Deborah Dodge Song - Federal Witness - vs - Sinister
Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 - BLACK COMMUNISM/94!
They are responsible for too much mayhem and death in this world!
"Lust is what you do with that satellite on us!" "
The devils on me spoiled it!. Go to the District Attorney's office and file a formal compliant or this satelite on me will grab your image and send it to his!.
 You are being filmed if you're stalking me with a comment or a game..
America is dying
  • Sees their delusions in your stuff and will force you to see it their way, too"
  • Check your medical records for a DNR.
  • Obstructs
  • Can now transport paper from safety deposit boxes and other types of safes" WEAPONRY [You shouldn't have taught the blacks that technique]. I'm going public! Weigh everything down with something metal like safety pins. I don't know what will work, yet.
  • Likes to bust up or change by force or sabotage your routine(s).
  • Expects you to lie for them
  • Burning down Big Tex
  • Bully black tyranny - Infiltration
  • Doesn't have sufficient evidence to warrant accomplicing crimes on Debbie
  • Always wants to know what something means.
  • Removes items without permission
  • Pouts
  • They think it is nothing to lie to the police"
  • Tries and often does empty people's savings playing games/E.T.
  • Homewrecks
  • They may say: "You can't have a normal life because it will hurt so-and-so or so-and-so says you must be punished for ..."
  • Stealing from whites' personal checking accounts
  • Bullies or outnumbers the one being stalked, harassed or slandered
  • Sabotages with technology right before your eyes. Some of them call this Poof!
  • Espionage isn't evidence.
  • Bush Sr. changes a store's location to make it harder for bus people to find or get to. He doesn't care what expense it causes the entity, so long as he gets to show off "power" over someone's life!
  • Showing off will always be with something illegal. That's the thrill you hear so much about. Don't confuse this with someone having success and refrain from judging another's success. No warrant - illegal to invade her privacy"
  • Makes you account to them (when it's none of their business in the first place) as a fee to pass whatever it is you're doing. Reminds you of a Troll Bridge.
  • They still cheat every chance they get
  • Plays dirty, not hard"
  • Racial profiling games and amnesty are evading arrests tactics"
  • Habitual terrorism is Bush against Due Process and everything we hold dear!
  • When privy to another's privy to another's privacy, reacts in an offensive manner, like parasites wanna do!
  • Transfers to areas where they can get at the Target
  • Plays opposite of whatever you are doing
  • Blows things out of proportion just to make trouble
  • Uses government equipment to terrorize
  • Thinks they are better than everyone else
  • Pretends to be worried to get at someone
  • Gets pregnant to avoid prosecution(s) and jail time.
  • Males who knock up women and try to use it as a get out of jail card is also not allowed.. You are fired and we might try to make a case out of intimidation"
  • You may also be making your partner an accessory-accomplice
  • Uses minors
  • Will get themselves employed in areas you frequent..
  • Requests information so they can beat someone up for it!/88-84
  • They sit by a printer and pull your pages out for themselves
  • Invades privacy and tries to make you look worse than them for doing so
  • Replaces good reliable products with cheap plastic ones after they break the one you were taking care of
  • When you live alone, you know how far you move things. More in Weaponry
  • Puts crimes in your life so they can accuse you of motive
  • "One thing is the other" is another way of making a threat.
  • Gets you to say or agree to things before you know what's going on. Never lets you take it back after you find out you were duped.
  • Accuses you of things so they can ask a million questions about it.
  • Tries to turn everything you say or do into a lie before you get the information to another
  • Tells you when to look
  • Cuts medicine dosages in half and either jacks the price or refuses to lower it for the smaller dosage or number of capsules.
  • Has psychotic reactions to number and sequences/sequencing. Things means things tyo them, that doesn't mean that to the owner.
  • Deplume da le plume (Don't use lust to send messages to Debbie)
  • Notorious for half-truths (like the Ku Klux Klan)
  • Starts trouble on a victim to push a response and then complains about said response to get friends to investigate.
  • Thinks up crimes to terrorize people into or with false accusations"
  • Destroys the credibility of our most cherished institutions because they're origins are in white culture.
  • Uses the Holy Bible as a dipstick
  • Pokes holes in plastic containing water near electrical outlets or wires
  • Refers to retaliations(s) as a test
  • Pushes bills through Congress that promotes or sustains communism, e.g. HR 3978
  • False reports put on one's records as defamation to deceive
  • Reads their motives into your life without evidence of wrongdoing.
  • Always big on you sharing your stuff/life with them and nowhere to be found when it comes to sharing their stuff.
  • Will steal and turn it in to the police as "found property" to help circumvent the 4th.
  • Complains about things that they deliberately cause!
  • When you see a lot of nines:  It means integrate everything!. The state means "No Ark of the Covenant" as the state of Louisiana attempts to achieve in its divorce courts!. Just another old spike in Christianity.
