525. Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (1977)
  • Middle finger left hand
  • Jar fangs go sideways
  • Ecuadorian poisonous kills
  • Looks for insects on bananas and oranges
  • 120 Spider feet
  • Finleyville isn't Finland, or is it? So far no because he broke his promise to marry her in a legitimate venue".
  • Fred Carson was the Stunt Coordinator"
  • Captain Littlefield was my professor years later"
  • Ryder Sound Services
  • Wandering spiders worst enemy is the Wasp
  • Phoneutria from Brazil and mygalomorphs aka "tricky assassins"
524. Daylight's End (2016)
  • Survivors take their stand against Narcissists and psychopaths at the Dallas Police Station
  • Chief is an imitation of Chief William Bratton
  • The black assistant with him is an imitation of Chief Brown. He's carrying the rope when he dies.
  • A Mark Sullivan imitation watches from the roof of the police station
  • The evil Alpha Male is George Bush
  • Drifter, named "Strong" in the NY plated car is Debbie
523. Kiss of Death (1947)
  • Long before I was born... 5 years before my birth...
  • Richard Widmark/Raoul Walsh a common cipher for directors
  • Tommy Udo: DOU is half of a W or DOW - Dow Jones 5-26-896 Of the original 12 industrials, only GE still stands.
  • "125 UN...." in the phone book. Who is he looking for?
  • UDALL sounded as if they were saying that, also - Morris King b. 1922 (same as my father) future senator of Arizona, which wasn't a state in 1947.
  • GE is in my maiden name.
  • Committed suicide age 32, 32nd president, 32 beauty contests....
  • 627 Pearl Street - Date my mother killed in 1988: Back in the day, PS meant "Police Station"
  • Victor Mature - figure it out. Matches first name of suicide victim.
  • Following Morris King Udall we find "Denver Nuggets" which leads us to the Condi Rice machine developed by Bowes-Lyon, the consort of King George VI and their dealings with the NAACP.
  • They're saying "no first" white in the color of blood, which means death on whites who stand in the way of an overthrow"
  • Aren't you glad he didn't die in the end even though he worked in a "brickyard"? [My father and uncles eventually learned the trade of brick masonry when they all moved to Texas].
  • Compliments of President Truman. Isn't that what "part-time" meant?
522. Nightwatch (1997)
  • Cray is San Saba
521. Airport (1970)
  • Runway 29 closed, open 22
  • Stewardess named Ruth (BF) didn't check old woman in the middle. Ruth is the 8th book in the Bible. Scene 10 entitled Check and Report
  • Bomber was third name on transport vehicle list: D.O. Guerrero (Dog) meaning MKULTRA controlled disturbance
  • On TGA flight to Rome, he's passenger 23A
  • Lester Mainwaring - mentioned on airport intercom means police come right away
  • Paid for insurance with 6-one dollar bills, nickles and dimes which means pettiness to "nickel and dime someone to death."
  • 3x12 laid crossways on runway 29...
  • 45 seconds to oxygen hypoxia
  • Flight level....
  • WM facing BF gets this comment: "Slumming, Captain?"
  • And then another says: "I can't believe she's a stowaway."
  • Then bomber goes to the bathroom and blows himself up at flight level 210
  • God Bless You, Switzerland: Decompression - Emergency Descent 7700, one-zero thousand
  • Only rank seen on board was US Army E-6 on a BM (3 stripes on top, 1 on bottom)
  • "...cuts and bruises and shock and puking.."
  • "Precision Radar Approach"
  • "I'm going to cut off passenger oxygen"
  • "300...30...35..."
  • "117.5....117.1" (Misooki's birthday)
  • One nun and one priest aboard. Thanks for that slap.
  • 205 heading
  • Hole 3-4' (was mean spirited, I think)
520. Godzilla on Monster Island (1972)
  • Cockroaches in space look like people and are stalking Godzilla
  • Two handed roach-boy has the laser
  • Stomach blade monster can also fly (Index 12-41)
  • Imitation of Godzilla has a laser
  • A giant porcupine helps Godzilla. He has a rhino horn on his snout.
