Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""

[NSA communism or atheism are felonies]

NOTICE: If any of this language sounds familiar to you, please record it.

OPRAH WINFREY: "I kill cops all the time. So what? If they don't want to mind me."
CONDI RICE: "I'm making you take the blame for my shit." 13, 92-41
BUSH SR: "Stay out of my alley." 84, 13
WINSTON: "I'm mortuary." 92-13, 42

OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll blow up the Empire State Building if she becomes ... No Holy Bible unless I and T.D (Jakes) run things. I don't care if you cry for us. No up for telling on my lust. Let me remind you, I have a weapon system." During palpitations: "I'm right, you're not them." 6, 47, 4 "You're too successful. Now, the pope can't get up in Irving." 92-41 "I armed Japan and soon I'll use them again on the United States if they don't obey me. The United States obeys n... now. Keep up the assault" 92-41 "No happiness, not even an orange soda."
BUSH SR: "That sign looks chaotic" in the minds of all who see it. "I like Hillary. She let's me beat Debbie up and she does Obama." 47
BEN CARSON: "I've had it with her."
FACEBOOK ADMAN: "I thought she was a crazy cunt."
DIANE WELCH: "Shupe her for thinking she's special."
KIM ROBINSON (in front of some): "I'll rile Debbie up, then I'll kill her."
HOLLYWOOD THEATER OWNER: "She'll never get in here again."
RICHARD SHERIDAN: "You need an exorcist priest in your home asap."
OPRAH WINFREY: "My cops rule>" 92-9, 92-42, 4 "Careful, that's a sickness in her."
CONDI RICE: "I'll kill the pope if you don't lay down for .... (Black tyranny)."
It's against the law to plan a murder of a federal witness" What's the matter? You no likey communism? That's what you're using in this conversation! Have you ever heard of the American word: NO!?
BUSH SR: "No federal witness for real. I'm lightening on her if she tries to get up that way."
ANONYMOUS: "Bush is no longer the president (Phew!) or the Secret Service. He's a boob they kicked out of office, (thus a sorehead) for lying to them and racism."
BUSH SR: "I should have cut your tissle (vagina) off a long time ago than let you kill a little baby."
BF CARVER H.S.: "Some kind of way."
DONNA: "No breath." Ambulance driver makes a false police report.
EXORCIST PRIEST: "The spirit of antichrist compels you."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "No movies" and then told them to bust open my front door.
JOE: "You're not real again."
A BF named Regina Smith keeps popping up on Facebook.
SMITH: "You're going to the hospital for telling on the police." X208"
BUSH SR: "Im going to knock the FBI down for [teaching] you things."
OPRAH WINFREY: "They (the police) worship me! I don't want any of your noise. I can kill Chinese with Korea. I won! I want no feelings" is a psychopath. "Obey black."
BRADLEY COOPER: "You're just a stamp."
NICK: "We think what you did in Facebook was sick."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Hold down more men. I got him by the bicuspids for telling more lies."
INKWON SONG: "I don't want to live with them anymore. It's sickening, my lies coming out of them." Witches forcing him to eat his lies was espionage was mostly based on espionage and intimidation" Now it's extortion mixed with black and Korean lies for $.
OPRAH WINFREY: "I could kill him for talking to you. I said no more federal witness." 38 "If you don't let me escape, I'll kill [InKwon]. It's too risky to let you up because I must be obeyed! I'll never be busted because the [puc] listens to me. " 2, 2, 12, 2
BF ON THE SOUTHBOUND TRAIN: " You ought to be glad I don't pop you in the teeth for telling on us."
OPRAH WINFREY: "No hope!" 42, 15 "Make sure she's punished because she disobeyed again!"
SMITH's ON THE BUS: "Don't commit! But, you have to go all the way back down because..."
BF EMPLOYEE QUICK TRIP: "Thank you for letting go of my police."
You have to play according to the law to be on anything Debbie. So don't think of yourselves as lucky or grand. And embaressing her on the front page is a felony, too.
T.D. JAKES: "...Hit her in the liver (means hit her till death)! ...."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll kill your priest if you try to get up without me." 24,41
REBECCA SNYDER: "Racist sign..."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "I'm coming for you!"
BUSH SR.: "I think you're insanity."
CONDI RICE: "I'll kill him now. That's official."
BEN CARSON: "....I'll show you who's hot cakes.... You could've died twice. I said no Obama with Hillary or Swisher Sweets. I'll get you for showing your pussy to him. You're just Suzie Q. I don't want a trial. I'm the roof...."
SEDUCTIVE BF near him on southbound 531 bus: "I'll whip you. I'm not pregnant. You're a bigot like Conda Lee. I have Kathy... We tell on secrets. I'm no bad like your prince."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I killed Bruce Lee (for NAACP). He's mine!" 29
BULLY in GRAY JEEP CSR934: "I'm showing her she's can't play with me."
OPRAH WINFREY on southbound 535 bus: "I like to agent roll. I'll get at NYD, too!"
BIKE PATROL (2 of them on Jefferson near Madison): "All I see is crazy."
OPRAH WINFREY on northbound 11 bus: "You make too many mistakes. I sill don't want your color in them."
SAME in McDonald's employee on Commerce: "I forced my police to say that."
REGINA SMITH: "I think it's fun to tear her up inside. Chief Brown is my friend for being cruel."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Stop the sex in their marriage and see what happens."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "No holding onto a man with your pussy."
CONDI RICE: "You can't tell on black and get away. I want no fire in his heart (for his wife). He's my dick. The queen said all things second belong to blacks."
QUEEN ELIZABETH: "I didn't mean other people's stuff. You think because you have power, you can take things out of context? ......"
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'm you." 92-53 "I'll have your ass in a sling for this" (means Rev. 2.9 is with black tyranny which doesn't surprise me because they were also behind Adolf Hitler). Someone that fit this description walked in front of me to get on the bus and do things honoring Oprah's games.
