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Did someone say: "No hottie in the marriage bed"
to you?

Telling married couples how much sex they can have or when and where,, is a fascist dictatorship. We are here to help!"

1. Granada Irivng*
2. Avoid being petty!
3. Pray - Jeremiah 42.11
4. Confess all your sins to God like the Catholics do (and if you don't know what that means, tough luck!)
5. Expect Chicago to be Chicago
6. Still can't get blood from a turnip. Compliments of #5
7. Serial killers are all the same, aren't they?
8. Gas up the vehicle and have all your papers in order.
9. Move away from them! Lock all your windows and doors.
10. Have a box marked "Problems" and throw it in.
11. Read non-fiction so they can't deceive you. Don't rely on TV.
12. Do not pass stalkers.
13. Make sure your house number can be seen by an ambulance!
15. Meditate: "Bring it on Dirtbag!" or think, I wait the day your dead body floats to the top!.
Recite the Pledge of Allegiance
16. Tell everyone what was said that scares you. Don't hold it in!
17. MYOB (Mind your own business) as much as possible.
18. Just tell the truth.
"That was my Dad putting In Kwon's birthdate on the cover. Our hearts are broken; he wanted to be a foot instead of with me and Michael Jackson."
19.. Everything is a "fist" comes from the minds of crazy people"
20. This is a shame! North Carolina #34. [Try typing numbers in individually].
3 years, 8 months and 20 days
Forcing her to break the law is subversion"
August 14, 2013
  • Subversive satellites create a situation forcing you to change your schedule or path is sabotage or if it makes it risky for you to proceed to the next opportunity to correct, is entrapment.
  • Advise HQPD of situation so entrapment retaliation, 88-89, will not occur while trying to correct the situation. If something does occur, the person(s) involved will also get hurt for staging punishment with espionage.
  • Correct the problem as soon as possible or where reasonably safe.
  • Changing her instructions regarding how to handle mind games/stalking(s) of this nature is terror and traumatizes her further.
  • Trying to verify this entry is subversive and grounds for dismissal. Going around with satellites asking for verification is not a police procedure"
  • Director Mueller: "If someone is there to take your money, give it to them."
Bibliography (12/10/09)

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Go to EXTREME and report any similar occurances. Enter Debbie Song Instagram to find me lickety-split" in the internet. No games goes to "REAL COMES TO ME" page on that site"

Terrorism is violations of privacy not related to Debbie and use of laser weaponry to hurt or destroy body parts.
  • Stands against fornication and prostitution or any sex outside of wedlock.


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