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500. Hours (2013)
  • Walton Hayes 2nd place, changed later to Nolan Hayes may be why he was ...
  • Wife dies at 0700 hrs
  • HerCain Katrina was MK Designs"
  • "You're playing dirty, Mr. Machine."
499. Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde (1932)
  • He calls his little wench "starling and lamb"
  • We also saw the daisy on the piano on his left side.
  • If it means "diddlysquat" to you, read Romans 1.26 and stop calling LAPD on me.
  • Who remembers the movie Silence of the Lambs?  What was agent Starling's name?
  •  Was that too hard?
498. Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
  • Asher (when I'm president) CR initials will be vice president.
  • Bus 37, then JFK sad picture. Means page 37 Woman's World magazine 1986 not allowed and sealed with the Space Shuttle explosion after 73 seconds from lift-off!
  • No police first.
  • Allan Trumbull means pregnant out of wedlock is more precious than having children in wedlock as it will bring you more happiness. EASYASPIE again.
  • North and South Koreans are no Judges 5.12 for magic wands.
  • Hannibal the Cannibal is Oprah
  • United Prosperous Korea is let's all join with the UK in a PCO demonstration.
  • NAACP says no thank you to USA playing with his tie
  • Silver T is no married (decent) women running the world. Everything must be shared with stalkers on our sons and brothers. See two movies below.
  • ]If the WM doesn't pay child support or give the female everything she wants, he'll be shamed with the "racist" label.
  • Steven Forbes Rexar is Benedict Arnold another cipher for Oprah Winfrey
  • First launch code is a Bush #
  • The son named Connor matches the Terminator movies. Thanks for the "spark plug" mention.
  • "Through the roof" means open or no first/no civil rights and loss of all privacy by the SS. Seals... inappropriate use of that term for that situation"
  • 3rd word./amendment=prototype, another Procreation word.
  • What does India, China and Russia spell?
  • Asher said at the end: ..."to foul our beliefs..." This means to turn Americans into cowards when the blacks throw around the "racist" label.
  • Leaning against the Wall Street, BF wearing one strand of pearls means: Only one member in the family can carry the Judges 5.12 label. That's why at Wendy's on 2/9/15 that BF said that thing to me. Then Oprah says: "No home unless I control him."
497. The Monkey's Paw (2013)
  • Another take care of BF film but only a little more subtler. This female already got with the older, employed WM and they had a kid that looked like the president. Well, daddy wanted to see the boy and she says no. That's when the murders started.
  • 084-024
  • Pink pregnant BF playing a trombone is a predatory match to a WM doing same in the fatherless son movie Air Bud 1997.
  • Final note from this: WM are better providers, more likely to be faithful and have wealthy families than BM.
  • There is something true here that matches someone in my family who was also stalked and this person committed 4 felonies on me before she was engaged to him.
496.  13 Sins (2014)
  • Another take care pregnant BF film and how she got her way, all of it and didn't throw the pill away. Flushing it down the toilet is how you exterminate that pull.
  • Satellites locate White men who are wimpy and use them with espionage to marry the BF. The family's wealth also plays a role.
  • I heard the satellites are setting my brother Warren up for just such a marriage to a BF, who committed felonies on me while I was living there. They play mind games on men soothing them artificially, all based on espionage" This one's goal is Barstow, where I was suppose to live and if I get famous, she will too as a bonus.
495. 10 Rillington Place (1971)
  • This one is British. It's hard to tell who is telling on whom.
  • Any relationship with #10 Downing Street - the Prime Minister's quarters?
  • The Divine Right of Kings is a lust machine forcing alternatives on the Justice Dept. Blacks are heard because they're a most recent colony of UK.
  • Parliamental caused the 1929 financial crash.
  • Tim and Beryl Evans names spells suckers could be trapped and played.
  • "Open 6 inches" and close the blinds"
  • Christie - soft spoken devil in your head like Oprah
  • "Gassed twice by Nazi Germans, blinded for 6 months..."
  • Red & White labels followed by a river boat!
  • Two trains passing in the day behind the police that catches him.
  • Name of the above address changed to "Rustin Cove."
494. Three Comrades (1938)
  • Koster (They lived on Champagne, the second street in our neighborhood).
  • Leaks 11-14-20 is Sonne as in Topf and Sohne from the movie about Nuremburg 1961.
  • also leaked in an actor's name which would be the initials of a fascist female that's stalking me.
  • Leaked that CR/KR is Hitler/the quin Mum, who is no longer with us"
  • "It means Dan Quayle is a fascist"
  • Really?
493. On Our Merry Way (1948)
  • Wife of seven months wore shiney clothing asks 
  • Hubby Burgess Meredith to ask questions of people about 
  • How Christ child influenced them in life.
  • Leaked how hubby switched the question around, used the Secret Service to push Debbie out and replace her with a BM (espionage and sabotage)
  • Because of her mother's pro-sex in marriage Christianity.
  • Burgess is a cipher for Great Britain.
  • Where have you been hiding this little gem?
492. War Hunt (1961)
  • Message from Hoover's past: "GI, welcome to Korea. I hope you don't die."
  • Then big sign: "225th infantry"
  • Endor, not Endora as the stealth killer on night re-con,,,,
491. Santa Claus (1959)
  • The devil stands on corner and lies to children to create doubt.
  • Magic dust and white rose stolen from Santa by the devil puts him in a bind
  • Japanese figurine sits on a mantel where devil tries to set Santa on fire.
  • Japan is the 5th child in the parade.
  • When a child looks back on a crime she almost committed, the Devil tries to make her do it again.
  • The devil blows his breath on children to put wicked ideas in their heads and nightmares when they sleep.
  • Japanese helper looked like Sammy Davis Jr. from the side.
  • Africa was the first one in the parade and on the globe.
  • Soviet child suggests Santa give up his sled and go with spacecraft. He is very much against it.
  • Oprah's "peace and goodwill" is a big gap.
  • The devil comes up as "Orion's" His horns are sometimes all white and other times mixed half with brown.
490. New Year's Evil 1981 (1981)
  • Black female first to die just came in from Palm Springs
  • Louisa Moritz was the first movie star listed.
  • ER on one of the wristbands
  • FP on the eye chart (Look what Topf did without eyes).
  • AV: "One minute" DS's
  • All six murder-suicide started with the letter S
  • Graffiti on a wall where a victim escapes: 8 TS
489. Davey Crokett: King of the Wild Frontier (1955)
  • Armageddon is a big woman's breast as the only reason for marriages.
488. The Manitou (1978)
  • My death fortells my return" is MD12 and DR25
  • Tandy is Radio Shack
  • 4th trolley is Chevron (Rice's former employer) Bottom of CONGRESSIONAL is four
  • MisquamacuS is Mississippi's POB- Oprah
  • Eleanor Roosevelt was Ephesians 2.2., the Snitch
  • Truth hurts monsters; defiance makes them angry.
  • 10th floor Ice - Frozen in places from fear is Star Beast: The press holding us down with lies. FRAUD
  • Great Devourer - atheism
  • Telling lies is an attempt to mind control the electorate.
487. The Beast With Five Fingers (1946)
  • #14 in third place in this movie, but jumps to second place in Arabresque 1966
486. Envy (2004)
  • OM clearing the store's shelves with RI behind his bald head leaks BF's tell employees to eremove things from the store when I go there. It could also mean petty BFs are trying to control the minds of oriental males because one of them married me"
  • Star in the movie relays the message "stop no good."
485. Good News (1947)
  • Dubois, La Main sings Judy Garland in French for Wood Hand (White House cipher)
  • I studied French instead of Spanish in school. I don't feel bad about it now.
484. Frisco Kid (1935)
  • Sluggs Crippen kidnapped men for servitude on Chinese ships
  • Leaks Dr. H.H. Crippen 1910, a murderer caught in Canada
  • Who else is H.H.?
  • San Francisco kills 7 in 1854 and someone 1954 will do the same
  • Shanghai Duck helped the above creep and leaks Southampton Docks [p. 293 Lion-Manchester] You should be able to decipher most of them by the time you get to the end of this list.
  • See the movie Dr. Crippen 1963
483. Red (2010)
  • Leaks Orange River and their anti-semitism in taking InKwon
  • 500 in Thesaurus is Wisdom
  • 7-Eleven less one is "712"
  • [612 less one is 613 commandments/Torah]
  • Study Hall contains the dates.
482. Deathdream (1972)
  • Darren Wilson was killed in Vietnam. (Coincidence Ferguson MO shooting). He was Andy's friend. He didn't come back from the dead like Andy.
  • Andy was conjured up by his willful mother. He died in 1977, the age of Hoover' at death. (This was not successfully translated until I came).
  • Murdering people is now Waynesville Stewart!
  • White tie not all the way in way in white collar
  • House #312 (Oprah or Romney)
  • Pens VV and ILV shaped
  • "You owe me" remark references slavery
  • Green wall head
  • When Andy needs to kill he puts on black sunglasses and gloves to hide his rotting face.
  • No Christianity is ciphered in "2 baby burgers, 2 cokes and 1 coffee."
  • Dr. Philip J. Allman reported by Ray Benton (JAP is no real)
  • Stephen King's Christine, Carrie Cujo or 333 is Andy's mother's name.
  • Audience left handed cups right breast pinching pink decipher
  • New Mexican plate in Massachusetts
  • Liberty NY, NJ = My J. Rest of it censored. You'll have to ffigure it out yourself.
481. My Soul To Take (2xxx)
  • Sequence of myurdered victims is intimidation or hatemail
  • There's a Munchausen leak in the credits!
  • William Blake is a "global psychiatrist"
480. The Talk of the Town (1942)
  • Regina Bush: I told you Smith was lying about that name!
  • A man weighing 210 pounds
  • (1943), the Talk of the town is $812 for war relief
479. Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1949)
  • Need I say more?
  • Rhonda Fleming could pass for our mother's twin. See bottom BRAVERY
478. Irene (1940)
  • Bridgette is half Irish (Family)
  • Autos, orchids and diamonds
  • Smithy
  • Without warrants, everything you say and do to me are felonies, not a jump on the competition"
477. The Hanging Tree (1959)
  • NG in the background during a fight means it's evil if not done fairly.
  • The rest is in the same vein.
  • ING is getting dirtier.
476. Operation Teahouse (1956)
  • Thank you Mr. Obama for that flag of India.
  • It's against the law, George, to hear Japan, and not Debbie.
476. The Birds (1963)
  • Thank you
475. Man of the Year (2006)
  • Memories of Harriet Smith Gordon
  • Earl of Croydon age 13
  • Delacroy leaks Affirmative Action was subversive plan on the state:
  • Lest we forget Della Reese the touching angel....
  • Sept 7 and the map of Arica: My cousin Phyllis McDonough had a heart attack since me writing this one here. This date is DOB. I think not a coincidence.
474. Minority Report (2002)
  • wood, woods, woods
  • Yokomoto - Valford
  • BF "eyes on" and hand signal as if target is crazy is vitiation
  • rabbit, bird, fox
  • Stanford University exposed.
473. My Favorite Blonde (1942)
  • 1120 (Date my husband became a US Citizen in 1979).
  • See what's left of his on bottom of YOURS TRULY
472. One Foot in Heaven (1941)
  • Fort Dodge
  • 3rd baby in a sequence of four: No middle name.
  • Mayfield, San Francisco is Trader's Village in Grand Prairie
  • Elmwood (Methodist) is where I became a Rainbow Girl.
471. Berlin Express (1948)
  • "We keep trying because we want to get it right."
  • Man on crutches hobbles by with his right leg missing.
  • That's plain enough.
470. The Island (2005)
  • Leaks how Mom killed slowly the day after I was born.. DIA
469. Wings of Eagles (1957)
  • The Navy will be 12,500 miles ahead of the Army.
  • "A: "I'll show you the royal suite." B: "Knock it off."
468. Ada (1961)
  • Sir John Jellico was fascinated by Germany's Zepplin and then recanted by saying "it's an enormous bladder of combustible and explosive gas" [page 444 Lion-Manchester and also Patton #456]
  • Sheriff of Collin County twice
  • Do you see this one in my body for blacks?
  • 8 words about taxes
  • Write that black machine on Debbie with that laser for treason.
467. Bloody Birthday (1980)
  • June 9th and a girl named Debbie. Then two boys named Steven and Curtis contained in the British word "KoSCiusko"
  • Who dismisses students?
  • Viola Davis
  • Scorpio woman - Diamond girl
  • Green and white means no white!
  • Red and yellow means China belongs to NAACP.
  • Cumberland = Luke 13.4 Harris County
  • Norman Rice and Bill Dodge in final credits.
466. The Third Man (1949) Prophetic as well as leaks
  • "Calloway is English. Callahan is Irish."
  • Cop Killer
  • "Medical Advisor" cipher for Marian Anderson 1939 No Christians stance ever since.
  • Everyone suffers from this thing.
  • "Crisis of Faith" lecturer for room & board.
  • Orson Wells is Lime or Oprah Winfrey shall be my Limey ( compliments of Qin Mum).
  • "Dumb decoy duck" [Duckadilly] (All those Dilly bars from Dairy Queen).
  • Ultra thin whites aren't Broderick Crawford.
  • First cross white, sedcond cross black is stalking"
  • I can't give you the answers, but CIA may help.
465. Penthouse (1933)
  • Warren Baxter
  • Jackson
  • Levi Levioff
  • Racketeers like to torture before killing
  • Gertrude
  • Oklahoma Apartments #26A
464. Death Valley Rangers (1943)
  • James Kirk
  • Dodge City
  • Baxter Gang
463. Three on a Match (1932)
  • Irving Finkelstein
  • Lady Diana
  • "My Diane"
  • Kirkwood, Kilroy, Rivere
462. Raw Deal (1945)
  • Rochester is England's fur"
  • Michigan says PCO
  • Cripple Creek
  • Rockville Band [Rockville, Montgomey County MD as well as that fist in England]
  • Three legged lion is the left eye.
461. Mountains of the Moon (1990)
  • Picture of two women in white making a letter M comes between a married couple [Oprah isn't your friend]..
460. Julie (1956)
  • Cliff...Clifford and shook her head No = [No Dodge for this honor]
  • Jealous pianist in a murdering mood
  • 205 odometer
  • Palo Alto
  • Monterey
  • 4 minutes flat...Ellis 4 miles this side of Smith Creek Road ...Mobile Unit #4
  • 28L
  • Reversing Debbie is Bucky"
459. Pay or Die (1960)
#5 Saulino  #12 Police
458. Call Her Savage (1932)
  • NASA
  • Butler's name was Stevens. Another one was named Jackson.
  • 312 River Street
457. Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940)
  • "I'll be 21 in October."
  • Winslow = "Ug"
456. Patton (1970)
  • He didn't want to play with UK's Montgomery to make the latter a "blooming" hero at their expense"
  • Eleanor Ike responded with retaliations.
  • King George VIII and AJB were also against my mother's Christianity to hold on to America.
  • "Malmedy": Sounds like Normandy ... Marian Anderson was the UK trying to spoil things for Debbie!
  • Sex is for women, not babies, Michigan"
  • I tried to warn you, but you're Nerts!
  • "Good traffic cop"
  • He was almost killed by "Cafe Restaurant" near Gaswirtschaf" This matches Ada's leak in #468.
455. The Mindreader (1933)
  • 125 million
454. Skyscraper Souls (1932)
  • "Nert" White House lingo for wife refusing husband sex to play with British
  • Dennis
453. Sword in the Desert (1949)
  • Vogel
  • $125 a head
  • Audio "pull-up" visual two palm trees means "Don't mess up our stuff with blacks being developed by England."
  • White L seen when the man kept his promise
452. The Pawnbroker (1965)
  • Black female (BF)  hanging out in a huigh rise window is wearing two bracelets on her right arm after the death iof a Puerto Rican youth that died trying to save the life of a Jewish man,.
  • This is the fist of anti-semitism ) East 116th Street".
451. The Informer (1935)
  • 10 pounds to America
  • Virginia's husband
  • Four fingers down and crying is Condi Rice/AJB vs our marriages [What's in store for America].
