Debbie's Gems
1. 435 Always Ahead of Your Darkness
"You're stupid if you think you can take America away from us.""
2. Dispatchers [369]
"Debbie's training was the same as in , or better than civilian
police departments and she has a bachelor's degree.
Most police officers do not have a security clearance either!" 
Now, who's the joke?
  • 80% of MP busts stay busted"
  • MPs don't feel sorry for criminals. Well, that's life" Don't be doing it on my gate. Empty your pockets! Oh! Look at this: not yours, not yours, not yours. You can't take these cigarettes with you. You can smoke them here if you want (and some of them do). Well, next time bring a note saying that. You know the rules! No I.D.? No pass. What's that under your shirt? Oh! Aren't we clever... Where is your escort? Will you get those wh... off me. They're trying to pick my pockets!
  •  MPs are hardly ever intimidated by the press. Where's your trip ticket? This is not a trip ticket. It needs to be filled out! Take this back and get all that [merchandise on the truck] itemized. Well, I don't care" (Calls out to the KATUSA): Close the gate!"
  • MPs are required by the law to enforce it. "It's your turn to ride shotgun (bank/payroll escort). What's holding up the line? Sir! These trucks are trying to leave the compound without trip tickets and I'm sending them back. I want to know how many light bulbs, hammers and hams they're taking off this gate!
  • Blackmarketing is curbed by searching all vehicles leaving an overseas military post. Now, open the trunk of your car! You think you'd be ready by now for my inspection. And that includes under the seats and glove compartment. And just in case you didn't know, stealing from the military (American taxpayers) and selling it to foreigners is income tax evasion, too"
  • MPs are sometimes bribed to withhold Ration Control cards from their company commanders!"
  • Company commander: "Take Debbie and go over to Gate 6 and catch him with Glass House wh...." FYI, that place was forbidden to GIs and bringing a prostitute on the gate is a court-martial, dishonorable discharge"
  • MPs are encouraged to learn all forms of policing and are often shoved that way whether they like it or not: Guard duty, troop transport and escorts, Convoys, radio operator, armory, bar checks (bring those drunk ones back to post), evacuations, (Phew! Got out of that one in Vietnam), duty roster, traffic and flood detail: roadblocks, search and rescue. The only difference is jurisdictional density and length of tour.
  • MPs don't fall for criminal tricks. We need evidence before accusing someone. MPs want all criminals in prison, no exceptions or whiners getting off the hook!
  • MPs don't listen to president Bush, a non-sitting president"
  • "I wanna see" constitutes a stalking" and the troublemaking thereof" It's anarchy and always shows up in RICO violations.
3. "What was that about my record?"
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly: "Debbie is protecting our nation with the tapes pre-dating 911."
  • They'll only tell you what you need to know to commit a crime for them.
  • Often they'll force you to do bad things for them to stop terrorism on yourself or your men.
  • Racketeering on her is not a police entity!
  • They'll never report there's a satellite on her and we, the FBI and Secret Service can hear every word for as far as we want. We embark on many things with Debbie. Best youes draw no conclusions. We have enough subversives on us. I trust you will treat this lady with respect. She will not play with espionage of any kind unless it's constutionally protected."
  • Don't listen to "little birdies" telling you to break the law.
  • Upper right hand corner
4. "Murder & Mayhem"
The cockamamie pooh of racists can make a thousand sick gunmen overnight and release them on our citizens. Is this okay to bring about change, sympathy to causes or redistributions of wealth? Well, is it?
Lone shooters "snap" on echelon espionage stalking them!
Espionage is often done on the police before these capers are triggered!.
All shooters are white (as a rule) and we don't know what towns, cities or farms their lurking in"
Duke Mantee 

