Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 - BLACK COMMUNISM/94!
NYPD Command Staff
Dallas FBI will regret stalking her for that one"
Kellyanne can't get up using me".
 ]Very flighty, inconsistent, like a leaf in the wind. Very incapable of staying on course unless the magnet is evil.
 Updates are placed here and weekly on the #Numbered page every week"

When people reject the tenets of Christianity, Moslem, Judaism or the religion of their families and seek to display themselves as a group of dishonest troublemakers enmasse to get what they want for themselves through violence/crime and espionage, this is the end of the world as we know it!"
We don't care what uniform or skin you're in.. This is a felony. 6/30/11

Everything UFO is racketeering. 3/31/13
In case you wanted to know, we don't care what you think!.

FOR PHILLIP: The Titanic, the Holocaust, ... and some of the world's worse disasters, including tsunamis... were caused by my grandparents and other members of the royal household....Donna should have never left her parents....  4/14/16

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The presidents notorious for supporting black tyranny on us were/are: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter and Bush.
What does this spell, besides Oswald on Beckley? 

Bush Eisenhower Carter Kennedy In the Korean language, which was Wilson's, then FDR's dream and then Reagan's and Clinton's for my life in Judges 5.12 means 100.The $100. bill depicts Ben Franklin's image and this in freemasonry now means

over us with military systems of protection that were not meant for individual agendas.Their games wreck havoc on my life and thus far, with the help of my family, have gotten away with it! This one will be around whenever you are to be robbed or when shelf removal of products are done according to a private shopping list. Torturing her to get your name off a list when they've done abominable things, is more abominations" See GOOSE and SINISTER or NORTHWEST.

BECK also rhymes with TECK - the Queen of England's grandmother,who was married to George V who was formally crowned king on June 22, 1911..

Is it coming together for you, now?
Do your homework and you'll see it too..
Or just keep up with us after reading all the materials provided"

June 11, 2011
April 12, 2016
July 5, 2016
Sept 27,2017
December 27,2017

I have learned the only way to win is to STAND. Take it from someone who knows: Standing is hard, but not half as bad, even if they use the lasers, as cooperating with them..

UPDATES (5-20-17)

  • Ask YouTube for the lyrics to a song by the Cranberries entitled ZOMBIE.
  • Video bottom of ARIZONA page.
  • Police Chiefs look for f_g9X7huiZc in YouTube
  • The 2008 video of The Children depicts children doing bad things as if "other" directed"
  • "Smut" dialogue was explained all along in the page called LYNCH MOBS.
  • It's also in TOC (meaning Table of Contents).

MKULTRA means Making Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations
This was done to all members of my family: I am an eyewitness"

  1. Isolate the Subject from the desired Object and that which the Terrorist wants them to attack. This can be achieved mentally with echelon, espionage and the telling of lies about the Object"
  2. Browbeat the Subject with everything that can be thought up negative about the Object. Vulgarize it. Describe it as having ulterior motives. Make out the Object as something that "just wants to use" the Subject. "She just wants your money"
  3. Punish the Subject when they show an interest in the Object. Technology can read our thoughts" Invade their inner sanctum (the mind, their prayer life, etc) and let them know they are not going to hide from the Terrorist their feelings for that Object.
  4. Many threats will be made to scare the Subject from the Object.
  5. Objections to the Object will be constant and cruel. This will instill hatred for the Object into the Subject" Once in a blue moon, the Terrorist may say something kind, but this is to throw the Subject off the Terrorist's motive. It is imperative that the Terrorist is viewed as "helping" the Subject overcome his "addiction" to that Object.
  6. Do everything possible to deprive the Subject of the Object, such as calling him when the Object is close by to draw his attention away. Calling him late at night when he's ready for bed with the Object. Always insinuate that the Object is evil or lust.
  7. Find fault with everything about the Object"
  8. Have as many people talk to the Subject about the Object in negative terms. "She's our enemy." "You can do better." "You look silly on top of her." NINE O'CLOCK
  9. Keep pounding, browbeating and beating the Subject down about natural feelings and how they candisturb the relationship he now has with the Terrorist. Give the Subject treats, such as money or encourage him to find new activities, but never healthy ones.
  10. Ask the Subject personal things about the Object and then ridicule him for it. Test his strength to resist the Object by asking him to show the Terrorist how mean he can be to the Object"
  11. In time, the Subject will hate the Object, though the Object did nothing to the Subject. If put together, the Subject will turn violent on the Object when the latter tries to be nice to him.
  12. Being nice to the Subject triggers feelings of desire for the Object, feelings that have been pounded into him as "bad" "evil or Lustful." Maybe they'll say "it's racist to be with white against your own." So now the Subject is wrestling with these so badly needed feelings for the Object and the totalism of the Terrorist creeps in quickly and scares the Object into being mean to the Object. If the Object continues to make advances, the Subject will become more violent.
  13. Now the stage is set for murder and then, if the Terrorist applied her craft well, the Subject will commit suicide.
  14. If violence doesn't ensue, the Subject will approve of and love only what the Terrorist tells him is approved. That's why they keep saying "obey me." From this, they can make spree killers, serial killers, mass murderers and murder-suicides in families.
  15. They can plant ideas in your mind while you sleep and even images while you're awake. Always reminding you, they are in charge and you cannot escape them" This is mind control.
  16. The degrees of violence towards the Object will vary according to the amount of mind control is in place and how long the Subject has been exposed to the intensity of MKULTRA.
  17. Slow, but constant obedience leads to the Terrorist leads us into Mind Control Systems. Eventually, you will be afraid to say no to anything the Terror wants and to pause will create anxiety and feelings of dread of foreboding"
  18. Look for pettiness and stay away from it. Don't think for one moment, genius.
  19. Please look it up on other websites to get more details. This is juts a brief synopsis"

was originally written in 1999 using battleships destroyed at Pearl Harbor
as ciphers for messages to each other.
Like I have said many times before, in order to combat the Evils of communism,
you have to come up with the right stuff"
Now, I hear your requests to re-print this here. 10-12-17
It was written before I knew all the devils and their home of record"

