Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""

"We believe in the privacy of marriage" is OHIO and all of the police in America.

OHIO means in cryptic freemasonry of devilry: No High for Oprah communism"

Go to the CIA page for more on the violent black screams stalking us.

Bush sent us pre-med hatemail and we missed it:

  • The Memorial erected to this event is also hate mail to this witness and the city of New York.
  • Debbie's widowed grandmother was married a veteran with the name Wagner, not related to the College on Staten Island where the Statue of Liberty stands.
  • Here are some more coincidences:

Stanford University's founder's place of birth.
Dallas Morning News publisher, a graduate of
Condi Rice, a professor there.
Carter was the 39th president.
Oswald killed the 35th president.
Davis married Reagan, the 40th president in the year of my birth
Persons named KIM have always been mean to me.
John Hopkins University gave Ben Carson a job.
Kellyanne Conway is stalking me. She belongs to the 45th president.
Bush Sr., the 41st president, was born a Gemini and
Carson's wife is named Candy.
Wagner is the name of the college on Statin Island where the statue of liberty is.
This is a reminder of the Wagner-Rogers Bill during WWII.
I grew up to become a Military Police officer and Mark Sullivan became the Secret Service Director.

To be continued when permissions granted.
You can't cover this one up, Donald.
Try typing in my name and Dallas Traffic. See if anything comes up.
If I am called a "snitch" go to the page SNITCHES and see how twisted the one you hear is" I'll see you soon, every week sixth one south.
This is the NAACP saying "No husband."
They're not suppose to disregard the annulment!
In the Holy Bible, there isn't "First Marriages Only."
Don't tell me what I can and cannot do with my life!
I don't want you in his place and neither does Mueller or Bratton."
Such is racism.
The day after Michelle Obama's birthday, January 18, 1964, NYC began building the World Trade Center. You thought you were smart, didn't you?

Now there comes a vicious enemy. It usu. attacks the male partner in a marriage. This is addressed in NINE O'CLOCK. However, they put duress on the female in such unions, too.

The South Tower fell first, just like my husband being from South Korea. My family were Yankees, which makes me a type of the North Tower. New York has their versions and I have mine.

The Towers on the left side of the Statue of Liberty means no marriage to the oriental. Lady Liberty is what he believed in when he immigrated to this country in 1976 - LEGALLY"

United Airlines was crashed in a field near Shanksville PA, just outside Pittsburg, where the Fraternal Order of Police originated. Special Agent Shanklin was the lead investigator of the Kennedy "assassination" and has the Dallas Field Office named after him. What are the chances?? Ha! Ha! I caught you again"

The CIA page would be helpful to any searching for the truth about 9-11. Also, look under the "Twin Towers" listed in STUDY HALL. Why this was done is part of a sinister plan revealed in THE FBI. Due to torture and threats on other people's lives, please read between the lines where clarity is sacrificed.

If I am called a "snitch" go to the page SNITCHES and see how twisted the one you hear is" I'll see you soon, every week sixth one south.

Whether it be Catholic, British, Jewish or gay. Hebrews 13.4 doesn't mean first marriages only. Under this designation, there is nothing shameful, vulgar or filthy about it! Jude 4"
Not all marriages can be called a result of lust, as Chicago and black fascism would have us think!  
We don't believe marital spouses should be "shared" or controlled by MKULTRA to "stop racism before it starts" because such requires invasions of the marriage bed and often assumes there is wrongdoing going on in private: as if having a deep union with another can be harmful to those who don't believe in the same things as the couple does. 

