PAGE 56*
 Does anything on a page 56 mean something to you? Implementing Einstein's theory regarding the Ether, consider these three things:
  1. Perhaps the message is for someone else, perhaps one of my readers
  2. Maybe it has something to do with something that hasn't happened or maybe I forgot, or related to my family, who is not with me.
  3.  Sometimes my mind is not as educated or as great as that of the writer.
  4. Dallas FBI using carrier erases everything I typed in when I use the backspace, so it's hard to make corrections" It's some kind of 62.
* It is best to look in books pre-dating 2003. This is the year I started looking based on my name and the Chinese Astrological signs in it that matches the years of my birth. It was a test I threw into the face of atheists to prove His existence" [Reckless it may seem, but God is an awesome God"]. Below, in blue type,  I explain how I arrived at this premise. No matter what I can think up, God can be there"" Recall, my name is in the Holy Bible in Judges 5.12, so it's holy"
1. 1946: HIROSHIMA, Borzoi Books, Alfred A. Knopf: "III Details are being investigated, Asano Park, 7 rivers, nearly 12 hours..
Misooki's last name is Park. My first anniversary was July 12th.
2. 1961: ROBIN HOOD, Holt, Reinhart...:
 Sir Richard of Lea...
My inlaws moved to Oak Lea St. in Irving.
My name is in Judges 5.12
4. 1985" SAY IT WITH CHARTS, Dow- Jones Irwin:Charts 7-12
5. 2003: THE DAVINCI CODE, Doubleday:
Two months later, white as a ghost, course of twelve years, Yo soy un espectro, the stone, over ten years, the train was moving, empty freight car, a small village...
212 is an area code, 10-12 is a date, Stone was an AG, train is Union Pacific, empty is what Bush And Oprah did to me...

6. 1997: IMMIGRATION OUT!, New York University Press:
We are silent members of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
7. 1927: THE STANDARD BOOK OF FACTS, Frontier Press: 1240 B.C.
Mother's date of birth January 24
 8. 1947: INFORMATION PLEASE ALMANAC, Doubleday & Co.: Warren, Kim, Donnelly, Gregg, Cherry, Nance, McCord, Virginia and most recently Bland.
Names of people in my life: Warren is my father's name, Kim is my mother-in-law's name, Donnelly was a landlord in Fitchburg MA, Greg is the governor of TX, Cherry was a horse at Singing Hills Riding Stables, Nance was the name of a girl in School, McCord well he played next to Marty and that's my Mom's nickname and then came Bland...

9. 1994: TOM PATTERSON'S OUT OF ORDER, Vintage Books-Random House:
3-7, 1976, Satellites, Soviet Union
Page 37 Woman's World Magazine, Communistic lasers brought the shuttle down in January 1986.
 10. 1969: THE AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY, 2nd College ed. Houghton Mifflin:
19. Names of the Deity and Sacred Books, Numbered 6-22, #7 Names of ships, airplanes and space vehicles.
There are 19 words in Judges 5.12. June 22 is my husband's birthday.
11. 1994: HISTORY AND SYSTEMS OF PSYCHOLOGY, 4th Ed. Prentice Hall Scholasticism: Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274
January 25th is my birthday and January 27 is my maternal grandmother's birthday. She was from Strausburg, PA.
12. 1978: THE NEW TESTAMENT, Rev. Hankul Version 17th printing, Seoul: Matthew 19 [Mah tay Boke-eum]
Matthew 19.6 you lose"
"Asia-U.S. Relations"
My job, not yours Oprah with echelon.
14. 1987: EARLY REAGAN: THE RISE TO POWER, William Morrow & Company: "Wagonner"
What my grandmother called her second husband. His real name was Wagner.
15. 1994: OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: IRELAND, Globe Pequot Press: The Cathedral of Mulingar, Jealous Wall, Cattle market town, tortured, 1975
Gar could be Edgar or fish, Jealousy prevails on me and leads to torture, 1975 year of July 12th, Cattle town is Fort Worth which is near Dallas"
16. 1994: MASTERPIECES OF LATIN LITERATURE - Harper Collins Publ.:
 A Brief Life...Urguay...Argentina...a nihilist version of the world...para una tumba sin nombre...un Juntacadaveres...(A Grave without a Name and Body Snatchers)
That's what my life with my husband was when the kids grew up. Now, all I have is this name and Oprah says "never famous with it."
17. 1925: AGRICULTURAL INDEX 1922-24, H.W. Wilson Co.: July 12, 1922
See #1, Year my father was born.
