Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""
I bet you don't know what this means.
If you hear these comments, let someone know.
Sadistic terrorism is BF with lasers on us.. Knowing what's in her bank account was espionage from the very beginning, so don't threaten me!!!
Regina King (FMO-episode 2/14): "I'm Misooki's fist."
Uses Condi Rice espionage to arrange Southland's drama
to harass and intimidate Debbie. That's a conspiracy"
Officer Smith: "I'm pumped when I can hurt her down there." 10
Oprah Winfrey: "I'm disqualifying [Mitt] because he likes [Debbie]."
Jeremy Lin: "No true love..."
Casper the Ghost: Do you think they know what BF means?
(Let's hope so. We don't need another plane crash!)
WM with polka dotted yellow tie next to Donna Brazile in Mesa, AZ CNN Debate: "I think you're insane. I would never help you." 2/22/12
Donna Brazile: "I'm no Debbie. And I'm no Mrs. as well." Then she clapped her hands: "I'm for Rick Santorum. I am the spirit of
Moke [nickname of one of my brothers]."
She spreads rumors about Debbie, but no one is faster than Oprah snitching where Debbie is in the website to CNN goose"
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no sheboath and no TV star."
Robert Casey: "No box to Austin."
Black Female Salonpas Foam (Condi Rice): I'm the only one that can clean (brainwash) him (InKwon). Mitt Romney is gonna get it where you need it.. 33, 28, 17 Alright I can't Dick Armey, but I can still make pain It's what I say." 1956 hrs 2/28/12
Black Female (BF) Echo FB Librarian (Calista Gingrich): "I don't want her to scream in my library." 74 2041 hrs 2/28/12
White Male (very old and thin) blonde hair Terminal Cromwell: "I'm no country for telling on them. Two months for that. 2 Mrs. isn't true." 1440 hrs 3/1/12
BF in bathroom at Quick Trip: "No alive your ass. It's my turn." 1300 hrs Laser put me in the bathroom, so she's a stalk"
BF at CVS near "PurWater Filter" section: "I'm your pre-destiny." MWM084
They stalk me in the aisles and rub espionage in my face..
That's called "my turn."
BF-WM players Hebron HA4 @1428-315 wants respect of privacy when they didn't respect me: "I set traps. Alright, I don't want your hand. He's my key. I said do Misooki." Left the area at 1446 hrs.
BF red car near Sheriff's Office: "I won Mitt Romney and there's nothing you can say." 3/13
Smith for Oprah: "I'll show you a coup."
Big Lots BF employee: "No Debbie."
Piers Morgan for Oprah: "I'm no happiness for real."
Rubio: "I don't care about your ethnicity..."
Chevron Engineer for Rubio: "I can blow up another shuttle if you don't lsten to me."
Bush Sr. on 3/6: "Honey, this is my knee. Things would go alot faster for you if you'd go along with Rubio.
Debbie Wasserman: Misooki says you're dizzy...We opened you because you won't play our air!"
BM before Steve Hayes: "You're a whole. We're holding you down for as long as we can. 9 You're a tinker, not an arm. Misooki thinks you're fake. I said no pacing you. I say you're a hore."
Bush Sr.: "No miracle."
BF purple on a train in SNHU commercial: "You need my knee for Misooki."
Steven Seagal (Smith to InKwon): "We think she's an imitation for the way she talked to you."
Oprah Winfrey: "I know how to loosen skin to make her older looking. I made her face suffer so they'd choose Rice. No diligence on me. 92-9 That's why I am a bitch! 17 Don't love [the FBI] again! Stop her from tinkling."
Korean by my window at night 3/3: "That's my hard again. I loosen your face for Oprah."
Ann Romney: "No more believing in Jesus Christ!"
Regina King: "I'm the short one."
Robert Casey on "We're spending your money, so Misooki can do no inside."
Marie Molina: "Don't tease us."
Terry Bradshaw: "We can't play your game, so we shame."
Oprah again: "It will take 2-3 years for me to straighten him out. I am suppose to cure you of wanting his thing." 2/27 "AMA said we could do that vthing to your heart because you're such a piece.
