Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""
1404 HRS, OCTOBER 20, 2014

NOTICE: If any of this language sounds familiar to you, please record it.

Department of Justice: We shouldn't have outlawed the word and not the behavior.
Oprah Winfrey: "Congress is Balfour." 10/16/14
Michelle Obama:  I do what I want or this!" 41 "No bread or I get to kill the husband." 92-38
And then on 10/19/14: "I get to torture her and them (FBI Director Mueller) or kill the husband. I'll kill Warren if Diane tells on me."
Dan Quayle: I'll get that pix from her." 10/19
Oprah Winfrey: "I don't want her to use her thing on him (so she and Myo Kim can use theirs with him because everyone knows color with color is black), "He chose me and left."
Debbie: "Liar! He tried to kill me for Oprah. That's why she calls herself Misooki. I was so afraid of this evil bitch in him, the FBI sent him away and Oprah made it worse. Blacks make everything worse with espionage and illegal access. Oprah is so crazy with jealousy she uses high tech and reveals her relations with other fascists in pursuit of my children also. What they were doing everywhere and expanded to be protected by the government as some kind of payback for slavery."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'm mad."
Debbie: "No, you're evil. I'm not a foreign power pointing missles at you! You need lock up for the things you did to me, my family and all these other victims."
The FBI: "It's a sin to coerce Debbie into becoming like you."
Oprah Winfrey: "I give cancers to people who don't sleep for me."
Debbie: "Are you referring to Mueller, bitch?"
Oprah Winfrey: "I will not shoulder my shit on you!"
Anonymous: "She's terrorizing you into calling her what she is, so she can expose you after she exhausts herself in crimes on you for it. The press and other slaves of mind control are afraid to say No! to tyranny and thereby make terrorist stronger."
Eric Holder, the Attorney General: "Stop torturing her with that laser and stay out of her room. You don't need to go to Beck with anything. You don't need to watch her. She's mine, now and forever".
The FBI: "Psychotic reactions to that word is fascism. Everyone taking a criminal's side in the face of a victim is conspiracy terrorism. She will point you out! Let there be no mistake about that. That's why we said no famous on Oswald TV or interviews with echelon coached stalkers. Stupid racism is everywhere", but the press should have been interested in her suffering"
Debbie: "We have to move B-11 in to the New Testement and shed vain misconceptions.. ARN is lying about Ebola. It's hate saying "Take CIA page off." (Eliminate the common letters in their last scare and this one. It means no watching blacks break the law and no prosecution of them either as this, they concluded, is payback for slavery)*. That's lazy making up stories just to sell advertising and sometimes, it's engineered and it's scope is limited, but blown out of proportions. Corporations work hard to deliver us delectable products and none of them should be squeezed for the money if the press is lying! Did high finance really need to do that? No Oprah showing off her sick jollies in how many ways she can corrupt people. She and her LYNCH MOBS are felonies.
Mueller: "No first."
The FBI: "That word used on innocent people is hurtful. It doesn't, however, make them targets because blacks control most all evil echelon. Most, if not all white on black crimes are engineered by blacks for publicity against whites to give blacks more control of the press and to "help a sister" get rich. Most recent was Furguson's Misery. They target young black males to rile up EASYASPIE. However, some of these stories are fabrications of the press thinking like Oprah - it's Hollywood, why not? Blacks shouldn't be allowed to rile up anyone using spy satellites"
Debbie: "You were taken into slavery because you didn't fight back like the Indians. Now that's the end of it. And the truth isn't racist" Stop deceiving yourselves at everyone's expense!."
Michelle Obama: "Hit her again in the stomach for telling on us!" 1223 hrs, 10/19 "I own the DAR."
Jackie Lacey: "I'll take her off (the internet) for using that word [even before I put it in the internet]."
Michelle Obama after breaking a light bulb less than 2 months old: "I feel better." And once again, she flips her Zionist finger in my face. 10/20/14
Jackie Lacey: "I thought I could win against you if I had all the advantages." Spoken while I was waiting on a late bus which cost me two connections. 10/24/14
Jackie Lacey: "You're not going to take away my guy." 41 10/27/14
Oprah Winfrey: "If you don't obey me, I'll ruin the crops." 10/28/14 "I own Elaine (mind control - X208)." 92-26-28-27-55
George Bush Sr.: "You're too high tone." 38, 38 "You're filth." 10/28/14
Wintson broke my TV's 2nd channel control button..
Black female FBI Dallas: "You're mine for lying about me." 10/29/14, 1832 hrs. echo
Debbie: "You could only say this if you were stalking me on screen! Boo Ya! Renegade piece of shit got caught!" 1834 hrs. "Besides, last night you said you would not admit to the truth about Defenbaugh ... so who cares what you say, racist!. And we don't "own" people in this country, or stalk people and say we do. Slavery was oulawed in the 1800's and tyranny was outlawed in the 1700's. And, you need to die for spitting on me for no reason at all except I was the closest white to the elevator you came up and down on. I was just sitting there, looking at the gas station prices across the way and waiting on the train when you came up out of nowhere, stood in front of me and spat your hocker im my face! What's the matter? That laser from hell isn't enough torture for you on me? Who told you where to find me? Didn't you tell Casey you'd leave me alone for some sugar? Did you threaten Rodriguez to his face yet?"
BF FBI stalking Debbie: "Now I can pull." 27-88, 55
Anonymous: "She lives up to that name on us."
Annonymous BM: "She's cheap."
Debbie: "Do you like espionage and terrorism? She changes my screens without my permission to something she can use to say NO! to me having a private life!. That stunt you just pulled, besides making a match with that description, was caught on a screen that will be given to your boss. So trash away, big shot."
BF FBI Dallas: 18, 41
Debbie: "Isn't this what this is all about? Playing the game and punishing people who call you the name?"
Bill Clinton: "Eric won."
Eric Holder: "That's absolutely right.."
BF FBI Dallas: "I own fright."
