Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 - A BLACK DICTATORSHIP

BF DART Police Officer: "I'll get you arrested" and is calling around to city departments looking for comrades, which is not procedure.
Everywhere and in echo, Oprah Winfrey keeps chanting: "You're crazy!"
What in this picture looks like Bush? I'm the one on the right. 1969

WM on one of the eastbound buses: "I think she should be taken off the streets. She scared me" was reported to local police. Developing a case on her is communism - an unlawful tactic in Texas.
DEBBIE: "I suspected him of being a stalker when he said he hasn't ever heard of MKULTRA and then used a psych phrase commonly used by police types on people they think are crazy, It's non-therapeutic and can trigger people with mental illness into a panic attack thereby giving the cops or whomever the opportunity to kill or handcuff."
BUSH SR: "He needed punishment for telling the police he could catch that ....."
ROBERT MUELLER: "Erica Brown and the blue in that area is using him."
DEBBIE: "I heard the city of Farmer's Branch is in on the hatefulness, too. That makes it retaliations."
JOE CLANCY: "The FB police are stalking you now for reporting extortion."
DEBBIE: "Yeah, well, their one is to Garland's two. Scooter is in Ko-Ko and Michelle. How do I tell the difference?"
ERICA BROWN: "Debbie's crazy. We don't have to obey the," to a police officer.
DAN QUAYLE: "No precious Debbie." is hateful, unlawful FB at their beck and call.
OPRAH WINFREY: "Debt or I'll plane crash."
DEBBIE: "See how easy it is for them to start a war - now it's over a nickel."
ROBERT MUELLER: You will not be famous for creating crime (s) on Debbie."
BROWN to BLUE: "If I lower the price, what will you give me?"
JANET RENO: "What does she want to obey the law? What did Oprah say we could do for you? Smile and say cheese."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I thought if I controlled Dallas FBI-SAIC, I could stop her."
JAMES COMEY: "Oh, yeah?"
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I'll get her for [reporting] the cripple. Alright, you can have the Bible but no husband until ....No Debbie." 10
QUEEN ELIZABETH II: "I don't like them conveniently hearing you so they have excuses to use the laser. That's not walking."
HIGH MARKS: "I don't want this black machine in power. We bent over backwards for them and they still give dirty looks."
BF on the green train sitting next to a MM: "I told you I'm going to tear her apart." 2
When I got off, an OM passed by me and said: "I'll walk now."
When I was boarding the 531 bus, she stood behind me and said: "I have to find Myself a HUSBAND."
JAMES COMEY: "Twenty years with blacks in his head has brainwashed him against his wife and America. This will never be allowed. Racketeering charges everyone of them. He cannot come back under their control."
DEBBIE SONG: "No Manchurians and I don't care how cute little Ahkmed is. Brainwashed is brainwashed.. They could be really afraid of us because they think their minds are being controlled by blacks on them everywhere. Just think, if they've been stalked 24/7 by these monsters and didn't have the genetic fortitude to resist (for whatever reason), they can't even trust their own feelings."
ANONYMOUS: "Little Ahkmed was Connect A Million Monsters."
DEBBIE: "Are you Tutsi or Hutu? You know that was pushed by the blacks onto their genetically unready countenance? It just started rolling out of hand and that's horrible they would make it worse just so other countries would think they're the badest. The arms piled up comes from the movie Apocalypse Now. I doubt they have movie theaters there. I won't tolerate this if I were up there. Oh! And I don't believe the part about the pencils. I know about the argumental over resources, but c'mon..."
BUSH Sr.: "Are you crazy?"
DEBBIE: "I  saw markers, George. Who are they trying to scare? Look what Winston did to me."
ANONYMOUS: "Drop the subject."
Condi Rice in Dallas FBI erased this screen.