  • McCain
  • 1-2-2-5-4-5=20
450. Design for Living (1933)
  • Vriune P, L, M 1415
  • Three people walking: Man-woman-man
  • Answers Footlight's
449. Sweet Home Alabama (2002)*
  • Democrats leaking on Republicans: Means an FBI Director is close to Condi Rice and may not be objective.
  • Alabama is Condi Rice's home state.
  • It could also mean he is pro-enslavement via NAACP mind control using espionage and terror.
  • Why Smooter instead of Smoot?
  • GEMS #31 nickname was Kooter.
  • SK means South Korean must lose his head or else
 448. Footlight Parade (1933)
  • FDR tipped us off about "Nuts!" said by a general in 1944.
  • Chester Kent/Cagney
  • Joan Blondell made 7 movies with him.
  • Police car 695
  • And damn proud of it.
447. Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)
  • Red yellow green
  • And still that way!.
446. Planet of the Apes (1968)
  • Tell the one named Dodge to take his little red coat and go home"
445. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
  • Half or dead ultimatum from Octagon
  • Rommel isn't a city or a bridge, so it must means Ron is Mel
  • No seven
  • SUZE means FMO is the zoo/England
  • WH152412 means you and your mother were White House probes"
  • Nazism is a British think tank"
  • "Tyranny and oppression" = Tao or 2 Peter 2.13"
  • "So costly a sacrifice on the altar of freedom"
  • 14-6-1: He never wanted to commit adultery on Debbie. It was all the Bush's idea to appease the Blacks! The NAACP was for it because of EEOC"
  • 117 pounds is in Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) and still is that way here when Hanks' nose goes in a diamond. So don't mind me saying, we're adamant about our stands also"
444. Avalon (1990)
  • Leaks OKC bombing
443. The Devil Commands (1941)
  • Dr. Julian Blair discovers NC#5, but when his wife dies he goes in another direction. What does this mean? SPING 2009?
  • Soupy Sales knew such tech would be abused all along.
442. Deep Six (1958)
  • 0635 hrs an order from the Draft Board - Navy
  • Austin
  • Pearl Harbor mentions the U.S.S. Arizona
  • And here's why:MAKEMYDAY
441. The Hitch-Hiker (1953)
  • N. Wood signals movie audience that Burr's character is another country stalking us with MKULTRA.
  • This is why Debbie thinks she was drowned.
440. Kisses For My President (1964)
  • My mother used to read her beauty books.
  • McCloud [TV series 1970-77]
439. The Bigamist (1953)
  • In the 2nd wife's house: Panda bear on the couch and rabbit in a chair.
  • Masonically speaking this means: Make the communists the doctor and the rabbit, the pateints.
438. Shane (1953)
  • Lilacs
437. Premonition (2007)
  • Dr. Norman Roth
  • Mile 220
  • End of Story.
436. Destination Tokyo (1945)
  • Raymond, Wolfe and Sparkles
  • There isn't a word in Japanese for what American men have with their wives. There is no "I love my wife" over there.
  • "I'm no good. I'm scared." means I am an atheist. I'm a red.
  • John Garfield's moves reminded me of Bruce Lee's. Then came the U.S.S. Hornet and Halsey and all those guys.
  • I know I couldn't be that lucky, but I am" means God is real because I am blessed with a wonderful wife. *
  • And all these monsters out here do is vulgarize marriage.
  • Spingarn is racketeering to disparage marriage in vulgar ways to young people who then in turn speak vulgarly to me.
435. Vigil in the Night (1940)
  • Dallas, Irene
  • Lee, Lucy
  • Sullivan
  • (Tampico)
434. The Green Lantern (2011)
  • Ryat means riot
  • If you let Debbie rise under Palmer, the blacks will have a hissy fit and ...
  • Look what happened to my teeth
  • Nothing has changed, has it?
433. Mister Roberts (1955)
  • Doug A. Roberts, First Officer
  • Armageddon if we say to Spingarn no fascism.
  • Do  not take off your shirts.
  • F.T. Pulver
  • Deeper, deeply (Eleanor is against Hoover and FDR, a man's way of doing government).
  • Admiral Wentworth
  • The palm tree was a symbol for Hoover
432. Pearl Harbor (2001)
  • "God isn't real" brought us Pearl Harbor*
  • Arizona targeted because of my name in DGES 5.12
  • 40 feet below the surface men were alive tapping to get free
  • Japan lost 29 planes in the raid on December 7th, 1941.
431. Thoroughbreds Don't Cry (1937)
  • Dinner bell sounds like a fire alarm when Timmy is in bedroom Cricket
  • Boots
  • Maguire, Andrews, Platt
  • ("Map" of Plattsburg-1812)
  • MacDonough victory!
  • Visual #7 horse, Jockey says: "Don't make me laugh!"
  • He sounded like Bette Davis.
  • This one is tricky: Roger Calverton Stables carried horse #9: Can you break this code?
  • Do not destroy America with this tech
430. Do You Love Me? (1946)
  • Taxi cab #721 was used twice
429.  For the Defense (1930)
  • District Attorney Stone
  • Taxi #1223 UK says no Christian third using echelon
  • As if, as always, it was any of their business.
428. Hotel (1967)
  • Black advancement is purple/MI-6
427. Lady Killer (1933)
  • Seven-Eleven Club
  • Mrs. Wilber Marley didn't do Marley & Me-2008
  • I wonder why...
426. Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1968)
  • We hope it's Telly's.
  • PA, TX, NY
425. Dr. Socrates (1935)
  • Ganson
  • The Dodge from Shirley, MA is the bloodline from whence you came into being.
  • Marian Anderson (MA) to block fascist terrorism or 4W1802
  • Josephine was his first name.
  • Do your own math, racist!
  • That's why no third.
424. Black Fury (1935)
  • This is why blacks monkey wrench and spy out white solutions - one white man can make a difference.
  • No black tyranny on the third. It's not your turn!
423. Witness to Murder (1954)
  • 9 Paradise Street means no police
  • We have a match in #412
  • Donnelly was a landflord in MA
  • Negress: "I like this song."
  • Griffith Park [became Grand Prairie and that "Shady Lady from Seville" had him all to herself].
422. The Long Gray Line (1955)
  • Vegetable dishes 11 cents
  • Cups 7 cents
  • Saucer 4 cents is an FMO message from veneral disease.
  • And that's not Spiro Agnew
421. Rachel & the Stranger(1948)
  • Mitchum dressed like a preacher in Night of the Hunter (1955) also
  • He's a jerk if he fakes things like this one.
  • This man's army doesn't want fakes.
  • Correct. That's how important you were to us.
420. Tall Story (1960)
  • Name "Ray Blent" means really no Lent or Dublin people.
  • Standing in the men's locker room is Blent in 44 and June Ryder, as in truck near an end of a row of lockers
  • [44 means no first]
  • Looking back: Anthony Perkins means Psycho and Jane Fonda means communism OR crazy communists violate the third amendment not religious.
  • "Let it all hang out, Honey."
419. Time Out for Trouble (1961)
  • Famous last words: Boredom, Feelings and Danger for
  • Baird and
  • Hoover*
  • However, Milt Roberts tries to make it fatal for me.
418. Middle of the Night (1959)
  • 3 dots, 3 towels
  • Harry Walston and Hal Walters
  • 1 year, 2 weeks and 4 days
  • Mrs. Mueller
417. Marlowe (1969)
  • This one is hatemail: Orrin Quest in room 214
  • Grant W. Fix is in room 215
  • Winslow AZ fell down a shaft.
  • [Bruce Lee jumps off a tall building]
416. The Children's Hour (1961)
  • Don't you just hate these kinds of brats?
  • Well, this little Mary is the epitome of black tyranny/94
  • She extorts, spies, twists, terrorizes and manipulates others to gain attention and control of the movie for herself!
  • Her big eyes and whispers...
  • Too bad she didn't get it in the end like the Bad Seed!
415. Valley of the Dragons (1961)
  • If you hold onto the Yucca tree, an ugly elephant will push you into a swamp.
  • [And the Battle of Alligator 1-29 swivels down there]
  • The Irish man and the old dude with the "black hole" near his head has been a given.
  • Large rodent makes noises like a cougar is Prescott's
  • Who would give up shoes for sandals or pants for a tutu?
  • Spiders do 88/entrapment when E2.2 is rampant.
  • South Koreans can't handle deep water.
414. Heroes For Sale (1933)
  • 11-9-21, 10 Kim Street
  • [Do you see 9, 10, 11 and 12? Is that No 666?]
  • Is the one who prevents such from happening "Costigan" a name of a police officer in#348?
413. I Married a Witch (1942)
  • When it comes to cursing marriages, why the name Wooly?
  • The tree here is in BOAST where we both stand, but the church where I was baptised was struck down by fire.
  • Pilgrim Hotel (reverse of Hyde Park is Eleanor taking over her husband's machine without voter approval).
412. The Visitor (1979)
  • 1166 on the scoreboard
  • Gun in a box
  • 2nd highway scene: Birmingham
  • [City name also found north of London]
  • Michael J. Paradise, Director matches #423
  • Ending credits: Swan American, Dear International and Sleepy Hollow Nursery
411. Tentacles (1977)
  • No cartiledge = No husband
  • No bone marrow = Turn men into whimpy cowards, back stabbers and scoundrels
  • Kids mouth open too long is brillant British
  • Authentic people attracts monsters
410. Spider Baby (1965)
  • Virgina, Elizabeth, Rachel Rhymes with Vertigo (1958)
  • White male Titus is murdered
409. The Rain People (1969)
  • "Saturday" spoken and visual was blurred BF in white*
  • BF stalker in a crowd stares into the camera angrily wearing yellow and white
  • California - 7Up has been obstructed
408. The Man With a Cloak (1951)
  • Everybody has to agree with Oprah (Stanwyck) or they can't proceed.
407. The Mortal Storm (1940)
  • #312 on the collar of Nazi soldiers
  • Coat and galoshes came back means "no real."
  • Hile Hitler!
  • Tape # 7,001 She finally stopped! See TODAY
406. The Seventh Cross (1944)
  • Will it come down for us the same way?
  • Mrs. Marelli
  • Dr. Lowenstein #25
  • Paul Roder
  • Bruno Sauer
  • Captain of the Wilhelmine
  • Marni
  • Feidler
  • Toni
  • Rinehart
  • "You have to know alot to know the right thing to do."
  • Sadists say "no love, no romance in marriages" back in 1944.
  • Room #7
405. Independence Day (1996)
  • Black eyes force whites to shoulder things without Due Priocess
  • Invasions of privacy are unacceptable
404. Victor, Victoria (1982)
  • No empty rabbits Re: VELVETINE
  • 2 white towels outside a white 7 in a bathroom position = No throwing white out for being interested in marriage.
403. The Battle of Villa Florita (1965)
  • 9 pounds, 11 shillings to Italy by trains or
  • 19 pounds, 12 shillings by ship
402. The Desert Song (1953)
  • Khobar (LAPD 1992 RK riots on Koreans, so the NAACP could begin racketeering to get at their wealth")
  • Bernard (a church in Fitchburg, MA)
  • Benji (a reporter's name and the story of a little dog)
  • What did Mom used to say?
  • [This is more wealth than I could dream!]
401. The Earl of Chicago (1939)
  • "That's why this country is dead. They didn't believe in St. Peter."
  • Saying to the British no Canada (interferance) will lead to retailation and now torture. That's why many of us cooperated.
400. The Times of Harvey Milk (1984)
  • Markers indicate he was honored to be killed for his people/agenda"
  • There are more than these: Notice placements of Black females in photographs, too.
  • Mascone-Milk: Two M's = No FBI way of doing things (which is not engineering things bad to move public opinion)
  • Guyana-San Francisco: Reverse of my last name minus the "On" is No! Both triggered by Ultra.*
  • First and last letters marker for MI-6 (M16) Lobo Book Shop and S. Shelters/Skelter are both in Dallas
  • Notice alignments and snow cones.
  • Wig Pal and Wig Palace, a Japanese flag...
  • Finger to chin is an Oprah marker.
  • Thank you.
399. Picture Snatcher (1933)
  • Albany Post Road in Yonkers isn't Bon Ten and Gilroy's
398. The Great O'Malley (1937)
  • Pinky Holden [Pinky-1949] Reverse letters is female Hyde Park meaning Eleanor Roosevelt
  • 6 foot high costs $12
  • $10 everyday a fine until fixed
  • Precinct 7 Police science
  • Art. 12, Sec 134 used twice for diff. violations is "no happiness."
  • No six bells, only three (63)
  • Blood transfusion: English into Irish = 1952 poison/Hep C blood Black into white
397. Jeapordy (1953)
  • Vice president in charge of water (Aquarius)
  • Left foot of husband trapped (Future leak on how it is to be?)
  • 24N603 is a year of birth and area code. First line Amazing!
  • Above plate turns into 63
  • Seven flats fixed one Sunday
  • Second attempt worked was McDonough-Dodge"
  • Related The Great O'Malley #398
396. The Marine (2006)
  • 14-2 between two white males = No white husband, no white fist on tyranny or No orientals being like whites.
395. Experiment Perilous (1944)
  • They didn't look like daisies to me.
  • Stoney Gate in Vermont
  • Get your own bed!
394. Here Comes the Navy (1934)
  • "From Droopy on the U.S.S. Arizona" leaks the 7th Fleet of dwarfs was bashful ugliness : a sitting duck if I wasn't born in 1940.
393. The Mayor of Hell (1933)
  • Stone
  • Gorman
  • Burns
  • Horowitz
  • Smith
  • Hemingway (BM)* first in bed area during a rainstorm
  • Griffith (VT): Our hope is to be Debbie's type (Chrysler's)
392.I Found Stella Parish (1935)
  • MaElizabeth: Name of 2nd doll, a BF
  • 2nd day of travel on an oceanliner: 721
  • "No 01"
  • "Dessert?" "No, never!"
  • Looks like a Cabbage Patch doll.
  • Gotham Warehouse - Eaves Costume Co.
391. Critics Choice (1963)
  • John is Godfrey
390. Princess O'Rourke (1943)
  • 11-4-14
  • One of 9 boys and one of 11 boys
  • $1200 and 1200 year history means no husband"
389. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)
  • Halfing marriages is an overthrow.
388. The Lusty Men (1952)
  • $125 for Rodeo entry fees
  • A6663 plate where married couple argues
  • Whose initials? War Paint, Lightening Rod, Drifter
387. They Met in Argentina (1941)
  • Drink to the Brooklyn Dodgers in Dallas is a quote
  • Red head in Dallas (is our plan).
  • For every action that fails, there's another one waiting in the wings to prevail
386. The Proposal (2009)
  • Leaks no District Attorneys is no Gardner (FBI shutdown coup)
385.Lady Be Good (1941)
  • Westchester bathtub lilacs leaks future (planned? retaliation on my mother)
384. Operation Crossbow (1965)
  • 134 changes to 1314
  • George Peppard kills 40 roosters [Grand Prairie]?
  • Speed McCoy has a rooster on the foot post of his bed
383. Holy Matrimony (1943)
  • Home is where the heart is, not dirty minded Osborn to judge or label!
382.Grand Illusion (1937-France)
  • Lager 9, C.K. XI
  • "Oswald, my coat."
  • "Make your famous punches. I shot down my 12th plane."
381. Red Dawn (2012)
  • Dodge Van
  • Van Housser's injury is their clout.
380. The Gladiator (2000)
  • 19 days in battle
  • Greatness is a vision
  • BFs in gold racketeering
  • More Than a Miracle 1967 also called him Spaniard
379. Scarlet Coat (1955)
  • Bolton (Another chief of Police known to Debbie)
378. Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
  • Prisoner named Wilson #1622 got out of his funk and helped the police fight off communists.
  • Get out of the way Steve, you're making me sick.
377. Guarding Tess (1994)
  • 11973 Thank you.
376. Dollars (1971)
  • Keene (a city in NH) or how to manipulate/milk the system to your advantage
  • DHS
375. The Forbidden Street (1949)
  • Mr. Lambert (2nd and 3rd grade teahcer)
  • Bryant (Piano teacher)
  • Do you see initials here?
  • June 12 [Year in #372]
  • I diverge"
374. The Hurrying Kind (195x)
  • Yellow bottles on shelf indicates In Kwon will be shared with Hoover.
