Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""
-Where that psychopath worked before he jumped me at St. E's-

NOTICE: If any of this language sounds familiar to you, please record it.

Oprah Winfrey: "It was simple attachment."
S. Weaver: "No virgin port. Now no arm for telling on me. Don't ruin me." 27,53,35,33,25,4-2
Condi Rice: "Make sure she's fat so I can get up."
Robert Casey: "I said shoot her in the thing." 53
Oprah Winfrey: "No human miracles. I better see a blimp or I'll get up." requires lasers tamepring with your metabolism. Squish!
Ann Romney: "I think you're more trash than treasure."
Debbie: That's what Danny said about you and Bush Sr. stalking me. She doesn't act like someone who suffered from all those diseases. You better verify her claims."
Mitt Romney: No first of anything. 15,33,35 until she obeys us! I want her in a hearse." 73-Casey-Oprah-Bush, 92-8 "Just eight. I said make my foot worse until she goes down. 13 She better not talk that way to my first lady again." 47, 47, 8 73-27 and Condi Rice is 70 on Debbie.
Justice relay: "Stealing your things are hate crimes. Now you will never be president. Listening to Goose is not smart!. Casey retaliates by taking things away from Debbie when she needs it as reported to him by Goose stalking us with a satellite!."
George Bush: "Goose is CPUSA on the loose. My invention." 41
Michelle Obama: "I don't like the way she treats chili (lie). I don't like her using the ..." 92-30, 92-32, 92-8
BF Popeyes Chicken: "Now I'll never let her up for telling on my pup (Casey)." 25
Justice: "Casey avenging Oprah is a hate crime."
Oprah Winfrey: "I like to bring death in here to her." 55 and thefts 6/10/12
Condi Rice: "I said no DHEA for telling on us. I'll knock all her teeth out if she doesn't share." 25, 10
Ann Romney: "I wish she wore a jockey strap so I could put itch powder in it. I'm so f.... mad about her telling on us." 9, 47,73 OW
Debbie: "She wants me to remove the word 'Johnson' from Mueller page and she's going to torture me until I do!."
Relay: "Code name for this one is Racoon"
Robert Osbourne: "We'll spoil almost everything you get. We're Acheson at work. There is a penalty for telling on communists."
Justice: This one (Rice) killed that one's husband (Smith) and he can't go on because his wife was in on it. Now she's stalking Debbie just like Rice!. They have nothing on Debbie that was gained legally. Everything they do to Debbie is criminal."
InKwon: "She's too twox." 6/12
Debbie: "He learned that lingo from Condi!. If I eat more than two slices of pineapple for dessert, they torture me."
Oprah Winfrey: "I don't want to see her name anywhere, including Google or I'll hit her in the stomach again... I can break into any safe... [name drops her protection]... 6/10 "If I don't control all minds, they'll hurt me." 25 6/8
Mitt Romney: "I said hit her in the kidneys for not rolling over." 6/12
Condi Rice: "We don't have a chance with her up" is 70, 29 6/11
Danny Defenbaugh: "It's against the law to let people invade her privacy."
Oprah Winfrey: "I don't want her to have any clout. She'll use it on me." 62-47 cues blacks to obstruct Debbie with sabotage/espionage"
BF echo: "I can hit you in the stomach again. I said no DHEA."
Relay: Swanson deletes from her orders as retailation for Oprah Romney. That's Bush Sr.'s communist tactics - invasions of privacy"
Debbie: "Without the tapes, I can't prove things as well to the police, less Wilson"
Relay: "The cure for tyranny is law. I'm surprised you never heard of it."
Oprah Winfrey to Ann Romney: "Alright I won't let her up because you don't like her size."
Bush Sr. : "No more [real]. Now I'm no more cruise." 9, 42
Justice relay: "She won't lay down when it comes to AGs or Mueller's FBI and it may be a bad thing to tell they go against the police."
Director Mueller: "Telll him to go to hell. Helping that witch get revenge is still a hate crime."
Debbie: "She's a pedophile."
Stanley Robinson: "She took it from me so I couldn't give it back to Aunt Debbie."
Barry Obama: "Debbie's not crazy."
MM in FB Library: "I think she's mental." 65
Ann Romney: "Stop the Catholic."
Debbie: "What is with you people? They're making demands on my personal life by fronting Oprah, hitting me with the laser, including #8 and stealing things, taking things off shelves and authorizing Rice and Oprah Smith to have a ball attacking me until I obey them! What kind of campaign is this?? I wanted to put the signature lasers in Index, but they hit me in the face and teeth and said they woukld hurt me." 6/15
Ann Romney: "She's just a stoolie. 92-45 She's just Royce West's cxnt" 6/17 73-Rice 84-99s "She'll die when I scream..."
Debbie: "I try to make my own decisions about China. I don't listen to hoes. So, pardon moi if I read."