18. 1929: MIDDLETOWN, Hardt Bruce & Ward Inc.:
1924 layoffs, January 61, February 75, April 110, May 117, November 43
Mom was born in 1924, Obama in 1961, February 1976 second spouse came to America, April is Harlem, May or fist is no 7, November is 43 meaning no son of God. You take a swing at it.
19. 1999: BURGER WUSS - Candlewick Press: "The first step involves a kidnapping."
Surely they did this!
20. 1933: THE AMERICANS, G.P. Putnum & Sons: June 1625
The Korean War began on June 25th
21. 1990: DARKHORSE-THE PRIVATE LIFE OF GEORGE HARRISON, Dutton: 225, privacy and sanctity. 225 means Genesis 2.25 and 2 Timothy 2.5 to us"  Privacy is a thing of the past in satellite world"
22. 2001: ENCYCLOPEIDA OF CAPITOL PUNISHMENT IN THE U.S., MacFarland & Co. Inc.: November 12, 1908 November 12th is the date in 1975 our marriage of July 12th was recognized by the American Embassy in Seoul.
23. 1993: CONSTALLATIONS - rRunning Press Book Publ.: "  tried to destroy all...good deeds... turned his brother into a jaguar, then into a! no! no!..."
See 4 under the title and my life. They turned every into puppets or gloves they put their fists in and make trouble on me with espionage. Jaguar is a car or a predator. This is what happens to people who say no to them!
24. 1987: SMITH'S BIBLE DICTIONARY - Barbour Books: "chronology"
Who sees the word No hidden here?
25. 2007: KABBALAH FOR DUMMIES, Wiley Publ.Inc: "The world is filled with God."
And I am told by Oprah everything and person must be "shared" with her so God can never prevail again or further. In order for blacks to "have a turn", all things related to Christianity(white) must be taken away.
26. 1943: THE PHYSICS OF METALS, McGraw-Hill: " ... order to decrease amount of surface..."
This fits the above. Will it be science she uses?
27. 1996: HORRIBLE HARRY IN THE DUNGEON - Scholastic Books: "Daisies have 21 or 34 petals...Fibonacci sequence..."
Daisies are yellow and white. 21 means marriage from Genesis 2.24 and Matthew 19. The Reagans were married, each a second time, on March 4th.
28. 1985: THE BUSINESS HANDBOOK - Internet Services Inc.: Picture of as bricklayer or contractor or masonry My father, uncles, brothers, husband and brother-in-laws were all bricklayers. This trade was learned in New York before I was moved to Texas.
29. 1975: A FAMILY GUIDE TO AMUSEMENT CENTERS, Walker & Co.: " panning... the first thing...." My paternal grandfather did this in Washington State.
30. 1942: A TALE OF TWO CITIES - Dodd, Mead & Co.: "not-accustomed, speak well of the law...damp ways and dry ways...gaol...debauchery and villainy...pillory...whipping post...blood money...frightful mercenary crimes...hideous scene(s) of action..." A lot can be said about this one, but surely the most significant is how closely my life depends on the law and keeping it.
31. 2001: ON A STREET WHERE YOU LIVE, Simon & Schuster: "records...cases of missing women...serial killer in minute to eleven..." Surely this speaks to MKULTRA and the number of serial killings! Revelations 1.11 is his and my names in Judges 5.12.
The common letters are five and six in my name.
Count the letters from left to right and there are 11.
D is one, E is two and so on doesn't rely on numerology.
The two Chinese astrological signs I was born under are also contained in my name.
I discovered this quite by accident"

32. 1993: CHAMPIONS, Little, Brown & Co.: Tenement housing in the South Bronx of New York. It's not for me to say.
33. 2003: TEXAS CEMETARIES, UTA Press: "...Albert Sydney Johnston..."
King Albert (George VI) died on Feb. 5th, 1952 and Johnston was a lawyer I had in 1975.
34. 1931: THE CHRIST CHILD, Doubleday & Co.: Jesus at age 12 This opportunity was taken from me by the evil powers stalking my family.
35. 1963: THE FBI STORY, Young Readers Edition: Missouri car plate 39-886
True a car (39) killed my mother in June 1988. And yes, the disease they gave her made her fat and miserable.
36. 1905: OUR LANGUAGE - FIRST BOOK, R.F. Johnson Pub. Co: Page 71-Section 56: Use of Was and Were: Henry and I were running. Page 56-Section 44: The Apostrophe in Construction (or two words become one).
56 mentioned twice and 44. My brother was born in 1956. I saved someone's life in that year, too.