  • Gets their own in"
  • Leaks your privacy to strangers to create Lynch Mobs
  • Causes problems and then exploits them
  • Communism in the abstract is racketeering" It is not a coincidence if someone says or does something consisting of something you just thought of but didn't say aloud.
  • or which we refer to as "Burger King" both the sorority and fraternities working against the Constitution. They're homewrecking racist trash..
  • Prince Hall can be researched at Wikipedia and Blacks became Masons in 1791, though not fully recognized. They are suppressing religion because they did not evolve with us entirely"
  • may be enlightening.
  • North Carolina #70
  • What looks familiar here? A "kindler, gentler nation" just got crummy
  • is all of the above.
  • Go to Goose for more information
  •  "NO! You cannot override the law and call it 'she's not obeying Danny.' "
  • Looks for excuses to be cruel to people, especially if they're white!
  • Condi Rice: "Debbie hasn't got a chance if she tells on [PBK]."
  • Stalling is stalking!
  • Page 148 School Library Journals/ May 2009 is an overthrow via education of our children to accept and even embrace subversive concepts.
  • Failure to re-order products Debbie's using is a troublemaker..
  • Goose stretches the truth and lies based on your gullibilities. This is Lord of the Flies vs. Jonathan Livingston Eagle.
  • Causes problems and then exploits them!.
  • "One weak"
  • Pretending can get very realistic because they are trying to convince you into believing a lie.
  • Can accuse a spouse of adultery by disclosing intimate details by watching people having spousal sex with a satellite.
  • They're using real bribery to condition Christians out of faith and brilliant conduct. When Watchman Nee was tortured, who was there with a microphone shoved in his face?
  • Installments of electronic devices in an area AFTER Debbie arrives  is hatemail and sabotage" 96, 57 in the absence of legal warrants. (You know what I am talking about).
  • This person will show off they know Debbie's private business"
  • Defames credibility with stalkings.
  • Uses technology to get around due process/RICO.
  • They blacklist with invisible echelon and they do it on all levels with machines.
  • Everything about the Target will be labeled (without evidence) as teeth, fist, or lust, so subversives can halt or take away from confidence.
  • Very much against anything including appearances that don't cater or support their mind control of others.
  • Tells outlandish lies to get at people's stuff.
  • Usu. is never alone when they attack, but the victim mostly will be.
  • Employs vigilante communism when it comes to getting things done, by talking into a phone nearby. This will terrorize a Target out of the 5th without Due Process.
  • Gets themselves beat up so they sue the city. It seems worth it to them.
  • Makes false police reports and accuses whites of crimes to give them a police record.  Often they will use echelon to bribe or coerce people to do crimes for them as another way to sully a person's record. This is called "They think they're better than us!"
  • Disguises motives in order to interrogate someone they spied on.
  • Causes problems and then exploits them as a witness or such.
  • May go along with Debbie until they can get at her stuff and then start trouible again with it usu. when you least expect it"
  • Ignores a customer to create territion.
  • Won't read the whole thing so they can accuse and often do to others.
  • Pushes things on you and then complains is called Half-truths.
  • Makes scum look good and good look evil with espionage.
  • They'll murder their own to get at Debbie.
  • Each new player on the field wants to use the same tactics as all the others have on Debbie and they will all know those tactics like magic.
  • Picks apart just about everything said until what was really said can no longer be applied without fear.
  • Makes things ineffective to halt someone from using it to their benefit.
  • The City of Dallas cannot override the State of Texas when it comes to Debbie's instructions and daily life plan (which includes getting out of bed with the least amount of injuries). Please leave her alone with these games and messages. Condi Rice is not a resident of this state. Why is she given priority over Debbie? Same thing goes for the other one.
  • Projecting their fears or distate for hostile women on Debbie is a mental illness. Treating Debbie the way you would filth is subversive. I agree with Debbie "not found doing" is fraud.
  • "Helping Debbie is a fist" will be said to you. Such is a hate crime. Report it if someone does that to you. Turn them in if they try to bribe you, too. What they are saying is: "If you help Debbie, my fist will grind you into butter."
  • Saying one thing and doing another is subversive unless you have permission to mislead.
  • Everything means something to them because they're overthrowing the United States and they want to see themselves in all territories not previously stripped of autonomy.
  • Passing laws just to get votes is subversive: The Amnesty Plan for Illegal Aliens"
  • Having a life story may be called vain. This will hold you down and find someone else to imitate you to bring things to the wider world. That's terrorism not letting you live your life for real"
  • They will justify torture and crime by saying they could make it worse.. And most people fall for it. Notice how the criminal mind breaking the law in the first place is not mentioned at all?
  • Example:  She can afford that loss, therefore it's not really wrong for me to steal it.
  • Excuses will abound and be clearing based on their feelings towards something private someone did to them.