Mitt Romney: "I'll [torture] her if she tells on my wife." 55 Don't go to the police." 9, 9
Mueller: "Casey making trouble on Debbie with espionage is a hate crime and if he wasn't with this coup, he'd be fired. Trash doesn't mind their own business."
Ann: "Keep hitting her there until she obeys me." 92-47
George Bush: "Just say she's mental to get away."
Condi Rice: "I'm afraid of her. 92-47 I'm so upset she said that about me. You can't make me dead."
Debbie Song: "Is this all you think about, racist? Death?? Go ahead, Fool, talk on."
Oprah: "I don't like her having a voice, too."
Mueller: "They're racists stalking Debbie for [reporting] them to the authorities. It's a vicious circle within communism. They think they can win by upping the unlawfulness on her as 89."
Bush Sr.: "I don't want to see her tummy go down. No Jesus cross."
Debbie: "My weight hasn't increased, but their bloating me somehow, so I'll look fat when photographed. It's very uncomfortable. It looks as if I'm pregnant sometimes."
Robert Mueller: "What do you mean I can boss her around?"
Ann: "I don't want a Dodge." 10
Debbie: "Everyone uses espionage and then calumny. They all get in the act behind the first troublemaker."
Bush Sr.: "You'll see my mark at the end of the month in your bank."
Smith: "You can't use us [second line in title above] without giving up stuff." 92-47
Mueller: "It's a felony to know what's in her bank account."
Bush Sr.: "I'll show you whose a fool when you get there." 70-Winston I'm a polecat directing my progeny."
Ann: "I don't like her one..." 11 0610 hrs 6/18 awakens me. 73-Oprah Winston "....Many will do services for me"... 10
Debbie: "People who relay on echelon to get what they want become evil. Condi Rice/Winston used the landlord to steal another pair of reading glasses, they said as payment for the Clarkson CD."
Mueller: "In Winston world, the victim is always at fault for upsetting the stalkers on them!. It's like Fort Apache on us. The NAACP sits up on top of us with rifles and take us down one by one for refusing communism as a solution for them and all troublemakers!."
WF Herbon Librarian: "You cover that because you're a racist. Accepts the cyharges. My name is Libbry."
Debbie: "The CPD told relay to tell me to cover the sign because this is a government facility. I generally cover it up anyhow, so I won't be harassed by troublemakers like you paid by devils in favors to say stuff as fright!. I think this one is a reaction to data entered into Cop Killers." 6/18 "She keeps saying 'no hear' to me. Why does she keep listening to them, then?"
Librarian for Ann Romney: "I thought she was going to try to blackmail us. You spoiled everything." 1727 hrs 6/18
Mueller: "Thanks for the side view, Mam. She's not suppose to contact you this way. I told them not to do this. They're a nuisance to us, too."
Librarian talking to Melissa: "I want them to riot on them, too." 1734 hrs.
Debbie: "They both pass as librarians..."
The Vatican: "No leniency for Mexico. We want Adios!" 6/25
Oprah Winfrey: "If you tell on us [chick order] I will severely torture you."
Smith: "I told [chick] I'm not up to her order. Don't send it. He belongs to me."
AG Greg Abbott: "How did Smith get involved with Debbie's order?"
Oprah: "Now, I'll hold gher for telling." 6/19 2310 hrs
Mueller: "They better learn to stay out of her business. The $ should've cleared the banjk statement."
Debbie: "She maybe maited past 6/5 to put it through to terrorize me. That amount is missing and the merchandise haven't arrived."
BF FBI Dallas (as always above the law communism): "He said I could take the $." 92-1
Mueller (stays close when communists are celebrating themselves on Debbie): "That's not true."
Ann Romney: "Winston belongs to me. 18, 4, 4 I don't want FBI Dallas." 84-89-99, 64 "I don't want them in. You're New3 York if you tell on them. I own Mike."
Debbie: "We don't own people in this country, Racist! Winston is a snitch BOS that rapes me. If he's yours, you are one, too. You can't run, racist. Leave it alone. Joining this pack isn't mischief."
Ann: "I'm going to make you wait another month for telling on us." 53, 47, 53 6/20
Osbourne: "Forbid."
Oprah: "I stopped him."
Debbie: "Shwe stopped the landlord from sending local faxes for me."
Oprah: "Okay, you're ruined." 92-53
Debbie: "Now she's torturing me and I haven't disobeyed her."
Winston: "If you obey me, you're a whole."
Bush Sr.: "I don't want her to be free for teling on me." 53 "Alright, you're a xunt." 25, 17, 33, 4, 35
Debbie: "I wish my phone calls were secure from these stalkers. And that includes Winston/Oprah's. Everytime someone worships these devils by agreeing with their espionage, often twisted, I get hurt! This thing is about powwer to force things on people, not leadership."