37. 1910: ELSON GRAMMAR SCHOOL READER- Not listed: "Park...Calthrops...Bruce...field of battle...King posted Randolph..." Park is in #1, Bruce is Lee, field of battle is jealousy, King could be several things relative and Randolph was the name of an MP co-worker in Korea from Connecticut.
38. 1928: THE GOLDEN WINDOW - Little Brown & Co.: "The apron strings broke...on and on rejoycing..." This fits many men and boys.
39. 1935: LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE - scholastic Book Services: "A shallow little hollow along two sides....made a hollow square" She takes too many pictures is often said.
40. 1985: HOLY DAYS: THE WORLD OF A HASIDIC FAMILY: "...Baruch hashem..."
I always said this one.
41. 1956: THAT CHINESE WOMAN -Thomas Y. Crowell: 50...12...
There it is 512!
42. 1946: THE NEW TESTEMENT - International Council of Education: "again...Jesus...reader"
They never should have forced us to take Him out! O'Hare was a stalker. I was not yet known, so how could they know?
43. 1900: OUR COUNTRY'S READER - 3rd - Southern Publ. Co.: A poem by William Wordsworth: "March...40 feeding as"
March 4th was the Reagans' anniversary and he went on to become the 40th president.
44. 1917: BEYOND: A DRAMA OF HEART'S COUNSELLING - Charles Scribners Sons: "No...Have mercy! Speak to me!"  Naturally we learned therapy is a dialogue, not extortion!. I chose Counseling Psychology as my vocation.
45. 1998: STRONGHOLD OF GOD - Charsima House: Exodus 12.7,12-13
Who sees July 12th?
46. 1996: HERE COMES THE BEARS - Baylor University Press: "Bruno wrestles his way to Baylor...125 pounds" Who sees January 25th?
47. 1988: THE WORLD OF LGB, THE BIG TRAIN - Lehhmann Gross Bahn: July 12, 1917
Who sees July 12th? Who calls God a biscuit?
48. 1900: AUDUBON & HIS JOURNALS - charles Scribners Sons: July 12, 1824
Damn, someone said!
49. 1972: OF MEN, MYTHS & MOMNETS: SUPERBOWL - Hawthorne Books: "...$2.5 million TV rights...covered by 12 cameras... Dallas Cowboys...34 yard line..."
12-25...5.12...Dallas, TX...3-4...has all been discussed above.
50. 1994: FILM QUOTATIONS - MacFarland Co. : "Where's the rest of me?"
They took him to Irving/Korea TX to turn him into a communist!
51. 1965: THE AMERCIAN BOOK OF DAYS - H.W. Wilson Company: Conversion of St. Paul, January 25th My birthday is January 25, 1952.
52. 1988: THE HARPER BOOK OF AMERICAN QUOTATIONS - Harper & Row Publ.: "American Revolution: "Don't tread on me" .... Philadelphia 12-3-775"
Who sees 5.12 in this date? How 'bout 7-12?
53. 1969: THE CRUCIBLE OF CHRISTIANITY - World Publ. Co. London: "Masada....215 yards long" Masada was a place in Israel where the Jews committed mass suicide rather than be taken by the Romans. So it would appear that no 5.12 is suicidal, also.
54. 1995: LEONARD NIMOY: I AM SPOCK - Hyperion Books: "...miracle...first..."
That would be absolutely correct, but Jealousy is still an ugly, mean beast!
55. 1988: DAY BY DAY: THE 70'S - Facts on File: "July 12, 1970...35 miles south..."
My husband's social security number is in these numbers.
56. 1922: RAINBOW GOLD - McMillan Co: "...they read her name...and cross themselves for fear..." Year of my father's birth, last chapter in the Holy Bible. They read our name and truly that is a way to ward off evil.
57. 1972: THE BLUEGRASS SONGBOOK - McMillan Co.: "Cripple creek"
 Take the first left onto Champagne and then the first right and there is Watervaliet, the street I grew up on. Cripple Creek is off Kiest, just west of Kiest & Polk"
58. 1985: UNTIL THE HEART SINGS - Fortress Press: "Hosea - Human love projected into divine dimensions" I think the most important one is 4.6
59. 1983: TREASURES OF THE SMITHSONIAN - Smithsonian Books: "Dougherty... a good thing...Special.. Indian" Name of a pharmacy I ran to when my brother was choking to death, Special Indian is my husband's Korean initials and Indian was my father's role in a movie called Indian Paint.
60. 1976: THE CROSS: IT'S HISTORY AND SYMBOLISM - Hacker Art Books: " oath and a cross for the sake of Jesus Christ...IX Pilgrim Cross..."
What better reason is there to believe? My family arrived just after the Pilgrims in that colony in 1629.
