Four Days in November - 1964
What no one had the guts to say.
14 years in Congress"
Stationed in Solomon Islands
November 16th DMN announces his route
5 speeches in 9 hours
Police Chief Kerry
Andrews AFB showed an elevation sign of "729"
1026 N. Beckley
O.H. Lee, registered to
Wife and children living in Irving with Mrs. Ruthie Paine
Oswald told his friend, Bill Randal, in the car on the way to work, the items in the backseat were "curtain rods." It was a 1953 Chevrolet* sedan.
There are 7 floors to the Texas Book Depository. Oswald took aim from the 6th.
Jack Ruby, 52 years old
Texas Hotel
Texas Theater
Hopped on Bus 30-Marsalis
Circle drawn on a window of a station wagon that was similar to what my Uncle owned and my family owned one of another color
Second vehicle
5th & Beckley 95 cent fare taxi
Room 12 LBJ waits
"PCS" Tell-a-type machine.
NYSE down 22 points
Korean war movie was showing at the Theater on Jefferson Blvd.
$25.00 to a stripper in Fort Worth
1120 hrs, Oswald moved from police to jail.
Gate 28
Houston was the street they turned left onto Elm ... Going back to Lovefield, their route was Main, Harwood, Cedar Springs. They never made it with him alive to Stemmons.
"YAW" on a wall
Dr. Malcolm [Molech] Perry
Father Oscar Huber, Last Rites [Oscar L. Chapman was Secy DOI 1952]
Harold L. Brenner, witness
Sarah T. Hughes swears LBJ in.
34 years old widow in one hour.
It's night in London.
86962 [United Kingdom] Phillip C. Wheel
Dr. Kemp Clark
Paul C. Miller
Jerry Hill and Henry Wade, Dallas officials
729, 754, 762, 456, 279
Carousel Club
O'Neil Ambulance [FMO] AO is on Amazing
Elevation at Andrews AFB changed to 279.
7,000 men will march at his funeral. This ends the "sailboats" in movies.
Cardinal Cushing [Cushman Academy] 11-25-63 5 minute silence
[Bette Davis graduated from this place in Massachusetts].
Laid to rest on his son's birthday (3 years old) Dearly Beloved
[I was 11 years old and stayed home from school to watch it on TV with my mother. She didn't want to watch him in Dallas alone. To her it was a great event.]
JFK was shot in Dallas at 1230 pm. [I was born at 1130 am in Dallas]
He was suppose to be in San Antonio at 230 pm 
And then to Houston by 330 pm
After speech in Dallas travel to Austin and then later to LBJ's Ranch
[13 years before my birth, Marian Anderson accuses DAR of racism when it wasn't true]
Trellis above and near Dealy Plaza graffiti " Pain" and "Er" painted on the east isde at the time of his death.
Movie ends with him sitting in a chair, the date 1-20-61 showing.
I'll Be Seeing You (1944) shows a Houston pennant on the wall point downward as someone says "14th floor."
If the movie you have doesn't have these markers/points on them, report it to the Dallas Police Departments. Thank you.
Dallas FBI: "Espionage on Debbie is a felony."
Listen only to the first 3 minutes. Is this a coincidence about Rice? #24 on North Carolina. She sent me a message that he was killed to help her quest through a doppleganger in Lewisville in 2012. They were plated as stalkers. [Oh! Duh! That's how they send messages].
And speaking of coincidences, read "Father is a Bachelor" on the page President Reagan. She hadn't been born either.

The Gettysburg Address was delivered on 11-19-1863
Kennedy arranged his assassination to match the messages he was sending to my family on 11-22-1963. The middle numbers do not match, therefore, that is where the message is. He believed that since 1922 was the year, England relaxed it's grip on Ireland, there was no need to put another Irish Catholic in power - that was the message to my mother - Marjorie McDonough. The year 1922 was my father's year of birth and also the year Germany made a secret plan with Russia to build and test arms to start another war. The place of his death would be his No! message to me, as Dallas was my place of birth.

11-19 is the date of birth of Jodie Foster, who played the role of Agent Starling in Silence of the Lambs, which Kennedy and others thought necessary to help the rise of black nationalism and through this, fight racism" Also notice the words of the 22nd Amendment which limits the terms of presidents. In the meantime, my parents were married on 7-22-50.
3-24-47 proposed
2-27-51 ratified
There is a difference in these dates and you'll come up with a fascist attempt to ruin what FDR planned for America with my birth. That number; Hebrews 13.4's second part doesn't apply to married couples. I could also be cryptic for Justice before Treasury, which tended towards NAACP trickery and deceits.

Part 2 of the 22nd amendment, may also have cryptic hate mail in it.

JFK was a jerk that fell for Eleanor Roosevelt's racism..

The route JFK followed in downtown Dallas and approved by the president spells the word MAYHEM and that's the way he wanted it for the blacks to achieve their goals through violence and murder. This is also discussed in OSWALD.
Houston is a two-way street. Elm is a one way street and Main is also a two way street. Add these numbers and you get 5 which is cryptic for the 5th month: "May"
Form the other half of the word "mayhem" from the letters in Houston, Elm and Main. Clever little duckie wasn't he? They were against Judges 5.12. Here again is the number 5.

"My way or else" comes from the likes of Freddy Nietzsche: the criminal route to fame paved with the blood of a foolish president. Prior to him,Adolf Hitler heard the sirens calling....
"What A Devious Man He Was"
The name Lee Harvey Oswald was hate mail from JFK to Debbie having been selected by FDR for a high office in our government before her birth. The president went along with this gigantic prank because he was convinced it's better to die a hero than of leukemia. And so he joined with a plan to stop Debbie, Hoover and FDR looking for communists, like the ones who bombed AG Palmer's house during Wilson's Administration. Read the CIA and Texas pages also" 

"Mayhem" means pre-med(itation).
Chevron Corporation's CEO was Condi Rice


Lest we forget James Brown's words.
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November 25, 2013