  • In a Monarch's eye.
373. The Cool Ones (1967)
  • "Real is how white wins."
  • Flea market scene had castle like MAKEMYDAY in background
  • N11250
  • KGMA [Marian Anderson was metric"]
372. So Evil, So Young (1961)
  • 2 weeks solitary, #1 diet
  • 4 weeks confinement, #1 diet
371. Step By Step (1946)
  • Bismark - Bazooka
370. The Hoodlum (1951)
  • 4th & Boston (Black females first)
  • Police car #179 minus badge #26 = #357
369. The Day of the Dolphin (1973)
  • Pha stay Pa.
368. Sentimental Journey (1946)
  • Jim Miller
  • Stone (AG appt'd J. Edgar Hoover)
  • Watkins
  • Beck (Chief of Police)
  • Dean (Pediatrician)
  • McFarlin
  • McGowen
  • Horse with "no name" (1954 crowd)
367. Wandering Through Wales (1948)
  • Snowden
366. The Big Broadcast of 1937 (1936)
  • Everyone in NY is heading for 125th St. Station
  • For the broadcast of a wedding and they called them "Husband and wife."
365. Son nof Fury (1942)
  • FDR leaks Titanic was engineered by UK as hatemail to the Vatcian
364. Chestnuts
  • Another Man's Posion 1951 - Chestnut Stallion
  • Canoeman's Holiday 19xx - Chestnut Canoe
  • The Fallen Idol 1948 - Chestnut Square
  • Badman's Territory 1946 - Magee's Chestnut and Van's Dutch Boy
363. 21 Jump Street (2012)
  • False intell: 512 is Her Majesty's
  • 21 is 37 Jump Street is a reference to Numbers 3.7 vulgar 1986 hate mail from Bush et al
  • See Unstoppable #352.
  • Brad and Doug: Who's initials? Read Aty Gen page.
  • Here's the piñatas on the table meaning "No Able" and on the couch meaning no marriages without Oprah's consent.
  • OM with BF in the middle of a group is sexual hate mail.
362. Firehouse Dog (2007)
  • Spotty nose means FMO
  • Dogpatch literally contains Grand Prairie.
  • They tell must not to see blacks and orientals are scamming America with lies and games.
  • Corbin Sellers is associated with fires and explosions. Initials are in Kosciusko on the left. This one is reversed therefore it's a leak.
  • Red Towel lamp means black satellites destroy married men and they're on some of us now.
  • PCO marriages will not be watched if birth control isn't used.
  • Boutine/Boutwell is a factory in MA (a Marian Anderson cipher)
  • Also leaks Oprah/NAACP are destroying America as their evolutionary climb
  • Grafton was near Falls Drive in Oak Cliff"
  • These kinds of messages are advanced tyranny and are usu. not leaked to the public"
361. The Mob (1951)
  • Man 50, Berth 12
  • Talbot was a police officer in this one. (Ah Ha!) I know what it means.
  • C. killed with a 32 caliber...Bush League [Bush Sr. is a 32nd degree mason]
  • Sycamore and Langley [Langley VA is the CIA's HQ]
  • If you stand in front of their building and look up, you'll see McDonough Gymnasium across the Potomac on the campus of Georgetown University.
  • First floor gangster "T" is a reference to Eleanor* [T is the 20th letter. What is on the back of the $20 bill? How is the word first used in relation to the $20 bill? Don't be stupid. It means First Lady].
  • There was a Sycamore tree in front of our house on Driftwood. It may still be there. Go see 1564. The house is facing north"
360. Sanders of the River (1935)
  • Ostrich feathers is back"
359. It Happened Tomorrow (1944)
  • Sylvia Smith rolls America for the NAACP
  • 625 pm
  • Ramona
  • Gordon-Sims
  • 9th Street Bridge [Water Street Bridge?]
  • Mysterious man didn't give him the second paper
  • 279-33-5941 and then 1410 hrs (14 is hidden in 41)
  • Private Investigator Mulrooney
358. The Devil With Hitler (1942)
  • Sooki Yaki in the middle of the bed (Hirohito)
  • Surprise! Misooki is mental and needs to take your husband away.
357. Trading Places (1983)
  • What Bush and the Secret Service does to Debbie
  • $5.00 to Ezra
356. The Slams (1973)
  • 5,000 prisoners in a 1200 capacity facility
  • Johnson Trucking #177
  • 2nd crapper #828
355. Bolt (2010)
  • Guess who the white German Shepherd is.
  • Penny was my mother's modeling name.
  • And then there was Rhino and Mittens.
  • Sorry, you lose.
354. Dark Victory (1939)
  • Lucy & Martha are the maids.
  • Was that a pack of cigarettes?
  • Ronald Reagan was named Paris. Thanks, Honey"
  • 7S 90 45 is a half-ing experience and this they did to prevent 7 and S together"
  • The black horse's name was Challenger. #352
  • Steele was a surgeon's name and also
  • Just before she dies: "You dig the holes and I'll put the hyacinths in." This is also said about daisies in It's Always Sunday (1956).
353. Under the Roofs of Paris (1930)
  • Second floor window two white towels means "no whites observing people because they're mostly Christians.
  • Blacks and others thought Christianity hampered the progress of blacks.
  • Further on down in the movie, because Christians were not allowed to observe people, pickpockets and thieves were allowed to win criminally.
  • I think that's what we're seeing today.
352. Unstoppable (2010)
  • Denzel Washington already leaked your plan, George. That's entrapment"
  • Black tyranny is unstoppable: 777 comes from my personal life"
  • 612 is BF is hidden in 1206. See #174
  • 125,000 population in upper right hand corner is calling me a vulgar name
  • Engine #7375 reminds me of Page 37/Numbers 3.7 as that hate mail from Bush in 1986 that I didn't see back in the day.
  • Do you remember?
  • Numbers 7.3: 73 seconds after lift-off the shuttle exploded, which brings us to the piñatas in 21 Jump Street (2012). #146 may help.
351. Jump into Hell (1955)
  • Vietnam was Shakespeare getting the Catholics out of Indochina.
  • Isabella's Villa means Ezra 2.13 comes before children in homes with husbands.
  • Here again, they're building a world outside God's love" was said to me but in reality, it's British South Africans before the Micks.
350. Prima Donna (1956)
  • Leaks Bush Sr. is MD or what we call in the biz Luke 13.4: Orientals first, not the Bible story we call nuclear family.
  • This puts blacks in the umpire's seat against Debbie"
349. Witness for the Prosecution (1957)
  • Cocoa (KOSCIUSKO) is brandy (no real).
  • Ko-Ko
  • Deceitful games as was played in this movie is destroying America.
  • 14 kt gold plated thermis from insurance $ on wife he killed
  • Manipulation of our juries
  • How helpful is espionage these days?
348. The Departed (2006)
  • Sheen's character was killed at 344 Wash Street
  • Collin Sullivan was a kid offered money by Costello-Nicholson
  • "Come to L Street if you need extra money" and he was a bad cop all the rest of his life, aka "Scumbag Entitlement"
  • The name of the good cop was Cositigan played by DeCaprio
  • Senate Majority Leader was Robinson and the others of similarity are Edward Costigan and Robert Wagner.
  • The Secret Service won't allow me to be more specific. They erase things right in front of my eyes.
  • I don't think we should be paying anyone back, nor do I believe we owe anyone for anything" That was discontinued by the Civil War" 
347. Hands of the Ripper (1971)
  • Anna is a leak.
346. A Stolen Face (1952)
  • Ritter
  • January 25
345. The Wild Bunch (1969)
  • Australian and German trains Mexican federalis soldiers
  • Makes you wonder if them coming here violates Monroe
344. Giant (1956)
  • Her first dress and his last shirt locations: Bootstraps vs British fascism: Man Bait (1952)
  • Eula James matches Eula Jones who wrote me a hot check for $50
  • San Antonio, Dallas, Houston has a match under each: New York, Texas, Washington
  • 2nd vase is yellow and contains daisies
  • Club Seven
  • "Arizona lost at Pearl Harbor"
  • Angel Obergon is our funeral, too. See "AO" in AMAZING
  • Mexican child's hand on corner of the table as shirt fights when he should have never sat down to eat there if he was against the sign.
  • Arizona is a cipher for Rev. 1.11 which is in Judges 5.12 (First & last names)
343. The Yearling (1946)
  • Dense vegetation
  • Scrubby country
  • Baxter's Island
342. Life With Father (1947)
  • Milkman
  • $138 must be returned [1999]
  • 4 boys red hair
  • Chicken 8 cents a pound
341. Shoot First, Die Later (1974)
  • Fiat 124 stolen
340. X-Men: First Class (2011)
  • Leaks weapons of mass destruction:
  • Eavesdrops and broadcasts like a quartz radio
  • Sonar
  • Earthquakes
  • Strength of fierce and brutal animal fascism (PCO)
  • Mind reading and inceptions
  • North Carolina #5 (Erasure)
  • Optical nerve implants and cloaking
  • Property destruction and crop circles
  • Redistribution of the wealth and unluckiness
  • Spitballs like the freak at Forest Lane Station
  • Echelon
  • Poland-Westchester is Marian Anderson and means no walking animals (PCO).
  • 214782: Thank God Debbie says no to communism!
339. Winchester '73 (1950)
  • What rifle was born in 1950?
  • 1876:  One hundred years later we imported that rifle
  • Who signed the affidavit? Dodge City
  • The enemy's name is Crazy Horse? Who's birth sign is that? [See BABY EDGAR #433]
338. Destination Moon (1950)
  • 7 miles a second
  • Whose initals are these: Dry Wells to Luna?
337. Make Mine Mink (1960)
  • Leaks Dr. Dean deliberately poisoned your mother for the King's consort
  • Right! It's a British film.
336. The Harvey Girls (1946)
  • Deborah Andrews
  • A flloosie wearing purple takes center stage while arsons burn down the Harvey House
335. The Last Sunset (1961)
  • Jules Verne took the cart before the horse and that's
  • Pointed the hitch with two hands towards the north star
  • James Stewart in #329 did the same thing with one hand
334. The Tarnished Angel (1957)
  • Listen carefully: "What's the matter, Jiggs, did you lose your LaVerne?"
  • 711
333. Life Begins (1932)
  • Recipe...Religion
  • Dr. Lee
332. Night Nurse (1931)
  • Oxygen tank curiously stands alone near a patient who died on the operating table
  • Riverside 12468
  • Dr. Andrews [Andrews Air Force base actually visited in 1987]
331. Deep In My Heart (1954)
  • Anna Mueller
  • Dorothy Donnelly [Last name landlord MA]
  • First plate matches my social security number
  • Maytime is playing in 12 cities.
  • Cumberly
  • Desert Song
330. Fighter Squadron (1943)
  • If you obey someone saying "no sex for pleasure in marriage", you're a knucklehead!
  • Berlin, Hanover, Munster: Eleanor Roosevelt is granting wishes to knuckleheads.
  • My Aunt Dorothy's maiden name was Munster. 
329. Bend in the River (1952)
  • Irving Glassburg, Director of Photography
328. Horrible Bosses (2011)
  • NKD means communists first!
  • HBP means the Holy Bible is PCO (procreation sex only)
  • 2WAQ233 means no whacking home wreckers upside the head/essentially immunity
  • Spacey, Sutherlund and Anniston means no husband.
327. Battle Circus (1953)
  • Van Buskirk and Couch
  • Division Surgeon
  • 7 moves in 23 days
  • Korean children where sandals not Chinese shoes
  • Col. Walters ]Wolters
  • I never witnessed super wind like that.
  • There were no Muslim peacekeeping soldiers there.
  • Did the MPs say not with our helmets?
  • Kennyn calls men "yobo". Huh? [If you help America, you're our sweetheart].
  • First jeep on tracks: 8A Star 110, the cipher for Harlem, NY
  • [Numbers continued to change after this revelation].
  • Who's Air Force was fighting us in the sky?
  • Olive green first white button on "Danny" the kid above
  • Bogart threw the fiirst cigarette away.
326. They Only Kill Their Masters (1972)
  • Able Mars is a racketeering name.
  • William Belasco, producer matches The Haunting (1963)
  • Vet's first name is Warren.
  • Murphy is a Doberman [Robocop was named Murphy, too]
  • Crow Marty Whisky was played in the dead woman's house. [1988-Marty]
  • WF: "Sigmund Freud said losing your teeth has great sexual significance." [2010] See #317. #14 was responsible.
325. Pride of the Marines (1945)
  • Hatemail in credits alignment
  • Shape of balls on dress means with his wife or communist. 
  •  Kellerman-Tulip response in MASH 19XX means South Koreans are wusses. Do not trust in a first marriage.
  • Lee Diamond - Delux
324. The Dawn Partrol (1938)
  • Courtney
323. A Guy Named Joe (1943)
  • Tell Mrs. to practice monogamous
  • 02295 [partial zip 2006]
  • Twin Oaks, RI means no petty Mrs. Obama
  • "When the spirit of one's heart tells one to do the right thing and the joyous freedom one experiences 20,000 feet above the earth..."
322. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2012)
  • Changes names around
  • OF in purple end of line
  • No white Asians violates marital privacy.
321. The Horizonal Lieutenant (1962)
  • Changes jeep numbers
320. The Red Badge of Courage (1951)
  • "Thy Will Be Done, Sir"
319. Lisa (1962)
  • Medical Research Block Auschvitz
318. The House on 56th Street (1933)
  • Fisk [1975 for me, Orthopedic Surgeon, 121 Army Hospital, Korea]
  • Stone [See Avodat Elohim and #2X2]
  • Blaine [Officer Cushman was killed by Officer Blaine in Arlington PD, Texas]
  • Eleanor Burgess
317. Mrs. O'Malley & Mr. Malone (1950)
  • "HR" probaly means 538 and also HEAR
  • Nose points to the letter A
  • Malone falls and hits his head near a letter E
  • Married people
  • The NAACP is mental for trying to racketeer a candidate on us because FDR chose Debbie" [See Freud imitation in #14] Birmingham is discussed in Amazing.
  • Blacks making trouble [Eleanor Roosevelt's Secret Service] was deliberate sabotage of Debbie [FDR's] out is a felony, hate crime level.
  • If you hear someone say: "No Debbie" report them to the individual on Fear Not!
  • Cheese on Rye started stalking Debbie two years befiore she was born with an error on my birth certificate.
  • White hat knocked off a man near the above railroad by a couple in handcuffs is the British trying to talk us out of sexual marriages"
316. The Elephant Man (1980)
  • It is normal to desire sex with one's spouse in a marital setting. PCO is an abnormailty in our culture. We wish we could stop this thing.
  • Thank you, Debbie, for putting this in.
  • The Churchill poster as seen in the movie To Be or Not to Be (1983) will be terminated if it is found to be as you suggested.
315. The Mexican (2001)
  • El Camino [Uncle Mack 1978]
  • Wedgewood
314. 84 Charing Cross Road (1987)
  • George Martin (Marty) and the King of England died suddenly.
  •  Marty was given the poison in Jan 1952 and the king died on Feb 5, 12 days later.
  • 84 means King Henry VIII first.
313. High Barbaree (1947)
  • Rock Island [1998 lived on a street by this name]
  • [It is near Wenatchee, WA, where Dad grew up]
  • Martin Luther King's speech contains these initials.
  • No shiney button on BM's circus coat in the middle.
  • To put CR in power requires atheism and ruthlessness: A demise of the Constitution.
  • Pal Joe died when he lost hope.
312. Mr. Sardonicus (1961)
  • Dr. Wood invented the hypodermic needle. [1952 poisoning]
  • My now, I suspect everyone knows what Wood means!
311. The Legend of Hell House (1963)
  • Lead is used to prevent energy sources from extinguishing demonic spirit
  • Laser was invented in 1939
  • Electromagnetism in 1824 and radiation in 1898.
  • This then means that what she said in The Haunting (1963) about reading her thoughts was someone suspecting NC#5.
  • House built in 1919.
  • Belasco born on 3-23-879
  • We use this number for Col. 3.23
310. Death By Invitation (1971)
  • Candles arranged in 3-2-3 order [2006]
  • Two elbows bent  point at single lit candle.