61. 1982 THE BEST MOVIE QUIZ BOOK - Bonanza Books: "17 Ben Hur" My husband's favorite movie in Korean. 17 words is 2 Timothy 2.5
62. 1999: CODEBREAKING: HISTORY AND EXPLANATION - Overlook Press: "Room 40"
The number 40 pertains to the presidency of Ronald Reagan.
63. 1998: TEX RITTER - Eaton Press: " 4..." My husband disappeared the first time in 1997 on this date.
64. 1982: ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA - William Benton Publ.: "po-po"
Korean word for "kiss" which contains his intials in Korea.
65. 1993: PEE WEE RUSSELL - University of Oxford Press: "January 25th"
Guess who?
I believe that marriage in the eyes of God is a mystical experience if two people truly love one another"
67. 1996: THE UGLY DUCKLING - Bantam Books: "Joel"
The Book of Joel was used by Janet Reno to teach me things.
68. 1990: ASSHOLES NO MORE - Anthean Press: "Intimidation: Assholes love to enslave other people. Love: For Assholes life is just one uninterrupted love affair with themselves."
I see they know these critters!
69. 1990: ALL THE ANGELS IN THE BIBLE - Hendrickson Publ. London: "Demons are disobedient and stubborn." Ditto #68
70. 1985: JOYS OF JEWISH HUMOR - Gramercy Books: "once a schlemiel, always a schlemiel"was said by my father when the family gathered to play poker.
71. 1951: REVOLT OF THE REDNECKS - Harper & Row Publ.: "..real purpose...Putnam Darden...Lamar...Railroad...May 6,1887....June 26, 1885..."
The real purpose is to discover who is God, where is God and how is God to be recognized: DAR, an address in downtown Dallas made popular by my weekly boxes, Union Paicific ancestor engineered it through the Ricky Mountains, 56 and my sister's birthday.
72. 1991: J. EDGAR HOOVER: THE MAN & HIS SECRETS - W.W. Norton & Co.: "July 17....Jesus...Helen Gandy... $126 million...up 11 stories..."
Reagan was nominated in July and I began recording things the same day, of course for Christ I would make them, Helen was my grandmother's name and HG means Holy Ghost, 126 was the day my mother was poisoned because someone didn't want her up because she was Irish Catholic"
73. 2005: THE VENDETTA - Public Affairs: "Fraternal Order of Police....
Whoa! Look what I found!
74. 1931: AMERICAN WRITERS GOOD READING FOR HIGH SCHOOLS - Ginn & Co.: "Washington Irving's The Stout Gentleman...nincompoop of a husband...newspaper... awakened...travailing name...noisy, violent dungeon...ugly...."
When husband ran off, he went to Irving. SG is first and last letters in my name. The rest is self-indulgence and the rest of my time alone has been stalked by ugly, violent troublemaking racists!
75. 1994: THE WORLD'S GREAT ACES & THEIR PLANES - Barnes & Noble: "May 1927, 12 days before ..."
May =5, 12=12 or 5.12, 1927 contains 712
76. 1939: HISTORY OF THE GROWTH OF THE STEAM ENGINE - Kennykat Press: " the attachment of the safety valve..." By thy fruits ye shall know them"
77. 1953, 1959: THE COMPLETE BOOK OF CHESS - Doubleday & Co., Inc.: "white to move...original center...examples of dangers confronting a King in the center in an open position..."  It sounds like a married white female is in a dangerous situation where critters hate marriage!
78. 1993: TALKING WITH ARTISTS, Bradbury Press: "Steven Kellogg...the tiger... age 12..."
In Judges 5.12, my husband, now Steven, as a citizen name, is the number 12 as the second born. Kellogg being from Battle Creek Michigan is a type of Detroit. This is something intimate we said to each other.
79. 2005: COLLAPSE - Penguin Books: "...many axes..." Many Marian Andersons/black females stalking me"
80. 1960: THE REVO0LT IN TIBET - MacMillan: "from-government (anyone possessing this book in another edition can locate something between these words)...brainwashing...17 point agreement...40 of his followers...August 8, 1951, the first official representative..."
They are brainwashing men against marriage using military weapons.... 8-8 is the year my mother died from the 1-26-52 poisoning. Reagan's followers will do their mission lawfully (17 words in 2 Timothy 2.5).
81. 1927, 1957: BLACK BEAUTY, AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A HORSE - Holt, Reinhart & Winston, Inc.: "They always think they can improve upon nature and mend what God has made...I believe John..."
John 3.8 There are many of them.