 5. I don't care what it means to fish!"
6. "The Bible isn't pro-life!" [331]
- Pope Benedict XVI
How is it Debbie got up on the issue of abortion and not Donna and Diane? Debbie is a Christian seeking the Will of God due to Acts 5.39.
  • shouldn't punish Christians like her at the voting booth.
  • Romans 12.2 means Matthew 10.16 in the age of Ezra 2.13. According to Exodus 12.13 and 14, not all life is precious to Our Lord.
  • Psalm 139.14 is DNA and Exodus 21.22 says it's not a "baby" until birth. We should be thankful women have a safe way to end and unplanned pregnancy as a result of Mark 7.21-23.
  • We should help them put away their sin, so abortion will be less frequent. Proverbs 1.19 urges us to mind our own business.
  • Our stand should be to wait until one gets married, especially among the youth of the world. Calling women vulgar words can turn a man homosexual and this, too, is not a solution nor is it what I meant!
  • 1 Corinthians 13.13. The language in health care shouldn't disturb a mighty entity such as yourselves, as long as you're not forced to perform it or dispense it. I think they want to get out of paying into a policy that offers such and such and the language thereof has little to do with it; but to do so would surely bankrupt them" Thus, 1 Corinthians 10.27 won.
  • Only vanity seeks to be succored for that which the Holy Bible does not protect in Scripture, and that, my Dear, is idolatry"
  • If we violate the privacy of others, we begin to violate Exodus 20.17. Don't walk in the ways of the world, which is "greedy of gain" - 1 Chronicles 5.4 (8th word) and Ezekiel 39.1.
  •  I chose sterilization after the number of children we wanted were born. Sex is a gift from God we share with each other in a loving way. It is not something we dangle in front of men, nor do we say to other women, "with a child, I'm not a hot box."
  • More on this subject is below!
  • 1 Samuel 15.8-9
  • Acts 5.39 and Galatians 2.21 go together.
  • "To exercise her constitutional right to have an abortion, to exercise the most difficult decision of her life" is Proverbs 1.19 best explained.
  • This is your chastisement: Hebrews 2.8 and John 8.1.
  • He's talking to troublemakers, not their victims" Matthew 7.1
  • With child means in marriage" Exodus 21.22
  • Thus all else is vulgar and not of Him Hebrew 13.4"
7. Report Sexual Harassment to the Secret Service
especially if it's some kind of punishment regarding your work"
Withholding sex from your spouse, may be a felony.
It's terrorism to say no sex in marriage."

