"Still no happiness until you obey me" with a truckload of operatives rubbing it in!

501. I said no up unless I can run things."
  • "She's a racist piece of shit I will watch out for"
502. "No more mixed marriages your [Christian] way."
  • I'm losing weight, so I look the part. Maybe?
  • She used the intercom guy at the library dubbed. Then he said directly from up the stairs, "you have a lot of gall doing that to them."
  • Where is my hat your business, Mam?
  • Mueller: "No more racist satellites on us!"
  • "I'll get that hat away from her using [Mrs. Kim, the landlord]"
504. I want no Debbie
  • Constantly and no first in anything, ever!
505. "NO two times buying anything either. Watch me clear store shelves."
  • X266 enhanced
  • Leaves one of an item on a shelf and if more, they're usu. defective. Is that a Chinese connection?
  • Blocking her accesses is a hate crime, too.
506. "I want the police automatic for me. The whole country."
507. "Song is my name."
  • Starting to remove my name from everything to disparage me as Judges 5.12
  • "China belongs to me. No Wi-Fi."
  • "Her maiden name is Dodge."
  • "InKwon is my fam now."
  • AG Loretta Lynch supports this terrorism and continued homewrecking.
  • They're starting to rape again.
508."All P words belong to me" and stole a pair of pliers.
510. "Every time, she writes, pain."
  • Up comes Winston with the laser.. 10/5/15
511. "If she wants her husband, it costs (X71): Mexicans have to be allowed to stay.
  • And the answer is KO!.
  • Or Korean for nose!
512. "No establishing men as husbands."
  • Regina Smith: "I own your mister." 27
  • After she bumped off hers.
  • You cannot take a male from a black female, without her permission.
  • No wonder they're so whupped.
513. "Don't say no to mine (or me) or I'll steal from your room using the landlords etc.
  • "Steal her box cutter." Accomplished
  • "Steal her hair brush."
  • "Steal her tape." Accomplished
  • "Steal her pillow."
514. "No real cops" ruins things.
515. "No reading the Holy Bible."
  • Repeats X121 or elaborates it.
516. "Raise the price of printouts at that library."
  • It doubled on 10/1
517. Marriage (21) is lust. You can procreate without owning a husband.
518. No heat on my people. Instructs Bush and Rice/Lynch and others to stand with her in taking away the heater in my room. She often has delusions about the location of something.
519. Every white family has to have a black in them - adopted in or spousal.
  • See Bo-Peep in DEFINITIONS
  • Kim Robinson's the one put on mine PARANOID #3.
520. "You let me take money out of her bank account, or I'll plane crash."
  • Follow this in UGLINESS #104
  • You should have said no. That's weak to cave in for these baskets. How dare you?
  • The Secret Service will be destroyed for letting them get at you.
  • 1986 Space Shuttle explosion for page 37
521. "I said only First Marriages Only rules.
  • She's anti-semetic for saying no firstborns.
  • It's my marriage, not hers.
522. "No using your snatch to hold onto a man" is how she vulgarly stands against monogamy in marriage.
  • Snatch means vagina.
  • Burdening our economy with millions upon millions of out of wedlock is this one extended/realized.
  • Uncivilized terrorism
  • formations (riot gear)
  • Fights "racism" by terrorizing people and tearing down things.
  • Suspected of murdering FDR out of spite.
  • If you were a lawyer, you wouldn't be a groundskeeper.
  • We think they were both in on it"
523. "No tight with Hillary."
  • All it takes is espionage to determine what's going on, they remind me.
524. "No traffic or I'll pace." 27
  • This means she'll cripple me with the lasers so I can't work"
  • "They're my police."
526. "No making lists on the cellphone."
  • "No making lists of anything."
  • She's sabotaging this list about her stuff.
527. "I said abstention from having a heater in that room."
528. "No left side."
529. "You have to atone to us for telling on us."
530. "No ODMP bracelet. They owe everything to me."
  • Has swiped more than one of these.
531. "You're a widow in him or I'll plague."
  • "You're a widow if you get off him."
532. "No heater could be listed with no posh (X213) or make things harder on her (X112).
  • Winter of 2014-2015 moved to #317 because heater wouldn't work
  • Winter of 2015-2016 restricting usage of electricity
  • And ODMP doesn't belong to you.
533. "Not yet"
534. "Misooki's survival depends on" her getting away with stuff (such as murder, mayhem and treason, racketeering with commerce and snitching our private conversations in order to force us into compliance).