Minnie Driver (Smith to InKwon): "Just go over there and bop her."
Smith using Oprah's echo: "She better not use mine [police] to escape." [White Escape vehicle in Hebron PO] 3/15
Greg Jarrett: "I'm helping Misooki get you. Now you'll see my Mt. Vesuvius."
BF at HA4 at 1548 hrs, 3/15: "POW!" and prevented my website from making changes I requested, which were: "Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing - A Coup d'etat: Black Espionage/Tyranny Sabotaging White"She won't let my requests on my webiste go through as part of this coup"
Robin Williams: "When did we become Adolf Hitler?"
Ann Romney: "We won in Puerto Rico because we beat her up. 28 Everyone says you're just shit."
Judith Brown: "We were willing to give Mikey his life back tonight."
George Bush Sr: "If I let you up, Misooki won't lust."
Rick Santorum: "You can't be high with me, if you're against Misooki" (crazy girls who kill people").
N-word in Chicago: "Somebody's gotta pay for those votes."
Karen Santorum: "You're a real lie."
Folgers: "You better worship me or I'll get up. I won her houuse with espionage."
Vivian Brown: "I still own the police." 3/22
When Robert Mitchum lit the torch a second time in the movie Rampage (, Winston attacked me with the lasers as Oprah's echo shouts: "I want him!" 10,10,11,10,28,32, 32, 11, 6,35 0215-48 hrs 3/28/12. That's a coup - someone else running your life without permission!"
Make no deals with a Devil. They will always lie and set you up.
Been there. Done that hundreds of times to test them"
Thus, my answer to her bribe is go jump in a lake of fire"
MF at Jack In the Box on Marsh: "I said take it off" while she and a BF stood side to side and gave dirty looks in front of me. She repeated the command.
Then when I didn't yield to a lynching, the BF with a cellphone walked to a table on the northside of the building and dialled the police and said: "I don't like your attitude."
Name tags were unreadable. Rely on satellites to complete report"
Nancy Reagan: "The First Lady has no say over Debbie until the president dies, but some of us make kind suggestions as a matter of rule. Never should we be used for troublemaking. Most everything Debbie does is in law enforcement, so it does no good to mess with her outside of it"
Black female voice superimposed on BF police officer in the movie Red Dragon: "He's mine. I control his mind." ..." 9, 47 [Please verify whose voice since she didn't speak].
Condi Rice during a Home Invasion: "I'm running for vice because I said no Jesus Christ!" 47, 90 4/19 73 Michelle Obama and 70, 10 on 4/20
Joe Biden: "I'd give up my job for you but you're too patchy with him."
Condi Rice continues to stalk me since 4/18/12 92-47: "No virgin near."
Robert Casey: "Hit her in the aorta instead of the tongue."
Ann Romney: "Condi Rice undressed him and I think that's habit. No leverage."
Debbie: "Condi Rice gives everyone a degree in psychiatry from a Cracker Jack Box."
FDR wasn't sado-masochistic art out on
our bodies with that laser"
George Bush Sr. to ears: "Debbie's not allowed to be real because she's round. We'll have to tell the truth again. I couldn't force people to obey me (24/7)."
Callie Thorne: "I said no O-lay." [Oprah should escape prosecution for all her crimes].
Condi Rice revved up again by CNN and "You thought you could stop us." 47, 9, 19, 15, 55-70
Dennis Miller: "Just smoke again."
Oprah Winfrey: "I want to hit her in the head or I'll kill [her grandson/husband]." 4/22 "There must not be any pleasure in your life until you obey me." 4/23
Condi Rice on 4/26/12: "Debbie stays on the streets if she doesn't obey Oprah." 4,3,47
Oprah Winfrey: "I wrecked her smile and still I wasn't happy."
BF 99 cent store on Preston as 73 Oprah: "...No more film for free..." is 89 for Ezra 2.13 which isn't Matt. 2.13!
Ann Romney: "I thought you were sick for saying no to them."
