Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""
My husband disappeared on January 4th, 1997 and then again on May 27th. Oprah Winfrey was trying very had to get him to divorce me as retaliations for EEOC and he had been resisting without telling me a damn thing!
Her antichristian tactics are as follows. If any of this sounds familiar to you, please contact someone in this website, or your local police and tell them about this site.
1. Monogamy is an addiction.
2. You're not her first husband.
3. Ooo! How could you go in her when she's been with someone else?
4. I don't think he loves her.
5. A marriage without sex is love. You and her were just lust!
6. She's taller than you.
7. Sex is really for procreation only. You're just a dog for wanting to be close with her again.
8. I don't want him to die a "cherry boy." He should try out other women.He needs experience.
9. She's too white next to him. You look funny together and you should see what we see when you're in bed with her!
10. No white woman for a wife. Stay in your own color or no up!
11. He should have said no to those Korean women harassing his wife.
12. I saw what you were doing with her. How could you? [People come around and imitate things]
13. And then the flattery begins. Ye old smoke up the chimney games.
14. If you give up sex, I can move you up our ladder much faster.
15. I'll make you think of Myo Kim [other women, preferably Korean ones introduced to him as a replacement of Debbie and not shy about it]. This is where they refer to your wife as a part and mostly vulgar.
16. Ephesians 5.25 means I could make it very dangerous on you if you want to be her husband for real.
17. I'll tell her you're not interested in her that way. I told her you just want to be her friend and only when I say.
18. He's Byong Dong's son, not your husband anymore. He chooses his kin, not you and those trashy kids.
19. Only first marriages are for real.
20. You must obey Bush Sr. or one of us. Never listen to Debbie. She will make you think of lust. Tell me if "she makes you think of her thing."
21. What do you like about Debbie?
22. Then the lasers began to help him understand what is good and bad in Oprah's New World Order. He's too chicken to go home because Oprah scares him with disorder.
23. They lie about the meaning of things. They said I didn't have to pay income tax because I was Korean more than American.
24. "Women enslave men with their puxxies" is often said to him. And I hear it, too.
25. She's too white.
If anyone tries to turn you against your wife (or children) this is sexual intimidation, harassment and/or terrorism. Report these crimes to LAPD, especially if it's some kind of punishment for your work". Their email address is in Gems.
Explanation of the picture
1. The satellite [intense spotlight] caught you with her again [the dish]. You must be punished [stripes on the dish].
2. The pig is your wife. Bottom of Definitions page, is the one she hears. She's not like us and don't tell her about us!
[President Obama calls this kind of person "goody two-shoes."]
3. Four guns - Balfour, a reference to Parliament, Congress in Great Britain
4. Boots atop the page: George Bush Sr.
5. Chain on left wrist: You can be married to her but never again with her until you commit adultery. The two lines close together above the Korean word "Nop" means never again Nam-pyun which means husband.
5. The Teardrop means black tyranny is stalking him" and what he thought was genuine training, was just a racist scam to destroy his marriage to a federal whistle-blower.
6. Pink covering: Hiding what he used to do with Debbie because marriage papers said it was okay.
7. Ten bars around the fence (shown): It's lust what you do with Debbie.
8. The grass has been stopped.
* It was something like this: North Carolina #150

November 30, 2013

"Praise be to God, someone said no!" - Retired FBI Special Agent
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