• Feels no remorse during or after hurting others
  • Indifferent to the feelings of others
  • Doesn't experience guilt
  • Odd thinking: Gives people diseases to teach lessons; Makes things worse and says soemthing good will come because of it. Tortures people as punishment without Due Process and expects improvement.
  • Magical thinking: Expects immunity for all her crimes. This and that will make her free.
  • Difficulty with delayed gratification. "Or else" means now!
  • Criminal Behavior: Attracted to sadism, abusive with tech and very attracted to murder as a solution for what she sees as unvaluable* to her.
  • Inflexible
  • Violates the social norms of society: Very intolerant of others' religion and practices. If they conform, it will only be at a superficial level.
  • Very irritable and aggressive
  • Exploits others in cold and calculating ways.
  • Very unpredictable: Loves one minute and without warning hates the next minute or less. 
  • Extremely confident she will always win even if tried for murder.
  • No desire to change their (wicked) ways, but always expects it from others!
  • Lying, stealing, vandalism, voyerism and exhibitionism are all seen in this disorder.
  • This is the phoniest people you ever did see!
  • Appears helpless
  • Lies
  • Rationalizes their responsibility to others
  • Nominalizes their behaviors in a bad situation: It's always the other guy's fault. The other guy "made" me do it.
  • Seductive
  • Flatters or compliments authority figures
  • Wants privileges they don't deserve or didn't earn. May want something belonging to someone else.
  • Makes demands, threats.
  • Confronts through others aka "I'll get up."
  • Works on other's problems but never their own.
  • Uses role reversal to become the authority figure: Acts as if they know-it-all. Some of what they know may frighten you.
  • Their objective is to disarm anyone who stands in their way.

From Mental Health Nursing, 5th Ed., Fontaine & Fletcher, Pearson Education Inc., Saddle River, NJ, 2003.

Where many families have fallen along the wayside.
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* It's against the law to terrorize me into misspelling a word, but I did it deliberately to prevent EVIL from hurting me when she sees two words starting with the letters "in" close together. Word games are commonly used in freemasonry to send messages. This is not the same thing as "the craziness" which is ugliness on someone most often unlawful, using satellites and threatening to hurt someone with veiled and threatening word games or actually hurting someone with lasers. That's how I got so old and ugly.

KoKo, the first and last syllables for this city in Mississippi if played in crossword puzzle world, means "Lord High Executioner." Ah! Ha!"
He shouldn't have played against Debbie. He might have had a chance".
This doctor doesn't have a license in any state. She practices her lethal craft on all that disobey her and even the unsuspecting ones!" One of the rules of combat, is to know thy enemy.

"In Debbie's bank account is a felony. You are not authorized to play games with her money." - Robert S. Mueller, the Director in charge of Debbie!

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