as it did on mine!!!

Attempts to align events is being sabotaged by magic Oprah in Dallas FBI.
It's wrong to take things off this list without permission.

 In Kwon and I in Waegwan Korea, 1980.  He disappeared the Tuesday following Memorial Day weekend, 1997. And another thing, Bush Sr. shouldn't be allowed to spy on people and change things without permission!
"Bill Click will kill you all!"
1. Names and dates are birthdays
2. Pertains

Adolf Hitler rises 1-30-33
Gandhi killed by Godse 1948
Tet Offensive: First Bn, Fifth Marines slaughtered 1968
13 priests killed in British N. Ireland for Jesus Christ 1972
Albert Einstein 3-14-879
Alfred Hitchcock 8-13-899
Al Sharpton 10-03-54
American Go Wacky After 9-Eleven
Anarchist Bell Hooks spews on American 6-7-02
Pledge of Allegiance barred from Maddy Wisconsin schools 10-10-01
10' US Flag taken out of library in Boulder 11-6-01
Flags removed from fire trucks in fear of anarchists in Berkeley, CA 10-17-01
Amhearst College wants "Minuteman" logo changed 11-25-97
New Orleans bans schools from "George Washington" name 1-18-00
"Abolish the White Race" becomes a student forum topic 4-29-02
Blacks claim racism is worse now than before Civil Rights 4-18-02
Kristallnacht [organized Nazi thug violence on German Jews] 11-9-38 begins.
Nitro used to blow up Post Office in NYC located at 33rd & 8th 5-1-919
Dynamite in a wagon explodes on Wall Street near the Morgan Bank on 9-12-920, 40 people killed.
Folsom CA School officials say no chanting USA at sporting events because it "offends blacks" 9-14-17
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt born 10-11-884
Died 11-7-62
Ann "Davies" Romney 4-16-49
Rodger P. Davies killed Nicosia 8-19-7
Unlawful activity begets Trayvon Martin death 3-8-12
Armageddon on AG Palmer 6-2-919
Arms Limitation talks begin 11-12-21
Artie Sulzberger 9-22-51
Assahola takes 66 hostages 11-4-79
Debbie arrives in Osan AFB, South Korea 11-4-7
FDR's Neutrality Act passes 11-4-39
They are held for 444 days, the house number of my in-laws in S. Korea.
Barbara Bush Rye NY 6-8-925
Died on 4-17-2018
Bernadotte assassinated in Jerusalem 9-17-48
Jordie Wasfi Tal slipped on ice and fell in Cairo Ipso facto 11-28-71
Madero & Swarz kaput in Mexico. Don't feel sorry for them" 2-23-913
No more tacos for sweet Pancho Viilla" 7-20-23
Hitler injured during a bomb blast 7-20-44
Juan Pablo injured by bayonet at Fatima, Portugal 5-12-82
Murr wounded in car explosion in Beirut 7-12-05
Teddy Roosevelt wounded in Milwaukee during speech and he kept talking 10-14-912
Debbie sexually harassed by a black and oriental females at Krispy Kreme 5-22-15
The Luthistania sunk by Germans near Ireland killing 412/128 Americans 5-7-914
Bible verses and Lord's prayer outlawed in America 6-17-63
Most school-age children are Christians
Bill Clinton 8-19-46
Tipper Gore 8-19-48
Boris Karloff 11-23-887
Boston Shipwreck 177 dead 1-25-870
Boston Tea Party 12-16-776
China doesn't want opium sold to them 1839
Treaty of Nanjing: China loses Hong Kong 1842 
Kiaochow awarded to Japan 1919
Building forts in the west - Fort Russell by General G.M. Dodge 7-21-886
Transferred to Interior Dept 7-22-884
Fort Washita near Col. Henry Dodge's 1834 camp 4-23-842
Fort Leavenworth 5-8-827 [See Harry Truman below]
Fort Dodge by Col. Dodge, heavy artillery (1st U.S. Dragoon) 8-2-850
Fort Riley by Col. Bennett 6-27-853
Fort Cantonment, northwest of Fort Reno by Lt. Col. Richard I. Dodge
      23rd Infantry  3-6-879
Bullitt, William C calls Roosevelt to report Nazis invaded Poland 9-1-39
Byong Dong Song 1-10-24
Vladimir A. Dzhanbekov in space 1978
Vermont ratifies the Constitution 1791
RFK and Hoover discuss how to prevent communism from infiltrating 1961
Calle Thorne 11-20-69
California passes Prop 187 11-8-94
Call them the FBI 8-14-35
Castro's in charge 2-16-59
Challenger explodes 73 seconds after launch 1-28-86
Small clip on Debbie & In Kwon publ in mag on page 37 1986 Easter
450 Texas school pupils killed in explosion 1937
Charles De Gaulle 11-22-890
Charles Manson convicted 1-25-71
Chief Kunkle Quits 11-12-09
China seizes Johnson South Reef 3-14-88
Christopher Columbus leaves Spain for America on 8-3-492
He finds a future British colony on 10-12-492
USS Cole bombed 2000
Civil War begins 4-12-861
Clarence Thomas 6-23-48
Nominated to Supreme Court by Bush Sr. 7-1-91
Wentworth Arthur Matthew, of Harlem, born in Britain's St. Kitts 1892
 [I filed a complaint with EEOC on 8-7-90. This is hatemail].