Use the name "Pete Sessions" who recently loss his seat in Congress.
 8. Hooray for Small Town, America!
  • The word "devil" comes from 1 Timothy 4. 1-3 - a system that invades privacy. It should be unlawful to bankrupt cities coping with trespassers the federal government has failed to deport. And "Little Sister" means Big Brother's watching you with a satellite.
  • For more information on this subject, read ARIZONA.
  • [Migrations of Muslims out of the middle East, begining in 2015 was first used to call up thousands of militant Mexicans and blacks on a city just north of Interstate 635 in 2006. Obviously, they perfected it].
  • I told them no Neitzsche games" I cannot use that language online, but no Misooki. It's too cowardly for my bloodstream!!
9. "Personhood Bill" [340]
  • HR212 is a person is blasphemy because it isn't in the Holy Bible that way. When they found out abortion was permissible, Misooki went whole hog pro-life. Proverbs 1.19 is privacy law and Exodus 21.22 establishes the fetus as owned by whom? "Surely punished" according to the owner of the "woman with child" which, in this case, was the woman's husband. However in Genesis 2.7 establishes life and thus, Exodus 21.23 applies only to his wife, or the unmarried woman carrying it. Mandatory ultrasound is intrusive "and prevents planes crashes" is besides the point! Wouldn't it be better to teach morals in Sex Ed instead of this absurd, long and costly way around like commies unable to face reality? 
  • This bill violates the personal rights of the adults carrying that child into adulthood"
  • This is Amazon politics"
10. "That's Not What it Means"
  • Proverbs 18.22 to call a wife a spot. This one leads to sexual harassment.
  • Judges 5.19 doesn't mean no $ if employed. It means no taking personal affects from dead bodies, turning prisoners into household slaves, taking spoils or hurting someone because you have an advantage.
  • Luke 6.40 Just because you can get away with stuff doesn't make you superior to those of us who don't.
  • Matthew 5.45 doesn't mean to steal the gifts from under Debbie's Christmas tree and  give it to personnel trying to hurt her all the time.
  • 1 Corinthians 7.9 For those who it pertains, but not all of us. Why, is still none of anyone's business until a crime has been committed in front of you and they're facing you in court. Your opinion needs a warrant, Mam.
  • Matthew 13.12 is talking about wisdom not taking $ from Debbie's bank account.
  • Revelation 6.6 is not Oprah Winfrey. It fits Luke 10.34 in Hebrews and renders the British fascist and unAmerican"
  • You need a warrant to obstruct a marriage, or it's a crime.
  • Separation of Church and State: The government cannot be used to protect Christians in any way shape or form from violence stalking them, is fascism.
  • Ephesians 5.25 whomever the "woman" is with, that person will take the hit for her mistakes, wrongdoings, opinions or anything deemed unsatisfactory to a gaggle of demons stalking her" This didn't mean synthesized by Skynazis
  • Luke 4.18 isn't crocodile tears
  • 1 Corinthians 12.21 is an example or metaphors, not excuses for criminals, ugliness or mutiny.
  • Hebrews 4.13 doesn't mean Oprah can invade your privacy.
  • This is not a good thing to hold over our heads - 2 Peter 2.13
  • Matthew 18.12, 13: Oprah calls rejoicing over one accomplished task an exaggeration. I would think, it's none of her business.
  • Exodus 24.7 is talking about the 10 commandments, not filthy lucre, prostitution or sin of any kind. We will do things God's way and then understand why!
  • 1 Peter 3.18 Officer Hawkins dies for three brutal Mexican cop crimes, so they can roam free to sin again on echelon commands. See first page Cop Killer Ditto Jackson
  • Matthew 10.26 is not for Oprah or any black female to reveal or inconvenience.
  • Mark 9.40 is compromised when Oprah spies and makes trouble for X-234.
  • 2 Corinthians 2.7 is a cheerful relationship with God, not a stalker.
  • John 15.13  is Jesus saying in a round about way, love me for making Heaven possible for you. No one lays their life down for another unless they know it's unpreventable. Some of us die in the line of duty, but I don't think this is the same spirit because the horrible event isn't totally voluntary.
  • Psalm 139.14's "fearfully made" means in wedlock.
  • Genesis 3.6, 16-24, Wisdom 10.1-2, Romans 5.19: "The little babies" do not go to Heaven, nor small children who are still carrying the stain of Original Sin. But, not to worry, if you don't believe in God, why do you care? That's why the Catholics are into "Infant Baptism." If you are into the Rapture, check this one out more thoroughly.
  • Matthew 10.26 isn't espionage.
  • 1 Corinthians 6.18  doesn't mean to embrace or cherish the results thereof.
  • Hebrews 13.4 doesn't mean first marriages only (FMO). but rather sex in marriage is honorable and the fornications aren't including those screaming for procreation only - put of wedlock sex.. Another twist on this one is the first portion pertains to only first marriages and the second portion pertains to all subsequent ones..
  • 1 Timothy 5.8 if deliberate and abusive can make someone jealous through deprevation(s) is terror. Don't play against your spouses like that. NO DELIBERATELY TERRORIZING EACH OTHER"
  • Luke 12.58 doesn't mean let devils come into your life and have their way. Lest you'd be violating Ephesians 4.27
  • John 4.52 doesn't mean choose between  my name in Judges 5.12 or my marriage. It doesn't mean scare him away either.
  • Luke 9.50 according to Oprah means Jesus gets the blame for no one helping me by staying away from me. According to her, the only way you can be "n bot" helping me is by sabotaging me. Anotherwords, everyone must be a source of trouble on me. Or what? Or you'll be helping me according to Christ and that's not allowed if you want to be close to Mozambique.
  • Isaiah 54.17 doesn't mean blacks and other zeros can use the DoD to spy and terrorize people into worshipping black tyranny. It always meant no illegal weapon on the servants of God, who serve Him lawfully, will not win!"
  • Matthew 5.25 means resisting arrest or the process of law. Your behavior in the presence of the police during detainment or questioning comes up here too. It doesn't mean the people have to obey every joker that stalks them!" It's lust to presume things if you're not spiritual. Devil interpretations of the Scriptures is an abomination. Always resist evil is another scripture.
  • Luke 9.62 isn't talking about looking both ways before you cross the street. It's not talking about where you are and where everyone else is. It isn't looking back for something dropped or for the number of things behind, around or near you. Determining the direction of the wind isn't what it means either. Looking for funnel clouds and debris blowing in a storm is okay, too. It means going with the Lord is to never desire the old you again. It is also okay to wish your family could join you in the Lord" In fact, it's even okay to pray for them as well as advise them! Rev. Billy Graham: "We are always looking for sinners to rehabilitate and guide those wishing to. Is turning the other cheek, looking back?"
11. "Moral Majority"
"Forcing her to remove or change things on this website by using that violent laser is communism." 44
12. "Over my cold, dead body"
  • Japan should apologize to the Korean women they took to be slaves during the early 20th century occupation thereof. And the NAACP should make restitution to victims of black riots and robberies that end in murder. You can go back as far as 1987. [During the Clinton Administration, they were each paid $125K by the Japanese government, but Japan refused to build a monument in Korea apologizing to these ladies kidnapped from their childhood.
  • Blacks are always calling Koreans racists (MLK @ I-45 in South Dallas). They're jealous of orientals coming off the banana boat and making $ in black areas. Stealing from them is terrorism. Why don't you appreciate their prices? I'm sure the TXAG would look into TABC playing games with Mozambique. The names Sandra and Browning are gowns.
13. "And so it was"
Matthew 7.7 Judges 5.12
 14. How much Fear can we Stand?
  • Too many pagans out here! Save me! Save me! It's getting so these days, nobody can sneeze without the Supreme Court making sure it didn't offend the Great Satan, which by the way, is living in Chicago, after Houston went down for her"
  • Someone trying to find a way to hurt us all the time is a felony"
15. For Your Information
The number of people killed in OKC was 5 more than the number of individuals with mental retardation in the database Debbie constructed and kept for BCS in Washington, D.C.

