Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""
This is predominately Oprah Winfrey, the author of Gitmo, on Debbie. Theirs is a sadistic stand tracking Debbie's every move and obstruction of her life with unsolicited demands, opinions and violence. All subversive invasions of privacy occur without warrants in place makes this page, like the one before it, bully terrorism on a married couple"
Lust is the New World Order" The United States stands opposed and in faith as tireless pursuits for evidence continues. Don't help spread the hate!!"
Colin Powell fervently believes Asians make Blacks look bad, thus Debbie has to go without a husband for the rest of her life" This was also enforced so she wouldn't appear to be a lady".*
BF Ford commercial (for Oprah Winfrey): He's my personality now. He's weak."
Mark Harmon (for Oprah Winfrey): "I said no crazy play. I don't care how sweet the nut."
Smith's Echo (Oprah Winfrey's espionage): "I'm going to show you I'm dangerous." 11/4/11 after I left Post office"
Black scream is espionage without a warrant and a hate crime on Debbie. Stop them from taking things from her. Mitt Romeny called"
Dan Quayle: I'll stop the cogentin" for Bush Sr.
WF on Covert Affairs (Oprah): You can't go against Condi Rice without facing us."
Oprah Winfrey: "I thought Mitt Romney was a nut for hearing my say. I want him." 13, 92-9
"I don't like her in my way."
Bush was Nixon.
AARP WM (Oprah): "You're too Alf."
Officer Smith: I said make her unhealthy so he couldn't run with that guy." 92-9 continues
Hype on the TV: "We're subversing the [Vatican] using [Oprah ehcelon andracketeering] and then we'll knock them down with hear."
Bush Sr.: "You're not going to see him ever again until you obey Misooki."
Oprah: "I own [the FBI]." 13 "I want six months for trying my way."
EmergenC WM Skier (for Oprah): I tore her up!"
Debbie: "I take 100 mg per day. It helps alot!"
Black female (for Michelle Obama) dying of heart failure on 7 Pounds: "And then I'll use my press card to tell everything. I don't like you playing with my 13 (stripes). I mean knife (lasers)."
Oprah Winfrey: "We got your organ and he's not coming back."
They don't want you to climb the victory ladder because"" they're lust (tentacles)."
Bomb Patrol Game voice (Bush Sr.): Alright, the taliban is a black twox."
Sleep Number Bed (for Bush Sr.): 4, 4 "No secrets. I don't like being 2nd guy."
70 Conspiracy Oprah who instigates things people are uncomfortable about"
President Obama: "If you don't like being Debbie's second husband, why did you want to be Myo Kim's second husband?"
Bruce Willis (Bush Sr.): "I tell them to steal from the fridge to make Misooki feel good."
Oprah: "No (natural snatch) natch."
Nova (Oprah and Quayle): "Alright, we worship hot twoxs. That's our logo. We'd rather have Misooki because she starts [trouble]."
Oprah: "He loses his head when he's in her thing."
Making him DOR is a felony that civilians call lust, Ms. Winfrey!
Donald Trump: "They're predators."
Herman Cain: "I'll get 'down there.'"
Only losers take the criminal way called "Misooki."
Casey putting subversives on her is pre-meditation and Soviet.
Jeb's wife: "If I can't control him, she can't get up. I said no Los Angeles for Misooki."
BF 7 Pounds (Michelle Obama): "No Korea." 10 "Alright, I tried to ride him to make you [desolate]. Alright, I'll roy to CBS. Everybody says I'm a lowly twop. That's where I'm from."
Piers Morgan (Cain): "You're a hole. I'm gonna sue Shupe. Clot Debbie's heart. (Bush): Alright, I don't want the Holy Bible."
Officer Smith: "Yeah, I know you're Diane. I know Wayne, too. You'll never be famous for telling on me!."
