Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""
It's against the law to stalk Debbie and it's against the law to take things away from her.
Don't find excuses. It's not that expensive"
These have been caught doing communism.  To learn their Lingo, go to that page.

Write up Lynch and Kellyanne for stalking me while I am on this computer.
Under no cirtcumstances let black tyranny/monarchies up on Debbie.
View North Carolina #5
Having an opinion about someone,
shouldn't be viewed as in their way!
No appeasements to get along with Oprah!
Troublemakers aren't ladies.
They're a Lynch Mob
Hard core communists are a purple name.
The press can't get up in espionage and terrorism!
Troublemakers can't get warrants, so they make up things and sabotage, torture and abduct"
Getting up on a federalwitiness isn't smart!
Why would you want that?

350 (Varies with the tenant)
Stalking 70
Always first in the bathroom 74-27
 And now when I go to the closet area, she rushes in there, too.
 And often does nothing but get there.
Broke plunger after he stopped it up 58
Stop bothering Debbie with your opinions, imitating Oprah 71-84
Intimidation 74-62s
False police reports 72
Accomplices Oprah Romney 73
Opportunist 48
Pleasure boating with Debbie's stuff 27
27 Broke the toilet and blames me
55 Racketeering
Captiol One Bank
55: With Condi Rice to take bank cards with lucky numbers on it away from and replace it with numbers being of a hateful 62 nature"
74: Home Depot was a felony.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - New York Congresswoman
55: Stalks Debbie on the bus with imitation
74: Shows off to Debbie in the library with an imitation that she has subversive tech/magic
70: "Who dis?" for kicks"
106: Conspiracy with female Democrats against Debbie" such as Hillary
Amos Mun - Landlord (Deactivated)
74: Obstruction - Continues to burglarize Debbie of her work.
106: Conspiracy Bush, Lacey, M. Obama, Rice and Carson""
Obstructions are also terrorism.
74: Refused to turn on Cable TV for me.
74: Talks into telephone to block Wi-0Fi access
74: Slanders me to others
99: Talks meanly to me for Oprah and Bush"
74: Doesn't fix the heater Bush and Rice keep turning off as 89.
74: Where is my DAV magazines?
Games are communism.
Amos Mun's wife - Landlord
27: Coming into Debbie's room and taking things since 2006
Andrea Simmons - Another FBI dopehead
Ann Romney - Racist wife of Mitt
Sabotage of Dallas Police while retaliating on Debbie 57-89
Terrorism 99
46-Stalking Debbie's website and demanding false screens be put in place to protect herself.
Hasn'ty been annoinited by DOJ. Why does she have illegal access?
Who gave her a transcript of my private life?
Torture 92-98
  Holding me down with 28/Arm, 16/Shoulder, 33/Wrists Night and day
  Very much against me working the streets
  If the police aren't griping, why are you? 94
   Also tortures famous people she doesn't like
   One of her victims is #22 on North Carolina
Snitches use espionage and are not victims of said crimes. 
Racketeering 55 for the weapon that tortures Debbie
Sabotage 57
Stalking 70 
Intimidation - with Virginia Williams
Communism 48
 Invasions of privacy 98
 Debbie's work is none of your business.
 Blatantly violates RICO
 Aiding & Abetting a coup - "no real"
Bossy punitive 95
Idolatry - Above the law politics 95
Illegal use of police 99
 Accomplicing Oprah 73
Obstruction of 337 46-27-57-84
  Rice Oprah racketeering 55
Hate crimes 27
"You can't make me do that [obey the law]." 94
"She wants to kill the little babies." Antisocial 89-95
"I hope it hurts Debbie when I pick someone else!" 89-74
Crippling a disabled veteran 89-92
Accomplices Rice torturing Debbie into submission 27
Torturing a federal witness for votes 92-55
Obstruction of Marriage 74"
Obstruction of Justice for complaining about the streets
85- InKwon as Skeffington 94
Espionage 74-92
Racketeering with Oprah for Winston's laser torture "persecute" 101
  Wants to see Debbie "suffer" 92
Punishes Debbie to avenge Smith 27
"No sleep" 90-89
85-Sikh Temple Wisconsin 96
92-"No working the streets" is 55 Rice, Rubio, Oprah and Smith
Favorite areas to torture: 6, 4, 18, 35, 2, 13
Craig Watkins - Former District Attorney Dallas County
50: Subversive Activities
Barbra Streisand - Singer movie actress, comedian
Aiding & Abetting a coup
Ben Carson - Presidential candidate 2016, HUD Secretary 2017
46: Breaking her equipment and forbidding privacy
99: No husband hypocrisy
92: De-arrangement of right knee for Oprah's votes
57: Apps and equipment
27: Campaigning for president while sitting as HUD secretary
27: Said he kicked me off HUD list and raised my rent"
99: Subversive Activities
73: Comes for others as gang warfare
57: Attacks on me while I am sending emails
70: Hits Debbie in the legs or causes cramps whn Renne Hall home invades
70: Stalking Debbie's children on Instagram
99: Cramping her legs and feet for talking to the police about criminal activity is terrorism. Who let him loose?
55: Oprah Winfrey to sabotage Debbie's work for the police
35: Causes cramps in my right foot and left leg as signature laser
92: Hits Debbie in sore spots to cause added pain and cripple
50: Subversive activities to get Debbie's Facebook acct blocked. [He's the one trying to lock you up in mental instuituttion].
84-68: Assault & battery
84: Espionage on Debbie isn't a legal campaign
X208: Comes for Oprah
70: Contacting Dallas Police and LAPD to slander Debbie
27: Hate crimes stalking in Goose and Northwest
70: My movements outside my home
99: Sexually harasses me about being my husband's replacement in streets
106: Conspiracy Pierson's
70: Stalking me with Lynch based on Bush's espionage"
92: Stalks Debbie with lasers for working traffic
27: Stalks InKwon and coerces him to hurt his wife with lasers as if it were her fault he thinks in Korean.
27: 92-68
94: Aiding and abetting a coup.
70: Stalks Debbie's movements
74: Extortion or 99s
78: Using Carly Fiorina
103: Stalking Debbie with lasers and that stunt at the library in Carrollton. The road to the vice presidency is not torturing Debbie"
89: Says he can torture me every time I mention or speak on the subject of my husband. And he does this with 92-68. HOW DARE THEY PASS HER HUSBAND AROUND LIKE A RAGDOLL? EVERYONE CAN BE WITH HIM EXCEPT HER IS SICKENING" YOU RACIST BASTARDS"
84: Opposing Debbie's like to make it easier for him and other blacks to compete against whites
73: Oprah oppressing Debbie
46: Blocks her work everywhere
106: Aiding & Abetting a coup
99: No husband rhetoric and assaults with laser weaponry
Black females in Dallas FBI
Brad Pitt - Actor
Unamerican activities 74
Comes for Oprah 27-29
FMO Games 27-92-94
Byong Dong Song - Father-in-law
94-No annullment/ No free exercise 27-79-73"
89-Attempted Murder of Debbie Song 27 Paranoid
27-70-It's a felony to come for that voice in your head.
Candy Carson - Candidates spouse
70: Stalking
89: "I'll kill her."
And access to our weapon system
55: Racketeering with Oprah Winfrey for illegal access to weapon
99: Subversive activities"
46: Any form of torture"
Candy Park - Family Member
"He loves my mother more than you!" 27
"No spiritual for him." 94-95-73
"Your husband is my little dog." 62
Tries to find girlfriends for Debbie's husband 27
"You messed him up with your vagina." 79-89
Detectives don't like this xitch. She's very hateful"
Carly Fiorina - Vice presidential nod from Ted Cruz hoping to usurp GOP
55: Racketeering with Oprah for WMD on Debbie
46: Obstructs Debbie's access
70: Makes rude and cruel comments using echo technology.
74: Name games is a puppet of Oprah..
96: Her birthday, 9-6-54 is two days past Ray Kelly's dob. And she'll crash planes to get even.
Chad Timothy - Home business operator in Oregon
Stole $54 from Debbie's bank acct 3 months after acct with him closed 91-96-74
 Money was never returned
 Comes for Oprah 27
85-Plane crash to say $ will not be returned
Charlie Beck and his little friend Danny
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim
74-57: Changing songs on her website to protect illegal aliens (his politics from hell because it puts minor's minds in the hands of politicians to do wrong things). It's against the law to subvert families for your politics!. Look at what they're doing to the blacks on EASYASPIE!
89: Comes for and obeys Oprah and Bush/Rogue Secret Service
Defames her
70: Violates the 4th and due process demanding punishments
50: Assaults, tortured/pins and makes puncture wounds using Winston.
Magic is espionage and terrorism, not a legal device"
Nor police work!
Your comments: X266
All X208 is racist retaliations.
92-26, 89: When he listens to stalkers on Debbie, they get to attack her. These are home invasions by proxy.
74-Fronts Oprah Winfrey and Jackie Lacey who are breaking the law in Debbie's  in every place where Debbie goes or can be found.
84: Terrorism and sabotage
What you think about me is what you are if you resort to tyranny on me. Duh!
99-89 Terrorism
84-74: Terrorism on Debbie for Lupita also stalking her. Recently said: "Continue no Mrs." and "Punch her."
27: Removing posts from Facebook without an injunction
27: Blocking restoration certificates because I am popular in some areas and they don't like it.
Chris Christie
Vandalism! 57
Communist tyranny 84
Has lasers on me
Cindy Beck - X74 - Police Officer
Clone of Oprah
X266- 27: Called Dollar Tree and cancelled the reading glasses strength I had that was stolen.
Invasions of privacy and torture after being warned 92-74
"I'd rather have Halle Berry" is Obstruction of Justice
Conspiracy with Winston for laser: Assault & Battery
Espionage and intimidation with echo land lasers 84-74-9 and 42
Witness Tampering
Racist retaliation through Famil on 727 89
Not a victim of the crimes and involved is racism. 55
Stalking 70 Debbie's website and LAPD
Sabotage 57 of Debbie's work with the police"
Aiding & Abetting a coup 94-50
Entrapments 88
Racketeering violence on a federal witness and calling it a test 27
Racist troublemaking:Calls Debbie a joke to cue satellites against her 99
Bank robbery 57-27
I wanna see 74-70
It costs 89, X71
No second thoughts 79
Says she controls Dallas DA office 74
Steals personal mail 27
Theft of tapes from police area
Conspiracy Oprah echelon giving directions and imput 73-55-84
Laser choices: 45, 16, 28, 25/Teeth and gums
57-84 Sabotage of Debbie's website without an injunction just to scare away 5K police departments and cities reading her.
