No using espionage to get at Debbie or us.."
 is written in the first and third person
This page is being sabotaged by blacks..
I don't want to be "rescued" by them..
This page has been sabotaged by jealous Dallas FBI. 

My father's house was the second one built on the street. The Carters bought the first one built, to the west of ours. It was smaller than 1635 and numbered 1641. While standing between the two gardenia bushes my mother so adored, the Oswald house would be on my left, or east. Ours was a three bedroom with two full baths. Lilacs grew in the back yard by the door and many trees, including a pear tree flourished there. Besides the gardenias in the front yard, there were 3 mimosa trees, a Yucca plant that bloomed only once or twice in my lifetime there and a maple tree Mom planted when she was pregnant with my brother Warren in 1956. It was well past the roof of our house when I was old enough to climb on it. Shame she put it by her bedroom window as it was off-limits to climb. I remember the big truck that drove up and delivered squares of Saint Augustine grass and the "sticker" bushes she planted around all the outside windows, so no one could get close to our house.
The windows to my bedroom and those of our parents' room on the east side of our home were built up higher than the screen door to the Oswald house on that side. Sticker bushes circled that side of our house, where a mimosa tree stood growing between the Oswald's screen door and our parents' green and black tiled bathroom windows. This is the place where my mother almost died after giving birth to brother Warren. [Bravery]
Beckley Ave is where Lee Harvey Oswald lived at the time he was killed by Jack Ruby who's name is the same color of January's birthstone. It runs north and south like Rugged Drive, travelling further north past Jefferson in downtown Oak Cliff and further south than Kiest, which was a then, dimly lit one lane tar road. Our backyard was on this road. All the way to the southend of our neighborhood, Oak Park Estates, was Pentagon Parkway. It was not until I lost contact with everyone did I find out the significance of all these streets and their layouts! The bank draft at the top of Arkansas page  show the Beckley corridor at Interstate 35 with an explanation: Jefferson, 12th and Zang. [The 12th street exit to the bank came later]. I did volunteer work at the Lion's Club Free Clinic in the area which was also near the Dallas Zoo and Animal Shelter.
Watervaliet didn't connect with Cripple Creek on the east, rather it dumped into Champagne. It contains 11 letters - the same number of letters in my name according to Judges 5.12. It was shaped like the letter J with the horizonal line on Rugged. Elmwood Street ended Rugged Drive, north of Illinois Ave. Dealy Plaza, near the corner of Elm and Houston is where Lee Harvey Oswald crouched with his rifle, facing the south. This building would be the initials of my future father-in-law born in what is now, North Korea - School Book Depository.
Stanford University was founded by a former governor of California who was born in Watervliet, NY. That one contains 10 letters. Currently and previous to her appointment as NSA Advisor to President George W. Bush, Jr, is Professor Condolleezza Rice, a political science doctorate, now a professor there.
The word Beckley contains the Korean word beck, which means one hundred. Ley sounds like Lee, my middle name. It means my husband of oriental descent will be changed into a NAACP machine against me. And that's not called "taking care of him" in a nourishing way. The name Lee Harvey Oswald means changing my husband's status to that of a ho to embaress him into submissive action. "Harvey" is a play on the movie starring James Stewart engaging a giant, invisible rabbit as his pal - this being Echelon's. The name Hinkley now in a place where I would someday work follows this "ley" pattern. [Words beginning with an R are substitutes for the word "real"].
The $100 bill depicts Ben Franklin's image. It's name serves as a cipher for "black female". He also was for the "turkey" being our national bird. In masonry, "tur" means terrorists first. Together, now it means terrorism is out to destroy the world as we know it.  A common phallic symbol used is the Washington Monument, also used by them.
As in the movie Bullitt (1968) meassages are going back and forth the Atlantic Ocean  since 1812. [See President Reagan page]
The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Center itself has always been a target for Bush Sr.'s echelon in Arabs. He was playing in that area when the Waco compound exploded. The numbers in September 11, 2001 in his lexicon means 9 and 11 (no).  President Reagan and Clinton were now in the possession of Judges 5.12, even though on May 27, 1997 my partner and I were no longer allowed to be together without black intrusions/interference!  This was too terrifying for me. NSA Advisor Condoleezza Rice approved of the 911 debacle to send me the above message from the left side of the Statue of Liberty. "No marriage to the oriental man" was hers and the NAACP message to me in Ohio. 