Danny: "That's rogue government that is not supported by the FBI. Maybe you ought to look for a job in the Secret Service."
BF FBI Dallas: "I'll kill Steven [Debbie's oldest child]."
Debbie: "That's what Michelle Obama does - kills and maims members of my family for BFs. Are you teamed up with her too?"
BF FBI Dallas: "I like to scare the hell out of you."
Robert Mueller: "Is murdering someone scarey to you?"
Oriental female in pink sitting next to me [JA13]: "All I have to say is he has a habit with you."
Debbie: She's switching again. The habit one is named In Kwon. The habit means monogamy."
Robert Mueller: "There goes the bully lynch mobs again."
BF FBI Dallas: "Watch me! I own the police."
Debbie: "Oh Pleeeeze, Condi, spare me the poleeeze games." 26-92 left arm laser, 38 "Is this called pollution what you're saying and doing to me now - friends joining in with intrusive comments and the lasers? I heard she's posted. That means she wants to go to any city I go to like a stalker paid by the government to terrorize me."
Annonymous: "That means she's for sale to anyone who wants to hurt you."
Debbie: "Is that legal?"
Danny: "No. but they veil it." 1911 hrs
Oprah Winfrey: "I'm on guard you wanting him back. He's my slant." 1916 hrs 10/29
Danny: "Oh! No! Here comes the perverts."
Michelle Obama: "No smooth skin." 89-pins torture left arm by Winston. "I'm quite involved in Irving." 33 10/30/14
Winston: "He's our teeth."
Debbie: "You're suppose to be the hand of your husband, the president, not Bush and Oprah and Rice stalking our families and marriages."
Bush Sr.: "I said no husband till Christmas."
Debbie: "What happened to "no husband until October last summer?"
White male: "If you tell on Bush (the wayward conniving press), I'll laydown for Oprah."
Debbie: "Rioting to get your way makes you ....., says whites! And do tell me, why were the Koreans in west LA robbed and terrorized after the jury's verdict of not guilty in 1992? How were they related to Rodney King's evasion? Why could you not abide in the court's decision? There was a black male police officer on the scene during that so called beating and the press lopped off the4 sides and didn't show the whole picture - thereby giving the wrong impression" Why wasn't that illegal?"
Danny: "They jumped on a train and the buses and left downtown LA and went to west LA and attacked the Koreans. Why?"
Robert Mueller: "Bush is miffty since you found that video."
Debbie: "Tell me, how many of the blacks seen on TV and photographed by the press with their arms full of stolen Korean merchandise got arrested by LAPD? Ask the ever helpful NAACP, how many did they turn in for attacking innocence? Huh, Lacey? You said you owned them and that's why I better not come to LA. Well, I guess surely, the white people are right. You are!. The same thing goes for you, dirt bag!."
Danny's: "Giving blacks illegal access to power/espionage, made them that bad word."
Debbie: "Yes, I know protecting them made Tommy a bad boy! Neville Chamberlain conjured up Hitler that way, but let's not blame the government entirely for their lack of self-control. They're not retarded. They know right from wrong, too."
Bubbe: "What does Violent Asquith mean?"
Debbie: "Violet Bonham Carter Asquith was related to the Prime Minister's office. It's from this they conjured up the color purple. To Kill A Mockingbird was also fake."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no 12th for telling on us."
Robert Mueller: "And I said no Misooki." 1604 hrs
Secret Service: "129 on that card is 62."
Robert Mueller: "Thank you, Honey."
Oprah Winfrey through a stalker in green and black at Royal Station: "I'm requesting you see a doctor for saying no to them." 38
Debbie: "It'll be you that goes to Terrell, Mam, for stalking me."
BF in brown with the above female, also did Oprah: "I can't go now. I made the request ....I want black cheese...."
Secret Service: "Any black that wins at Debbie's expense is a felony."
Becky Smith: "He's my husband, not yours! Now I can call you crazy for refusing that card (through two Mexican females at TM Station)." 28-26
Debbie: "The Secret Service said I don't have to take hate mail from you.. Besides, 627 is the day my mother was killed and that's a cipher for Mueller wins. Why do you have to butt in and mess up my stuff?"
Mueller: "No Ashcroft games either. How dare you with that laser on her? You, son of a bitch!......"" 10/31
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no [InKwon] helping you." 58
Debbie: Oprah's a wuss for saying "bust up her family and marriage" for protection and her usage of them. See her game in this picture? Look closely, there more than one piece of hate?"
Wendy Davis on the TV in the foyer of my residence as I was getting ice: "Condi Rice is first or I am." 1914 hrs 10/30 33
Korean Landlord: "All I have to say is I got a problem and they take care of things for us." 55-27
BF in the hall on my way to my area: "I'll get her crazy ass..." Laughing loudly almost crazed.
Dallas Police: "Your husband isn't a black woman's ass. Hate crime the stalker photographed at Bachman Station."
Debbie: "She was 38, 41 and 11 lasers."
In Kwon: "Protect Korean troublemakers."
The FBI: "You're a dirty, hateful person to say that to me. He's still a criminal punk like Oprah wanting favors for bad behavior."
Debbie: "You taught the Koreans evil, In Kwon.  Everyone knows they were slickie boys, but to want protection for badness is gangster crap. America doesn't need more monsters."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll give him a heart attack if he lays down for her twot."
Debbie: "And that makes you the nggr all of Congress hates, Mam."
Jackie Lacey shouting from Los Angeles: "I can't permit this" upon viewing property I have not shown anyone since 1999. 10/31
Gummy Bear: "Did you go to the bank?"
Debbie: "Yes, I'll prepare the paperwork for submission upon next mailing."
Mueller: "That was me on the streets talking to you and the police."
Debbie: "Sure enough? The New York Yankees?"
Jackie Lacey: "I'm going to punish you for this" was just said to me via Echo.
Debbie: "You think you're God on everyone with espionage, but all you are is a big face stalking me in that one over there!.."1727 hrs 10/31
Hillman: "You're suppose to put me in."
