One of the many versions of
Found here are those under suspicion of retaliations and/or racketeering with 94
Dallas FBI racketeering to get at Debbie is Communism"
She spit in my face at Royal Lane Station. Why is she still there?
THE FOLLOWING PLACES HAVE RESTRICTED ME UNLAWFULLY. Most of them are crooked to begin with!
Picture: Oprah's retalition means no heart in people for Debbie.

"If you refuse to let her in with that cart, stalking charges."
 - Dallas Police Department

Games are played by stalkers..
What they say to you about Debbie is defamation in the absence of a crime. She has a satellite on her 24/7, so don't lie!

 * Entity used the local police to make it official
The following reasons were used to restrict my access to products and services:
A.  A huge baby carriage is allowed whether or not the baby is shown, but a small see through shopping cart used to carry handbaskets is not. Also, large purses are allowed in. I have to carry things in my cart Blacks threaten to steal from my apartment in a locked cabinet. How could I leave anything with a total stranger?
  • Blacks will turn off your telephone, then send you a bunch of letters saying "Call me! Call me!"
B. Anytime you tell someone that's harrasing you to stop, this is called "a disturbance." It's a hate crime to take troublemakers' sides. [It does not good to report the crimes of these people to the librarians]. In all cases, someone else starts the trouble, but I am the only one punished!
C. Everyone talks aloud to you, but when you do the same back to them, the police are called. Librarians are infamous for this one!
D. Asks for a $250 deposit to use city resources/internet access while I am on the way to work their city. How much could they steal? Why isn't the police used to catch the bad people?  Why punish non-residents, when coming to your city should be a happy thing?
It's against the law to put something out of her reach after she's already purchased it.
E. We don't like your sign on the cart. It means you're a prostitute or you're against the police, without reading the signs. Sometimes I am called a racist and they still haven't read the signs.
F. Accused of spying on product prices for carrying a tape recorder.
G. B did not occur at all locations but restrictions were!
H. We don't want you as a family member because you're white! Usu. retaliation of some kind.
I. False police report - Lies, exaggerate and terrorize you into leaving their property for no evidence whatsoever. May or may not include police! Use. for obstructive reasons.
J. That satellite you're wearing.
K. Michelle Obama Day, so designated as a day when Black Females get their way over me. A dangerous day to be out in! "Me-first" day is
L. Racketeering with anyone of the persons on EVIL is a felony and it includes the one in K. Period
M. Knowingly violates of the Constitution, Retaliations, Unauthorized use of government-owned facility.
N. Restricts capabilities on computer systems to obstruct the police or Debbie's accomplishments.
O. Black fist is using yours to punish Debbie by removing products she uses. This usu. occurs after the spy satellites vandalize or engineer a theft on her as punishment of a non-unlawful act. If distributors are responsible, you will be erased from this list!

For more dirty tricks read Goose and Sinister.

E. 7-Eleven - Carroll & Main
A. 7-Eleven - Forest & Jupiter
A. 7-Eleven - Loop 12 & Lemmon
A. 7-Eleven - 5000 block on Ross Ave.
A. 99 Cent Store - Carroll at Live Oak
Stopped by security guard after being here numerous time
H. Abrams Postal - Loop 12 & Abrams
A. Ahorro - E. Beltline & Metrocrest
O. ALDI - Forest & Webb Chapel
  • IF I NEEDED, IT'S NOT HERE AND THEY LEAVE HATEFUL MESSAGES WITH FOOD: such as: ALWAYS ACTETAMIOPHEN = Always Antichrist on you. A medicine box stuck into a pile of kotex packages. Who does that?