309. Poltergeist (1982)
  • Men in coffins is PCO
  • Watch how they play the baby carriage in and out of the closet.
  • Three with old Indian woman's face wants the 2nd born
  • She can't make accusations without warrants and pre-meditation is espionage. All of you for terrorism for sabotaging me.
  • Yellow and green is Lime [The Third Man #466]
  • Steven, Diane, Dana, Robert and Carol (Ann as a cover-up and no patron saint for marriage) in reverse means Condi Rice says no husband because he's not first. Imagine that? Black troublemakers telling me what St. Ann can protect. What nerve! Sacrilegious bitches. All ASQUITH.
  • Who's the tree in the living room window looking for?
  • Light has finally come for them because they served their time in purgatory"
  • White cab truck upside down thrown in large box is a felony because it was done to me.
  • When the clown attacks again: "I hate you. All of a sudden I hate you." This comes from the pattern "Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain" a popular song in the nineties.
  • TV out of 208 (No lust in or for our lives).
308. Impact (1949)
  • Fire alarm in Larkspur ID sounds just like the alarms that went off towards the end of the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
307. The Secret Heart (1946)
  • Penny (Penelope)
  • Larry & Lee Adams
  • Steamboat, Kaye and Chase
  • Famous middle billboards play: Penny takes what Lee is given
  • "I was 11 years old..." matches with Pride of the Yankees #288.
  • Proximity of MAryhill and 14 years old
  • Brandon Reynold's and Miggens leaked black tyranny
306. The Passing Parade: ... (19xx)
  • Serial #22
  • 11 months investigation
  • 9 counts of counterfeiting-guilty"
305. The McConnell Story (1955)
  • We did this one in reverse!
  • Fitchburg, MA
  • Texas
  • Washington State (him)
  • Fitchburg (her)
  • Hondo TX (together)
  • Gordon
  • Boston to Dog Leader [Hoover gives permission to use echelon on my parents and grandmother to put me in school as Debra Lee, since the British used it to scare her out of it when I was born]. "DL" is my initials, stupid!
  • 125 missions
  • Apple Valley
  • If you see an explosion, it's NAACP saying No!
  • Godzilla tree
  • Roy Singer [bicycle]... #213
304. Super 8 (2011)
  • Get close to InKwon and black teeth will bite you!
303. Grey Gardens (1975)
  • Pro-94"
302. Hausu [Japanese] (1977)
  • Watermelons and Bananas discussed.
  • Says #286 is age defined here.
  • Starts out killing the 7 deadly sins, then changes course"
301. A Fever in the Blood (1961)
  • Interfering with my typing is sedition.
  • Police car #88125
300. Twilight of Honor (1963)
  • 2-19 in prison for murder [realized in 1995]
  • Phoenix, Louisville, Denver
2X9. They Came to Blow Up America (1943)
  • A287 Plate on Nazi vehicle
  • Devout wouldn't say that!
2X8. Task Force (1949)
  • "They got Gonzales."
  • "Cease fire! Cease fire! It's Bentley!"
  • Leaks FDR-Stimson did attack on Pearl Harbor as hatemail to Debbie as the 7th Fleet-USS Arizona (48th state).  
  • That's what Oprah and the Queen refers to as be Semper Fi to them"
  • A real experiment wouldn't repeat the 1928 formula! What kind of mistake was that?
  • You'd never catch Edison making a mistake like that!
  • It was doomed to fail the second time" So, technically, you lost that bet.
  • FDR demoralized himself with that one"
2X7. The Nun and the Sargeant (1962)
  • Thank you for always thinking of me.
  • WM is told by his leader to put his shirt back on because OF can scratch off his skin 100 yards away.
  • BM took his shirt off and said they woudln't do it to him. (Dr. Hall
  • [Realized WM refusal to do so in 1997]
2X6. Mitzi: A Tribute to the American Housewife (1974)
  • "A gardenia in her hair and I'll be there."
2X5. Easy to Love (1934)
  • Acme
  • Townsend
  • Swope, David W.
2X4. Golden Girl (1951)
  • Gibsonville, Port Wine
  • No Cents, Bloodville
  • Dallas in Fresno
  • Dry Bed, Hardwick
  • Fort Yucca (tree)
2X3. Anne of Green Gables (1934)
  • 14 years old at time of adoption
  • "I never do the same thing twice."
  • Anne is the patron saint of marriage.
2X2. Pineapple Express (2004)
  • Santa Claus [SC is someone's place of birth] kills our children as punishment for upsetting someone or as payment for something else.
  • Someone on Dearly Beloved is imitated here.
  • Wikipedia: Harlan F. Stone
2X1. I Remember Moma (1948)
  • "The greatest thing in the world is to have a little bit of God in you."
  • There is a message here: "All walk now: $337.18, $217.50 and $442.16" adds up to one ear.
290. Carousel (1958) and DOA (1950)
  • Bigelow [and Nypro plastic factory in MA, 1986 realized]
289. Mannequin (1987)
  • Pink panties left side and we don't believe in any thing else"
  • He will be arrested for that one"
288. Pride of the Yankees (1942)
  • Three would be on 3rd.
  • 22-1-19 came to pass in 2001.
287. The Cars That Ate Paris (1974)
  • Causing car accidents for profit
  • "IV" has moved into space.
  • Shell oil pumps say no husband and wife
  • Failure to obey, lose your equipment.
  • You won't be mourned for this!
286. The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963)
  • Telephone bananas means Orientals are marriage minded and tend to stick together.
  • Blacks are red like the inside of a watermelon and the booth type chair in the kitchen means their hellbent on revenge with the help of the British, more than getting on with life!
285. Father is a Bachelor (1950)
  • "...Dodge Stubborn. I'll help you" was said by William Holden to a boy chopping down a tree.
  • Read this one backwards: Schlosser's Picnic Grove"
  • [Grand Prairie's S] 27-Happened in 1996-Current and named Myo Kim.
  • Last born named Mae
  • Miss in ten counties. [Initials MA]
  • Prudence Millet
284. The Stratton Story (1949)
  • Debbie's not the imitation.
  • Wagner
  • Tactics of the low down dirty rotten skunks on the middle billboard - Continues in The Sacred Heart #285
283. Meet John Doe (1942)
  • Beany was played by Irving Bacon
  • The enemy will slander us if she tries to get up in 19 [Judges 5.12]
  • Kenneth Brice
  • "Miracle" seq 51 is 512
  • George Bush = Egypt/fist
  • Shell Oil moving left to right
  • Major Hogan
  • Lincoln on the left
  • "Cheap racket choked up by two employees"
  • "BS" on left means No S
  • The British are steering us away from Christian values and common sense into an imitation called communism!
282. My Reputation (1946)
  • Thompson ...Stella
  • Kimball
  • Jenna Abbott
281. The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (1952)
  • Two girls and a boy are the same sequence my parents gave birth
  • The 2nd born girl in my family looks like the girl child second oldest in the movie
  • Lucia, the eldest girl is Debbie's physical type and coloring
  • How did you do that?
280. Charlottes Web (2006)
  • Wilbur was the owner of Mr. Ed
  • Templeton was Mom's birth sign
  • Siobhan Fallon Hogan matches #271 and
  • Location of the ferris wheel, specifically
  • Arable & Zuckermen
279. The FBI Story (1959)
  • 6:15 pm, Gate 12, Flight 21
  • We ... posterity
  • 1919
  • "Hell on the ferris wheel"
  • Lilacs and gardenias
  • "NG" (Nazi Germany) Facists are stalking us
  • Hogan's Alley
  • King's Bridge
  • 14th Street
  • George Metzger (They kill each other to win)
278. UFO (1956)
  • Project Sign 5-29-50 (JFK'birthday)
  • Godman Tower
  • Goddard Space Station
  • Dolorus Chop - Mrs Albert [Matches Einstein Oppenhiemer girl in #276]
277. Time Out for Trouble (1961)
  • Milt Roberts (BM-Georgetown University 1989)
  • David Glidden (Paint/Pain cipher and first and last letters of my name)
  • At 11 o'clock, it talks. At 9 o'clock it stopped.
276. In the Heat of the Night (1967)
  • Warren Oats as Sam Wood
  • Lee Remick
  • $632 is the LEC of Gardner MA
  • Ralph killed Colbert after knocking up Qunetin Dean
  • Dolorus Purdy was her character's name
  • Dr. Pepper was choice soda of police chief
  • Are they psycho-analysing men here?
  • Colors of communist china behind abortionist
275. King of the Wild Stallions (1959)
  • Black tan black
  • Rack then chair
274. Tim (1979)
  • Letter A in Korean on wall in kitchen is a hate crime.
  • JMK 976 is PCO. See #278
  • Brown red blue cars sequencing 27
  • Horseshoe changes
  • "No rouge" says minister means no romance/sex violates mst marriage vows in America and is still none of your business.
  • See ivy both ways
  • "Fever of life is over" said in a cemetary, Oprah.
273. Road Games (1981)
  • Yellow Dean Australia
  • Madalyn Day Murray O'Hair
  • Craven
  • Warren Rushworth 27
  • German Shepherd wire tangled under truck
  • Head found is Balfour's games: Brainwashed
272. Intimidation of Life (1959)
  • "MAS" behind little Sara Jane [MA is Marian Anderson and S is what they did to In Kwon to obstruct marriages]
  • She doesn't like "Hawkins" COP KILLERS
  • Kohner contains a Korean word meaning "NO" and initials are South Korean.
  • BF 350 working as LVN: "I'm your penis, not him." was said on 5/2/14 and many times before.
  • Ko is also in the place of birth of Oprah Winfrey twice.
  • White leopard pattern dress on Annie getting sick matches clothing my mother wore after she was stuck with Hep C.
  • Colorado college chosen by Sandra Dee was on my birth certificate instead of California as my father's pob.
  • Greatest days comment by Annie on death bed were 1) Wedding Day and 2) Day of Death
  • Mentions milkman at "cold water flat" a British term for apartment.
  • Sara Jane's picture depicts two palms under her chin means no husbands.
  • 125 min length could be my dob or they saying they're 12's fist.
271. White Heat (1939)
  • Vic Pardo was Treasury Agent Fallon
  • White arrow points down matches arrow pointing up in #266
  • 1919
  • Palace Hotel will be matched later
  • Milbank Motel
  • Apples 10 cents is a crime
  • Strawberries 2 for 25 cents is a test for authenticity (Both passed)
  • 2700 inmates
  • 41692 (Only if UK not involved)
  • Cody Jarrod
  • Winston
  • Homeland Security proven a fraud.
  • Train seen before the criminals.
270. The Stolen Life (1947)
  • $150 for a ship in a bottle: something hard and long to do
  • Talbot was Lon Chaney's name in the werewolf movies: The Wolf Man
  • Lon = 50 and Chaney = 100
  • What of Wes Craven? - "Craven Cottage"
  • [Nightmare on Elm Street]
  • Luke 11.12: They closed the American Embassy early just to force this date on us.
  • That's what they're doing to Debbie.
  • Petty stalkers on her is hate crime Terminal 4" Stopping her from changing something on screen is terrorism" 1810 hrs 5/1/14
  • "Playing with the screen while she's online is a felony!"
269. The Young Lions (1958)
268. The Racket (1951)
  • Nearby plate of a murder 3T635
  • Tom McQwig, 7th pct.
  • 127 came out of an alleafter police captains house explosion
  • Director John Cromwell ]Palmer FDR
  • Delaware Bonding Co.
  • 17th St-Officer Johnson's house
  • Connally
  • Sullivan
  • "Why does the police and public keep kicking sand into the slow-moving Justice machine?"
267. Angel Face (1953)
  • Drove a tank in WWII
  • Diane
  • Simmons
  • Ito
  • BF nurse with "S" drawn into flash attachment says: "Can I take just one?"
  • 542341 Not guilty verdict, so idle rich kills again
266. Ryan's Daughter (1970)
  • M5512
  • One hour and 12 strong men
  • Pegleg
265. Verboten! (1958)
  • German for the word "Forbidden"
  • Whiskey $75, a bar of soap $3.
  • Nazi youths called "Werewolf" blows up middle smoke stack
  • 77 min. into this film is worth purchasing it!
264. A Modern Cinderella (1933)
  • Park Ave.
  • 15 minutes
  • Mrs. Chandler
  • All three together means no FBI.
263. North To Alaska (1960)
  • George Pratt
  • Sam McCoy
  • "Porter wanted"
  • Boggs is the casino porter
262. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (200x)
  • Hovering is mothering, not a democracy.
  • Thanks for no red cup in the yellow section.
261. Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964)
  • FMO message after child given ether
  • Said "piece" instead of saying "lock" makes it vulgar
  • 16 is 95 = Lincoln was protestant
  • Superintendent Walsh
  • Margaret Lacey attends senance
260. McLintock! (1963)
  • Dodge City
  • Devlin Warren
  • Palomino
  • Eleanor Roosevelt (ER) in the head is PCO
  • Threatened "in my middle" with a sawed OFF shotgun
  • Why does it say "Do not molest" where Keep out is better?
259. Hans Christian Anderson (1952)
  • Is his left thumb up at the end of the movie related to Heston's left finger at the end of Soylent Green?
  • "Thumbalina...when you heart is full of love, you're nine feet tall" is a coded msg.
  • Sitting here all these years waiting for someone to say something"
  • Ballerina raises tu-tu on left side to expose the green
258. Don't Get Angry (1953)
  • 11 minutes
  • 323=Colossians 3.23 Cipher S. Korean and former room #
  • Fascism
257. Mothman Prophecies (2002)
  • Gordon
  • Predictors are the engineers
  • Capability movie
  • Leaks earthquake capability
256. The Shootist (1976)
  • Queen Victoria is dead-1901
  • Cobb's creamery incident
  • Ron Howard's Tao
  • Creed County
  • 29 years doctoring
  • Scatman Caruthers
  • John Bernard Books
  • Shupe
  • Beckum Undertaking
  • Two branches pointing=No Tea/Boston Harbor, a cipher for Holy Bible"
  • Barber: Alfred Dennis
  • Asst. Editor: Jarrod Ludwig"
  • False spring pained him because it means Isaiah 5.20
255. Gunga Din (1939)
  • Din sounds like Dean
  • Tantrapur is 15 miles from New Delhi and now you have no excuse!
253. I Am An American (1944)
  • 21 Porter Street
  • Matches #19 in the other one
  • [Obstruction of your marriage is NAACP interferance]
252. The Green Berets (1968)
  • Beckwood, Beckworth is David Janssen
  • Who remembers Warning Shot?
  • Fear Not, Ludwig.
  • Dodge City
251. The Flying Leathernecks (1951)
  • Cactus Shoestring 5-12-1780 Charleston SC surrenders
  • Careless and A-Sappy
  • They engineer wars on us.
250. Blood Alley (1955 Baby)
  • Emmanuel Harsen
  • Red & White commie boat
  • What you need to look for: Madalyn Murray O'Hair ...
249. They Were Expendable (1945)
  • Likens Pearl Harbor to the Spanish Armada
  • Matches ? Sturmabteilungen or SA 1934 German Military
  • 4 boats General
  • MacArthur's acknowledges Debbie
  • Rusty Ryan #28
248. Back to Bataan (1945)
  • Tips the engineers of Pearl Harbor
  • 1769 San Diego
  • Young OM named Maximo matches 2000-Gladiator Maximus
  • They're a target like us because of their belief systems.
247. Operation Pacific (1951)
  • Director: Waggner
  • "Thunder" [AKC German Shepherd registered "Al's Robot"]
  • Aluminum
  • Marty Milner
246. Fort Apache (1943)
  • 110 miles to Fort Grant
  • Year of 1221 saw Ghengis Khan in power"Alexander the Great and Bonapart
245. The Searchers (1956)
  • Red & Green medal given to Debbie
  • Debbie stands in front of Wayne, like a SS agent, when bad news is discussed.
  • Martin Pauley maybe Linus Pauling who won two Nobel Peace Prizes.
  • John Wayne says "not yet" twice and matches 2000-The Gladiator last scene BM saying "not yet."