Colin Powell 04-05-37
Contrary to popular beliefs, he did not start Vietnam's war on Christians
Condi Rice 11-14-54
Coventry in London boimbed by Nazis 1940
Homeland Security invented while this one still CEO Chevron 11-25-02
"Konrad" spy ring exposed 3-18-41
Khmer Rouge 1975
Random Harvest 11-14-20
Prince Charles 1948
Czech Republic fully in NATO 3-12-99
The Last Picture Show 1951
University of Marshall Football team PC-75 dead 1970
Mass slaughter in the Ukraine 8-28-41
Frank Parsons writes "The New Political Economy." 1854
Jawaharial Nehru 1889
Dick Powell 1904 (Left clues in his movie-UN Statehood)
Constance Keane (Vernoica Lake, NH) 1919
Time on clock in movie "Julie" 11:14
"Castle Rock" - Stand By Me (Poor boy hit by a train)
 Leo Bernstein conducts NY Philharmonic on radio 1943
Charles Carroll dies 1832
"Major gangsters" meet in Apalachin, NY 1957 Joseph Civillo of Dallas in attendence
Serial Killer Ed Gein stands trial 1968
The FBI Story premiers at RCMH 9-24-59
Adel Mahdi agrees to "new path" for Shiite Moslem in Iraq 2003
Ivan Boesky cops a plea in insider stock scandal 1986
7th Calvary in Vietnam 1967
7th Fleet destroyed at Pearl Harbor 12-7-1941
Custer's Last Stand (7th Cavalry) 6-25-876
[Judges 5.12 is the seventh book in the Bible]
Dan Quayle 2-04-47
Interstate Commerce Commission begins 1887
130 countries depend on US foreign aid 2003
Darwin croacks 4-19-882
Daylight Savings Time 3-30-18
Dean Acheson (Secy State-Truman) 4-11-893
Walter (Drive) Bedall Smith (CIA Dir.-Truman) 10-7-895
Buried in Sec. 7 Arlington Cemetary
Kenneth W.D. Strong (UK Chief of Intelligence) appt'd 5-25-44
 Debbie threatened by BM co-worker 6-20-90
Then terrorism esculates to an audience pitch!
 Mexican Apartheid - Obama messes up 6-20-12
Restricted from my job by BF 7-3-90, though I broke no rules or laws.
Went to the Jesuits for help about the police refusing to assist 2-19-91
Debbie goes to EEOC 8-7-90
West Virginia admitted to the Union with gradual abolition of marriage 1863
Flamingo Casino owner murdered1947
Tropical Storm Agnes kills 129 1972
Debbie & In Kwon anniversary 7-12-75 - Embassy in Seoul for visa 11-12-75
American Airlines crashed at JFK after takeoff, 265 murdered 2001
Zionist Theodor Herzl addresses a crowd in London 7-12-896
Family wedding celebration 12-21-75
Pan Am 747 Lockerbie Scotland 270 murdered 12-21-88
General George S. Patton died from injuries 12-21-45
Incurred at Heidelberg, Germany on 12-9-45
Wife's name was Beatrice Banning Ayer
Steven Mnuchin of NYC (Secty State - Trump) 12-21-62
Mayflower lands on Plymouth Rock 12-21-620
Scotland gets regional... "Lock Katrine" 9-11-97
Mothman spotted in West Virginia 11-12-66
Second Mir Docking STS 74 11-12-95
Jack Teich kidnapped and released after $750K ransom paid 11-12-74
Hitler attacks Moscow 7-12-41
Debbie starts making tapes for President Clinton 7-17-99
Reagan nominated by GOP for president 1980
Igor P. Volk in space 1984
322 killed ammunition ship explosion Port Chicago, CA 1944
Potsdam Conferance begins 1945
Rosenberg arrested 1950
TAM Airlines Airbus crashed in Brazil, 199 murdered 2007
Cuba surrenders to President Wilson 1898
TWA Flight 800 crashes into New York Harbor leaving JFK, 230 murdered 1996 (Bush Sr. laser) 152 of them Americans!