82. 1956: BEING AND NOTHINGNESS THE MAJOR TEXT OF EXISTENTIALISM - Gramercy Books: "is - bad"My brother was born in 1956. The first and last words on this page, one of them is my husband's initials. I asked my brother to help me locate my husband and he said NO! I guess he wanted to be a nothing"
83. 1998: THE 48 LAWS OF POWER - Penguin Books: "Law 7" When God gives you something, you shouldn't throw it away - Judges 5.12 is the 7th book in the Holy Bible.
84. 2009: A HISTORY OF GHOSTS - Rodale Press: "Doyle 1926, 2:17...Charles Ricket..."
Dr. Condi Rice poisons my husband, therefore no 17/Genesis 2.25 as a cipher for 2 Timothy 2.5! Rickets comes from a Vitamin C deficiency! I couldn't pass this one up!
85. 1987: ARISTOTLE, VOLUME ONE - Encyclopedia Britannica: "21...22.." Twenty one is real to our men!
86. 2009: THE ROCKET THAT FELL TO EARTH - Harper Collins Publ.: "... Central Regional play off...twice beating.. Misssissippi... Thigpen... 22nd..." Here's another one I couldn't pass up: Your husband was taken from you twice in 1997, so Condi Rice could prepare the world for her ideaologies with the help of Oprah Winfrey's $. Thigpin is the maiden name of a famous politician's spouse who they believe is more real than my life and family.
87. 1961: GUIDE TO MARINE FISHES - NYU Press: "Piper fish, page 108...Trumpet Fish page 341..."
88. 2005: WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION -Gale Publ.: "implement the Agreed Framework...North Korea..."
89. 1976: IN THIS ACADEMY - Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts: "Milo of Crotan's narrative"
I don't always know what it means, but someone out here may see it crystal clear.
90. 1982: ENTERTAINING SATAN - Oxford University Press: "Recounts of a New Englander who two -three times narrowly escaped the death penalty tries again to get himself hung as fun..." Tries to prank themselves into getting caught by the mainstream thinkers: The Bathroom Bill is this type of chicanery"
91. 1966: FRENCH PAINTING (25th ed) - National Gallery of Art: "Edgar Degas: A Man and Woman Having a Conversation" DoD archived J. Edgar Hoover, AGs, and myself having an echelon dialogue of instructions. I have basically learned all I can from him.
92. 1993: WW II NOSE ART IN COLOR - Motorbooks International: "Goin my way - Bugs Bunny..." Certainly I am going your ways!
93. 1925: OLD TIMES - T. Werner Laurie London Ltd.: "...Galilee Bell tolled...Fugitive...Yellow cross on shoulder (St. Cuthbert's)...37 days...Beverly...[Athelston 937 churches as sanctuary for shall bear a good painted weaponry....kiss the book of Evangel..." My Momma didn't raise no fool!
94. 1991: MAYFLOWER FAMILIES, VOLUME 5 - General Society of Mayflower Descendants: "...arise..." This word is in Judges 5.12. Obviously God had and continues to have plans for this nation being born.
95. 1981: COLLECTIBLES: THE NOSTALGIC BIBLE - Quick Fox: "1) Mickey Mouse in Pigmyland, 1936, #711, 70 pp ...2) Mickey Mouse & Tanglefoot, 1934, #512, 40 pp...3) Mickey Mouse will not quit, 1934, #512, 36 pp...."
You're big boys. You can do it, now! Mickey Mouse was a cipher for Barack Obama. Mikey Mido was a nickname for my son Mike. 7-11 was a bad omen in Irving 1997.
96. 2012: THE BOOK OF SAINTS - Parrgon Books: "St. Agustine of Hippo: He who created us without our help cannot save us without our consent." So, I guess this means bye-bye to the Hippo" I couldn't pass this one up, either"
97. 2000: THE INTERNET FOR DUMMIES - Hungry Minds, Inc.: Connecting with DSL....home run..." That's my initials inside out, but he's not allowed by Oprah to run home as my husband. hat's why the L is out"
98. 2000: NEXT: THE NEW GENERATION IN GRAPHIC DESIGN - Northlight Books: " ...Valentine's Day...7 hour rush...Rebar Halloween...1114 Howell with DJWIZ and a little kitten with a ball of yarn..." Let's not get too specific, but 11-14 is Condi Rice's birthday with OW's initials not far behind. You'll see these two in critterdom a  lot. A true 7 is a Valentine and the innocent kitten with a ball of yarn. That's real yarn, George"
99. 2003: THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN - Hyperion Books: "The second person Eddie meets in Heaven..." Oh! Look! You can be second in a sequence and still go to heaven. Why then, is marriage not allowed, Oprah? [Alright, I am being silly].