  • 1/4 Cherokee in the sack with an Indian girl is "grounds for divorce in Texas"
  • Brad suicide by Indians
244. Stagecoach (1939)
  • Dallas
  • Little girl born
  • Gangster misses a shot at a black cat 4' away
  • If he doesn't marry her in the Catholic Church, he can only be a puppet was in the next seen with Wayne walking"
243. The Fighting SeaBee's (1944)
  • Director: Edward Ludwig
  • Ambulance # 25316
242. Sagebrush Trail (1934)
  • Balfour is lust
  • Lone Star Productions
  • Wagner
  • 4m7RPjQxjmA
241. Quo Vadis (1951)
  • Good luck, George"
240. The Iron Curtain (1948)
  • 6-27-47
  • #47 John Grubb looked like Orson Wells ...
  • Ellen Tweety
  • Warren Blair
  • Will Hollis
  • 1130 hrs arrival
  • Dr. Norman
  • Mrs. Foster
  • Mounted Police
  • "Don't ask me why the church is on top..."
  • Repeats motive in #230.
239. Laura (1944)
  • Cruel is a fist.
238. Frontier Horizon (1939)
  • Steven Braddock
  • Stoney
  • Abbott Construction Co.
  • Gilbert
  • Dodge
237. Somewhere in Sonora (1933)
  • Skeeter
  • Gallon of gasoline 14 cents
  • Monty Black-Monty Python's?
236. The Front (1976)
  • Florence wears yellow and white pajamas.
235. Ninotchka (1939)
  • Hotel Clarence
  • 14 pieces
  • A Nazi passes for a Soviet comrade
  • 7 cows = 14 francs
  • It takes 3 hours to walk up the Eifel Tower.
  • Raw beets and carrots
  • Title and length of movie = No Harlem hare
234. Four Daughters (1938)
  • 7 minutes to get work
  • Mr. Deets
  • "No talent" spoken on visual means no husband
  • Irish Setter
233. Grand Hotel (1932)
  • Setting Berlin
  • Dr. Zimmerman
  • Break this one: "5 o'clock tomorrow in the funny yellow room"
  • My mother was 8 years old.
  • #166 was Mr. Pricing's room.
  • 14K marks [Compare with 14K francs in Ninotchka (1939)]
  • Diptheria 1920 is part of the answer.
  • He was arrested at 0625 hrs.
  • IA10979 is a taxi number and what else fits?
  • [King Charles II reigned in 1625 and the Korean War was triggered on 6-25-50]. This is the answer to the easy one.
  • Do you know why Queen Elizabeth II named her son Charles II instead of Charles III?
232. Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)
  • William Muspratt - 24 lashes is "two dozen"
  • Thomas Ellis - 24 lashes is "two dozen"
  • Is that Pier 48?
231. Spendor in the Grass (1961)
  • William Wood made a mistake obstructing "IT"
  • How the actress died happened to both of my grandfathers.
  • Warren Beatty is a cipher for a leaker.
230. Kitty Foyle (1940)
  • Pier 48
229. Citizen Kane (1941)
  • "Rosebud" is that happy place he had as a child. Due to the depression, his parents sold him into slavery. His quest to find true happiness and security was never realized after that no matter how much money and power he obtained.
  • Have you sold your happy place?
228. Reunion in France (1942)
  • "Pinkum" is the name of British Intelligence
  • [This name is played in the streets by subversives and us: Pinkerton's Detective Agency was the beginning of a federal response to crime investigations and later became known as the FBI, even though the other is still among us"].
227. Rear Window (1954)
  • Raymond Burr (a cipher for coldness is always British oppression)
  • [Real cold for those who disobey]
  • LBJ and MacNamara are leaked.
226. Race to Witch Moumntain (2009)
  • Dr. Harlan [Fisk, Starnes and Stone] says memories can be erased. Leaks NC #5.
  • This name comes up inAVODAT ELOHIM.
225. Valley of Gwanji (1969)
  • Tongue stuck out as church burned down
  • [Remember what you see. It usu. doesn't change].
224. Pandorum (2009)
  • KRESCA done in FRESCA with hype and lies just like in the movie.
  • [Fresca was my mother's favorite soda].
223. Unrtamed Youth (1957)
  • Judge Steele
  • Penny Lowe
222. Men of Boys Town (1941)
  • Marysport Reform School bus #29
  • A taxi to this building #180
221. Espionage Agent (1939)
  • Dawson from the UK=Dodge
  • Caldwell from France=Lee
  • Warrington from Switzerland=Warren
220. Titanic (1997)
  • Blue Diamond is 56 carats [Byong Dong is British]
  • "So serious" makes a Shirley Temple face [another like #113]
219. The Bad Seed (1956)
  • Tidewater-Penmark
  • Differance of 27
  • Claudia-Claude
  • Oprah Winfrey: "Another 6 months of my torment" Fire alarm goes off at 1845 hours and stops at 1913.
218. Shaft (1971)
  • SKLOOT Insurance (doesn't match #175)
  • Red 7 get pay
  • Third police car on the corner
217. National Velvet (1944)
  • Wild as a hare
  • Velvet Brown
  • Third 746
  • Family dog is named Jacob
216. Roller Coaster (1977)
  • Bomber is type of George Sr.'s son
  • Watch BF colors
  • Tiger is in the 2nd place [#209]
  • Helen Hunt is 14 years old
215. Murder By Number (1976)
  • 117 [means no 7 which is no Judges 5.12] matches 1938-Merrily We Live
  • Irving Goldman
214. The Snake Pit (1948)
  • May 7th and 12th marital
  • October 9th, 11th, 14th and 15th shock treatments
  • [October 14 is Eisenhower's birthday [Torn Curtain]
  • Robert Cunningham - husband
  • Psychiatrist: Mark Kick [MKULTRA]
  • "It all ends when there are more sick ones than well ones..."
213. The Hindenburg (1975)
  • 0126-1924
  • LZ 129
  • Winthrop from Cape Cod [1983-Trading Places]
  • 4100 miles, 9 min. late [Lexington-Concord, Columbine]
  • Bette Davis [Byong Dong] ...Simpson OJ ....Halle...BF Farley
  • 7:12 pm
  • 7:25 bomb explodes on board
  • 13 passengers dead
212. Don't Go Near the Water (1957)
  • 1250 feet
  • Appleton NE
  • Debbie Aldridge
  • Merrill Lynch-Pierce-Spinner & Beam
  • [Another First Lady Reference] 
211. 20 Mule Team (1940)
  • Stag Roper [Name of John Saxon [Colby/House of Tudor] co-star in Enter the Dragon #]
  • Josie Johnson
  • Jean
210. Men of the Fighting Lady (1954)
  • Nine planes left the carrier, but only eight were shown on camera
  • Dodson killed leaving a wife and three boys behind. The third one was "Beaver"
  • 3 empty binders were placed in his gear box
  • Hit Won-San Railroad 27 times
  • Van Johnson #219 went back to guide blind pilot in #210 back to the carrier
  • Berkeley 70712.
209. A Man Called Adam (1966)
  • Adam Johnson
  • Read window to wall left to right: OX-Head of a tiger-POW! poster
  • No white
  • LYS [Similar to opening scene in #202]
  • $1250 each week
  • Claudia [The Allen's maid] refused to marry him.
  • Took his manhood away twice
  • Two glasses - no husbands
  • "Cool and proud" sung as he laid dead.
208. The Hasty Heart (1950)
  • Movie # 13890
207. Reap the Wild Wind (1942)
  • Deborah Company
  • $15-12.00 per pirate
  • 125 down ten
  • Salt Peter-Oscar Werner
206. Mister Gardenia Jones (1942)
  • President Reagan as Dean
  • Hoover as Gar
  • IA= In Amen [First and last HB]
  • Gardenia plant in a vase placed on a pedestal in the middle of a big window.
  • Stairs in the middle between two such plants on both sides grew in front of a big window was my front yard. [1954]
  • In the back, lilacs
  • Pronunciation is in #255
  • Texas Dept of Public Safety sent me hatemail in a missing persons poster on 5/23/14: Maria Cardeneas
205. The Prize (1963)
  • "I haven't sold enough books to stick in your left eye."
  • Ingirlee Anderson
  • Nose/Short order cooking
204. The Trials of Cate McCall (2000)
  • Guardtower in prison is #7
  • Lacey
203. 55 Days in Peking (1963)
  • British Dance Party: Break this code -
  • 1. Two-step; 2. Waltz
  • Sequence of marching to music armies at end of 55 days: Turks, Scots, Americans, British, Italians, Russians....
202. Skyjacked (1972)
  • "SY" can be seen on a plane in the first scene. It means Scotland Yard.
  • Black globe necklace on Susan Dey.
  • BF stewardess didn't see the mirror, but claimed a WF was wearing the same color lipstick.
  • Mrs. Stevens is in labor. [20 years earlier my mother went into labor in Stevens Park]
  • Brolin's attitutde was Oswald's 9 years ago"
  • Four Soviet jets on tail of civilian aircraft
  • Highjacker in military uniform: 8 years, 7 months, 22 days
  • They called him Jerome
  • Highjacker pushes Heston's eyes in (cockpit scene) and he looks like Arnold in Total Recall when it got too hot outside on Mars.
  • Air Force 2 is waiting for the Senator in Minneapolis [Area code 612].
201. The Agony and the Ectasy (1965)
  • Michelangelo died in 1564 at age 89.
  • He claimed his origin was in Florence
  • [Florence was from Pennsylvania].
200. Angels in the Outfield (1951)
  • Grand Prairie reversed three times
  • Ignatius Turnball
  • Flag is this castle's parallel
  • The little girl's real name was Donna.
  • Inning, base and grade
  • Psychiatrist: Dr. Blaine
  • Apt. 316- Guffy McGovern
  • Donna was the Kangaroo (Mission to Moscow #57)  
  • Now do you know who the rabbit is?
  • Guffy's girlfriend ran off with a short-stop! [Boo!]
199. With Six, You Get Eggroll (1968)
  • Balfour's are marital sex for sex and the queens aren't (29 cents)
  • Herbie Flick [Right! The Love Bug]
  • LAPD officer: "Route 6 is just one big Frickasee."
  • Abby McClure, 14 hours a day, but her real name is Doris Day!
  • Adolf's left mustache with dialogue.
  • Tiger, off, haberdashery
  • Bottom half of Kieth and Day shown on the porch near a shaggy dog while it rains
  • Children in bed with their parents is to discourage romance - a third violation.
  • Watch for another hand signal in the camper during a fight.
198. Send Me No Flowers (1964)
  • Tea, Burr, Ford
  • Three-layered yellow and brown cake with white icing is fortune telling behind Hudson
  • Title seems to have something in it too.
  • Judy Kimble
197. Petrified Forest (1936)
  • Duke Mantee's OK-3T808 [MD]
  • Winston: "You have to put up with my cruel until you obey. Jesus is dead."
196. The Disorderly Orderly (1964)
  • Littlefield
  • Nurse Higgins [WMD] and a match #16
  • Loving
195. Raintree County (1957)
  • He was a "poor, pitiful, harmless creature" and you spoiled it for him and I with sick, mean racism! Nine O'Clock Do you ever think about that? It's my happiness you messed with, Jerk! It's my body taking the hit.
  • Having a hard time with the left glove and the Belle of the Ball.
  • "11-16-64 First crack in the war" is Eleanor going with Random Harvest in FIST, two days after Anderson was born.
  • And the "tree" that Condi Rice says belongs to her in on Boast where we met in South Korea.
  • THAT'S MY STUFF TROUBLEMAKER. GOD GAVE IT TO ME! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR DUMB HEADS! That was my project" How dare you give racist TRAMPs my family for destruction????
194. Sign of the Ram (1948)
  • Lea [Lead is the 12th word in Judges 5.12. Thus Oak Lea means no marriages].
  • Logan [an airport in Boston] is Marian Anderson
193. I Dood It (1943)
  • Evidence of black females stalking Debbie's parents
  • Hazel Scott and Lena Horne [Lea]
  • Two diamond bracelets on left wrist of piano player
  • Mom was 19 years old when this movie was made
  • "Jericho" was sung [Seung Cho]
  • "The bomb looks like a bunny" was said.
  • [Matches with Ultra events using the names of females in my family: Brown (NY), Ortiz (NM), McDonough (NY) and Biggs (PA)] In reality, these names confronted death in the states of CA, CA, GA and TX].
  • White rabbit (stuffed) is held in the left hand of movie's star
192. Moby Dick (1956)
  • 18 months, 12 years old
  • Isaiah Gardner
191. Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)
  • Gertrude the duck
190. Duel in the Sun (1947)
  • Dialogue: "Just one. Remember just one."
  • "NNIS" on a window between these persons.
  • Palomino...
189. Raffles (1939)
  • 1919
  • "Deer Stalking"
188. MacArthur (1977)
  • PA-22-6
  • "Half war" is an evil compromise"
187. A Hatful of Rain (1956)
  • Apartment 38
  • $125
186. Men of Chance (1932)
  • Horse #8 "Lucy"
185. Room For One More (1952)
  • 38060
  • White rabbit on the roof weighed 42 cents a pound
  • Donald Sherwood (if no forest) 2nd class Eagle Scout
184. Red River (1948)
  • DSM
  • $21. a head
183. The Palm Beach Story (1942)
  • Big House is in Yonkers
  • 26 foot boat to China
182. The Royal Bed (1931)
  • Never show emotions, esp. on the day of your wedding.
181. The Lost Squadron (1932)
  • Red Kent Skippy
  • Tips off WW II in the making
180. Heaven Knows Mr. Allison (1957)
  • Chapel shaped like hut in Cool Hand Luke #15
  • Rope, wire and pole in left arm
  • Turtle shaped like stone one in Korea
  • Three bandaids on left arm
  • Crucifix in left arm crux
  • Have to stop balfour's 105 guns from killing Marines.
  • In Masonry, all fours are Balfour's
179. A Man Apart (2003)
  • Lea
178. Dante's Inferno (1935)
  • "12-5" on a wheel
  • Dean commits suicide
  • August 12th
  • Mr. McWade
177. Butterflies Are Free (1972)
  • Jill
  • 22 Car near a bed
  • Mooney
  • Ray Stratton [Vickie and Kenneth]
  • Sightless superman
  • Sebastian & Irving [matches with 1965-Die! Die! My Darling and The Guns of San Sebastian]
176. Dangerous Mission (1954)
  • Trains $7K
  • The Jukebox
  • Two slow songs
  • 500 Yards to Dutch Creek
175. The Sum of All Fears (2003)
  • OOOKL on a crate
  • NAACP Extortion aka "No Love"
  • "Butterfly's wings can unleash a hurricane."
  • "294" on a jet
174. Black Hand (1950)
  • 6 or 12 [Bush Sr. dob]
  • Daugherty St. [Dougherty Pharmacy]
  • SF shadow on a wall on a small picture
  • Explosions are now theater or 89
  • Rudy [Uncle Rudy in CO and the other from Sweden]
173. Cynthia (1947)
  • Piano player Rosenkrantz [match in 1957-Around the World in 80 Days #173]
  • Stella Regan had an apple in her desk
  • Goebel's Joy Boys [match in 1965-The Loved One]
172. For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943)
  • In stone: 9..14...53...73
  • Too much fight in them is a stalking charge"
171. A Southern Yankee (1948)
  • Aubrey Fillmore
  • Lawford
  • Balfour
  • Hawkins
  • Who's playing this list?
170. The Seven-Ups (1973)
  • LET Schneider [Tell the police if you ever get a chance]
  • Clown up - Milwaukee
  • 972
  • White Power (57)
  • Ronny
  • Irving Big Man
  • Bad cop - KENT [match-1932 The Lost Squadron #181]
  • Car wash and wax $1.25
  • There is a repeat in #2.
169. Gambit (1966)
  • MacClaine-Caine
  • [Marian Anderson is no L].
  • Thanks Shirley.
168. The Rising of the Moon (1957)
  • Checkpoint #26" "The coldest, darkest, dampest place."
  • My mother was injected with HepC on Jan 26th, the day after my birth. That's the year of the birth of Queen Elizabeth II. Please try to remember that number.
  • This one is a key player. You shouldn't forget.
  • Bush Sr. is 24.
