LYNCH MOBS are Lust for mind control; and its racism to attempt stink"
Einstazgrubben: The Nazi organization of groups targets dissenters and people they didn't like"
 is the designated Snitch on satellite with lasers stalking us. He denies Debbie privacy, due process and does all the meanness on her and others for those who wish to hurt her at any given time.
These people can be found on the Evil.
They call him a perk.
If you comment on Debbie's private life, you become a stalker. 
The following is a list of stalkers you may come in contact with if you become a witness against tyranny.
Most all of the stalkers that participate in games are being directed by one or more of the persons listed on
They will use hurtful ways to coerce/intimidate, bribe, or extort a Target into submission.
The contents of the pages listed below contain adult comments not suitable for children!
X101 is on EXTREME*
Except for the first one, this list has been removed
U.S. Secret Service 1-12-11
Gitmo 11-9-11
Leavenworth 2-20-12
Fright 6-10-12
Terrell 7-11-12
Espionage 10-12-12
Disgruntles 11-5-12
Mind Your Own Business 10-20-14
Millionaires 1-31-15
Kumite 2-14-15
Vulgar Skin 3-2-15
NEVER 8-5-15
All lynch mobs have something to say and it's usu. a threat.
Viewing these lists of stalkers' LINGO and hostile temperament (because they have espionage on the victim) should clear your head about what's going on out here"
Please report it, if it happens to you!
WEAPONRY is often used at the time something is spoken.
Don't "play" on or near this witness, and don't assume illegalities about her. You are not authorized by the police to intimidate Deborah Song" You are not a new person to her, but one of many in a string of terrorism"
One or more persons who know your private business in a public way is Intimidation.
Without reading her website, your play is communism - a felony..
Your heirs only to imprisonment.
Darkening the nostrils of people on TV or movies is I-105, [X234 is communism]!
Discovering Mark 9.40 is stalking" and should have been put down at the first sign.
I-104 is a team that goes after the witness"
Hobby Lobby wins!
  • Harassment by neighbors on matters not shared with them through relationships
  • You may think something is over and done with, but not these monsters.
  • Because my husband was born in Korea, oriental female(s) make sexually intrusive comments or poses
  • Usu. whatever someone does in front of you, it may match something you did with someone in private.
  • No one will answer your questions.
  • There will usu. be someone who breaks in and gets attention away from you.
  • People may walk in front of you suddenly.
  • Vehicles may jump a curb if you're standing on a corner.
  • Males may solicit you or make lewd comments tailor-made to your personal life.
  • Black females will indicate they're not happy with your private choices
  • People will brush against you when they pass, usu. rather roughly. If you protect yourself from them, they will get hostile and may even call the police and make false reports!
  • People will put their feet in the aisle and get hostile if they're touched.
  • They act as if you put them out when asked to move out of the way.
  • Packages will be more important than you having a seat.
  • They may try to pull you down or fall on you, just to scare, just to accidentally assault.
  • License plates may spell words or have dates and initials in them.
  • None will take your side even if they saw something bad happen.
  • You will be called a snitch for reporting a crime.
  • Dirty looks and comments may be in a vehicle or on a bus.
  • These people are total strangers.
  • Cars will cut you off at a corner.
  • Pedestrian crossings will become hazardous. Stay awake!
  • Really scary is cops playing these games.
  • BF on Bus 534 East and Trinity Mills Station: "I accomplished this for you to send hatemail ["two cars"]. 2/2/12
  • BF on the 486 East 2/1/12: "You better not try to miss him with that one." [Hostile females gang up on me everywhere plausible for them to travel in packs reminding me they want sex with my husband].
  • BF in the library line turns her back to us and faces the north: "Don't share."
  • BF at Royal Lane Station: "I can make her mental with my machine." A MM is with her.
  • MF juvenile with MM boyfriend gets on the bus in Garland on Beltline: "I'll tell the police she called me a taco head..."
  • MM juvenile at FB Library sitting next to a BF juvenile: "That way I can find out if she's the FBI." Both are very loud and not obeying library rules. No one dare tells them to be quiet.
  • The boyfriend on the bus: "Just call the DART Police and say she said stuff. She said intimidation."
Bush Sr., former president of the United States,
was born in June whose demon is Berith, the devil to call on for a homicide.
He deliberately puts things where I can find them, so he can snitch and then torture me.
  • Depending on what is current in your work life, they will play it out in front of you in public as intimidations.
  • Black females pretending to be my long lost husband. Copies his mannerisms.
  • Black females going to and standing on street corners when I enter the area means "no foreigners" in my possession, their word for him.
  • School children will talk vulgarly.
  • People get on and off public transportation and say things only an intimiate friend would know.
  • Black females trying to beat you to a checkout counter or line being formed.
  • People, usu. black females will push against you on a bus or train to the point of causing an injury
  • THERE IS NO PRIVACY anymore.
  • Requests for computer terminals will send you to one where a Black Female is waiting to harass you with comments and often a child.
  • Children in the area will be running loose and say things, push on you, hit or seize your stuff. This will go on for a while before the female tells them to stop and disciplining them will not be much better..
  • Parents are often hateful when you're annoyed by their kids and sometimes, usu. white females are defensive and argumentive for a bribe.
  • Police officers may drive-by and give dirty looks
  • Their police cars may be numbered in relationship to a current and private matter.
  • Employees of grocery stores and fast food restaurants say things
  • Then their patrons say things.
  • And when you try to leave the wind will hold the door closed.
  • People stand too closely behind you so you'll bump into them if you turn around"
  • Buses come late or not at all, so more poeple came walk or drive by to say things.
  • They'll look in your cart.
  • Buses leave early.
  • Cars splash you as if it were sport on a cold day.
  • Shoe strings are untied by the lasers. I had to tape mine down.
  • Things are put on the sidewalk to trip you at night.
  • People come out from behind buildings and large trees suddenly
  • Cars pull into driveways without signally or tapping their horns.
  • Cashiers say $3.24 and the receipts say $3.26. There will always be a difference of two cents.
  • The JFK corner full of pagans will laugh at you.
  • Judge Wopner: Break the CD player so she has to hear what I say." 6/12/12 and so it was since January.
  • Imitations of famous people are usu. nice to me, but there are those...
  • Landlord will steal things from you and leave urine all over the bathroom toilet area as hatemail for you to clean up" The second part is rare, but the first part has happened everywhere. The toilet will overflow when nothing was put in it.
  • Black female postal clerks threaten to throw your mailings in the trash.
  • The weatherman predicts clear and sunny and a storm comes suddenly.
  • The more they know about us, the more they trash us with intimidations.
  • Black females in elevators is a scary thing that is mostly lasers.
  • Your expected mail will disappear and never show up. You will be harassed in the streets about it by a mob of proxies for a disgruntled troublemaker stalking you via satellite technology not authorized for thier rogue agendas or pet peeves.
  • People are told what to say and say it for a bribe. Some of them make false reports.
  • I am always here waiting for your comments:
  • These tactics require hundreds of people ready to commit themselves to criminal activity at a moment's notice. They are all racketeering and they all know what to say before you and I arrive or leave"
  • Read Extreme #119.
  • You cannot hide from a satellite, especially a sick one from hell!
Learning to talk this way only benefits the enemy.
Extreme 1-250
Bolo 251-500
Idolatry 501-
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