Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 - A BLACK DICTATORSHIP

Where troublemaking gets petty

1. Jackie Lacey: "Did you take it?"
Troublemaker: "No."
Jackie et al: "Debbie is a liar!...."
Truth: The devil moved it, which is not the same thing as stealing, but it's still missing..
2. Imp: "Debbie slept with blacks in Korea."
The police: "I told you she was a slut!"
Truth: It's called barracks"
3. Imp: "She told the police she was going to Hebron, not Lewisville."
Petty: "I'll get her for lying."
Truth: That part of Carrollton is almost the latter and the library is named Hebron branch"
4. Condi Rice: "She can get there in 30 minutes" [She can get from Loop 12 & Hillcrest to Cromwell & Forest before 6 pm].
Communist: "Punish her."
Truth: "Are you kidding? On a bus during rush hour?
5. Winston: "She gets indecent with us."
Constable: "She ought to be locked up!"
Lori: That's what blacks call taking a bath."
Winston: "They believe me. Now I can beat you up."
350-LVN (BF): "Damn straight! I got up on indecent. And we don't need proof!"
Truth: "Reporting crime doesn't make the witness indecent and neither does taking a bath"
6. Imp #1: "The Bible says women are just things." Proverbs 18.22
Imp #2: "She's brainwashing you with her thing. Make sure he doesn't want her thing."
InKwon: "I wasn't raised to worship your thing as God."
Winston (besides the usual dirty desciption of my sexuality): "No sleeping to escape my pain."
BF in Jack in the Box commercial: "If I say you're just a burger, he better listen to me!." 47
Imp #2: "He'll be in a coffin soon if he doesn't make you obey me." 47 "He has to get up in me (and my illegal lust) or I'll kill him." 99
Loud TV coming from 350 UK: "All you need is love, not my tail."
Mueller: "Judges 5.12 means God didn't create dirty sex for procreation only. The sexual union in marriage is God in the physical expression of two people in love with one another" Stop besmirching marriage to get along with the less fortunate"
FOP: "It's not for pro-creation only."
Truth: "Besides marriage being none of your business, taking the word out of context is a hate crime"

7. Antichrist: "See how she blames me? She must be punished!"
Other: "But you did this."
Antichrist: "But she accuses me!"
Lori Bailey: As long as she knows your private business, she's a suspect" She cannot accuse you of anything without first invading your life. You, on the other hand, can accuse/report anyone that has done things like that to you in the past"
Antichrist: "But accusing me is lying."
Other: "It's not a lie if you're there or made a threat."
Other: "No insinuations or mind games. This one is evading arrest with psychological ter/62 and violent/92. Why are you on her 24/7? What is your purpose for watching her all the time? You don't even tell the truth when you see the truth!"
Antichrist: "This isn't over by a long shot."
Other: "That statement, after all the crimes you have committed with espionage and that laser, is witness tampering. You made her accuse you by letting her hear you gripe, complain and assault her. Stop being mean to her. Stop making threats and carrying them out on her. You're not a victim or precious, so stop thinking you're above the law. 
Debbie: "Put them in the cornfield."
Antichrist: "You'll see another Tsunami."
Debbie: "What? We're not going to pretend another earthquake hit Haiti?"
Truth: How does Bush know after what he did to Debbie in Washington, DC that cost him 4 more years"?
Other: He shouldn't still have full capability!

8. Bush says: "Debbie is cuckoo."
NYPD: Debbie is against a coup to right the wrongs Oprah sees everywhere".

9. "Debbie is not a lady."
Truth: "In Britain a lady is someone who gives her husband sex for procreation only."

10. Many 911 callers: "She's walking in the middle of the road!"
Truth: The communists change the lights when she's in the middle of a crosswalk.

11. Little Sister/Bones: "You never say 'let's do lunch together'."
Truth: Besides never having time for Debbie, this one lives almost 70 miles away.

12. Devil: "She drinks coffee before going to bed."
Another: "She shouldn't blame the blacks for keeping her awake."
Truth: It's decaf.

13. Devil: "She plays with herself."
Truth: She plays with the people most like herself, i.e. the cops"

14. Devils: "She's full of shit."
Truth: "Devils say this when I'm not allowed to have a bowel movement."

15. Count Dracula is still trying to get at me: "She eats condiments."
Truth: "Everyone does on salads, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

16. 911 callers: "There's a woman standing on a corner watching cars. I think she's a prostitute."
New York: "It's a bus stop. Drive by there again and look."

17. 911 callers: "There's a woman on the street (on the train, bus, stores, etc) that looks like a police officer. I think she's crazy."
NYPD: "Why does this concern you, Mam?

18. Devil: "Debbie is a spendthrift."
Mark Sullivan: "I said no ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints or poking holes in her skin. And now I say no cramping her. Leave her alone means don't touch her or her stuff with that laser"
Truth: "They steal, too."

19. And sometimes it gets, just too far out!
Devil: Sunglasses means whites are watching blacks and that scares me"
Whites will say: Sunglasses are worn to stop the sun from hurting our eyes, making us squint.
Debbie: Our way of looking at things is no longer allowed. This is called "no real."
Bill: "And so all her sunglasses were broken.."

20. Devil: "She doesn't use soap when she bathes."
Anonymous: "I was appalled when I heard that."
Debbie: "Most of us make so much lather with shampoo, who needs soap to spoil things?"
The Police: "Are you that grimey?"