Reported widow's wish to have him murdered. She openly admits to this in exchange for Debbie to be hurt by her husband's murderers. She hasn't been granted immunity. That's why we don't allow "Black-on-Black" in Cop Killers" The living are dangerous in the hands of crackpots with satellites stalking us"
And never forget "It Costs" is black tyranny looking for someone to corrupt"
John McCain: "She must be stopped. We think she's Rome for doing that to Gep(hardt)."
Her conversations to Mueller and Eric are confidential..
Oprah spies, lies and leaks without permission making people hate one another"""
Raymonde Bain (Bush Sr.): "I thought it was [FBI Dallas]. Alright, I'm no Asian. No big."
Wayne (Oprah): "No Jesus Christ [Ephesians 5.25] and no miracles. ...."
Herman Cain (Bush): "I said hit her in the knee" during 92-53. Carried out later that night. (Oprah): "Why doesn't she respect herself and stop telling on us?"
It will only get worse on her.
BF 7 Pounds (Oprah): "I own Kevin. I control his finances. I audit his hot. I'm going to do auntie M on them."
Queen Latifah (Oprah): "I don't care if he wants Misooki. I said no brain fresh. I'm Misooki."
Officer Smith (Oprah coached): I said steal her [family] Holy Bible." 2, 4
Bush echo response: "I have to take you out of this room to keep [black females] happy." 47, 2, 47
Abductions leave Debbie open to B&E, thefts and vandalism. Thart's why all the 72s..
Debbie hasn't turned in any evidence against Gephardt. They were friends in Washington.
Latifah (Oprah): "I said just theft for Gabe." 92-47, 13 "I'll try again [72] in another hour. She's going to learn to do my thing or they'll be more arrests." 18, 47 "I don't like her breath in us." 13 "Besides I match his pimp."
Smith: "I can't take you on a false report only. I have to figure out some jive." (11/6/11 1745 hrs) Tell Debbie to sue me."
Blacklisted can't do that either.
Michelle Obama: "Sure I called. I want to test my penis. I'm teaching perople to 'achieve' for me."
BF Autio City (Oprah): "We can get that frisbee from her." 47, 47
Al Roker in Alaska (Oprah): "That's why we're going with Cain. We're not going to give you a chance to tell that story."
Oprah: "You're just some twox."
Winston (Oprah): "Now you'll see my fast for telling on ther New Alliance (Fulani's overthrow of the United States)."
They name themselves after tribes in Africa" That's 74.
Cain (Oprah): "We need to teach Debbie a good lesson for telling on lust."
Neighbor's Child: "I like tales." 6, 47
Lisa Peters (Oprah): "Alright I tore them apart to save my babies." [Babies is a cipher for petty African females].
Joe Fraizier: "We're a better world. That's why he's no in. I said continue our hell (on her). Alright, I'm dying."
Cain: "Alright, I don't want all of her stink." 2
Lin Wood (Bush Sr): "They can't come for you because...."
Cain (mostly Bush): "I'm no your age. I don't wanna see your peace. I only want one period. I want her to suffer. Of course, I'm for you [Oprah Winfrey first]. 2 She's leaning towards my position, but she's still trash. I heard it was mace. Now, I'll get up."
Perry knocking her teeth out for refusing Smith made her look old.
Audience in front of Cain: "What was medicimal about taking her [husband]?"
Cain: "Nor" is an Oprah cue word. "I can't even deal. I thought I could get away from Mrs. I didn't even know she was in line. Alright, I lied" (about not knowing about the line). is Bush coached..
Maria Bartromo (Oprah): "You're ruined because you don't fit. We don't even like you to see our candidates. I'm glad I made you naked (espionage)." (Rice): "I can't wait to break. 11 I don't believe your age. I don't like your hatch or form. I stink. I thought you were a tease. (Oprah): You won't like my hype."
Taking things out of order so black females can get at Debbie, is Racketeering"
" 'She's too horney'*  is a hate crime to assess.. 
Her personal life was never any of your business""
You're just looking for a way to get out of retaliation EEOC."