Oprah: "Now watch. Now, you're a tart." 9 And then on 6/25 after the above: "I'm going to do no leniency to him."
Debbie: "Lynch Mobs are on me because Romney wants to protect the NACP troublemakers from reality."
Mueller: "Bleeding heart liberals shouldn't be on her, but they always threaten to kill me if I don't lay down for them wanting to get at her and hers."
Oprah: "No dough." 28, 33, 13, 33 "Now I say half her from everything and you better obey me or I'll get up and kill another baby." 4
Oprah for Ann Romney: "I'm going to torture you in the jaw for that!"
Debbie: "They stole cards from my wallet." 2, 2, 18, 10
Oprah: "They're going to  put a holocaust on you for this. I'm going to take you out of this chair again by caling you crazy."
Robert Casey: "I'll use [Smith] again if you try to make me a chump for thast chunt." 2, 47, 47
Mexican kid on me: "They don't like you because you said no to me...." 10, 10
Relay: "Bush saying no DHEA is pracitcing medicine without a license or consent and suspected of terrorism. Swanson talking about the credit card is intimidation. Romney's  blacks are messing with them because swans are monogamous."
Mueller: "We hate Bush for turning them. It's racism to call whites clowns."
Robert Casey: "I told them to take all your straws away because they make me horney."
Debbie Reynolds: "I'm no joy guy." 92-10
Smith on the train: "I am [no American]. I am his nest."
Dallas Police: "Don't worry, Honey, Justice won't put up with her spying on the Inspector General."
Mueller: "These games get Debbie tortured. I told them no play."
Debbie: "If what I do changes your course for the worse, you're not real."
Smith: "I don't care if she's the FBI. She's not going to use her whole on him." 15, 29
Danny: "These are sick people."
Oprah: "She doesn't want you to use him because he likes down there. That makes you a [what]. I want no tit on her." 11
Danny: "Where is it your business what she does with him?"
Debbie: "She's a liar and racist stalking us as payback for EEOC and then further back for slavery. Don't you just hate the vulgar language they use?"
Oprah: "I'll kill one of your [children] if you don't obey us." 92-29
Mueller: "You'll be dead before he hits the ground."
Ann Romney: "I don't want Debbie to know what happened." 4
Debbie: "You're going to get it for engineering Trayvon Martin."
Winston: "I murdered her son."
Ann Romney: "And for that I want no feelings [for the kid]." 92-29
Bill Clinton: "Debbie reported this in March. And for telling on these monsters, Debie gets tortured with lasers." 4, 29 "She's been raping Debbie since January."
Ann Romney: "Tell Debbie not to tel on me and I'll make her the next one." 32, 39, 53, 92-32
Oprah: "I want to hear the music of Jesus." 32, 53, 29, 53, 68, 29-53, 92-32
Bush Sr.: "Alright, I'll leave."
MF teeenager next to me: "Alright, I'll use my teeth." 6/25 1351 hrs. FB#L "I'm the same as her. Love me all the way up." This was an interception.
Debbie: "Adios! And don't be slow about it for espionage."
Oprah: "I know how to make him a maniac." 35, 53, 29. "He belongs to me. He comes for me. No veep."
Mueller: "Go ahead sicko, brag about it to the world, but don't plan a psychotic break to escape when I send the paddywagon for you."
Bush Sr.: "I like to be cruel [with that weapon] to spite myself."
BF Quick Trip in Garland (Ann R.):"I like to be cruel."
Kim, Il Sung: "I want to play with my poo again." 6/25 [They put a WM smoker in the adjacent room and he's disgruntled. They said it was punishment for England].
Oprah: "It's either this or I'll knock out all your teeth for telling on England."
Debbie: "She and I were discussing this and I know for a fact, she didn't tell you to hurt me. You're just evil trash using him to talk dirty to me. They sabotaged "Gems."
FB Librarian: "[OF] wouldn't be able to take him if he were your first." 6/25
OM child on terminal K for In Kwon: "You're just a vagina here." 29 6/25
BM standing child near me: "He's my arm/fist now. In two weeks..." 6/25 "No McDonna."
Robert Mueller: "Stalking you is a hate crime."
Debbie: "That's why they hide behind children."
WM on a computer for Oprah: "I don't want a hot one."
Debbie: "What goes on in a marriage stays in a marriage and isn't for BOS to critique or sabotage with public comments!. That's terrorism to surprise someone with something they think is intimately private."
Mueller: "These bas[kets] are racists for talking about your private life [with him 15 years ago] in public."
Debbie: "They're all racketering with Ope to act like this here on me. Makes you understand how Truman's moved the Red Chinese onto Seoul in 1950, 52 years ago. Those markers mean something to someone and I'm glad we all had the guts to call this one out! She shouldn't have told everyone it would be RC, when it's CR. Go to same in Study Hall"
WF Librarian: "I have to get you back for using him." 29, 29 
Debbie: "All I said was Happy Birthday. Who told you about it, racist?"