167. Across the Pacific (1942)
  • T.Oki #3
  • Pier 16, 12 midnight
  • ON ...UN...shot dead w/o due process
  • #7 twice Jujitsu
  • 3 white lamps, room 21
  • Morton's Bountiful
  • $1241 in Smith's account
  • Outlawing posterity's objective is treason.
  • Why did you open my family to communism?
166. The Guns of San Sebastian (1968)
  • Who heard: "Just once?"
165. That Hagan Girl (1947)
  • TV sabotaged by Oprah during this one.
  • No real is Bate Motel
  • Hammond's life was ruined since birth
  • Rory Calhoun is the illegitimate child of ...
  • When JFK was killed there was Ramsey Clark and a president said: "Rory Calhoun killed him" obviously referring to this motion picture.
164. The Bachelor & The Bobby-Soxer (1947)
  • "Look up Smedley when you're in Africa."
163. Five Man Army (1970)
  • "Big fat juicy train"
  • At the end of the movie a child dressed in royal blue kicked a bottle that looked like a chianti bottle into the air that was in one of the hero's hands.
162. Dust Be My Destiny (1939)
  • Smallville (later used in Superman movies)
  • $1.25 price for food for two at Nick's
  • Where has that been heard before?
161. The Last Voyage (1954)
  • Tokyo-Sacramento, re: Titanic
  • 12-6 Greene on chalkboard (reading in reverse)
  • Little girl grins and holds her stomach
  • 12" higher could have saved all lives aboard this ship
  • Dorothy was a trap.
160. Ghostbusters II (1989)
  • During a half price commercial, a mug and balloons for kiddies offered.
  • Winston was the name of the paintings caretaker.
  • Vaginal torture was pre-meditated.
159. Torpedo Run (1958)
  • Dean Jones - Foley
  • [Remember that name in Beverly Hills Cop]
  • Barney Doyle [Byong Dong] broke his left arm on "225 left rudder" command
  • Very cold Brighton (England) in August.
  • Prophetic, aren't they?
158. Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde (1932)
  • "I can read your thoughts."
  • Literally, now NORTH CAROLINA #5.
  • Two daisies atop of a piano when Ivy Pearson, the tramp, arrives
  • [2 Day Sees means don't see the Secret Service messing with your stuff]
  • sang of daisy too. Somewhere on this page, too.
  • Two pictures on the wall, 3 bars in the staircase: Legal way or it's subversion. Notice the pictures.
  • It's not me. I didn't make this coincidence!
157. The Battle of Gettysburg (1958)
  • Hare Ridge
  • 138 Union guns
  • 271 words in the Gettysburg Address.
156. A Night at the Movies (1937)
  • "Milkman" in title of 2nd movie in this parade.
155. Anthony Adverse (1936)
  • 221 slaves
  • French spy, 1-17-773
  • Florence Dudley
  • What nationality are rabbits?
  • Leghorn-Cleghorn, MA?
154. The Spy Who Came in From the Cold (1965)
  • Lyton's Tea behind Burton calling himself "Irish" and striking a clerk twice
  • "Twait" 18 days... [Luke 13.4?]
  • Alec Leamus missing in England [Oak Lea]
  • "77" in the middle of a plate
  • Right side of Burton facing a communist tribunal, one in the middle of four trophy heads on the wall
  • NATO first seen word OTAN second time shown
  • Satellites Four
  • IS 12-77 escape vehicle plate
153. Cowboys & Aliens (2011)
  • Mueller didn't think this was so hot either.
  • At end of movie, imitation of 1986 Space Shuttle explosion, then the kidnapped were released.
  • Same thing happened to me in 1986 and that was published!
152. The Great Lie (1941)
  • "I got lilac (perfume). I couldn't get gardenia" for a pregnant woman.
151. Emma (1932)
  • Will you stop this, please.
  • 1911
  • 1931 "Ronnie is 20 years old
  • Thatcher, a maiden name
  • Moved to NJ and asked them to call their last born - Ronnie.
150. In the Line of Duty (1942)
  • Plane #125389
  • Grand Old Field-500
  • Shorty was named Whellis
  • Johnson Island was a rallying point in a fight against Japan
  • [Hoover said no using the government to beat up whites to raise blacks]
  • 18 Japs on 1 bomber [Luke 13.4 - OF first]
  • Ranch hand in Texas
  • Randolph Field
149. Around the World in 80 Days (1956)
  • Rickshaw & Ostrich carts
  • Mandalay-Perris
  • Merrifield-Produce Exchange
  • White spring-type figure-spirochete
  • Frank Sinatra as the piano player
148. Thousands Cheer (1943)*
  • If you run into FMO, it's the petty white female first in your business.
  • We see this image again in Grand Prix #3.
147. Ruggles from Red Gap (1935)
  • No art galleries means lie, and pretend you were there by reading a book on the subject!
  • That's what Oprah calls, "Let's do Church."
146. Bonnie & Clyde (1967)
  • This one will get me in trouble with the police if leaked.
145. 2012 (2009)  This card has been stolen.
  • India is a cipher and it means he didn't make it.
  • Aircraft carrier JFK went aground at Washington Monument where the president was. It came in sideways. That's where Marion Barry appeared in 1939.
  • The Vice President's plane went down near Pittsburgh.
  • Yellow Stone is "ugly hear."
  • Cement increasing and two pilots won't make it!
  • 29K is face of Mother England ]Everest
  • "No weight (real) he's injured" - We can use him against her as 89 for EEOC cause he likes sex, too.
  • He took his daughter with him to look for Woody.
  • The second tower leaning is causing all these problems.
  • No wife leads men into Seung Cho mindsets.
  • 2014: That's for taking the dots out and messing with this page!
144. Stalag 17 (1953)
  • Joey plays the flute.
143.  The Lost Weekend (1945)
  • "How 'bout those lilacs in Ohio?"
142. 12 Angry Men (1957)
  • "10 minutes after 12" was said more than once.
141.I n Cold Blood (1967)
  • contains hatemail to the Vatican from Great Britain. Richard Eugene Hickock and Perry Edward Smith spells a cold-hearted sorehead virus that retaliates to control our wealth and create fears of doubt in our people.
  • Catholic Bible Luke 13.7 contains the word "clutter", but the Protestant one says "cumbereth".
  • In Judges 5.12, "utter" is the 6th word.
  • This is a UK message in body bags. Do you know what it means"
140. The Omen (2006)
  • They couldn't break the Certain code, so I will here. Apply the 3 empty stools as the guide for the first three letters and begin.
  • 110 square miles, highest mountain (Her Majesty in Harlem), a city in the Ukraine (KRs and CR) and iron mountain (Imperialism) in Mexico.
  • Did you catch "Harpo" on the wall? Go to Congressional for the materials we use to de-code messages. *
139. Three Came Home (1950)
  • 5/12/42
  • Tall Palm Tree: Where married couples meet
  • 1010 hrs, 3/25/45 our planes over Japanese POW camp
  • 8/18/45 Leaflets dropped from planes about surrender
  • 9/11/45 Liberation from Japan
Ephesians 2.2. is the
138.  Fingers at the Windows (1942)
  • leads us into the first one in Gems and many in Oklahoma. And then they make it on the Dearly Belovedpage. Some people liken The Happening (2008) to this "wind" also.
137. Tarantula (1955)
  • so scared me as a child that I kept looking out the bedroom window to see if it was coming from downtown Dallas" 1) 6th injection, 22 day old arachnid was acromegalia/NAACP to this day poisoning him; 2) Desert Rock County is that one first; 3) BE Russell Funeral Parlor cannot be leaked at this time, but the doctor did it; 4) Girl's name is Steve, our emblem; 5) Dynamite helps, but it was and ever shall be napalm that does them in; 6) The book moving on the table is unstable and is a cipher for him; 7) Puma County is Camp Carroll US Army Depot ...and yeah, she did escalate this. What is another word for this animal?
  • Pierson sabotaging this page is Obstruction. 27
  • "Play is communism."
136. The Picture of Dorian Gray (1942)
  • is where "yellow bird" is first mentioned. This is about a man that makes a wish to stay young and handsome forever even though he does some really bad things during his life. A painting he had made of himself takes the hit for all his ugliness and gets very abused and is left to suffer for his crimes, which includes murder. That is a frightening thing to look upon a once beautiful thing now abused and hideous.
  • A cook named Daisy said to FDR on the day he died (4-12-45) she wanted to come back to life as a "canary"
135. Odds Against Tomorrow (1959)
  • is awesome when it comes to listing doubles, and means no to the things shown as doubles. This movie details a robbery in Milton, 100 miles north on the Hudson, which is probably not Milton, MA was Bush Sr. was born. The movie ends after the Thursday night robbery is botched  by a police officer and they both die in a firey explosion atop a tower like James Cagney did in White Heat (1932).
  • So you say it read "Melton". All that means is Milton and Mother England are playing against the United States in an effort to control our economies through theft and games.
134. Bullitt (1968)
  • is a message from the greatest generation to the queens and vice versa. The Dodge Charger is Enco and the Mustang-Phillips 66. Since Reagan became governor in 1966, McQueen is a good guy!
  • 226 Barker Darrow Road for 40 hours meant no shenanigans with Byong Dong or it'll be Bullitt Frank on that satellite stalking us" 
  • SC is a cipher for Oprah Winfrey's place of birth" 
  • Everyone hanging around Elevator 24 is a cipher for Bush Sr. from his date of birth which means no sex in marriage or death for lusting!
  • Did you catch what Steve McQueen did with his left palm behind the steering wheel? If he stays loyal, fascists will not be able to win.
  • What Korean letter was near the ditch when the Mustang came to a complete stop? Someone is being called a bitch. Since two wheels are in the ditch, that someone is probably Queen Elzabeth. 
  • What color was the 7 during the autopsy? This color is it's mission.
  • Whose birthday is 204? Dan Quayle's.  See below
  • Flight 124 from San Francisco to London is another dead giveaway about the death of my mother. Read Aty Gen for dates on my family.
  • Why does the first time you see AVIS missing the letter A and the second time it's there? Did something occur between these two? Yes, the missing link is a black female giving us an ultimatum. Since blacks weren't almighty godless back then, it's safe to assume this is the queen again. It means a BF better be put in thwe White House before a WF or else!
  • Why is S&H Green Stamps have a sign in an airport? I don't think it's a Coca-Cola thing!
  • I could do without this one here, but it explains the headless white statue and yellow convertible in the circle drive near the May 11th sign. 
  • Notice the room number 634 and cab number 6312. Yes, there is meaning and it's cryptic. These dates 1954, 1950, 1940, 1932 and 1926. One is related to The Picture of Dorian Gray above and yellow bird, a match with the Lindbergh's baby son's birthday 1950.. Study Hall is where you go to look up dates.  For instance 6312 isn't Romney, but one of his pals, 1-29-54. Remember HARPO from the Omen? Well, that one" If the yellow bird which in this movie is a yellow convertible helps atheists breed communism, racists will prevail against his wife. It was his party that knocked my teeth out to get along, which is like the Dorian Gray movie. 204 is 1947 but isn't part of this group of numbers we're discussing! You will be told what this means soon.*
  • Sailor-Girl is hatemail.
  • 711 = No husband so 204/Stalin can be vice president. "7-Eleven took place in 1997 in Irving.
  • Contains FMO messages
133. Roughly Speaking (1942)
  • All these dates come to pass for me: 12/21 in 1975, 5/21 in 1954, 11/22 in 1963 and 5/12 in 1994. The $125,000 for roses in 1952 and New Rochelle... The producer's name was Irving Starr, my husband's initials"
132. In Dead Heat on a Merry-go-Round (1966)
  • 1) "Little yellow bird" matches The Picture of Dorian Gray #136 and 2) "Ry" on Coburn's shoulder matches McQueen's shoulder with the same letters while sitting atop a horse in the Magnificent 7 (1960). 3) Hutchins and Barber are names associated with a funeral home in Dead Heat which is similar to the message in Tarantula #137 discussed earlier. Every time the yellow bird (Oriental male hubby) yields to communism, the fascists will torture me. I became Dorian's picture like in the movie! Another words, my face and body will take the hit for his coached into ugliness ways. This is hatred towards the spread of Christianity. Rye, NY is also the place where Barbara and George Bush were married on 1-6-45.
131. Lord of the Flies (1963)
  • Here's one for you: II U I is in Bullitt #134 which is Reagan responding to the royals of England who in 1963 sent us I II J in this film.
  • This book was published in 1954 under the author "Golding."
  • The chanting: "Kill the pig! Slash her throat! Bash her in!" reversed means no South Korea and may be suggesting a weapon that can rape women"
  • The child says "MOrris" rather than Maurice as the subtitles indicate.
130. Ocean's Eleven (1960)
  • In this version, starring Frank Sinatra, the sheriff sends several patrol cars to the Flamingo Casino. One of them is #622
128. Cocoon (1985)
  • "Do it Debbie's way" isn't baseball-sized hail!
127. The Devil's Principle (1959)
  • Thank you, Mr. Douglas, for Dudgen.
126. Gone with the Wind (1939)
  • Irish born Gerald O'Hara, Scarlett's pappy died from a fall on 11-14. This date in the movies is an omen. We see it again in Random Harvest (1942) where a couple becomes separated on 11-14-20 and it almost cost them their marriage. It's interesting to note their names.
  • RH is below.
125. 3 Rue Madeliene
  • 7-12-44 ONI
124. Raiders of the Stars (1954)
  • Can you break this code? "Back Scattering of Gamma Rays in Windows Encounters"
  • Here's an example: "Man's desires are his prayers." PHADM Night lives in the past"
  • Look for all movies using the word "Encounters" for another clue.
  • Another example of inclusionary is found in 1956's The Bad Seed #219 matching the name "Ingo Danker" with Howard Dinker/Decker/Danker in 1953's Magnetic Monster. Here again clues can be found regarding what we, as posterity, were suppose to find.
  • The vowels changing is another clue we won't discuss now"
123. Sullivan's Travels (1941)
  • $1.10 fine - Driving without a licence
122. Seven Days in May (1964)
  • This is for talking about the "tickle" again.  leaked that you will find the 7th book, 5th chapter standing opposed to the vicious fury of Ramsey Clark in Grand Prairie after removing 12 from the scene. Capabilties are illustrated. Burt Lancaster is a cipher for Bruce Lee or disappearance of the 12th verse, 8th word"
  • If you had stayed "awake" you would've remembered this is how they talk to me and found the answer in PEARL HARBOR!
  • She's sabotaging me again by taking the titles and dates out again -79. Now, that's vicious. Hate crime goofy Romney-Rice ticket" 73 Condi Rice echelon FBI-Dallas" The U.S. Marshal has a satellite on Debbie, too.
  • 0-11 is #130.
121. Red Dragon (2002)
  • This one starts out talking about a cousin of mine and a great, great, great-grandmother of ours. I think the most interesting leak is Hannibal's inmate number. It contains the birthdate of Oprah Winfrey.
  • Notice how the number 666 is spoken of not to far ahead of the number 622 (the number we saw in Ocean's Eleven.
  • In classic cinema, tooth fairy meant FT or what the black community calls foot, terrorism as a solution to their problems"
  • Tiger with a sore tooth cannot be leaked now"
  • Birmingham Atlanta stands for BA another way of referring to Oprah Winfrey" Alabama is the state Condi Rice was born in. It might even be that city. I haven't looked it up" Georgia could be a cipher for Bush Sr. also, but altogether it spells Mongoose.
120. Hellboy (2004)
  • FDR advisor 10-9-44 Scotland Where did the name Dodge come from? He died the day he converted to Catholicism to marry your Mom: 7-25-22 through 10-9-94.
  • Palmer = Attorney Generals. Any one of their names in a movie stands for this.
  • And don't try to shut me up with terrorism again!
  • Every time I try to do something, they terrorize the heck of me.
119. The Honeymoon Machine (1961)
  • Did you hear 4-19-21? And so begins Lexington MA vs the British" You know, the day after Paul Revere made that famous ride?