On 11-14-63, the U.S. Secret Service worked and checked again the routes of JFK's ride through downtown Dallas. West on Main (a two-way street), north on Houston (a two-way street) and west on Elm (a one-way street). This is Condi Rice's birthday. She was nine years old. I, on the other hand was, 11, living in Oak Cliff.
It was: "All persons of color are black" and still is. She approved of this disaster, they said, President Bush, Sr. promised to train Ms. Rice to be president and killing people is one of many requirements. [First line Amazing]
As recent as this week, I was told Secretary of State Rice, still a professor at Stanford University, said "all immigrants belong to the State Department". This is simply not true if they have a green card. If she can force her way on people, that's a coup, was said by Eric Holder, AG for President Barack Obama. This departure from reality and truth is Monopoly Defense trying to prevent the environment God intended for me and His mission  to establish in America, the Divine Right of Kings concept lawful in Great Britain only. *
Since 1997, everyone has been heavily bribed against us and it has been fatal to some. This is the evidence you will read about - in this website. Be careful, communists are very crooked and deceptive, the voices you may hear from. They have weapons of mass destruction and two presidents (living and archived) organizing to help them. They love to extort operatives into the graveyard and not many of us can help you after that!" Calling "Debbie Dodge Song" white trash is OPrah Winfrey, an anti-social personality condemning "our girl" for marrying out of her race so we could access the Lord Jesus Christ in more than one color. The blacks were given their path and tools to achieve. Crossing over to where we were with Debbie and InKwon was racist and it continues to this day" Kosciusko, Extreme, Bolo, Armageddon and Idolatry. Keep up with my daily struggles against her machine on Maggots every week read in many parts of the world.
The blacks were given a path, as was Debbie. Sadly, to this day, blacks have been sabotaging Debbie and attempting to overthrow America with their access.

May God be with us all.
The second family chosen to bring Debbie into the world in 1940 was challenged by Marian Anderson at the DAR in 1939 when it became known the couple had conceived. That was sabotage of our choice of families for this honor. The third family chosen was Debbie's parents and on the second day of her life, her mother was poisoned through use of a hypodermic needle and given a terminal disease. The source of this virus has been established, but the MD that administered it to Marjorie Dodge, had a last name that matched the Secretary of State's first name - Dean Acheson.
Corruption is a foot.
Streets connecting to both Rugged and Cripple creek were Champagne, Nokomis, Driftwood and Trail Ridge on the west. Briarcrest and Nantucket connected only to Cripple Creek, which continued past Kiest Blvd under the name Edgefield. Perryton connected to that one and if facing north snakes around Kiest Park to Hampton Road like a giant number 7, which is a backwards, upside down letter L.
Rugged Drive continued south past Five Mile Parkway, past Tosca Lane towards Ledbetter Road which was mostly woodsy as many homes and the school I would attand had not yet been built. Westcliff Mall was built in the sixties, completed after JFK was killed. When I was put in school for a few months, Jeff Davis was located at the corner of Kiest and Polk. Homes built around it were frame houses. The house Oswald and his wife lived in was also a frame. The second elementary school I attended was St. Elizabeth and the third was John W. Carpenter. [John Hinkley, who attempted an assassination of President Reagan, is currently incarcerated at St. Elizatbeth's Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Washington D.C.]
Col. Paul Tibbett flew the Enola Gay over Hiroshima and dropped the first atomic bomb in August 1945. On September 14th, Japan surrendered. The only police officer that was shot following the assassination of President Kennedy was J.D. Tippett. This was a reminder from our on-and-off-again ally England, they were still upset about Americans bombing "her majesty's" Chinese, one of their colonies. I know Hiroshima is in Japan. This is the way, the Qin Mum/Bowes-Lyon sees things. It was her husband that was killed by our Naval operatives 11 days after Debbie's birth and 10 days after her mother was infected at the hospital on Colorado Ave.  On my birth certificate when my parents carried me home wrapped up warmly in a pink baby blanket my father's place of birth had been changed from California to Colorado. In the future, Condi Rice would graduate from a university in Denver and my birth certificate would disappear (1971 and 1975 dated ones).
