Has anyone said these things to you? Well, beware, they're all
All these comments can trigger NORTHWEST if the speaker is subversive.
Use of subversive lingo is a marker.
A 'whole" slew of vulgar words are said by this bunch of derelicts"
Communists are obsessive people"
Troublemakers-in-your-head and sometimes around you will point out what Debbie does "wrong" and this is a stalking"
If they say anything intrusive, report it. You are being stalked.
This lingo is embedded with racist meanings.
For me it goes like this:
A communist will accuse you of what they're doing to evade!
All I see is crazy [without provocation gives you away]
Atonement [Terrorism]
Careful (in a threatening way)
Chill her!
Continue no Mrs.
Crazy bitch
Crazy Lady
Crazy woman
Debbie's almost all hubris. (I wish)
Debbie doesn't make any cents.
Destroy the United States.
Don't use my name.
Don't voice me.
Do you want to hear from a crazy woman?
Dump it!
Fam Drops all other syllables from a word or phrase (abbreviation for Family)
He belongs to me.
He'd rather have marijuana than you.
He'll never come home again.
Here Boy! Here, Boy!
He's Bentley.
He's got a lot of money.
He's mine.
Hold her.
Hurt her!
I can make people mental by saying I'm black.
I didn't [say] know.
I didn't say she was real.
I don't think she's real.
I don't understand.
I don't want to be responsible for you.
I have to punish you for disobeying ... is none of your business.
I heard her say....
I know about the pennies.
I know her address.
I know how to make her (seem) mental.
I'll call the police.
I'll let her... I let them...
I'll make him.
I'm afraid...
I'm all around you, Babe
I'm dangerous.
I'm Death.
I'm old.
I own the police.
I said....
I said no hope.
I said no Jesus Christ.
I said no one getting a fever for her ...." is a dictatorship.
I said no up.
It costs!
I thought she was Bush. (I thought she was bullshit)
I took her tickle away.
It's just physical.
It's very impossible for her if I say so. (Hate Crime)
I wanna see her suffer.
I want....
Just once.
Just the second.
Little Sister says....
No Babe.
No close.
No Debbie.
No first.
No fur.
No good people.
No happiness. And now its: No making other people happy.
No health.
No husband.
No in.
No longer [means "no song on her"]
No loud.
No love.
No lust.
How can they say this one without espionage? After they know where you are, they have to stalk you to make that ugly case against you!
No Mrs.
No miracle.
No one.
No pretzel.
No real.
No sex in marriage except for pro-creation and if I catch you again ....
No teeth.
No truth.
....not until you obey me.
No up.
Now watch!
...not until you obey me.
No virgins.
For more No! go to the pages EXTREME, BOLO, IDOLATRY.
Say ...
See my fist!
She doesn't need him.
She hardly reads the Holy Bible.
She looks too much like the police.
She scares me.
She's a fist.
She's a foot.
She's a joke.
She's a weirdo.
She's brainwashing you against .... [corruption]
She's crazy.
She's got a habit [marriage] and it must stop.
She's got disassociation Diseases (Senility)
She's just poo.
She's just stink.
She's just tis.
She's just trash.
She's not Catholic. [means she's not black]
She's scaring my children standing there. [Bus stops etc]
She's so sweet, but ....
She's teeth.
Teeth in regards to the law is not unlawful, but make sure whatever you do it's lawful!
She's too old to be vice president.
She's white trash.
She's weird.
Stop! [Obstructive]
There she is!
They did it too much (with each other in wedlock)
They're my police!
This doesn't make sense.
We don't need him.
We don't want your light.
What does it mean?
What? What? What?
You'll never see him again!
You need to atone.
You're scaring people.
You're too ...
You're too old.
You're too tall.
You were warned.

You may hear various alterations of what is here. The main thing is to remember, it you hear anything that resembles this tone, you must report it or obey. It will not go away, if ignored..
To become familiar with vulgar terrorism in action and the speakers thereof, read through these pages.*
U.S. Secret Service 1-12-11
Gitmo 11-9-11
Leavenworth 2-20-12
Fright 6-10-12
Terrell 7-11-12
Espionage 10-12-12
Disgruntles 11-5-12
MYOB 10-20-14
Vulgar Skin 2-27-15
All lynch mobs have something to say and it's usu. a threat.
And to Definitions where some of these words are explained. Again, if any of this sounds familiar or you've heard a minor talk like this, please contact someone in this website.
If you continue in the above direction, you will be made into ammunition for subversion of the United States of America, aka pupa.
This is how they get around the Constitution"
"We're not fooled, George!"
*Your children shouldn't be reading this without your supervision. I don't want you to be afraid, but this is my business"
I consider this Lingo criminals in your head. Sometimes, you'll be able to get away with using this language, but most times you can't. I identify people using this language very quickly to law enforcement authorities. Don't call it snitching. They want to know who hears lust. Thank you for your cooperation.
Bush: "I'm black tyranny coming on you as retaliation."

When are you going to leave my life alone?
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I will alphabetize when I get some time.
August 10, 2010