Black female standing behind Debbie at the 7-11 in Carrollton: "I'll call Shupe. I'm your card." DM5D193 Nissan 74
Michele Bachmann (Michelle Obama): "We'd treat you against the law. You're a tissle" (Oprah): "She's not my special or I'll free." (Her): "I have been waiting since 1986" is confrontational" (Robert Casey): I wish she were on the table so I could take her off"
Herman Cain: "Roosevelt didn't believe in me. ... I'll just give her a heart attack."
That's subversion, him knowing about FDR and then
the nerve to say it to her face""
Is that how we handle each other these days?
Black female CNBC Debate: "I did the bubble (deformity and distortions). I said no protection (real)."
Herman Cain: "You're not up and rape." 11
Condi Rice: "I said no miracles."
Dennis Haysbert (Bush Sr.): "Alright, we cheat."
Sharon Stone (Bush): "You're mental." 2, 7, 10
Michelle Obama: "I didn't want him up. That's why I did all this." [Re: 911 and the kidnappings for Oprah"]
Winston: "I'll open your vagina (with torture and deformity)."
Sharon Stone (Robert Casey): "You have no equal (fist). That's why I took him off."
Oprah: "It's my vagina first. He still flirts when I say." 92-11
Neighbor: "I said no andelay get up. I didn't say you could use my child. I know it's none of my business."
Bush Sr. relayed: "Honey, I'm not done punishing you for them." 92-11 ]Fascism
BF Library in Pink: "If you put that one (#21 Heat CD) in, I'll have to hurt you." 1440 hrs 11/17/11
Greta (Oprah):"I thought she was Manilla. I don't want her to be strong. I don't want to be her star. I thought you were trying to hard Rick Perry.....10 Alright, we'll down [Lee] Shrum, but you're still kooky."
Oprah Winfrey: "I have to book you for saying you're Bent Tree."
NAACP: "I thought Bush was going to hold her down for us."
All 99s upgrade to 62..
Bachmann (OW): "You're a snatch because I can get anyone to do anything for my [Goose]."
Bret Baier (Bush & Defenbaugh): "All I hear is she's mental. She stinks because Obama is Orion. I'll pull the regs and stop them. 33, 20 We want company (subversion as a solution). The caucuses are all hear."
Greta (Bush): "I don't alameda. Debbie's the best of the best, but she's not up."
Margie Omero (Casey): "I'm glad you don't care about my fertility, but I still think you're a pumpkin eater."
Jerry Sandusky (OW): "You're being investigates for saying those things about the little child" I thought I could say that."
Oprah through Echo: If I SEE you getting up, I'll knock you down."
If you don't see this darkness, you've been brainwashed - Bush enlarges the national debt for Oprah's war chest"
Kyra Sedgewick: "You're just a slut."
What hurts me is the utter meaness in the world - about how he tries to fight racism using people like Linda, Nicole and me. If you don't keep up, don't blame me"
Female neighbor (Oprah): "I won't let her sleep. I'm going to put her in county. The police said to me they're trying to put her on the shelf and if I could help them...Now watch!"
Oprah Echo: "I made him one nut with my lite (Illuminati version espionage)*
Byong Dong (Taz): "I'm jungle lawe. I can't wait to knock you down with my fish (subversives). I'm no creal. I hiope I can hold her. I can't hold them off because you said horney. Don't wait up when I go to sleep." 3
Bush Sr. Echo aka Taz: "I've got  IPOD if she says I'm cruel."
OW (these are echo and or TV interceptions): 41, 10, 11 "Make sure she stinks so I can get away."
InKwon (OW): "I thought she was a pretty vagina."
Oprah recall: "That's my penis. You're not going to get him not even if you run with .... I made it totally impossible for you to get him.
She will be arrested for knowing about ...."
And we will not tolerate press espionage or fate developments"
GaGa: "I'm no crayon up or I'll use my beastie."
How do we know you're not getting someone back??
Oprah: "I said no snacks [Tortures me for Michelle Obama when I go to the vending machines]. I said no small space* 92-53, 33 I WANT NO HOT TWOX!!!! That could rob him from me."