  • If I don't need it, it's there. That's X208 - Comes for a spy satellite on me"
N. All Dallas Library computer systems
A. American Airlines Center - Victory Station (just to the bathroom)
I. Bank of America - Hillcrest
H. Baylor Hospital on Ross.*
A. Big Lots - Skillman Abrams
A. Big Lots - City Place
A. Big Lots - Rosemeade &Josey (See Yvonne)
H. Brookhaven College Campus hosted the Cancer Survivors Camp - Allen Pritchard
A. Buckner Thrift - Garland Rd.
O. C-Store - Forest & LBJ
H. Carroll Food Mart - Columbia
H. Carrollton Senior Center North Carolina #44
A. Cash Store - Ledbetter Station
H. Coffee Shop - Downtown Plano*
  • The first coffee house I ever visited. Always sabotage with them. That's Oprah's standing orders: "No happiness. No fun" for going to EEOC"""
A. CVS - Haskell & Ross
C. DAV at the VAMC - Lancaster*
  • Refused to represent Debbie's case after the clerk started sexual invasions of Debbie's privacy for lust.  Debbie did not call her a name. Then, when Debbie went into the rep's room she continued intimidations - getting up from her desk and walking back and forth to the file cabinet. Then, her loudness got the supervisor's attention, and he told her to call the police on me if I don't settle down. Debbie stayed with the rep. She never went near that person, but the non-veteran clerk called the police anyhow. The police always hear the troublemakers and escorted Debbie from the building.
  • They've lied to the police there before. They demand you have absolute proof on them, when they have none and just say things to get you in trouble"
  • I lost my appeal several years later because I didn't have a rep.
J. Dallas FBI Affirmative Actions
  • They stalk FBI HQ with espionage as well. 74
  • The Secret Service thinks they're above the law with espionage on us!.
M. Dallas Library on Forest/Cromwell
  • Dallas FBI assisting is terrorism because the people of Dallas own that property, not Oprah Winfrey or any other member of this klan.
  • Her mental status is hype.
  • It is illegal for you to obey that voice"
  • On the way out, a BF said their marriages will be destroyed if they don't obey her. I got her plate number. This is called Black tyranny/94. Government personnel being terrorized or convinced they should make a move against Debbie for the "black agenda."
B. Dallas Library on Skillman*
B. Dallas Life Foundation - Cadiz
H. Dallas Military Entrance Processing Station - Houston
A. Dallas Museum of Arts
I. Dave & Busters - Central & Walnut Hill Lane
H. Deep Ellum Postal Center - Main & Hall
B. Dee's Way - Columbia & Fitzhugh
You can't even ask for a refund without short tempers throwing you out!
N. Department of Defense
Access to Wi-Fi in all available places
Restricts weather sometimes and now forces me to do it manually
A. Dollar & Dollars - Webb Chapel Ext & Webb Chapel
I disobeyed Oprah and this was taken from me. All the times previous, no problemos.
A-K. Dollar General - Beltline Carrollton*
A federal witness is not safe leaving any item unguarded.
A. Dollar General - Irving Blvd & Nursery
A. Dollar General - Marsh and Walnut Hill Lane.
A. Dollar General - Loop 12 near Webb Chapel
  • When I asked her for location of an item, she said no cart. X71
  • Dallas Police was just there.
A. Dollar Tree - Josey Carrollton
B. Dollar Tree - Loop 12 & Easton*
No training the police on witnesses.
A. Dollar Tree in Oak Cliff  - Vistawood*
H. Dover Publications refuses to send me weekly free samples.
A. Downtown Mini Mall II - Locust @ Downtown Denton
B. Eagle Postal - Park
A. El Rio Grande - Lake June & Masters
  • Security guard followed me to the back and then when I left, restricted access:
  • "Leave this with me."
H. Exxon - Industrial Ave.*
B. FACEBOOK - Hears Oprah Winfrey and Kellyanne Conway
Violations of civil publicized pages to help troublemakers stalking Debbie"
Is this connected to John Wily Jones case before the jury in Dallas (Human Sacrifice games)
Too petty over the word "sob" in a quote while the word "FUCK" is everywhere!