Oprah Winfrey: "I [neutered] fixed all the men. None of them will come for you."
Bush Sr,: "Kellyanne is a joke."
NAACP: "Never obey her slightest request and you'll be alright."
U.Renee Hall: "I'll make it impossible for her." 10
Ray Ray: (WM librarian at Bachman: "She's [vulgar word that rhymes with shot] here. I don't want her religion in my feet. You're embarrassed by what I said." [The one that does the FBI Director. "Now I can't Betajuice."
U.RENEE HALL: "Never let her up." 10, 99 71-Oprah Winfrey"
--------------------------------- 10/26/17
Renee Hall: "I own her hubby whether she likes it or not."
Bush Sr.: "We just can't forgive whitey for slavery."
OPRAH WINFREY: "We're doing all this (bad stuff) to you to prevent the gook (from coming home." 18, 1725 hrs 11/10/17 "Please let go of him."
Debbie Song: "NO!"
Write up Renee Hall"
Ronald Reagan's Son: "The answer is No!. Leave us alone"
Malik Aziz: "We'll hold her up for Jesus Christ, but as soon as he comes back, we'll knock her to the floor." 9
The crazy new one: "If I can't hit her in the uterus anymore, I'll hit her pancreas." 30 "I just can't stand her because she's weak. I have to protect Misooki." X208
Robert Mueller: "That one is stubborn. No panzer on her."
The new monster that's so bad I can't put him on the page: "I'll send her to Terrell."
1647 hrs 11/29/17
Bush Sr.:"No decency until you do it my way." 47
Kim Robinson: ":I'll show Debbie my teeth" and grunts. "She can't have my husband" means the U.S. Marines. 2/12/17 She's making death threats again to Diane who is fighting for her. All three of them come for Condi Rice on the brain. "I'm Pearl Harbor" means she's a fist like Rice."I'll give her a heart attack. I don't like her breath [spirit]."
Faith Johnson: "I don't want a real witness."
NYPD: "Over and above what we instructed her to do to qualify is communism and if we want to press charges for terrorism...."
Kellyanne Conway: "I'm not going to stroke her until she gets up."
Condi Rice 4/25/19: "I'll let her up if I can take everything away from her."
And Donald Trump said okay. Her health and beauty were included, as well as her children's love and respect"
Bill Clinton: "Who is Donald Trump to give a communist permission to break the law"
Oprah at NSA level: "I took it out!" laughing through a subversive at the library about taking out my email from the contact form box. Then she froze the font color and size
Debbie Kim: "I don't want my mother."
Regular Relay: "She's voicing Oprah to get a favor. Don't listen to racism."
Bill Clinton: "Who told those devils to burn Debbie's [Song's] face?"
Crazy woman in pink on terminal #12 (1802-4/25/19): "No [FBI] now."
Vice President Mike Pence: "Never first for telling on [Oprah Winfrey controlling NSA]."
Debbie Song: This is the email I have been sending to America since 2017. This project began in 2012, but I was forced to stop due to fascism"
"Make no mistake about it, I am the District Attorney"
Ben Carson: "If you keep working the streets, it will cost you your life. The [FBI] said I could [torture you]." 92-53
Chief Hall: "She's an imitation" and the messenger laughed aloud on the third floor of the library.
Rev. T.D. Jakes is throwing a fit about my attempt to "professionalize."
Melania Trump: "I said no wild bitch or I'll contact [Pence]." 9
Chief Hall again: "We'll have to sting her again just like before."
Landlords: "I'll swear she does reefer."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll half her!" 18
Chief Hall: "You better be afraid of me." 35
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no Debbie [first]" and Bus 76 instantly responded by pulling away. This is the year my husband came to America. "I'm showing you how bad I am. I can take things away from you because you're just a hole."
Ben Carson: "You better learn to die for Al Gore." 10 "And you're not going to get it [DHEA] anymore"
Chief Hall: "Okay, I'll protect Stevers [Rexar]."
Carson through an imitation on the bus: "I'll use the Catholic to make a shame." 92-10
Then using the busdriver: "No robo (reversing communist damages of America)."
Chief Hall: "No thanks [your traffic violations]."
Debbie Kim: "You're crazy, Mom. I won't be arrested, Mom, but you're going to get picked up again." 73 OW & Hall
Chief Hall: "Once!"
Kellyanne Conway: "Whites in the police are fascism."
Mary Place: "You lose."
Curls Beauty Girl: "I'll use Clarence to go deeper in your skin (with the laser)." 92-53
Ben Carson: "I don't are if she uses sunblock, I'll give her skin cancer." 47, 92-53
Chief Hall: "I told you to wear pasties."
Ben Carson: "Give her Stage 2 cancer. Non out for her except for groceries." X493 92-13
Oprah Winfrey: 29 "She's poo for telling on us." 92-legs
Winston: "Wash that sunblock off your face."
Oprah Winfrey: "No money (from anyone). I won't permit her working for NYPD because she'll tell on me."
Chief Hall: "No honest Injun."
Oprah Winfrey responds to entry of #87 on OKLAHOMA: "I do eyeballs, too."
Winston: You'll never get rid of [my negative energy]." 92-11 "I want her old. No DHEA" 99
Oprah Winfrey: "I accelerate cancer for my hand (Myo Kim)."
Melania 89 spacing like that one did with erasures.
Winston and Chief Hall  rape me for not working on Sunday for hours 92-10
Oprah Winfrey: "No matter what you do to heal yourself, I'll undo with my laser." 92-11
Bush Sr.: "Do not try to  outsmart me." 92-11 "I'll need another month to kill her from the cancer."
Landlords: "The police are sick of you working those streets and not letting them win."
Oprah Winfrey: "InKwon wants you to do the webpage on Thursdays." 92-29 "I say babykins (DOD) wins, not your Holy Bible."
Ben Carson: "Stop telling on me." 4 "You won't be sorely missed by the Dallas Police."
Kellyanne Conway: "You can't imagine how much I hate you for telling on us." 2, 9, 92-6
Debbie Kim: "I'm not paying for her funeral."
Misty Sakkinen: "I want her dead for telling on Kim Robinson. Throw her out!"
Winston, aka Chewy: "If I don't get my way, I'll rape her."
Melania Trump: "I don't want anyone to care about you, so [blacks] can win [inlawfully]. I'm going to have to take care of this one" 9
Winston: "You'll never cure what I did to your face."
Condi Rice: "No Mike with his mother. He'll see her face."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll have her picked up on Thursday for not minding us. This is a terrible thing we did to her and we plan to get away." 10, 10
Security guard at library: "You're nothing because I didn't share him with you." 9
Anonymous: "N'est pas?"