Tapes removed from store shelves 3-12-12
Something bad happens to Debbie 2-19-95
Executive Order 9066 moves Japanese ancestry away from the west coast.
Debbie L. Dodge Song 1-25-52 
First phone conversation NY-SF 1915
First meeting about UFO 1952
Hwy 125 runs through White Plains, NY just east of Yonkers
Aviance Airlines 707 crash lands at JFK 73 dead 1990
First Olympic games open in France 1924
Nellie Bly breaks "around the world" record 1890
JFK holds first live presidential news conference 1961
Abraham Lincoln gives an anti-slavery speech in New York City 1860
Superbowl 21 1987 (Denver Broncos v NY Giants) NY won!
Debbie L. Song Kim 2-05-78
Espionage Tech becomes mightier than the conscience/law 10-25-78
The city of Pompeii is leveled by an earthquake 2-5-0063
Cousin Marjorie Robinson born 2 mos premature 2-5-79
Delaware 12-7-787
7th Fleet attack at Pearl Harbor 12-7-41
Donald Trump 6-14-46
Check out people whose day is 14
Donna Sakkinen 5-21-54
Loretta Lynch, first black female AG 1959
14 year old Bobby Franks kidnapped and killed 1924
Michael Collins ambushed in West Cork Ireland 8-22-22
Rudolf Hermann Lotze 1871
Henry Cabot Lodge1850 (Died in 1924)
Draft Law passed 3-3-863
Destructive protest to the Draft breaks out in NYC 7-15-863
1155 people killed
Rich could pay $300 and get out of draft
Draft tried again 5-19-17
9.6 million registered 6-5-1?
DuPont empire goes to care of elderly and crippled children 4-29-35
NSA bucks Hoover to resume illegal operations 3-29-71
Dwight Eisenhower 10-14-890
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt 10-11-884
Teddy Roosevelt shot in Milwaukee 1912
Napoleon's France crushes Russia's Army 1806
Office of Price Admin. halts auto manufacturing to build tanks 4-1-42
 Col. James Doolittle flies low to bomb Japan. Doesn't make it to China Not all survive. 4-18-42
11 members of the CFPUSA sentenced to prison for "advocating violent overthrow...." 1949
Operation Mongoose - Eager to regain Cuban casinos 11-30-61
The Eagle Has Landed (on the Moon) 7-20-69
Earthquake Armenia 12-7-88
Atlanta Fire 119 dead 12-7-46
Edward VII becomes king of England 1-20-36
Abdicates on 12-11-36 (gives up the thrown to marry)
Wallis Simpson, twice divorced socialite on 6-3-37
Egypt Air 217 dead 10-31-99
Ehud Barak 2-12-42
Elizabeth Smart weapons abducted 6-5-02
Male incompetant to stand trial 3-12-03
90 days min looneybin 7-26-05
Emancipation Proclamation 1-1-863
J. Edgar Hoover born 1895
Entebbe on Debbie at FB LIbrary 7-3-12
Empire State Bldg Opens 5-1-31
Hebrews 5.25, Genesis 2.25 and 2 Timothy 2.5
China Airlines broke apart in mid-air enroute to Hong Kong 225 dead 5-25-02American Airlines crashes in Chicago 275 murdered 5-25-79
Exxon Valdez 3-24-89
First fried criminal 8-6-890
First stone laid for the Washington Monument 4-15-791
Fuchinobe watches EC121 class satellites 4-15-69   
First time White House fried 8-24-814
First time U.S. Capitol bombed 3-1-71
First satellite in orbit 1-31-58
Florence Helen Biggs McDonough Wagner 1-27-907
NYC Tavern bombed by Puerto Ricans 1975
Hwy 127 runs through White Plains, NY 
Florida discovered 9-8-565
FDR passes away suddenly 4-12-45
"Good Neighbor" speech before Pan American audience 1933
The Civil War started 4-12-861
Bricklayer misses FDR and kills Miami mayor 2-1-33
America steps away from the UK 4-12-1776
Ho Chi Minh and Assata Shakur scholarships at UNY 1995
FDR's Four Freedoms turned us communist 1-6-41
Irish attempt capture of Campobello Isl. near Canada 1866
Debbie's mother was born on1-24-24 [More on Debbie's family is on ATY GEN
A re-configuration of his death
Poisoned on 1-26-52
Matches Irish Free State 12-6-921
Ratified on 1-7-22 [Debbie's parent's anniversary 7-22-50
W.T. Cosgrove becomes first president 12-6-22
FOP (The Fraternal Order of Police) created 5-14-915
Gandhi assassintaed by Nathuram Godse 1-30-48
Ghent, Belgium 2-17-814
George Bush Jr. 7-06-46
George Bush Sr. 6-12-24
David Rockefeller 6-12-915 
"Herzog" reigns in NYC 9-12-866. Matches Debbie's son 9-12-1976
Rec'd wings of Naval Aviator 6-9-43. Matches dob Misook Song-Park 6-9-52
Arrives in Hawaii for some R&R 4-20-44. It's one day short of the queen's dob 4-21-26
Suits up for first bombing mission Pacific theater 5-21-44. Matches dobs of Debbie's sister 5-21-54 and Loretta Lynch, first BF in AGO 5-21-57.