27 Unprofessional jealousy and wanting criminal favors for sex
Racketeering 55-58
82 Terrorism
27 Espionage on Debbie decide what crimes to commit as 89/Un-american acts of violence
74 Instituting a monarchy over a constitutional government: Taking things out of context and using torture to get her way. 
Illegally racketeering with communists for weaponry on civilians and witnesses 50-74-92
94 Electronic thefts and vulgar hatem,ail against marriages TR#07123, Lewisville TX
27 Sexual invasions of privacy. Transcripts are not warrants!
84: Stalks the FBI for Condi Rice.
74: Illegal interrogations about Debbie's private business. The Saudis are not your business or anything family related.
Cheryl Boone Isaacs - President AMPAS
X121 and X86
70 Stalking this website
74 Warrantless and without press credentials
Chris Christie X208 - Governor
58-Sabotage with laser rice cooker and a tape recorder
99-Comments from hell
57-Taking things out of the printer queue based on espionage of Debbie
55-Comes for Oprah
74-Threatens to get me back for going to NJ Police about this website
He can't play with Obama's toys and neither can Hillary.
Colin Powell - Former Joint Chiefs of Staff DoD and DoS Secretary
Racketeering with orientals to hurt Debbie 94
55: With DoD to push their program on nus and to prolong the kidnapping of Debbie's husband InKwon, as well as the torture of Debbie to establish corruption"
50: Put lasers on consoles for techs to use on Debbie when Byong Dong commanded death for me on 1-10-99.  See PARANOIA
Wrong to test him without Debbie 94
The oriental female adultery games on him was Oprah, not us!
It was wrong to stay on him about it for 7 years. 27
58: Teaching Koreans treachery and racism with echelon.
Also used ONI to teach InKwon adultery"
89: Uses TV to remind her of past sabotages/vandalism
55: Terrorism on Debbie
74: Threatens to give heart attacks to get his way.
70: Donald Trump and Bill Clinton
106/92: Hits Debbie with the lasers for various people requesting it.
50: Practicing communism on civilians is not DoD's job.
Condi Rice - Professor Stanford University
84: Snitches Debbie out to make trouble.
70: Stalking about Debbie's emails
57: Subverts computer calculator. 62 Tries to demoralize Debbie into quitting that activity.
92-9: Condi Rice's Secret Service agent on Debbie is torture and too big to be a petty bitch. They're all mental with power to destroy lives.
46: Stopping emails to police
27: Identifies self as Bush Sr. to scare people into obedience. Then she says "Elmer Fudd wants Debbie dead."
70: Stalking Debbie since 1954 as the Queen's puppet/103
70: Starts trouble on Debbie's daughter to gain compliance
79: Brags how she can subvert anyone4, esp. black men
27: Says no Facebook pages (X266) and no mobile WiFi (X392)
65: Assaults Debbie, too
46: Charges battery of cell very slowly and if at all when in use even if plugged in. Puts up error messages I never saw before to cover her buttocks"
74: Blocks emails X580 and 24
94 satellites on Debbie is a felony"
89: 94's satellites laser assaults
50: Aiding & Abetting a coup
No one told her to stalk Debbie. She just does it"
She's "gunk" for stalking your family"
99: Terrorism on InKwon to make him compliant to all their demands and shun his wife"
50: Invades Debbie's life for fun and control of all aspects like the animal she is.
57-74: Sabotages the us while in the website.
57 and 46: Blocks things from going through in a timely fashion so as to prevent other things"
57: Changes Debbie's creative work by tossing app tools
27-84: Unauthorized access to two-way transcripts of Debbie's private conversations
70: Then poisons district attorneys
46: WiFi weather updates automatically
70: All her "play" is to further the grip of 94 on civilian, police and politicians.
Illegal interpretation of marriage to destroy foreigners' trust of Americans
Disturbs In Kwon (Debbie's husband) with Debbie's private business until he attacks her in a manner proscribed by this devil on him 27
Then they gloat about it to my face through echo and/or persons in public" 27
55: Racketeering with Winston to deprive Debbie of sleep (Standing order)
89: Acts of terrorism
91: Uses landlords to "swoop" in and steal the first time I forget to double lock something. 94: Such intense stalking technique is traumatic and can cause a fear reaction every time, the victim wants to be normal and can't be.
46: Using tech to sabotage cellphone access to internet-WiFi
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim
55: Racketeering to get to the police to use  against Debbie.
92: Torture of left arm in exchange for sleep
Retaliation through family 103
What did you tell my husband this meant, Witch?
Invasions of privacy and torture after being warned 92-74
Troublemaker with espionage 48-50 Cory De Pooter's Family and others 27, 92
70 "I said never like before" (with the husband) [because they turned him into a racist for Oprah]. 27-Conpsiracy
Vulgar terrorism 94 and 57
Racketeering in Debbie's private life to prevent normal expectations and goal-orientated achievements: Terrorism, sabotage are all violations of the third. 55
Racketeering against marriage 55-63/62 by changing people's perceptions on this point: "A previous marriage is worse than adultery."
Brags about JFK assassination being for the purpose of engineering artificial advantages for herself that he was against" [370]
Hides behind others 78
"No Christianity in the Asian" 48
Violates the 5th amendment 14
Comes for Oprah 27
Chronic Pettiness 99
Disturbs Ann Romney and In Kwon's with her hype. 74
Uses 350 to retaliate 84
Obstructions of Justice 99-46
Wants my things stolen from me by the Secret Service. 57-91
Torture 92
Racketeering 55
99: Stalks and poisons the police to turn them against Debbie"
70: Requests bowel obstructions for Oprah and  puncture wounding for Beck.
Sabotage of my website is 57-84-88
 With Winston for leg and hand cramps at night 27-92-89
Stalking 70
Uses one spouse to control the other 27
Accomplicing Oprah to steal DAV cards from Debbie's wallet and magazine from post office 73
Directed DAV personnel to turn on Debbie so she could get satisfaction 89-57
Stalking private conversations for the purpose of retliation and obstruction
Number page shows assaults committed by devils which is 92.
Using BF's in grocery stores to make her opinions and demands known 70
Forcing Texas to disobey state laws when she doesn't live here 27
Find your own way. Leave my families alone. Envy is an evil way up or a way to nowhere anyone really wants to go!
46-Stalking Debbie's website and demanding screen deletions
85-Drug Wars in Mexico
85-Fort Hood Massacre
85-Sandy Hook Elementary
Favorite area: 47
Genocide - Knocks Debbie down to prevent full potential from being realized in her and her husband's lineage".
"723" plate on the street accompanied a threat: No husband or dead husband!
Troublemaking 79
Extortion via theft of tapes from a locked cabinet 27
Julia Pierson and Oprah Winfrey as 73
Stalking 70
88 Continues to make trouble for Debbie on the bus. 73-82 with Winston
18-89 Angry about EXTREME #282 being put back in. 38L with NAACP helping him.
Isn't that what Oprah and Colin Powell used to say?
Cromwell Librarians
55-Oprah Winfrey to scare with espionage and threats Debbie.
70- Being where Debbie is with comments (Both BFs and older white male)
Curtis "Big Red" - New asst. Landlord
74: "It will cost a tooth to lower rent" to where it was.
89: Raising the rent because I didn't obey him screaming at me in the hall while I was in my bedroom.
91: Stole medicine from my bedroom/B&E because he didn't use a key
Dallas FBI (Black female that spat on Debbie at Royal Lane Station)
It's Ann Romney, too: Demanding screen changes" 
Black games are genocidal.
82-Aiding and abetting a coup d'etat with false screens
58-Erasing text from this website without permission That's 99.
Why is Romney contacting her?
84-Wanting the tapes
99-Stalking me on this computer. Takes the clock timer away. Stops music from pages.
70: When calls come in related to Debbie, she intercepts and doesn't pass them to the proper authority as told. Slanders and sabotages Debbie every chance she gets.
74- Threatens to lie about the FBI to get off the hook for hate crimes on Debbie! And "you don't know about this one."
55-Racketeering to get at Debbie's stuff, aka Okhrana
89: Opportunist for NAACP NORTHWEST et al
FBI Dallas calls this honesty: "I look for every opportunity. I will never forget my orders to advance Bledsoe." 6/4/17
Note: This one will do what is painful or harmful to a white if told it furthers the Oprah agenda regardless of how unlawful it is.
46: Obstructs Debbie's emails while stalkers hold down NYPD with lies"
Dallas Police Department
82: Aiding & Abetting a coup/Blacks on Debbie
Danny Defenbaugh - Former FBI agent
55-Deployment of Goose on a federal witness
27-Giving Oprah her way. This is also racketeering"
57: Does favors for Debbie's enemies.
Dan Quayle - Dirty Devil vice president
Uses one spouse to control the other 55-95
 Korean communities
Obstruction of marriage to the "oriental" 95-89 EEOC
Comes for Oprah 27
Comes for Bush Sr. 55
85-Vatican Sex Scandals
David Brown - Chief of Police
Hears Bush & Oprah echelon and even though he doesn't play anymore, Oprah spoils things for Debbie in his image or name. This has to stay on" Ben Carson is also trying to use him with lasers.
Debbie Kim- Family Member
Racketeering with Bush Sr. 55
Oprah Winfrey grants her lasers
Diane Welch - Family Member
27: Obstruction of Debbie with her family for Kim Robinson
27: Making deals with Donald Trump to hurt Debbie Song for Kim Robinson
50: Aiding & Abetting a coup
74: Threatening to give Debbie the flu
Donald Trump - 45th President of the United States
106: Aiding & Abetting a coup (82)
55: Listens and obeys "goatcheese" too much and too often at Debbie's expense
70: Stalking Debbie
106: Carson and Rice as candidates needing "prtoection" (idolartry)
71: A duplicate of George Bush Sr.'s administration
70: Uses troublemakers and liars to stalk and stop Debbie for her activities against Communism"
50: Subversive activities" (I told you not to put the devils on her)
89: Retaliates on Debbie when blacks complains based on espionage
27: Telling blacks to prevent Debbie's life with the police, her children and others wishing to remain anonymous is conspiracy Mozambique.