WINSTON on laser with LYNCH: "92 or your heart! No poo-poo."
BF SECURITY GUARD Royal Lane Station: "I'm not going to give back her man."
BF in 75208 from behind the wall: "I'll make her prove that address."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Time to suffer again for telling on Ben Carson. I ruined your invention. I said no Yahweh or I'll get up."
DAN QUAYLE: "I said kill every Christian that doesn't listen to Oprah."
OPRAH WINFREY to many of us: "I'll never be your ching-gu." [Korean word for friend].
DANNY DEFENBAUGH: "I made it impossible for you."
REGINA SMITH: "I found a doctor that will hear me." [This one is grooming herself for chief of police.]
DART RADIO on Griffin: "The sign behind you is bullshit."
BF Dallas FBI: "I'll show that cracker no up! Up and my knee." [Yeah, I know you spit in my face at Forest Lane Station coming from nowhere out of a crowd].
That one allowed up is a felony!
WINSTON: "Alright, I'll croak" 53, 53 "I said no Pizza Patron (video)." 92-13
OPRAH WINFREY during sabotage of a video: "You don't have my permission to do that to them."
DEBBIE SONG: "Capitol One Bank still hasn't sent me a bank card with my name on it. Is it the post office or the loser in Dallas FBI? Also, my room was robbed yesterday of bank letters I accidentally didn't lock up."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Now, I'll kill Korean people. We are the people. I'm going to take her off. Crazy is dead because I can erase (her videos). Kimmie will kill your husband if he gets up again in your white skin. No last (name) and I get to keep the kids. 92-7 Alright, I thought you would have fought for your sons. You're such a snatch/cellphone. I ought to get him to bash your head in. Now I own the police! Don't be mad at me for taking all your things away. That's your punishment for making me a slave. Murder is in. Punish her for free speech (Facebook). [He worships Myo Kim]. I'll take his $ away. He's pretending he's married to Myo Kim to get you back for EEOC for me. If you tell on Myo, I can't be a man. I rule. I'm in his head. You think New York is your friend, but I can change that (by misapplications of quotes). You're going to see a doctor soon (was said to the NYPD Commissioner and a governor). I said absolutely no feelings for her thing! Clancy is my machine! I thought she was a nutso. He told me to go to Flushing, NY and start trouble on the police.." 13 "No white man. No Zion. We don't want you loud."
DANNY: "That's insanity she put in him."
ELIZABETH WARREN: You're crazy." 16 "Don't do that!"
WINSTON sabotages my site-builder capabilities: "I said off! I said no spiritual people. I'm authorized to rape you until you take his name off. They'll never fire me.... They'll never stop me ...."
BRENDA PALIN: "Don't let her come in or I'll punish her. I'll give her a heart attack."
DONNA: "I'll give you a heart attack if you put me in." 9 Two months for telling on me. With Debbie is iffy.... I hate her for taking my man." 9 "I put kimchi in his mouth. No Chinese or I'll take out all your teeth. This is slavery. Absolutely no virgins for not obeying me. I'll call .....(extortion) and tell them everything."
DEBBIE SONG: "Winston is blocking me from putting things in here. Kim threatened to kill me in the backseat of Diane's car. Why do you keep taking her side? To cover yours and her racism.....What do you know about me? What was the last book you read?" 9 "I'm not allowed conversations with my family because they're all in the Oprah Subversion Club for $. That's not training; it's evil. If I did do something great with my life, I would want them along, but Oprah said: 'No family or husband no matter how high you go and don't think you can stop my laser.' "So there!. Now I say, abolish EEOC and the totalism they created.." 9 "And they're not little babies!!!"
OPRAH WINFREY: "Always remember this." 9* "No Gems."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "That'll show you not to disobey mine." X208
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I round them. Bread down. I'll cork her up." After telling Myo Kim not to answer the phone: "You take too many pictures." X71 "You'll never be .... because I'll use Myo Kim. No Yogi."
LORETTA LYNCH: "I got hobby lobby and ... to use... against you."
BUSDRIVER: "Another three months for saying no to my thing." 84-89 "You need to use the sheriff on her. I don't want real. I'm hip hop. I don't want you no more..."
A BF arrived in the building wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt:
IN KWON SONG: "I'll tear Debbie apart for telling on beautiful Myo Kim. I don't love Debbie anymore. Myo Kim took it all away. I'll kill Debbie with my fist if I can't have Myo Kim. I'll have my cousin kill her. He's a racist. I'm real proud of Myo Kim."
OPRAH WINFREY:"Now I'm happy. You don't have a fingernail." 21 "I don't believe in a divine recipe. That's why I give heart attacks."
LORETTA LYNCH:  "I'll murder her for telling on us. Somebody has to be responsible! No nook. Choke. There is no such thing (as God). We're Israel. I said no free speech if it exposes us. Christianity is why you give B... too many chances. If you work for the .... I can torture and sabotage you. See to it she shits all over herself at the library for saying she's my team."
OPRAH WINFREY: "No first in anything. You're poo! That's why I turned everything off."
GEORGE BUSH SR to LYNCH where I could hear: "Can I kill her?"
LYNCH during torture: "Either I make you shit when I want or this (92)."
Blacks with this kind of power can't be trusted on our presidents.
ANONYMOUS: "No magic twenty disease on Debbie."
WINSTON: "I can keep giving her problems because ... says 'constantly.' I stretched her hole. I'm a sharecropper."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I own gub-a-gah (one of my children)."
CONDI RICE: "No food."
Means they can use the landlords to steal food from my pantry.
OPRAH WINFREY to my landlords: "Help yourself."
LYNCH: "I said not" and my video will stop. She did this three times. "I can control everything! Watch! Now I'll make it loud Debbie's insane. I don't need a warrant because of the oriental. No king of kings! Now watch!"