Since yours put the Hindenberg on me, it's hardly small"
WM Chevy Kid (OW): "I never want to come back."
BF Budweiser 10: "Now, I'll use my Macy.." 92-53
33 typing stalker named Winston
Member of the Press: "It's a shame him taking that slut's side against his wife because she's white."
Casey: "I didn't know she was really going to get up."
BM Balboa's Opponent (Bush): "He's is broke" 27 [Initial sequencing for no husband"]
BF Army Uniform Col. Ryan's asst. The Unit (CR): "You're work has been admirable, but only on the streets.."
So, you following me home doesn't count?
Oprah echo: 47 "I'll use Steve." 11/18/11 during proofreading"
WF Lipozene (OW): "I made you an old hag so they wouldn't pick you."
Natalia Johnson (Bush Sr): "My side no high until March. You're worse"
Bush is fake. That's why all the violence"
Lawanda Baltimore: "Alright, he's not even my husband.
Joe Brown: "She thinks I'm a fool like lust. That's a crime and criminal activity. That's Debbie's house."
Neighborhood (Quayle ringleader): "I'll never let him put you first." 92-13
David Ensor (All Bush is Sr unless noted): "Par her physique."
Black female Echo (MO): "Cripple her if she goes out on Saturday."
Ewen McGregor (Vatican): "I'm the brat."
Eharmony WF in Orange (Bush): No tapes on Monday."
BF Fox News "Harris" (Oprah): "Casey said don't fight back. Alright, I'm an addict. (Smith): Alright, I want to control your Mister. (Casey): Alright, I don't want your twot up."
Oprah Winfrey: "I told them she's a divorcee."
WM Fox News Honolulu: "We don't like you in the light because you're still just tissle... I can't wear you."
That's why cancellation Congress"
Oprah: "You're the hottest puke down there."
Casey: "I don't think I'll be charged with what I did today".
Pro-Perry through violence"
2005 "Piggy Pie Pizza"
Behavioral Psychiatry without consent = Fascism
Rick Perry: "I stomped on her behind. 2 I'm running because she's trying to get me. She wants to [mind] control me." 92-17, 92-24, 92-41. "......" Tons of stuff"
Mike Doocy: "I don't like her aura."
Smith (Oprah): I think she needs some type of medication for saying she's them." 9
Bush Sr: "I'm thinking about taking out one of her eyes for not obeying us." 92-53
Like my nephew? Will it be the same eye?
They teach each other brainology and the mayhem rolls on"
Smith (Oprah): "I'm going to get you arrested." 33, 92-53
John McCaa (Oprah): "I am" 33 was continued in the street and means no colors helping whites have a job"
WM Gold & Silver (Bush): "You're rare porn. Alright, you're a hand...."
Royal Carribean's Voice (Oprah): "It's international privvy if you want him." 2
Larry Mowry: "We don't mind your stories, just don't blaspheme us. We're Iran." [Cipher for Dan Quayle].
Constantly on her like this is fascism/immature jealousy"
Blonde Anchor Ch. 11 News (OW): "I don't want her feeling. 81 Alright, I'll sit down. 81 Not until you change the police and no new year. I said no N-T. 2 You're just a piece. Alright, I can't book your secret. 9 Alright, I'll use Steve"
Gene Jones (Bush): "Alright, you're not one of our natives. We don't want you first. 74, 11/14/11 2
Being stared out by HA2 MF during Echo Casey: "Let her down."
Where is it your business what cops and Debbie do especially since she's trained in police work? No Goose buttinskys."
Jean Claude-Van Damme (MO): "Move on." 
You first!"
(Bush): "I don't no Diane."
Mexican Presidente": I could ruin you" is an Oprah puppet to make Michelle look like a shining angel"
BM "I told them to stop her ear." 4
WM Child Fund: "We don't need your education." 96 sequencing of children"
President Obama: "I'll see you in school. I care the best. Did you see it?"
I took pictures, too"" Thank you.
WF bangs Staples in Irving (OW): "I think she's nothing but trash."