  • This is a familiar reminder in the movies because the British and their cronies, like Bush, are still trying to take that from us""
118. Lemon Drop Kid (1951)
  • Horse #7: Iron Bar" "Wins easily"
  • Horse #8: Lightening Strike (Lucky Strike was Hellboy's brand. Then he changed to Winstons. Nevertheless, they're still trying to kill us with that lightening)"
  • Danon Runyon Track in Florida [Luke 4.18] See Terminator 2 below
  • Oxford Charlie 14 AAA
  • Houlihan's Bar
  • Gangster's plate 76-14-68
  • "OP ONE" on window. Nose close to windowpane [Openheimer's dream of winning through sabotage and espionage" Roosters (are not Cogburn's)]
  • Mrs. Herbert Beasley
  • Cow  is called "Crosby"
117. Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)
  • Did you not hear Helen Gandy when he spoke about his friend Nick in Los Angeles? Hear the name make the match"
  • What about the small letter "s" behind Ernest Borgnine leaning forward?
  • See things in sequence and you'll know what to expect"
  • The name "Komoko" who was burned and shot out of his home was a dead giveaway on the one from Koscuisko, Mississippi who would do Debbie's spouse the same way out of her life!.
  • There are many White Houses out here that do not endorse gun control and we all have a fever for Debbie"
116. Ocean's Eleven (2001)
  • VLT-N-419 is a screen on a monitor in the office of security identifying the casino's wealth.
  • Isn't that what we're all fighting over since 1776? Just a reminder.
115. Love in the Afternoon (1957)
  • Illicit love in Room # 14 of the Ritz Hotel in France where Adolf Hitler's stayed and theCIA was started.
  • Other residents on hand were: #16-Bad dog Yorkie named Adolf; #15-Bullfighter; #19-Your Dutch alcoholic; #1-Russian Riding Instructor and #12- the Banker.
  • The two smoking towers behind Hepburn during her help up matches somewhat the twin towers behind the female imitation of Rice in Daylight (1996).
  • Gary Cooper and Maurice Chevalier star with Hepburn. (Correct! They may try to coup America if we let Rice up).
  • If you know when to look, you're stalking her! She found out about you using espionage. Without warrants, you're just as bad as her" If she found something in the trash that's one thing, but to check out someone's financial situation illegally so they can get to those sources, is another. "Finding out" about Debbie is illegal.
  • All illegal tips will be investigated as subversive"
  • On screen with Debbie is a felony, because you do not have a warrant"
  • See Godzilla #60 below for more information regarding Daylight.
114. Speedway (1968)
  • 723 is behind Nancy Sinatra and Elvis singing. In 1969, on that date my Uncle Bud was dead. I stayed home and heard all about it. I was with him on Barstow the day before talking him out of working in the Texas heat.
  • 722 was my parent's anniversary. You'll notice things like this if it happens a lot.
113. Boys Town (1938)
  • "We'll be in a real bad hurt, Honey, if you don't get born in 1940."
  • 19th and Dodge
  • "He sent those messages to you, .... ."
  • Pee Wee's first appearance has him imitating Shirley Temple.
112. Limelight (1952)
  • "Star" on the piano was the reason the Titanic was sunk: Dunfermline
  • The rest of us saw Chamberlain, Parliment/Balfour and the Royals fighting over the blame for Hitler.
  • "My mother lied to keep this a secret and [Hoover] leaked to the world."
111. Point Blank (1967)
  • Debbie can out shoot us with this messaging system.
  • Lee Marvin's elbow in the middle of two words means the physicality in marriage is still none of the Queen's business!
108. The Man with the Golden Arm (1955)
  • Gurline 25 cents and wisky 25 cents
  • 712 address in the movie
  • Leaks Goldfinger
107. The Sadist (1963)
  • Guy with loosened tie is the letter Y
  • Behind two sadists, the letter V upside down - the pyramid
  • Dodgers vs Red Lakes
  • Old plate nailed to barn wall - 6722
  • UAY partial plate near sadist on white female survivor
  • Stolen car plate on police radio - MN4693 is a motto and a date
  • "Cruel times are coming, Kiddo."
  • Yes, UA mean Unamerican Activities
  • No forcing men to masturbate in order to get along with Oprah Winfrey's satellites"
106. Days of Wine & Roses (1962)
  • Debbie Lee Lemon
105. Mrs. Parkington (1944)
  • This one is scarey because of a name and year of the movie.
  • Dallas Swan, Leaping Rock, NV
  • Norman Vance and C.G. Smith
  • Ned Talbot South Bend, IN [Larry Talbot]
  • Above last name used in the Werewolf movies starring Lon Chaney, Jr. is what MKULTRA does to our husbands and it's called "spousal abuse syndrome."
  • The name "Parkington Lane" as a place to be found on the back of the Declaration of Independence was played in National Treasure 2004. [BAM! removed the name of this movie"]
104. Ice Station Zebra (1968)
  • Slab of ice near bomb groovy maple leaf is a leak.
103. Convicts 4 (1962)
  • 622
102. The Quiet Man (1952)
  • 7 won
  • Costumes by Palmer
  • 7 generations Ennisfree (Failure here is treason)
  • PA turns into MA and last plate in the movie is connected to a hand signal
101. I Was a Male War Bride (1949)
  • Colonel Devens
  • P.L. 271
  • Yonkers
  • 721-B Military Police
  • Florence
100. Galaxy of Terror (1981)
  • 419
99. Dirty Harry (1971)
  • SF 2211
98. 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)
  • Can you break this coded sentence? "Pepe sells worthless things he finds like seashells."
  • 4 divers, 4 policemen, 4 candles
  • Sulphur Springs near Mt. Edna is in Texas, too.
97. Equinox (1970)
  • If I ever see this thing again, it will be too soon.
  • Imitations of Rick Perry and Mitt Romney (on the horse) duking it out. The old guy in the cave is someone's version of Bush Sr. in the future.
96. Le Mans (1971)
  • 125 mph average speed
  • Car numbers 7 and 22 before Irling sign [Irving]
  • Clock on race car kept doing 10-9, 10-9, 10-9
95. Smoky and the Bandit (1977)
  • This was mostly a subversive film, but we mangaed to find this one: "Somebitch"
  • Leaves out what letters?
  • Raymond's Dept. Store was Wayne's uncle [an FMO message]
94. Indian Paint (1965)
  • My father is in the credits as "Second Commanche"
  • He was cut out at the end of the movie/last scene.
  • It only showed in the city of Grand Prairie, TX.
  • Johnny Crawford was the star protecting his pinto pony.
93. Ben Hur (1958)
  • "Drunk with religion. Smashes our statues... God is near in everyman," says a Roman named Sextus.
  • Pontius Pilate: "Goats and Jehovah"
  • Jack Hawkins, 2nd in a sequence is COP KILLER revisited
  • Leaks the Shroud of Turin (See#241)
92. Dead Season (2012)
  • Cannibals run faster than regular zombies. How many were there?
  • 14.6 from the Book of John on the radio was also seen in the Book of Eli (2009)
  • Such would then be a Balfour created brat apocalypse.
  • Elvis wanted to be called King.
91. Nowhere To Go (1958)
  • Mr. Paul Gregory was played by George Nader, a doppleganger of my father.
  • Mrs. H. Jefferson
  • "a bit dodgey" is related to Byong Dong, my father-in-law, a foreign national
  • Michael Bishop in Tangier [Bishop & Jefferson Streets intersects just west of the Texas Theater where Oswald was captured.
90. Case 39 (2007)
  • Needs no explanation
89. Thunder Road (1958)
  • Keely Smith was Luke's [Robert Mitchum] girlfirend. She used to be Louie Prima's wife.
  • Donna and I had a sister act in the sixties where we pantomimed these two comedic singers. We appeared at Moody Colisium at SMU to help raise funds for a memorial to someone famous in 1964. I was Louie Prima.
88. Papillon (1973)
  • "... the 7th wave is big enough," said Steve McQueen to Dustie Hoffman [7th Book of the Bible is Judges]. 
87. Terminator 3: Rice of the Machines" (2003)
  •  Mother killed JFK
  • KB=Phi Beta Kappa
  • No leaking on tyranny is avocation
86. Hot Rods to Hell (1967)
  • 5...1...11..12 on the radio dial in Dana Andrews car [Andrews AFB - Camp Springs, MD, home of Air Force 1].
  • Read Revelations 1.11. That's the 3rd and 8th word in Judges 5.12 KJV [That's a non-plural word, not the kin from hell].
  • That's all the hate towards the Bible..
85. Shoes of the Fisherman (1968)
  • Leaks Pearl Harbor as Balfour's engineering on us. [7th Fleet and 4 missles].
  • 11 people in 2 rooms is a vote against British intrusions or applying "might makes right" with espionage.
84. The Uninvited (1944)
  • The Wynwood House
  • A dog named Bobby
  • A Couple named Fitzgerald
  • Mimosa perfume [Trees in our front yard on Watervaliet Dr.]
83. A Night to Remember (1958)
  • 712 Steamer class
  • 518 Second class
  • 332 First class
  • Cape Race...Crystal Cuba... Ismay White Starline
  • Air temperature 54 degrees
  • Haircut and manicure: 14 marks
82. Burn After Reading (2008)
  • Maryland plate 721F5E
  • [A. Mitchell] Palmer, the gym manager is dead.
81. The Fifth Element (1997)
  • Corbin Dallas with a red head.
  • Red head's foreign language matches foreign language speaker in Sunrise at Campobello (1960). It is rare for sounds in one movie to show up in another. And it's such a delight when you catch it! Shouldn't you be doing that, instead of grumbling about me?
  • Dallas Police said to take that opinion and shove it, George!
80. Four Brothers (2005)
  • Thank you for the letter S sideways. That was awesome!
79. The Invisible Man (1933)
  • Starring Claude Rains
  • "I saw a fellow make a peanut disappear" What was Jimmy Carter's occupation?
  • He catches up with the "dirty little coward" named Kemp in a vehicle plated UW4721
  • Jack Kemp threatened to kill In Kwon and wouldn't take it back, like Bill Bennett did in works.
78. Abbott & Costello Meet the Mummy (1955)
  • Where and how he stands reveals words in background letters.
  • AG ... DAD
  • Dr. Agyiptol
77. Clash of the Titans (1981)
  • Here's another example of sound: Bubo doing R2D2 from Star Wars.
  • It won't be that way all the time, so stick it out with the movie.
  • It's not suppose to be easy...
  • How many times did they mention the names Delmar & Flynn" in Raiders to the Stars 1953? Flynn is 1919-21 FBI and then the Secret Service Director.
  • The Communist Party made it's announcement at the 1919 NYC Convention on how they planned on overthrowing America. Correct: "No Holy Bible" was part of it"
  • During this time frame, communists/radicals were throwing their weight around by bombing people's homes. They left a strong impression on our forefathers and this we shouldn't forget - Nikita Krushev to JFK: "I'll bury you." *
  • In the summer of 1990, I ran into the name Delmar Bass where I worked and then Ted Koppell's Nightline picked up the stroy of his mother as an alternative juror on the Marion Barry trial.
76. The Town that Dreaded Sundown (1962)
  • This one is trying to tell on NORTHWEST page.
  • Norman Ramsey is a cipher for Ramsey Clark, AG LBJ
  • Bud Davis played the stooge [cipher for Byong Dong]
75. I Bury the Living (1958)
  • McKay...Bates [MK ULTRA makes them like the son of Bates Motel]
74. Village of the Damned (1960)
  • Controlling people's minds with their eyes [Eyes means satellite espionage]
  • Cuckoo clock behind Sanders
  • Unusual fingerprints
  • Fast development
  • Strange eyes
  • Sitting in the corner of a crib first time it attacked
73. Diary of a Madman (1963)
  • Canary named Kiki [11-02-99: Ronald Kawamae murdered in Hawaii, Home of record: Makiki]
  • Eyes light up when demon possessed [White Zombie-1932]
72. Duel (1971)
  • 512 in odometer
  • Weaver Dennis is a cipher for my father's name and maybe Ruby Ridge came from this as hatemail.
  • Who remembers TV series McCloud? Go back to #50.
71. Along Came A Spider (2001)
  • "Dreamer"
  • $12 million in diamonds [cipher for Defense Intelligence Agency]
70. Gun Crazy (1950)
  • Son's Grain also means he's oriental or black pain on his wife to destroy 512.
  • Maurice King
  • Room 27: Bart shows off with the gun. [27 means no Judges 5.12]
69. Blackmail (1929)
  • G. White on Kings Row [Goose white people that stand in K.R.'s way to the White House]
  • Ronald Reagan made a movie named Kings Row about unnecessary surgery.
68. Carnegie Hall (1947)
  • Delibres...Bell Song [sounds like the Kyrie Elison]
  • Nora Ryan Salerno [Circle is a street on Fort Devens, MA]. Sherman of Velasco [AKC record] is on Fort Ord in CA.
67. Trapeze (1956)
  • "Seacrest" is in second place [Found this name in South Korea in 1974]
  • 7th man to do the triple
  • Burt Lancaster does something during a pause on a corner
66. Westward the Women (1951)
  • Dennis, Hope, Maroni and Jim Quackenbush
65. The American Romance (1944)
  • Thank you
64. Hello Dolly (1969)
  • "Yonkers is the most beautiful city in the world."
63. The Clock (1945)
  • Milkman named Al Henry [Harvey Milk]
  • If this name pops up or any version of it in a famous way, it was engineered.
  • Most of them are warned of the dangers in play, so they can't scream about it later on.
62. Soylent Green (1973)
  • SON G means tyranny says no S as husband
  • But before cannabolism, demoralization...
  • Wagner
  • There is Sylent Red, Yellow and green on Tuesday only.
  • Thorn from the 14th pct.
  • At Connor's place there is a BF and all she has in a cupboard is rice. [Remember he played the Rifleman]?
  • This female holds a red square pillow in front of her waste near a rooster [Cogburn] picture on the wall.
  • 2006 record books: Simonson born 1954's idea, graduated from Yale 1977, on Soylent board in 2018.
61. Carry On Spying (1964)
  • 235 HLC [# seen in other movies] Dairy Milkman causes an explosion
  • Just before subversion a bus goes by: "MeKay Quality Shirts"
  • The enemy's motto: "See Total Extermination of Non-Conforming Humans"
  • Is that what she means by "Now watch!" just before she commits a crime on me?
60. Godzilla (1999)
  • Two jets swing around to the left and make an approach towards the Twin Towers of the WTC in this movie. Their numbers are 110 and 57.
  • This is prophetic and means just what I said it means the destruction of the towers on the left side of Lady Liberty is Harlem's fist on seven [Judges is the 7th Book in the HB] as in NO HUSBAND"
  • AVODAT ELOHIM covers this subject more thoroughly
59. Godzilla (1956)
  • Cairo, Odo Island
  • E-Woo-Na-go ...Iwo G-men
  • 219...205 a difference of ... or is it addition?
  • Did you figure out the leak in The Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954?
  • Re: The Creature one. Mueller just loves it when Debbie sees more than the FBI!
  • FOP: That makes Oprah a bitch for calling Debbie a liar about the list on Fidelity page.
58. The Midnight Meat Train (2008)
  • Not all of my family is safe.
  • Nephew Family* numbered page
57.Mission to Moscow (1943)
  • During a serious conversation between FDR and his ambassador, what did the rabbit and kangaroo mean?
  • Right! The rabbit was white and the kangaroo tan.
56. The Search (1948)
  • The leak in this one was quite disturbing, so you won't see it here.
  • Thank you.
55. Vice Raid (1959)
  • In the future it could be like this: The sexual organs of a man is for pro-creation only. This is a fascist stance. Did you see it here??
  • "I'll bust your two buttons for that one, Condi!"
53. The Anderson Tapes (1971)
  • $1700 ...gone 9 years [read NAACP and/ or British in reverse]
  • [17 words in 2 Timothy 2.5 which then becomes Genesis 2.25 refers to lawful masonry]
  • No castle for the oriental
  • Sean: "Give me a chance to even things up."
  • Dianne: "Heh! Heh! Heh!" ciphers 3rd amendemt violation news
  • 6041 Mayflower [King George VI's wife]
  • 256-245 Blue Dodge Van is Byong Dong sabotage on Debbie
  • 27 on ambulance
  • Kid calling for help and help calling NYPD: Kansas Maine [MKULTRA cipher]
  • Did you see the chair under the door knob? What good would that one do?