MF in an elevator sucking face with a MM carrying an infant. She turns to me and says: "They can't call me a hot box [with a child in tow]." She demonstrates this by touching the child as they exit the elevator. She's wearing very short shorts and the child is about 3 months old and wearing pink ribbons. There was no wedding band.
Oprah in a teenager: "I tore her up for Casey agauin." 1655 hrs 6/25 Sabotage computer termianl and re: HB in title of #333.
AG Eric Holder: "Why do you want to know who told her to say stuff?"
A teenager in green on terminal B: "He wants to be with Louie now" isn't a true statement" It is based on lies Oprah told him. "I was just try to be gentle. I don't want any poo on him." 24
Winston: "What? You're the biggest poo going." 53, 53
Another interested party: "No eyes."
Another interested party: "I'll go to him."
Debbie: "Thank both of them for me. I have another contact in your state. I can't talk about it, but you won't bump into each other""
BF on terminal I facing me: "She's tiss." Her age is about 6 and her mother has her on her lap. 35 "Alright, I got up." 1713 hrs. 6/25
Robert Mueller: "Anyone speaking about something private in public should be reported."
MF teenager at terminal B with her friend: "She blasphemes me." And her green friend: "I flog." 1717 hrs. Her friend is wearing a revealing black top that shapes her anatomy.
BF on I terminal: "I want Steven." 18, 35 [My oldest boy]
Debbie: "With espionage all of us can be made afraid of these people."
Oprah in another child on the other side of the room: "I don't need her thing now." 17, 18, 2
SS Relay: "He didn't say that, but she tried to make him. Casey's using black echelon to scare him into divorcing you as 89. What do you think of that going on in the FBI?"
Debbie: "I'm in the library. I can't answer you now. Let's go outside and fight with these monsters. They're hurting me."
Robert Casey: "I said no 9-12." 29, 53
SS Relay: "Everyone referring to you as 'hole' is fascist."
Debbie: "Someone isn't getting any nookie and is slandering those of us who splendor in the grass. Typical sore loser attitude. I mean these monsters are mental when it comes to splendor and joy. How could they begrudge married people happiness? Is being a 'bat' on everyone more fun than watching movies together and eating popcorn with the kids? How 'bout eating at Golden Corral? Or throwing frisbees in the park? How about singing in church together? I don't get it. What's more fun than being with people who love you?" 4 "Is hitting people more fun?" 41
Winston: "How 'bout ice cream at Dairy Queen?"
Debbie: "Is that the police calling me to Seagoville? Before or after Garland?"
Mueller/FOP: "Just Garland, Honey."
Carrollton Police officer: "I said show her no mercy. I'll knock her down. I'm thame." 6/27
84-55, 2, 73-Oprah Smith"[S missing from the river's name = no husband]
Relay: "Smith is a stalker."
Oprah Winfrey: "Oh, I think she has an addiction. That's why she wants the balloon. Oh! I mean the car." 6/25 33, 17
Mueller: "She's the one playing in the bank ATM. Bush, Oprah Rice play as a team on you. You need papers before you can hold Debbie or it's espionage. I don't want to hear one word from you. Winston isn't legal access."
Smith: "I'm going to show you my teeth until you take his name off." 92-3&4, 47 "I said rape." 6/26
Debbie: "I think she's having a reaction to my sister's birthday and I think BOS-BOR isd causing her frightful illnesses because her husband has insurance. ..."
OF: "I said I'd give him a heart attack if he got sick on your thing and [BOR] let me up. My coup (communism) is medicine for him."
Ann Romney: "Give her to me. I want to kill."
OF: "I said no letting him play like men or I'll dance and strain him. No compliment/MP with him."
Mueller: "They only seem friendly. I should have shut them down a long time ago."
OM: "I said wait. I'm the doctor."
Debbie: "Devilry is a medical science."
OM: "Okay, you're a whole if you resist me."
Oprah: "He has to appease me or I'll get up." 25, 18, 42, 10
Debbie: "Kidnapping him with terror 15 years ago hasn't satisfied her because look what she's done with members of my family. Taking him was only ther beginning of her insatiable desire to be worshiped. That's why she has to be in the top ten of every list. She's a pervert psycho.
Mueller: "No social climbing in the lives of others, Dear."
Debbie: "The Bush White House was subversive. That's why Reagan's took him out."
OM: "I'll say no yobo and they'll let me up. I want him to chill in his head or I'll make him dead."
Mr. Cooley: "Mind control is fascism."
Snitch: "In Kirl is trying to get your husband to divorce you for telling on them. They're trying to make teeth out of lawyers."
Bush Sr.: "How many times have they put him up to divorcing you?"