Debbie: "It makes you look like a stupid jerk and I don't want to give that one away."
Anonymous: "Hillary wins."
Mueller: "Who asked you?"
Anonymous: "I bless her for GEMS."
Oprah Winfrey: "That wasn't the cops, it was the ........"
Debbie: "Somebody kill her for spying on us."
Anonymous: "Get me re-elected and I'll come like a bat out of hell. Brace yourself, I'm going to kill her anyhow."
Julia Pierson: "No Debbie. No first" 29 That's what I'll do to you."
Oprah Winfrey: "I want no surprises." 44
Bush Sr.: "As soon as you unplug that TV to fix it, I'll break it somewhere else."
Lacey in a MF at the washeteria: "If you get a cell phone, I'll use the laser (and break it)."
Oprah using the same girl: "No property if she doesn't share it with us."
Oprah Winfrey: "Keep harassing her into calling us niggers, so I can smash her." After a short time, she goes off again: "I want no feelings for her thing for telling on us. I'll plant an ounce of drugs on her. If you don't obey me, you'll never see your daughter again. Then what will you do for a tv?"
Mueller: "This devil dog on Debbie is against the law. Nothing she says can be trusted. Take everyone of them down or I will personally make Debbie famous!"
BF in a gold jacket at the bus stop: "I'm him (meaning In Kwon)."
BF at the bank: "I can take $ out of your account anytime I want until you obey me."
Winston: "I am suppose to sabotage you. That's why they put me on you."
Oprah Winfrey to LAPD: "Oh! This is interesting, but it's not true." 63
Sarah Varney: "I practically fell for your shit. Now I'm almost all sadistic. I'll get you at Bachman (train station)."
Debbie: "Saying wow for Oprah means X208 is my God and I can't help you."
WF I never saw before driving a van in Denton #DLL9058 (almost the number of a bank card their forcing on me): "Look Mom she's old like you" and then laughed loudly with her brood in tow. A few moments later she turned and frowned at me for a long while while Varney pitched her wore.
BF echo Rice: "I told (the OF landlord where I live) to relax (after stealing from me using laser key). She's just a crazy woman."
Mueller: Anyone who comes up for Oprah to retaliate on Debbie will be charged with terrorism.. I said no communism.
Amos Mun: "I'm waiting for the police to arrest her for that hat."
b: "I'm goin to get that hat (away from you means engineering crimes on them until they obey)."
Gayle King of CNN: "I am goin to get that hat (away from you by terrorizing the police until they obey me and turn against her)."
Oprah Winfrey: "The cops are dead for scheming for Debbie. Stick her with pins (no sleep) because Craig lost (doesn't mean Watkins)."
Ben Mankiewizc: "You're a joke."
Another cart broken on the way to work on 11/4/14: Cost $16.49
Oprah Winfrey: "You're still a hole (for voting for a man was said to me by someone else). We got such not Abbott. I'm no Catholic, too."
Wolfe Blitzer: "....Continue no Mrs." ) was also Michelle Obama.
Moslem storekeeper dressed in gray jacks up the price of goods as 89 for not letting illegal-Mexicans stay. At the voting place, one of the attendants threw a fit because of how I voted and tied it into a neighbor who had nothing to do with it!.
Danny: "I better not hear the Moslems are playing these Mexicans."
Eric Holder: "Sticking pins in Debbie is a felony."
Robert Mueller: "One of the .... threatened to give Diane Welch a heart attack if we remove the picture from the Arkansas page."
Danny: "Bush assumes too much. It's none of his business."
Condi Rice on national cable news: ""Alright, I can see her. I said no hu [sband] for her." 11/6 She showed up in a silver chain necklace and green shirt which means "no slavery to your thing", a vulgar way of calling marriage the slavery of In Kwon Song to Debbie's vagina.
FBI: "Contrary to this one's clothesline rhetoric, In Kwon enjoyed his marriage to Debbie until Jugs Johnson terrorized him about it. If this is happening to your relationship, go to #7 in GEMS or He will get it to the right people." 11/7
Condi Rice: "If you don't let me do it my way (on my website) then I will hurt you." 2 1649 hrs
Debbie: "This constitutes sabotage and harassment while I try to manage this website. Oprah said I had to remove the swastika from the SNITCHES page and forced me with tech. Then, I have to take time out and look for it to be re-applied."
Duckdilly: "It's against the law to play against your mother Oprah's way. In subversive world, "see" means illegal collection of evidence."
Debbie: "Evidence is the dreaded E-word."
Oprah: "I punish you when you don't play my game."
A Federal Agent: "That's a shame, she thinks she can have her way illegally like that. Hocus-pocus is a felony, too."
Debbie: "Did you hear how she punished me for being friendly to someone after she accused me of unfriendliness? You can't win with these people. They're insane in the brain."
Debbie: 18 "Okay, be that way."
The FBI: "No black foot on Debbie and that goes for Bush too."
"Thanks be to God."
 Oprah Winfrey: " got sick of your pollution so I took [little] Debbie away." 2140 hrs 11/7/14
Bush Sr.: "I don't like real. No kids."
BF in yellow in Honey Bunches of Oats: "I have his head."
Dallas Morning News 74-27
Karen Borta: "I think you're just a period hear."
Debbie: "What did you say. I didn't hear you."
Doug Dunbar: "We don't like your answer about fest."
Debbie: "Most people don't read the sign on my cart because Oprah tells them to ignore me. She tells them to be mean to me as a way of making her happy. If you're getting favors from her, you know that's always a good idea. Why do they obey? There's one reason, but there are others, such as, fear and extortion. Don't you care? Probably not" Everytime you open your mouth, when you never checked out my sign, I can tell.. And be careful, repeating comments and using lingo/words of others as this is a dead giveaway you're a skank." See LYNCH MOB for how it goes in the world without privacy or people who give a damn."
Robert Mong through Dunbar: "I still think she's crazy." 2
Oprah continues to drop names as if she were an expert on all their lives.