Marries Barbara in Rye, NY 1-6-45
King Henry VIII married fourth wife Anne of Cleves 1840
Martha Washington married George 1763
Irving PD entrapment engineered that lead to brutality 1998
Warren G. Harding nominated by GOP 1920
Allegedly dies on 11-30-18
George V 6-3-865
was King of England when Hitler rose to power.
George VI 12-14-895
Becomes king of UK 5-12-37
Dies 2-05-52
George Washington 2-22-732
Germany Passes Pure Blood Law 9-12-35
Gold discovered in California 1-24-848
Debbie's mother born in 1924
Gold fever hits the Klondike 6-16-897
Gold Standard chunked 4-19-33
Goose begins/UN Charter signed in San Francisco 6-26-45
GOP claims there's a war raging for souls of white men 8-17-92
Greg Abbott 11-13-57 
7-14-84 A falling tree branch breaks his back
12-2-02 Became 50th AG of Texas
1-20-15 Governor of Texas
Grissom & Young in a tin can 3-23-65
Paraguay Vice President ambushed & killed 3-23-99
Guadelupe Hildalgo 2-2-848
Bye! Adios! Sayanara"
Harry Truman 5-8-884 (FDR's vice president)
FDR fears Fascism spreading in America 5-8-34 
Vietcong ousts (Catholic) France 5-8-54
Cellphone disabled by AG Lynch 5-8-15 without due process
My Uncle Bud (Stanley) was born in Yonker's NY on 5-8-26
Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio was born 5-8-61
He died at age 42 on 7-23-69.
Monica Lewinsky 7-23-73
Elvis Presley made a movie in 1968 called Speedway that gave this date.
The singer later died on 8-16-77 at age 42.
Hawaii premiers "In Harm's Way" 3-7-65
Haymarket Square bomb kills 7 policemen 5-4-886
NY World Fair bomb kills 2 policemen 7-4-40
FDR moves Japanese Americans inland 2-19-42: Fear of echelon and avarice
Hitler bans mixed marriages 5-12-35
Was he thinking something bad against Judges 5.12?
Lindbergh Baby found dead 5-12-32
L. Patrick Gray III replaces him 5-12-72
Lew Allen Jr. obeys Frank Church, scuttles Shamrock 5-12-75
John Paul II fired upon Portugal 5-12-82
King Kong v Godzilla DVD released 5-12-98
Hitler sacks Austria 3-12-38
Hitler attacks Moscow 7-12-41
HMS Vestries 110 dead 11-12-28
Holland surrenders to Oprah 5-15-40
Howard Hughes flies around the world 7-12-38
Humphrey Bogart 12-25-899
In God We Trust 7-30-56
   Well, do you punk?