Espionage and the terrors born from it unleashes cunning, vulgar minds upon all those who wear wedding rings" A common cruel saying among them is: "You don't need a man to be complete." This is poisonous. Ask yourselves, why is this being said?  How is this expert helping me live with another more peacefully? Hostilities mount if your marital union is/was sexual. Have you noticed that? These monster satellites are anti-monogamous and believe their theatrics more profitable than us quietly growing closer to one another. You may be sitting in a cafe and hear: "It's filth the way he's looking at her" when in reality, that look is one of great love and admiration. "He shouldn't look at her that way in public. Get a room." In a coffee shop or restaurant couples go there to celebrate their unions over an appetite and we would appreciate onlookers to look no further than the intimacy at their own tables. Civility is necessary to respect each other at gatherings. Such over-reaching one's immediate environment is poisonous to all within its range.
The male is often shamed into shunning his wife, but the wife is also terrorized. She will be constantly reminded women are for "procreation only" (PCO) and to be "used" for anything else is disrespectful or lust. Common names will be hurled at her by total strangers. These names are often proceeded with the word "just", thus becoming "you're just a snatch" or she's just pussy to him."

You will probably hear overuse of the word "too." You and your activities will be dscribed as "too this" and "too that" even if such is not open to public view.

A test to see if you are already being exposed to monster crap can be uncovered by reading Ephesians 6.13. Does one of these words make you feel uncomfortable? Do you fear using this Scripture? Is your feelings vague or pronounced?
When/where the law isn't enforced, married women are treated as such to destroy their love for the husband. They will almost immediately be encouraged to "make it alone." We are then pushed into a matriarchal mindset. Amazonian, ewigweibliche is the establishment of the female without a male partner. Men are "just" necessary when breeding is desired or very heavy lifting or tedious hard work is present. Adam's wish for woman in the Garden of Eden is dismissed as myth and therefore an insecure need to dominate women. Men, our husbands, are classified as violent warmongers that through history have been territorial brutes. Beasts with clubs forcing sex upon us is about the best we hear about men. 
These women can go on and on about men and their failings. Some of it may be true. It's not easy to stay at the top of the food chain. To go beyond listening to unfair rhetorical rantings requires women to conquer the need for love and companionship by eliminating masculine common sense from their daily lives. Genocide is not a sound route and makes women the new brute on scene. In 1533, King Henry VIII took a stand against the patriarchal Catholic Church by labeling his wives and lovers as items to procreate with only. His queens would not be anything more than a trophy he bragged about. "Look at my queen Catherine. She's the daughter of the king of Spain." Okay to a point.
He was mental, agitated by sycophants in his cabinet. His battle against monogamy, unheard of before this, became anti-Christ and led to his ex-communication. From this, he made women into "witches" and excused himself from being their husband with divorcements and banishments. To survive, women became machinery, also. It took awhile because Spain discovered America and away many of us went to escape the tyranny of the newly created Church of England.