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'm going to you SS to put you down until you're an old prostitute. I made your daughter a prostitute and I don't like your poetry. I made it so [theater] can get up. Danny said I coul;d poison the aspertame. I just wanted to see."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I forbid you to speak Hebrew."
WINSTON: "I can't let you shit  because Lynch says make it happen at the library in front of everyone."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I told everyone at the library, you're just shit."
CHARLIE BECK: "Hold her for telling on the police. Just do it once or twice."
When something is perfected, they'll square it all over the United States.
LYNCH: "I like to beat you up because you're a Christian."
VISITOR (349): "Now I can get Misooki to call the police again."
CHARLIE: "I can stop the police anytime I want. Watch!" is teaching other techs how to use it against civilians.
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I tell everyone you're an eyesore."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I don't care how much water you drink, no bathroom until you go outside. Reese's said I could take you're (federal) check."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "You better get a taco head or I'll tell everyone you're crazy."
Blocking Debbie's access to the internet through the cellphone for free speech or to contact the police is a hate crime.
OPRAH WINFREY defies as usual: "If you tell on us (in Facebook) no internet until Friday. Make me (change it)! [Defies Janet Reno's rules regarding the handling of Debbie]. You can't be veep. China belongs to me. No movies. I want to see if she's the police. I don't like you using me." 92-13 while throwing a fit about wedding pictures in Facebook. "I can't let you get loud if you want him. An no free Thursday at the state fair. I want the police to be automatic (obedient) for me. No one can stand against my machine! I can prematurely age you by hitting your joints. You might as well get up and get dressed because I'm not going to let you sleep." 92-2 "Diane wasn't nice to Kim, so she's being punished. I can't wait to see everyone face when I say you're psychotic. In Kwon is my fam, now! I'll blow her head off if she tells on us (being Knock-offs). Your maiden name is Dodge, not Song. That scripture doesn't fit you." No opening blacks, only whites. "We thought up this thing," said Winston. "Whites will always be a piece of cake to conquer. Another two months (of 92 and 88) for telling on us. I said she was a snatch. No sleep for telling on MI-5. I have to shoot her (laser torture/92) because she didn't obey Hillary. No Holy Grain. I'll put him in the hospital. No Barock (Hashem). No policeman better try to take me away for stealing this thing.... Blame her. No more famous in this city. It's no more whitey running this country. No police, Mam. I'm making sure whitey can never get up. No Wi-Fi this apartment."
LORETTA LYNCH: "Now I'll make it impossible on her. NO PLAY" 92-53 No freedom of speech unless you obey me," is the same screech that says you have to obey the devil to be a gift from God. 92-47 "I call her an actress so I can get away with things. Now I have to break that cellphone to prevent her from telling on us. It will take me a couple of months to find a judge that will issue a dales warrant. I don't care how many years she's been down. I said no up and especially if [that one] wants her or a white guy."
BEN CARSON: "Debbie makes me sad(istic)."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "We don't want mixed married up. Oprah says your fake if you don't obey her." 92-13 I can turn everybody against her by talking about [her] thing."
KIM MUN: "Wait!" 35, 35
KIM ROBINSON: "My feet  on her if she tells on us." 92-53, 73 Winston "I'll kill her!" 6,6
CONDI RICE: "I could just say she's a prostitute...."
IN KWON SONG: "Tell Debbie I want my name back and I don't care about the law!"
JOE CLANCY: "I said no doctoring her hole. It stays that way as punishment for telling on us."
WINSTON: "You have to completely run out of tape before you can buy another or I'll steal (using the landlords or Nick) the new one." X266, 208 "I raped her so she wouldn't want him. She's poo. I own this ugliness."
ANONYMOUS: "They want to control what you do with your genitals in marriage. That's pervert."
JAMES COMEY: "No, Mam." 10
JANET RENO: "Tell Debbie, this is a disgrace what these blacks are doing to us."
CONDI RICE: "I make sure she's unsuccessful at everything. They're my police. I f you put that word in, I'll do it again/sabotage.
HILLARY CLINTON: "I lied about the vice presidency, so I could beat you up for them and no Carly." Then she said, she'd appoint Condi Rice as secretary of defense. "I love to attack what you're doing. I'll put you in that hospital. She doesn't pay her taxes." [Whether true or not, every candidate wants to win by invasions of privacy. That's what this comment amounts to. Freedom of speech should be based on actual experience, not racists spying on people and telling them what to say, often twisted. To be so endowed often means you're a racist, too].
OPRAH WINFREY: "Debbie belongs to me because I can steal her stuff." 35 "I'll make her hit the pavement if you try that one. You have to help us." 92-13 "Feel my ice." 92-13 "That's why I made him a bachelor, so you couldn't get up in that name. I said no United States. They all need to gang up on one another [and assure amnesty for illegals]. Everyone keeps their word to me or death. No husband lest you put light in him. No VA hospital." 92-53 Please don't change her husband's character. I want him to walk (into hell) without her thing. I changed the lights (on the videos) so they'd paralyze you. Now I'll tear her apart for tell on them."
[Christie said he wanted to make Rice secretary of defense too. Secret Service for Condi Rice is beating everyone into submission to that one and I am one of their targets].
MICHELLE OBAMA: "I'll hit her in the stomach real hard for Christie."
WINSTON: "I'll show you my tyranny." 92 "I don't like being under the gun.
CURLY HAIR LIBRARIAN: "You're a hole. You're not my sleeve. You're boring.... You're just tiss. They're all things."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I punish her for everything. I'm ha (female Adolf Hitler). Everybody comes to me!! I forbid Vitamin A. No pope as friend. No steffanwolf." 4, 18 I have to kill your baby" referring to son Mike. Regularity is happiness. I said no happiness. I want no more sexy in the world unless they're looking at me." 35 "I'm so into murderous ideas for your thing and Mike. I kill popes. You're an eyesore. I have to keep him focused with my fist: He still says he doesn't want your hole to me. I made him useless to her and himself!! The first amendment belongs to me.  No matter what you do, you're not going to get him from me."