In Kab/Noel Song 12-25-65
Sir Isaac Newton 1642   
In Kwon/Steven Song 9-12-76
DOD created to serve Goose 9-12-789
Poland liberates Europe from Islam 9-12-683
InKwon/Steven Song 6-22-50
France surrenders to Hitler 6-22-40
Hitler attacks the Soviet Union 6-22-41
U.S. takes Okinawa from Japan 6-22-45
In Kwon naturalized as an American citizen 11-20-79
Queen Elizabeth II marries Phillip (Duke of Edeinbugh)1947
US Sentae seats 64 members north wing 1-4-859
Verify Ephesians 6.4 (Date of demarkation)
Ireland approved as a Free State 1-7-22
My parents anniversary 7-22-50
Isle of Kushau (Yashua) questionnaire turns up in UK 8-16-41
Iwo Jima 3-17-45
Jack Kemp 7-13-35
JAL crash 520 dead 8-12-85
James Patrick O'Neill joins the police in 1983
James Patrick Bulger born 3-16-90
Murdered 2-12-93
"Piece of String" - Guy de Maupassant 11-25-883
Janet Reno 7-21-38
Japan surrenders 8-14-45
Hiroshima Payback from Tibbet's Enola Gay  8-7-45
Payback continues on DPD Officer Tippet 11-22-63
Winston Churchill tells Welsh miners was with Germany is a joke. 8-14-908.
Jeb Bush 2-11-53
Sarah Palin 2-11-64
Lloyd Bentson 2-11-21
Crew used radar 2-11-00
Raymond W. McDonough 2-11-28 (Uncle Mack) died in 1978
J. Edgar Hoover 1-1-895
Appointed Director 5-10-24
Died on 5-2-72
L. Patrick Gray III replaces him 5-12-72
Lew Allen Jr. obeys Frank Church, scuttles Shamrock 5-12-75
Betsy Ross was born 1759
Paul Revere born 1735
His First Holy Communion 9-11-910
J.D. Salinger 1919 author of "Catcher in the Rye" (Barbara Bush pob: Rye NY)
Joan of Arc 1-6-412
Joe McCarthy leaks 205-57 communist list to Ohio County Republican Woman's Club 2-9-50
John Kennedy 5-29-17
PT109 boat sinks and all men saved by JFK 8-2-43
Delta Airlines crashes in Dallas, 135 dead Debbie & In Kwon on Beltline in Irving 8-2-43 
Committed suicide in Dallas 11-22-63
Worms of Concordat 1122
Marian Evans 1819
32 Italian soccer fans mauled by Liverpool fans 5-29-65
John Kennedy Jr. and wife Carolyn die in plane crash 7-16-99; Sister Lauren Bessette also dies
Jodie Foster 11-19-62
2nd oldest person in space 1996
Discovery Day in Puerto Rico 11-19
Gettysburg Address recited 1863 ""
Joe Biden 11-20-42
John Daniel Warwick 9-5-842
John Glenn born 7-18-21
Orbits Earth 2-20-62
Died 12-8-16
John McCain 8-29-36
Julia Chen 1-6-70 (Oriental stalkers on Debbie")
Moon Bloodgood 9-20-75
Lucy Lui 12-2-68
Michelle Wiemar 10-11-89
Kate Middleton 1-9-82
Katherine, Queen of England married King Henry VIII 6-11-509
1-31-510 Stillborn daughter
1-1-511 Prince Henry born
2-22-511 dies 52 days later
October 1513 Stillborn son
December 1514 Prince Henry born and dies a few hours later
2-18-516 Mary I born
11-17-558 dies
11-10-518 Another daughter and died shortly thereafter
Kenneth Ray Knox 12-05-47 Wyandotte, MI
   Attempted three tours in Vietnam
Kermit & Teddy Roosevelt float the River of Doubt with 22 men and 7 canoes 2-27-914
Lost 55 pounds when found on 4-26-914
Ki Ban Moon 6-13-44
Rigs himself the UN sec gen 1-1-07
Korea invaded by the Chinese Communists 6-25-50
Khobar Towers struck by terrorist, 19 Americans killed 1996
in Saudia Arabia Time 2150 hrs
[19 words in Judges 5.12]
First UK settlement in India 1625
King Charles I of England 1625
World Bank in operation 1946
Virginia becomes a state 1788
Kursk 118 dead 8-12-00
My brother-in-law Bill Sakkinen 1951
Larry King 11-11-40
Leon Panetta 6-28-38
Lindbergh Baby 6-22-30
Lindbergh Baby kidnapped 3-1-32
Ransom paid at St. Raymond's Cemetary 4-9-32
1865 Lee surrenders to U.S. Grant
1926 Hugh Hefner
1940 Hitler invades Denmark and Norway
Lindbergh Baby found dead 5-12-32
Kidnapping now punishable by death 6-22-32
Hauptmann captured 9-15-34
Fried 4-3-36
Louie Freeh 1-06-50
Keep a record of traffic violations using the satellite in August 2004: "It's fraud to fight [Debbie]."