And so it goes--------------------------------------------------92-legs severe and crippling sometimes"
DOD is terrorizing us into communism"
[Did you hear: "I'll give you problems if
you don't obey us"?]
They don't want to play by the law" is an Education.
We roil every week 5th one south.
They listen in"
Watch what youes say"If you listen, that's called "falling away."
They don't do good things with it"
2014 Home Page & 2017 Facebook was sabotage"
That slither in your head is malarkey!"
Frightening us, with espionage, out of
reading this, is Obstruction"
Try not to hydroplane the patrol cars.
Watch those turns. Opportunity has eyes.
It goes through every time or you're subversive.
I told you this. Don't forget it!
Thank you,"
If you find a criminal record on
Deborah Lee Song, fax it to the U.S. Secret Service
Attn: Joe Clancy
Do not invade her privacy."
We're on
for the benefit of police and city officials.
Espionage is a felony"
Please don't talk about us to anyone
without presentation of a warrant"
This should go without saying, but
 includes echelon intruders on the phone"
In the event, you don't have a
police department, this is your protection
from ugliness/Bones" [webpage GEMS #4]
If you ever get a police department, you
will need to pass this onto them"
"See something, say something" was coined by me, former
Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano. "Well, here's
 your chance!"
If you receive this more than once,
don't call names. Sorry for the inconvenience"
Lying to hurt someone or to conceal evidence
is subversion"Las Vegas was a story (like so many others)
laced with a hateful message to Debbie"
Troublemakers are not to be obeyed"
Contact us.
Some of you are doing a great job!
Today is 4-25-19 #700 (our weekly update)
 Debbie and I are the prevention of dramas (malfeasance)
and fault-finding missions" was said by the
current director, Randall Alles.
"Don't act like a toddler questioning me!"
Telling lies to force change on us is communism.."
"Atonement for slavery" is Oprah Winfrey's communism."
These emails are none of  Bush Sr.'s/now Condi Rice's business.
You should report these things without prompting"
Why do you need magic?
It's a violation of the third amendment"
Report to me if you're hit in the chest, or any area
that frightens, including the dropsy"
And no devils on Debbie. Are we clear about that??
"Please understand she is being stalked, and so is Bill Clinton.
And we are limited by their intolerance" and hatemail"
It's hard to keep up with militant retaliations
Select the link below:
f_g9X7huiZc and put in search
on YouTube.
Police chiefs are targets...
Bones may sabo..
Just tell me"
You may be contacted by communists,
who like to browbeat.
Please fax us"
It's not called "snitching" if you're the victim of a stalking"
Tell all the principals of all schools"
The 2008 video of "The Children" depicts our babies on subversive echelon 
- Gov. Greg Abbott
who was the Attorney General of Texas prior to his current elevation.
"No one is going to run this country with espionage and lies"
was said by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions on 5/6/18.
Whether you are a public, private (Diocesan or Protestant)
school or foreign Saturday school,, contact us 
if propositioned by any means to participate in a gun drama
or theater." We don't want our children to learn to lie"
My cousin, Wayne McDonough, of Vero Beach, FL will
vouch for me. And don't turn her family into devils,
to get even for this mailing, or to relocate her to bad place"
Janet Reno used to say that to them, too"
"If we don't try to stop this, we'll be in full-blown
communism coup d'état" where they can read
our minds and control our children against us,
says the governor of Texas.
We have evidence of this happening now"

This is not the Sinner's Game; it's a coup," said
the Honorable Pete Sessions on 9/1/18 before
he was thrown out of office" by a stalker"
The government isn't terrorizing you. It's losers in
Defense and the Bureau. Contact us,, so we can
 work together to stop this machine")
What is being called "smut" is what we tried to expose.
For more information, g to TOC or LYNCH MOBS
"Don't let them lynch us before you read this website.
Tell your neighbors. We can't always get through."
Letting another "voice" you to her is a felony conviction"
Only racketeers, aka fist or militants/hostiles refuse to help 
us spread this information) 1/20/19..
If you hear - "You lose. I can get to them on the radio or TV
 - please report your minds are being stalked.
They won't allow you to win your way.