Crews & Rooms:
Monopoly Defense is racism, not the people who stand against them in a democratic society and say NO!*
This machine is called "NO REAL." It means technicians with bones to pick will engineer situations on people by deluding them into believing they can make a change in the world by using violence!
This is dangerous to relay. Very technical hate crimes - Basic concepts of devilry - an unlawful practice often used by high crimes and misdemeanors' crowd.
If it's too risky, you and yours are troublemakers, not the victims of your troublemaking. 
These people, are called engineers or crews (or anti-Christian). They arranged in rows in a huge room like a gymnasium without the bleachers with TV consoles and buttons in front of them like NASA movies during a launch. There they sit and engineer capers on unsuspecting Americans and Arabs to benefit an agenda that isn't legal by any other means. Very few of them can be trusted. Technically, these "technicians"  are stalkers, but they do it in a most undetectable way, that it seems anyone trying to expose them is easily labeled a crackpot.* To find out if something is a caper, go to Fraud and look it up!
The people chosen by technicians to perform these capers/crimes such as Murder-Suicides, Columbine etc display certain characteristics and these are listed on Goose and Sinister.  It's easy to manipulate someone who wants to be bad.
Hype (aka Room or Crew): Antichrist manipulators of societies with espionage, money and terrorism [sometimes in the form of crimes , e.g. intimidation/privacy invasions, extortion and bribery" to move stooges against victims].
Disgruntled: Gripes about something someone did when perusal is illegal. It's unlikely we can identify all of these at time of publications. This one is a very treacherous trail and is often referred to as a "fist" by them. Most of these have been identified and are on Evil page.
Stooges: Persons conditioned by MKULTRA to pull a trigger
Victims: The deceased or injured and maybe found on Dearly Beloved page.
Who Benefits besides disgruntled and the press?
Altogether this is a machine.
Target: The one whom the message is for.
It's fraudulent and a conspiracy when Legislators, the press and mental health officials forget to mention the use of MKULTRA to trigger a caper.  
This then becomes an attempt to restrict access to guns and that's under false pretenses - another caper of racist Defense.
Standing orders: This is a command a person gives to terrorize/sabotage a person until they bow down to that person's demands.
Current Standing orders in my life are Revelation 17.13
Many against one is Lynch Mobs

Hillary Clinton: "I should be able to dislike something without the communist regime sabotaging or punishing someone. The following list are my Standing Orders.
  • Her rent stays at $480 and doesn't get raised!
  • No Blacks subverting or obstructing anything, including my relationship with her.  And stop blocking her first attempts to do something. You're really evil people to be on her like this" 
  • Blacks having immunity for crimes on Debbie must end.
  • No punishment of or retaliations on Debbie.
  • No preventing her of anything.
  • No lasering her.
  • If I say keep something up to protect her, don't stop when my attention is diverted by stalkers. And stop snitching on her.
  • No landlords in her room, looking around or stealing. No communism on her or poisons.
  • No ears on me and Bill!
  • No taking the wheels off her cart!

Michelle Obama's orders to assault my stomach, break my reading glasses and wheels off my carts continues if she shows a negative interest in my private life. This is racist espionage and retaliation. She uses Winston to do the lasers on me and recently came up with another physical attack that is hard to explain: across the chest and across the back, sometimes piercing my heart all the way through to my back shoulder blade.
She also attacks me when President Obama talks to me, as if I had control over him..