  • You may feel frightened by their attention to the smallest details and the smallest of infractions they accuse you of.
  • Accuses you of what they do is a subversive con.
  • They tell stories so people won't read this website..
  • Challenges minimum requirements in all things, so machine politics can be set up
  • Engineers crimes on people to change policy
  • Abducts people with mind games and phoney screams
  • Whatever they take from you will be rubbed into your face in everyway possible from then on"
  • Makes the prices of things extrememly high - Stalking"
  • Abuse of access is vigilante terrorism
  • Screams racism to get their way where none exists" Proverbs 28.1
  • Stops things from working until sucking up begins
  • Removes the necessity for Jesus Christ in men's hearts as payback. Go to Extreme
  • Thinks constantly (and many of them are on government payrolls) how to disturb lives and routines of others. May be looking for the above in cash or favors.
  • Breaks things before your eyes when certain words are used that in and of themselves are meaningless. e.g. shoe, radio etc. Reads into things to cause grief in our lives!..
  • Helps illegals get real ID without a lawyer or gift center.
  • Los Angeles FBI
  • Conditions men to fear them
  • Engineers murders and other destructive events and leaves markers so they'll be remembered in history for it and by each other in this lifetime.
  • Overrides Spellcheck
  • Harassing someone into anger or defensive behavior and then calls the police on her. 88
  • Vulgarly interprets what a person does, says or doesn't say to poison others!
  • Conditioning people to do less work and get paid more money without a promotion.
  • Screams "I have a baby" to get off any hook
  • Expects others to clean up their messes or be called a "bad Christian."
  • Sudden breakage of stuff which creates inconveniences or waste"
  • View a message from many aware of this tech by going to #3 in North Carolina. Another interesting topic often twisted to scare the beegeebies out of victims is #8.
  • Postal employees who steal or delay mail for monster echelon"
  • Postal police who ignore our demands to dismiss such"
  • People who ignore us when we tell them to stop doing things to Debbie" (When we say stop, it's not another message")
  • Trained at a very young age to take advantage of the system to help a parent, even if it may cost him his life.
  • Rewarding lust is an overthrow of American ideals..
  • Look up okay in our dictionary when they agree with you quickly.
  • Racketeers to put a disease on someone (I caught her in the act.)
  • Can infect people using the lasers as transport
  • This is not Christianity: To allow someone access to get to another for nefarious reasons. Never tell me I'm not a Christian for saying no to murderers.
  • Blocks coupons from going into your inbox.
  • Um! Makes things happen and then tries to convince everyone it's always been that way to get themselves or another off the hook for a crime. It doesn't mean "no loud." It means communists win with espionage and terrorism.
  • Is very nice or helpful (if sequences are played).
  • Because there is "no God" in black Germany, black females  say to me "I have to depend on Mankind to meet all my needs."
  • Forces inefficiency on us
  • Forces friendliness on us, too. All the more to gain access.. You'll find them more and more in ethnic newspapers, magazines and  phone book advertisements, whereas you do not see it this way in theirs..
  • Will sabotage you in someway if she catches you doing two things at the same time.
  • Cuts off electricity at the very moment something important is about to happen, to spoil things"
  • Does things to be played: Another words, shows up at an event wearing yellow or with numbers on it related to this site" Often it required espionage for them to plan out
  • Often I hear them rehearse how to subvert by pretending to be sorry: "I owe her an apology for all the bad say [bad things I said to Debbie]."
  • Gives answers to tests such as LSAT and great with children when it comes to Spelling Bees. They teach kids early on to rely on echelon.
  • 50% of marriages end in divorce because blacks in the DoD/ONI are stalking them with listening and visual devises. You have to practically sell your soul to keep them out of your business.
  • Making it impossible for states to win is whiplash"
  • Mental Telepathy
  • Price fixing
  • Veiling threats or their presence by incorporating such in other related sentences
  • Puts the wrong arrival times on marquee at train stations and when you get up to board, switch the colors around!
  • Corrupts opinions/minds with suggestions in the form of a question: e.g. "Do you think she would ....?
  • Admits to half of a crime just to call the victim a liar about the other half"
  • Labor Day Goose"
  • Christopher Columbus no longer a holiday in some states as punishment for eradicating poisonous darts and human sacrifice of children" etc.
  • Confederate statues and flags town out of southern areas where they stood
  • Contract murder(s)
Everyone of these have been caught making deals with subversives regarding this list and are willing to hurt Americans to get their politics shoved down our throats!!! [2010]
What was that about "spit in her face", Mam?
Bush is flaming on me with InKwon.
)Troop movements is what you mean!

These pages are directed to persons in the know. Do not question authority.
The picture above signifies Death Row. America has been there for far too long and we wonder if we can save it from the evil low lifes stalking Debbie"

Stop sabotaging us!
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This is my website, not Beck's or Oprah's.
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June 8, 2012