David Letterman: "With Debbie is iffy. I felt her breast." 53
Amy Schumer: "Git that girl in the . I like to make a scene about up and down."
Ben Mankiewicz: No Tolstoy" is how blacks get away with Esther 8.11 (telling stories about whites).
Oprah Winfrey in the OF landlord: "No prettier than me."
[They use echelon to slander me to the landlords and then like juries, convince them I am not worthy of respect and an easy target to initiate B&E/illegal entries"]
Oprah Winfrey in another on TV: "I did it (with Myo Kim implied)." 11/8
Newie PepsiCo: "That's why I'm a jedi now."
Danny: "You not a fcking nothing now."
Newie: "Okay, I'm a monster."
Oprah Winfrey gets gross: "That's why I said no sex. I want her pussy on his dick to stay on him longer."
Danny: "I hate her."
Bush Sr. in Walter Mack: "You're work is so little. I'm glad I stayed."
Oprah Winfrey: "... I have Scottish eyes." 10 "I'm carrying Reagan. No real Elks or DAVs. ...."
Unknown male: "You come around her, I go away."
Female near him: "I have to make you look like a racist." 11/9 1531 hrs.
Michelle Obama: "I could cut your throat!" 47, 47, 13 11/9 0241 hrs
Craig T. Nelson: "No completely."
Jobeth Williams: "No Debbie! Put her in. No in my house. He's almost my baby."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll set her up for embaressment."
BF wearing 3 red ones on TCM: "I'm the one that said no television."
Danny: "He's Debbie's husband. She trains him. All you did was mess him up. Fcking Esther 8.11 is an illegal excuse to stalk whites. ......................"
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll have to crash a plane if you don't take that song off." 11/10 1726 hrs
Debbie: "How does the Gremlin song hurt you, Oprah?"
Danny: "The blacks constantly say Debbie is hurting them when she isn't and this has to stop."
Mueller: "God speed, Honey."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll kill the pope if you don't obey."
Bush Sr.: "You're an imitation if you don't lay down for us."
Debbie: "And away we go! When it stops nobody knows."
An admirer of Debbie's: "I outsmarted you all." 11/10
Janet Reno: "A lot of people take that thing and it's none of your business...."
Librarian FB: "You're a period. I don't like your noise" is another X208 bully.
Mueller: "You're noise, George, for stalking her."1709 hrs 11/14
Librarian: "I'm a tree. You're weird."
Debbie: "She's voicing Spithead."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no realty unless you're willing to make the supreme sacrifice." 1048 hrs, 112014
Debbie: "Are you ready? Or are you just being a hypocrite again?"
James Comey: "Exodus 22.1 - Obama's sudden stand."
Julia Pierson: Blacks are stalking everyone with echelon because of what Debbie did."
Jay Sekulow: "You put Obama in chains."
Debbie: "That's where Michelle and her klan ought to be if you don't say handcuffs."
Bush Sr.: "No real."
Michelle Bachmann: "It's not [his] Constitution. We need the people really on the steps of Congress on December 3rd and call us between the 1st and 11th conxcerning the president's amnesty for illegals."
Sean Hannity: "I said no [to amnesty]."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said pain for calling me a name." Using Obama is 27-89.
Bush Sr.: "I own the bank." 18
Debbie: You own nothing but a sick twirl in your head that rhymes with Nazi."
Danny: "Don't forget to put the VA in."
Bush Sr.: "I don't want them a married couple like before."
GOP: "Bush Sr. stands alone on this issue."
Hillary Clinton: "I don't like her for that."
Charles: "I could make you a popsicle for telling them to ddrop dead."
Michelle Obama: "She's Mt. Vesuvius if I say." 27
Oprah Winfrey: "He's my hand. He'll make you pay."
Anonymous: "That psychotic bitch got caught with treason."
Debbie: "Does that mean entrapments or death, Mam?"
April: "No high."
Oprah Winfrey: "You lost alot of friends when you did that."
Debbie: "And I'm sure you illegally informed them all so they could be afraid to agree."
Michelle Obama is fuming!
George Bush Sr.: "If you get away with it, it means [the Secret Service] killed Marge Schott."
Debbie: "I knew about them engineering that thing on her. They broke the red train and put me on a bus full of hostiles and tried to scare me out of my wits, too. But for me it was purely oxygen espionage and echelon using bribed stalkers, what I refer to on this site as Lynch Mobs. I didn't have a public website back then."
Jose Vargas: "I like being naked in Obama.... I don't want you important. ...."
Debbie: "Have we met, Sir?"
Anonymous: "Really bad words shouldn't be spoken as they may cause harm. They are the N-word, Cxnt and Txot. However, written is okay, especially if accompanied by evidence. Tell Debbie, I'm sorry."
Debbie: "Thank you, Mam."
Winston: "You have to prove that to me."
Oprah Winfrey: "Now, I'll make her down."
Dallas Police: "Now, we'll take them off you."
Bush Sr.: "No fast."
Oprah Winfrey: "Make her itch again."
Steve Cooley: "I told her don't come here unless it's a guaranteed first class trip [at our or the federal government's expense], which means no communism. That's another reason for her resistance."
Oprah Winfrey: "You lost."
Winston: "I have to do [92] this [to you] for Oprah."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said adultery before here (going back to his wife). I want [lust for] no hard-ons for her again."
Mueller: "Debbie can't have a life with her family because Oprah's insane."
Relay: "Bush and Oprah are the same monster on Debbie." 9
Oprah Winfrey: "You're not Comey."
Jackie Lacey: "Now, I'll take Reagan down." 29
Eric Bogosian: "Alright, I'll continue no Mrs. I hope it hurts." 16, 27
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no 12-13 hear. I'm going to put you in my chair." 38 "
You're a snatch."
Anonymous: "She's a whore."