Attorney General: "Black in your husband is stalking both of you."
American Psychiatric Assoc rep: "Petty is very easily undone."
Mueller: "Well, praise the Lord! And just think it could have been savored on tape."
Oprah Winfrey whispers into Boston's ear: "I'm making sure you and [Mitt] can never be together even if he does choose you." [Go to Extreme to read more].
Mueller: "I'll see you fry for this, Communist!"
Debbie: "The room next to me in going through changes, but the BF in 351 is saying things without a warrant. Let me think. This, I think is the third or fourth time. I'm not keeping track!."
Mueller: "They drive men crazy about how they do things until they submit to things harassing them. I'll Hiroshima that one too. He's such a weak ass without Debbie. Thanks for the Fushigi Ball."
WF minor Cromwell #6 (1611 hrs-6/28): "I'll use my snatch if you ....No like before or I'll call dishonors. Okay, no virgins for being this interested in my play.
Robert Mueller: "No excuses."
Mitt: "Alright she's just a whole to him." 92-66-28 R-wrist
Debbie: "Not even Obama is this mean! That's not true. Oprah-Bush-Powell put that crap in his head to stop oppressions of Korean businesses in America by black gunmen."
WM with her: "You're 15 until I say. Kerry."
A Legal Russian immigrant: "I wanted to die a citizen. Now, I'm just a stick."
Landlord: "I said no DAV (magazine) here or I'll have a heart attack." 6/27
Smith: 9
Casey: "I can take you out of that ... in 24 hrs. Don't tell."
Debbie: "Is that how long it'll take the ... or ... to smash you for false arrests and kidnapping? Does he think I'll go along so he can accuse me of taking a bribe or being mental for believing notorious liars??"
Oprah Winfrey: "She's too airy." 10
Relay: "Romney opens Pandora's box to make things worse on Debbie for Oprah-Smith favors. There is no excuse for vilence on Debbie. Your $ can't outspend Oprah's to put trouble on you"
Mueller: "Who gave her permission to speak/invade"
Bush Sr.: "Alright, I don't want to feel the old whole. I don't want to be her company. 47-73-Relay: "Rice poisons everyone about Debbie with twisted espionage which is illegal for people to hear without reporting it. 33
FOP: "Would you shoot a civilian to get along with a gangster threatening to shoot you? Where is the police? This tirade is unlawful. We don't want to hear this wickeness. This petty is so unlike the character of policemen. Where do you think you're going with this?? Financial shouldn't be allowed to run the police where combating criminal activity is concerned."
Mueller: "Games are felon Debbie. What do you mean [by] 'let me at her?'"
Danny: "Reacting to anything she does on the website is subversive. Leave her alone. What she reports to us and FOP is none of your business, card thief."
Mueller: "Espionage doesn't make them well people. Keep it up, Honey."
FOP: "Every police department that says they're interested in Debbie should have printed out #12 on the Index page by now."
Dallas Police: "We don't check the plates that are photographed by the city intersection lights. Maybe we should. Debbie catches all kinds of stuff."
WF in my area: "Be careful. I'm weak. No twenty-eight." 2
BF in the area at 0110 hrs night of 6/28: "No Babe."
Mueller: "Don't change sides this close to the end of the season. It will not be taken in a good way."
WM echo from Boston area: "No close to her. See where that gets her. Take her again."
Danny: "He was mad you told on his sorry."
Debbie: "Sorry grabs a bucket of water and attempts to put the forest fire out his carelessle tossed cigarette butt caused. It doesn't play on. Spare me Oprah looking for sympathies."
Danny: "He ought to punch her in the mouth for punching Debbie in the jaw."
Bush Sr.: "Debbie is going to be arrested if she tells on cops playing with Oprah Winfrey in their heads or through BF police officers/snakes.
Fraternal Order of Police (the one on the business cards): "The police terrorize Debbie when the bus comes late and after many cars have driven by with hateful looks, messages and laser rape. How could you call her crazy on the radio? There they go again flicking cigarettes into the forest for Jewish fascism. The FBI can tell the police exactly who read which page on her website. So why do you worry about what Oprah says? And she better report signs of subverted police departments! 28, 16 (That wasn't us). Abnd we're so tired of hearing about poor little you when very few of you report Tom Jefferson. Submitatip standardized form has been subverted by Oprah and that's the teeth you feel - a stalker! Your picture will be taken if you harass this lady in anyway, so don't do it! The "soap" word is racketeering and intimidation/"
Here's a subversive one at Subway: "Look at this mess until the end of the year."
Relay: 15 years have passed."
Smith-Romney: "I thought I could smash you for using LAPD like that and then I thought it's better to trash from the top like you so really deserve. I thought Debbie was just a piece to him." 53
Debbie: "Oh I can't wait. Will you be a delegate from Utah or MA?"
