• Loss of privacy so someone else can tell you how to do things even if they're not as smart as you are
  • People will be so stupid they will call the police about typos seen in print because they believe civil servant means my slave!"
  • This same stupidity will make lies more believeable than the truth!
  • Family members who care for disabled veterans in the household are eligible for monetary compensation from the VA. (No saving a buck here, is there?)
  • What life's school of hard knocks and experience would have taught the white man has been replaced by government and military personnel teaching us in classrooms how to return to civilian life. (Is there a paycheck with that one)?
  • Killing blacks by using cops is another shining example of how to get away with murder and make it pay-off. EASYASPIE
  • The answer to every problem is more training or programming! Staff development Days will replace the inter-office Memo from the boss.
  • All decisions made will be by a committee, group(s) or panel.
  • Things will be discussed forever if it's against the group's common sense.
  • Job titles for everyone will be  long, convoluted and expensive
  • The law will be ignored because in many departments, police officers say "It's my turn to interpret things" and the rest will be scared out of their wits.
  • Niggling will be a staple where everything is concerned.
  • This entity works well in both fascist and communist communities.
  • Do your homework and stay ahead of the crowd going to Hades: This page can be translated into 51 languages. Let's thank the author for it. 
  • If something or someone disappears/PATHOGENIC, you'll never see it again unless you give up something else.
  • Sex will not be allowed in marriage unless for procreation and masturbation in marriage will be allowed to prevent a husband and wife from having a relationship greater than the Communist Beasts stalking him.
  • Research will be conducted on sick people who are made sick by the government (It's my generation that must die off before full-blown steps in).
  • Wealth will be shared or else and that includes all military weaponry
  • Or else is always violent intimidations.
  • Instantaneous response to a private conversation is a communist stalk." 
  • It imperializes which won't look like encroachment until it's too large to contain.
  • You must have sympathy for the less fortunate or you'll experience problems (that's called "or else"), even if you believe it's God's Will for them.
  • Everything will "mean something" and that something will make them mad enough to scare everybody else out of their wits!
  • You will be forced. You will be forced. You will be forced to do it the satellite's way or I'll knock your teeth out!
  • It's imperialistic"
  • They will obstruct your access to something of yours and then exclaim through a BF in the area that they have decided you're of no use to them, so you have been terminated from the activity you're involved in, without your permission. She may label you as "filth" without any reason whatsoever, but "crazy" and "racist" are the more popular names you will be called in public by these people when your access is robbed.
  • Covering up the truth is important to them, but more importantly they take pride in telling lies/distorting the truth to see who is dumb enough to believe them. The dumber you are the further you go in this cruel world! Here's how it goes: You'll hear one of them say, "Debbie didn't tie her shoestrings today." This implies Debbie is going outside in a disheveled manner.  Habitual manipulation of our thoughts in this way smooths the pathway to full blown mind control and that anxious feeling that we must jump in and save the story-teller at the cost of Debbie's freedom and health. The truth of that deceit was verified by a photograph: Debbie's shoes were already tied and fixed in place with tape, so she could avoid aggravating laser injuries and slip her feet in and out.
  • Here's another example:A black female member of the police department uses her access to Debbie's transcripts to diagnosis her with "Dissassociation Disorder" by deleting key elements to Debbie's behavior.Debbie doesn't have this problem. Items are put into stores around the county, so the troublemakers on Debbie cannot catch the FBI getting products to her the satellite takes away by racketeering with employees (standing troops/armies). There are two other reasons why the FBI and police encourages Debbie (using the same echelon technology she uses on employees) to go to various locations, but these cannot be revealed at this time.
  • Some people just hear liars once and never hear anyone else again. Is this evidence supporting Mark 3.29?
  • For more deceptive speech and tricks go to SLITHER.
HR 3978- Permission to stalk bill in Congress that ignores the truth which is all terrorist attacks on America are echelon-controlled by President Bush, High Society and/or the Royals and are covered up by the White House (to be there) to push us into global communism: which requires psychological overthrow of the United States,, aka the Mark of the Beast, a dictatorship that watches our marriage beds and uses our children to make themselves relevant!.
"Your worse fears are coming to past."

If you feel this is happening to a family member, read the bottom of TEXAS for sudden behavior changes around things they would normally love.

The advantages people are born with in the sperm and egg lottery is none of your business, Mam. Wait until you get married and maybe we'll get a better crop, not so inclined to be foolish.
Go to North Carolina #58
Fronting blacks trying to get at Debbie is a felony. It is not a new way to play. "Jokes" is a term used by masons engaged in the overthrow of a country. The "new way" is racketeering communism on us. Satellites can tell us what and when we can do something or else and that's it. You'd be surprised why you're so busy and can't help someone and then suddenly not busy where you can help someone else. Think about it because they're racists on me.

June 15, 2011
That's right, Mam, we're not going to lay down for your crap. So sue me!
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