Celebrators: Oprah Winfrey, Bush Sr., Bush Jr, Donald Trump, Faith Johnson, ODMP,
Suppose to go through the police before openly attacking Debbie
A. Family Dollar on Greenville
A. Family Dollar - Maple near Medical District Blvd.
A- Family Dollar - Jefferson nearest Texas Theater"
Made a false police report
You are not going to be famous by telling lies"
A. Family Dollar - Jefferson @ Beckley
Long haired employee waiting by the door and jumped me with "no cart"
Quite unexpected to say the least"
A-Family Dollar - Webb Chapel Plaza where it meets Royal Lane
Chicago rules this one when someone wants to retaliate.
Write her and the manager for racketeering.
This is not a whim thing on a customer with a decade long relationship.
They also have shoplifter bars on the door that sounds an alarm.
?-Farmer's Branch 4th of July Celebration/Fireworks: by City Councilman Bomgardner No reason given other than to stay away or the police would be used.
A. Fiesta - Josey Beltline
A. Fiesta - Webb Chapel & Webb Chapel Ext.
D. Fort Worth Public Library: Restriction on Freegal acess and I doubt the 25 years you've had this. [Oprah saying "no" is a felony" - see it in bold red in their webpage"]
G. Garland Libraries
H. Georgetown University Model Program @ St. E's in Washington D.C.
The first one to do this for Oprah.
A. Goodwill on Greenville
I. Grandmother's House 4655 Barstow*
  • by brother's defiance of grandmother's will
  • which puts me next in line, not him.
O. Handy Stop on Royal
H. Highland Park United Methodist Church - Mockingbird*
E. Hispanic Marketplace - Webb Chepel @ extension
A. Hollywood Theater - South Garland Station
   This is Chu-ah, George and I said no chu-ah.
   Lynch is still putting her marks on this one.
   They shoot off their mouths and hurt people!"
   "I said no foot on Debbie"

H. Hooter's - Lamar
B. Irving Library Nursery*
C. Irving Library on Rock Island*
I. Jesuit Prep School on St. Rita Catholic Church grounds*
H. Kevin Lee Corp. Building on Forest Dennis
E&A. Kroger on Maple Ave (after being cued by Jackie Lacey out for revenge") This was the second time I went there to buy a sale item in a week's time. 10/28/14
  • Accomplicing this for them was BF Dallas FBI who's on GOOSE, not the director's people in Dallas. She's been warned not to take calls related to Debbie, that sign or the website!.
  • Los Angeles County trying to accomplish hate crimes in Dallas is terrorism!
  • They shouldn't have taken the side of terrorism by restricting her.
  • Her cart isn't safe with anyone other than with her.
  • "I am not playing games with you people!"
A. LAAzteca - Bachman Lake area shopping (around Walmart) Uses security
I.  Lock N Key Storage - Milton & Greenville
A. March Madness (@ Reunion Park) in Dwtn Dallas - X208/89 Myo Kim
A. Mardel- Coit in Plano
  • It's against the law to throw Debbie out when black customers start trouble on her with espionage. 
  • All knowledge of Debbie is espionage, as this is the first time they ever saw her.
  • Usu. store employees are in on the stalking and go aslong to get something.
  • You cannot restrict her access for saying No to stalkers!
  • That's terrorism you're taking the side of.
I. Mary K. Suhm - Telephone/fax machine not allowed and now she wants my coat stolen from me 12/17/10: All she does is scream for my life, liberties and pursuits to be ended unlawfully!" 1451 hrs.
I. McDonald's - Abrams & Loop 12
B. McDonald's - Monfort & LBJ
B. McDonald's 0- Grand & Thorton
I. McDonald's - Valley View @ Josey -Entrapment & Encroachment (Sudden Baptist Credit Union Downtown Dallas"
H. Mike's Grocery - Tremont*
Would you believe this one's my brother-in-law?