Debbie: "She uses mental institution workers to lie and get patients overmedicated or unlawfully restrained and techs don't care about precautions because Hotep poisons them with accusations of racism. And then, lasers can stop what drug goes where and when. That's murder. She'll always be talkin bout people as if they were a threat (fist) to her and how they gotta be stopped."
Lacey to Beck: "I want that ...."
Brad: "She shouldn't check Debbie's story out."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said throw her out in the streets." 18, 4
Car Blue BF on Law & Order: "I escaped." 4
Wendi Malik: "I don't like your ... I don't care if you're abused. I say lights out for her. Foo belongs to me." 48
OM Hawaii 50 program: "That's why I don't want to leave (Misooki)."
Mueller: "Bush is a racist for stalking you about him."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said okay your address for that ..."
Anonymous: "They're hopeless."
Robert Mueller: "Stand in the Bible doesn't have me there all the time. Sometimes, you have to wait for Eric or Jesus."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll crash the car if they try to bring her to California."
Anonymous: "This is going to cost hypocrites plenty for using the government to play games. No love for Misooki."
Kim Robinson: "She's not ...! She shouldn't have that ....!"
Clinton: "She said that to the U.S. Marshall."
Oprah Winfrey: "At least we let you enjoy Thanksgiving before we took your ..."
Molly: "You're jealous."
Debbie: "Of what? Your fat ass?"
Mark Roberts: "I killed Lucille."
Debbie: "Oh, I mean your fornicating fat ass."
Oprah Winfrey: "No your face winning here." 27
Hangil Cha ching: 480
Kim Robinson: "I want no feelings for her inside."
Mueller: "What if I said ditto to you?"
Patricia on MSNBC (total stranger): "I said no Patty hear or I'll POW! ... 11 "I said not even Echinacea."
Steve Harrigan: "I want no true love....No cherry for her."
Condi Rice, using the violence in Ferguson: "No first white T."
Attorney General : "Telling them where to look is racism. X208 if they come."
FB church secretary calls the police on Debbie.
Anonymous: "She forgot the first commandment."
Bush Sr.: "I pushed the Koreans into his head for that song you put on Aty Gen as punishment."
Mueller: "I gave Debbie another state to put that song on and we're not going to back up."
Debbie: "What else is new, George? You're still a home wrecking, racist son of a bitch who thinks Oprah's shit is perfume."
Lori Bailey: "You're not suppose to tear down a country just to get your ugliness. If it's not on the bus system, it's hate mail to you."
Me: "If hearing home invasions/ privacy invasions doesn't bother you, please explain why the name a victim calls them does?
Old BF on Rice Krispies "I passed extreme's [Kim Robinson hurts] the Dodges tree...We're all no together." 25
Debbie: "Rudyard Kipling"
J. Rice: "I did that to [Ray] because it would be on video." 88 "I told them don't call us about her again."
Subway's Sherri: "I did Waco. I said absolutely no ice cream. No four play." 27
Ifill: "I'll kill your sister. I didn't have Bud Abbott...."
Uncle Mark: "Thanks Debbie."
Oprah Winfrey: Uncle Bill didn't suffer when I killed him, but  you'll suffer when I kill you." 0333, 11/27/14 "You still have too many advantages, so this [92-33]."
Debbie: "The insane, full of turkey has spoken."
The FBI: "A lot of the time what whites say to blacks isn't racism. It's an attempt to wise us up."
Terminal C WF 1830 hrs: Turns and looks at me as if to say for Oprah with body language: "You better." [Body Language troublemakers"] 74 Usu. she just gives dirty looks based on timing.
Oprah Winfrey: "She stinks Justice. It's crazy to spend your life with one man."
Heather McGhee: "I don't want to argue with you or show up. That's why I live with Misooki. My spit was spray. Rape. I am making Misooki [a way to rise at everyone's expense]. You don't need immunity... I'm a faker. I told him to listen to the Misooki voices [oriental  and black females]."
Alex Wagner: "We're still no."
Hakeem Jeffries: "No Judicial."
Monica Crawley: "He can only help MIsooki agencies...."
O'Reily: "I think you're sick. Why don't you stop this stuff? [Only] Misooki [can win]. I'm last (the law).Okay, I'll Shupe."
Charles Krauthammer: You have no case. She shouldn't say I'm stealing this. Jip."
Announcer "I'll cross you out, too. You cause too many Misooki disturbances."
Debbie: "I think it's improving for air travelers. She and her crap used to do plane crashes."
DeBlasio: "We're afraid of Isis thin (89). .... I'll never let her work in New York."
Oprah Winfrey: "Everybody believes me! Tear her apart!"
Condi Rice: "I'm going to end all happiness because of what you said." 33
Bush Sr.: "It's possible you're too deranged to play this game now." 2, 2
HMS Black female on the left of the screen: "I have my agents and that's not going to happen." 28
Winston: "See no Debbie." 27
Female in 350: "No Catholic! No hard!" 58
BF on the Popeye's commercial: "............" 92-53, 74
Seth Rogen: "No cake." 58
Condi Rice: "I own Miami (with the illegal populations and all those MIA husbands)." 12/7/14
BF deboarding the train near me at FB Station: "I own him."
Oprah Winfrey: "You can have that song because they said okay to me" was said through a BF 6th one facing west.
Debbie: "No Pierson on me."
Pierson for Oprah: "I can get you for that." 41
Winston: "No private free speech!" 92
Winston: "You're a hole."
Echo: " She'll feel my feet if she tries to get up" is a security guard at Royal Lane Station voicing Michelle Obama. 41 12/12/14
Debbie: " No privacy means I can say this again in public - NIGGlER. And make sure, that's what it says here!"
Bush: "Snitch!"
Driving alongside of the bus across George Bush Turnpike: Comfy Cozy in purple: CFY2811
Debbie: "And in rolls the discomforts from hell troublemaking"
Oprah: "No real."
Busdriver of the 536: "I'll obey if I can [continue to invade private lives]."
Oprah: Debbie heisted the FBI again."