Just keep standing and maybe you'll learn delivery.
"Get those bastards off her!"
79: Perpetuating the delusional, non-scripturally based concept of "little babies"
Technology undermines your willingness to obey God. See how the devil takes down this so-called "Christian" bunch with lust of the eyes making them reprobate"
57: Your nominee is Oprah" Don't you feel foolish spending all that money on a delusion and now...???? I guess they did it to you, too. Thank you
Yes, your treasury agent is too.
Donna Sakkinen - Family Member
50: Aiding & Abetting a coup
74: Comes for Oprah and tries to get at Debbie
70: Complains about everything Debbie does. Latest is KOBARs.
79: Persists in troublemaking instead of reading the Bible.
Tells Winston to give Debbie a heart attack for reporting torture crimes 50
Comes for Oprah and/or Bush 55
Sends Debbie's emails to the police 84-Violations of the 4th"
Some entrapments" for Lacey 88
Endorses social engineering which are hate crimes and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
Widowed by Oprah Winfrey of her husband Bill in 2008.
Has laser weaponry on her sister 79
50: Aiding and abetting Oprah et al)coup d'état
46: Comes for Lynch because the same birthdays and
74: Makes comments that amount to retaliations to protect Rice
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim
84-99: Hears Oprah and obeys (X208) is terrorism
89-92: When I try to print what she says
46/82: Tells devils to stop my emails to Mass.
Eddie Bernice Johnson: Congresswoman in Texas
46: Extortion
74: Intimidation
99: Terrorism
Elena Benevidas - Kinda connected to family member
55 Racketeering with Oprah to get at Debbie through my son in high school.
27: Uses her daughter Imara to put lasers on Debbie when Debbie says she doesn't look like her son. 92-6 is Imara signature assigned by Kellyanne.
89: Restrict him from seeing his mother for her refusal to give the former money.
70: X208 for favors in exchange for troublemaking on Debbie"
Her parents were told to leave this country.
106:  Conspiracy Meghan Markle to steal money from Debbie"""
"Don't stalk your mother over this!. I don't want to hear from Gabes."
70: Staling Debbie about a media post
103: Treason
Do not come for the British, especially against your mother"
Elena Kagan - Supreme Court Justice
Racketeering 55-57
Moves the court against the law 74
Hides behind others 78
Fronts Oprah 89
85-Matthew Shepherd
Erica Brown - Library Director Farmer's Branch
70: Uses Oprah and Condi Rice for terrorism on me with espionage"
73: Other employees and patrons play as well in the that one. (Exceptional hearing when it comes to me only).
89: Raised the price of computer print-outs/Timing 
74: Babbling to phones to make other libraries and patrons hateful on me.
Eric Johnson - FBI SAIC Dallas Field Office"
70: From Dallas Baptist University
82: Aiding & Abetting a coup"
74: Blocking Debbie's performance
57: Debbie's equipment, too
27: X101 and X112 (X208)
Faith Johnson - Current Dallas County District Attorney
50: Subversive Activities (Torture, Sabotage and deceits)
106: Loretta Lynch"
55: Oprah Winfrey to stop Debbie from witnessing against communism aka Zoom
84-99: Hears espionage regarding Debbie's private emails and terrorizes our witness with abductions"
27: "You're not my Christmas." Crazy talk like this through others.
99: Uses strange men to say bad things about me in public like they're sent to me special. Like are you here to deliver me a package? Like that.
50: Weird and unprovoked comments that intrude or defame or demoralize
Gabby Douglas - Troublemaker
Name Games 74-70
Racketeering to get lasers on Debbie 55-92
Comment 55-74
Cheating for the gold 94
Accomplices Rice Espionage 73-84 Timing
TV Messed up 89 by Rice for the cheater
Comes for Oprah 27 (those poses)
Oriental trainers 36-79
Russian Team Mistakes 55
Team Troublemaking 79
Took a bribe to be famous to close her legs/Communism 48
George Bush Jr.
70: Moving to Dallas when he's not from here for Oprah Winfrey
"He's too flat to play."
George Bush Sr. (Communist predator)
Makes mountains out of molehills 99
57: Sabotages Debbie to protect his communist agenda" and those who help him.
46: He blocks access until he gets what he wants and that's illegal" Never was presidential.
84-57: Her work"
From the beginning, on Debbie and her husband (1975) has been a hate crime and he continues to this moment trying to get others to help him destroy her life for being chosen by FDR for a project in America to stop communism"
50: Subversive Activities
82/46: Forces work stoppage with illegal employee activities on Debbie
Abuse of power
92: Reckless trash waits till no bathroom is around, then says to Winston: "Make her need one."
103: Loans lasers to foreign leaders to use on Americans
106: Kellyanne Conway and her husband"
70: Debbie's cellphone to give Oprah whatever she wants
Changes alphabetization: No St. Mary in letter S
55: Condi Rice and Secret Service to stalk and sabotage Debbie"
Making illegal demands and forcing them on her
79: Racist and sexist
46: Blocking her cellphone from charging isn't NORTHWEST. Really?
It looks like X208 to me.
103: Plotting against America as his family did
94 satellites on Debbie is a felony"
73: Accomplishes and accomplices Oprah Winfrey when he vandalizes Debbie's stuff.
57: Changes volume on things (control freak for Oprah, too)
27-84: Unauthorized access to two-way transcripts of Debbie's private conversations
46: WiFi weather updates automatically
89: Snitches Debbie's private conversations out to put mechanized army on her as retaliation
62: "Don't let Debbie up for telling on us" is communism. 50
He shouldn't be running the Secret Service 94.
70: Stalking
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim
Calling married women vulgar names 43
Disturbs In Kwon (Debbie's husband) with Debbie's private business until he attacks her in a manner proscribed by this devil on him 27
Then they gloat about it to my face through echo and/or persons in public" 27
Bankrupting the government to secure favors for his friends 103
Invasions of privacy and torture after being warned 92-74
Get his black ass off Debbie when she's in the internet! 57-46
Illegal interpretation of marriage 57
Subversion of the United States in a conspiracy using espionage and echelon
Espionage 84
Bus games 75
Stalking 70
89: Stalking and terrorism as punishment to entertain uncivilized racist trash vanity.
27: Putting black satellites on Debbie for going to EEOC in exchange for more power from blacks.
Torture 92
Morbid View of Marriage (Ugliness) 99
"I can't help you." 57
"I still have to punish you for [everything]." 73-Oprah 92-89-48
Tries to make me look bad to others 57
Stalking members of my family and making them sick for Oprah 76
Hyped 49 the Police Chief for Smith as 57 on Debbie's website
Accomplices Rice's "no sleep" policy 73-92-90
Vulgary 31-55
Snitches 57-14-89
Sabotages and then lies to people to make me look bad 27
Stalks Mike Song into saying things 70
Sabotages Ronald Reagan's 57
Conspiring to obstruct Debbie from doing anything and never is due process in place. 73
99-Changes keyboard ability to make data entry harder.
85-Rodney King and those riots in '92
85-War in Bosnia
85-Mothers Against Guns
85-Osma bin Laden
85-Bird flu and shots
85-"O Ring" Shuttle Explosion - So Debbie could put something in a magazine
85-Amnesty for Illegals
85-Occupy Wall Street
85-Hostage crisis in Iran
85-Oklahoma City/Timothy McVeigh, 73 Britain
85-Nicole Brown Simpson et al, 73 Oprah Winfrey
Favorite areas for torture: 35, 53, 33
Troublemaking 79
Home Invasions
57 Sabotage of Debbie's stuff every chance he gets
Gloria Campos - News anchor
Halle Berry - Actress
Made a comment to handlers about her vulgarity in 2001.
Terrorism since 2002
Use of lasers on Debbie is a hate crime.
Still a troublemaker on commercials 27 any messages
Revlon commercials means you have to share him with us (racism).
92: Signals satellite to 99
Hermain Cain - Candidate for president.
Hillary Clinton - My wife
Aiding and Abetting a coup
106: with Michelle Obama
103: Torturing Debbie and her life for Oprah
50: Assaultive
46: Obstructing access and/or prevents Debbie from compiling information for ...
In Kab "Noel" Song - Family Member
In Kirl "Sonny" Song - Family Member
Gave a job to Myo Kim so she could get at In Kwon 84-99
Retaliation for EEOC 89, aka "Suffer."
In Kwon "Steven" Song - Family Member
Invasions of privacy and torture after being warned 92-74
Sexual terrorism for black tyranny and FLO 92-11, 55
Comes for Oprah's espionage on Debbie 79
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim
Goosing him was a felony, racist!
89 (X208-99s): Comes for Kellyanne Conway and sexually harasses his wife with infidelity speech.
73: Another bitch on Debbie"
Jackie Lacey X208 - Los Angeles County District Attorney
Extortion and 58
84: Discusses Debbie's private business with others and tells them what to do if Debbie does something she has decided is racist. This is stalking" and terrorism. Usu. in cahoots with Pierson. Knowing when to look, say or hear...
All  retaliations are based on this. You better pick a country.
46: Obstruction of Justice using espionage and sabotage of a Federal investigation involving a Federal witness/the name at the very top and several presidents.
99: Continues to burglarize Debbie to "protect" the black empire they're building" Also says she wants to make Debbie look bad by removing worksheets, lists and notes Debbie locks up.
74: It is a felony to stalk Congressman Sessions, too..
55-89: Attempted murder of Phyllis McDonough with laser heart attack. 73 Laser Pierson.
27: Extortion, stalking, racketeering crimes to subvert banks, stores and restaurnats to send me hate mail and take things away from me to send hate mail.
27: Stalking Debbie's private life plus the crimes associated with it: Sabotage, Harassment, Intimidation/Extortion, bragging about torture. Always at Debbie with unsolicited opinions and suggestions...Just like Oprah - butting in where it's none of her business"
Hollywood communist 55-X1 and X84
74: All Home Invasions
Subversion 57: Stopping Debbie's private life without a court order. (Coup d'etat means taking advantage of technology to obstruct a life without using the law).