WINSTON: "No up! No Christ! No ticket! I thought I could make Debbie crazy taking her thing away like that (female circumcision with laser). She's trash. I said make her suffer until she obeys (94). I'll show you ugliness in the windows.... No courage." 6, 6,6 "None of that hole (Queen of England). No gravy!"
MF on a bus: "Debbie's not severely disabled" means make it happen to her to Senator McCain.
IN KWON SONG: "That's why I'm a bachelor. She's crazy."
MICHELLE OBAMA in a young boy in the library: "I see the crazy lady in here."
HILLARY CLINTON: "What do you mean she belongs to me! I don't want her!" 4 "You don't need that file! [The Queen] is my mother and she'll take you off the internet if I say. I don't like you running around. You're just a hole using my husband like this. She's lazy. Why don't you read my husband's book first?"
THE QUEEN: "I want permit Catholic to rule over me."
CONDI RICE: "Now I'll let her be the .... but no romps in the hay with him."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "You're not in fashion, Dear. You were a cop."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "I don't want him with her like that (married) again." 10 is Islamic This is the brutal war machine ready to take over America, not just an immature of jealous, arrogant Boers in the Secret Service.
BRANDON MORRISON: "I don't want to hear your pollution. I hope that hurt her."
--------------------------entry on 8/26
OPRAH WINFREY: "She's making her son a fist. She must be stopped. That's a quirky way of saying it." 47 "She's just white trash. If you don't wear long sleeves to bed I can torture you again [26-arms]. Mrs. Mun asked me to block you (from accessing "her" wifi which is labeled "guests"). Hillary said I could shoot you if you show me your arms. You better cover up real good or I'll shoot you. You take too many pictures with that thing I don't care if it's a hobby. If I say roll, you better roll if you expect to roll with Hillary. He'll never come back to you because I taught him you're a thing. I always don't like your pictures. Everyone hates them (Catholics). She's crazy for having them there. I can take your ..... check away if you continue to want him (for a husband). Don't push us to let go of him. We can kill the president if you don't cease this activity. You're not suppose to care about him if I say so. I'm the chosen one even though my name is mispelled. I made her crap so people would believe/obey me. No relationships until she obeys us and that includes listening to the Republicans and Bill. This is very intentional (giving me what feels like menstrual cramping).  Obey me or I'll kill your kids. I'm wealthy. I have more $ than all the religions in America. I'll kill the pope if you don't obey us."
Liars took her phone access away in 2012 in exchange for the pope's life..
WINSTON: "Don't trust me. Misooki said no sleep for telling on us." 13, 26 "It's impossible for her to get up in Hillary because she has no discipline. I made her a gaping hole like them (Black females) to get even so she wouldn't feel him. I tore up her asshole for obeying Janet Reno (Irving in 1999). Obey him or more danger to your baby. I did not permit you to contact your family. I want no marriage to him with her (Debbie). When are you going to stop telling on us? You're not going to stop us. We're the government now. If I say you're an eyesoar, I can take you away. I'm Bush's bastard. You have to invest your $ in my projects (black enterprises and movies) not a savings account.
GEORGE BUSH: "Don't tell on us and I'll let you up." Even Reno said I could laser rape you. She wants him. She's crazy to tell on us when I can blow her thing wide open.I'm not really sorry.  Pie crust (cipher prince Charles) said no loud for the religious anymore. It's impossible for Debbie because she doesn't want to be a twin of Oprah. That's why we say no Christians. They resist us and won't play. She's a snitch telling on us. I don't care if she is a victim. She's just a tis. I hate them for taking Barbara away (wife swapping) Debbie is a black female if she thinks she can get away from us.
REGINA SMITH: "Hold me back or I'll kill that white trash."
JOHN McCAIN: "Stop trying to stop us."
WM in a gray shirt in the Library: "Don't worry. I'll get her ass. I could bite you for that one." 92-10
LIBRARIAN-PAUL: "Your family is dead. You're not accomplished. I like your pictures, too.
CONDI RICE: "As soon as she treats the bed, drop more (bedbugs) in."
CHARLIE BECK: "It's not the bugs only, but pins and needle lasers." Another words, one covers the crimes of the other.
WINSTON: "You're poo for trying to establish Him (God). Hole!"
OPRAH WINFREY: "Myo Kim trains him." 89 Racism"
BF at In & Out Burger through a WF: "You're too old."
MRS KIM MUN: "I'm not mean to anyone except to her."
GEORGE BUSH, SR.: "She gets too many erections for them. I thought she was just pussy to them and said no [relationships]! I'll kill that crazy cxnt."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I don't want him to be Catholic. I tore her apart. You need to be in a hospital and your family free of you." 25 "I said no Debbie, so the bus didn't come. I'm disturbed for doing that. I'm going to shoot down a plane. He listens to me. I dry him (sober him up after she gets him drunk on power and fear which amounts to waterboarding with alcohol). I can make trouble. He better be my penis. He's my zoom. Never real God again! Hype! ( a call for 85 as 89, translation: She demands theater as retaliations).
A COMEDIAN: "...I'll get rid of the mangy mutt. I'll make her see a doctor. She's a lunatic. So plastic...She's crazy."
WINSTON: "Hole."
SOMEONE'S CHILD READING THIS: "My mother said that's a bad word." Did she read my warning on DISCLAIMER?
MEXICAN CHILD ON TERMINAL 3: "There's that crazy lady. Blurry. You're just a pit."
AN OBSERVER: "I'm 12:20 (I'm the White House or 5 o'clock/with Debbie)."