Debbie: "That was so sweet of you not to contact me about it. Just rush in and slap me around based on the one-sided report from the ones who engineers things like this. It must make you feel powerful avenging people looking for fame and fortune at the expense of their family members"" Vios con Deus. Note to Oakland: Just concentrate on the website. Occupy is in Mrs... "
It's racism to take things away from Debbie just to protect your criminal selves."
Oprah: "When I see white, I see sex." 10
She did a marvelous job brainwashing this one against Mueller"
Small WF employee at Ricki Lake Lib: "You'll never get his meat away from me." 4/27, 27-73-55 Oprah Winfrey
Grizzoli's 73-84 Condi Rice: "He's not your turn." 99s 4/29
They use every opportunity for inflights of fanrtasy. Fright fests thrive on espionage"
Penn Foster's WF: "I won your Asian."
Following a black bag theft from my room, Oprah Winfrey had this to say when I replaced it with a second print-out: "No print-outs unless I can see my face." I notified the entity involved that he has been subverted by a stalker on me! 5/2 62 moi and 70 the sheriff involved
BF at FB Station: "You're a snatch if I say. I don't want your intelligence!" 1334 hrs 5/2
Bush Sr: "I said even tempered" is a BF fright fest on all those who disobey this coup machinery. [All retaliations on disobedient individuals will be carried out by black females stalking us"]
Julia Roberts: "I can stop her with a stroke." Dub was for Condi Rice, professor at Stanford University in California.
BF Dallas FBI and her counter part in the east stalking the mayor's office": "Alright, I can't make a capture, but she remains my appliance." 54 73-Oprah Winfrey 4/29, 108 and 7X-Mueller
Oprah continues: "No more Happy Birthday or I'll miss." [No more Holy Bible as a guide or I'll use Wendy Gramm's lying vaginas on men].
Corrupting orientals - Hate crimes
Condi Rice: "I'm going to smash you in the face for doing that to them." 108 reports, 3, 73-Local FBI 55
Anderson Cooper: "Everybody thinks you're just a twox, but I think you're a cut."
Proverbs 3.5
Spare me the roach McGoo.
Judge Wopner: "I'll never see you in my court again." 54-Taking tapes "She's just Misooki's snatch." 25, 18
Oprah won't stop using orientals to steal from me: "...not until you stop trying to build a scream on me." 4/29 11 "I made her too big inside." 27-All thefts using landlords
Avatar Jake: "We'll tear up the sky you fly in. No pacing them. Now, you're filth!"
Oprah: "No more pretty hair. I can make it all fall out. 92-10 "I don't want her to have a dick."
Misooki Park: "I don't want her to use her whole on my men."
Barrymore's Essentials: "It's a very pridge to throw you out [of the internet]. You're porn."
Adultery is pretend. Everything else is real.
Dan Quayle: "Second marriages are lust."
Oprah Winfrey: "In Kwon said I could have his children [to do what I want with them. Mikey in jail in California]. I can't get up for what I did to her little boy. I messed him up good and the other one, she'll never see again. I thought she was an imitation. So what I trapped her little boy. I told the [BF DA] to put him in for three years [this is not the first time she's done this to him]. I don't want to play with her thing. [No husband and wife teams]. We thought you were quaint, but nevertheless, diseased. [Holding down Debbie so Condi Rice et al can take her place in all matters is a hate crime conspiracy overthrow]. "No up on. Just kill her off. I don't have time for this nonsense. I spoil everybody's plans with espionage."
Female in booth #JA12 Lake Lib: "My pain or a heart attack." 5/2 1717 hrs. re: Helping Hands shopping carts disappearences like the tapes and cheap film I use to report communist terrorism and stalkings"
Mr. Moon: "I'll just say I did it and mess her up. You have to listen to me or I'll take your things." 1958 hrs 5/2
Debbie: Black females are sexually harassing me and when I object, they advise me they're going to cal the police! I am suffering from thefts" Those remarks about Krakatoa was espionage"
Vicious Voice in the Sky: "I don't want her to be great." 5/3 and then
A Smith echo: 16 "You're not going to get him until you obey me." 47 5/3
Oprah's NSA threatening me from the TV: "No soul." 24
Up yours!"
The Secret Service says you do it too much.