16. Lord, Have mercy on us! [335]
  • "Insists on turning good people into demons and forcing them to walk a dark path to the end of their lives"
  • was found in a Chinese American newspaper in 2012.
  • I would make reading up on this subject matter important" *
  • Slow destruction of communism is communism

17. Dear Mikey [357]
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not quit the match. He maketh me lie down in Splinter Cell Blacklist, he leadeth me beside Epic Mickey: the power of two Dallas police officers. He restoreth my soul mode and the cake. He leadeth me in the path of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for his namesake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no Mortal Kombat for thou art a multi-player, thy rod* and soundtracks they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the myst of my enemies, thou annointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over with green slime. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will go commando in the house of the Lord forever. Matthew 24.46, Psalm 23
* Roach-clip may sound better to some.
18. Extreme [249]
Sits atop people with a laser like Zeus and hits people she doesn't like!"
19. Arizona!
Mexicans being allowed to stay is British Homeland Security appeasing Israel by making America a hostile place for whites..
20. "Racketeering with the Junkyard Dog" [256]
  • Every time "white" takes a stand, the Herbert Marcuses of the world fling the "racist" word around. People died for those treaties, Dirtbag. If anyone is being "racist" out here, it's those sneaking across the border looking for soft-hearted kind white people to sacrifice for them. Our sons and daughters died fighting tyranny and it's damn disrespectful to come here uninvited!.
  • It's trespassing on our souls by countries without a dole cashing in on ours. Koreans and Haitians are illegal, too. This article [D.O. 6/20/12] is full of commie cue words. "Heal us" means heel the white dogs into allowing this land grabbing in the Dallas Observer with name games 94. Guatemala = Menchu (FRAUD) who found out about her name there using echelon espionage. She'll be complaining soon, too. Illegal = Goose. We should all be judged by our loyalties, Benedict Arnold. It's the bad guys that play by color, not the good guys identifying them.
  • Illegals are using echelon to tell them what to do. That's communism - the presence of a third party. It's not just you and him in the parking lot anymore. It's you-him-and the brazen beach with the satellite beaming instructions to them! That's how they know what to say and do at the libraries on me.  Go to FRIGHTand read up on the little monsters with intel.
  • Black tyranny is playing a game against America and they need more color to help them!.
  • They're making foreigners stronger than Americans.
21. 18 Car train wreck in North Dakota
  • Notice in Luke 13.4 the number 18 as being killed "by a falling tower". This is being done to us because the devils-that-be say the letter L is not among the 88 letters in Judges 5.12 where my first and last names have been found.  Eleanor Roosevelt had a column entitled "My Day." In 1936, she and the president opened the Eleanor Roosevelt Vocational School for Colored Youth.
  • I came into existence on the third attempt. The two previous attempts were in 1928 and 1940. The third gospel is  St. Luke, who also wrote the Book of Acts. His vocation before apostleship was physician. This can be listed as M.D. or DR. The letters counted are 13.4 and 4.18. This is how we arrive at these two Scriptures. Blacks constantly force 13,4 down my throaty when I have always leaned towards 4.18 even before I knew about my names. AVODAT ELOHIM 
 22. Heathrow [416]
  • We knew Pan Am was bombed and crashed at Lockerbie, Scotland after takeoff from London's Heathrow Airport on December 21, 1988, my Korean wedding anniversary. But, did you know one of the victims was named Boland which matches a letter from Congressman Edward Boland D-MA dated May 7, 1987?  Verify this by going to, and NC #111. Is this a coincidence, Mam, or more hate mail from Marian Anderson's crowd?
  • The numbers 7 and 21 can also be found on the first page of ARIZONA
23. Don't change the subject! [426]
When President Wilson collapsed in Pueblo, CO he told the Attorney General: "Palmer, do not let this country see red."
24. 92 [383]
The following people have reported they have been cruelly assaulted by the lasers: Robert Mueller, Bill Clinton, Louie Freeh, Alberto Gonzales, Robert Brown", Ronald Wilson Reagan, Janet Reno, Daniel Inouye (died from it), Pope Benedict XVI, Ray Kelly, William Bratton, Nancy Reagan, Andrew Cuomo, Richard Thornburgh, John Creuzot, Randall Alles and Barbara Pierce.