  • On May 11, 2016, Bush Sr said through ECHO tech: "I don't want to rape you, but I said I would protect Condi Rice."
535. "I said no lock boxes or I'll get up."
  • Enter the landlords as the burglars.
  • Winston (et al) as the satellite with the laser key.
  • And so begins retaliation for disobeying a Black tyranny/Criminal communism/94
  • Most recent losses: $21.65 stapler, Smith Bible Dictionary
  • What happened to two locks to be safe from her? X344
536. "You're nothing without me" is slavery.
  • Abuse of access or privilege is lust.
  • NINE O'CLOCK is no relief from black tyranny/94-50/Un-Americanism"
537. "She can't have a DVD player and charge her cellphone."
  • This one sounds like Bush Sr. screeching "either a DVD player of Cable TV." Of course to know I have these things, requires espionage, but that's Open.
  • Now she's sabotages my cellphone, not letting it charge which matches #234 and screws with my DVD player while being viewed.
  • "One must be broken. I said you're crazy."
  • Another version of #266
538. "I said no police officer." (#39)
  • Winston: "If she gets a job, no website"
  • "No deals. Preserve her privacy"
  • "If she gets a job of importance, it won't be conflicting with Facebook or this website"
  • "I want her to be just a [vagina]."
  • "I SAID JUST A WITNESS." 27 her saying anything..
  • "I don't want her to look accomplished."
  • Bossy because the blacks have the means with military technology to trigger residents of Harlem on a violent rampage in New York City. They are capable of doing this in every city of America where such sections of town exist. Some argue they can organize and use the illegals in the same fashion. This is why so many programs are invented for their upkeep" It's bribery to keep them happy in such a day they're needed to tear us down for disobeying some big shot black" This is called "I RULE."
  • Then there is the laser. 41
  • "I make it hard (#112) [on her] so she'll stop [resisting communism]."
539. "You're addicted to good works. I must not allow that."
  • The Grim Reaper has spoken"
540. "No drinking Fanta soda."
  • Winston: "What do I have to do to you to make you stop drinking soda? And I'll get [Elena Trump], too."
  • Tortured in the stomach (92-41) until I agreed to pour the soda down the drain. See Facebook
  • This one fits X101 also.
  • Winston: "She's just a piece for telling on me." 7/2/16]
  • And what are you for stalking my private life with WMD? Obedience doesn't get you peace, people. They always find something else to complain about and attack you for that"
  • Ditto
  • Does the color orange Fanta bother you more than clear 7-UP - X478?
541. "You better not try to overcome my [punishments] or stuff."
  • Contradictory, isn't she?
  • Damned if you do and damned if you don't. That's Oprah"
542. "Make sure Chicago wins if he goes home."
  • Requires Home Invasions - Index 12-48
  • And reminding her of the dirty things he allegedly did with Myo Kim
543. "No keeping secrets from me.
  • 318 No privacy for whites
  • 331 No private conversations
544. "I'll take a kidney."545. "You're going to be arrested for telling on us" was fueled by CA AG Kamala Harris.
  • She'll change alignments to make you angry at me.
  • 7/7/16 During eng."Black Lives Matter" protest in Dallas, a shooting occurred. 4,4
  • "I'm your shadow, InKwon."
  • No gash or I'll get pregnant,Teary."
  • Forbade me from telling on them in #384
  • Racketeering with Myo Kim
546. "Her stuff totally off the internet if she gets up."
  • Censorship racketeering and intimidations!
  • Facebook's and the website.
  • No!"
  • Ray Kelly:
547. "Please stay away from downtown Dallas."
  • This is was said in January 2016. I started hearing it in May..
548. "If she doesn't see a doctor, I'm going to kill Bush Jr.[a cipher for InKwon] Cool off."
  • WMD makes them Almighty Mental"
549. "No shoes. Now cripple her country."
  • "I want her cripple."
550. "Your husband is not yours."
  • Home Invasion and Kidnapping using electronic weaponry
551. "I turned her metabolism down, so she be a fat stink." 54
  • Hate crimes Condi Rice and Smith also"
  • Find the molecular neurologist teaching them dirty tricks
  • Smith: "I said no more losing weight."
  • Winston said: "It's this or no sleep."
  • "Make her a fat cow!"
  • Venting isn't WMD!
  • Repeats #277
552. "No Catholics watching her."
  • "She's a demonic bitch."
  • Many of the people I work with are Catholics"
  • That's why I was handled why protestants and Jews, too.
