Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""
They will mess up everything in your life with stupid messages.
It means one of the satellites on me is Oprah!
1. On June 20, 1990, a message was left on my telephone from a co-worker. Wayne Brewster-McCarthy (BM) of Trinidad said: "Hello, Debbie? I'm gonna kill you."
  • He was put at my location in Washington D.C. by taking part of my job title away
  • He didn't have a clinical science degree, and he was allowed to go to Concord, West Virginia and visit with Lisa Byun, a DC MHMR ward. She had been adopted from an agency in South Korea. It was not in his Job description to go on this outings. She was 19 years old.
  • Now, I am blacklisted.
  • Securing the Treasury job cost me my family after Oprah said: "Choose, the husband or the job. You can't have both" in December 1972.
  • The job interview I was given after a written test for Radio/Dispatch Operator in Alton, NH suddenly fizzled after someone famous sabotaged it by driving up there from Worcester, MA.
  • I was qualified for a job with the DISD Special Ed Dept, but that suddenly fizzled, too.
  • "That's why everyone leaves you flat. They're either bribed or intimidated by espionage."
  • Games with this one cost Bush Sr. his presidency.
2. On January 10, 1999, Byong Dong Song (my father-in-law) said into a telephone, while I was on the other end: "Kill Debbie Song." I called him on his birthday, hoping my husband might be there.
  • Weaponry [laser assaults are on the ###page] began shortly thereafter and by January 21st it was very intense on my head.. 
  • Not allowed to be with my spouse ever again because sex was too close!
  • I was not allowed to be with my children ever again, unless someone paid Oprah Winfrey a hefty fee.
  • Often refers to me as "too white."
  • Corruptions of my children began in Maryland.
  • The Aty Gen page reveals the last times I saw my children.
  • My daughter and I had Thanksgiving Dinner one time and that was in 1998.
3. On Easter Sunday 2005, while my sister was driving me home from her daughter's house in East Texas, Kim Bradley* (BF) sat in the backseat and said: "I'll kill you."

Before she married my nephew:
  • Played sexual intimidation games with her left hand at Ci-Ci's Pizza in Cedar Hill reminding me my husband belongs to blacks because he's a color/oriental.
  • Threatens to kill me since her initial announcement while sitting behind my sister who was driving.
  • She committed 4 felonies.
  • She attended the same high school as he did in Cedar Hill, TX where my sister moved after collecting back child support.
After she married my nephew (Diane's) this picture was taken"
[For a geneaform breakdown of my family, go toMok-Sa-Nim]

  • She stole a ceramic centerpiece given to me by President Clinton that was engineered away from me by a black female at the VAMC in 2000.. According to my sister, she "accidentally" gave it to Kim when she grabbed at it and said: "Can I have this?" That took my sister by surprise and no matter how many times she told that one to give it back, as giving it to her was a mistake, Kim says No! She just happened to be there when my sister was in the closet where it was, even though I asked her several times to give it back to me and she said: "I forgot where I put it."
  • Racketeering - Everyone of them.
  • Taking things from Debbie is a felony".
  • The one she married is a Marine Recruiter. He recently sent me "stuff" saying he would hurt me if I told on her again.
  • This one prevents my family from inviting me to holidays at their homes. She claims she's the "real" mixed marriage of the family.
  • She used her "influence" to help him get a Recruiter job in Irving, Texas where my husband lives which is another way masonry flashes ownership"
  • (When I was in Army, you had to be at least an E-6 to get a job like that. Is the Marine Corps different)?
  • She has used echelon to harass me about my sexual relationship with InKwon and has contacted my husband offering herself as a sexual replacement"
  • As of November 2014, she tries to scare my husband and children with sudden appearances.
  • Stanley's twin brother lost his leg, and almost his life after defending Aunt Debbie. She's very much against Debbie being part of the family because of this website and because I tried to get my stuff back through family members.
  • She has tried to get me in trouble by contacting everyone having a capcity to deny me my rights under the Constitution by saying she fears me.
  • She calls Debbie crazy to everyone in the family.
  • A threat was made against another family member if I was driven to the most recent Thanksgiving Dinner - 2014.
  • She wants to make trouble on her husband's father.
  • One of my siblings helped Bush Sr make a false report/police record against me in 1995 and for refusing to do it again, there have been threats on her health. I believe her poor health has been due to refusing Oprah to "do it again."
  • Kimberly is a South African city. There is also a blonde British actress named Kim Stanley which infers to subversive stalking us: Black first, White nothing. It's on the Orange River which to stalkers is OR the intent to stalk married couples for revenge purposes.
  • This above picture was accomplished by Oprah in EXTREME #373. Implemented, this power is antichrist communism.

Terrorism is compliments of the EXTREME bitch.

Kim Bradley is means Phi Beta Kappa which is Bush's Burger King machine. This name comes from several parts of my past. Interestingly enough, it matches the name of a child of the psychiatric nurse that accompanied me to EEOC in 1990.  We worked in the same clinic. It is also the name of the date who took me to the high school prom in my senior year. This name does pop up occasionally in other places.
Phi means Fi as in Semper Fi faithful always to communism..

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