Deborah Dodge Song - Federal Witness - vs - Janet Reno
Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 - BLACK COMMUNISM/94!

  • Bush first is a colony.
  • Blacks acting on their own without Attorney General approvals is a coup d'etat when they attack someone.
  • Depriving her of anything, especially privacy, constitutes a conspiracy with the so-called investigation of the monsters in question"
  • What the FBI Directors said about no depriving Debbie of anything to catch the devil satellites is the law.
  • The police belong to me, not Oprah with a satellite.
  • Giving blacks permission to steal from Debbie is conspiracy"
  • Calling Debbie "weird" is a cipher for something vulgar, which is punishment for being female - a hate crime.
  • Blacks stealing your personal property is terrorism. And that goes for the orientals and whites that have done it for blacks, too.
  • Those business cards belong to Debbie and I. Obama has no right to say Oprah could have the police when they belong to the Department of Justice and various police organizations.
  • Beck cold calling the RNC was a felony. Write him for intimidation, because that's what it is without a warrant to invade.
  • All obstructions are hate crimes.
  • Knowing what she says on those tapes requires a warrant and if you prey on people who've heard those tapes, you're a stalker. And I don't care if you're the chief of police!
  • Show me the car fax!"
  • It's none of your business what it means"
  • When Debbie doesn't tell the truth in some instances, it's to prevent weak blacks from getting to us. This is with my permission.
  • I'm furious Beck and ... are stalking her. How dare he invade her privacy like that. That's Gestapo.
  • I'm tired of the complainers always being the troublemakers that commit the crimes on her in the first place.
  • Comey told me he told Debbie to keep the card because they broke the law instead of asking her.
  • Botching up Debbie with technology is a felony.
  • Beck punishing Debbie is a hate crime.
  • It's against the law to go after people using espionage.
  • I don't want all this ugliness.
  • They don't need to be going over there with Christian scouting.
  • The Shroud of Turin is real.
  • I read every word she writes every week.
  • There should be a legal way for people to get up"
  • No ugliness on the children of Debbie Song.
  • Tell Bush not to use my image to punish Debbie with that laser to entertain Hillary. It profits Bush not to stalk me either.
  • How to conquer a Nation: 1) Kill them; and 2) Take away everything that makes them who they are, like what they're doing to Debbie"
  • Go see what I added to FLORIDA
  • Constant surveillance of white families is subversive
  • Article 28 doesn't mean the FBI or police can deliberately torture Debbie or play gamers with the Devil at her expense. That's not evidence gathering to hurt her and I did Mutch to see her level.
  • Terrorizing people into incorrect responses is cheating and against the law. Never should it be found in an investigation.
  • Judges 4.4 is our Christmas tree, but not to the level of busting up her sex life.
  • How dare you stalk her with that laser and call it punishment!
  • Do not use Winston to help, hurt or hinder Debbie. He shouldn't have that laser to use on her as punishment or as entertainment.
  • Punishing Debbie without a warrant is communism"..
  • I think they did it in FLORIDA because of what's on that page.
  • I don't like them starting trouble with [Debbie] and then throwing a fit when she doesn't like it. Mind your own business (MYOB) and leave her skin alone"
  • And Donald Trump totally floored me.
  • Making him obese is a subversive hate crime and a bitch"
  • Lying about Debbie earned [them] that name."
  • Making Debbie look bad is a felony..
  • Helping blacks and the powers of darkness get at Debbie is against the law, because President Franklin Delano Roosevelt put her in place. Every government entity that helps them achieve unlawfully is treasonous. You were all suppose to say no to  black tyranny"
  • And we're very disappointed in Donald"
  • Be careful of the ones you hear. They may be stalking you.
  • Donna waited 4 years to tell Debbie that her brother-in-law Bill was dead, so Oprah Winfrey could destroy the old English proverb: "No news is good news" and terrorize us".

March 21, 2015

Thanks for Jim Jones."
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