Witness Tampering and not telling the truth to the AG
Stealing movie cards 91
Intimidation 74 [Detrimental to Debbie's health to stay in Texas]
Aiding & Abetting a coup 27
Illegal messaging 74
Racketeering 55
Sabotages DVD player during 300: Rise of the Empire 57
Stalking" 70
Said no Wi-Fi or cable TV and Landlord(s) will comply. 89-55-74/99-50
"Don't pressure her. Just take things away from her" 27 "Michael (Reagan) will obey me."
27: Threatened Eric to stop legal use of tape recorders in state of Texas.
92 Use of lasers during threats usu in the form of echo
[Debbie is DR, not MD in regards to her existance*]
Troublemaking for Rice etc. 94, 79, 57 keyboards and online emails!
Sabotage of her work is a hate crime 27
70: "Tell Debbie I am not going to get off her until she does what I say." 1748 hrs-812
Earlier this week, she said: "I'm your penis." 48
Obstruction of marriage is a felony and racist in Debbie's case. How dare you invade her privacy like that and call tyourself the District Attorney.
Retaliation for Oprah wanting Cop Killer link removed 89
27: Grading a person's reactions to crimes committed deliberately with espionage.
57: Control of keyboard by talking into telephones on Oprah's command
27: Listening to others talk about Debbie, a violation of the 4th.
46: Breaking three tape recorders (Invasions of privacy) Taking things away from Debbie is a felony.
27: Appeasing Oprah is a hate crime too if Debbie suffers in anyway.
50: Stalking Debbie with the lasers, after poisoning people by calling Debbie and others racists without evidence. EVERYTHING THIS ONE DOES IS AGAINST THE LAW.
94: Sweet Home Alabama (PR #449) was your team snitching on the Republicans breaking the law with Rice!!
79: You're racist troublemakers straining at the leash to get at people if they're first with the White House!.
91: Steals from locked cabinets anything shaped like a penis as hatemail; to me BFs own  husbands. 62 also and 55 Most recent a copy of a check shaped like most of them: ractangular. Possessive racism is mental - crazy witch-itis.
Eavesdrops on FBI uinstructions to Debbie 84-94
57: Changed my name "Song" from Dodge on Google mail account.
Marriage doesn't make a person a piece, crazy persons.
Jackson, BF Dallas Police
Obstruction of mail to Dallas FBI 46"
Premeditation 84
Another officer was killed as payment for her crimes on Debbie 48-94
James Comey - Director FBI
Running Romney's thieves
Racketeering with Oprah Winfrey 55
Clone of Oprah 71
Intimidation Espionage to perfect her campaign for vice president 74
Troublemaking with espionage 46
Appeasements 89-70
Publically announced he's against mixed marriages 99
Blasphemes 99
Invades privacy 88
Aids and Abets a coup 94
All attempts at behavior modifications is communism 50
Sabotage of her website for Condi Rice 57-70 #395
No tape recorders by edict of Oprah ( X208) - 46, 55-50, 73-LAPD
Aids and abets black females in their hate crimes on Debbie 82-91
Third 6 of Torn Curtain's [PR#25 is not revealed here] 666 combination disguised as 444: October 14 is Eleanor Roosevelt (or any reasonable facisimile), November 14 is Condi Rice, and December 14 is Comey. OND means FMO or black rule (ON is in my last name). It's an attempt tp push atheism on the United States by ousting law which is Judeo-Christianity in nature. Caught ya, George.
I'm sure we all remember the hostage crisis lasted 444 days. My husband's address in Korea was 444 also. Didn't they violate their visas?
Jimmy Kim - Myo Kim's child, not from InKwon
Oprah Winfrey's little dog 27
 is mind control
70: Warrant Officer X208
Jodie Foster - Actress
Joe Biden - Vice president
99: Sexual harassment
106: Request murder of an individual
John McCain - Senator
55: Racketeering
Judge Frightful Wopner (BF) Dallas County
Standing orders - Memorex CD Players 103-58-14
Stalks 70-84
Racketeering 94
Theft of bank statement with Smith's help 91-99
Illegal use of weaponry 92
Failure to make good on her orders 74
Julia Pierson - X208 - Director Secret Service (fired)
Sabotages computer screens to get along with terrorism
46: Blocks my access to the internet/WiFi for anything that upsets a black and every time, it's based on espionage of my activities.
50: Secret Service protection via retaliation for anything Rice et al doesn't like about Debbie" This is a felony to stalk people like Debbie"
92: Punctures my skin with lasers to make tiny red wounds that make the area sore and infected.
57: Subverts Metamucil.
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim
57: Sabotages Debbie's music on this website, by seeing color in animals and demons. Somebody make her see a shrink"
55: Jackie Lacey espionage: Discusses Debbie's private business with others to know how to respond when Debbie does something.
46: Obstructions of Justice using espionage to violate the 4th amendment and to promote black communism on persons reporting it.
Seeing color doesn't make it so. Besides you see too many things as that way is abusive"
88: Playing games that lead to torture and invades privacy for the purpose of 89/acts of terrorism.
Intimidation of LAPD for Condi Rice's need for subversion of said entities against tyranny
Stalking Debbie for Condolleezza Rice and Smith tyranny
We told her no communism or trollism!
Putting things on the screen over and over against is harassment and so is everything put in front of Debbie to slow her down by not working legitimately or properly, including locking the bathroom door by 350.
Constantly moves the cursor when I told it to do something else.
Racketeering with Oprah 55
Obstruction of Justice 46
Disabling Debbie's recorder to protect Goose 103
Accomplices Condi Rice in hate crimes against Debbie 73
FLO Communism 103
82-Oprah Winfrey subversion of U.S. government with espionage
Don't you dare talk to me without a warrant!
58 and 57 Vandalism of three tape recorders to protect Romney's communist regime.
Threatens me with abductions based on false reports and sabotage of website 74
73 Oprah Winfrey and Jackie Lacey
57-91 Steals for Condi Rice's comfort my things.
57-Computer screens: Freezes second time a screen used and turns cursor into an eraser. Avenges Michelle Obama who is not suppose to have Zeus-like perks.
Kamala Harris - Fmr Mayor of SF and State AG CA
Was here in 2010, but agreed to leave Debbie alone to get off this list.
55: Running for president for Condi Rice
70: Timing on Cooley running for California's AG seat
70: Timing on Debbie
82: Donald Trump to smash Debbie for Condi Rice"
27: Stopping emails using Debbie's daughter
89: Demanding "no full-proof"(foolproofing whites) from black tyranny".
85: All bad seeds out to destroy us for slavery"
62: Agenda "No Up." (Fascism with espionage on whites"))
89: Retaliation, 92-16
55: Racketeering with Oprah Winfrey"
Kate Middleton - Married royalty
Name games 74-27
Stalking the prince 70
Against everything good for Debbie 55
"Debbie wasn't heaven sent." 95
"No husband" - Comes for Oprah 27
Authorizes drugs be given to In Kwon 94
Espionage 84
Access to deadly weaponry 27
Kathy Pence - Vice president-Elect Mike Pence's wife"
55: Oprah Winfrey's
70: Stalking Debbie with comments and lasers
Let us not forget Marilyn Quayle in New Hampshire"
Kellyanne Conway - Donald Trump's Counselor
27: X208: Comes for Bush and Oprah to do anything bad to Debbie she pleases without regard for the law she never swore to uphold"
74:  Violates the 4th amendment when she talks to cops about our private business. In most cases it's twisted and full of venom to obstruct them from taking our advice" Then they follow her instructions and leave the police to become puppets of communists, not trained professionals in police work. This in my opinion is an overthrow" X281 and 580 are criminal actions against Americans"
89: Steals emails
99: Hitting Debbie based on espionage, incl. rape and used the husband to sexually harass her with another woman.
92: She promised the FBI she would rape me anymore "no matter what"
62: "She claims she' the Queen of England like Oprah 6
106: Bush Dod
46: Prevents me from reporting crimes to the police
74-92: "Take that part out" then assaults and rapes"
57: Sabotages Debbie's emails and then brags about it!
57: Sabotage of Facebook
50: "I smell wafer."
72: False reports to the New York City Police Dept officials.
70: Stalking Debbie's work
57: Sabotaging Debbie's cellphone functions (Samsung)
27: Keeping emails from going through
70: Trying to get at Governor Cuomo
99: "Maybe I'll let them go through on Monday."
74: "Here boy!" to Steve Rexar (see below)
27: Says to police Debbie contacts (sometimes while holding back emails) : Do you want to hear from a crazy woman?"
46: "Stop Debbie" to use DoD to Obstruct Justice (emails to police and city officials. And recently fire chiefs).
48: Home invades Debbie's family to use them as weapons like Oprah does"
82: Every time you use that laser on Debbie"
50: Aiding & Abetting a coup on NYPD and Debbie for Oprah's smut. X266/50 saying Debbie doesn't need Facebook and a website
103: Makes me guilty of a crime without warrants in place before any facts or evidence is gathered. Like I had a dream and boom! YOU'RE GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.
84/70/46: Sabotage of Debbie on Facebook: Tells me what to do as part of a campaign she has with Carson.
57: Stalks me while on the computer and removes things. Continues to make holes in my socks, clothing and underwear.
50: Aiding & Abetting a coup
Kellyanne is not the Secret Service
57: Northwest: 13 pairs of underwear with the crotches torn out as 89. Also tearing up sock and bottoms of all bed clothes. Then put a crazy rodent on me.
57: Debbie's website, racist racketeeering
27: Tearing up Debbie's clothing as a protest for Debbie to refrain from communicating with Gays
99: Sexually harasses me with "I can make a fool out of Doinald being sick and crude, but you can't being real." Used to be #43. Petty and intrusive"
89: for tipping LGBT the Reno way about an issue.
89: Uses espionage satellites/NAACP to "rescue" everything I report
74: Harassment and intimidation of Debbie wherever she goes until "she said" she gets what she wants
92: Tortures me in the legs to prevent "the streets."