Would you believe the Titanic was deliberately sunk because of the number of people leaving Britain upset someone?
But I am getting ahead of myself. The King's new religion was to eliminate the authority of the Catholic Church in England which taught the peasants rules of order in all facets of life. Divorce was forbidden except in the case of adultery. If you needed a family member buried on hallow ground, you paid the priests or monks so many eggs or milk a week. If someone was sick, the same routine would get them the care they needed. Women weren't banished or murdered for flimsy reasons and infanticide was eliminated by placing the foundlings in monestaries or nunneries. That was the order of things when Henry established his new world order with "The Act of Supremacy" in 1534.
Now we see where we came from and how we are now pitted between factions that say "we don't need women" and "we don't need men." New cultures come upon us and spray harmful poo in our faces such as "women are brainwashing men with their ..." and "you're trying to control a man with your thingy." Mature and decent thoughts are no longer food for our minds and we find it easier to suppress monogamous relations for the coveted aspects of hedonism, which is freedom from all entanglements, especially where sex is involved.
Women are now having children out of wedlock at an alarming rate! This alternative lifestyle finds women in the courtrooms filing petitions for money from their lovers to feed and clothe them.We are not allowed to call them bastards.* Such words are "religious" and even the Bible is just a myth and cruel. Truth is being removed from everything and rhetoric is in its place. You don't hear men and women saying they love each other anymore. "My baby may need a Daddy, but I don't need a man" advances fascism. Decent behaviors, such as virginity is no longer the way in which Mankind evolves. Men are being told to help raise the child they conceived, but without a paternity test, do they really know if its theirs? That test is too costly and many of them hang around for sex in exchange for babysitter services until they find another partner or kill the wailing little thing they never loved in the first place! High schools for unwed mothers are springing up! How awful to believe life without a husband-father is better for a child. It used to be the Church who took in unwed mothers and schooled them, putting their infants up for adoption so they could proceed without unnecessary baggage.
Such women make married ones look bad by screeching poor little me all alone... and now look at me ["I did it without a man!"] if they're better than those of us who didn't play the harlot. If girls want to use their bodies to make stuff. that's their business; but they shouldn't try to run the world with it!
Making a husband fearful of defending his wife aids the enemy on her. We must all defend our precious privacy to prevent our lives from becoming the playground of ghouls.
The Attorney General of the United States determined such precox to be racist. It's prevalence threatens American society for those who cling to the evolutionary paths of posterity. "They have no rights to bust into our marriages and tell us how it shall be practiced or whether it should be practiced at all."
If the president says No! she shouldn't be sneaking around behind his back. And this is how we come to the present day. Henry's error is trying to stay. Let's recognize it together.
1. Marriages are for PCO              
2. Women determines the sex of the infant        
Try again.
In 1953, DNA was discovered and soon after it was revealed, male determines sexuality.
3. Males only rule, because women are giving us female out of spite.                    
Go to the House of Stuart.
4. Divorce is acceptable for the above reasons.       
Only for adultery.
5. Women beguile men with sex.     
It was Adam's desire to have female.
6. I'm the head of the Church.     
Peter was Christ's establishment.
7. I determine what is truth.        
The Church and Scriptures do this.
8. Establish atheism, evolution...     
Adolf Hitler was British origin.
9. There are beings in outer space.  
Debbie: I don't think there are any others except us! Until you prove it, you better not talk that way!
10. There is no God. It's all myth. I can explain it away with science.
Not true, but you will try, I see, excuses for violating the 10th commandment.
Edwin Hubble says the universe is expanding.
Freddie Hoyle says the "big bang" theory is real and everything in the universe came from nothing.
Jeremy Smoot says Genesis was right all along.
Steven Hawking says the universe is so finely tuned to support life, that only an immense brain could put it altogether.
Edmund Whitaker describes what cannot be explained as "divine."
Robert Jastrow says the Biblical account of creation matches science and
Edward Milne describes it as attributed to "him."


11. Sex is for Procreation Only (PCO) or it's lust.        
Same scam new scum.
12. Defame the Church and it's "sacraments."        
Our sacraments run parallel to Judaism.
13. Halloween invented                  
Britain attacks All Saints Day, the day after Halloween. It's a holiday for Catholic students.
14. You're a joke! Alter history.        
Jealousy killed your brother, Able. Haven't you though up something new, yet?
15. I can hear your prayers (with high tech listening devices)           
Abuse of power. Crop circles.
16. Passion in marriage is mind control.
So it should be the state's to control?
17. I understand men have a need for sex, but not women.     
How do you understand anything, if it's not your marriage?
18. You sound just like Jerry Falwell.  
Don't change the subject, Mam.
Personal foul
19. Purgatory isn't in the Bible.        
We call hell purgatory because there is a way out of it if your name is in the Book of Life and hasn't been crossed out. Read Luke 6.22,23
Indulgences is a form of alms. Fire and brimstone is the lake of fire.
20. Unwed motherhood makes me just like the Virgin Mary.
WRONG! and Blasphemous! Luke 1.35 is Jesus only in-vitro and she was still a virgin Matt. 1.18.
21. What is blasphemous about it?
Mark 3.29
22. We don't believe in wafer God.     
So naughty saying this! Read Matt. 26.26-28 and Luke 22.15. Are you calling
God a liar?
23. I'll get you for Virgin Mary worship!
So? Now, we throw away Mother's Day and all loving sons who help out!
His words: John 19.27, Luke 1.41 was upon hearing her voice! 
And so the pyramid and the eagle (reverse side of the $1 bill) duke it out!
"Balance" requires espionage. You lose. None should be above the law"
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