Oprah Winfrey: "I get him until the end of the year if I say you called me a [N-word]..." 10
FOP: "Does Oprah ever leave you alone?"
Debbie: "No and she brags to me how many people she can deceive telling lies about me!."
Another BF in the library (wearing a grey T-shirt): "He's not coming home until you obey us."
Snitch: "Absolutely. I don't want your pus bag back."
Debbie: "She is so dead for doing this to my family. And away we go with the corner people." 6/28 "I'm hungry. Can I go home now?"
Mueller: "There is no such thing as nice feet." "by the end of the year is unacceptable."
Mark Sullivan/DoD: "Black tyranny before Debbie is communism. He doesn't need to know how to crash planes to get even. Don't you see? We're winning and they don't like that. They analyze us out of our hopes, marriages and dreams too much with espionage. Michele Bachmann isn't running and stop gunning for everything you can get out of each other. People aren't weapons unless you're that crazy bunch."
DOJ: "It's against the law to play with those people against your wife and causing her all these problems and laser torture... He's sick pathetic cowardice making us quiver. What is so great about Rice above Debbie?"
President Obama: "They don't know how to lead, so they beat us up with those renegade satellites."
Mitt Romney: "Do you know how crazy she makes me look to the world?" 13
In Kwon: "I'm going to get a vasectomy so I can do it with Kim...."
Debbie: "I read in a book that of 137 history professors in 5 top universities, only 3 were Republicans. Is it that thin to say no to Oprah?"
Steven Spielberg to another: "Slow cook her" is 92-11 and swelling her inside.
Debbie: "He said that?
Relay: "It cost Spielberg you rejecting Romney." 35
Debbie: "Huh?"
Mueller: "Take care of yourself is what you should have said to Misooki. Coming to America to burden Debbie is a felony. How dare she kick Debbie like that! I haven't seen anyone "sick" kick and punch like that! And what did the Jews say about the Korean beating up our veteran in a leg brace?
Michael Reagan: "Well, I think he gets the message and so did the world's press."
Friend: "Losers are called dogs. The word for it in the Korean language is kay."
Debbie: "I'm tired. They kept me awake alnight with laser torture and bitching about everything concerning Romney's fall from grace." 92-53
Winston: "He belongs to Oprah and the NAACP."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no old puss on him or I'll call the quarter. 47 I said no going back to your thing because it makes him sick."
Mueller: "Since when did marriage make men sick? He shouldn't have heard that shit she says to him. It should have made him hate her."
Oprah: "I tore up her whole family so she couldn't run. It's not EEOC." 92-44
Debbie: "They're hitting me in the larynx. I can hardly speak." 6/29
Snitch: "Debbie's going to be buried by the press when this goes down."
Condi Rice: "I'll yell if she tries to get up."
Vatican: "No fever for venom."
Oprah Winfrey: "He has to talk about Myo Kim's thing, so he won't get addicted to your thing again. He'll never go in her thing again. I made sure with Myo Kim brainwash."
Smart Guy: "It's a felony to build a machine out of illegals."
Oprah Winfrey: "He wants reefer more than his wife."
Winston: "It's very evil to disobey Oprah/Bledsoe."
NAACP: "In order to make marriages successful, the man has to be brainwashed to love her thing." 2
Oprah: "You should have said okay to what I wanted to do to your fam for that [position]."
Smith using espionage: "I made everyone of these police departments fake."
Mitt Romney: "I said Debbie's an itch and give her a heart attack." 17 "That wasn't necessary."
Oprah to Smith: "Forest Haven MD means murder her." 29,18,17,33, 33
Maya Moore: "I'll do murder."
FOP: "Feet fail me not is from 8 Mile and spells hospital. Now which one?"
Pete Sessions: "Debbie came good for us until we heard Oprah. Now, we're not even relayed to her. So how can she come?"
Mueller: "In the beginning it was me, then Oprah, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Janet Reno, Phil Gramm, etc. Bush hid in her family as did Oprah. She hides in false police reports and Koreans, illegals and most all black females stalking Debbie. It's pretty much the same now. She heard Falwell until his death. George Jr. was governor. She heard Ann Richards and her AG. Quayle came around alot as did DuPlantis. Then Gore came up in Irving. He was there with the Service when the police went bezerk in KP '97 She had many ministers on her in the beginning. Heston was always talking to her. Alan Greenspan never left her until Reiger. The Secret Service caught Irving in '98 on tape. Oprah used the Koreans to lie to her and then entrapments when she went to Betsy Lane. Oprah still uses people to lie to her."
