Meet Watchful Winston and his creepy laser.
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violate the 4th amendment.
And are subverting us with "mental telepathy" 
in violation of the 3rd also.
  • Snitching is a federal offense.
  • Saboteurs - as they tell on a victim in a way that always makes the victim seem bad. Oprah creates situations deliberately, so she can tell things this way.
  • Racists stalking people they don't like!
  • Racists stalking people that don't obey their echelon and do or say bad things to people they want to  get at.
  • Snitching is a common way of making false police reports"
  • Because you're breaking the law listening to these snitches, there's nothing in the criminal snitch rule book that guarantees you, the listener, the truth about anyone"
  • It's against the law to tell people in the streets Debbie's private business or location.
  • You are not to use "Loki" where Debbie is concerned. This method of communication is subversive!
  •  When the Secret Service breaks the law, you are under Justice's jurisdiction. Don't think you will escape prosecution forever.
  • It's none of your business what Debbie plans to do with her life, or how she does it. Crime is the Justice Department's business, not yours" Don't "avenge anyone. It may be a trick!
  • We don't care how many people are against Debbie, or how many are turned against her, it is STILL AGAINST THE LAW for you to grant them means to make trouble on Debbie!"
  • Mostly, if not all, the Blacks on Debbie use this access illegally, as an opportunity to deny Debbie Due Process and this usu. makes the least little mistake a major problem for the snitches stalking her. Rest assured, this, with your opinion attached can become major crimes earning her severe punishments such as vandalism, torture, thefts and terrorism.
  • Tries to run everyone's life with espionage.
  • Debbie didn't ask for your opinion. Why are you giving it to stalkers?
"It's subversive to eavesdrop on private conversations and tell others. You're the violators of civil rights!!!"

A federal witness is often a victim of snitches. They sustain harm from an army of snitches in public places and one of these days, someone is going to get fed up with intimidation and slam the jail doors in all of your faces"

You are not special for voicing discontented satellites stalking witnesses and the men and women trying to assist them. Remember that, Mam"

- December 14,2021 added 3rd amendment