The U.S. Secret Service perpetuates this device for other than protective reasons.
The Department of Defense gives access to highly sophisticated equipment to persons without security clearances.
Hate crime everyone of them experimenting on whites!!!
is subversive activities.
is mostly blacks building a communist regime
with the above technologies"
aka Illuminati
*The CIA calls ganging up on a TARGET Mongoose.
JFK was against using it on Cuba.
Rev. Peter Regalado, Cuban-American
Changing things to get even for something is extortion if using espionage!
If you have to satisfy a satellite for something "it caught you",that's extortion.
Report it to someone"
"When you go home, tell them of us and say
For their tomorrow, we gave our today."
We stand against this game, too."
The Canadians have contacted me also"
Title was changed on August 18, 2011 Please note 1 Timothy 4.1 and 2 and Matthew 4.1-10
Pay particular attention to verse 5 and every 6th word. There is a message here"
  • The Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott can be contacted at this address: 300 W. 15th Street, Austin, TX 78701.He's now the governor or Texas. Still send it to that address with my name on it.
  • Types of persons that assists the Evil page implement a protection racket on a targeted individual are listed below.
  • This is the White House that caused most of the troubles put on me.
  • This is where Lynch Mobs come from - Trash everywhere that enforces electronic blacklists upon request as
Stalking with espionage is a war machine/troops
You could be charged with making terroristic threats if you talk to this lady.
-any form of espionage-

  • #1. They lie!
  • People will be turned against one another with lies and innuendo. It never fails. They always seem to get away with it,too.
  • They can convince you the earth is flat. I kid you not"
  • Tells lies to get out of lies they told previous
  • Feels no shame for wrongdoing.
  • Burglary
  • Nitpicking
                        Using military espionage, tyranny takes Debbie captive as a coup!
Known subversives who come for this technology are:
Dallas FBI
Loretta Lynch, Attorney General Obama's wife"
Southland FBI Los Angeles
Boston FBI
Oprah Winfrey
NAACP :Extreme better not be in these crimes!
Condi Rice
Jackie Lacey, District Attorney LA County
Winston and Blackest tyranny and
All those who come for X208.
Judge Cindy Kerbow
Michelle Obama
Ben Carson is having illegal wishes against Debbie and like all the rest is stalking her for the purpose of subversion.
George W. Bush a racist and misogynist.
Kellyanne Conway
Affirmative Action
Skull & Bones (Very subversive organizations)
Everyone in Debbie's hallway
Benjamin Carson
Black Lives Matter

  • Unreliable snitches and nuclear reactors
  • Steals for the FBI, as if that were legal or something"
  • Two-faced, double-minded crawlers"
  • America: The Story of Us! (MO's wouldn't allow this to be first! - Hate crime!)
  •  The truth will be told as a last resort and usu. only to get sympathy
  • Questions everything to leak espionage"
  • Twists conversations heard by others to cause panic
  • Admits to wrongdoing to get free advice"
  • Mental until they get what they want
  • Uses your stuff against you
  • Crashes Witness Protection Programs with loud accusations.
  • Expects everything to be shared with them
  • What used to be called "Conascience" is now: "You made me feel bad about myself."
  • Wants everybody to account even when they're not educated in that field
  • Indecency
  • Takes liberties and reports things that aren't true (Liars)
  • Pouts and kvetches
  • Devious
  • Dares each other to commit crimes
  • Pretends to be dumb to get personal information about the TARGET"
  • Creates suspicion around an innocent person
  • Steals cherished items that cannot be replaced, such as video tapes of family, pictures, old diaries, signed graduation certificates, discharge papers, genealogy records on family tree etc.
  • You'll not be able to get a warrant on them is subversion
  • Reduces women to parts to get even
  • May try to trip you with their feet in the aisle. Touch or grab at your clothing or things. Bump into you and say something or give a look. Push you into harm's way, such as street, or scream at you for bumping into them because they're too close behind you!
  • Expects apologies all the time
  • Cooks banks
  • Drops hints about your banking where you can hear
  • Uses Scripture(s) in a criminal way
  • Reminds you their past was most grievous (though not actually lived)!"
  • Expects you to let them break the law
  • Is loud about your private life in public
  • Looks at you and opens their mouth widely"
  • Laughs out loud. The more they can get to join them the louder it gets.
  • Refuses to help (Subversion and Fraud)
  • Looks for shrinks that obey them!
  • Tells where your unlisted address is
  • They will exhaust you with complaints!.
  • Helps if they can hurt you in some way
  • Gives wrong answers, directions or just ignores your requests
  • Makes false accusations. Sometimes to get as many people as possible to join in"
  • Sends things to the printer the same time you do, so you'll be kept waiting
  • Investigations like relationships will be deliberately botched!
  • Puts false warrants on people"
  • Reminds you that everything in life you want, costs!