[When I was about to type something here, a BF came near me and said in so many words: "This is Oprah's hell for non-compliance." That's vicious, brazen fascism. Many have been hit by her, but not tortured]. Robert Mueller, like Debbie, has been tortured.
25. Who's poisoning who? [331]*
Knowing "how to poison" people against Debbie requires espionage.
  26. Find the Markers [329]
If you can, on just the first page, find markers related to the United States:
Number 28 [438]
  • The Dodge Brothers first car came out on 11-14-14. Condi Rice was born on 11-14-54 in Birmingham, AL. Ronald Coleman (initials reversed) disappeared on 11-14-20 in the movie Random Harvest [Fist #48], which is the year both brothers died leaving no descendants, Reverse DB above and you get Byong Dong Song, who made it possible for my husband to disappear, without warning in 1997. This was after he tried to murder me on cue. BD lived on Oak Lea Street in Irving (Berlin) which is the 12th word in Judges 5.12 less one letter. Another match to DB reversed is Bette Davis, who attended Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, MA, Marian Anderson, who attacked the DAR in 1939 made it her target because the Dodge Family had on display records proving us descendants of the resisting militia that gained our freedom from England. Thanks to Dan Quayle and a thief, those records are no longer being displayed at the Smithsonian. Leland Stanford was governor of one state in another state to meet a train engineered  by (Union General) Grenville Dodge and named the Union Pacific. He had no descendants either, but Leland did. He was born in NY in a city almost the exact spelling of the street I grew up on and can be found on the bottom of Baby Edgar.
  • Leland Stanford: She knew all along.
  • Leland was born in 1824 - one hundred years before my mother. He passed on June 21st, the day before my husband was born in Korea, June 22nd. That's a plan to stalk someone.
    29. Stop Cold Callers [284]
    The Secret Service/Gore has film on IPD street-jail in 1998. See Aubrey Hawkins on Cop Killer.
    30. Is Violence okay? [346]
    "Violence to get your way is a protection racket"
    31. Communism has no place in America [416, 447 and PR #449]
    •  Adam Walsh was killed during the first year of Reagan's Administration (in 1981) as a demonstration of what the NAACP and the United Kingdom had planned for Debbie's husband - no marital head on his shoulders.
    • "This is a sickening display of power what they did to this child and rubbing it in in various ways to others familar with the case is fascism and we don't care how many orientalk females you try to sew into his head, we'll kill you for racist racketeering against our families!."
    •  These people keep reminding me of his death and they're determination to control South Korea through InKwon's disregard for his marriage vows to me. In #22 above, another related event took place during the Reagan Administration, this time on my Korean wedding anniversary. Read the text by the "castle" in WHITE HOUSE to understand what they want from us and if we don't put it in our lives that way, they will make it happen to us anyway.. That date is also listed in AVODAT ELOHIM.
    • They took him from my husband from me on Memorial Day weekend of 1997 using a shrinking violet named Myo Kim. He can no longer think for himself. This can make a man mental on his wife.
    • "Smooter" sounds like this child's nickname was in the movie: Sweet Home Alabama - 2001.
    • This one and Lockerbie was hate mail against the American way of life - Britsh NAACP - crooked as hell and just as mean"
    • Notice Luke 13.4 starts with the word "Of". This is translated by blacks to mean "Oriental female." In the Gettysburg Address, he said: "Of the people" first. I will put something here, soon to show you how this is played to rub their filth into me.
    • Bush did not kill this child. He was just a vice president then. He became rogue after Reagan and few extraordinary men pushed him out of that last forur years for resons I will not discuss here. It is my opinion that President Reagan felt I would be looked after better in a Clinton Administration, than his. The hostage crisis was Bush Sr and the British's play.
    • They like to sabotage me so they can get away. I wanted his picture here, so no one would forget what heinous punks you are!!!!! And I got permission for it. Leave these families alone, racists.
    • And they started the Vietnam war to punish Catholics in the area.