You can only speak for yourself, Mam"
In Kwon (CR): "It's just physical" after Big Lots on 183.
MFs with children also talking on Bus 408 heading home (Bush): "We're Rio Lobos..."
Vivian Brown (OW): "You'll never knock me down for what I say...." 33
Halle Berry (OW): "I get (wet/make him drunk on power of espionage and fear) him." 4, 55
WF Girlfriend on Twilight (MO): " You just made me nookie now."
Please tell the Mom Squad to leave Debbie alone.
Children did not come first in the Garden of Eden"
The relationship did!""
The CIA: "I didn't do anything."
Winston: "No husband." 10, 53
He calls me a holc and tortures me.
These are evil people stalking you..
Jessica Lange: "It's ghastly what I did to your bottom."
Robert Osborne (OW): "I said no silver purse."
TCM Female voice (Defenbaugh): "Can you smell the peroxide cooking?" during 92-33 left thumb joint by sadist Winston on laser satellites""
Oprah (The Insanely Dead): "I SAID CRUEL AND UNUSUAL UNTIL SHE'S DEAD." 92-33 2345 hrs-0444 hrs. "I could shore them with the U.S. Marshall if you would agree to no in."
Bush: "We don't [say] no to Misooki's subversives. We only design*. 33 I want you out now" is way over the top of high crimes and misdemeanors"
Oprah: "I want to follow [the British]. Children only or it's a hole."
It's crazy how insane these people are over virginity."
Tommy Franks (Winston): "[Luke 10.34] means all women are holes. 92-33 If she doesn't go along, call her a tramp." 0519 hrs 11/17/11
Bush Sr.: "Okay, I make no McDonough-Americans." 33
This is called a dispute during torture"
InKwon (OW): "Now I can't come home because you want my thing." 0558 hrs 11/17/11
The government shouldn't be in our bedrooms"
Oprah: "I said no total eclipse of the heart or I'll give heart attacks."
They're brandishing a murder weapon.
NAACP: "Everyone who invades is wild kingdom which includes us if we do it!.." 1157 hrs. 11/17/11
Condi Rice: "I might. Hardie. Watch me put on the pressure. You're too pimple. 84
Hannity: "I said never up for telling on Rice. You'll be held (tortured)
This is true. They have esculated the pain..
Debbie took a vow of celibacy.. untill he marries her in the Church as promised"
MF HA01 Library on cellphone (Smith): "We'll get her tomorrow for sure. I know a clinic that will lie for us." 1609 hrs. 11/17/11
WM Meet the Press (while harping on morals in politics): "No pope!"
Oprah Winfrey during 92-42: "I own the president with my arm." 12/22/11
Sex is just for children is sick terrorism.
S.E. Merkerson: 11 "I get cold (vicious) when I see hot."
Sadistic imperialism - No black females on marriages.
Merry Christmas
Rick Santorum: "I would let Misooki rule instead of fight lice. I never said no on. I think she's small saying no ball. [Terminal Charlie 74 1706 hrs, 1/6/12 BF She's laser protected and resembles Kim Robinson, body language cued to what I type in]. My folks are showing..."
Anderson Cooper: "I'm still no realtor."
November 2003 Att'd Murder False Reports all of them..
When they can't arrest you to make you stop telling the truth to Justice, they gang up on you, tell lies and call you crazy. If it happens to be a Monday, they can make things even worse on you because Michelle Obama declared it be so!"
They can make people disappear.
That's Top Secret"
Powell: Obstructive retaliations and vandalism is black tyranny. Racketeering in your private life is the same thing. All of them for that clock"
Perry: Things are engineered by subversives to look that way. Mind your business and you'll be safe" Eric says abortion is legal and taking funds from them is subversive. That's all I can say at this time"
Horney Toad: If you heard this said to you, report it"
Lite: Her sadistic versions of reality.
Design: We're all Play-doh to them.
Munich 1619 (left)
Smith to Casey through the telephones: "Give me two more weeks to get the tapes from her." [This is fascism].