100. 1963: MODERN BUSINESS - Alexander Hamilton Institute: "38...twenty-five..." My caliber of gun in the military and the day I was born.
101. 1995: THE BOOK OF LISTS (1st ed) - Little Brown & Co.: "One Flew over the Craziness..." You can't play with devils and not expect to get fried!
102. CASINO ALMANAC - Record Printing Co.: "The President Casino...The Palm Restaurant..."
Judges 4.4 and Judges 5.12 are presidential maneuvers.
103. 1997: WIZARDS AND SORCERIES - Facts on File: "Doctrine of Signatures...Atta Lea...Delorus Stroke..." Who could like this one? My brother in law Bill Sakkinen was stroked. My inlaws lived on Oak Lea in Irving. DOS is State asking me if I "atta"? This is the Korean word for "Do you understand?"
104. 2001: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CAPITOL PUNISHMENT IN THE U.S. - MacFarland & Co. Inc.: "November 12, 1908.." Anniversary of acceptance at the American Embassy in Seoul, 1975
105. 1971: SAINTS & EMBLEMS - T. Werner Laurie London: "July 25th... St. Gorbian" through "St. Gracias in Upper Gano." July 25th is my Dad's birthday. He spoke pokeeto  Spanish and was always saying No! to us"
106. 1974: CINEMAMOHILIA: CINEMA BOOK LIST - Scrarecrow Press, Inc. (Volume 1): "Romeo & Juliet...Peeping Tom.. King Henry VIII...The Haunting..." Boy oh boy! Did this say it all: Debbie and InKwon's love pissed off the peeping tom satellites and in marched King O Henry and smashed everything to pieces like he did in 1533 to the Catholic Church screaming "Sex is for pro-creation only!"
107. 1984: MARTIN BARKER: A HAUNT OF FEARS - University of Mississippi Press: "Seduction of the Innocent" Condi Rice and Oprah vulgarizing marriage to In Kwon, an innocent, naïve immigrant from Korea.
108. 1968: BILLY ROSE: MANHATTAN PRIMITIVE - World Publ. Co: "" My last name
109. 1964: THE GOLDEN BOOK OF QUOTATIONS - Golden Press: "No terms except unconditional and immediate surrender"
110. 1983: THE LAST LION - WINSTON CHURCHILL VISIONS OF GLORY - Dell Publ.: "rarely challenged...Er in Plato's Republic....21...23...steel blue, blade straight...Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done" Manly advice. How many times did we see the initials ER in Nazi Germany?
Using Judges 5.12 to assign numerical value to the letters in my name, D would be 11, A would be 1 and W would be two. Add these numbers together and then add the resulting numbers. This will give you the number of words in this scripture.
Biblical numerology isn't a sin.
112.1939: MEN UNDER THE SEA - Dodd, Mead & Co: "...The bends..."
What my Uncle Bud suffered from working in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. He died at age 42 from a heart attack from unhealthy living.So many men got hooked on cigarettes long before we knew they were killers.
113. 2004: CARY GRANT - Harmony Books (1st Ed): "Jesus....Irving..." This is debatable in Bush's realm of misdeeds. Ephesians 5.25 is only allowed in first marriages. What if the marriage is his first?
114. 2003: MENTAL HEALTH NURSING - Prentice Hall (5th Ed): "Table 2.1"
115. 1979: BERLITZ SPANISH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY - Berlitz Publ. Co. Oxford, GB: "diamante...difteria...diligencia...dios...direccion unica...[diamond, diphtheria, diligence, God, one way traffic].DIA, neighbor's death, Danny's business, Our Lord and His way of doing things
116. 1997: U.S. RAILROAD TRAFFIC ATLAS - Ladd Publ.: Eastern half of Texas railroads from Burkburnett Texas on the Oklahoma border to Rio Grande City bordering Mexico and on the east  to Louisiana and Arkansas. Surely this includes my hometown.
117.1990: FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT: A  RENDEZVOUS WITH DESTINY- Little, Brown & Co.: "Al...Clinton...January 1...Mrs. (Mostow) Moscowitz... Break with Smith....Perkins(Hall)..."
119. 2009: OH, SAY DID YOU KNOW? - Readers Digest: " eyes...crazy... Jefferson Davis..." My mother, brothers and I, what they call people who tell the truth and Christians and first school I went to on Kiest & Polk Streets.