J. Edgar Hoover publically denounces illegal entries 1967
Teddy Roosevelt dies in Oyster Bay, NY 1919
FDR's Four Freedoms State of the Union Address 1941
New England forms first anti-slavery society in Boston 1832
Virginia first state to destroy surplus tobacco 1639
King Harald of England crowned 1066
Sun Myong Moon 1930
King Henry V of Germany crowned 1099
Jews expelled from Graz in Austria 1497
Charles 1 will be tried for treason and "high crimes" 1649
Franklin Pierce and family in a train wreck 1853
Great Northern Railway connects Seattle to east coast 1893
First  Woman's Bike Race commences for 6 days in NYC 1896
Nuclear accident in Gore, OK 1986
Ma Bell broken to smithereens 1-1-84
MacArthur Inchon 9-15-50
Malcolm X killed in LAX 2-21-65
Margaret Truman 2-17-24 
Mark Alson Dodge 8-17-60
First traffic jam in America, in NYC 8-17-916
Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech 8-28-63
Mayflower lands 11-16-620
McKinley shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz 9-6-901
Menwith Hill Station fully operational 9-15-60
Geosynchronous in space 3-6-73
R.H. Goddard "crazy" for physics of rocket science 1-13-20
JFK announces "on the moon in 10 years" 5-25-61
Mars Orbit 9-11-97, Launched from earth 11-7-96
Michael Warren Song 4-03-79
Pony Express travels 200 miles a day 4-3-860 (horses changed every 10 miles)
Michelle Robinson Obama 1-17-64
Rutherford B. Hayes dies 1893
Founder of Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh, dies on 1997
Battle of Cowpens where the flag carried 12 stars in one 1-17-781: 3rd regiment MD.
Mind Control studies begins at the CIA 8-20-51
Mitt Romney 3-12-47
NH Judge John Pickering impeached 3-12-904
Czech Republic fully in NATO 3-12-99
Mohammed Ali sends letter to the draft board 2-16-66
Mom was born 1-24-24 in Yonkers, NY
12-4-1532: Shroud of Turin catches fire
President Carter restricts intelligence community 1-24-78
Mom executed 6-27-88, Hep C started in her bloodstream 1-26-52
Pres. Truman sends military to South Korea 6-27-1950
Immigration & Naturalization Act passed 6-27-1952
Michigan 1-26-837
Condi Rice becomes first BLACK Secretary of State 1-26-05
Paul Newman 1-26-25, Dies 9-26-03
269.47 hours in space 6-27-95
Train derailed in Paris, Kansas 6-27-88
Communists "take top posts" in Vietnam government 6-27-06
Joseph Smith lynched in Illinois 6-27-844
George Stevens begins filming of Gunga Din 6-27-38
Air France forced to land in Entebbe Uganda 6-27-76
Pope Benedict XVI was elevated to cardinal on 6-27-77. (Thank you)
Now you know why Mom was  murdered on this day in such a horrifying way"
Djibouti Independence 6-27-77
Interesting: Mckey Mantle whom my father worked for died of liver cancer age 63 on 8-13-95
Mosha Dayan cheapskates USS Liberty out of $17 million 12-19-80
Away we go again USS Pueblo 1-23-68
NAFTA approved in Canada 1-1-94
New Mexico 1-6-912
Norman Smith killed 1-6-09
Knocking out most of my teeth as "punishment" began in 2010
Oprah Winfrey found a way to get at me using this one"
It would make you sick how many use the taxpayer's $ to destroy us!
How dare you let that witch torture Debbie and keep her job!