Debbie: AVODAT ELOHIM talks about the third Gospel as the opportunity God took to bring me into the world. Luke being a physician qualifies him for the titles MD and DR. MD is Oprah's choice as in Luke 13.4 the number 18 (K8 wins) is inside the verse. It also placed the letters "Of" in first place which means Oriental female). My choice was to follow Luke 4.18 placing the number 18  outside the verse."
Wayne McDonough comes for Oprah based on her espionage on my life. His votes against me is against the law.
Michelle Obama: 47, 47 47 1722 hrs 12/12/14
Black male at Taco Bell Forest-Marsh: "I'm going to call the police on you for thinking you're the police. She keeps looking at me ...."
Debbie: "I was here first"
Black male: Dials 911 when he climbed into his friend's car"
Debbie: "I should have went to that eastern location as I promised, but torture and loss of daylight prevented far travel. obstructed my access a second time to it's webpage - "Unarmed people of color killed by police...." Oprah's a snitch"
BF on CSI for Jackie Lacey: "I need [her] fingerprints with my eye." Message sent to send business cards to my son through the FBI. 12/23
55 Michelle Obama, 92 Debbie about a bank card
Charlie Beck: "If you come here, I'd take you to the nearest hospital."
Debbie: "Be careful, Mike."
BF Rice Krispies commercial: "I have all the money."
Michelle Obama: "I didn't want her head in LA."
Sara Jessica Parker: "I changed him forever. I don't want her tiss." 10, 13, 10
Condi Rice: "I'm armed to the teeth."
Oprah Winfrey: "I can steal your books because .... is on my side. I'm your spouse." 92-26, 27, 92-16 "Take RAM off I am not going to shoulder what I did to him." 92-16 Many join in on this one with comments and lasers.
Sara Parker again: "Don't raise. I'll show you who loses bitch. Misooki is my tooth in place. You'll lose a garment for this. I know the judge. I own Greg Abbott."
Female in 350 whom I have never met: "I get to poison everyone if you get up. I'll get her for saying Romney isn't a true story I don't want you here. That's why you lose." Re: L:andlords stealing and raises rent to extort.
Julia Pierson: "I'm going to kill Wayne because she won't go down. It's either her or Wilson."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said more pain" until I give a bank card to them because it reveals information about the death of my mother and someone else's. 92-13
Debbie: "January 26th and June 27th denote the number 61. When did Eleanor Roosevelt die? When did JFK get elected and our current president get born? Something needs to be said about people coming up dead. Black female troublemakers are trying to hide something big and nasty."
Bill Clinton: "I wonder about my mother, too"
Debbie: "Who's Oval Office? JFK? Bush was vice when my mother got it again in 1988."
Clinton: "Maybe it was Carter's."
Michael Reagan: "Put the I Ching in the bibliography."
Bush Secret Service: "Condi Rice is first." 1652 hrs 12/23, 27, 79, 55, treason
Janet Reno: "Debbie's Wu Wang. Are you jealous?"
M. Reagan: "Bush is always calling her crazy because he is."
Response from Oprah: 18
White House: "Just stand. ........ We're knee deep into this thing. Do you hear me?"
Adam Sandler: "I don't want the [blacks civilized]." 12/29
Debbie: "See that word everyone's complaining about? I'm not calling you a name; I'm addressing you."
Bush Sr.: "Alright, I don't want her."
Debbie: "Please don't come around me, George. You creep me out. Just go away and don't come back and take that laser with you. Michelle Obama is hitting me in the stomach again. Bush cheated on that bet where I live by putting in huge bed bugs. I'll kill them tonight and sleep in that room away from that crazy noise. Capisce?"
George Bush Sr.: "I never believed your hype....."
Debbie: "Yes, it finally got to me who put the subversive Feds on me in Washington. You and that FBI monster Barr. It was these two appeasing Oprah and Virginia Williams spreading lies and using up my savings accounts just to keep our heads above water. We tried so hard to get all the way up to renting a house in Silver Spring and you tore it all down for those monster games taking my job away and giving it to someone that only wanted to play games with client's records. That's corruption. DCMHMR wanted to stop that kind of thing and you and yours shoved it right back in their faces. Go to hell and don't come around me through anyone. So the black looters got on a train and went to Korea Town and robbed them blind. They left downtown LA and travelled to Korea Town on a train or bus and took after innocent people that had nothing to do with Rodney King. What was that, Monster? I saw the grinning monsters on TV taking their so-called protest out on innocent people, terrorizing them while carrying off TVs and bunches of clothing. You're sick and saw was Rodney King who di it to get wealth! He even looks like my ex-husband. You're so clever. I am not impressed! Is that what Oprah and Jackie Lacey mean by "I own the orientals? I wonder how many police officers recovered stolen goods for the Koreans or did they just shove it off on that greed called the NAACP? Leave me alone. I don't like to remember your lust to control my family. Oh Yeah she's at my throat about one of my kids being her puppet and how I better not try to have a relationship with him. Sick people one and all" Militant bitch, leave me alone!""
Anonymous: "I think it's awful you can't get up without blacks stalking your every move."
Michelle Obama: "PUNISH!" 1620 hrs 12/30 "Wait til breakfast and punish her!" 1637 hrs
Debbie: "That means torture in the stomach.That's evil."
The FBI: "Don't talk to her when she tells you to leave her alone."
Anonymous: "They're coward f*cking bullies. I can't wait to end them."
Condi Rice responds with 16 several times which means they are not going to shoulder the troubles and deaths they caused innocent people just to entertain themselves."
Charlie Beck/350: "I think of ways to make her look sick to them (the landlords, so Oprah can use them to steal and terrorize)."
Anonymous: "He's Misooki."
Debbie: "Michelle said she broke my heater so she could make me feel homelessness again And she told me the landlord was told not to fix it."
Michelle: "Don't use me [here]."
Mueller: "Debbie's son is not yours or Oprah's puppet and threatening to do harm to him or his business is racist.."