  • This movie sent England a message from the NAACP regarding their plans to subvert Debbie by illegal use of MKULTRA after she married In Kwon long before she made it to Korea. One of the police officers was wearing a bracelet very similar to what Debbie bought in Korea in 1975. It was stolen from her in 1976 via a black bag operation, many of such she would be forced to endure.
  • That was pre-med, George.
52. It Happens Every Spring (1949)
  • Why did she take the rectangular ring and leave his multi-page love letter on the couch? St.L?
51. Casablanca (1942)
  • Hunphrey Bogart as Richard Blaine is asked: "Who will win the war?" He replied he didn't know.
  • Then Victor Laslow enters the scene with his wife.
  • How could they be so sure?
  • And this one has been buried here for many decades. If this isn't plain enough for you, you haven't been listening to us all these years. Once they taught me about it, I never forgot it. If you can't remember it must mean you're against us and God's grace doesn't penetrate your thick skulls and bones!
  • "We are eternally grateful to Debbie for opening the eyes of the United States."
50. Key Largo (1948)
  • A veteran named Frank McCloud
49. PT 109 (1963)
  • This is the name of the boat JFK commanded in WWII.
  • Dad died on 10-9-94 Mom made us all promise to provide him with a military funeral. 
  • 10947469
48. Earth vs The Flying Saucers (1956)
  • Dr. Russell A. Marvin matches Dr. Russell from childhood days who lived on Holiday in Oak Cliff and had a swimming pool.
  • The initials of this guy is also relevant in Sign of the Ram (1948) that referances my family living under British Koreanitis.
  • "Gibberish" is said to be the inablity to hear something faster or more highly evolved.
47. Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
  • This one leaks Marian Anderson stunt in 1939 against the Dodges as fist and a scream to thwart what they thought would be Debbie born in January 1940.
46. Legion (2010)
  • The sound of Gabriel is quite similar to  asound made in Earth vs The Flying Saucers #48 above.
  • "That's enough" is spoken by Michael, the Archangel of God to Gabriel, the dark one and he refuses to hear.
  • The police car is #1127 which means no stopping number 7-Judges 5.12
  • License plate on a vehicle is 107479: No 7 first means communism wins [read it backwards].
  • The Angel of God wonders who in America will rise to protect the woman with the child. In this case, it's not her with a illegitimate pregancy but Debbie with an illegitimate marriage to In Kwon that is constantly being undermined by Condi Rice et al.
  • Refusal to marry Debbie in Church makes him illegitimate husband.
  • I'm pretty sure Gabriel is Oprah or Bush Sr. He could be MI-6.
45. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)
  • Martha Smith
  • Det. Longdean
  • Walter O'Neil
44. Susan Slade (1961)
  • A horse named Donna
  • A boy named Troy Donahue became the type of husband she married in 1972.
43. Awful Dr. Orloff (1964) French
  • 12 days... 7 years ago...
  • Morpho kills women to fix his sister's ugly face.
  • May 21, 1905
  • Orloff kills Morpho
42. The Las Vegas Story (1952)
  • Union Pacific Railroad
41. Frenzy (1972)
  • Blainey [Cushing Academy]
  • Blaine was also a Speaker of the House
  • You know why they do that now.
40. Metropolis (1927)
  • Level 7
  • 125
  • "The mediator between the head and hands must be the heart."
  • Compare this with first picture NOVA SCOTIA.
39. Five Against the House (1955)
  • Mack
  • Guy M
  • 7 in the middle, Beethoven's 12th
  • 7 miles, 7 minutes, 7 days
  • 224
38. Anna & The King of Siam (1946)
  • Born in 1712, Deborah Kerr's character
  • 67 children from slave girls
  • Sept 12-Day of mourning for teacher's son's death
  • June 12th
37. The Big Parade (1925)
  • Plate contains "124" as George M. Cohen's "Over There" plays
36. Middle of the Night (1959)
  • 1 year, 2 days and 4 days
35. Auntie Mame (1958)
  • Mame Dennis
  • Mora Muldoon
  • Patrick Dennis
  • Lindsay Woolsley
  • Doris Perry
  • Ito the houseboy
  • Peckerwood Georgia
  • Sally Kato
  • Kato was in Badlands-1973 also
34. Malaya (1949)
  • FDR letter dated 6-12-42
  • 125,000 tons of rubber needed
  • Faith Hodge
  • The Dutchman
  • Tongue in cheek r-side
  • Japanese man mad when someone said "drain pipe"
  • Leg lamp spotted in a Nazi's house
  • "12 men tried and true"
  • Post war Japanese flag blooper
  • SS 7 seas
  • Fall River, MA
  • Who sits on the corner in a restaurant
  • Other stuff I can't put in. Stay alert!
  • March 2014: Malaysia Airlines
33. Tokyo Joe (1949)
  • Passport #276322
  • 711
  • Leaks in the scene when you hear the word "Kanda" more than once
  • I was the type of child in this movie.
32. Nothing Sacred (1937)
  • 6 great Americans .... 22 years... $1.00 prize money
  • Oliver Stone
  • #17 dock across the river from a suicide attempt
  • #172 fireman's hat where a sucide was to take place
  • Black male steals yellow flowers for his girl from bouqets of yellow, red and white flowers.
31. Dad for A Day (1938)
  • Mr. Henry marries widow Baker, so Mike can have a father.
30. Pork Chop Hill (1959)
  • King Co, Easy Co, Love Co and George Co. in order of resistance
  • White cross on a mountain battelfield
  • Rifle gunfire sounds like that from the Future Magnificent 7
  • "Korean Hilton Hotel" command outpost: Bullethole in the third "O"
28. Halloween (2007)
  • Haddonfield, IL
  • Smith Grove Hospital
27. Dead Poet's Society (1989)
  • Knox
  • Pitts
  • Meeks
  • Hopkins
  • Perry
  • Anderson
26. The Mad Magician (1954)
  • Miss Lee and Lt. Allan Bruce
  • 23 Club
  • 457 Olmonds
  • 44th Street Theater
  • Dean's Van & Storage: Global Moving Co. truck
  • Fall River , MA murder
  • Don Gallico
  • "Ex" between Gallico and Bruce
25. Torn Curtain (1966)
  • Matthew, Mark and Luke
  • Hoover was successful on the third attempt! That's what they're basing their EVIL crap on!
  • All imitations of Condi Rice are stalkers on Debbie"
24. Sister Kenny (1946)
  • Warren
  • Carol
  • Imperial/Croydon
23. This Man's Navy (1945)
  • Aerodynamics 109
  • K125
  • Bunny the Elephant is twenty years old and a gift from a king
  • Two tree trunks together in a puddle
22. Jim Thorpe: All American (1951)
  • 15 miles...12 miles through the hills
  • Beck
  • Lacey
21. The Next Voice You Hear (1950)
  • Queen Elizabeth's sister tipped the NAACP in 1938 to arrange Marian Anderson on the DAR in the event the Dodges conceived "Debbie" in 1939.
20. God's Little Acre (1958)
  • Shirtless Will Thompson
  • Commits adultery with Jack Lord's wife
  • Dave Dawson is another character
19. You'll Find Out (1940)
  • Gabby Lawson of Chicago wins!!
18. The Collector (1965)
  • Blake School of Art
  • Partial plate 52
  • May 12th (Thursday)
  • Miranda Gray
  • Silver ring near dead woman's left ear
  • See these things to discern these messages
17. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)
  • Hudson Sisters [1963 movie-The Haunted Place]
  • Neighbor names Bates [195?'s Psycho]
  • Lamptable pattern of things: 2-1-3
  • Clinton St.
  • Man named Bruno [In these movies also: Village of the Damned-1961 and White Zombie-1932]
16. Tingler (1959)
  • Dr. Warren ...
  • Oliver Higgens [Local photographer Mona Reeder sent us FMO hate mail recently with a pix of a man with same name in Fort Worth. This crime was based on espionage, Oprah on me and then her to send the hate mail].
  • Bloody cut
  • Dirty play is to be expected from Oprah etc.
  • See Nurse Higgins in #196 and My Fair Lady.
  • Tin means Tin Man, a message from the queen saying no VP for Debbie as FDR planned. She prefers the little white and tan basenji.
  • Remember they scared that woman to death and exposed a bad hubby.
15. Cool Hand Luke (1967)
  • Lucas Jackson [Luke 3rd attempt successful; Fort Jackson is our plan]
  • "Lucas War Hero" [Dead giveaway]
  • Connect the dots, white stars in windows
  • Road prison gang #36 [Has been sabotaged]
  • Babalooga and then a duck noise [Cipher Byong Dong]
  • Lucille - sexy blonde [One of my aunt's was a sexy blonde who was terrorized into suicide by a ho having my uncle's baby. They met each other where he worked. This child was then given my name. That's a stalking"]*
  • Pair of threes gets John [No third violations attitude is JFK]
  • "Grins like a baby, bites like a gator" [Battle of Alligator 1-29-1814, Oprah Winfrey's DoB]
  • Jumping rope - two men and then a DIV sign [Obvious they divide and conquer]
  • Blue = Bloodhound that dies trying [Ciphers seen in other movies]
  • Boss King's ditch =Beta Kappa bitch
  • This movie is a real heavy duty one. Most of his are.
  • It's against the law to treat her like the enemy when evidence to the contrary abounds.
  • If you go along with these games, Oprah et al punches out Debbie and she has many ways and many people that will help her!
  • MERAD means "dream" and depicts two small black children, when Luke begins to remove the leg irons.
  • One of the boys holds his ears and head by the second column behind him and in the distance is a church like building. This same structure is seen in Heaven Knows Mr. Allison #180.
14. The Mummy (1932)
  • In-ho-tep
  • Isis has a laser beam
  • Helen Grosenor
13. Destroyer (1943)
  • Another leak on the cause of the Titanic
  • That beset them so.
12. Enter the Dragon (1973)
  • Mary King
  • May Ling
  • BF Caddy is wearing the colors of China on the golf course. [See House on 92nd Street]
  • $63.43 [Debbie's mother died from that disease given to her in 1952, 15 years later at age 63 and it was his father in the White House at the time].
  • BM Martial artist was named Williams [The name of the BF female that set Debbie up in Washington, D.C in 1989].
  • You do not have permission to attack people no matter what you think where the FBI, police and Ronald Reagan are involved. You must go through procedures or fascist troublemakers. AND DEBBIE DOES NOT NEED OPRAH'S OR ANY OTHER TROUBLEMAKER'S PERMISSION TO PROCEED.
11. Moneyball (2010)
  • Bradford $237K
  • David Justice #23
  • Avatar (2008)
  • 323
10. Terminator 2 (1991)
  • Miles Dyson ) Luke 13.4 is MD and Luke 4.18 is DR or PhD
  • MD ciphers are MA
9. Good Sam (1948)
  • Mueller didn't catch this one and neither did Reagan, but Debbie did.
  • 11th DINNER alignment under ER
  • Old lady wearing a sweater with a white J backwards.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt leaked my parents information to the NAACP again and that's how my mother contracted hepatitis C from an unknown source where they delivered me"
  • And I have been hunted every since my parents left New York City area.
  • Stalking the DAR was the first time ER snitched on her husband's plans with my parents in 1937.
  • And without a warrant, your games inside and outside of the library are terrorism and obstructive! Even with a warrant, you're not allowed to stalk and terrorize people without Due Process. You forgot. I have no guns or bombs or ammo, just the printed word of the Almighty Bible in the concepts of our Constitution.
8. Period of Adjustment (1962)
  • Bess Truman wasn't with Eleanor Roosevelt. She's not like her.
  • Korean inlaws will give you trouble, esp. Yong Im Kim.
  • Pro-privacy is always priority.
  • A glass shelf contained a snowman and woman. These were played in Korea by President Reagan in the summer of 1986 to mend a marriage.
7. The Sound of Music (1965)
  • Marta was the 7th born child.
6. Wings of Desire (1987) German
  • Circus plate 1225 DB
  • Topf & Sohne leak
  • 2nd in a sequence "Mississippi Delta"
5.The Beginning or the End (1947)
  • 512 Walker Henry vs FLO Mongoose"
  • NC #130
  • FDR was played by a man named Terrell"
4. Dear Heart (1964)
Stopping the police from coming to Debbie's website is a felony, Cindy Beck!
  • "A" Train was on track 1 and 2
  • New Amsterdam Hotel
  • Geraldine Page and Harry Mark
  • Patrick was the son of "tomato" from Altoona
  • Bimbo Jones and Page were the same character
  • $12.00, then room 721
3. Grand Prix (1966)
  • #17 wins [That's why they poison him-57]
  • Ten is 27 [No seven]
  • Headless is monarchy in the third [what they say cannot be trusted]
  • All females in the third are stalking Debbie
  • Special Effects - Milt Rice
  • [Milt R. was the name  of a worker when EEOC was called. My husband sold a Mac SE to Grand Prairie for $25].
  • Testing him more than once was hate crimes.
2.The Show-Off (1946)
  • Aubrey
  • Appleton Paint is Apple Pain [57 removing letters]
  • Amy Fisher
  • Jenkins
  • 2 wheels $29, 1 tire $8
* Deleting scenes is a felony and will get the police up your axx"
Stop deleting the text to save the devil.
Movies that pertain to Condoleezza Rice or her pals have been moved to Fist.
She's approx. 10 years younger than me. This is how desperate it gets out here on me. She is also intimidating me with sabotage like the little protege of Rice is she. My Aunt Connigerine had a Down's Syndrome child and also named her after me. No one saw this gesture as a potent.
449. It doesn't matter if it's a C or a K because most people hear just the hard C sound not knowing this child's personal life. Jackie Lacey of Los Angeles accused me of racism for not leaking this movie and poisoned a lot of people against me. Why Adam Walsh? His initials are first and last when it comes to alphabetizing our states. It's to remind us of Alpha Omega in the Book of Revelations and the battleships they sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Other markers have been turned in and I don't want to discuss them here. This incident and Lockerbie are connected and are part of the stalking on me since 1939.
[From another: Adam Walsh was killed in July 1981, the year our president took office. Lockerbie was brought down on my anniversary 1988. These demonstrations are choreographed by the Royals and NAACP].
436. Navy wives know where their husbands are when they return from sea duty because First Officers tip them. That's how guys used to say to their commanders, I greatly and dearly admire you. In plain English, thank you, Sir.
432.  Duplication of the first experiment is bad science. Read AVODAT ELOHIM Didn't I come the first time when they did it in a sound way?
419. BFD means Byong Dong says FMO is one of them and the main one is Black females first is DEARLY BELOVED for someone named Baird and Hoover ending the influence of the Holy Bible in America.
409. Blurred means cold hearted as in Burr/a word that refers to shivering.
400. Ultra is the acronym at the bottom of this page. It conditions people who obey it (X208) into being violent to win at games. This is dishonesty and because most people are not proud of it, things become more likely violent. Echelon, however, is relay voice to voice without the sickening games: Extortion, bribery, false accusations, invasions of privacy, constant harassment, etc. Most cowards go this route because they're too lazy to challenge their minds into figuring things out!. That's why people are heard saying "Reading (non-fiction) is fundamental." 
398. Difference of 12 years mean the blacks are planning to take my husband away.
393. Born Ernest in Oak Park, IL and committed suicide by shotgun in 1961. Compare with name of neighborhood where I grew up on Watervaliet St. Saving Private Ryan (1998) brings name forward. Just before Tom Hanks character - Capt. Edward E. Burns - dies he leaks  middle name. Also in movie was the idea: "proper attitude for the mission will be begotten by Boot camp in England.
361. Eleanor took her husband's Oval Office and used it against Debbie when it was he who promised it to her if she was born in 1952. Her entire life has been ruined and family members killed, so Eleanor could raise blacks at hers and our expense. This is communism. Kennedy was with Eleanor as is Bush Sr. The British are with Eleanor too and those leaks are in these movies.
348. Edward Costigan and Robert Wagner were senators when FDR was president and it was in this time frame you may find things about Eleanor Roosevelt playing with the NAACP. Lynchings, I was told, were often rigged back then, too. It was around 1937. White was the name of the NAACP's president. What the movie is trying to say is that blacks are lynching us and we are not aware of it. Those being killed can be found on Dearly Beloved page.
Thousands: Never listen to someone talking under tyranny's umbrella.
January 23, 2012