89: X574
71: Copies Oprah when she deals with me.
99s: Sexual harassment is a hate crime if it involves the husband"
94 satellites on Debbie is a felony"
79: Looks for trouble and uses my husband against me by talking about Myo Kim
50: Violations of the third
55: Appt'd by Trump as a stalker. Used to work for CNN, not a friend of mine.
55: Racketeering with Blacks to hurt Debbie
89: Endless delays thing/14
70: Stalking Debbie with predator satellites/espionage
99: Terrorism
27: "Oprah first" on the battery
46: Breaking the DVD player
106:Learning how to terrorize and torture Debbie from Oprah Winfrey
74: Extorting Debbie with the husband
They're both in trouble for that one"
99: Stalking Debbie's private life and taking things away with Carnivore
27: Tells half stories about Debbie (Defamation)
73: CNN
99: Bush Sr. as the "Burger King"
Kimberly Horton - Troublemaker
Ki Moon Ban - UN member who go the job in exchange for obstructing Debbie
Kim Robinson - Troublemaker on Paranoid page
94 Racism
70: Stalking Debbie's daughter
74: Intimidation of Debbie Song by showing up in all pictures and family events pertaining to Debbie's daughter and grandchildren.
50: Too close to Debbie's family 
74 Stalking a WM into marrying her so she could get at Debbie
27 Made a death threat before married
78 Using tech to get at Debbie sexually
84 Racketeering: Good girl exchange for access to Debbie
89 through Debbie Kim
55 stealing Debbie's website album from Android phone 106 Dallas FBI blacks and Oprah Winfrey for sabotage capability on Debbie.
74 Death threat on Diane
74 Death threat on Marine Corps
70 Looking for fame by marrying white
89 Troublemaking on people on Debbie's website; lies
84 Relies on Bush espionage to find things about Debbie and then does 89/X208
99 That stunt at Ci-Ci's Pizza in Cedar Hill
92 Laser capability
73 Ronnie Welch
89 Looking to ynch to hurt Debbie for her
55 Oprah Winfrey for espionage on Debbie's private business"
27 Stealing Debbie's table centerpiece and claiming it belongs to her because the idea came from the White House"
Kirk Douglas - actor
Taking things away 74
Landlords: Amos & Kim
Terrorists 27 Raising the rent for Oprah's $/favors" You don't need that money"
Steals 91-27
Sexual harassment 74
Puts losers on Debbie 55-89
Comes for Oprah 27-89
"Suffer" and then 350 locks me out of the bathroom
Harasses me all hours of the night is racism
Under the disguise of remodeling, takes things away: Vending machines and laundry room
Kim makes voiceprints for Oprash Winfrey stalking Debbie
84: Espionage is a felony on Debbie.
84-Knowing when and where to look and defaming her with what you see
74-Receiving stolen property from under victim's door and from hidden places in her room
89: Raises rents as retaliation for no obeying screamers in the hall at me
Lauren Bush - Former first lady
Started the "Condi Rice for Romney's veep" movement 74
This starts the pretenders on Debbie with espionage and lasers.
After Condi Rice was told to stay out of Debbie's way"
Lawrence O'Donnell CNN peirson head journalist
Started veep stuff up on Romney to push him away from Debbie
Who said they have to be politicians?
57-Obstruction of Debbie's website without warrants in place!
70-Stalking based on 94 espionage"
46-Obstruction of website is defamation also
79-"I have proof she's crazy." Here we go again.
Greg Abbott: "What Debbie does with her private life is none of the blacks business"
Linda Weitz - Possible family member
50: Assaultive and contributing to the delinquency of a minor
Loretta Lynch- AG that replaced Eric Holder
Continues on into Trump's Admin. is stalking"
106: Aided & Abetted a Coup
89: Stops Debbie's battery port from getting through to cell/27
74/50: Continues on after Obama left White House in other feamales to hurt Debbie" X208
89: Retaliates on Debbie for Oprah Winfrey
57: Sabotages Debbie's website and YouTube without permission from the White Houses Debbie's working with. 27 Mostly for Oprah Winfrey"
9-57: Stalks transcripts and tries to remove Debbie's access to internet and website
89: Tortures Debbie as punishments
89:Cruel and unusual: Violations of the 8th. Disbar
70: Continues to stalk me with 92-9
27: No heater is X266 (None of your fucking business).
46: Stops cellphone from charging (has ended)
  • I"I should've said no" to: Condi Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Winston and Charlie Becket
74: Intimidates Debbie's children
27: Then brags about it to Debbie claiming "she's crazy, why not"
46: Deliberate obstructions
46 Deliberate corruption of police departments, also 55-50-103
57-46: Deliberate sabotage of music without warrants
55-Oprah Winfrey to stop everything Debbie Dodge Song in America"
71-Oprah's clone and Rice's protector like Michelle Obama. Whatever Oprah says, she does is a puppet.
46-Let's Clancy's obstruct Debbie and calls it balance" when it's stalking
70-Scares people that work for Debbie"
84-Read up on Debbie before sitting in front of the Senators. She had to pass, so as to prevent things that doesn't include communists"
92- Has lasers on me. 
89: Takes things away from me for reporting crimes against humanity"
70: Stalker
99: Saying Debbie takes too many pictures.
46-70:Sabotage of YouTube and now attempting Facebook to obstruct Justice to stop Debbie from de-programming people. 33 videos made and now she's screaming "copyright infringements."
27: Defamation, the above
84 Messes with Debbie based on espionage.
46: It's none of your business.
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim
92-73 with Bush: Sexual Terrorism
73-92: with Oprah
106: Aiding & Abetting a coup
Louis J. Freeh - MYOB
Kidnapping and Corruption of Debbie's families 27
Aiding & Abetting a coup 55
Federal weapons charges
Lucy Lui - Actress
Makes comments 70-74
Skin first is fascism 94
Hyporcrisy-Not with her husband, but she can with mine. 27
Racketeering with Ann Romney against Debbie 89-74
Lupe Valdez
92-Retaliation lasers: 92-33, 92-28, 92-53
50-Sabotage website and other activities
73-Oprah, Michelle Obama and Winston
99-Comes for subversives
Has been warned not to do it anymore, but recently started again"
74-Uses FBI tech to threaten me.
Maggie Garza - Landlord in East Dallas
70: Comments about Instagram posts and website updates after being given illegal access (You did not learn about these legally) is stalking"
74: Comes by my door and threatens me
99: Refuses to heed warnings about intrusions
27: Lied about bedbugs to get at Debbie and then threatens to put them on her using tech.
92: Sadistic troublemaker when she comes for others using lasers"
106: Admitted she "voices" Chief Hall, which isn't the only 79 on her"
79: Called Debbie's child and scared her with a lie"
Kellyanne is using this one, too!!
Malik Aziz - Dallas Asst. Police Chief
70: Stalks privacy with DoD satellites
106: Plays against me with Hall
57: Uses tech to sabotage cellphone requests
74: Uses laser #9 to say: "Very simply [No Debbie up.]"
99: "I started the label crazy woman."
92: Has lasers on me
27: Calling for the Dept. of State for assistance/protection
55: Racketeering with Oprah Winfrey"
74: Steals over $50 a monthfrom Debbie's bank account (91)
57: Sabotage of Debbie's cellphone and video games
74: Threatens me with Oahu and Treasury"
73-82: "You have to go slow" accomplices Oprah Winfrey
Marco Rubio - Senator
Stalking 70
"Warn her" 74-92
Comes for Oprah 27-55
Att'd sabotage DHS" 27
Nipped this one in the bud before it turned into Rick Perry!
He's using busdrivers to harass me.
Maria Ho - Actress
Meghan Markle - A British Actress
84: "No motor home." Conitinues espionage on Debbie"
99: Invasions of privacy and vandalism"
27: Tapping into our eyes
92: Has lasers on Debbie, too.
70: Threats against Debbie and her family.
55: Racketeering Oprah Winfrey to get that job with the prince
We see this one as a standing threat. She is not immune anymore"
Everyone that comes for her is Oprah"
57: Cellphone
106: Oprah Winfrey
70: The  Queen Elizabeth II
50: Racist version on Debbie
73: Donald Trump with technology
82: Bush Sr.
Melania Trump - Wife of Donald Trump
106: Aiding & Abetting a coup as an X208
89: Sabotage of Debbie's cart for blacks
74: "Fucking with her is illegal."
X71/208 is against the law.
79: Troublemakes on Debbie for blacks/94 is 50.
The coat has been posted in Facebook. It's against the law to stalk her.
47: Signature laser same as Michelle Obama
Michael Moore -
Michele Bachman - No longer a threat
Stalking 74
Michelle Obama  - FLO(Robinson)
Aiding & Abetting a coup
57: Breaks my glasses as retaliation hate mail.
89: For Oprah Winfrey sabotaging Debbie's private life"
70: Stalks Donald Trump
70: Stalking Melania Trump to help her hurt Debbie" for Oprah"
70: Stalking Hillary Clinton to make her mean on Debbie"
89: No wife for In Kwon
74: No wifi access or promises abdominal torture
73: Conspiracy Mun landlords
89-Obstruction of access to Freegal"
89: STALKING THE DODGES IN COLORADO" (This is the second time I told her to stop harassing them with espionage."
89: "Things are going to get rough for telling on [blacks stalking you]."
57: Broke a pair of reading glsses because Oprah said "no two of anything" in X266.
74: Home invasions
Racism isn't politics and neither are those homewreckings" 
All 27 that obstructs Debbie.
74-Tortures me in the stomach into compliance"
57-Removes or changes things on this website
79-More concerned about appearance than behaviors of Blacks in media
55-Racketeering with Asians in Dallas
92- "Just hit her in the stomach." Signature laser anytime, anywhere 47 left side of head
74-Using Koreans to get even is a lynch mob of theft on Debbie"
70-Without a warrant, mam, that's none of your business.
27 - "Just say she's crazy" and bnlack tyranny 94 will sabotage/block her rights to life liberty etc.
70 - Stalking continues to obstruct crime reporting. Everything bothers 94 even though nothing is hurting them!
46-Obstruction of Debbie's website to block emails too
89-Assaults to show who's the boss wherever Debbie is"
55: Racketeering with Oprah to sabotage Debbie. They call this action "foot."