See Slither 38
Newt Gingrich 6-17-43
Statue of Liberty still in crates 1885
Bunker Hill Day in MA 6-17
Nixon leaking on communists" 12-1-48 
Nuclear Regulatory Commission started 1-19-75
False police report put on Debbie 1998
Robert E. Lee's Birthday bash in the South 1807
ACLU created 1920
Nuclear accident in Gore, OK 1-6-86
Nuclear accident in Liverpool 10-7-57 (39 cancer deaths)
Oil first discovered in Titusville, PA 8-27-859
Vietnam conquered by France in 1855
 Saigon falls 4-30-75
O.J. Simpson 7-9-47
OKC 4-19-95
USS Iowa explosion kills 47 crewmembers 1989
Wayne MacVeagh 1833
Battle of San Jacinto Sam Houston president Texas 4-21-836
Air Philippines crash landing, 131 murdered 2000
Columbine High School 4-21-99
Oprah Winfrey 1-29-54
Kansas 1861
W.C. Fields 1879
Prohibition starts 1919
Britain smashes 10th Italian Army in Egypt 12-9-40
"I will put Bill Clinton in the grave if Debbie is chosen for veep." 7-4-12
Orson Welles terrorizes American radio listeners with War of the Worlds 10-30-38
Patty Hearst snatched 2-4-74
Pearl Harbor (7th Fleet) 12-7-41
Winecoff Hotel fire kills 119 1946
Edward Irving, founder of the Irvingite Apostolic Catholic Church of Scotland dies1834
Pope Benedict (Joseph Ratzinger) 4-16-27
Prince Yashihito 8-31-879
Big Devil crowned 7-30-912
Married Sadako/4 sons 5-10-900
Little Devil Born 4-29-901
Mothra becomes king 1926
Queen Elizabeth II 04-21-26
In many ways, she promised us herself in "RC" 11-14
The letters reversed means summons.
Queen Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (her mother) 8-4-900
Baroque Obama 8-4-61
Freddy Neitzsche croaks near Weimar 1900
S. Court defines free exercise in public as a church 6-25-62
Republic of China 1-1-912
Remember the Alamo! 3-6-836
Restricted from SMU 4-24-01
Richard M. Daley 1942    
Hubble Space Telescope luanched 1990
Rick Perry 3-4-50
DOL becomes independent of Commerce 1913
Congress meets in NYC 1789
Ronnie and Nancy Reagan tie the knot 1952
Rigoberta Menchu is a fraud ignored by Bush  1-5-98
Riots in Los Angeles 4-29-92
Rodney King beaten while resisting arrest 3-13-91
Robert Dole 7-22-23
Kaye Bailey Hutchinson 1943
Debbie's parents married 1950
Robert F. Kennedy 11-20-25
Allistair Cooke 1908
Cuban Missle Crisis 1963
Assassinated in Los Angeles by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan 6-4-68
His message in the movie Bullitt was released on 10-17-68
Robert Mueller 8-7-44
Robert S. MacNamara 6-9-16
Misooki Park 1952
Ronald Reagan 2-6-911
Rosa Parks 2-4-913
J. Danforth Quayle 1948
Statue of Liberty dedicated by Pres. Cleveland 10-28-886
She's 152 feet high and weighs 225 (genesis 2.25) tons.
Sir Isaac Newton 12-25-642
Smedley Darlington Butler 7-30-881
Sound Barrier Broken 10-14-47 
Stanley Finch 7-20-872
Stanley McDonough (My Uncle Bud) 5-8-26     
He died at age 42 on 7-23-69. 
Accessory Serial killer Myra Hindley born 7-23-42 OLKAHOMA   
Elvis Presley made a movie in 1968 called Speedway that gave this date.
He also died at age 42.   
Vietcong ousts (Catholic) France 5-8-54  
Diocese of Tucson ere4cted 5-8-897
Harry Truman 1884
Stanley Robinson 7-05-86
Superbowl 21 1-25-87 The New York Giants won!
Teddy Roosevelt 10-27-858
Shot in Milwaukee 10-14-912
Theodor Herzl 's Der Judenstaat published in Germany, Austria and Vienna 2-14-896 And so begins Zionism
Balfour Declaration passed in Parliament 11-2-917
JFK says military advisors will fire if fired upon 2-14-62
Stockpiles of bateriaological weapons are outlawed" 2-14-70
Twin Towers hit by planes 9-11-01 (Position to Statue of Liberty: No husband)
MacDonough defeats GB on Lake Champlain 1814
British fighter pilots gain an advantage on the Germans 1941
Venezuela ousts US Ambassador for eng. coup on them 2008
"Dodgers-Reds set scoreless mark" 1946
 AF General inspects new NSA projects in a classified area 1979
"The Awful Truth" radio version of the Hollywood hit airs 1939
Anna Lindh murdered in Stockholm was FMO (or do without which is death). 9-11-03
Dylan Bennet Klebold born 1981
John Ireland 1938
Military junta seizes power in Chile 1973
4 Americans killed in Benghazi Libya by Rice echelon 2012
New York City ready for the mayoral primary 9-11-01
General Washington retreats from Philadelphia at Brandywine 1777
UK enters Libya 11-19-41
UK kicked out of NY 11-25-783
Union Pacific reaches Utah 5-10-869
U.S. Evacuation Vietnam 4-30-75 
USSR stops Nazi machine 11-12-41
U.S. takes Okinawa from Japan 6-22-45
Vatican Council II 1-25-83
Vietnam Saga 
U.S. backs right wing Laos 12-15-60
Vietcong ousts (Catholic) France 5-8-54
Ho Chi Minh and Assata Shakur scholarships at UNY 4-12-95
U.S. agrees to train Vietnam's men 2-12-55
JFK says military advisors will fire if fired upon 2-14-62
Waco 4-19-93
Walt Whitman passes away in New York 3-26-892
War on Cuba 11-8-33
Warren G. Harding was born 11-2-865
Nominated by GOP to run 6-12-20
Found dead in hotel room SF 8-2-23
Warren Lee Dodge 3rd of 4 in California 7-25-22
Air France 4590 crashes on take-off enroute to JFK 109 civilians die
and for crew.