A. Mini-Mall 3 - Downtown Denton
B. Office Max - Central & Park
H. One Main Place (The entire block)*
B. Plano Library on Coit*
I. Presbyterian Night Shelter in Ft. Worth*
H. Police Departments of America - obstructions illegal. ]Makes EASY AS PIE possible"
A. Quick Shop - Webb Chapel & Forest
I. Radio Shack - Medallion Shopping Center
D. Richardson Library, City of
  • It's against the law to jack up a price or restrict someone, like Debbie, to prevent her access or consumption of that item after she's already been accessing it.
  • If they're devils, they will push the envelope. She also said things about me that weren't true as an excuse for their position which is illegal.
  • Extraordinary fee: Hate crime
A- Rio Grande - Webb Chapel & Royal (Security Guards)
B. Saf-T-Loc on Reeder near Royal
A. Salvation Army on Inwood
A. Salvation Army on Josey
A. Save-A-Lot Grocery store @ Kiest & Polk 6/28/19
I.  Security Self Storage - Skillman
A. Shin Dong Food Store-Harry Hines
I.  Shuck & Jive - Lover's Lane
74 Sign of the Times - Refuses prayer requests"
D. Snyder Plaza*
H. SMU Campus*
A. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store-Loop 12
H. That house on Oak Lea St.*
A. Thrift Giant - Irving Blvd
  • Michelle Obama echelon hate crime instructed Hispanic employees to block my entrance on the 2nd time I went there"
A. Thrift Giant - Northwest Highway and Webb Chapel
  • Been coming here for years and then suddenly, no cart"
  • Told me his name is "Mario Alahambra" which contains the word "Alah:" which is an Oprah intimidation syllable. They jumped me by the purses where I was told to go, which makes it espionage and obstruction.
A. Thrift World Center - Second Ave. Dallas
H. Turner Classic Movies - Failure to make good on a two year subscription
I. U-Haul - Greenville & Holly Hill
I. UPS Store - Independence & Parker in Plano
B. UPS Store - Greenville near Lover's
A. Walgreen's Lemmon & Loop 12 (Mexican fascism) 11/16/11
E. Walmart - LBJ & Midway (north of interstate)
E. Walmart - Loop 12 @Webb Chapel -  X392
B. Wendy's - Greenville near Loop 12
A. Yahoo! - Restricted access to webpage by removal of link
A. Azteca Grocery Store - Forest Lane near Webb Chapel
The police were called by SG "Hardin", but not while I was there.
The bananas were right there. He could have watched me with the cart. 5/10/13 It was hatemail and there was a MM playing with him!
Sorry, Mam, she disabled the recorder.
No reason given for these being blocked!
Sometimes the page comes up, but it won't work for me. First page comes up, but after that it no longer works for me. Ditto above Took my banking information and refused me a trial subscription. (Wouldn't allow first time ordered, but allowed second entry. This means "no first!") I've never been here before. She babbles on me and gives orders and I don't know her from Adam" Forcing that price on me is communism!"
  • Black females sabotage everything they can get their hands on with espionage technology as retaliation for this coup"
  • 99 Cent Store on Preston Alpha removed the following items: 200 ASA Film, sunscreens and sunblocks, clipboards, Dieter's Green Tea and butter. All their stores are like this!
  • The following websites promise income of some sort if selected, but they have always restricted me because they didn't like my answers to their entry questionnaire, even though they have no way of knowing who I am: (Who also said my zip code is closed) and
  • Some stores jump me and accuse me of things, but they don't restrict me. Most recently, it was Walmart - Frankford &  Midway and then right after that the Chinese Grocery Store - Frankford & Josey* Sometimes, a whole block of stores will retrict or attack me when I'm not doing anything wrong.
  • Don't show her how mean you can be - It's a felony! (They're auditioning for the satellites on her)
  • Michelle's people are threatening me. We put MOD back in because she was throwing a fit on 3/17/13 about something I planned on doing on Monday. Obviously, she still evoking this designated day for subversions and sabotage.
  • Attorney General Eric Holder approves of this page"
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June 23, 2010