"It's none of your business, Mam, where she goes."
74-Comes for Oprah
55-For Zeus-like qualities.
89: Saying she owns people in government offices.
92-41: Uses lasers to get her way especially abdominally.
27 Sabotage and terrorism: Changes your budget with thefts.
89: Gets revenge for others even if others didn't request it.
89: Uses my Korean landlords to raise the rent and steal from me.

70: This child's date of birth is November 14th. Does that remind you of someone? See how they can turn their crimes on me  and others into a crime on themselves!!!!!
Mike Rowe
Intimidation 74
 Creates a sense of futility"
Minnie Davids - Formwer Neighbor
Several false police reports on us 72
Theft of many items 91-57-27
Terrorized InKwon so badly he'd sit outside in his van 74-27
Took Watervaliet away 27
Misooki "Song" Park - Family Member
Pretends to be sick 89
Assault 99 (in front of a satellite)
"Benito Krushev saw that one!"
Mitt Romney - Former governor
Torture 92
Aiding & Abetting a coup
That was wrong to terrorize Debbie for four years!
Going with Palin 55
Subversion of the United States in a conspiracy with Bush Sr. using espionage 84
Entrapment 88
Obey my wife hypocrisy 95
Morbid hatred for the Catholic Church 54-48
Steals 91
Accomplices Black tyranny on Debbie 73-94
Comes for Oprah 27
Attacks Debbie without warnings 99-92
Uses Winston to stalk and punish Debbie 27-94
Favorite areas to use lasers on: 29, 35, 32
Editing Debbie's webiste without permission 57
Harassing Mike Song to scare his mother 70-74
Taking the TV Channels away from Debbie to force changes of behavior without a conviction is Stalking and Communism 70
Throwing fits everytime Debbie does something for police departments  46, 89-92
85-Trayvon Martin
85-Colorado's Theater 16
92-Cripple Debbie until she obeys us/Hate crime
Demented people call marriages a fist so they can destroy as 89.
Cruel & Unusual is a felony to make her submit to demands of subversives!
And all of them are subversive by virtue of espionage"
Favorite areas to torture: 10, 29, 13, 4, 35, 53, 32
Mike Pence - 50th Vice president of the United States
70: Stalking Debbie from the git go and failing to recognize her achievements to develop myself"
92: Uses weapons on her body
70: Stalking Debbie's life
55: Working with losers to make her unsuccessful
82: Espionage on Debbie, a non-combatant
99: Threatens to steal as retaliation
Bill: "Real goes the distance. Don't try to fool me with your so-called honesty. You know what real would do."
Mr. Moon - Landlord
55-Thefts and Stalking for Condi Rice, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey
55-Sells shares to his apt. complex to anyone so they can't be easily fired if they terrorize Debbie. Removed washing machines, vending machines and cable TV. One month leases only Jacked up rent twice in 7 months.  
89-Turned off my telephone without an explanation.
89-Told Oprah's to block me from Wi-Fi (Jackie Lacey's dream)
89-99-Jacked up rent $50 the day I moved in. I just paid $350 and that was only allowed once. Others in the building have been paying that since 2002 at least.
74-Conspiracy Nick to drive Debbie out of spt.
99-BF with the two dogs
89-Theft of 48"x18" bathroom rug and replaced by small thin black one near the toilet
73-Oprah Winfrey to do that to Debbie" Oprah is not authorized to send messages to Debbie" You were warned to stay away from this lady!
70-Illegal entries into Debbie's room to take or view where she puts things
73-Ready to come for Oprah against Debbie" or wherever Debbie is"
89-Took laundrymat away as punishment for Myo Kim leak in NEW YORK
88-Sends messages then tortures Debbie for her responses
Moon Bloodgood - Actress
Myo Kim - Wants to be famous for breaking a married man of his love for a white female to get favors for Koreans using Oprah's machine.
1A-20C, 1B-20C, 2E, 2H, 2I, 2U, 3B, 5A, 6G, 6H, 6J, 6S, 6U, 7M, 7A7, 8HH, 8N, 9M,9X, 9BB, 13E, 11E-16C, 13E, 10-9V, 14G-126R, 14K, 11E (L-10), 4F-20C, 16X, 8B-16, 5G-11F-20C, 7-11F, 2E-8B-16H, 20C I shouldn't have tried to cover this list up! From the first
74:Extortion of Debbie's husband: Me first or I'll say things! Another Monica Lewinsky They make requests and if you disobey, up they come flapping their gums"
  • This floosie has been loud on my husband since 1996.
  • How dare you tear down everything I tried to do with my life for these games?
  • Renaging gets you back on!
74-Calls my husband and talks about her genitals to him. Used to call him when I came home from work 1996-97.
55-92 Hate crimes from the start was racism.
98-Comes for Oprah X208
99: Harassing Debbie and InKwon since 1996
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim (See above) X94 for Oprah's $
Natalie Strasser
Newt Gingrich
Very educated phoney baloney 95
 Hear one thing see another
Nick Marino - Bought a share in Residence from Landlords
89-Lies to the landlords about Debbie"
74-Positions himself according to espionage, says things
89-Pushes for Debbie's rent to be increased and for her to be pushed out
55-Took ID from Debbie and didn't return with pantry items like others
89-Checks out Debbie's apt and food pantry
70-Always under foot, where Debbie is, so is he
57-Takes things
50: Hears things and obeys
72-Makes phone calls and always slanders Debbie
99-Steals from locked boxes and fridge food
84-Knowing when and where to look and defaming her with what you see
74-Receiving stolen property from under victim's door and from hidden places in her room
55-Has weapons of Mass Destruction at his disposal.
Noah Wiley-Actor
Omarosa Manigault  - Department of Mozambique in Trump Admin.
Soul sister name game
You are not up there to play games on people down here!
70: Debbie Song's private life and that of her children. Got in for this purpose"
Almost constant and with lasers
106: Oprah Winfrey for the dirty tricks on me
57: Debbie's cellphone to obstruct: Everything bothers her, just like Oprah/71
Another Maudy Ann
89: "I'll say no police officer." X538
50: I told you no more communism.. Get a warrant legally.
Oops! That's not possible because you're stalking us.
105: Anti-Christian, anti police unless she's controlling them with espionage"
99: Terrorism
106: John Wily Price to put drug dealers on us on a train
55: Racketeering in Dallas' black community to get at Debbie
74: Trying to stop Debbie from working the streets
84: Calling Debbie a snitch"
74: Turning Debbie's electricity off in the shape of a police operation discovered by espionage satellites
27: Doesn't want Debbie working the streets
70: Stalking Debbie at the site
Oprah Winfrey-Super troublemaker of the world
Calling Debbie's husband a prostitute 99s-27-50
57: Sabotages everything of Debbie's she can get her hands on" Everything on Index has probably been done to Debbie by her!! She's a very expensive troublemaker"
27: "I said no emails in July (real)." 16,102,70
92: Rapes
103: Hits Debbie for foreign leaders that doesn't like what Debbie writes 47
84: "I said no choice. That's what I'll tell people" to someone iat the White House.
46: Blocking emails to the police and city officials
102: Kim Robinson
55: Racketeering with some of them
27: "I don't want to let go of her husband and you can't make me..." thru a 9 year old child with lasers 92-47,18 6-17-17
89: Gets people in debt and then terrorizes them with loss of income if they don't obey her
27 Trying to stop Christmas in Debbie's life and tearing down all Confederate statues.
27: "I said no emails in JUly." 16,102, 70
84: to the White House: "I had no choice is what I'll say. I'll tell people that."47
106: Blacks in DoD to stalk Debbie illigetimately.
27: Unamerican activities (Everything on those EXTREME pages
46: For Lacey"
46: No Wifi told to the Landlord to request from Navy in the hotel"
46: Blocking electricity from getting to Debbie's cellphone
70: "I want my way or else" Invasions of privacy
99: No Facebook and a website is X266
74: Saying and trying to prevent Debbie being a police officer. X101 Hate crimes"
27: X266
27: X101 etc.
5: ODMP to sabotage Debbie's posts
92: Tortures and rapes Debbie" as retaliation for witnesses against communism"
74: Eavesdropping and snitching on Debbie to Donald Trump and his wife"
27: Threatens him with hype about Debbie, death by heart attack and lawsuits"
27: Using espionage to plan attacks on others.
70: Stalking, stealing and playing with her stuff to terrorize her.
27: Tells AG Lynch what she wants sabotaged in Debbie's life.
70: Tells the Navy what she wants vandalized.
70: STALKING x29
89: Criminal Mischief: Stopping the cellphone from being charged #245
57: Changes Debbie's creative work by tossing app tools
46: WiFi weather updates automatically
46: BLOCKS WIFI TO OBSTRUCT COMMUNICATIONS TO POLICE" Calls herself "communications specialist"
74: Slanders me using everyone of her puppets: Librarians, clerks, bus drivers and patrons, etc.
9: Hits Debbie in the heart and screams; "Nobody better believe in you."
55: To cause trouble on Debbie and for purposes of retaliation.
57: Steals Debbie's pictures from her cellphone
57-46: Sabotaged wifi access for Debbie at private residence
73: Conspiracy with every landlord Debbie's had
27: Calls Debbie crazy to gain confidence and aid from others
"No closeness" is communist spy satellites" 94-50-70
48: Cocksure
89: Sabotage of Debbie's family with espionage
"Marriage is a habit with a man."
 Opinion is one thing; stalking and sabotage is another!
Defamation of Character- Racketeering with FLO SS and LA County DA's Office 27 everyone of them.
74: Threatens to harm my last born child with "her" Secret Service.
"I said no sound or I'll call Bybee." 4, 18, 74-89 0939-92113 27
Vulgar terrorism" 94
Theft od research from Debbie's room 74
Illegal interpretation of marriage 57
Aiding & Abetting cruelties to Debbie
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim
Eavesdropping and Sabotage 84-57
Sabotage of MP3 downloaders 57-70
Technological obstruction of 337 46
Disabling website, 99
Disturbs In Kwon (Debbie's husband) with Debbie's private business until he attacks her in a manner proscribed by this devil on him 27
Then they gloat about it to my face through echo and/or persons in public" 27
She thinks herself successful for getting away with pushing children (of God) in front of trains!