  • Three-headed flying dragon is the leaker
519. Beginning of the End (1957)
  • "Push they're way out" = Push-Cush Ethiopia pushes their way in.
  • "Vicious, merciless killers (MK-Ultra)
  • "Bred" by hand signal reveals Eleanor Roosevelt and the consort led them on their way.
  • "Abnormally fast" now means espionage"
  • Setting in Chicago, Ludlow and Paxton
  • ISI...101 on a wall is someone saying Isaiah 66 or 166
  • Called locusts instead of grasshoppers is the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, not the eagle in the Great Seal of the United States.
  • 24 hours at 14 degrees to make them sleep.
  • Peggie Castle (Which way does this go in chess?) Could be a reference to someone who's name starts with Prince.
  • General Wagner
  • N1628
  • Oldenburg, IN
  • State and Wacker
  • 3rd and South Shore Drive: Lamp in middle of window similar to where I grew up.
  • Hopkins, MN (1961 4th grade classmate lived on Nokomis, graduated with him in 1970). This related to something not associated with the movie, but it relates to something now.
  • "81st Armored Div, 1st Armored Div.,40th Armored Div., 1st Airborne...92nd...76th.." (Before WH 40 became real).
  • Frank Johnson (Frank in military often meant female)
  • Grasshoppers = GHS or 8th is attempting to overthrow the Great Seal..."
518. Deadfall (2011)
  • What do you think the finger above the eye meant?
517. War Games (1983)
  • Classified
  • 19:23 past Zulu
  • Jennifer K. Mack, Flight 114, Pan Am, 0815 hrs.
  • "Learn from their own mistakes, so they could be better the next time they played" wasn't for the purpose of crime.
  • Who is Elemdorf?
  • Not elected, no access"
  • Falken's Maze Northwest - Item Donna
  • The spelling of my name in Korean is visible in one of the scenes. To view that spelling, scroll down the Bravery page and then locate it in the movie.
516. Courageous (2010)
  • A man's movie
  • Dougherty's at the end of the movie is a salute to a little girl, who not knowing what to do, ran to a pharmacy to find the man in the white coat to save her brother's life.
  • We believe they sabotaged you.
515. Assault on Wall Street (2013)
  • Overnight his shit went sour.
  • Oprah Winfrey: I'll call her."
  • Lawyer wants $10K to stop $60K collection
  • Thanks Shawn
  • Garnishment, house foreclosure, fired
  • Coward witch runs out on him!
  • Anonymous: "They take care of that, too"
  • Michelle Obama: "I want $8 million.
  • Banking Industry: "It's Misooki first or we're bankrupt."
  • Bad News - BF in the area means espionage retaliation at work in your life. Be thankful someone told you.
  • Baxter-Baxford
514. The Game of Death (1978)
  • My notes have been turned over to the FBI.
513. 7 Below (2012)
  • Adopted son kills family during a thunderstorm with a knife
  • 5 fingers extended = uphill battle against evil
  • 075-812 (2nd born, 1975 identification)
  • Victor Radio
  • Courtney
  • Dr. Polk revelation sparked vulgar tyranny: Oprah Winfrey: "I said never in her vagina again (if you want protection from me)." See what I have to put up with!
  • Surm & Drang
  • Isaac & Adam Thompson
  • Line these up: Courtney was Shawn, Agent of Destiny
  • Courtney broke the monster cycle with suicide and was resurrected...
  • Last seen, Courtney is chopping up a yellow vegetable grown in Korea called Tock-Kwan and in the middle of the cutting, she proceeds to her boyfriend to kill him!
512. The Exorcist (1973)
  • Stolen from my room by the landlord for one below.
  • Cellphone broken so I cannot redo.
511. The Hidden (1997)
  • Detective Beck [Los Angeles Chief of Police]
  • [Bat] Masterson
  • 0911 hrs, Miller walked out of the Record Store after stealing and killing
  • Lusk was Lash"
  • [Mayor Miller Dallas, Lusk as Rusk for the criminally insane??]
  • Address of above: First & Main [Mayne?]