    32. And so begins a field of dreams [443]
    ... We bought our motorcycles in Lowell, MA. We thought at one time rabbits could feed the world and we bred them in cages in our backyard on Salerno Circle. After Fort Devens, we were sent to Fort Ord, CA. Aunt Donna and Uncle Bill were married in Dallas, but I was too far away to attend. We used to go out on the pier in Monterey and catch starfish with a dangling piece of rope thinking this would be profitable, too, but all they did was stink up the driveway. I cut a corner through a closed gas station in Santa Cruz, CA and was ticketed by the police. People kidded with me about outrunning them as I was on a motorcycle. I had a MC license in 3 states. I lost it due to the expense of keeping it in Texas. When we went to Disneyland on the way in, we put Westmoreland in a pet hotel on the grounds. When we returned that evening, the owners offered me $150. for him because he had personality and was talented. Cat Fancy magazine printed a letter I wrote to them about him and a picture in December 1973. When I went to Korea to look for Kenneth, he was working with Highway Patrol cruising the Seoul-Pusan expressway built by the Army Corps of Engineers after the conflict looking for black marketers. He was successful in uncovering a Korean gasoline heist. He wanted me to stay at Camp Carroll with him, but I thought it best to move a little bit away, so I could develop my own nitch. I didn't like being called "Knox's wife" even though in the eyes of the Church we were still married. They sent me to Camp Walker and he would visit me all the time. He always thought of me as a stupid girl needing his direction and guidance. He was five years older than I. I was naïve, having just turned 19 when I married him. I wasn't ashamed of that...