---------------------------------- 9/1
SMITH'S LITTLE BLONDE FRIEND: "I want no Debbie. You still have to listen to me." 2 [Then after sabotage]: Excuse me. Pray! [Chief Brown] said I could watch you anytime I want. I thought she was Bush. I own your Hundai. I shant be going to prison. You were suppose to work tonight. You wouldn't tell me who Moke was." 38 "I can be pain. You're not suppose to tell on the police. Big things come in small packages. I'm your poison. NO talent" I said no Nova Scotia. Balance. I used to be a snake. I was Kowalski in jeans." 38, 10 "You'll see I'm the man. You're a crazy woman, not stinking. I disapprove of you two together. I said no Reagan. Now I permit. I said buckle up means danger. No one will let you rule because you lied to them. She needs to tidy up her room. You need a doctor telling on these things...."
BARBRA STREISAND: "You're crazy."
BUSH and WINSTON: "Make her a pauper."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You still have to obey me. [Steals pictures from my cellphone and crashes apps]. She shouldn't shoot her mouth off! I'll show you my teeth. You're crazy and he's my cop I heard you're just a toothache. I'm hate." Sabotages another app."You're crazy. Fake! Fake!" while sabotaging Bible app. "No Happy Birthday. You're a joke." 9 "I will not be beaten." 
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I control the police. You're crazy for talking to them." 9 "No Hillary again. ...."
WINSTON: "Booger!" 38, 38 "No more Speedoes with him! He's me. I'll leave tomorrow."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "Mark belongs to me." 47
BECK: "I shouldn't have trusted you with my police car."
WINSTON/NAACP: "I own the oriental. When I say there is no God, there is no God. You're poo." 92-60
OPRAH WINFREY: "You go to a doctor, so I can. I have beaten [James Comey]. I wouldn't want to be a ... I'll show you my hot xwot. I can't be between your teeth. I'm very cruel and unusual. I'm the queen. I'll make them all lay down for me. I don't think she believes in Jesus Christ. I don't like her personality.. I'll make them all burn for what they did to me. That cop isn't gettin' up...." 4 "I'm not goin to prevent Denton if she goes that way. She thinks this is free exercise. I don't believe in Christ. I'll show her too large. He's my house (spouse). I'll use Donna in Debbie (BF FBI). Somebody else will use her gun )Wife swapping") I won't permit." 4 "I told everybody to wait until I get that [departments]. He was to be my scream. I'll say racist! Don't let Debbie up. I don't care how much maturation(s). He's still my man. I'm a cash cow. Maturation is not real (to the immature). Three or four. I'm hate. No up or  I'll give bad dreams. That one better hear me or I'll let my bad self up. .... I own the treasury. I will on Friday....All I see is your pussy in my face...."
GEORGE BUSH SR: "Debbie is .... All I see is your pussy in my mind. You don't want to smell her whistle. I said no God."
INKWON: "That's what 6 o'clock said she is."
LYNCH, during torture: "You're not suppose to show me." 57 photoshop pages.
BLONDIE: "She can't be with us, if she tells on us. ...." 4
BLONDIE: "She should pray for me. All I see is crazy. I thought I was getting away with this" to Condi Secret Service relay. 2, 2, 18
[Do you think the government gives you this kind of access/tech to torment people? Who's the crazy ones?]
OPRAH WINFREY (through Misooki on the bus): "I can't save anyone. I made him only half a man. No chival. Rhee. I'd have a heart attack if this were real, but still no pussy. I'm going to follow you all the way to the White House and mess up your things. Wait! You're ridiculous! Hit her in the stomach if she refuses me" to Rexar Secret Service. That's a book of lies" speaking against the Holy Bible. "Tobacco can't win. I'll poke her to death with him." 18 "No ball bag for defying me. I was jealous of them (Asian people)."
INKWON: "I thought Debbie was crazy and I could play" is brainwashed on Oprah's echelon and making himself unhealthy"
Two black children at Cromwell Library doing Oprah again, FEMALE: Stares me down heavily when I sign up for a computer. Watching me everywhere I go.MALE: "I have to make you filth."
FEMALE: "Or I'll Pekinese."
MALE: "Court." 47 "She's just skin." 47 [Terminal 1, 1842 hrs, 9-3-15] "Okay cripple! I don't want to be a male..."
WINSTON: "I'm very coo-coo. You're suppose to listen to me" while causing a cramp in left leg."I don't even like you to use that leg to turn around in bed. Take me off your list!"
BEN CARSON: "[Name of someone] can't win against me" and put a doppleganger on the train with Debbie at Galatyn Park.
KIM DAVIS: "I'm not going to obey a cyst."[Picture from Dallas Morning News with permission]
TOMMY BELL: "Her face is a sign. It looks like a road map. She's in trouble for saying she's the Dallas Police. You seem to have an issue here, Debbie... She's an idiot. Debbie, go fuck yourself! Linkedin says you're crazy."

WINSTON: "You're a hole! I guess I'll have to make you... or sick. Condi said no sleep now" and stabbed me in the elbow. "I'll put her in the hospital. 
OPRAH WINFREY: "Break her teeth! I hope it hurts her. I'll get that page from him (from the FBI evidence room). I own the neighborhood.... You're rarer than me wearing that hat, but you're fake just like me. I don't think she's Dallas Police! Can't be beaten! Can't be beaten! ....I'm no balance for lust. I can take anything I want from her because she kills little babies. I'm going to make it impossible for you with him. No matter what happens to me make sure to never let her marry the oriental." 9 "So he can take care of Misooki. No sex. I don't want Christmas. It might cost you him (if you stop me from raising the rent $50) She has too much $ and I have to take it away from her. I let MIsooki win for telling on us! [Stalking emails-89 rent increase]. I'm still going to raise the rent because I don't want her on those streets! No happiness again. Don't let her poo unless she drinks exactly 64 ounces of water. I'll take her out of the internet for Dizzy. I'll put her in the hospital if she doesn't [yield] to Misooki."
REGINA SMITH: "I said raise her rent. I don't want her on the street."