Karen Pence gave a standing order for the landlords to steal pens from my room whenever I left them anywhere. In a cup, pencil holder or on my desk or a nightstand. If I went outside and didn't take them, they'd be stolen when I returned.
These are sick fcking people"
This is her doing X234"
Omarosa Manigault's ceaseless illegal request is "Don't let her cellphone charge if she buys a newspaper. She undermines me." 92-38 And so Winston and Bush won't let my cellphone charge for a port or wall socket.
NAACP: "Sabotage Debbie Song every chance you get"
Kellyanne Conway told Winston and DoD to "tear holes in the crotch of her underwear for calling gays assholes."
This was not done and what she read was taken out of context because I am unable to leak to protect people publically - This means coded language among friends.
Nevertheless, this one and her crew continues to destroy my underwear.
 George Bush Sr. started the troubles on Debbie by giving Oprah permission to terrorize and then torture Debbie for going to EEOC in 1990.
He thinks because he was president he has a "divine right" to be Lord and Master
over those of us who disagree with their logic" Through out the EXTREME pages this is what Oprah Winfrey and other blacks have deemed necessary for me. Oprah says in this website that his death cannot cancel out his standing order as listed here.
He sees me as a problem for refusing to obey him and then anyone of his many criminal leeches. THUS WHATEVER OPRAH WINFREY WANTS SHE GETS AND HER GETTIN IS TAKIN FROM ME"
24/7 challenges of everything I do, don't do, say , don't say etc..
Oprah Winfrey: "No happiness until you obey me."
Biush Sr. and the British crews make this happen for her...
"No two of anything" is another standing order.
And "no working those streets." This one, too, refuses to let my cellphone charge to prevent me from going into the streets.
Condoleezza Rice: "No first ever"
Bush Sr, the FBI, Julia Pierson and the two above make this happen for her...
Byong Dong Song: "Take off Dodge page or ....
Oprah, Bush and Condi Rice machines help this one force compliance on me.
Officer Cindy Beck: "No police comments. Bad luck until you obey me. And I don't want you to wear that hat!"
Oprah Winfrey, James Comey & brood and Pierson obliges her outside the law and amounts to stalking. 
Officer Regina Smith: "Put me on [Cop Killer page] or else."
Bush Sr. obliges this one.
Sheriff Lupe Valdez is using spy satellites (Black snitches) to censor Debbie's private free speech with terrorsim and torture, but not sany others doing the same. Also sabotages computer screenby delaying entries or any other actions. Dirty troublemaking black tyranny. 33
Kim Robinson: Counters all good news from Debbie or which favors Debbie to her family that reaches her.
Condi Rice: "See to it shit keeps happening to her."
 Deprive her of sleep at night as soon as she turns out the light!

Nick Unknown last name works at Hangil Hotel and Shared Ministries: "I'll take care of her here."
Calls rogue FBI to have me incarcerated in either jail or an institution for
saying no to his games and illegal entries.
 Everyone goes through him to get me abducted.
Regina Smith of the Dallas Police comes rolling out with echo to assist anyone against Debbie"
She works with Nick, too.
Ann Romney at Oprah's discretion uses 18 laser
to protect the "little babies."
It is very difficult to end these this type of terrorism because the people involved have such a good time hurting the Target, they don't want to stop and the Disgruntles who stop one aspect, may be involved in another demand against the Target.

Donna Sakkinen joins the crowd with "No Debbie up" and "No Comey"
giving blacks added incentive to sabotage our girl more often..

Using family to enslave the oldest is Buchenwald,
where Falken House and the Rose Garden boasted of wild animals
where 110 Poles died upon arrival.
The rest of them tried to survive on 400 grams of bread and one liter of watery soup.
Knock someone's teeth out and see if it's the same.

Strange, too, Charles A. Falkenberg, age 45, was a passenger on Flight 77, one of the 9-11 planes To see Falken's Maze, go to End No Close #517.

Part 2 of President Reagan.

Michelle Obama says to use Zeus #41 when I tell on them breaking the law with echelon.
This will include breaking my glasses.
Also told the wicked satellites and police to "hound her until she stops telling the truth."
Kamala Harris repeatedly says: "I'm more qualified than her."
This gives Bush permission to hurt me"
Ben Carson: "I said eleven (Uterine laser) every time she sees my imitation. And incest him with his sister."
George Bush Sr.: "Father Mulkahy will not be allowed to run things" This means all truth will be stopped and we'll have to live by lies to get along with atheism.
Don't forget Greg, George, he's just like a District Attorney
"NO FIRST" is attempted murder of a federal eyewitness
and hate crimes.
Now then, what was that you said about Debbie?
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