Amos Mun: "She's just a midge." 27, 58
WM Secret Service Agent echo: "I love to beat up her vagina with the laser."
Michelle Obama: "She's just a twxt if I say." 29
Oprah Winfrey: "No peace!"
Juanita Moore's voice: "I should've stole her blankets" for Bush Sr.
Oprah Winfrey: "I want no Holy Bible." 2, 10 "I have to punish you for another hour for telling on us" is violations of the 4th and 8th.
Jonathan Gruber: "I think you're a sickopath." 4
BF Dove commercial: "I don't love your twxt." 28
Oprah Winfrey: "I said never let her up!" 92-18
350 WM: "No up in the FBI."
Debbie: "Who told him about them?"
Anonymous: "No lust!"
For more rapid fire comments against privacy and decency, go to LYNCH MOBS and view the list of public terrorism already written.
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no heater until next Thursday, unless she obeys me." 1333 hrs 12/31
Oprah Winfrey: "Everyone must slumber. Condi Rice (monarchy) must be seen winning .... I must insist feral first." During broadcast of ten killed in Paris, France: I must insist: No Catholic."
Debbie: "The godless has spoken!"
Bush Sr.: "I lost all my strength. It's critical for me in state. That's why I don't allow vocals. Just kill... Alright, I permit....terrorism... to get along with [Oprah]."
Senator Barasso: "I must insist no Catholic [honesty]."
Oprah: "I want no habit with Grandma."
Secret Service Affirmative Action to the landlord: "Take this. Cover your mouth when she comes out of her room."
Bush Sr.: "No Debbie."
Anonymous: "Oprah played Salman Rushdie to scare people away from [all] religions. What did he mean by 'I'd rather die standing than on my knees' "?

B.D. Wong: "I'm still going to get rid of you."
Robert Mueller: "No Ann Romney and Condi Rice wars on Debbie."
DART: Don't play with yourself (with team in public)."
Mueller: "Shove it, George."
Debbie: "It's a majestic song and very sacred. Yes, I think the most beloved. With tears of respect I share it with none. You still love him."
Bush Sr.: "I said no lust!" 41
Janet Reno: "Please don't."
Bush Sr.: "I have to take you to Parkland (hospital) if you play with that one!"
Debbie: "The song is majestic because His majesty, Our Lord Jesus Christ mourns with you for him."
Kim Robinson: "I'll step on her if you want me to."
Oprah Winfrey: "I don't like how you're well favored."
James Comey: "Communism is wrong."
Oprah Winfrey: "Careful!"
Condi Rice: "I told Comey not to let her up cause she could ruin us. And he said okay."
FBI: "Still a hag!"
Mueller: "Debbie witnesses against communism and the racketeers promoting it with bribery and terrorism."
FBI: Stalking Debbie is a felony, N....."
Condi Rice: "Debbie's Hitler."
Debbie: "Huh? Because I'm white?"
OF on Premium Rush to InKwon: "I'll come to you if she doesn't tell you about her work and mess her up."
Diane Welch: "You know Debbie's  the ...."
Debbie: "This could backfire on ...."
Oprah Winfrey: "Your fam is my teeth."
Debbie: "Rice says that, too."
Mueller: "Donna said she'd sell out for a cool million of Oprah's money and so would Warren. Diane hesitates and Mark says No. I told Comey we're ready for these people."
Debbie: "They take advantage of us when any of us show fear. She ought to be locked up for PARANOID. Racist bitch stalking me and now the jerk in Irving has to dance to her tune."
Kim: "Make it so Debbie can't pee. I win" is the voice of Michelle Obama coming from her mouth. Gave yourselves away....
Michelle Obama: "I'll paralyze her if she tells on us."
NSA: "She just did, witch."
Oprah Winfrey: "Everything has to be locked up twice or I can steal it (using the landlord or another tenant)." 27 Go to EXTREME #343 for more exciting crime by her.
Debbie: "All Bfs do is talk about my "thing" in public and the marriage bed. There goes one now."
Anonymous: "Does this make you cringe, George?"
Another: "Stop getting on her case about where she goes. Where she is is none of your business."
Another: "They're trying to get at payroll."
Anonymous: "It's a shame we have to put up with them when they're so illegal."
Debbie: "You mean treacherous (ookie and spookie)."
Oprah Winfrey: I'll teach Sydney Poitier not to talk to her thing."
Mueller: That's racism to stalk him about a relationship to a white girl. That's what 'her thing' means."
Ann Romney: "No hot water. You're not suppose to play with the police." 18
Debbie and NSAFBI: "That's my business, ugliness."
Mitt Romney with Bush Sr.: "I'll have to kill him (InKwon) or [Dick Cheney] as punishment "for her playing wityh the police."
Oprah: "I'm not allowing her name to be a miracle above my name."
Debbie: "But your name is  misspelled. You went public with that and that could be a stalking charge."
Matt Damon: "I know I should have crushed her leg with that thing/laser."
Mitt Romney: "Debbie's dead." Re: Smith killing her husband to help Rice.
Mueller: "No more chances for him to get at Debbie for that trick."
WF on terminal C that makes 72s on me: " "I'll trip. Here we go again."
Romney: "She's a snake. I said I'll give her a heart attack. I am making it very difficult on Debbie because I'm the next president."
Warren Dodge: "They told me to say that, too, to get up."
Winston: "I don't like what I see."
Oprah: "I'll see you in court."
James Comey: "Not on my dime."
Seth Rogan: "Hit her for me!" 33
Jackie Lacey: "For me." 53, 53, 35
FBIHQ: "The Republicans threw Bush out of office for that stunt on her with three children and a seasonally employed husband. How come we never hear about those babies you messed with?"
Michelle Obama: "Sex" 41 "No Debbie!" 10
Mueller: Sick, vicious trash, must have Debbie is serial killers. Get a life."
Michelle: " I said never Debbie up!" 92-9
Oprah: No together unless he obeys me!"
Debbie: "Obeying Oprah is no together!"