    33. "It should be under Number Six." [447]
    "No warnings from lawbreakers.""
    We're [America] tired of blacks calling Debbie white trash because FDR, and then some, chose her first. On her like this, 24/7 are the sorehead losers complaining, accusing without evidence, finding faults and hitting her as retaliation for this honor.
    34. This is too much wickedness! [449]
    When Oprah said: "No God" to me, one nephew lost an eye and another, a leg. The letter E and L are the Hebrew prefix for God. Both these men (now) are mental and named Warren, and have descended from a lady from Ireland with that surname. See the genealogy on MOK-SAH-NIM.
    35. Please put your shirt back on! [449]
    President Rutherford B. Hayes died on 1-17-893. His secretary for the Department of Interior was Carl Shurz (shirts), a character on the movie Cheyenne Autumn (1964). Who remembers President George Bush Jr.'s Homeland Security chief Chertoff (shirtoff)? In the movie the Wolf Man (2009), Anthony Hopkins plays the father werewolf and in the end scenes his shirt is off. I wonder if these things are related. The current First Lady's date of birth is in this paragraph. What's the chances?

                                36. Don't try this ever again! [470]
       Write up the Secret Service and Veteran's Affairs for taking away the designation "Vietnam-Era" veteran status from thousands of women who were sent overseas to help the war effort, but not to Vietnam.. This occurred after the DoD dissolved the Woman's Army Corps (WACs) and made them regular army in the 70's. Michelle Obama is not the White House and shouldn't be allowed what previous generations of men have done for these brave women.        
       Her jealous mouth does harm to our veterans. Another thing she recently said( which did not come from her husband): "We don't want a white God." It's against the law for blacks to force our religion to change for them. Besides, God is Spirit, not color and it was petty for you to be so hateful to women enlisting before the fall of Saigon 1975.
       No more tempers on Debbie"
       And also, no protecting the beastie in England by changing the date of the Korean war was started to June 27, 1950 when the communists invaded Seoul on the 25th. This black fist changing our history needs to be shoved up her ass where her wicked head is. The Catholics did not start the Korean war. 

    37. There's more to this than meets the eye! [470]
    Debbie's mother succumbed to poison on June 27,1988 and such makes it seem like her spirit caused the Korean war when in fact, it's hate mail saying no Korean husband or we'll kill him just like this with poison on the lips of Korean females" Charles I wasn't protestant and he ruled England in 1625.

    38. FDR first president to put a woman in his cabinet! [483]

    Condi Rice is the imitation Eleanor Roosevelt wanted to put in Debbie's place, the one FDR chose."

    39. Is this okay? [489]

    Freddie Gray, like all the others on EASYASPIE, were in on their deaths and consented. Is that okay?
    [Thank you]
    40. ALWAYS REMEMBER [578]

    "Remember you were chosen first, not Mozambique. That's why they're turning everyone they can against you."

    There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet in 27 forms. How 'bout life begins upon detachment and the first scream: Genesis 2.7?

    The 7th letter in the [Judges is the 7th book] the Hebrew alphabet is "Zayin" meaning spirit and its pictogram is a sword or "scepter of a king." Is this like Ephesians 6.17?

    The first, middle and last letters in the Hebrew alphabet spells Aleph, Mem, Tov, which means Truth. Match this with John 14.6 with Genesis 2.7. [The thirteen letter in our alphabet is the letter M also].

    The Personhood Bill is lust making the Scripture blaspheme. Matthew 23.16,27 is Isaiah 5.20 and Galatians 5.20. Also read 1 Samuel 15.23 (Idolatry) 1 Corinthians 10.14 (Idolatry and 6.18 (idolatry).

    Check these out: Proverbs 3.5 and Colossians 3.5

    Thank you"
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    For more on communism #20, order a booklet at, the source of the comment above.
    FYI #25. I was born under the sign Aquarius. November 14th is Scorpio. "It's cruel and unusual to mislabel Debbie."
    And is considered a poisonous tongue.