Adam Kaufman: "I need you foot to get up."
Hugh Nolan: "You'll be put in the rack if you tell we're playing games" on the taxpayer's dime.
Yale Galanter: "She found him in her car."
Officer Smith: "I know how to control Casey by being nice." 70, 5/7
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll trap. I want no world with Jesus Christ!"
Deborah Bradley: "I didn't honor her. I bugged her to get pregnant."
Lisa Sharkey: "You hurt us. I'm sane."
Jane Velez-Mitchell: "I'll shoot her." 33 [Look who has a weapon at their disposal].
Bobby Rack in Las Vegas: "We have alot of Misookis here, but we'd have to take you down for telling too much. Okay, we're no lust." 47
BF Police radio dispatcher: "No one can stop my black air."
OM McDonald's McChicken Commercial with the BF: "I don't want to be chicken [to be eaten]. I want to beat it [beat the Catholic girl up]."
Mueller says doesn't want johns, so Debbie doesn't catch them anymore.
BF Undercover Sting: "Okay, I tried to be your kay not him. Okay, he's grill kay."
Guy named Chester in a hotel room: "Eat your kay and then make love."
Hooker Trap Team Leader: "Hopefully they won't let her up again for catching my kay."
BF police officer-prostitutes "Saunders": "He's my john."
Adios Louisiana.
Note to Pascagoula's: The only thing Dallas FBI looks for is people selling Debbie blank cassette tapes.
This country's going broke and blokes are sitting around making up crime scenerios and that's not handsome to me. Seducing people into committing crimes are hate crimes, doh-doh!"
BF Police radio dispatcher in West Memphis: "I'll have to take her website for telling on us."
Keith Edwards: "Dibbs"
George Bush Sr.: "Debbie's going to wish she didn't say that."
Cops telling stories won't be allowed anymore. Bradford County got caught, too and film in New Orleans was sexual hatemail. Did you not figure this out?
Oprah Winfrey through another: "I could have killed that guy and put [your kid] in for Life."
Of course she means with the laser, Stupid!
Bush Sr. : "I can stop voters."
Sick! Sick! I'm being overruned by it!"
She blocks him from being gainfully employed and then pushes him in the wrong direction out of desperation. I fear for my children all the time.
There is no pleasing Evil. She always finds an excuse to sabotage us again!
There's no pleasing her evil" 5/8/12
BF Library patron next to me: Scracthed the mouse twice loudly with the nails of her right hand in the upper right hand corner of the table. 1531 hrs. same date" What does it mean? No real!
Only her descriptions of life will be allowed using the technology
they have at their disposal for this coup d'etat!
Ron Paul: "You're poo. That's why we didn't let you get through to him (Chief of Police West Memphis, AR)." 27 
Mitt Romney: "You're pathetic for missing me with the pollack."
Officer Smith while stalking Debbie's emails: "I don't want her teaching [the police] religion" was said when the Vatican was put in, but not and Rev. Graham.
B.D. Wong for Oprah Winfrey: "He wants to be my mnonkey. He wants to see things." 5/8
BM #8 terminal 1358 hrs 5/8 Cromwell: "Okay, Harlem" 35
Danny Glover: "I'm not her type."
Officer Smith: "I said no 7." 25, 33 "Now I'm your tissle."
Oprah Winfrey: "You're poo if I can get away with stuff. You're a xhole if you tell us."
All criminals think like you! But your day will come just like theirs did.
Right! This is the lynch mob!
Mr. Moon: "I said (thru a BM earlier on the street) there's the crazy bitch." 5/9
BF in Big Lots getting in front of me: "I still have the spatula. I'm here to spoil [life] for you."
Oprah Winfrey voiced by a WM on green train going south: "I said 10 more years with my thin/pettiness for showing us." 5/9
Robert Osbourne for Oprah Winfrey: "Alright, I can't use the African female on your [husband] but still no romantic." 55-14E 5/10
John Bolton: "We don't like your editorialism."
Bush creates trouble so Debbie could be let go by him.
Joe Biden: "Now I can make you down."