4003: "No fist on lust."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "No tickle or I'll get up." [Stop all thrills in her life]. "I'll knock your crazy down.Ted Cruz can't wait ruin you for Kim. He did full frontal nudity with Myo Kim and she did it too. That's why we didn't let him come back."
BLONDIE: "You'll never get rid of us!" 45
INKWON: "I wanted to help my sister, so I knocked her down."
MATT STAVER: "Debbie can't get up if she tries to go against Liberty National."
CLAY AIKEN: "You're crazy."
MICHELLE OBAMA through another on the street: "No oasis!" [means raise her rent].
SPITZ at Dallas FBI: "I said no Mexican in or I'll mesh."
MRS. KIM MUN: "Everybody believes her, not me. I'll show he!" Then dressed down a resident who was locked out of the building and couldn't get the codes to work. I let them in and this gets the landlord upset. Who told her what was going on? She throws stones at my window at night to scare me about using the light to read. She was so loud and hyper on a poor, hard-working neighbor locked out" She kept screaming at the lady to go back out and come through the coded door. How would you like to work all day and then be confronted by this looney? I stood in the hallway watching her because I was afraid she might get violent - she was so harsh. Big deal! That's pitiful, the police won't help us"
AMOS MUN: "I didn't want you to live here (as the reason for cutting off the cable TV, Wi-Fi and raising the rent). I'm the bitch because you lied about me."
BUSH SR: "Debbie doesn't make sense." 47 "I have the conch. I will not let a crazy person run this country." ]That's why they threw you out, George! "Hospital or more rent" was also said about something in June 2014. I won't allow her to get up without lust or I'll crush her." 4, 2, 6 "No conquering us. If Debbie puts more comments in (here), take her out of the internet. She can't be telling on Charles. How can she be.... if she doesn't get up early? I said no close. You're mental if I say so. [Brainwashing people with echelon] "I said no women running this country. As soon as you stabilize her, I'll take her out. You're insane for saying you're them. Misooki is making sure you can't get up"
WIDOW GOFORTH (proving her husband was lured to that place):"I'll put her in prison for saying that about us. I don't even know her. Why would I say things (rehearses Bush)?"
KAT OCH: "I think she's crazy as a bed bug. Let's get wasted."
Makes complaints to Facebook about Debbie's entries and so does Tommy Bull. The latter one gets things from Oprah for it.
KIM MUN: "She's a lazy bones for reading all night."
OPRAH WINFREY: "No crazy bottle cap videos. That means I can eat up her $. She's crazy! I'll poke out those blue eyes if you try bto use them against me!" 47 "She better believe us!" [She's going after "muscle cars." "I'll kill her with my laser if she gets up without us. No more inside unless for pro-creation. I'm Steve's puppy. Now I can Shupe her because Clancy's on my side and Florida said okay. Now I can evict you from here and throw all your stuff on the streets . I'll unlock the cages and let everyone steal. I'll show you Misooki's tis! I'll knock you down. No one will obey me if she's not crazy. I'll wake up this whole place if she refuses me! She's just poo if I say (is brainwashing). You have to run out of tape before you can buy another one. She's crazy. I wanted to get Myo Kim knocked up again. Steve can get a conviction on her for telling the truth on us twice. I said to keep everyone at arm's length from her. Debbie doesn't believe us. I'll show her textbook. Everything belongs to me. I know how to make [namedrops] mental on her." GEMS #4. He stays with Misooki [hate crime and deportations or how blacks get Koreans in trouble instead of killing them]. He's my guy. No sense waiting for him. I'm infinity." Then laughs. "I have to stop her from being a police officer because it doesn't make me look good."
WINSTON: "I can seriously hurt you if you get up with  [namedrops]. I made her a lazy bones with the laser keeping her up all night. I know how to make [namedrops] false step, so I can kill [Debbie]. I can't allow you any happiness. Warn her! I own the police."
BF on Southbound 531 bus at night: "I found a doctor that will take you out!"
OPRAH WINFREY through a new neighbor: "I have to lower her. She's scaring my pitch. I don't like her automatic (natural reactions to tyranny's cruel). She scares me (if I can't control her). I'll take her feet off. You're going to the doctor real fast or I'll trauma. If you try to get up, I'll show you my puss. They're my cops. I know all the Texas Rangers. I can't wait to take your pants off. I said no veep. I have a 12 gauge (spouse). He won't bother me because my $ is drug $. I'll make you lose your composure. I had to make sure if he's a virgin and he isn't. I want no one to get the hots for you. [That one] can't win with John Kerry and if Donald takes Carson, I'll be first again."
BUSH SR.: "I'll stop at nothing to give her a heart attack for not listening to [namedrops]. I don't like her seeing all those movies about Shaolin Temple." 84
WINSTON: "Don't worry. I ruined her G-spot. You're always a hole. Debbie's sick. I can change the dates." [Re: 12A, 909]
DEBBIE: "Am I suppose to get used to this black pervert between my legs all the time with that laser, Mr. Bush?"
CONDI RICE: "End all sexy in the world."
BF (IHOP) AT BUSTOP: "You need my teeth to get things. I have the police. I'll take her [n=namedrops] if she tells on me. I'm telling [n] how to do things. I said no full (fuck you) my police. You have to pay me to change things. I don't care if it's against the law! I've never been to your country, but I'm fast (is a bribe). You have to be my shoe (in this case protection) or I'll mess you up. I'm Reagan. I'm your cubbyhole or you're (a vulgar word for vagina)...."
Two buses held up so she could instruct me of the way things are in Antichrist world. When the 532 finally did arrive, it passed me when I hailed it to stop and THIS ONE said: "She's playing with us."