  • She says: "I'll never play again" then plays again!
553. "The truth hurts blacks, so I said no truth."554. "I said food only. No vitamins or she's going to see more of my problems."
  • 92-10
  • Uses Tom Case in Dallas FBI to amuse himself by sabotaging my keyboard. 50 Stops my ability to make corrections like the jungle witch stalking me all these years..
  • Constantly rasing my rent so I can't have any fun or extras in my life
  • Empties my savings account using lasers to vandalize
  • Winston stops my cell from charging.
555. "No famous without us" means without it being engineered or controlled so they come out smelling like roses.
  • Intimidation and hate crimes"
  • Everything engineered in their favor"
  • He's using text and tech to say "no real" to me because he's a communist. That's why I left them.
556. "I cannot permit (cold porridge) your husband to be a Christian."
  • Hate crimes
  • Sadistic jealousy women and men want to talk married men out of monogamy"
  • "I said no religious handling him" as if he were her property!
557. "I own the Ko (Korean) people."
  • Small grocery items are removed from store shelves. Last time they did that Coffeemate in regular size disappeared everywhere in the county.
  • Now she's doing it with small canisters of ALDI coffee county-wide.
  • "The little people said they don't want to be with you."
  • The stores and trains are full of orientals giving me dirty looks and some are saying intrusive things like the blacks, who by the way are calling me "crazy" as their escape route.
  • This is called tipping the balance of power, and though, it's illegal, black tyranny declares itself more powerful than me with Koreans taking orders from them.
  • Taking things off the shelves that are small in size is not new.
  • Communists are obsessed with mismanagement of peoples' lives. It makes them feel powerful.
  • Satan repeats #52
558. "I'll boss her around no matter who her employer is."
  • Gator entrapment and punishment"
559. "If you want to play with them, I have to take your ...."
  • Almighty Mental has spoken" And she has tries in the past! One shouldn't conflict with the other"
  • Anyone who knows about this without a warrant is a hate crime and terrorist"
560. "I want no feelings for her thing" to the husband.
  • "You're too expensive, Mam."
561. And without listening to us, she proceeded with"I said no preamble."
Ernest Ward, NAACP president of Troup County, Georgia is a rub in of what standing troops stands for.
  • Means no reversing black penchancy for lies establishing communism under the guise of justice for the past. See 4A 1/27/17 DMN
  • Equal Justice Initiative of AL is "no real" /communism.
  • Washington D.C. shouldn't lie either especially to the cradle.
  • "I can't stop EASYASPIE with the truth. It will make us look bad" is lunacy.
  • Violates John 8.32: What good can come from this?
562. "No FBI! This could ruin my [criminal machine]." 13
563. "Make it painful on her or I'll kill her kids."564. "No more establishment of whitey."
  • 384 Extended
  • "We brain him," was said by Kim Robinson without reading this page!!
  • "In a few months, no one will have ever heard of you for telling on me doing Jeelini (Abdul)."
  • "No colors" says AG Loretta Lynch with the lasers: 47 and 9.
564. "I tell everyone she's selling her p... (on a street corner) and to call the police."
  • "I tell people she sucks c.... and to report her."
  • Anytime she breaks something I own that happens to be blue (my favorite color), she screams "I own the police." 47
  • "No white heart" is heard while I am trying to repair the blue headphones' switch she broke.
  • "You, I ought to crash."
565. "I have to torture you in the stomach for two days if you don't want body lice" dropped in on you.
  • In the absence of these little monsters, NASA has what they call "bug laser". It sprays your body part with minute punctures like a thousand mosquitoes would maker"
566. "I own all things Jewish." 10
  • "She's not suppose to have an eye on Debbie"
567. "I wanna see Debbie break before I let her up."
  • Is this why AG Lynch is so hateful?
568. "No more believing in Jesus Christ."
569. "I may trip her on the concrete again."
  • Is that why there was an eye (hologram in the pothole the other day? It looked like Lynch's eye they put in my head already"?
  • Janet Reno said no, Honey"
570. "No Due Process" for crazy people."571. "I said no Secret Service.""No more Mark's."572. "See to it she worships me."573. "He (InKwon) must be dying from stomach or lung cancer" in order to be allowed home.574. "I will retaliate on you for (Ben) Carson."575. "I am Donald Trump."
  • Through a BF librarian: That's not your administration." 1/20/16
  • "He said I could do anything to you if I want."
  • "I could make you so lame with my laser."
  • I can kill for [Rick Perry]."
  • "I can hit you for as long as I want."