Simon Rosenburg: "They (the police) don't have to know." 24
BF Popeye's Chicken: "You'll never be famous unless you obey us." 14E
Read what I said to Oprah up there.
Cherri Rowe: "I super make him. He's my tit. You're not going to 53/prosecute us!." 5/5 92-42, 2
Misooki Park: "No Americano for him."
WM Chevrolet Cavender: "No chevy priest."
BF Jared airline hostess: "Now I can't get up with him."
How long will that last? Or is she just lying?
WF Southwest KIA: "Now you can't hold all of Texas."
BF "Jackie": "Okay, I tired to be your key, not him. Okay, he's brill kay."
The Last Word: "I'm a polygamist."
Maxine Waters: "...He stinks. ...[crazy thought] my wish."
This tactic is troublemaking"
Ed Buss: "You're not famous. You're just cage."
Mark Wisehart: "I think she's just poo."
Clarice Tinsley: "No us."
Condi Rice: "I thought she was Bush and we could get away with this."
Roselynn Edwards: "I said no wholes first."
This is repeated on the streets everywhere with baby carriages. PCO is paganism and STILL none of your business. You're not going to figure ways of getting rid of men as they are!!!
I've had it with craziness!
You call a woman that name outside of marriage and that's what you are!
Married women are none of your business!
Michael Graham: "You're still a clitoris."
Are they trying to get me to take my wedding rings off?
Black female in Cromwell Library: "The Chinese said I could play with your bed" is treason, a UN game with echelon espionage against Americans!.. 20 "I'm making sure she's dead for this."
All punks abusing equipmnent to destroy marriages of whites
that refuse to obey communists!.
Illuminati plays both sides until they get what they want..
WM patron: "She thinks she's the sheriff."
Dallas Police: "Did Debbie take Maricopa's side?"
Debbie: "What do you think?"
Oprah Winfrey: "No processing him married." 5/5 "At once, I can arson. Alright, I'll scream and that it'll get you noticed." 5/11/12
Cruel society plays again!
Rebecca Coleman: "I said no staying in heaven down there. Pace him. Okay, she can't teach. I'll take the father. I thought she was a fxcking chaj (Korean word for male genitals)." 10, 47 5/4
Officer Smith: "I've come to take all your pleasure away. Let's be engaged in this/71 - Federal witness. We can godspeed. You can be our harem."
"Do you want to bet?
Debbie: "He hit her first. I'll send the pictures to Dallas Police."
Dallas Police: "Debbie is not lying. You don't need those details in print."
I promise to do that in Forest Haven.
Robert Casey: "I said I would arrest her for telling on lust."
Ishkabibble: "They're not "babies" in the womb. Get over it already and sto[p lying about Debbie with that word."
Debbie: "Here's an easy way to look at it. In the womb, the human organism is on life support and without a sign of life off the support while in the womb, it's not a baby. If you take it off life support, it will die. Thus on life support without signs of life that shows brain activity; recognition etc, that's not human. The word "baby" is not in the Holy Bible. Responding to cues is not necessarily humanity. Now do you understand? Life support outside of the womb is not the same thing unless the family wants to terminate it and there is no signs of life there. What if its born sickly and deformed and being kept alive until assesstments are done. Do the parents still want to bring it to term? These are hard questions, but what if they don't want to have it face the hard realities of deformaties? Blindness and things like that? Should it be forced to live with crooked arms and legs? Is life better in a wheelchair never to be able to run and play like others? Never to be able to apply lipstick or smile with straight teeth and hair that cascades down your bent shoulders and twitching head?
Rizzoli: "I can't let you up for knowing that." 2,4,47
Sears for Casey: "We're trying to profile you so they can torture you. I don't want you to have one tooth." 33, 47
Oprah Winfrey: "Allwright, I'll clip her when she rounds a corner. ..."
BM Pepboys: "You're a snatch. It means never you first."
Bush Sr. for Casey: "Another month no up." 99-84-89
Smith: "I'm the light or my tyranny." 47. 25, 25, 2, 2, 33
Casey: "Maybe I'll give her a heart attack. Allright, I'll knock her down and teach her a lesson. 89 We'll buy you a vibrator."