FDR's infamous speech following the attack on Pearl Harbor on the Sunday morning of December 7, 1941 leaked it was British engineered, so Americans could enter the war in Europe and help them simmer Hitler down.  However, I found proof it was General Eisenhower and Secretary Stimson. Unbeknowest to everyone in America, my Dad and uncles, like so many others, enlisted out of Seattle. My mother's brother's enlisted from New York. The 7th Fleet in Hawaii stands between two 7th Calvaries. The first being General Custer's and the second in Vietnam. Is this a trend? This same machine, a violation we say, of the Treaty at Ghent 1814, is what fuels the NAACP today. It is said 50 million people were killed as a result of Prime Minsters Neville Chamberlain and Stanley Baldwin's appeasement-type handling of Adolf Hitler's rise to power. This war was aimed at punishing European Jews  for not returning to Palestine to build Israel when called by their Zionist brothers. The Balfour Declaration decided Israel was a state of its own making in 1917. *
Judges 5.12 is the 7th book in the Bible.
The Warren Dodges lived on Watervaliet from 1954-2005.  This street name comes from a city in New York and is the hometown of Leland A. Stanford, who was born in 1824, one hundred years before my mother's birth in Yonkers. He was president of the Central Pacific Railroad, governor of California and founder of Stanford University in Palo Alto.  My family is related to Union Army General Grenville Dodge who was commissioned by President Lincoln as chief engineer of the Union Pacific to build it from Nebraska to Oregon, often referred to as the "northern route" through the Rocky Mountains. Did you hear that? Through the Rocky Mountains without modern technology!
Following the debacle known as 911, it was said the pilots were trained at a school in Vero Beach, FL. Some of my family has been living there since 1969, as it's the homebase of one of my aunts who married before my parents in New York! Years later, Professor Rice was photgraphed while touring the universities in Denton, Texas in 2013. One of these members graduated law school from NTSU in that very city". Coincidences?
The King of England George VI was bumped off by Admiral Halsey's men for giving an order to kill Debbie's mother if on the day I was born I turned out to be female. He found our location from a tip from Eleanor Roosevelt who championed civil rights for the blacks. [The blacks, these men believed, should be engineered into the White House before a woman, though women have waited longer and had a much fiercer attitude against the tyrannies of England, than blacks" It was the Boar Wars of 1910 that they began to resist colonial powers]. And so Eleanor and her men set out to build a black male machine that could carry one of theirs into the White House" President Eisenhower helped immensely with civil rights" and blacks were given privileges never allowed whites" which makes them weak.
The King was taken down on February 5, 1952, 10 days after they lethally injected Mom with serum hepatitis. Control of Debbie, by killing a parent, is lust. His widow, Qin Mum, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, as she's referred to (now deceased) reported a negative reaction to this on February 5, 1978 when my second child was born and then again forcing, by ultrasound, Debbie's sister to give birth on February 5, 1979. This was almost fatal as she came into the world two months premature. Those two girls are pictured on the Aty Gen page. Grudges between the US and UK go along way back, though cordial.
Some would say we're still fighting the War of 1812.
The Balfour Declaration passed on November 2, 1917 bringing to pass Theodor Herzl, an Austrian-Hungarian journalist;s dream of an Israeli homeland in Palestine. Arthur Balfour declared it so to Lord Rothchild and the British Zionist Federation for all "scattered Jews" On July 22, 1922, the League of Nations approved of a Jewish state within Palestine, too. Herzl, aka as Benjamin Ze've, was very much unliked by established European Jews who intended not to relocate to Israel for its rebuilding. Some believed such a state supported situation was against the Will of God. And so..."
Evidence has been received proving Debbie's last born brother was also stalked into marriage. His two "wives" last names read backwards is the first letter of his sister's last name and last letter of her first name. Them being Simmons and Henry.
When Debbie won the Talent trophy at the Miss Dallas-Miss America Pageant in the seventies, she was forced to "share" it with a baton twirler, to appease ta stalker. The twirler admitted to extortion of the agency and this is how the UK forced their will once again on Debbie. When Debbie's family was taken from her by the Bush Sr. administration in 1997, these people shouted the word "share" as their excuse for hostile takeover of family members via Echelon poisoning and MKULTRA conditioning..