Oprah Winfrey: "Debbie bores me with the law." 1/12/12
She's a communist that kills police officer to send hatemail.
Colin Powell: "I told them to kill her thing for using her snatch with him. I said real small." [petty]
Jennifer Hudson: "I believe you're crazy." 55 1/15/12
Janet Jackson: 47, 16 "I hope you know you're the whore [of Babylon]. He's Misooki's spoke [harassment and intimidations].  Nobody will help you because they love me [and Smith's widow]." 6  1/15/12 [Murder of Riley Rawlins/FMO]
StarKist Tuna's Pink Teeth: 33 "You'll never get rid of me. He [InKwon] believes me." 1/15
Iranian Punk (Oprah Winfrey): " I said no indivisable." 4
Thundershirt Vet (Smith): "I punish you." 27, 4
Ronda TWC: "I'm your ass [husband]." 73 Kidnappings
It's like this all the time on me..
MF 353: "I help Houston because you won't help [share] Misooki."
Oprah Winfrey: "I took all the money out of your bank. No yellow fever with your hxle."
Dallas Police Officer Smith: "Now you have recod because I said no High C."
Robert Casey: "We can only help Friday [terrorists]. You can't have mine [Smith!]."
Nix on Face Off 1/18/12: "I know you're not nixt [next]."
Cherri Rowe on Connect a Million Minds (Condi Rice): "I didn't mean to do that to you. I just wanted to make him [InKwon] into an Asian, so he wouldn't want you." 47, 70, 18, 25
Oprah Winfrey: "No habit [marriage] or I'll whore. ..." 18, 92-29, 4, 4 "I'm no scared anymore." 7, 13, 92-29, 53, 53, 2
Black female on terminal next to me 1/19/12: "I'll fix it."
Ted Koppell: " I'm not going to raise your super pac." 47
Clarice Tinsley: 9 "I heard her say 'I own the police department." 84
Sam Neil (Bush Sr): "I made her look decrepit with my laser. I don't want people to see."
Oprah Winfrey since cork stolen from my room: "She ought to be knocked down to the ground for upsetting me."
353: "I can get the police to come here for me."
Oprah Winfrey: "I want her to be a corpse under him. You're not going to transform him until you obey or I'll kill Clarence Thomas. ..."
Queen of England: "I know how to make people go [abandon ship by sabotaging whatever they believe in or enjoy]."
Winston: "No poo."
Then stop slinging it!
Donna Brazille (Oprah Winfrey's puppet): 13 "I'm your twop [abstinance gives you a black fist to shake in people's faces]. He'll come for me or I'll tsunami." [10B-Mueller] 1/19/12 is nuclear extortion"
Go to hell, Mam, for thinking you could control Debbie's husband with that fist!"
Tanya Carew: "You're not going to get him unless you listen to my instructions."
353 Child: "I stopped him."
Black female in the bank: "It's unbelieable what she says about us. That's why I had case call them. Please don't share me. I'll deny and your taxes. You're my beast if you want him  down there. 10 Don't send me your application. I said continue no Mrs. I'll just say someone told me to say this. She can go without that savings account. All I have to do is apologize."
OF Carbonite commercial: "He just wants to play with me. That's why I'm not up." 4, 33,30 [are laser assaults found in #12 on Index page]
Lama Rimpoche in 2012 movie: "He wants to feel Misooki's thing, but doesn't know how to tell you. You look just like a tiss [vagina]. That's why I siad no to this." [Debbie and InKwon's marriage].
Mos Def in 16 Blocks: "He's suppose to be Misooki's pal, too." 74
But she's not the FBI and he's been gone too long.
Debbie says NO to sister Misooki first and such goes against
Won San Poke-Yo Buddhism, too""
.James Earl Jones (CIA) in Patriot Games: "We were told to kill all cats [Catholics]."
Protecting stalkers is a felony.