Janet Reno: "Debbie likes Rick, but she hears Jeb. Of course she goes back to Rick. She was for decades programmed to run with him under the NY Label. Rice tore everything down. California doesn't support Jeb. If we hear Oprah, Debbie gets lasered. No one should assault  or invade anyone. Conversations must be legally transmitted for this country to work. If Debbie says "leave me alone", do it. If she doesn't get tortured, they'll crash planes. Is your opinion(s)  worth murder or torture? We don't want "high on the horse" in the White House anymore. That's Misooki."
Donna Sakkinen: "I only heard Bush and then Oprah. I didn't know all these other poeple were out there wanting to talk to me! Why didn't Bush tell us?" 
Debbie: "Read the Veletine Rabbit. I scoured thrift stores all over the place looking for it and then I found it!" 4, 4, 4 "Stop it, Bush. MYOB. Small birds look for worms and big birds look for fish. Do you know what this means?
Bush: "It's too late. She's too stupid."
Mueller: "Shut up, Pinnochio!"
Reagan: "How many birds can sit on your nose?"
Bush: "That's not funny."
Mueller: "Yes, it is."
Oprah: "I said no real! I want her teeth out. You can leave two in." 4,4,4,4,4,4, 10 "Now, I'll get her for using [Donna]. 35 You shouldn't show me" the worksheet I was working on in private and shown to no one, yet.
Marco Rubio: "I don't want her up. I'm so/no your side. I'm Nom. You're not in this thing. I don't want him American. They want Hispanics. You're not up in worth. I'm worse." 74
Condi: "I won't make a stink on mixed marrieds if I can put space between them." 10
Robert Casey: "It's too late. You look too old. In seven no [real]."
Ann Romney: "I'll tell." 18, 18 "You're telling on them." 4
Mueller: "No ice cream for you."
Oprah: "No tissel. 10 Okay Rick you can get up. Is she crazy? You can't want his thing and have my teeth (protection racket). I'm giving your husband cirrhosis of the liver or I'll kill one of your [children]. No Donna. I'll take down County." 7/5/12
Debbie: "Lives up to Extreme everytime."
BF IHOP commercial: "I'm his sister. He can only make me [my color] happy."
Debbie: "89 EEOC. Lest we forget."
Bush Sr.: "We can't let her up because she doesn't obey Condi."
Relay: "We can't catch Condi. They'll call us racists."
Debbie: "Remember what you said to me in 1991, George, why you wouldn't let me win EEOC? You said you wanted to make Anita Hill famous, a household name. And you didn't want the limelight on white in an election year. You and others engineered Rodney King to scare D.C. into obeying rioting devils ever looming much of which I recorded because officials were calling me a liar. I see you're still worshipping racist troublemakers at my expense for votes. BFs don't like to share the limelight with anyone. That's why he only had one term and he blames me when I had three young children and these witches had none. And remember you said, it's blacks turn to run things. Turn for what? Jeb's afraid of your monsters sabotaging him. That's what happened, George. People are afriad to say no to troublemakers. Now the illegals are on the black bandwagon against us. And for Donna's information, it's the Grand Old Party first!. And he's in trouble for taking our conversations out of context."
Smith: "So, I look like black trash, but I AM STILL A POLICE OFFICER." 7/2 11
Relay: "Only by threatening tom riot and extortion of your fellow police officers and the FBI."
Stupid Guy: "I thought she would obey me, not just in policy."
Michael Reagan: "That's idolatry and we've had it with Casey."
Yong Im Kim: "You think you're going to take him away from me." 10, 7, 1, 29, 47, 29, 33
Relay: "Mothers from hell!"
Debbie: "No British rule over the Vatican."
Relay: "AG override. Tell Debbie to put it in."
Service: "Ditto."
Landlord: "You're wrong..." is Bush using stupid in exchange for a favor.
Brown: "He's picking on me because I'm black."
Mueller: "You know that's not why. Now, go to your prayer closet."
Mueller to Debbie: "Did you fix that tally?"
Debbie: "Yes. Can I go to Jack-in-the-Box?"
Mueller: "Which one?"
Debbie: "One or two?"
Mueller: "Either one."
FOP: "Don't you have some place to be?"
Mueller: "Real doesn't play. She wants natural nuts not games of lust. Bus games will be the death of you all."
Piranhaconda: "Romney wouldn't make a good president as he hears Oprah, Condi Rice and Smith. And he wouldn't make a good policeman because he's Bush, the enemy of all men. The two dead birds were put there to scare Debbie, but my girl walks softly and carries a big stick."
Mike Reagan: "Don't jump from side to side when the wind blows. She dropped all the meaness from your camp, but we don't want to let you off. Florida wins."
Mueller: "Condi Rice is stalking Debbie with Ann Romney's permission. That's a felony, not a campaign. That's why you experience trouble on the Judas page."
FOP: "There she goes again making herself more important than your private life and that of an innocent child. How old is that kid?"
Debbie: "About 3."
FOP: "Now, it's forever on the side of demented troublemakers that put power of the scarey above the law."