  • "Be careful, Donald, I leak."
  • "I'm not going to leave you alone until you say you're sorry for calling Donald sweetheart."
  • I apologize for the compliment.
  • Listening to private conversations and twisting whom she's talking to is a felony"
  • I wasn't talking to him!
576. "Stop the toilets from going down."577. "I can imitate your work and get all the credit."
  • BF Bus driver of Route 29 south: "Still no Mrs so I can have the glory when I steal her stuff." 1140 hrs., 1/30/17
578. "I have the Dodges."579. "How do you like my insertion" during rape with the laser.
  • "How do you like the feel of my [laser] penis?"
  • "I hope your twot is ruined for him."
  • "I want her really dilated, guys."
  • "I want you to rupture her down there."
580. "You can't get up because we're protecting Condi."
  • Very illegal to stalk others out of their lives""
  • Holding people down is also evil.
  • Racketeering/55
  • Communist regime building
  • Building a prison system on us
  • See NORTHWEST GEORGE BUSH SR: Attack and sabotage Debbie Song when black females say "I'm afraid" or "She scares me." It's all pre-programmed clockwork orange..
  • "If they don't read this webpage, they're part of the Bush pogrom on her."
  • Willful destructive (violent) racist troublemakers are on a pedestal in America and all the rest of her are under their thumb (finds fault with everything) or at their beck and call.
581. "I own the city of Lubbock (Texas)."582. "I demand proof she's a police officer, before I leave her alone."583. "No helping her with the police."
  • See X34
584. "No up because I'm not done punishing her for going to EEOC.
  • See 441 in BOLO
585. "No cellphone." 1/23/17 586. "Wanting a warm room to wake up min, is an addiction."
  • Omarosa Manigault agreed with her.
  • Stalking charges both"
  • While I am working, they say it's Bush or Winston, the lights are flipped off to scare me.
  • Getting people to agree with them on an issue against me, is tatamont.
587."I want no pleasure in her life for telling on Omarosa."
  • Clockwork Orange espionage lickety split"
588. "You have to see a psychiatrist before I let you have the electricity on (in your room without interruptions)." 47 1/23/17
  • Dallas Police says No!
  • Saying and doing are light years away. They're always making deals and never delivers. Who gave them this access against us"
  • Kellyanne Conway (Bush obeys) is stalking my screen using communists in Dallas" This is a network of devils"
  • They make too many requests that are directly related to you"
  • Bush Sr.: "I'm not interested in her games."
  • Bill Clinton: "Debbie doesn't play games."
  • "I said Debbie in the hospital or not on. I can get at Clinton."
  • "I said" is Pearl Harbor and also X82 on EXTREME
  • "I said no more devilry on Debbie for Khadaffi."
589. "You're popcorn (two generations from now) or I'll steal."
  • Debbie: "That's why I have to carry so much in my cart."
  • "I don't think she needs all these pills" to Winston, and then he steals.
  • 27
  • She calls vitamins and herbs pills.
  • "I'm going to hit Charlie in the stomach if he doesn't stop you." 1/24/17
  • Bush Sr.: "You're the sum of her parts"
590. "I own Louie Freeh."
  • Echo: "Not true."
591. "I can do anything I want [to you] except cause death." 1/28/17
  • Bush Sr. as president says.
  • "And you can't stop it with his death."
  • Stalking and hypocricy
  • 1 Timothy 4.1-3
592. "Debbie can shame us, but no prosecutions."593. "I'm damn backwards."
  • Damn = D = 4 = April = A = First
  • Backwards = B = 2 = Queen Elizabeth II = 11 = November = N word or No
  • So she's saying either "No first" or "I am the first N."
  • This usu. extends to Harlem first because they can be moved as troops against the city of New York with technology to do terrorism.
  • Hence, to say this to someone knowledgeable, it's a threat..
  • She gets her way or mayhem on American cities. Wherever a ghetto exists, that city can be threatened.
  • Some say the Mexicans here MKULTRA, too and for favors/amnesty, they will riot/go wild and terrorize quiet folks, too.
594. "If she pays extra to charge the phone, we'll leave her alone."
  • They're in my purse again after having raised the rent $100.00 in 2016, I have to buy batteries to charge my phone.
  • I had the phone checked out and it worked find for him.
  • A new charge port will cost $35.00
595. "No KOBARS."
  • "I'll stop that website, too.
  • Locked out of Facebook on 4/21/17 and started messing with website printing on 11/17/17
  • I tried two more attempts to access Facebook and both of them were locked out" This was to shame me.