120. 1994: OUT OF ORDER - Vintage Books/Random House: "#3-7...psychologists...1976...the soviets had less control of its satellites than commonly assumed..." Page 37, 1986 Easter edition Woman's World Magazine, what I wanted to be but was blocked not having a baby sitter, year he came to America and our first child's birth, I let this part be
121. 1999: REDISCOVERING OUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS - Upper Room Books: "...divine grace..."
The first and last letters in my name.
She obviously saw this and did Upper Branch Mine in West Virginia.
Do I hear an Amen!
123. 2005: HOME INVASION - Area Book Publ.: " seconds...twenty seconds...."
What Wayne Brewster-McCarthy did to me while taking my job away in 1990.
He was stalking her. She wasn't taking a black man's job. He was taking a job from a veteran.
This was done below and sabotaged by Condi Rice at Dallas FBI by crashing the computer. Then I was attacked by three librarians and patrons with espionage at terminals # 5 and 15. They were expressing retaliation for Senator Cornyn, blacks wanting things from me and me saying no and how this page translated would wake the oriental up and how that's bad for Oprah's communism"

124. 1956: HEROES OF AMERICA: ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, Daronet Books: [1-24-24 is my mother's date of birth]: "Ivanhoe"My mother's favorite book as a teen. This is a leak as to who told the communists where my mother had been sent.
125. 1979: BOSTON IN COLOR - Hastings House Publ. Inc. : "...mother of 17 ...12 of them..."
7-12-75 my anniversary with the last name Song. Also became pregnant for the first time, while in Korea - January 1976.

126. 1999: END TIME PROPHECIES, G.P. Putnam & Sons: "...abomination of desolation..."When filth outlaws marriages or tries to control the people and activities therein. Killing men to destroy marriages is EVIL in America"
127. 1962. SHIP OF FOOLS - Little, Brown & Co. ".....Jenny..." Was this why they named Forrest Gump's girlfriend this? She was flighty and without direction like they way they turn people? She was troublesome, selfish and unstable"
128. 1987: MAGRUDER'S AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, TEXAS EDITION - Allyn & Bacon, Inc.: "...the Constitution is a statement of limited government...rule of law...never above the law...government or its officers...
Since Eleanor Roosevelt, I have had nothing but trouble from this section.
129. 1994: AWARD WINNING FILMS - Landsdown Publ. House: "Butterflies are Free."
In Bush freemasonry, this means black females will enslave whites with espionage satellites:"
Computers 3 and 12 always mess me up. It must be an area code with them.
130. 1998: CREATING MEMORIES - Landsdown Publ. House: "...a very, very Merry Christmas..."
]Because President Reagan referred to Nancy as his everyday Christmas, my family has never invited me to anything Christmas since 1997 and said they wouldn't unless my husband returned from wherever he ran off to.
They're not aces"
131. 1955: GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES! - Coward McCann: "Elliot, Ted's wife, firmly broke the spell.. I was apparently overdoing my sick act ... my Jordan Playboy Roadster was headed the wrong way..."
El means God in Hebrew. Wife can break a witch's spell. It's sick to be so infantile. Jordan is the name of my brother's step-son and that Playboy Roadster was a Jaguar"
Porn is out of wedlock, Mam..
132. 1975: CHRONOLOGY OF WORLD HISTORY - Rex Collings, London: "Kept as a hostage..."
Mind control/MKULTRA psychologically terrorizes peoples to obey"
133. 1937:  MEN OF MATHEMATICS - Simon & Schuster:"Fermat's quote at top of Chapter 4" in the beginning of Part 12.
Who died on on April 12th in 1945? Who was born on January 24th in 1924?
134. 2000: RUMPOLE RESTS HIS CASE - Advent Press: "..He knew perfectly well he committed a crime and was trying to escape detection..."
Don't they all?
135. 2003: PRAY TOGETHER MISSAL - Sunday Missal Service: "...Stephen...Eucharist... .Prayer the Holy Spirit..." I don't think the Lord cares how you got here as long as you get here and are found doing.
136. 1984:  A NEW ENGLISH-CHINESE DICTIONARY - Commercial Press, Beijing: "...he'd better hear what your wife has to say..."
True, or you're making a pogrom for yourself! Now, if she were to lead you into a criminal act, it might be a good idea to ignore her"
That shouldn't have to be said.
137. 1987: THE FINAL HOUR - Sporting News Publ. Co: "Thanks in part to 21 points..."
21 in the Holy Bible means marriage.
138. 1984: HANK THE COWDOG: IT'S A DOG'S LIFE - Puffin Books: "Don't take nothing for granite because that's what tombstones are made of."
Never get so big in the britches to think you're better than others, or that granite will become a tombstone hold your head in Hades.
