Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""


Rev. Anonymous: "You're not a Christian if you send hate mail to Debbie. No hiding in the dark like them."
Anonymous: "I know you're racists. That's why President Reagan sent her to Clinton. What is the first commandment?"
Response: "Love God before yourself."
Debbie: "There is no self in that sentence." *
Response: "You gave me pause, but now I see, it starts with my relationship with God in the words I choose! That's Catholic. That's how they endure British communism."
Debbie: "Thanks be to God."
Mom: "Let's thank God we are worthy of His attentions."
Anonymous in Lacey's Office: Lupita's dress was hatemail to Debbie

FYI: See the name in a city in Part A, in CIA?
Some people think that's pretty nifty what they can do.
Do you think I should think that way?

Anonymous #2: What's wrong with Debbie thinking up a way to catch them when they're stalking her? Everyone knows Oprah is echelon on them. We think it's a good idea to let people know there is more than one voice out here."
Disinterested in Oprah party: "Everyone who hears Oprah should have a hole in this head, not the police"
Another: "Red is white and white is red may be blasphemy."
WANTS TO MAKE A BIG NOISE: "Your Mom is against the establishment of communism. That makes things hard on her. It's easy to go with the gigantic flow. We have lost many friends and family to it's deceptions and power plays."
Debbie: "There are no loopholes in the Bible where sinners mock God. These black satellites are on my case all the time about something." 92-53. "Beck is torturing me so badly with the lasers it's hard to sit down, walk and get up. He says I have to obey him and I think he started this so he could make up games to escape accountability for torturing me. He wants the card above and instead of asking me for it, he played games. It contains my mother's date of death, which we know has something to do with the NAACP." I can hardly get out of a chair. The torture is getting worse and black females are driving around in cars calling me poo in their license plates He also blocks my access to normal stuff"
Hillary Clinton: "Stealing her business cards was a sickness and I want them back!"
Annonymous: "Oprah is trying to force everyone real down to her dictatorship, and her main target is the police."
Mueller: "No humble pie."
Anonymous: "How do you know, Mam, what she's telling on without a warrant?"
Anonymous: "It's sadism to make trouble and then brag about it."
Nancy Reagan: "No zeal for communism."
Bill Clinton: "You're picking on the cops because she used to be one."
Budunka Butt: "No winning by using espionage."
Mueller: "Dallas Police Officer Smith found out about Debbie's website through a source not related to Debbie, so she would make trouble on the latter. The officer in question was careless and got himself shot. It does not fit how the others were killed. The blacks that did fit, but were not allowed on the COP KILLER list, was due to their survivors using lasers on Debbie as payment for "using" their color on that page. That's why Homeland Security took Debbie's side and tries to put an end to Smith's nonsense. Read to the bottom of that page for the name of someone who knows."
Mueller: ""They want to cause pain and grief so they're working to make the dark side stronger."
Annonymous: "Kim Kegler was a terrible thing to do to her family."
InKwon Song: "They said Debbie was a slut. I said I would take care of Debbie, but they said no one."
Bill Clinton: "It comes from a Yankee word of wisdom about marriage her mother taught her. It goes something like this: "Be a lady in the living room, a wife in the kitchen and slut in the bedroom and your husband will never leave you."
Anonymous: "Oprah said to Debbie, control him by withholding sex and Debbie said No! Mind your own business! Drop dead! and go to hell" Everytime Debbie talks about her marriage to him, those devil monsters call her dirty names and oft times rapes her with the lasers. He's insane because blacks are controlling his life."
Debbie: "No matter what I do, the blacks keep coming after me with lasers."
Robert Mueller: "Making deals that involve lasers on Debbie is forbidden."
Hillary Clinton: "No TV" is a hate crime."
Anonymous:" The landlord is a fascist .... for stealing the tops of Debbie's plastic food containers.
President Obama: "We're not suppose to be stalking FDR and Debbie."
Joe: "No common Casey. No more Oprah array."
Fred Thompson: "Bush Sr. is a piece of trash to do her that way...."
Hillary Clinton: "You're not going to throw your Mom out of Facebook, etc."
Simon Johnson: "It's swats"
Anonymous: "[Wall Street] is not as crooked as we could make it."
Another Anonymous: "Make sure crispus doesn't get up on her."
FOP: "Failure to protect you from harm is a felony."
Robert Mueller: "His faith in God wasn't strong enough. Black people racketeering on you is a felony."
FOP: "Failure to protect you from harm is a felony."
Robert Mueller: "His faith in God wasn't strong enough. Black people racketeering on you is a felony."
The Chinese Connection: "Myo Kim, as his friend, is a filthy lie. Korea should be ashamed...Did you forget your master?"
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "They shouldn't make it hard on a veteran."
Debbie: "One minute they're calling me lazy and the next minute they're screaming at me to stop running around. What gives? I guess you can't please evil."
Hillary Clinton: "I said no Christ for them. They're going to prison for doing these things to you."
PRESIDENT OBAMA: "Debbie should win; she's not breaking the law."
Debbie Song: "Donna will regret the picture of Dorian Gray on INKWON. Look what Oprah did to him! And don't think you escaped, Condi."
President Obama: "Taking the joy out of someone's life can do that to you, Honey."
Bill: "She wasn't trained to do presidential like you" So please have mercy on her even though she's mean to you.  Now, do what I told you."
POPE FRANCES: "George Bush Sr. is going to hell for blaspheming Debbie."
NEW YORK CITY: "She made it hard for us to stay up with [Debbie]."
PORT AUTHORITY OF NJ & NY: "We're all a part of you, Honey"
NELSON ROCKEFELLAR'S FAMILY: "We knew you would be old and we wouldn't be able to see. That was kind of sad."
DAVID BROWN: "I said no doctor and they made me do July 7."
MICHAEL REAGAN: "Blacks getting at your cellphone, to stop emails, is communism plus obstruction."
FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE: "It's a felony to subvert our work. Kellyanne (Conway) is a sickness stalking Debbie like this"
[That's the one designated by Trump to authorize crap be done to Debbie. She's the go-to girl for permission get at Debbie, a federal witness.. Like this makes it okay"].

Self: Possessions and sense of entitlement often includes what isn't ours because we view (more so now with technology and thought interceptions and privacy invasions) such as attainable. Please quote only the Scriptures if possible, so your minds can be focused on His words which can never lead you astray. This is also Hasid-Judaism.

February 14, 2015

That card is a standing threat on my last name. What she did to my mother must not happen again. And this displayed here may keep it from happening.
If anyone is going to clobber my last name, it will be me and my government.
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