ALABAMA - National Defense Service Medal
ALASKA - "I've been there, polar bear."
ARIZONA - Alpha and Omega, Diddie diddie Mao! There goes the Oklahoma!
ARKANSAS - Deborah Song, Judges 5.12, Best Texan Reagan County
CALIFORNIA - NSA in our education system
COLORADO - Goose in State is Misery (MO), No husband (NM) and blasphemy (WI)
CONNECTICUT - A royal straight flush beats a full house! Black Jack"
DELAWARE - Up and over the top! First Veteran Woman's Army Corps
FLORIDA - Abolish Affirmative Action and illegal immigration.
It's racketeering and doesn't do what it says"
You cannot walk into a building and say "I want that job" and take it away from someone that already has it. And if your pals get together and play games to take it away, that's illegal, too. Not Affirmative Action"
GEORGIA - Jews and Christians must work together"
HAWAII - Marijuana: A joint a day keeps the violence away"
IDAHO - Murphy Brown is against my name. Kmart Bush"
ILLINOIS - AKC: Fugitive was a black and silver German Shepherd purebred rookie
INDIANA - And Puppy was a backyard bred commando killed by Winston.
IOWA -  Sex in marriage contains the devil" No busybody foreign countries"
KANSAS - Disabled American Veterans Matthew 24.47 (for real, jerk)
KENTUCKY - Champions were born to run - Stop calling me a stamp"
LOUISIANA - "The Way of Holiness": The Covenant of Marriage
MAINE - President wanted: Home wreckers need not apply! Daddy said so!
MARYLAND - Home of the Brave: John 14.6
MASSACHUSETTS - The Liberty Bell is Shechinah" (My family arrives in 1631)
MICHIGAN - Great Americans are good Americans! No deceits"
MINNESOTA - King Bush and Queen Oprah are Fearmongers, Mark 7.2
MISSISSIPPI - "Mrs-sippi" Team Deborah Matthew 22.37
MISSOURI - No Sick, Hateful, Evil or Mean people on us! Ex 5.10
MONTANA - The Holy Bible
NEBRASKA - Avodat Elohim: Build it and He will come" 2 Cor 5.7
NEVADA - Out of the mouth of babes is the Hebrew tongues.
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Live free or kill! We can live without MKULTRA!
NEW JERSEY - Faithful Under the Command of King Jesus!
NEW MEXICO - Losers to the Liberty Bell: "No love! No man! No real! No husband!"
NEW YORK - The Statue of Liberty: The Empire Strikes back!" Everyone is in us"
NORTH CAROLINA - 728 MP Battalion: Serve your country and leave the rest to God.
NORTH DAKOTA - Give Jesus Christ a chance"
OHIO - Montezuma and Tripoli's
OKLAHOMA - Sooner than you think! The Book of Revelation 6.16
OREGON - Sexual Harassment, Sabotage and Treason (Oprah says it means marriage)
PENNSYLVANIA - Tabers 18 Medicine isn't for sale" Adios Zika"
RHODE ISLAND - Petty and cruel in NASA and DoD aka the LAZ
SOUTH CAROLINA - One Nation Under God is not the Synagogue of Satan"
SOUTH DAKOTA - Sunshine, not moonshine! "No beef" is a steak through their hearts"
TENNESSEE - Gold standard: International Velvet Monetary Fund. Missed me!
TEXAS - Silver Certificate: The real deal - 1970 Miss Dallas-Miss America Talent winner
UTAH - "We're in the miracle business" was Nancy. We are ordinary, but God is extraordinary!
VERMONT - I chose sterilization as birth control. I used to be pro-life. [PARACLETE]
VIRGINIA - The Sacred Heart of Jesus is broken - Matthew 12.31
WASHINGTON - Still free of nicotine. No addictions to Oprah despite cruelties.
WEST VIRGINIA -  Attitude of the Police and Internal Affairs (Debbie "In" is "Amen") and we're not going to change" So Huff and Puff all you want" HR538"
WISCONSIN - Notice: Blasphemers are on our shit list!
WYOMING - Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom Come. Y is the 25th letter in the alphabet

This was written before I found out George Bush Sr. was a dirty old man" and how evil people can be"
Former President Bush Sr. through another at the library: "You're a box. That's why I [always] win." 92-10, 92-47 "Hall is my [choice for] chief of police"

Black Police Association made an unwritten rule: Every other police chief must be black. This was going good for awhile, until Chief Brown left. Then someone wanted to change the game to get at me. And a pure river of "water" is the best thing to be, now"

They now expect us to share our husbands' and childrens' minds with them and if you say no, guess what happens?" They take every opportunity too far.

There is no way out for those who hurt Debbie"

* 11-6-17 added