  • Treats children as tools, weapons, toys etc
  • Bribery ]FYI: England won the Battle of Lottery-Boats in 1813"
  • Humiliates you in front of their friends
  • Demoralizes
  • Uses vulgar terminology to describe just about everything"
  • Takes advantage
  • Says "I'm afraid" when they're not getting enough attention
  • Creates doubt by thinking aloud - "Spoilers"
  • Gives ultimatums
  • Mocks the Pope while asking aid from them
  • Stares at people
  • Encourages evil and then extorts
  • Will abuse access
  • Comments about something by using something else in its place
  • Atheist
  • Espionage is used to discover weaknesses of the TARGET, so always consider this
  • Blames you for the predicament they put you in
  • Enjoys giving others grief
  • Sudden changes in monotomy, or something you learned to expect a certain way
  • Engineers violence into a situation to force change
  • Forces change via obstruction(s)
  • Lures children into danger or crime [Here's one of the ways our children are lost: North Carolina #4] How delicately can we say it?
  • Hides behind sex offenders
  • Sits in your peripheral vision so as to be between two things and to psych ter/63
  • Uses dopplegangers to imply futility in resisting them
  • Hostile can turn to vicious. Stay clear of them. They have solar weaponry.
  • Coincidences veil threats: It only looks like a coincidence!
  • No one's feelings will ever matter as much as theirs
  • Always first or else gets petty out there on her"
  • If you shun corruption, reaping unhappiness will occur
  • If you do something a second time, a monkey wrench may follow you there!
  • Complains both ways: Either it's bad or not good enough
  • Exhibits false concern for someone's welfare
  • It's never their fault will be told to you.
  • Outnumbers in a short distance
  • Miniscule
  • Ignores warnings
  • Assassinates character and if caught, calls it a joke
  • Always on a fault-finding mission. Sees things that are not there.
  • Invents things that are costly
  • Fools praise and worship
  • Forces you to take a stand in a cubby hole not of your choosing
  • Gets upset when you purchase sale items or stockpile
  • Knows where you're going before you get there
  • Your desires and goals will be called "lust" as they try to extinguish your "bad behaviors" without a warrant and of course, there won't be a consent form in place"
  • Sleep deprives and calls it "reprisals" for disobedience to rules they make up for your life"
  • Uses "too" in sentences to describe people
  • You will notice fascist hypocricies
  • Offers protection from ...
  • Likes to deny requests and may exhibit a predeliction for meaness
  • Races you to a counter, exit or entrance even when they're not Chinese
  • Uses personal information to customize an attack (dopplegangers)
  • May insinuate they'll cause a huge commotion if you don't cooperate
  • Doesn't save up small infractions for a rainy day - Uses them as quickly as possible against you
  • Won't allow cities/towns to save $" Will start trouble to get at those amounts"
  • Makes mountains out of molehills whenever possible
  • Circulates rumors
  • Cannot stand being 2nd place in anything [see INDEX #12-58]
  • Believes might makes right
  • Hides, steals or removes things from their place of origin to teach lessons"
  • Sits next to you at the library and gives dirty looks, raises their hands at the same time you're assaulted by space weaponry!" (7A2) Tries to find something to complain about.
  • Talks/whispers things like: "Out!" or "Stop" at the right time.
  • Cannot mind their own business for very long"
  • Says one thing and does another is a hate crime
  • Phoney is going to escape"
  • Never lacks for something mean to say. 
  • Insubordinate!
  • You cannot make a judgement call on her without legal access to her personal life..." aka Listening to satellites on her is an accomplice! We are not going to throw the Constitution away because you're lazy government troublemakers." If you don't get a direct order from him, stay away" AND I MEAN DIRECT"
  • Garish
  • They set out to find what we treasure and then they destroy it.. It's getting to the point of genocide in some places.
  • Standing troops
  • Everything gets "discombobulated" when subversives stalk.
  • No goose judges on Debbie and "lame" is an unclear way to say something which can lead to torture. It's none of your opinion that webpage.
  • Very opinionated and harsh to those who disagree..
  • Wants to destroy everything that can stand in its way of mind control and world domination.
  • Makes problems when she sees $ being saved.
  • Infers
  • Erractic in their demands
  • Innocent mistakes/typos are labeled "crazy" and then blown out of proportions.
  • Whines
  • Hates honesty unless they can hurt you with it"
  • Tact doesn't work on a stalker"
  • "What the fascists don't want to admit, is this is a monarchy"
  • Doesn't allow officals to take back their mistakes without being put to death" in someway
  • Calls Debbie a "fist" so they can stop her life""
  • Blames Debbie for what they're trying to say.
  • Uses projection.
  • Always under foot
  • Has too many needs and expects others to always provide.
  • Slurry
  • Sizes men in the shower
  • 1533
  • Talks out of turn
  • Costs an arm and a leg to take a splinter out
  • Theater
  • Cancels subscriptions of magazines paid for and monthly catalogues
  • Black females that hang around heavy-set White males in Debbie's sight
  • Sequencing, patterns and colors mean something to them and they'll try to be telling it to you.
  • Always think: If it's ruthless, relentless and remorseless, it's this bunch"
  • You cannot complain if you did nothing to stop their terrorism on her!
  • Price fixing
  • Changes the dosage and number of pills in a bottle (very inconsistent about availability) The item most targeted is vitamins and herbals.
  • May say they're sorry and then does it again professing that a Christian MUST forgive them. This is mockery of G-d.
  • Covets and is not afraid to show it!
  • Signs you out"
 - Fraternal Order of Police"
c/o FBI HQ"
"Best thing: Don't try to find us."
September 29, 2009
December 14, 2021
Seven Days in May
This is how they pull off a coup.
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