  • 2500 cities were left without an explanation and then offered and many tuned into GOOSE.
  • Dallas FBI X405
  • KOBARS was me and others leaking back stories to the press.
596. "Don't let her up for telling on me." 10
597. "No property unless she shares it with us."
  • Her version of share is vandalism/sabotage.
  • I shared a book catalogue with the landlord's asst. and that afternoon, Kim Mun, the landlord's wife came into my room and robbed me of a wool sweater "for sharing." 2/1/17 Cost of it these days at least $50.
  • They're so petty, they'll steal a potholder once it becomes hard or expensive to replace"
  • They actually took potholders off store shelves and when they came back, the price wasn't a buck anymore!
  • They had to control the minds of that many store employees"
  • Like I said: Go figure"
598. "If you don't obey me, you'll never see your daughter again."
  • But I did, see her again, rarely and very not often
  • Now Omarosa Manigault and Kim Robinson are terrorizing her because she's pregnant and using the DMN to intimidate me with people in similar (markers) situations"
  • We can't believe you and these thugs, George.
  • "I got sick of your pollution and took (little) Debbie away."
599. "I will not shoulder my shit on you."
  • We're still hearing this one in January 2017
600. "I don't like surprises."
  • But she sure doesn't mind doing it to us.
  • Helps her in the systematic destruction of all things American"
  • Compare to X178
  • Waited 4 years after my brother-in-law died to tell me!
  • What a hypocrite!
  • That EXTREME page was a total surprise!
  • Knocking out most of my teeth for saying no to her color.
601. "I said no feminine mystique."
  • But vicious mystique is allowed"
602. "No leaving your stuff in the bathroom or I'll take it."
  • With her landlord troops or those that  hang around my front door calling themselves my neighbors.
  • It's not Debbie's fault the adjoining room in uninhabitable.
  • She says this only to me tho there are many rooms adjoining uninhabitable rooms.
603. "I'm not going to let her up until I own her mind (control her mind). All [other] deals are off."
  • Debbie could have a cellphone without battery charge interruption if this one would honor the promises/deals she made with officials.
604. "I own the Holy Bible. Billy Graham said."
  • He denies this version of her snitching.
  • Never talk to this devil. They'll never recognize what was said by you when she gets done sabotaging someone with it.
  • GEMS #10 lists Scriptures thwy often twist around
605. "No day of rest."
  • Torture will take place
  • My battery is obstructed
  • They will go for my legs, feet, ankles and knees
  • They will show off how many ways they can "F" up your life. They actually delight it making people suffer from their terrorism"
  • The total opposite of 320"
606. "I want to see her changed into this: crazy, lazy, slut and a grouch.
  • "Up comes Winston with the lasers
  • "Cook her" means wrinkle her skin prematurely when Carson came online, but
  • It originally meant uterine torture.
  • It can do a lot of other cruel things too.
607. "No two cellphones."
  • Who told her how many phones I have?
  • "No two phones working at the same table."
  • "I'll break your cellphone if you tell on us."
  • Well, why don't you go away and leave me alone?
608. "No facebook pages."
  • "I own Zoom."
  • X595 repeated because I tried two more times.
  • Finally restricted me to my acct in 2017 causing me to lose access to nearly 2500 police departments.
  • District Attorneys told me to start an acct with Instagram so we could always be in contact"
609. "No two cellphones on the same desk."
  • Per "Mrs. Aziz"'s request, she reiterates #607
610. "No one greater than me or no stronger than me...."
  • "No spotlight on her greater than me or reprisals." 4
  • No working the streets X100-524
  • "Now I can use a doctor to put her away."
  • Racism
  • This concept was implemented in the lives of the Olympic gymnastics, Martha Stewart, Kathie Lee Gifford and .... Again this amounted to:
  • Freezing her out of webpage in 2010
  • and Facebook pages in 2017.
  • They also froze her Homepage in 2014 of the current website.
  • This is called X24.
  • Without an injunction, stopping her life's work is a holocaust"
611. "No streaming or movies" is a demand for attention by racist satellites stalking us. Makes her wishes known to my children.
  • December 2016 - DVD player broken by Lancer's laser
  • "No streaming until after midnight"
  • Blocks it during other times of the day"
  • Extentions of 409 - Forgets about 476 - a previous deal"
  • Subversive espionage Condi Rice agents"
  • No Constitutional amendments agent protection for troublemakers
  • How dare you try to start a Holocaust because Debbie's more historically advanced!"