Some people will start WWIII rather than learn.
139. 1951: A PENNY FROM HEAVEN - Appleton Century Crafts, Inc. : "I'll kill you, you dirty son of a bitch!"
How many of us feel this way about espionage satellites and terrorism?
140. 1989: DODGE DYNASTY - Harcourt Brace Jovanovbich: "Chapter 4"...C4 is plastic explosive...PE means physical education...PH sounds like the letter F.... FE means Free Exercise..."
That's what the Jews call "seeing God in a bagel."
141. 1996: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MCCARTHY ERA - Facts on File: "...Subversive Activities Control Board...China...Korea..."
My husband was taken by this activity and he was born in Korea which is attached to the nation of China.
Stop controlling her! FDR wanted to see God, not these sick un-American games!
142. 1986: THE RIDDLE OF THE DINOSAUR - Alfred A. Knopf: "A name for a Phenomenon"
That's what she is on those streets!
143. 1992: 9 1/2 MYSTICS; THE KABBALA TODAY - Collier Books: "...assume the yoke of His find the meaning of the wonders and signs..."
We must become Bible scholars to find His Love for us in ways most people wouldn't trust God to be in charge of. Proverbs 1.19
144. 1991: CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE - Prentice Hall Press: Two last lines contains these words: "song...arrest..."
I brought many of them with this last name to America.
Stop playing with Bush, George or it will come to that"
145. 1985: SOMEDAY THE RABBI WILL LEAVE - William Morrow & Co. Inc. : "worship(ing)...milk"is backwards, Schlemiel!
146. 1997: CLOSE TO THE MACHINE - City Lights Books: "twenty five..."
The day I was born.
147. 1988: THE DEVIL'S ARITHMETIC -  Scholastic Books: "...songs..."
Is that like #133? Remember FDR was studying a file on Thailand's unrest in New York and the implementation of the CIA when he died?
148. 2002: FOOTPRINT TUNISIA HANDBOOK -  Footprint Books, Bath UK: "Palm Links Monastir"
Palm tree is Judges 4.4, the year Mueller was born and a shorter version of Atty General Archibald Palmer's name. Do you see Palm L as in the palm tree means Deborah sat under God?
149. 1997: THE 9 STEPS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Crown Publi. ""
Bible scholars search no more for this one in the Bible. Look in Leviticus and it's defined in the coveted word LIBERTY" This subject is protected in the 5th amendment of the Bill of Rights.
FMO isn't Liberty (Freedom to choose among legal tenders)
150. 2005: COLLAPSE - Penguin Books: "...many axes..." (and machetes, too). These are the initials of Marian Anderson, which is based on the first and last letters (in reverse) of the Scripture we are tracking on this page"
Somebody is stalking you.
151. 2004: DELIVER US FROM EVIL - Regan Books/Harper Colliers Publ.: "blood thirsty regime...minimalized ... concealed.... discredited...demonized those who [try] to bring them to the public attention....vicious...President Ronald Reagan ...communist system..."
God Bless you, Mam.
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164. 2014: ELIZABETH THE QUEEN THE LIFE OF A MODERN MONARCH - Random House Trade Paperbacks: "....comfort, softness and discretion even...frigid Winnipeg...bubble...royal blue [a cipher for Oprah Winfrey designated by Oprah Winfrey, in addition to purple and black. She uses red to say me first"]."
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Cross reference the word lateral with #126
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188. 2009: ARGUING WITH IDIOTS - HOW TO STOP SMALL MINDS & BIG GOVERNMENT - Simon & Schuster: Hillary and I "would rather have a piece of paper that tells violent psychos to leave you alone" because as long as nuts in the Navy control our every response with spy satellites, having a gun would not be a surprise. It's the other way around, like I said: "the children kidnapped the jerk."
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191. 1923: SCARMOUCHE: A ROMANCE -  Grossett & Dunlop, Publ.: Come down you fool. Do you think we will let you ruin everything by your clowning? of the legs...held it fast in the spell of his cry and his audacity."
Compare to GEMS #1
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Tikkum Olam
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It's interesting to note when my family is involved.
You will see this from time to time.
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Thinking of ways to hurt me is a felony.
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First and last words on this page are the abbreviation for Wyoming.
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[My sisters slept in one of these but all four posts were on the floor. I slept in a bunkbed].
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Here is wisdom: Don't get stupid or weak on me! The description is not the thing itself.
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To see more , go to STUDY HALL and read under "Building forts"
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270. 2013: BARRON'S POLICE OFFICER EXAM, 9th Edition: "Diagnostic Test"
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