21. Little Miss Muffet: "She's not all there."
Debbie: "It means the other half of me is in Irving, which is the spouse.
Thank God: "It means they kidnapped her family"

22. Oprah Winfrey: I just plugged up her hole so she couldn't have sex. What's wrong with that? Did you want her to have sex with everyone."
Debbie: "Married women are suppose to enjoy a sexual relation WITH THEIR HUSBANDS. There she goes again, misleading people with her dirty, exaggerating mind.

23. Oprah Winfrey to Google: "That's not her phone number. It belongs to someone else. Prevent her access to her emails in Gmail."
Google: Done"
Dallas FBI Director: "Everyone uses that phone number that lives at that hotel. Restore her access"
Google: "Senator McCain told us to lock her out."
Debbie: "So that's why I can't get into my email account"
Oprah Winfrey: "Make sure she's with the FBI." 11,18,2
Debbie: "Satellite espionage, instant obstruction and demand is GOOSE."
Oprah Winfrey: "No freebie."
Debbie: "What's free about $580. a month rent?"
Oprah Winfrey: "Now, you can't have a room and I'm going to tell everyone where you live."
Dallas FBI's Affirmative Action team prevents Debbie from doing many things for Oprah" Hate crime that one and Rexar.

24. Devils: "She doesn't take a bath."
Warren: "When's the last time she took a bath?"
Debbie: "2012."
Warren: "Why was that?"
Debbie: "Paul Ryan tortured me in the arms, wrists and hands so I couldn't get out of the tub."
Devils: "She still hasn't taken a bath."
Debbie: "Since 2012, I've had to take only showers, because lust will go after me again."
Bill Clinton: "Do you hear evil, too?"
Bush Sr.: "No real." 65
Large librarian Park Forest: "She's psychotic."
Debbie: "Speak for yourselves. Talking like that aloud in the library, unafraid of what others will think!"

25. Oprah Winfrey: "She was a slut."
Debbie: "My Irish mother taught us this to keep a husband happy: "Be a lady in the living room, a wife in the kitchen and a slut in the bedroom. Her black satellite made everything my Mom said false, after the satellites came along."
Bush Sr.: "She admitted to it?"

26. Mexicans in the library: "You need to see a doctor."
Debbie: "FEARNOT, it means I better see things the way Dr. Carson sees it or I'll be tortured, vandalized or robbed."
Bill Bratton: "You need to see a doctor for those laser injuries, Honey"
Debbie: "You know I can't trust hospitals after 1998 when I was at the VA for knee surgery. Remember what she did?"
Bill: "And then there was the doctor who killed her mother."
Bill Clinton: "Bush is ruined for stalking her in hospitals."
Debbie: "A stalker helped Kim Robinson steal something from me."PARANOID

28."Crazy" is an acronym and a word dropped by blacklisters.

29. Crazy liar: "Debbie called Mike Pence an sob on [social media]."
Social Media blocks Debbie out for "security reasons."
Truth": Statement made by spy satellite echelon (black tyranny) is not a fact. This is what we call hype - troublemaking on an innocent person as retaliations or obstruction"
Oprah Winfrey: "Lying works! I'm first or you're dead"
Librarian: "It means you're just [female]."
Bush Sr.: "Debbie doesn't make sense."
Knee jerk reactions to hype are people conditioned by constant barrages of statements like these.
Bill Bratton: "I said no deals with devils so Debbie can see her kids"

30. Big Monster: "Debbie lost her driver's license. She shouldn't be allowed to continue as a witness or [anything else]."
Debbie: "My car was vandalized beyond repair in 1997. I kept my license until 6-2-16 when I traded it in for a simple ID card. What? Why pay a higher price (games) for something I'll probably never use again?
Bill Bratton: "Monsters don't have a need for common sense."
Reagan: "Or a sense of humor"
Barry: "And laughing during or after you torture someone , isn't a sense of humor"
Truth: Leaving gaps gives the devils opportunity to mess with minds.

31. Big Monster: "She's not a vet."
Police: "That's not true. Don't listen to her"
Big Monster (after poisoning many people): "I meant, she's not a veterinarian."
Reagan: Stalking charges on everyone of them discussing us with lust.
Debbie: Such is the nature of Revelation 22.15 They love to lie and subvert...

32. Antichrist: "Debbie drinks."
[Similar to #12 above]
Prince Charles: John 4.14
Debbie: "Everybody drinks water. Beware of presumptuous sins for these carry the ball and the team into hell"

33. Bush Sr. and his minions in Defense Intelligence Agency: "She's mental."
Oprah Winfrey et all does this to total strangers, too.
Debbie: "They're referring to Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, England. Google it for more information.
Bill Clinton: "It's an honor to be watched by the White House."

34. Bush Sr.: "Debbie doesn't tell the truth."
Bill Clinton: "This deception is played to gain the listeners confidence. It means Debbie tells only the truth"
Bill Clinton: It could be played several ways: Debbie is a cipher for a liar's name or the whole sentence must be reversed, e.g Debbie tells only the truth"

35. Bush Sr.: "Debbie has a mental illness." [See #33 above]
Bill Clinton: "Here again, it means there is a "mental" satellite on her with a "jealous" (sickness) audience watching." If it seems to make sense, suspect deceit because pollution shouldn't be discussing a federal witness to anyone"
Director Alles: "Stop trying to knock us down"
Oprah Winfrey (West Virginia relay): "I don't think so." 18

36. Devilry: "She's full of shit"
Reality: Said when she's not allowed to defecate" so they can exclaim: "I didn't lie"

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