353F: "No loud until she hears me" began at 1100 hrs on Sunday morning 1/22/12. "All I see is Steve. She's pompous racist just a thin tart like all the rest of them. I'm gonna blitz for trying to outsmart you. 47 I don't like her skin. SAY WHAT? SAY WHAT?... I have to read her bullshit. Alright, I'll stop her penis [this thing she's doing to stop tyranny], but no Texas [law enforcement]. And no shade from my up [espionage]. I'm upper now. Alright I won't use my arm on her, but I don't like her tiss [vagina - that's what's on the tapes, her vulgar lingo]. I don't like her calling me a trigger [hair trigger withoput evidence]. NO TOENAIL! 47, 16 DO YOU HEAR ME? 47 I know you weren't true. 92... It doesn't matter who said it, she always obeys me! She's subversive like I am and No! [Oprah sticking up for this speaker and the murders they're credited with]. She stinks. She drinks and she doesn't believe in Jesus Christ to turn them to my head. I'm a racist. No high mark [referring to Mark Sullivan, director of the Secret Service]. Damn shame. DAMN SHAME! 47"
Echo in the hallway: "Even Benny Hinn says she's crazy."
353F continues: "Alright, I used their $ to get her. I said no stalking dime [imperialists with espionage on people making troubles]." 4, 4, 2
Celia at the National bank calling center: "Six gets you to the grants. You can't hit me. I'm a negro. I said no Debbie happy. I have to reverse your account. I'm never. I stink [cipher for the husband's initials]. (CR): You don't have the was stuff to run." (OW): "You're uppity, so I took it. I'll hold her card. I said no Gert [7th book of the Bible]."
Patrice ATM Call Center (CR): "It's up to me [whether you get the bank card back]."
Everywhere I go, I'm either obstructed or harassed, usu. both, and always worse by the 2nd time in that area. This is technological subversions and the poeple who adhere to an electronic blacklist for favors!
Always troublemaking on her is terrorism.
Local Bank Call Center: "We don't want your pollution here. Bess. Alright, you're a [N-word] and I don't want one. You're too sick. I stink mason debate. You're always his account."
Spare me the communism, George.
BF @ Above Top Secret: "I wanna see if it's true [and starts trouble in Debbie's direction using kook FBI to shame us]."
Because she's with kooks, all calls will be technolocially passed to kooks ready to assist her.
MF in Quick Trip: "I said no country unless you do me."
WF librarian (Bush Sr.): "I have to hit her one more time for taking them off...."Was earlier assisted by a BF patron. 1/24/12 [Upset about Debbie hearing Mark Sullivan]. 53 Alright, I'll do what I said."
Oprah Winfrey echo: "I am not going to let you use $ you saved up.
Director Mueller: "Get that $ out. He voiced Bush. Remember what I told you."
The mental continues"
Oprah Winfrey: "Keep punishing her!"
BF on Bus 534 west: "I'm going to show him [your husband] a good time with my pxssy for listening to me. It [internet ads] will never get to Las Vegas because I'm Soe [Bledsoe, TX-NAACP]. All I have to do is call you crazy."
Hardball: "I said no Mitt Romney." 11 "That's fair." 99s, 25 "Alright, I didn't want her to be a mogul. You're still Maine [I'm still pain]. I wouldn't put her person to work. Okay, I can't do your day. [I can't play legally and get along with nightmares]."
353 Child: "BYE!"
BF on Bus 532 east/4508: "We can't do the way you wish."
This behavior may be explored more fully on Lynch Mob page.
OF Walmart wearing a sweater that matches BF's in Cialis commercial: "You're a tall order for him."
OF in Hebron Library makes herself known to Debbie and sit in the middle of a couch wearing a white hat. This means "hot for my [you know what] only."
OF in the GoToMeeting commercial: "Ok, I can't use my tiss [is vulgar extortion]. I didn't really want him to go high without us [I didn't want him to get a security clearance to be with his wife]."
Oprah Winfrey echo: "I'm sure you're inappropriate for him." 1/25/12
Segourney Weaver (Oprah Winfrey): "No your T up or I'll get in your business and britches. You can't feel my darkness [strength]....I'm morgan lust."