  • Communism isn't a contribution"
  • No talking about Debbie without a warrant, too""
  • No expert espionage on us"
612. "Because you didn't heed my warning, 5 more years no husband."
  • She plans on murdering him with despair
  • This is retaliation for X261 and Carson throwing a fit!
  • Write up Chief Hall fro racketeering 55 to stop the marriage of a federal witness and to one for actively witnessing against communism.
  • "Donald wants my machine," was said.
  • "Now I can use Stanley."
  • She's a Calgon Night if I ever saw it!
613. "Only one police officer on her."
  • Per department?
  • Of course this will be maintained by black-manned satellites, which are illegal"
  • The answer we gave her is NO! Take that spy satellite named Aziz and shove it"
  • "We're getting tired of acting like wimps to get along with Oprah."
  • Who's forcing you?"
614. "I said no vanilla running things."
  • X106 and sabotage everywhere I go
  • Even though the Secret Service says no to these games, the blacks play on in DoD.
615. "No entertainment while waiting on the bus."
  • Crashes cellphone when I play games on it.
  • Terrorism
  • NASA does it for her, too
  • Usu. occurs at Royal Lane Station while waiting on bus to take me home.
  • "She's our witness and they have no business stalking her."
616. "Payback" whites and Orientals that refuse to give black beggers money.
  • "Show them my teeth" - Uses DoD for their private agenda or schemes
  • They look for ways to get at peoples' billfold when it's not safe to pull that thing out to fetch money.
  • Uses lasers to protect blacks when whites "refuse to help."
  • Stalking
  • If on bus or train property, additional charges possible.
  • On Debbie, beggers are pre-meditation because of X249 (no having extra money for food).
  • This is vicious communism, not "benevolence"
  • Mike Pence agrees and says no tablet until February.
  • Oprah Winfrey extended it to March.
  • Then my daughter for Aziz turns off my phone on 2-15-19"
  • I told youes don't play with communist liars"
  • "I said no aid to persons I am stalking"
618. "No banana"
  • A banana is an Oriental version of an Oreo.
  • There's nothing wrong with or being comfortable as American without the toxic color"
  • And I better not hear from the Klan either"
619. "Give her cataracts so she can't work the streets."
  • That's 5G
  • Gave me floaters instead" in 2020.
621.  "Always not a lady if she works traffic.
  • It doesn't mean she's a tramp either"
622. "I want no Debbie in his heart."
  • Retaliation for DoD changing the Song name from Chinese to Korean to avoid confrontations with the control freaking-itis of Bowes-Lyon's England, who doesnt favor sex in marriage unless for procreation only (PCO), [circa 1534]
  • America wanted to fly, still does, without the teeth of Great Britain, that being the double agent known as the NAACP attempting to control Debbie's Korean born spouse"
  • Sex in marriage for cohesion of the husband and his wife are recognized and sustained in the religions of Judaism and Roman Catholicism.
  • All this terrorism is made possible by satellite technicians stalking private lives..
623. "I said my bit in him."
  • She controlling what he can say, is communism and now mind control!
  • He was originally embarrassed by his accent and this quickly evolved into mind control of every aspect of hia life"
624. "I want her a widow for telling on me" My sister lost her husband in 2008.
  • The one who said this has rescinded it, but Oprah said it to me anyhow"
  • These people make such horrible demands.
  • We wonder where they were born" Who were their parents"
625. The queen of mean says Dermot Shea, her clown, said she could mess up anything of mine, if not done in my bedroom.
  • This includes refusing to let me save changes and
  • Removing pictures out of Gallery. 
626. "You don't have to hit her and get in trouble. Let me know and I'll hit her for you. She can't get loud on me."
  • Let go of him completely! 059
  • No consciences or remorse allowed to be near each other! 043
  • DOF (Date on file) July 12 is for bidden in text 063
  • "Tell me when she reminds you of her pxssy.:
627. "I want no comfy cozy for her in that apartment." 11/12/20
  • Dr. Carson said a similar comment on 4/20/21.
628. "No Treasury. I'm too jealous to let you in." 
629. "I can fix this problem" meaning Debbie Song
  • First response came from Dr. Carson: "Don't you know I could kill you?" on 10/24/20
630. "I don't like it. Take it off." 10/24/20
  • Many things have since been taken away from me without Due Process and disappeared or was altered forever.
  • Most recent the link for this website handle "" and
  • Loss of my Instagram page "Federalwitness."