Forcing Debbie to share a Talent Award with another girl was a felony." The name of the neighborhood I grew up in spells her maiden name.
When I came home from the hospital to Walter Drive* [first name of Truman's CIA Director], my parents had my birth certificate with them. It stated my father's place of birth as Colorado instead of California. The doctor's name that delivered me was Dean [also the first name of the Secretary of State]. I already told you this, but around 2011, few years ago, a burglar came into my room and stole my birth certificates to conceal evidence regarding the NAACP's Spingarn recipients and Phi Beta Kappa's stalking me in the state of Colorado. The two names of Dean meant no raising my husband as an American and no religion shall he embrace.  So everything you see on this website, that came against the United States, my families and I, are very strong and petty adversaries against our Constitution as I carried out the instructions incredibly laid out for me.
[The City of Dallas has changed their format and no longer show my parents' places of birth and other details such as length and weight and time of birth]. This is subversive.
The JFK Memorial resembles a giant white box without a top [husband] and a "crack" in the middle facing north and east of Dealy Plaza, which faces south. The 911 Memorial is a phylactery which came about while restricting marital physicality between the 3rd and 8th words in Judges 5.12. [Avodat Elohim] The Vietnam Memorial is a long, black wall depicting names of dead men and women of our armed forces so engaged. Lincoln's Memorial faces the Washington Monument and was erected in 1922, the year of my father's birth. His second inaugural speech is in the north chamber. It, too, faces Baltimore.
Also worth noting is the strangeness of Main Street downtown Dallas running both ways Elm, running only west and Commerce, running only east. The 41st president hails from Kenny(e)bunkport, Maine. Are they trying tom leak Mecca?
 Now, to "Mayhem" the warning from England about appeasing black tyranny.
The three streets - Main Elm and Houston - that carried JFK to his death, add up to the number 5. Queen Elizabeth II's is the granddaughter of Hitler's engineers, Mary (May) of Teck and George V. May-hem will result to all who do not yield to the demands of blacks. In the years forward we would see Palestinians hi-jacking our planes" And the Libyans financing black militancy.
Judges 5.12 using marriage as a vehicle is Revelations 1.11. This has been arranged to bring about Debbie and InKwon Song's marriage at the American Embassy in 1975. ["Bush killed it with his troublemakers on InKwon]. 
The trouble came about in 1954, when Eleanor's imitations hatched  and became known as Condi Rice and Oprah Winfrey, Then, again, in 1964, through Michelle Obama. The older one was born in January (1) and the other in November (11).  This becomes an atheist imitation of Revelation 1.11 Situating them two years past Debbie's birth means "no natural order" so these imitations will have greater power to change things more quickly using social engineering, aka Goose.. Also, these two females were born in states that make the initials of Marian Anderson [Mississppi and Alabama].
Michelle Robinson Obama's birthday matches Debbie's in that it is on the edge of two astrological signs like Debbie's. Our girl, in solar time is a Dragon and Lunar, a Rabbit or Hare. Ms. Obama's is the same two signs. This is stalking. Another coincidence with her maiden name is Douglas Gene Robinson, born on 9-24-50's which is the date the Department of Justice was created. He is the father of the preemie born in 1979. The family tree is on Mok-Sah-Nim, which is a Korean word meaning Reverand. [They did everything dirty they could do to my family]..
Going further into her name and mine, we can see the words "Hare and "Dragon" can be found in the letters of my name, but not hers, unless she plays in her maiden name, which I don't need to do. *
"I should have let Harry take down Bush."
"No teeth" is Nazi Germany again.
"He didn't do what I told him to because he's Bush."
Mayor Laura Miller: "I am very proud of Debbie for exposing this sickness on America."
My family fought in the American Revolution and many of them are members of organizations related to such. This brings us to 1939, the first evidence I have found related to sabotage of my heritage.  This is why Marian Anderson challenged the Daughters of the American Revolution. She wasn't a member, but still made a stink on them for not letting her use their "for members only" auditorium. In 2010-11, a similar action was taken on me by a black female police officer for refusing to put her name on a list because she didn't qualify. It cost me most of my teeth. Union Pacific
The streets of the neighborhood I grew up in on the west side attached to Rugged Drive were from the north to south: Watervaliet Drive, Champagne, Nokomis, Driftwood Drive, Trail Ridge and Pentagon Parkway. From the east side on Cripple Creek: Champagne, Nokomis, Nantuckett, Driftwood, Trail Ridge, Briarcrest and Pentagon Parkway.
