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Okay, everyone has to deal with these.
But there is a way to snuff them out permanantly
and it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg.
(Works on these too)
1. Because I am not allowed to rise above my poor state of life, I've had to discover ways to get these pests out. I have given advice to people on this subject, so putting it here will, perhaps, help many others.
2. The insects, "bugs" that respond to this inexpensive kill the little monsters method are called "exo-skeletal." If you can catch them they will die the instant their little bodies are covered in any "formula" found in the following products:
Go to YouTube and ask for: "How to Kill Bed Bugs" with my name on it. 

3. "Formula" is slimy and plugs up their pores, which is how they breath. They don't have lungs like us. Cheap, very deadly formula is shampoo and conditioner, dishwashing liquids, hand soaps in pump bottles and anything similar in consistency.
4. For bedbugs, ticks and mites, use a toothbrush to scrub them out or a paintbrush dipped lavishly in goo and painted upon them. Cover every nook and cranny in your mattress' and boxspings' seems and corners. Lift the boxsprings and tear off the flimsy backing on the bottom. That should reveal more hiding places.
5. If you have the time, you can seriously dent the number of roaches in your house or apartment. Take a "white" cap from a jar that is no higher than half an inch and place a potato peeling or a quarter of a slice of bread on to it. (These work best). Place it where you can see the bugs eating from inside the tray on a shelf or cupboard.
6. Armed with a pail or large bowl of "formula", grab the top and with your thumb on the bread or potato, quickly dump the cap into the goo and tap it so they'll all fall in. Some will squirm, but within 3 seconds they'll be dead.
7. Place these trays where you have seen roaches. If you turn off the light for about 15-30 minutes, more roaches will feed from the traps. Usu. the light won't alert them. Only movements and sounds send them scurrying for cover.
Well, there it is. Ending the misery with a little time learning how to turn a cap upside down.
8. If you have pets, dogs given a piece of garlic clove in his food will taste so badly to ticks and fleas, they won't munch on him. You have to do this every day, and if he doesn't eat it, you have to break off one, slice it up and mix it in his food and shove it down his throat like you would pills. Now you don't have to worry about him bringing things home either. I haven't tried it on a cat, but it seems to me, garlic oil on his food may work if digested. Let me know if you hacve any success.
9. One roach can lay 40 roaches from that egg on her. Most of them will be born male. In a few weeks, that is 800 females, then 18,000 and so it goes. Sharing this information with a neighbor may help. Remember "formula" doesn't have an unpleasant smell and you won't pass out from toxic fumes.
Cleaning up can be a little tricky because of the soap suds. A paintbrush can be had at a dollar store and what's a toothbrush cost? So, that's easy too, chunk everything.
I used bleach on roaches previously and it takes about 45 seconds for them to croak and often they manage to climb out of the bucket/pail. Then I have to stand there with a flyswatter and knock back down. So, ooey-gooey is really a certain death for them!
Right, I used foggers/bombs, sprays, motels, powders. Exterminators sometimes come out. But if you just spend a little time, with your household pests, you surely can put you and them out of misery. Oh! This goes without saying! Don't leave food in the trays when you go out. Starve them and then when food is out, they will come like Fido hearing a bell.
10. If you have a lot of closets and drawers using a fogger/bomb may help, but the goo is the Final Solution and it never fails.
For more information,
August 19, 2014
October 30, 2014: I am happy to announce bedbugs show up every once in a while and the roaches are very down in numbers.
March 31, 2015: House still clear of roach crap
Dallas Police: Write Oprah for that bank card game.

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