Besmirches Debbie's character to all who listen 99
Vandalism 58
"No real" 62-50
Breaks appliances of convenience Debbie has owned and threats same on all future items. 94
Rape 10
Continues to make demands on Extreme"
Chronic intrusive pettiness 48
Bus Games 75
Control freak 76
Bribery 84
Theater 85-103
Lethal Tradecraft 90
Steals 91
Black tyranny 94 and uses it on Obama
"She scares me." 86
Obstructs marriages 95
Terrorism 99
Extortion 99
Getting Mike Song to say things 73
Uses one spouse to control the other 55 Korean Communities
"Don't say no to Oprah." 27
Has been controlling Debbie's children with Bush since Maryland 84, 13
"Debbie makes me afraid." 86-74
Green Tea companies 57
Womb-to-theTomb manipulation 50
"Open"- No privacy since EEOC as 89
27-BF Car Blue - IHOP
74-OF train -Raido Shack
Fascism 94
Stalking Debbie into atrophy 92-29 and 13 for Ann Romney
Encourages Debbie's children to ignore their Mom with bribes and terror 27
Is the epitome of Goose communism and assaultive on Debbie" 46
Violations of the 3rd: Tears down already settled issues to accomplice a Coup d'état
Promises, promises about the husband are always strings attached!
Kidnapping 103
Go to #20 in North Carolina to catch her tricky usage of words in a numbering sequence. This is Illuminati troublemaking on the sly.
Creates problems where there are none, so she can sabortage or retaliate 84-79-50"
Breaks things she cannot control" 27
84-Subversion of the U.S. government with espionage
85-Gabby Arizona
85-Immigration Reform Movement
85-Coed Citadel
85-Weather crimes 94
85-Pregnant illegals should stay to raise citizen infants/kids
85-Selena Perez
85-Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans
Her favorite areas: 4, 44, 7, 47, 25, 28, 33, 10, 11, 29
55: "I'm going to [use Koreans] to steal your space foam pillow." January '14
89: They steal to get even about things they see me write or do on satellites!
55: Post Office
73: Bush bankruptcies
79: Troublemaking" as well as invasions of privacy so she can see! [27]
78: Using Hillary Clinton (Coerces people into obedience)
106: Kellyanne Conway to get at Debbie and to teach her how to subvert chocolate's
27: Takes the name "Debra" as a cipher to intimidate Debbie
Paul Marcum - Librarian
Paul Ryan
Tortures me for going to the police 92-16, 28
Stalking 70
Restricts access to websites 57
"Six more months of torture for going to the police!" 99-94
Sexual harassment
Popeye's Chicken Spokeswoman
Sexual harassment 99-84
Queen Elizabeth II
Ugliness 99
Sexual harassment and intimidation of married couples
Forcing atheism down our throats and promotion of Black Tyranny 94
Illegal use of weaponry 92-85
74 NAACP MI-6 machine
85-Hudson Miracle Plane Crash
85-Mohammed Salvo
85-Bastardization Movement
85-Oscar the Cat on the elderly
85-Katrina for Oprah to move people
Queen Latifah
Stalking 74 those comments
Racketeering with Oprah for assaults 92
U. Renee Hall - Dallas Police Chief of Policia
70: Coming to Debbie's city and telling her what to do!
27: Illegal use of space weaponry on civilians"
46: Obstruction of Justice
74: Lingo and assaults with a deadly weapon
50: Pre-meditation with espionage
94: and trained by her royal blackness Oprah"
55: Racketeering with Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Lacey and Condi Rice to plow into Debbie
27: Hate crimes on Debbie Song
84: Esponage on a federal witness in her hometown
62: Browbeats and gangs up on Dallas Police about Debbie Song
48: Home invades Debbie with echo and DoD tech; also calls Debbie's family members, soliticing them for assistance.
99: "No Debbie" was said at 0030 hrs 9-9-17
27: Stalking Debbie's website"
57: Uses the British "UG" mayhem-JFK machine on Debbie
55: Speech to recruits staged "chapter" on 9-7-17 (Like 7-
27: "Best foot forward" means violence first!
70: Voicing Oprah Winfrey's EXTREME demands
95: Browbeats Dallas Police about Debbie Song's activities ad how she controls the U.S. Marshals
92: Has access to lasers (Winston) and tells him to scald me.
106: Lynch and Michelle Obama
57: Identifies herself to personnel over the phone as "New York PD" and blasphemes my work as if she were legally addressing it.
Regina King - Actress
Regina Smith - Dallas police officer/stalker
Mentally ill people shouldn't be allowed to stalk Debbie 99
 "Debbie makes me afraid." 86-84
103: Comes for President of Mexico against Debbie 74
Obstructs Justice 46-55 with DART also
Uses police cars to stalk Debbie 94
Stalks other entities, also. 89
Intimidation 74
Wants control of Debbie, spouse and family 76
Sabotage 57
Witness Tampering and stalking/99
Stalking emails 84-27
Extortion with the Treasury 84
Tries to make me look bad to others by with deletions and letters before words 57
Sells protection 94-55
Accuses Debbie of racism 52
Unauthorized use of transcripts violates the 4th 52
Receives stolen property by conspiring with the thieves 94
Stalking 74
It's not funny using fright and technology on Debbie to get your way all the time.
Sends police cars to intimidate Debbie 84-70-79-55
Still harasses me about her husband's death: TCM page 1-6-14
57: Sabotage of a pair of shoes for picking up empty packages of rubbers thrown in the streets where prostitution is prevelant.
I don't care what he said. It's against the law and you know it!!!
Receiving stolen property after conspiracy with thieves 94
Using Dallas Police cars to intimidate Debbie at intersections before, during and after 74-99" which is espionage 84
Wants things in exchange for favors, which amounts to payments for things that don't cost extra unless espionage is used to obstruct! -55
55-99-70 Games/Goose to hammer into Debbie that their obstructions will prevail
74-Invasions of privacy and timing
89-Illegal use of government forms and employees"
"Now watch" said to anyone is psychotic" 99
79: Troublemaking and takes things out of context to also see"
100-85 Corporal Smith (CR)
Harasses to impede 79-27
Passed drugs to Debbie's spouse 89
Illegal entries into Debbie's bank, websites, emails accts 57-84-99
Stalking 99
Entrapment & Slanders 88-90
Intimidation of a Government 94-74
Advances everything against Debbie 55
Stole bank statement and shared with Judge Wopner 91-99
Stole ODMP bracelet from Debbie using Winston 74
 Home invasions to sabotage are conducted without warrants or a case 55
 Prevents Debbie from ordering another 27
Aggravated assaults 92
Comes for Oprah 27
Calls InKwon "slant eyes" 94
Stalking Romney against Debbie 57
Gave her permission to kill a Dallas Police officer on 1-6-9*
 Conspiracy Rice 100
"Stand (against me) and I'll get in" 10-74, Twists things/Munchausen's 49
Illegal use of badge on Debbie's family 76 - "Lukenhoff"
Racketeering at FBL 57-89-55
Favorite areas to hit: 29, 2, 16
Richard Thornburgh
Rick Perry
Stalking 70
Knocked Debbie's front teeth out - Illegal use of weaponry 92-25
Conspiracy Smith 94
Conspiracy Casey 27
Lies about how the GOP forgave him after torturing Debbie: "You should have shut your mouth and been grateful instead of attacking me again!
Rick Santorum - Former candidate for president
Robert Osbourne - TCM clown
Ron Clark
Ronnie Welch - Family member
70 Stalking and using magic on a fedwit
99 Aiding & Abetting a coup
73 Accomplices Kim in her crimes on Debbie"
50: Aiding & Abetting a monster"
Sandra Bulloch - Actress
Sandy Song - Family member
Sarah Palin
27: Comes for Oprah
70: Objects to Debbie's emails to police in that state
Sarah Saldana - Newly appt'd head of ICE
94: Puppet of Michelle Obama (HWGA)
89: DART Pass cut in half for telling on her putting "death" on me.
73: Comes for Oprah and has Lacey in her pocket: "I'll show you whose boss" in regards to me stopping a Bush appointment from Dallas tears ago.
Espionage is a felony on Debbie.
Name games: Zoe Saldana on this list prior to her appointment" means S belongs to BFs
Shupe - Psychiatrist, X208"
No more abductions"
Stacy King - Neighbors (X208 laser key)
55: Steals, harasses by the door and makes false reports"
89: Accuses me of what they are.
73: Kellyanne Conway, Oprah and Bush Sr.
55: Oprah Winfrey to steal from Debbie in a around about way.
(When Bush says friends, it means enemy)
70: Stalking
27: Orange pen
55: Breaking & Entering (even after being warned)
106: Landlord about sign on door down or else"
99: Steals coat hangers to insinuate she can steal more
106:Obeys Oprah Winfrey to get out of paying higher rent
Stanley Robinson: Family Member
50: Aiding & Abetting a coup
Steven Mnuchin: Donald Trump's Treasury Sec
50: Subversive Activities"
46: Obstructions of Justice"
Steve Rexar - Secret Service agent
Aiding & Abetting a coup to establish black tyranny 94
55: Oprah Winfrey to sabotage or obstruct Debbie for various people outside the law"
27: Racketeering a holocaust on whites"
"Open" is fascism - a thumb that crushes without Due Process
106: Comes for Kelly Conway not engaged in a legitimate business
Same thing goes for Bush Sr.
T.C. Broadnax - Dallas City Manager from Seattle
55: Oprah Winfrey to put Detroit's Hall on Debbie Song for the purpose of destruction"
27: Put her in as chief on September 7 (an FMO message) meaning no Judges 5.12 because he ain't your first husband" This was the message behinf the fake news called July 7th"
74: His T and Hall's U means thank you to Bush Sr. for letting them get at Debbie with immunity" Name Games
89: Retaliations continue for being chosen by FDR
106: Conspiracy Michelle Obama who is also against the name McDonough
70: When they know where she is.