  • BF Police officer in front of "Pink" Florida
  • Sanchez with the flame thrower gun is Black too
  • Daisies here and there
  • Lovemaking is for crack cocaine and procreation only
  • Harem Room 12 girls is or else"
  • Brenda (Sheila and Bridgette) wore a leopard jacket (means no love in the marriage bed or it's filth!)..
  • Halley (Berry's) cocktails [Debut in Hollywood 1991]
  • Left sleeve: "Lambo.."
  • 219 [First direct and illegal attack - 1995]
  • Bananas spread eagle from of passenger's side blue & white car after crashing inside a mannequin store"
  • Stone "Iris"
  • Silver laser gun doesn't hurt "human flesh" Sex outside of marriage is not prevented by lasers
  • Brooks [DPD Intelligence, presidential detail 4-24-01]
  • Al Wagner? [North Sea(attle FBI) SW Netherlands in south Holland; The Hague Tribunal "a permanent court of arbitration" her colonies in America, 7-29-899 and 6-14-907: an early version of the UN]
  • Altarians are filthy people"
  • Senator Holt, glimpse of Kennedy in Ko-Ko
  • "Three-L-Ten" (62 vulgar terrorism/tip)
  • [Senator Holt could be no Holy Ghost/Hebrews 5..25]
  • Thumb up 55 UK-NAACP: Abuse of power
510. Cry Havoc (1944)
  • Japanese are 25 miles up the line
  • Flo Norris
  • Plenty of rice...
  • Pat Colin, Constance Booth...Grace Lambert
  • Mimosa perfume from Philadelphia
  • Sadie: "...and rice.")
  • NAACP will destroy legal ways of doing things without their approval. That's why Debbie can't even put picturtes she takes in this site. That's sickening.
  • Franklin of Indiana died at age 22.
  • Knocked out 7 jap planes
  • Blacks are Condi Rice's version of the antichrist"
  • "We can't live on just rice."
  • Tough says the Nazis blocking my pictures this week"
  • LAPD 46
  • Northern Luzon
  • General Wainwright....(catch that one yourselves, I can't put it in here)
  • Holt & Smith...Holt dies.
509.Mission of the Shark (1991)
  • Charles Butler McVeigh
  • US 28 knots, Japan 14
  • 7/29/45 USS Indianapolis sunk by enemy torpedoes
  • DE366 one of the rescue vessels
  • 11-6-68 McVeigh committed suicide and left us a message in the date.
508. Catch Hell (2014)
  • TUA900
  • First clerk "Rhonda" speaks while female in gray and blurred grins in the background.
  • "Diana's" husband is super ticked off. Wants revenge
  • Gators played twice"
507. True Nature (2010)
  • $612.34 audio.
  • What was the visual?
506. Switchback (1997)
  • 218
  • 77 White El Dorado
  • Hector Saldez: Advanced chemistry
  • Airport long term
  • Routes 10, 160, 350
  • Martinsburg and Rio Grande
505.Come Back To Me (2014)
  • 419-115
  • Invisible like a satellite
  • Espionage knows how to play you for and against others
  • If you kill the intruder, everyone will die
  • Typical crime machine and abuses of power
504. Life's A Breeze (2013)
  • Leaks that blacks steal from whites this way.
  • They also give lottery numbers in dreams.
503. The Freedom of Silence (2012)
  • Now Bush Sr. won't come to pass.
  • BF "Michelle Castone" was intimidation from Rice and her meaning no Debbie in California because they're taking it away from the USA.
502. Ministry of Vengeance (1989)
  • Victim was agitated into a war
  • Kim and Kayla Robinson killed early in the movie at an airport.
501. Fireproof Marriage (2008)
  • "Roosevelt & Kelly out"
  • Save Lacey from a burning building"
  • Another mole has been found and Kelly was lost during her shift as the DA of Los Angeles County
502. Daylight's End (2016)
  • Survivors take their stand against Narcissists and psychopaths at the Dallas Police Station
  • Chief is an imitation of Chief William Bratton
  • The black assistant with him is an imitation of Chief Brown. He's carrying the rope when he dies.
  • A Sullivan imitation watches from the roof of the police station
  • The evil Alpha Male is George Bush
  • Drifter, named "Strong" in the NY plated car is Debbie
They exhaust me, too.
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