WINSTON: "They treat you bad because you're a hole."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You're not real, if I say so." [Vicious fascism] "I have to get you back for telling on me going after the Dodges (through their private lives). I'm pushing him to smell Myo Kim's pussy. I said no TV ever, EVER! I'll break every TV you look at! I hope it hurst her when I take her stuff! I'm making it impossible for her. I'll take you [n] away if you wake up the Christians. Not yet! I go through people's luggage after a plane crash to steal."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I'll tell the press where you are. I hope she's mental when I knock her down again! She's crazy for not taking us up on a lucrative deal (for her soul and blind obedience"). She could be set up for life. [Yeah, in Sing-Sing]. Alright I said no police office. I prevbent your emails from going through, so people can't see how beautiful you are. Cripple her if she doesn't pay that amount. She embarresed me. I said I would help her (99.9% of the time he lied. He has no track record for telling the truth. They're just playing games to deprive me as retaliations). I did that at Lockerbie."
CHARLIE BECK: "I made it too easy for her to get up. I have to knock her down again (by raising my rent another $50). 50 "No $." 10 "No sleep."
REGINA SMITH: "I'm glad I stayed (with the Dallas Police). Now I can [screw] her. All I have to do is take a look-see (at my bank account) and if she didn't pay that amount ($530), she'll pay me."
INTERCOM VOICE ON ORANGE TRAIN for OPRAH: "No Asian or bye bye. You're mental."
WM on same train: ""And unbalanced too."
BM on bus 486 after a full day's work: "Nobody wants your theater up. You're against the black man. You ought to be in County. All I need is a big O butt. She takes care of things."
BF on the same bus: "Clinton doesn't lust for us. We're sick. I'll tell the landlord what to do, but you'll have to give me your husband back." [Extortion]
MIHELLE OBAMA: "I'm ruining the American Dream for Debbie. I killed Christ in [her husband]."
BF ATC at Dallas Lovefield Airport: "I know where you live."
CONDI RICE: "I'll ruin her tickle with the police." [sick vulgar racism]
PAUL: "You're always George. This means he's Misooki's man. No Holy Bible..."
OPRAH WINFREY: ""Keep her alive, so I can torture her again. Hillary is my feet. I can prove she's an incompetent thing." 2 "No more (eating) ice cream. I said no heart for her thing." 9 The landlord is my feet." 10 "You're Rick." 20, 4 "I'm polymer. Stop fighting me." 47 "I could put an ounce on you. I hope it hurts. You're not going to stop us no matter what you do. She has to get along with the audience or I'll get up. The cops aren't fun. I own Texas and your last name because you refuse to [take that hat off]." I can torture you all night for what you wrote in your room." 92-35, sleep dep. "I'll use the U.S. Marshal on her for saying things. I'll crash. I'm magic, not lust" like there's a difference.
DEBBIE: "Huh?"
GARTH BROOKS: "I'm glad you took that thing away (tickle)."
CONDI RICE: "I want to take one of those wedding rings away from her hand."

ANONYMOUS: "Get this ugly thing off Debbie."
BM in white BWN7662 in front of Cromwell Library: "You ought to be thankful I said no up."
BF with him: "I'm Donna's feet."
MM in Jack's: "I won't God speed you if you don't let me stay. I was just fish."
LATINO VOTERS Female: "You're too negative. My Holy Spirit says it's not the tenth. I'll never let you up."
LATINO VOTERS Male: "I will prevent you from journalizing on them. I'm Rommel. I'll take your [n] away."
BM leaning on a wall as a BF approaches me on a corner: "I know you don't work for the police."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I ruined your marriage by snitching on him. I told [n] his son married a ) black female for his wealth. She wants to ruin things for Debbie, too. That's why she stole Debbie's gift. Debbie will never be raptured from this [torture chamber] because [n] hears me and is a scaredy cat. You better stay in this room or I'll cripple you. You're something, but you'll never be me for [omitting] that Goforth thing. You better brush off your acceptance speech when Debbie is nominated to run this country."
WINSTON: "She has to obey me and I said no sleep." 92-53
OM in the hall: "We called the police to make you take off that hat and he said 'Why are you calling me? She's not my jurisdiction.' That's why you can't get up! Same dude yelling at me for resident in 353 while I was in my room and he wasn't: "I don't want to see that (sign) on my door." Then he slams a door, opens it again and says: "I don't care if she's a witness. I'm showing you I don't care!" and then insinuates with noises, I am a vulgar thing.
SARAH PALIN: "I have to get you back for what you said about my marriage. I hope Debbie doesn't win for telling."
DEBBIE: "I thought Todd took care of that at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Nevertheless, I didn't know they were snitches. I wasn't talking to you. I was looking for sexual harassment of married couples under the guise of procreation sex only. Anyhoo, nice job on the fisheries in Alaska"
ANONYMOUS: "You told on yourselves violating the 4th amendment. All Debbie said is the fisheries in Alaska are very well managed."
BF carrying a large pink purse on Bus 535 north: "Please obey us. You're weird."
BF on Bus 535 south in a cook's uniform: "I said no orange peel."
CHARLIE BECK: "I don't believe in her crazy slop."
He was Steve.
OPRAH WINFREY: "Im no survival. No new (testament) or cataclysmic. I let her run until she pisses me off. I said no heart for her thing. No matter what you do, he's not coming back! I said no Lassie. Give her a heart attack. I'll kill her. I'd rather be a disgrace than let her up for going to EEOC. I'm making it impossible for you to live without kissing my hand. I'll clobber you for this (pix of Garcia's rally in Texas against Trump on 9/14/15)." 6, 13 "I said continue no close."
LORETTA LYNCH: "I'm getting ready to take your [n] away."
CONDI RICE: "I'll win everytime because I know he's not free. These (10K) Syrians (in Baltimore, MD) are my arm(ageddon).. I want no miracles.."
Cruel faithless racism
GEORGE BUSH SR: " "Okay, I'll let you get off the hook for the rent increase, but you have to go to a hospital and take medication (to make Oprah comfy during the commissions of her crimes). Misooki said to put her in the hospital and I said nah."