Mitt Romney: "I'll kill her when she gets into Air Force 2."
Bush Sr.: "As long as she wants to be real, no tapes." 55-73 Oprah "I said no back for your who... I'll trip her. I'll make sure she's dead that way before I let her up. No wordly." 10
Drew Barrymore: "I'll make sure you lose that election. I own Steve (The LA District Attorney)."
Smith 71 on the train: "Give nme the names of MHMR workers and I'll put the tapes back." 5/15
Mel Gibson: "I'm going to kill you for trying to stop mine." 55
Bush Sr.: "I never liked your family.
 16, 47, 10
Donna: "Troublemaking pusbag has spoken."
BF Auto City: "No first of anything because she didn't share with me."
BF TWC: "You're pollution."
Smith: "Now I don't blink. I want Debbie dead and that FBI agent faked. Casey said I could spy on her at home. I'll have a psychotic break when they conme to get me."
Casey: "Start." Put the IPD on me.
Oprah Winfrey: "...if you win on Noember 15, I'm going to kill you. 18, 47 I think you're still forney down there... 10, 10 I said no more sex with you. Perhaps the bank will break her. I told you not to bring a case against us." 11
Barry Obama: "We're tire4d of Casey running the FBI with espionage. We said no stalkers hearing the tapes Debbie makes, so they have retaliated by preventing  Debbie from having tapes..."
Casey: "We didn't let you have the tapes because you're just twxx to Mueller."
Bill Clinton: "In his sick mind, that's the way he sees things."
Benjamin Crump: "I thought having those tapes was too much evidence against us. You have to understand, it's not enough evidence."
Michael Reagan: "I started the term "piggie pie" to protect the police. Oprah shouldn't be allowed to demoralize the Secret Service by turning things she likes against her. Debbie will not play with communists and that bra A-Queda is Oprah vonjuring."
Oprah Winfrey: "I want to see you put her back on cigarettes." 47, 47, 25, 4, 92 Danny says she's just a ho..."
Defenbaugh: "I said, if she's just a ..., why are you afraid of her?"
Debbie: "They're crazy. They take everything out of context."
Smith: "I can cancel her contract with [website carrier] because you talked about cigarettes with them. You belong to me if you talk about cigarettes. Robert said this to me."
Debbie: "When did you meet Robert Mueller?"
Dr. Casey: "She's addicted to these tapes."
Greta: "I'm on Misooki's side. They should hear the tapes."
Robert Mueller: "After they're charged, their lawyer can request to hear the evidence, but not before.. and that goes for Smith listening in without a warrant. The number of incidents per stalker is astronomical. It's a petty delusion they have that we owe them everything because of slavery. The queen is not afraid of us.... with Myo Kim is racism. Steve will back me up"
Oprah Winfrey responds: "... I don't want the f...cops. I just want to beat her up. I told you not to give her hope. He'll want Myo Kim. I want no action on her until I'm ready. You can't get me and I'm going to get you. It'll cost all of her teeth to get the tapes. 9 I'm dying to make a point. No Yonkers. I said jump on her if she farts."
Dana Perino: "No husband now."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'm going to take out all your teeth for saying no to my machine. And ruin Dodge."
Dan Quayle: "I say she's just pollution. If I were you, I'd take all of her teeth. Get the orientals away from religion. Break-up her marriage."
Colin Powell: "You're a [whole]... 44 That's a shame what you said about Michelle." 44
Debbie: "Where's your warrant to easvedrop on private conversations, dirtbag? Criminal dirtbags twist things, also."
Oprah Winfrey: "I wanted to practice on her fur. That's why no penis." 41, 29, 2
Zoe Saldana on screen: 24, 47
Roselyn Edwards: "True to higher. Now I hold you down." 18, 2
FX Movie announcer: "No sex."
Oprah Winfrey: "I maintain her tickle with no Lou." 92-29, 33, 6, 18, 18, 4
Jason Bateman: "No Zoe." 27-73 Oprah
Bush Sr.: "Don't paraphrase what I say."
Winston doing maverick: "China says no tapes." 47, 92-13
FBI Director: "Well whoop-di-do for them. 14E to those who obey."