John Hopkins grew up on Nokomis and has been a classmate of mine since 4th grade at John W. Carpenter Elementary. Ben Carson was doctoring at John Hopkins University while I was Administrative Assistant at Georgetown University's project at St. E's Hospital. The word "ko" in that street name means "nose" in Korean, thus, Carson is saying No-Nose-with (m upside down) IS, my husband's birth initials. The nose is in the "middle" of one's face" often meaning a symbol for marriage. As already mentioned is Rice's connection to my street address, but the missing second A in my street, not in Stanford's means to the NAACP, Bush Sr. and other British masons, no second marriages will be allowed credibility or authenticity, let alone power.
Married women are called vulgar names is corrupted intelligence and violence may ensue.
In a movie, and there were many, General Douglas MacArthur signaled  persons in the know, it was DoD's intention to keep women out of the military as far as combat was concerned. The message went on to say, my Korean spouse would be my second one, using the first one to lure me into Korea. Thus, blacks screaming FMO is treason" FDR was president at the time of this message"
Then May starts the Korean war, three days after my husband was born in Inchon, west of Seoul, South Korea on June 25, 1950.. In 1625, the House of Stewart was in power in England"
 So what do you think? Does Nokomis-Watervaliet No Wat? Remember ER is Eleanor Roosevelt's initials, the one who ratted out where my parents moved to Texas from New York in December 1951.
What's the chances of both of them here? Makes you wonder how long have I and my family been stalked by the NAACP?
My parents were moved to Texas through a See Bee veteran named Alford J. Wagner,* who married my widowed grandmother. Right! He assigned himself as my guardian step-grandfather and was more like an uncle, being my mother's age. He took me to AKC Dog shows and trials, taught me to drive, lectured me about drunk driving at junk yards and entrusted to me pictures of the Holocaust taken by the U.S. Navy Intelligence.  The second street I lived on was Falls Drive, then the third was Watervaliet, all in Oak Cliff.
Walter Beetlejuice Smith
Dense people shouldn't watch Debbie!
Kennedy has been credited for this too: North Carolina #36
He was in on his own death.KFJ 
Was Bobby in on it? No, I don't think so. I'm trying to find out if he laid his brother's life down for the NAACP, also. I think Edward was privy to it because of his behavior.
The machine on Debbie is a felony.
President Bush Sr. is the machine/NAACP. That's why she has to leave Texas to be free of it.
Read under Twin Towers in Study Hall. This will be updated as they come in. Our freemasonry isn't Bush-Hall.
The blacks with the help of the Dutch stood against England, as the colonizer of South Africa in the Boer War of 1899-1900. Never before this time have they stood against another nation.
The Divine Right of Kings was started by James I when the Holy Bible was translated in 1611 and they discovered Romans 13.
The name of my step grandfather comes as  reminder of the Wagner-Rogers Bill in the U.S. Senate in 1938 as a response and attempt to save European Jews following Kristallnacht. It was opposed by senior senator Robert Rice Reynolds and American Jews fears anti-Semitism if they fight for their unfortunate brothers overseas. Senator Wagner's son became mayor of NYC in 1961.
Franklin Roosevelt married Eleanor on St. Patrick's Day in 1905. That may have had some influence on his choice of my Irish Catholic mother to have a chance to bring me into the world. You didn't approve of his methods, either, did you? FDR was murdered on 4-12-45 and my mother was born on 1-24-24. Coincidence?
Chinese astrological signs pre-date Christopher Columbus. Something or other B.C.
Michelle Obama's lunar birthday is 12/3/63 and mine is 12/29/51. If you were born in January or February, your solar and lunar signs will be different. However, everyone has a lunar birthdate. The Gregorian Calendar was adopted in 1912.
Misogyny keeps me from being Vice President of the United States., though two parties wanted me.
Look at this! D.H. Lawrence and L. H. Oswald is FMO in hiding. JFK was in on it.
 Updated 10-7-16
Thank you
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September 16, 2013