RESIDENT MICHAEL: "Now I can put her hole in the grave." Then, Winston started calling names and 92-10
JIM BOY: "Stalking charges everyone that messes with this website."
HILLARY CLINTON: "I want you to abstention from the picture, too."
Huh? This is real evil and it's starting to creep me out"
OPRAH WINFREY: "He's my policeman. No happiness" was said when the bank machine refused to take my deposit. "I'm proud of [n] for saying no to your thing. I held her ass down so Condi Rice could get up." 4 "We risk loss of empowerment if we let [Debbie] up. We're permanent. No husband." 9 "I said no pay dirt or (her husband) may want to come home again. No caviar.
AORTA: "I'll zip (Joe Clancy)."
HILLARY CLINTON: "I do not appreciate blacks playing games to make us look like fools. Ahmed is fraud and deceit, and maybe hatemail to Debbie"
MF GAPPER in DARK GRAY HONDA: "They promised to give me stuff if I do this."
MARK SULLIVAN: "That's why I left the Secret Service. They're never satisfied."
ROBERT MONG: "She shouldn't have an opinion because she's crazy."
ARTIE: "He's not a rabbit like them."
CONDI RICE: "I scare them out with my rhetoric. That's why they don't believe you, Mam."
HUGH HEWITT: "No madam secretary."
BRETT BAER: "I stopped the landing here."
BILL O'REILLY: "We're no Christ hear. I don't think you're relevant. I think you're sin. You're too little sister."
CNN: "We can't handle your pathology." 84"
WF COMMUNIST on the train for Bush Sr.: "Why don't you wake up? You can't win. We're snakes..."
ANOTHER FOR [n]: "I didn't want to. I didn't want you to be veep. Now, all I have to do is trap you into the hospital. I don't want him. I want Chicago Secret Service."
BF nearby for Oprah: "No secrets."
Above WF again: "Criminal secret service only."
[N] through BM driver of 451: "I don't want you playing with mine. I'll pull your teeth. You need to see a doctor. You're the devil like Lucius. We're just a pen. No tot. Now I have to bust you for telling on  the (another city) police."
BF passenger on 451 south for Oprah: "I don't care if I go to prison to take you down. Now, I can use the police for saying you're me. All I am is hate. I have my eye on Hillary and her Magilla. I know how to stop both of them. They're my police. I'll get in your bed anytime I want. You're going to get arrested. Please don't play with me."
POLICE CAR with a Mexican child: "I can't get you up." 10
BF from 428 stalking me on 486 again has tech and I have typed this in more than once for Michelle Obama: "He's Misooki. Everytime, you air him, he comes back to me. I'll never stop! (for Ben Carson) I don't care if it's 74. I can get for her. I'm real up. No way with your man. I asked both of them and they said no. (Wrong) Now, he's mean because he hears me. [He didn't ask Comey]. "I can make Misooki leave. He's just piss. I only let go. I'm pumice (Oprah). I made him a bigot. You need Reece's or him. I said no whisky (white wife) for him. I'm not tall. I got Janet Reno. She-oh. I can price with my hole spirit. I'm Condi Rice" He's my baby boy/InKwon. My name is Bridgett. I got your kid. I'm all evil. I'm a phone wreck [Santos is stalking Debbie"] She's going to see my sheol for cock of the walk. I'll knock her down. I'll get you for that one. [She knows how to block the Holy Spirit]. I'm too dangerous. I'm real up. I know how to bed roll to make it worse on them. I'm never her up. She's not my machine.... I don't like her jazz. I'll get her off, but it will take some serious pay. Now why would I want to hurt her thing? I'm gay. I got Texas." 2 "I know that part in the Vatican. The Spirit can't touch you. The Spirit can't touch you. I'll roll her tomorrow." 18 "I'm goin to enjoy wrecking you up" as a Nissan from Alabama sped pass my window."
INTERCOM from WALMART makes a noise and then BF ECHO: "I told you I would bed roll" means products missing.
BF EMPLOYEE: "All I have to say is you called me a n....I got it all figured out..."
MF PASSENGER on the same bus: "I own the police."
ANOTHER MF GRANDCHILD: "You better do what I say."
[Dallas Police are flat].
MF #1 on the bus: "No on Dennis."
MM on the bus: "I'd rather go to prison than play games with you."
MF #3 on the bus: "I just wanted to see no love. I just wanted to see the first family. I really can with no name. I said no Korean husband."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I need (InKwon). He (n) wants me." 4 "I control the Secret Service (in Irving like the cops)! All I have to say is she's psychotic. You want to destroy my machine and then I'll be in debt. It makes me mental thinking she's getting up. If you want my power, you can't even talk to her! I said no Jesus Christ in my minions and that includes Danny Defenbaugh."
BUSH SR.: "I want Santos. I want silence between \her and them. She's not going to rectify my petty. If you don't let go, I'll take down Hillary."
ANONYMOUS: "You're Christian, Mom. I can't even go near a church because of what I said to Congress...."
[She tried to stay, but Oprah wouldn't leave her alone].
MICHELLE OBAMA in MF child with mother: "I have to hit you in the stomach for that."
MOM: "To this day they never left me alone and I look like tortured crap for it."
MM on computer #2: "I thought I could gore her."
Mother of child above continues to stare at me. It's always wrong to play against the FBI.
A FAMOUS LADY: "It's time to go, Honey. I'm sorry. Thank you very much. I know it bothers you they didn't want to be like you."
The laser - Star Wars - was built by the Department of Defense and NASA. It was to defend the United States from incoming enemy missiles. It has since been converted into a weapon system in the hands of Secret Service agents of a certain orientation for the disposal of human beings who are not liked by said agents or others in the political or entertainment arenas. Anyone who tries to help me is subjected to a volley of hits on themselves.This is what the numbers mean. The numbers are listed under INDEX #12. For a list of persons being repetitively assaulted, go to GEMS #24.

Florida wins"
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August 5, 2015