X208: Coming for Oprah to teardown Robert E. Lee statue
T.C. Broadnax - Dallas City Manager
27: Name is FMO cipher applied and also found in state of VA
55: That one"
TCM Channel
Comes for Oprah 27
Scheduling games 96-85 Ernest Borgnine and the Olympics "Melvyn Douglas"
Intimidation 74
August Schedule 84-94
27-No longer free access.
89: Gets even though adultery using InKwon and Myo Kim
Tom Hanks - Actor
Tom Joyner
Tommy Class - FBI Director Dallas Field Office (Alabama)
Aiding & Abetting a coup
74: Threatens to take me out of the internet for "telling" on BF that stalks and sabotages me in the internet" See NORTHWEST NAACP
89: No bodyguards in us for Oprah or Rice
70: Sabotages everything Debbie tries to do and is always on Oprah's side.
71: Oprah Winfrey: A booby trap"
99: Said he would steal my coat if I take it to be cleaned.
89: Subversive Activties
50: He knows about the blacks in his office stalking me and does nothing to stop them"
46: Allowing her to get away with racist stalkings and sabotage".
55: Lets the blacks sabotage Debbie's work and character with illegal games
U. Renee Hall - Dallas Police Chief
82: Lies to Debbie to get along with Oprah Winfrey
73: Voices Oprah Winfrey to terrorize Debbie
92: Has laser weaponry on Debbie
27: Removes her name from this list and tries to get on Debbie's private life"
49: Says she's going to pay Debbie and then never does, but expects Debbie to perform as if she were paid. (70)
99: "She's dead for not paying taxes."
Virginia Williams - DC Coordinator of projects, Georgetown University
Refers to Debbie's husband as hers 62
Sabotage of Debbie's job at Georgetown with one of hers 57-94"
Violated EEOC regulations 27"
Cahoots with Romney
Warren L. Dodge, Jr: Brother of witness
55: Racketeering with Oprah for WMD on Debbie: At printer, lasers "shalom alechem"
72: Made three false reports on Debbie to confiscate property left to her in a will
Lying to the police is a felony. The sheriffs said what you did was illegal.
46: Refusing her access to property and GI benefits
91: Throwing away her private property and giving a TV of hers to another
His phone bill was paid for by stealing money from her account at another location. Her phone was turned off. Attmepts to correct the problem went unheeded. Contacting PUC, unheeded.
74: Going through her things after making a false report.
74: Throwing her receipts box away.
79: Several things damaged after troublemaking
27: Restricted her access to property and forces her to pay rent other places
27: Threatens Debbie for Prince Harry"
Wayne Brewster-McCarthy - Monster that took my job when I was finished setting up the clinic office
Racketeering 74
Took a job away from me and couldn't do it better!
 Caused a disturbance on a psychiatric nurse 99
Threatened to kill me 74
Thinks he's cute forging signatures"
Wendy Gramm - Senator's oriental wife
Racketeering 55-94
She's been stalking Debbie for 18 years" 70
Winston - Racist stalking me with a satellite
Aiding & Abetting a coup
Works for Oprah Winfrey 89-27 X208
99: What a pill this one is! Makes cell screens unresponsive, then plays with it by answering quiz questions right in front of me with my name on the page.
103: Hits Debbie with lasers for Presidents of Mexico
99-92: "There's no escape from me, Honey!"
70: Bossing Debbie around and cramping her legs for Spingarn's/Carson
27: "I said no hearing you." 9, 9 for Carson
92: Rapes me on commands of others
57: Northwest: 13 pairs of underwear with the crotches torn out for Kellyanne Conway
89: Willfull destruction of property belonging to Debbie and the places I have lived.
70: Refuses to let Cellphone charge
57: Vandalizes Debbie's life and stuff for anyone that contacts him.
94 satellites on Debbie is a felony" This is the biggest snitch
92-26: Causes itching as another form of laser torture"
50: Home invasions to sabotage, torture, sleep dep, spy, send hateful messages and racketeer with Oprah.
74-99: Takes things away from me for Oprah's X266
99: Terrorism raping her.
89: Snitches Debbie's private conversations out to put mechanized army on her a sabotage, terrorism.
46: Intercepting emails about this website
57: Broke my TV in a hateful way/58 on 10/28/14
57-89: Obstructions of bowels to carry out Condi Rice and Bush Sr. doing X208.
92: Tortures Debbie for Jackie Lacey, too.
99: He's a terrorist with that laser on Debbie"
27: SNITCHES for Chicago too
He thinks he's immune from prosecution for all the crimes he's committed on Debbie on the behalf of black females/85-94.
27: He lies when he snitches.
92: Rape and terrorism
79: He makes trouble on Debbie just so he can hit her with that laser.
"You're all wretched people to do these things to us"
89: On Debbie, this monster is a coup.
89-92-41: Lasers Debbie as a fee or retaliation for anything he wants to! Warrants and obeying the Constitution is "white man's law."
See LYNCH MOB : Invasions of privacy and torture after being warned 92-74
Hype 49-62
Makes it against the law to think is NORTH CAROLINA #5.
92-89 and 99 Tortures me when I am walking
Vandalizes me for Oprah and those who come for her 57
74: Beats me up with lasers, sabotage and people (total strangers/lynch mobs) everytime I do something more than once or duplicate something for effect.
See UGLINESS # 61 and 62 most recent.
Troublemaker 79
Tortures Debbie 92 and 90
Above the law stance/Racism 94
Snitches 57-89
"I said don't let her in [website] if I don't like the webpage." 70-84-Home invasions
89-Blacks changing things while Debbie is using them in order to send hate mail.
Vandalism 58
Aids, abets and trains subversives 70, 73
has kept Debbie away alnight with torture screaming "Condi Rice said no sleep!" and also "Ann Romney says no sleep." 83
Ditto Condi Rice 89-46
Carries out standing orders 103
Racketeering 55-84
Rape 10
Hitting Debbie for others is a hate crime.
Troublemaking with espionage is not a warrant and will not be used to substitute for one for that paperwork or the police" 79
Does vandalism on Debbie's stuff for the NAACP and now Gov. Christie
Very quick to judge and punish Debbie's private life 89-27 
 Invades privacy 99
  Extortion 99
  Makes trouble on Debbie with espionage for others 89-98"
  It's not his job to stalk and spy. To do so is a coup. Does 92, 83 as 89 for 98 establishment"
92: Sleep deprivation
70: Lies as a troublemaking device.
91: Vandalism
70: Stalks the FBI telling me how to keep my equipment up and then sabotages said equipment based on what they said with overrides.
55: Rapes her for Ben Carson now. 
Yong Im Kim - Mother-in-law
Zoe Saldana - actress
Stalking 70
Racketeering 55
Black only 27-36
Comes for Oprah espionage 27
Terrorsim 88
Tried to get at Mueller about Debbie before he contacted her 27
And it continues everytime Star Trek comes on.
Luke 4.18 is DR. Luke 13.4 is MD. Notice OF in the beginning of MD.
Third attempt successful - 1928, 1940, 1952. Luke is third Gospel. Luke was a physician.
California bound is Luke 4.18 (Missing and Exploited Children, Deadbeats, Probation Violations, etc).
All good troublemakers plan ahead. This event occurred during the Bush Jr. Administration. Upon hearing Debbie and Mueller's plans following Obama's election, Condi Rice with a police officer's wife's permission, engineered his death to send Debbie hatemail. Nine months later, it was suggested Debbie start a website entitling one of the pages "Cop Killers." She had been public in the internet about suspious police deaths since 2003 and before that in written form. The vixens of terror and murder made one mistake in their gruesome deed, the police officer's death was pilot error and this doesn't qualify him for insertion on the page named above" It's not safe to put black people on this list when they do qualify. Since his death, the widow, who is also a Dallas Police officer, has been using his death to improve her career path in a way that enables her to unlawfully get at Debbie. Many people will testify to this. She poisons everybody she comes into contact with concerning Debbie. This is how Condi Rice operates!
Dallas Police
[Running or ruining people's lives for fun is evil.]
  • The NAACP way is communism.
  • Abductions accomplices retaliation on a Federal Witness witnessing"
  • We are not sleeping.
  • Shupe is not a legal entity.
  • Failure to Render Aid
  • Taking that webpage - Hate crime"
  • Failure to lower rent - Racketeering Oprah Winfrey
  • No entrapment of Debbie with the wire of intimidation
  • Nowhere in the world do witnesses get beat up for buying tea.
  • You can't call the police on Debbie when you're the ones starting trouble on her. Now secure that wire!
  • Dallas FBI is subversive!"
  • If Debbie sponsored them, they will be allowed to stay"
  • Containment is a hate crime"
  • Racketeering - Conspiracy Espionage leads us into Communism.
  • Stalking in DART literature is fascism
  • Games with police cars are felonies"
  • Calling her "crazy" is a hate crime because it's subversive in front of that sign - Att'd murder if deadly force used.
  • Getting in with espionage is a hate crime, too..
  • Conspiracy Smith-7-11E-20K
  • Invasions of privacy 8V
  • Hate crimes
  • Stalking - Sabotage of Gmail
  • Stirring up trouble on Debbie to get favors from Rice is a Holocaust"
  • Casey giving black tyranny access to Debbie's belongings - Hate crime. There is nothing in her private life that should interest Casey.
  • Invasions of Privacy - Casey
  • If they get up in Drafts, they're stalking her. That was Colorado, most recently.
  • Black police and FBI in Debbie's bank accounts without warrants is espionage/Hate crimes!
  • Obstruction of boxes to TXAG/DA - Condi Rice and Officer Smith with espionage and stalking
  • They're perverts with weapons on us.
  • You're not suppose to be addressing the tapes on TV.
  • It's against the law to terrorize Debbie with espionage and stalking the police, is too.
  • Fascists call retaliation punshment and correction.
  • The military steals with lasers to terrorize and show-off. They also commit acts of vandalism.
  • The tapes are crimes being reported usu. during the crime where violence is involved.  Smith and others increases the number of crimes on her, Your Honor.
  • If she wants to talk about what it's like to be a crime victim as often as she is, that's her business, not the Lynch Mob stalking her.
  • Stealing from Debbie without a warrant.
  • Stalking Debbie with that laser is a felony and doesn't look like a nomination to me.
The more people recognize this coup, the less likely they are to obstruct us"
February 2011
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October 20, 2014