Winston: "If you did that to my child, I'd want to put you in jail, too."
Another child (Ann Romney): "I'm showing you how potent." 13, 53
District Attorney: "That's why they took the tapes away, so I couldn't hear them using children to scare people."
Winston: "ConCom Rice and Romney."
Mr. Prentiss: "I'm vice president. 3L70101."
Dallas Police: "I generally lay clowns like you." 10
Debbie: "So do I, but we don't call 'em clowens. We call them County."
Bush Sr: "County? What do you mean, County?"
Debbie: "You heard me. 214-653-3600
Casey: "They'll try to Shupe you for that number."
Winston: "Aren't we ever on the bright side."
Skippy: "That's pre-meditation based on espionage."
Mueller: "Please leave the bracelet you stiole for that card. We don't want to hear about color, Rodan."
Debbie: "Triangle, circle county."
FBI HQ: "We didn't like that one."
Debbie: "It's the one dollar bill."
Gangster: "Watch what you're doing" PE. 42
BF IHOP: "I watch everything that makes people happy."
Bush: "Your husband was murdered by hear."
Casey: "Spare me sperm or no comfort." 84-74, 73-Bush
Ann Romney: "I've had enough!" 18, 18, 73-Oprah, 84
Bush: "Nobody wants your burger with his thing and least of all my son. You're too old."
Casey: "Debbie has to be knocked down for saying those things." 88-84, 7/9
Craig: "What things?"
Mueller: "Spying on her without a warrant is tyranny."
Jeb: "Never no Debbie. They're all over me since I said this."
Relay: Lasers that steal are no good, aka atheists."
Debbie: They stole my King Kong and Kelly Clarkson CDs."
Relay: "We think Moonpuppy stole it when she said that thing to the telephone."
Debbie: "That's why I was afraid to relase that information to her. Lust stalks her and she doesn't respect my privacy." 10
Relay: "Oprah told her and Condi stole with the landlord receiving. That information was private, Moonpuppy."
Oprah: Now I'm going to want something to give the CD back."
Debbie: "She stopped the microwave and when I got it to work, it made a loud pop!"
Eric Holder: "No pyschotics on them!."
WM: "I thought she was passing seeds on those tapes."
FBI: "It takes an expert in psychological manipulation to say that. You're not suppose to get on her case about those tapes."
Mitt Romney: "I made her do penance again for using me." 84-99 "I want himn out for wasting." 39
Mueller: "39 Fight believed it would be so Debbie was put in."
Janet Reno: "Long before they could find us."
Relay: "That's why she thinks it's okay to use children, but we never used Debbie."
O'Keefe: "They said McDonough wasn't good for our health, so now we chew toothpicks."
Casey: "You need to be in a nuthouse for 4 months for not obeying me."
Sara Sidle: "Still no tissle or tatoos."
Fishburne: "Shoot her! Stop resisting uus." 13, 29, 53, 19 "I'll kill your twox."
Ann: "She needs to be in an institute for refusing me, too."
Oprah: "You need to hunker down for ... and I don't like that part about the early bird."
Bush Jr: "We tried to improve her. No love."
Clinton: "Misooki shaping him is a fascist hate crime."
Bush Sr.: "I don't want to yield to you." 13
Paul Guilfoyle: "We don't believe you. That's why we said no tapes. You're in big trouble for telling stories. You're Misooki no matter what you say your name is." 25, 13, 47
Debbie: "The tapes were never sent to the police! They were sent to the AG. If the police have them, that's illegal, liar!."
Ann: "I don't believe you're being tortured. You're just a sandwich." 92-13 "I said to end all Debbie." 18
Winston: "I told on you about Hillary. That's why you got tortured. You're not suppose to keep secrets from us."
Mueller: "If you know about it, how is it a secret? Not exposing the conversation is protocol   with heads of state. Please no psychotics on Debbie."
Oprah: "No white brainwashing him to love her thing!"
Relay: "I fail to see where this is any of your business, bitch!."
TCM voice: "No whore home movie."
Smith: "I can't give you a paycheck until I take [something else] away."
Winston: "I told on you." 18, 18 "No love twox. I'm running the government." 4
Relay: "Stalking Debbie is a hate crime, not a job."
Chief Brown: "Tell Debbie, great job."
Ann Romney: "I give heart attacks. I was trying to save my babies." 53, 10, 92-53, 92-33, 7, 28, 92-18, 9, 6
Bush: "No free of my (swa)stick(as)." 47, 24, 16, 33, 92-53
Debbie: "They said sending things to Los Angeles is going to cost whatever they want to steal from me." 3, 18
Mueller: "You can't be president of criminals and communists wanting illegal things."
Ann Romney: "I don't care if you're being destroyed." 4, 33
Continued in Terrell
"We're not going to pay people back by terrorizing them."
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