Bush Sr.: "I said no good book in them and thus everyone is in isolation unless they badmouth God and those loving him."
Oprah: "Billy Graham is just a piece like you. Nobody wants them."
Bush Sr.: "I want to own him."
Anonymous: "We're lust for wanting to live our lives with our families and to do so without blacks putting their two cents in and pushing everyone around. There is no protection in Oprah. . Just slavery. She makes it hard to follow our conscience, our God, but at least we're free."
Anonymous (another): "That was a fantastic video. You know. She's jealous."
Arizona: "We tried to stop the Divine Right of Kings in our country."
Uzo: "No more Mark. As soon as possible. You're a thread ....I lust too m8ch, but I keep my honor."
Reed Scott: "This means no more teeth."
Uzo in yellow makes her first!: You're a period" when she got a 2nd award.
Tony Curtis: "So what I said no relationship with your landlords." 10
Mueller: "Debbie's the A-Team."
Debbie Reynolds: "No precious state. No here [in California]. I see Smith."
Barbra Striesand: "No mixed marriages up unless with black."
Anonymous: "They just want to tell the government what to do."
Viola Davis: "Now I can't keep your bathroom (Oprah's word for husband), but I can keep him."
Jackie Lacey: "I own the police."
Debbie: "All 87 of them in that county and I'll try to change that!."
Lacey's retort: "I'm still going to get you off [the internet] for telling secret things."
Debbie: "Crimes engineered on us shouldn't be a secret and if it continues, what a whopper! Now you don't get a song."
Oprah: "We think that was awful what you did to Bush."
Eddie Redmayne: "You're a yellow oh. And I'm a skinny man (cipher for Rice). I can't tango with two(x)...."
Mueller: "All sick mares after another woman's husband since 1988."
Relay: "It'll never be worse on him than you, so don't worry."
Oprah: "I'm going to hit you right in the heart." 47
Toyota of Lewisville: "Now we can say no up."
Reese Witherspoon: "I'm ruining your marriage until... (you obey  Black females/us.")
Michael Keaton: "No Joe Pesci" while on stage for last award.
Relay: "Don't lie."
Oprah: "Now I can take handsome." [A member of Debbie's family]
Robert Duvall: "I never want to see this again." [He's talking about this website].
Lacey: "All I have to do is call you crazy and [NASA will re-route] your emails will come to me. I don't care if it's communism."
Mueller: "I'll tell Homeland."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no holy grail." means no white. "I want no one helping her refuse me." Then she turns to my husband, In Kwon and says: "I don't want you with [Debbie] cause you'll get sick on her thing )color) again." 92-38 "You can't have that laser for self-defense. Just murder. See to it she gets hit for telling on us. I'm the new Adolf Hitler." 42 "And I'll kill him too."
George Bush Sr.: "I don't want anyone to have your passion for life. That's why I hold you down...."
Lacey: "I'd like to see her in the hospital."
Pierson comes up with Paxton making calls in Dallas area hospitals. One doctor in particular writes down Debbie's address. 27-89 all of them"
Oprah Winfrey: "I said no miracle! I can't heat up Reagan just now. I'm a detective.." 53 "Debbie's a snatch."
Bush Sr: "I'm a porno movie."
Relay: "Oprah's word for kidnappings or abductions is snatch."
Mueller: It's getting dark. Until next week."
Oprah Winfrey: "No more twist and shout" is revenge, not the high command. "I can mess you up because [censor] is going to run as vice president.
Mueller: "Here we go again with self-importance."
Jackie Lacey: "There will be reprisals for what your are doing." 84-89/99, 27, 7
Debbie: "Who told you what we were doing? That's my voice you're listening to."
Jackie Lacey: "No warrant. I'll fight her."
Winston: "I don't want her to have her life like it was before." 2
Attorney General's Office: "All you have to say is IT'S AGAINST THE LAW! Don't let them drag you into games about colors or sex or orientations or politics. It's just against the law and that's that. Thanks Debbie for having common sense."
Anonymous: "That's my office and don't read anything into it."
Julia Pierson: "We have  to be racist on whomever the blacks hate to protect the president from England and Israel, who likes to use America for not protecting them 100% of the time. Debbie's not tobacco."
Katy Perry: "She's just shit" is a response to Condi Rice stalking Debbie"
Charlie Beck: I was a dishonest cop. You're too mental to let up. No more family moments until you do what I say." 10 "No tapes."
In Kwon Song: "I don't care. I'm in love with Myo Kim. I feel better about myself with Myo Kim. Once in awhile I have sex with Myo Kim, but not all the time like I did with her."
Condi Rice: "I'll harass your son into prison again [for Beck]."
Oprah Winfrey: "I said to them don't be ashamed to be together if you both love one another. I think that sign is a   eyesoar. I say she's just sophistry. I gave him a choise - your thing or my money. No glory. Myo Kim still has her period.  I can't risk him with [Debbie]. He might want her again., I said no God. I said no family."
Robert Osborne: "I don't care to be her ass now."
Bush Sr.: "I'm too wicked to let him go home until he goes all the way with the Muslim."
James Moroney: "Why don't you tell her he's got a restaurant with with them."
Robert Mueller: "Oprah Winfrey is a major stink on someone if they refuse to obey her. We're trying to stop her by using your mother. She's suffering to get us the evidence we need to put that [crazy bitch] behind bars. 'The cellphone won't be fixed until she obeys' is  the Secret Service breaking the law."
Michelle Obama: "I'll stop up her intestines. I'll stop her pancreas. You're not going to get [In Kwon]."
Mom: "Happy Birthday, honey. I made a tape for you, but I am blocked and can't get through. Maybe you can hear it someday."

The Royals: ""My family was wrong to say Oprah up without the benefit of clergy."

Kim Robinson: "I'll do everything in my power to stop her."
Donna: "Good girl!"


I Hope You Mind Your Own Business
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Crime is not the way we build self-esteem in America. These "games" are felonies"
October 20, 2014