Treasure Buddies: "We're an abomination, butterball."
Auto City's Pink BF during 92-15: "I said no odyssey [Korean slur for odd-di-she or Mr. Song]." 5H-Mueller
Rick Perry for someone else: "I left because I couldn't contain her." 24
Myo Kim imitation on TLC Channel: "I can't look at him. He's too sexy." 99s
Winston during sleep deprivation and interrogation (Michelle Obama) 53, 92-41, 9,9, 9, 9: I told you not to hide things from me."
Miami PD for Oprah: "She's against people of color" without viewing my website.
Robert Casey (Bush Sr.): "I can torture you if I think you're a racist." 92 1/26/12 while I was in bed watching the weather report.
WM Patron Rosemeade Post Office (Bush Sr): "I'll put a warrant on her if she says that about the Mexicans." All during my wait in line, the three clerks on duty chimed in!
I never saw this man before in my life!.
BF on terminal HA1 in Hebron at 1800 hrs.: "I will use the police or my dirty dick. You better pay attention to this...I'm a racist....but you can't subverse me ...." Has a minor with her.
or this woman
Tom Hanks (Oprah Winfrey and Robert Casey): 47, 53 "Flog, Blanche if you don't change one-two. Okay, OJ Simpson [Similar murder on Debbie].
It's not a leak. It's racism!
Hook's wife: 53 "I'm taking you off the internet for saying No to my husband."
Hanks: "That's why I lie." 92-53, 47, 66-13
Hook's: "Now I can train her to be dead. ...This is just a noose."
Wall Street Journal, A-6, 1/26/12, 96
Cruel and unusual rub-ins
Taken from Korean Journal article 6-22-98!
Means "no husband."
James Craig (Hears and voices Oprah Winfrey espionage/echelon): I want to ruin you."
I'll come and help you.
Condi Rice echo through BFs: "She's getting in my way to be vice president. You have to do it my way." 27
Southland's announcer: "All I heard is you're crazy." [a trigger word to subversives]
Ronda on TWC Commercial: "I'll shore you up if you don't get loud about me. Alright, I'll rot [I'll use my gentials to make you suffer in some way]." 13,35
Too sadistic to ignore.
Just sat down next to me so and smells like potato chips. That's the one that fouled up my couch with her distinctive ordor on Friday. That's how she uses genitals to harass me. [Terminal FB-F]
Lindy Liu: "He's never coming back!"
Big Miracle movie [which is hard work, not a miracle]: "Misooki said you're shit and we should turn on the ice." 13, 53, 16, 13, 13
Billy Bob Thorton (Bush Sr): "I can't take them off you because you lie [ is retaliation]. 92-16 And I'm not tyour dick." 88-99s-92-74 And Winston is candy [Robert Casey et al]."
Safe House (Condi Rice/UK): "You will have no memory of him if I let you up."
Twilight Zone announcer(s): "The White House belongs to the British or it's Shupe [a psychiatrist, trip to the funny farm]."
Viola Davis (Oprah Winfrey) - During 92-53 laser: "...You can't have my ring." [People of color/Korean-American, my husband's ethnicity belongs to the NAACP according to black subversives stalking him and I]. 29, 53
Mexican female at Terminal C [1/30/12 FB-1519 hrs]: "Now I pretend I am afraid of him [her meaning Debbie]." 33
Oprah Winfrey echo (which amounts to the Invisible Man Home INvasion): "No radio [real] or I'll rip your tissle [vagina]."
This is who you're listening to talk about me."
INS: "The burden of proof shouldn't be on the employer."
Robert Osbourne (Oprah Winfrey): I know how to mess up Romney's nest... 3 I got over you in the 50's. Zip it or I'll use your Asian [against you]."
She must have bought that Humanitarian award to protect herself.
Gladys Knight (also for OW): "You need medication. End with the kissin'" 2
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Lynch Mobs using government based espionage is an apocalypse
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