want to here things like 'she's a spendthrift' either." 
ROBERT MUELLER and DALLAS POLICE: "I don't want them bothering her at all about her private life!. Don't kiss their keesters either. That's what makes them like that."
------------------------------------- 10/21
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This is the plague.