Dallas Police: Debbie's not lying. You don't need those details in print."
Justice Relay: "Leaking what isn't criminal, is terrorism."
Mr. Moon: "I can't win with her. No her hair in him." 70 the Korean mafia
BF Bank at Preston & Midway when I was at the ATM: "Don't tell on me."
OF wearing a black coat exposing cleavage: "Now I say no Debbie eat. Shhh! or I'll heart attack." 74
Ann Romney: "You may never make it to second place for playing with the other guy." 2, 18 "You know I can't be your foot." 2 "I won't be her fur for this."
FOP: "And you mam may never make it to Starbucks. We'll skin her."
Debbie: "And why is that, George? No in God we trust? Time to cough, Honey."
Romney: "No Danny in trust."
Bush: "We're so disappointed in Donna."
Eric: "Only loyal can get up in Debbie, not show up one day and disappear the next"
Marco Rubio: "I don't want her up. I'm so your side. I'm Nom. You're not in this thing. I don't want him American. They want Hispanics. You're not up in worth. I'm worse." 74
Romney: "It's time to take her off." 2
Debbie: "She hasn't read what we wrote in Fright or here. She's responding to Oprah's satellites stalking me as I write in the library. We don't want Hispanic puppets that come for troublemakers. Without a warrant, you're not worth a plum nickle to us."
Mueller: "He's a claim jumper."
Debbie: "Do you know what this means, George? And stop playing with the "ding" on the buses."
Noam Chomsky: "No illegals having more rights than the citizenry."
Spike: "Debbie's a heavyweight."
Rush Limbaugh: "They'll chew you up and spit you out just for a story. That's sadism not journalism and we shouldn't fear them lurking at every turn. You have to be on call for them is wrong."
InKwon: "I can't be happy with Debbie because fur will transfer."
Oprah to In Kwon: "I said no fist with her on me."
Relay: "Casey is psychotic because he can't break Debbie off of these tapes. That's terrorism on the victim making the tapes instead of the fur."
Relay: "Oprah sees things that aren't there just so she can ruin things for whites. Who ias she to stalk them in the first place?"
Black female relay: "I made it look like heart failure. And we need to kill Reagan for [in exchange for release of] you family."
Relay: "The care for all this jealousy is a bullet in the head. Can you shoot straight to Chicago?"
Oprah Winfrey: "You accepted him with your pussy and I don't like that. Blow that thing up in her real big and only leave a little peehole." 7/13 1903 hrs
Condi Rice: "I said no conjugal visits. It might make him white." 35
Joe Biden: "I heard that!"
Robert Mueller: "Bush is trailer trash compared to Debbie and I can get a thousand people to say that."
Oprah Winfrey: "She's just an imitation of me."
Relay: "Debbie isn't caustic, so you lie again."
Queen Elizabeth II: "I said no romantic. That's why everybody is trying to kill you." 7/17
Mueller: "What does that have to do with Debbie's life? Can't they separate the two?"
Debbie: "I said romance, that's why! I want to see sparkles in the eyes of Americans."
Ann Romney: 25, 25, 25, 18, 29, 13, 35....
Debbie: "Don't murmur. It brings out the boogeyman and they kill people."
Radio DART: "You could get 20 years for being hear."
In Kwon: "All I said is I want her pussy' so I could get along with them."
Smith: "I wanted to launch all my men and end her play. I have to set up a court date for her because he's my man." 2105 hrs 7/18
Bush Sr.: "We're going to start lassr on her for this."
Indianapolis Police: "Fish can put us in triage."
Oprah Winfrey: "She needs a stroke for tewlling on them [Colorado Massacre]."
Plum: "I thought she was a mean penis for using us."
Black Female in uniform: "I thought you were breaking the law, but now I'm not sure."
QEII: "I don't want your hot pants."
Debbie: "Tell Twiggy to cut-a-cho-gee (Korean for get lost). This is my country, not hers. God knows what they did to that creep Holmes."
Smith: "All of [the police] are mine when they hear my side." 16
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"We are not going to run the United States this way, Mr. Bush!"
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