My father passes in October 9th
Woodrow Wilson's 14 articles 1-22-917
Abortion legalized 1973
Queen Victoria's reign comes to an end 1901
Wright Brothers airborne 59 sec. 12-17-903
 Many of the names above are on the Evil page.
How were the people of Earth spending their time?
  34 St. Paul converted to Christianity
  40 Antioch, Syria calls disciples of Jesus "Christians"
  54 Nero becomes emporer of Rome
 331 Constantine orders pagan temples destroyed
 468 Trial by jury of peers introduced
 558 Plague hangs around for 50 years Europe & Asia
 590 Mass celebrated
 625 Moslems push Christians out of Jerusalem
 580 Latin no longer heard in Italy
 793 Charlamagne starts school in monasteries & Cathedrals
 800 Agriculture & Horticulture practiced
 817 College of Cardinals founded
 910 Kingdom of Leon founded
 941 Arithmetic introduced to Europe
1002 France begins their written language
1003 Scotland ruled by Malcolm II
1010 Without cranes a Cathedral is built
1024 6 musical notes invented
1039 Scotland's Macbeth murders Duncan, then usurps
1076 Germany's Henry V tries to oust the Pope
1081 Turks take Jerusalem; oppresses Christians
1099 Crusaders come to save the day
1147 Moscow founded
1190 Jews become the bankers of the world
1230 Ferdinand II unites Leon and Castille Spain
1246 Henry III married Eleanor of Provence
1512 UK starts a war with France
1533 English King declares sex for procreation only
       Abolishes Catholicism
       Thousands beheaded
       The Irish prove to be his stubbornest subjects.
       Titanic sinks 4-14-912
       Propaganda started here against marriage.
       Jude 4 20th-27th words blasphemed by King Eight.
1534 Monarchy says barreness or sex of child grounds for divorce
       The Church opposes sex for procreation only.     
1615 Coffee arrives in Venice
1640 First American book publ: "Bay Psalm Book"
1666 London's Guildhall contains statues of Gog and Magog
1690 First paper mill America - PA
1709 Thermometer and still expensive
1775 David Bushnell- submarine
1777 Circular Wood Saw
1820 "Where skunks abound" - Chicago est.
1832 Morse patents telegraph
1845 Famine in Ireland starts migrations
1877 President Rutherford B. Hayes coins the term "First Lady."
1876 Gasoline Engine
1885 Graphophone
1888 Jack the Ripper is at large
1892 Diesel
1895 Radio
1904 Behaviorism all the rage
1908 NAACP (55)
1909 Silencer for Firearms
1910 Bombing the LA Times
1914 England invents military tank
1915 Col. W.J. Simmons revives KKK in Georgia
1917 Espionage Act passed
1919 4 million workers on strike
1924 Black Gold wins the Kentucky Derby
1926 Gertrude swims the English Channel
1927 Freud's "Future of an Illusion" takes on religion
1933 127 die in Long Beach, CA earthquake
1935 22 million on the public dole
1937 450 Texas pupils killed in school explosion
1938 Sigmund Freud escapes Gestapo and hides in London
1944 US Navy sinks German subs
1949 Ramsey Clark's father appointed to Supreme Court
1957 NORAD tucked away in the mountains of Colorado
1958 NASA
1960 John Winston Lennon and James Paul McCartney form the Beatles
1963 A Dutchman invents audio-cassette
Dates are also found in Avodat Elohim, Oklahoma and Fidelity.
Learn how to do this and the Enemies of our Republic will never escape.
From time to time, I will add to this list"
Thanks be to God, someone taught us this!
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June 11, 2012